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April 23rd To Finale - Live Feed Updates

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8pm BBT-Ryan called to DR, Adam making his usual faces just laying on sofa--Ry out of DR--Adam now thanking him for F2--Ryan missing peeps and sex--Ry getting in shower--Adam says party now starting. (This will be a long 4 days on the feeds)

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9PM BBT: Adam telling Ryan he is about to get called to DR & it is good. Adam says "it's Sean". BB says "stop that". Ryan gets called to DR. Ryan comes out of DR & Adam starts talking about people from home & BB tells him to "stop that". Adam keeps thanking Ryan for F2. Adam starts singing & BB says "stop that".

Lots of WOOHOO's happening between the bros. Ryan gets in the shower. They talk about how their plan was Ryan/Adam F2 since April 1st. Lots of Sheila dogging going on. They accuse Sheila of being a former drug addict & Adam thinks he could have hit that shit a long time ago & says Sheila put her puss in his face. Ryan asks "Why didn't it go down?" Adam says he was laying face down getting a boner but Bb called Sheila to the DR. He says Sheila was rubbing his hair & he kept sliding her puss in his face. Ryan claims that if he wasn't with Jen he could have gotten with Sheila too. Ryan says Sheila tried to kiss him & get on him so he would use the POV on her. Adam says Sheila is a whore & an easy lay. They think Sheila has been with 150 dudes.

(This the kind of moronic high school bullshit we have in store for us from these 2 losers for the next 3 nights)

9:40PM BBT: The boyz go out to play pool. They think Natty & Matty made up & Natalie has already sucked Matt off by now. The first question they want to ask at the wrap party is about the blow jobs. They want to know who's full of shit. Who is the sucker & who is the suckee.

9:53PM BBT: Ryan is brushing his teeth then his tongue. He is really brushing the back of his tongue & obviously has no gag reflex.

10PM BBT: Adam & Ryan on the BR sofas talking about what they will do with their winnings. Adam who had planned to do amazing things for autistic children with his winnings plans to drop 3 G's on TVs, at least one for his bedroom if he wind $50K but if he wins the $500K he will get plasmas for every room including the bathroom. Adam says "Watching TV while shitting, that's pimping dude". Ryan would like to upgrade his whip to a 750 Beemer with something sic like Navi for sure bro.

The dudes are constantly saying thing that BB has to say "stop that" to.

10:10PM BBT: Adam & Ryan in the BR on the sofas talking about how they can second guess themselves & wonder if they made a mistake in who they are in the end with. They say Matt will be the one who is torn the most. They talk about what Sharon & Sheila are going to tell the jury.

Ryan has a crush on JC. Adam thinks JC likes him. They think JC could smell Sheila's BS. They go into another Sheila dogging session.

10:22PM BBT: Ryan says he got put as a racist the first week of the show. Adam says he had his back & said yo Jen you are throwing your own BF under the bus. They say that really pissed Sheila off because she likes dick of all colors. They go off on a sexually graphic Sheila dogging session.

Be back to catch the rest up.

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The rest of the evening was the boys talking about the other HGs and various other topics. Sharon being a liar for dropping out of the HoH competition and Adam thinks he has Josh

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8:25AM BBT: They're sleeping.

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In the interest of fending off boredom, here's a little poem:

T'was the night after Live show and all through BB house,

Not a creature was stirring, except Grodner, the Louse!

All the guests had been booted and went to sequester

Except Ryan the Loompa and Adam self-molester

With Adam in boxers and Ry in his whites

We'll see nothing but trash for the next several nights

On Sunday the jury will grill Ry and Baller

James will be controlled, but Chelsia will holler

The two guys will scramble to avoid the bash

That will surely accompany the lights and the flash

We'll wish we were treated to a much better show

And who will win, only Grodner can know!


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Thanks for the LoL MrsF

They're still sleeping...

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11:42amBBT Adam/Ryan still sleeping(i guess no more wakeup calls?)

11"53amBBT Adam up to BR and Ryan gets up after Adam yells to Ryan

11:55amBT Ryan makin coffee

11:56amBBT Adam odesnt wash his hands. and says "yo" to each other and say their "Team Energy"

11:57amBBT Adam back in bed, Ryan makin coffee

11:58amBBT Ryan uses Windex to kill ants behide the toaster

11:59amBBT Ryan wipes up the windexs spray with ants in it.

NOONBBT Ryan pours water into cofee maker

12:01pmBBT Ryan watches Coffee be maid & looks 4 ants by it

12:02pmBBT Ryan sprays wiindex all over counter,and wipes away, spray smore, wipes away

12:03pmBBT Ryan goes to SR and tells Adam hes gonna get "sun", Adam says hes not tired. They are gonna amke Tacos for lunch. Adam yells from bed "Sun hours 12-2"

12:04pmBBT Rayn tells Adam they have old meat, no new meat. Ryan puts new paper towels in KT and talks to self

12:05pmBBT Ryan wiping the counter ahgain

12:06pmBBT Ryan looks in fridge

12:07pmBBT Ryan tells Adam they have 1lb. of beef for tacos, Ryan goe sback to SR. Thwy say they want 2 eat in 2 hrs. Adam asks about coffee done ywt & Ryan says no.

12:08PmBBT BB:"Have you change your battries today." Adam yells for Rap music to get him up. BB:"Adam have u change your battries today." Ryan mocks the voice, Adam says he not gettin up w/o rap music by "Biggie Smalls"

12:09pmBBT Ryan makes himself cereal(see Natalie spellin's fun!)

12:10pmBBT Adam yells for his music. Ryan eatin his cereal and washing dishs.

12:11pmBBT Ryan eats cereal and craks neck while lookin at self in KT mirror above sink

12:12pmBBT Ry watchs self eat in mirror

12:13pmBBT Ryan dumps empty bowl into sink and goes to BR and blows nose whil lookin at self in mirror

12:14pmBBT Ryan brushs teeth

12:15pmBBT Ryan still brushing teeth then spits

12:16pmBBT Raynb brushs tongue then spits then washs hands and drinks water out of sink

12:17pmBBT Ryan uses Mouthwash and spits it out after

12:18pmBBT Ryan uses the toliet

12:19pmBBT Ryan still in BR toliet

12:20pmBBT Adam in bed, Ryan in BR toilet then exits dosent wash hands and goes to KT

12:21pmBBT Ryan goes to bedroom aND turns lights on and they talk about Shelia

12:22pmBBT Ryan exits Bedroom turns out lights and washs his cup in KT

12:23-12:35pmBBT Ryan cuts apple and and the Gueniea are side by side waitin for food, Ryan opens top and the Yogi stands on two feet Ryan drops it in and they for it.

im out

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12:30PM BBT: Ryan is up and in the kitchen making something to eat while Adam is back in bed.

12:35PM BBT: FotH

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12:44pmBBT Adam making a sandwitch as Ryan sits in sun

12:54pmBBT Ryan sittin in sun and Adam eating egg sandwitch outside. Adam says he had nightmare last night due to the patch

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3:05PM BBT: Ryan in the kitchen getting 2 drinks while Adam is in the BY grilling. Adam wonders if there are all kind of websites out there ripping on them. Ryan says they can rip on us personally but not our game play. They say "Who fucking cares." They start taunting us and telling us to rag them all we want cause they have $50K & $500K.

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9:10 BBT Things couldn't be more exciting in the house. Ryan and Adam are both napping! The only sounds are an occasional snore. Opps! I thought Adam was sleeping, but he is quietly reading the Bible.

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9:30PM ish BBT: Ryan headed in the house and joined Adam in the bedroom. They

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10"200pmBBT Ryan playing Golf & Adam practing speech saying how he thanks Autism foundation for giving him time off work(If we only knew how MUCH time) and how he wants to thanks Autism kids all over U.S. and he continues thanking the players & Autistic kids for about 5 minutes. "I just want to again say thanks ans i love Autism foundation for all they done.(to quote an geico commercial "He was No Idea")

12:08amBBT Went 2 Trvia!

12:47amBBT still Trvia

1:07amBBT stil Trvia

1:26amBBT Feeds back Rayn & Adam lok at MW talking. "James was coolest" "Chelsia,matt, & Nat" but were bitches were "Josh,Sharon, & Shelia." "the real hoops came out." Adam "i dont give a fuck, i talk when i talk i ripped them hard, i think im fucked!" Ryan: "Josh saying im a fat ass and gonna eat the guneia pigs."(but dint Ryan always joke about that) Adam "Wow James was great if he would of stayed he would of been great." Adam "Shelia makeing gay jokes at us, come on now!" Adam :"Josh, who the fuck show were u commin on u little fucky bitch." Ryan:"You gave it to him. The only one that made me very mad was Shelia, Sharon came close."

1:34amBBT he see Ryan talking & Adam but no audio instead we have BB Music....then Adam saying "Shelia,Nattalie..." we hear Shelia again!(back to audioless feeds)

Adam: "Ryan i had your e back the whole time."

Ryan"I wanted 2 be brutly honest to Sharon/Josh i fucked you over cuz i wanted to be loyal to Adam and Shelia was easy to beat."

Adam: "Fuck them, their fake, its over. Them mad at throwing comps its part of the game!"

We hear Shelia compaling about Adam and chelisa saying yes and we get FOTH on & off(thank God no more trvia or FOTH we get GP's cam!)

1:33amBBT feeds back Ryan & Adam talking and we hear Shelia still! FOTH(With Guniea) back...FOTH....baCK...FOTH(very quick on & off Shelia is yellin(is she ever gonna shut up!)

1:36amBBT Hg's talking about money evicted Hg's get so we get FOTH(Video but FOTH music)

1:37amBBT Ryan & Adam complaing about Shelia being mad at Adam & Ryan during questions. Adam is very angry "who the fuck is she, i saved us with Jacob out back, I save us... I save us...I save, not her, that fucking Cunt Bitch!, BOOHOO im afaird of natalie & Charlie Angels!"

Adam"She dint doo shit dude! she says she helped more ppl them me!"

Ryan : "She talk more to get ppl out of house."

Adam: "They belive to be here not us."

Ryan: "yeah."

Adam:"I rocked all their questions but Josh, get the fuck out of here Hoops!, shes fucking weak, u are all fucking weak! wxcept James!"

Adam: "Shelai saying the blood was on my hands! and Sharon too!"

Ryan: "Sharon coundt do shit, saying she threw the one HOH, she was weak!.(We hear Shelia again)

Adam: "Im worked the fuck up right now thank god youre hear ryan. you would be Fuck you u fucken ...."

Ryan: "Unhuh(As brushing teeth.)

Adam:"Josh will get his, i hope he gets cancer and dies, i really do"

Ryan:"Hes a disgusting guy, he is."

Adam:' Josh making fun of my face,(makes an noise) yeah Matty im blowin off $455,000 on BMW,Kids, & shit!"

Ryan: "Fuck Big Brother, makin us get Are balls busted and shit."

Adam:"Im hanging w/ my family and James,matty, & mabey Natty."


Adam:"They must show them alot of shit in those tapes, when i make All-Stars, i better be more carefull in comps, not slap hands and shake hands with u. Why are they such haters and jealous"

Ryan: "I dont know."

Adam: "Were here Niggas! u and me bro."

Ryan puts more DO on and Adam changes, Ryan uses WC & Adam laughs from bedroom

Adam: "hey quick, its time to make it offcial, its time to make it offical, Quick youre see in a minute"

Ryan:' What is it."

Adam: "HJank's out baby!"

they trash talk about Shelia & Sharon, & Josh some more and get into bed.

im out only Trash talking going on

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3:45 am BBT - Adam is up staring at the memory wall. Ryan is tossing and turning in the bed and the bed sounds like it's going to break everytime he does.

3:55 am BBT - Adam goes outside and gets in HT. Ryan still tossing and turning.

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They're still sleeping.

(off to check horse. be back soon)

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