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Top 100 Classic Tv Shows Ever

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This is my top 100 tv show list, I hope I posted this in the right place, I'm still getting used to things around here.

1-The Andy Griffith Show

2-All In The Family

3-Star Trek (The Origional series.)

4-Hill Street Blues


6-The Sopranos


8-Sanford And Son

9-Northern Exposure


11-Night Court


13-Welcome Back Kotter

14-Barney Miller

15-The Red Green Show

16-The Jeffersons

17-Golden Girls


19-The Dick Vandyke Show



22-The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson

23-The Jetsons

24-The Bob Newhart Show

25-Get Smart

26-The Twilight Zone


28-The Wonder Years

29-In The Heat Of The Night

30-Mama's Family

31-Star Trek:Voyager


33-Mayberry R.F.D

34-Miami Vice

35-The Odd Couple

36-Match Game

37-Family Ties

38-Degrassi Jr.High

39-The Waltons

40-Dharma & Greg

41-W.K.R.P.In Cincinnatti


43-Hogans Heroes


45-Star Trek:Enterprise

46-Little House On The Prairie

47-Dukes Of Hazzard

48-Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.

49-The Electric Company

50-Grey's Annatomy

51-I Love Lucy

52-The Beverly Hillbillies

53-Yes Dear

54-The Benny Hill Show


56-Green Acres

57-Scooby Doo:Where Are You

58-Latenight w/Davivd Letterman

59-Big Brother

60-Fantasy Island

61-The Cosby Show


63-Remington Steele

64-The Partridge Family

65-Happy Days

66-My Three Sons



69-Keeping Up Appearences


71-Land Of The Lost

72-Petticoat Junction

73-American Chopper


75-The Brady Bunch

76-That Girl

77-King Of The Hill

78-Xena:Warrior Princess

79-The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show

80-Saturday Night Live

81-The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

82-Rowan And Martin's Laugh In

83-Hong Kong Phooey

84-That 70's Show



87-Gilligan's Island

88-Hope & Faith


90-Fraggle Rock


92-Hollywood Sqares

93-The Love Boat


95-Knots Landing

96-Our Gang/The Little Rascals

97-Perry Mason

98-Carol Burnette & Friends

99-Mork & Mindy

100-What's Happening

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How did you compile that list? I find it hard to make a Top 10 let alone a Top 100. Obviously Andy Griffith is your top show, but what does number 24 have over number 25? I am awed that you could even differenciate.

Great post. I forgotten half of those shows.

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To tell the truth, Baron, the top 25 or so were tough to choose, after that I listed all shows that I like, the order was pretty much random, other than the fact that if I could only watch one show I'd rather it be #52 as opposed to #95, if that makes any sence, lol.

I've actually done a top 200 list since I posted this list, again it was all shows that I like pretty much randomly listed, I may post it here. As you can probably tell, I watch WAY too much tv.

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Mash, Sopranos, Gilligan would for sure be high.. sopranos number one though..

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