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Eric's and Dick's little tiff

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#1 Marty



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:19 PM

Eric's Blog at his My Space


Friday, February 15, 2008 HATERS

Well, well, well...the new season of Big Brother is upon us and I decided that it's time to break my silence. Since the completion of BB8, I have really picked my spots and chosen my words wisely. After all, when is taking the high road not a good choice? I figured it's a simple equation - so long as I'm decent towards everyone, I can expect that same decency back in return. Evidently, that's not how it works though. I've been nothing but nice to this point and have gotten shit on in return - I'm done biting my tongue. I'm sick and tired of hearing everyone carry on except for me...so now it's my turn! I guess it's the BB way to talk crap on people...I know I dished it out last summer, but I'm the rare trash talker that can take it. I've just taken enough recently that I'm ready to dish out some more - consider me officially stooping to everyone else's level.

Where to begin? Let's start with this wonderful new season, why don't we? Let me start with some initial impressions about the houseguests. Let's begin with Amanda, who seems to think that I gave her a dirty look when I hosted the competition. Ya wanna know why she thinks that? Because I did. It was highly difficult to concentrate on hosting duties when her vile, grotesque, fat thunder thighs were making the entire set jiggle. I sincerely almost walked out of the yard when she came out in that leotard - was that some sort of a sick joke? It was like a perfect storm of Kail's stretchmarks meeting Amber's America's Next Top Model photo shoot. I was temporarily blinded, hence I accidentally shot her a dirty look. Listen bitch, you wanna talk smack then you better be ready to receive it in return.

On to my friend, this season's resident whore Jen. Jen made it perfectly clear to me that she is in Big Brother for the fame...well, congrats Jen! You're already going to be remebered in BB history! You are officially the house's biggest slut and it only took you 6 days! Let's see, I've watched about 30 seconds of the feeds and I've come across you having your bf insert your tampon further into you, begging to jerk him off, and a 1 minute sex in the same fucking bathroom that 14 other people have to use. You know sex is never good when it starts with "is it in honey? I can't tell" and ends with "awww, it's okay." Jen, you're a very classy girl. Plus, on top of that, your gameplay is pathetic and you are not long for this house...so enjoy filming your sex tapes while it lasts. You are so fucking two-faced with your "oh man, this is so cool, i'm in awe - i can't stop staring. it's sooo cool you guys are here" - then two seconds later bragging about talking shit on us in the DR. In the words of Boogie, you're a real CLASS ACT.

On to Natalie. Natalie who thinks that since she is "so much cuter and better looking and more fun than Eric & Jessica" that she's "totally going to be famous if they are." I don't think I need to say much more about this than she had a sick fat roll in her intro video package and she's not fit to stand in the same room as Jess, let alone in the same league as her. Prancing around in her bra and G string throwing herself at guys is certainly respectful. Oh wait, in the 10 minutes since I've been writing this, I take back what I said about Jen! At least it was Jen's boyfriend! Being the extremely conservative girl that she claims to be, Natalie has just jerked off/blown/maybe fucked Matt very proudly on camera. His response thereafter, "DO NOT get attached to me. No cuddling." Aww, romance is alive in the BB house. I also enjoyed Matt's very manly request that Natalie pinky swear that she won't tell anyone. He's a real tough guy. Natalie, your non-stop whining has already disgusted the viewers, so try to shut your fucking mouth (even though I know it's hard for you with your apparent dick-sucking habit).

May as well stay on the topic of Matt and his boys, Alex and especially Parker. Aren't these guys just so fucking hot and cool? Gameplay-wise, these guys are superstars. Alex has nominated his best buddy Parker (who is likely going to get evicted), Parker has angered every single person and tried to turn the house on his own partner (does he understand that if she goes, he goes?), and they came out of the gates so wildly at least two of them will be out before the jury for certain. I laughed out loud when I saw Parker walking around in the crown...great play, asshole. Matt looks like a complete douche bag and he and his wifey Alex make an adorable couple. Meet the new Scott and Jase. They did well, expect a similar result.

How about my good friend Gretchen Massey, the embarassing host of House Calls? I have a major bone to pick with her cowardly actions. This woman talks shit on 95% of the houseguests all year long, only to kiss their asses in person and back down. It took Gretchen all of two days to say how annoying it is to listen to our voices. Meanwhile, this woman was bowing down before me when she interviewed me in person. This comes from a host who doesn't even have the common courtesy to learn the contestants names. Isn't that your job? Even after posting this blog, Gretchen is apt to call me up and ask me out for ice cream...could you be any more fake?

Undoubtedly upping the caliber of the show this year will be the appearances by the Donato family! It's very nice that Dick refused to do it unless they gave Daniele a job too. I like that kind of family support, haha. I am particularly excited for Daniele's insight - "HONESTLY...this episode was sooooo FRUSTRATING. I HATE EVERYONE! I HATE THESE PEOPLE! WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH! I'm the biggest bitch in BB history! Woe is me! Can we talk about me and not these people?" That sort of expert analysis is second to none.

To my good friends...the obese, sad-sack, pathetic, no-life assholes that hide behind their computer keyboards and talk shit on us. Get a fucking life. This concept is pretty simple to understand. Let's see...we were on a national TV show. I've owned my own company, worked for World Wrestling Entertainment, represented Academy Award winning actors. In the past two days we've been on two national TV shows, with another to come for me in a couple of days.

Jess is a radio star, hosting and producing two shows a day on a top radio station, and that's while she's getting her degree, performing in two professional dance teams, and taking on about a zillion other upcoming projects. We have lives. Great ones at that. You guys (and you know who you are) spend your days trolling our websites. Reading articles ABOUT US. And commenting on what WE are doing. Who do you think is a bigger loser? The people who are having successful careers in the entertainment industry or the people that spend their time, 5 months after we left the house, still stalking our every move and whining about it. I feel bad for you...get a life, a hobby, liposuction, anything. You are sadly depressed and pathetic.

Man, it was my intention to discuss my fellow HGs from our cast as well, but this is already pretty long - so let me simply say fuck you Carol/Kail/Amber for the hell of it - you all still suck badly. And I'd be remiss to forget Janelle...only a few more months til you can rock out those one piece bathing suits again!

As for Dick, get a grip buddy. You don't grasp the concept of America's Player. How do you still not get it? I was contractually obligated to do these tasks - I couldn't pick and choose. It did not "help me" to not choose who to target/who to vote for. In fact, the only strikes against me in the house were the banner/long DR sessions/hinky votes - which were all directly as a result of AP. You didn't strategize or implement shit! You would have gone home, plain and simple, in week 6! You fucked up by targetting me and made your own grave. ONLY the America's Player concept and having the support of the top player in the game saved you. It's that simple. Your pitch to me was complete shit and I would have never aligned with you if I wasn't smart enough to realize that's what needed to be done within the scope of the twist.

You know how you always talk about your amazing gameplan that would have sent me home for sure after week 6 if you went home...guess what, you're wrong fucktard!

First of all, you DID NOT have the votes secured. So even if the plan was implemented, Dustin would have gone home...not me. Secondly, if Jen had won HoH, she was going after Daniele...not me! Just thought I'd clarify that, so you can finally stop talking about it. Plain and simple, you survived because I wasn't allowed to target you...8 consecutive people I had to get nominated got nominated...it's not a coincidence.

And Dick, if you can't stand the heat...get out of the kitchen. You wanna blog about how fake and two-faced the other HGs are...well tell me, why is it that the same week you talked trash on me in multiple interviews, you also gave me a phone call asking me to help you with your upcoming projects, asking us to work together, and saying how you've always liked me so much? Talk about two-faced. But you know what...as you point out so frequently yourself, it's nothing personal...just stating my opinion as you do. You've talked trash on me dozens of times and in your eyes it hasn't affected our friendship, so I don't see why me saying this should affect anything for us. Consider us still on good terms!

In conclusion, I have a suggestion for you. If you don't like what I had to say in this blog...stop coming to my page. Stop reading up on me. Stop hating and get a life for yourselves.

Oh, by the way...good luck to James/Chelsia, Adam/Sheila, and Joshuah/Sharon - we'll be rooting for you bigtime!!!

#2 joyami



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:32 PM

Thanks for posting that Marty!!

#3 kiddyhouse



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:33 PM

Eric !?!

Please could you be a little more clear? I am confused. How do you really feel? I seriously think you are holding back.

On the serious side, WTG !!!

#4 Ziggy49



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:38 PM

lol, too funny, wtg Eric

#5 myss911


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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:41 PM

WooooooW! That must have felt good.

#6 A_BB_Aholic



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:41 PM

That was dumb. Eric posted that towards a specific audience, people who read his myspace, friends or enemies. It was not posted here by him and I think its silly that you posted it. If you had posted only the link, I would have not read it. Gawd, I hope this doesn't turn into a huge "thing"

#7 Ziggy49



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:54 PM

you could have stopped at the link, no one force you to read it

#8 LiDeDy



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:55 PM

LOVE IT!!!! OMG! You are awesome! I love you and Jess!!!

#9 JenFan



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 06:06 PM

Great blog..

It seems like Jen has made up with Jess/Eric eh? I knew Jen was an awesome person. It is the douchatos that are hated.

#10 myss911


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Posted 15 February 2008 - 06:09 PM

I don't hate them.

#11 alexandriap



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Posted 15 February 2008 - 07:28 PM

I dont hate the Donato's btw.

Wow, Eric what a guy!!!
LOL calling all of us obese behind the computer?
Who the hell is he to say that. Makes me laugh.

TBH; Im surprised Jess is even still with him, man.
He is just so awkward. Wow is all I have to say for that matter!
Esp at the big brother episode he hosted. LMAO

#12 BigMDGirl



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Posted 16 February 2008 - 10:50 AM

I loved Eric's blog!! I always wondered why he never came out and gave ED and/or Daniele a piece of his mind...Gooooooo Eric & Jess! It was great seeing them on the show!!!

#13 babydoll2008



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Posted 16 February 2008 - 11:36 AM

I thought that Eric and Jessica looked a little uncomfortable hosting that competition on the show. I never was a fan of Eric, and now after reading his thoughts, I like him less. I know that Dick does the same thing and does not get much flack for it, but really, for me, coming from Eric, that really seemed like left field. Oh, well....No one asked him to continue watching the show, albeit a lot of his assessments of the current HG's seemed to be dead-on, but, if he talks about all his life outside the house and all that, then stop preaching about how if you were not AP, Dick would have been voted out Week 6. Let it die, already. I know, as a fan, I have...

#14 Francis_3



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Posted 16 February 2008 - 11:49 AM

Douchatos, LOL. Priceless.

As much as Eric yammered during his season, I'm surprised it took him this long to post a response on his blog. Good for him. I don't think his "obese behind the computer" comment was directed towards anyone BUT the people baiting him. As someone pointed out, he didn't post here, it was a copy via Marty.

I'm glas he and Jess are still friends, if not together. She's doing radio?? Why? With that face and body, I'm actually super surprised she's not on the TV Guide channel. She's still one of my favorites. And good for Eric and his success.

Maybe because it was Eric's blog, when he mentioned "Jen", I immediately pictured Jen from his season and not the current Jen. I thought, WTF did she do now? Is she behind the camera?

#15 Justin



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Posted 16 February 2008 - 12:06 PM

That was EPIC!!!



"Natalie who thinks that since she is "so much cuter and better looking and more fun than Eric & Jessica" that she's "totally going to be famous if they are." I don't think I need to say much more about this than she had a sick fat roll in her intro video package and she's not fit to stand in the same room as Jess, let alone in the same league as her."


if he talks about all his life outside the house and all that, then stop preaching about how if you were not AP, Dick would have been voted out Week 6. Let it die, already. I know, as a fan, I have...

It says it because your friendly neighborhood ass hole Dick won't shut up about how he's the reason he won, not the fact that Eric wasn't able to get rid of him when had the opportunity to EVER SINGLE WEEK.

You wanna tell someone to stop beating a dead horse, look to other then that ass hole Dick.

#16 ericsturrock


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Posted 16 February 2008 - 12:56 PM

no i lost all suppor i had 4 Eric after reading that Evel' blog after that was fynny. How does Eric go saying Amanda is fat & gross. Has any1 ever seen Eric's facial empressions! bag.gif

Eric says Josh is the best player Josh said about Amanda's dad suicide "No wonder Amanda's dad commit suicide, if i was her dad i would 2."

Read Evel Dick's blog is better then Eric who is this crybaby.gif bigcry.gif baby.gif

#17 Francis_3



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Posted 16 February 2008 - 01:04 PM

Wait, Eric said if he was Amanda's dad he would commit suicide?? Huh?

#18 Jem


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Posted 16 February 2008 - 01:14 PM

Posted by request


Eric is crying more than Amber in his last blog. Here’s my reply
Current mood: Happy and laughing my balls off
Category: Happy and laughing my balls off Games

Come on Eric... You are stooping? You have talked as much shit as anyone. Seriously, gimme a break.
You got some of your own shit back from last year. You talked shit about Janelle then apologized to her face and when she left you talked more shit. How can you be mad about that?

When I called you, be honest now, you know god damn well I started the conversation off by telling you that I had talked some shit about you in interviews I had just done.

How is that two faced? And you know that is the truth.

I also called you immediately after reading this laughing my ass off telling you that it was funny as hell.

And during our conversation you told me you were totally down for doing the bit on my show, if the pilot gets picked up, didn't you? And you write that I said I liked you.... and you said the same to me, but you left that part out of your blog, why?

Also, the difference between my trash talking and yours is this....

I have always said anything to you to your face, even about these interviews, I called you up and told you they would hit soon and told you why....

Anything I have said to you or about you was the truth or what I believed to be the truth.

You on the other hand never said shit to my face, yet when I wasn't around in the house started all that sick talk about incest between me and my daughter, nice. Or should that be ok, because of what? It was your opinion?

In the interviews I was basically responding to the numerous times you have blabbed that if not for the AP you would have won the show. Well, I am glad you have a crystal ball there Jonesy. I think you think a bit too highly of your game play. And like I said in the interviews.... You could have said no to the AP and reapplied this season or next.

Now so far as the AP goes....

You could have used it to your advantage, but you didn't. It was outside information that nobody else had... besides the fact that you knew about the AP itself. That alone is a huge advantage IF you could have actually gotten America on your side. You WERE AMERICA'S PLAYER, they should have been on your side. You never had to target yourself now did you?

The hinkey votes.... if you had done a better job convincing the house to vote those people you were supposed to be targeting that week, there would have been NO hinkey votes, now would there?

Are you trying to say that you went full force to target Kail and not Nick that week? Are you fucking joking me or yourself here?

You are also giving yourself the credit for me staying and Joe going in week 2? Seriously, gimme a break. You did jack shit... the key vote there was Nick. You didn't do anything noteworthy that week, yet you want to take credit.

What about the next week? I single handedly decided to get Mike out of the house and did it. That is why you had to deal with the hinkey votes those two weeks. You even talked me out of putting Mike up, saying I should go after those who directly went after me. I did, until standing on the pedestal and working out every scenario in my head, deciding that with him gone there was a less likelyhood of their alliance reforming... And you know that is the truth.

Are you trying to take credit for Daniele and I deciding to vote Amber out over Zach? You had ZERO influence in that vote and you knew it. You wanted Zach gone, but I knew we had to break up Amber/Jameka because it would be too easy for you and Jess to align with them.

Did you have any influence in Daniele backdooring Jen? No. Yet you are taking credit for it.

What about Carol? Who exactly did you sway? She said she didn't want to be there, so we sent her home.

Jessica? Opppps

And how would have America voted had they had a vote when Daniele tried to back door you?
The mistake I made that week was calling you out way too soon. Giving you too much time to talk, talk, talk..... AND you were lucky that Dustin was a lying douche bag, Amber was a complete idiot and Jameka must have been blinded by the light of God coming into her eyes, or just too tired from all that praying and calling me the devil in the flesh.
You should have been gone that week, but hey.... you stayed.
If you watched he show, you would have seen that I never gave anyone anytime to even think after that. When I needed a deal, I waited till 15 min. before the live show to make it.

And about the AP in week six when I was up against Dustin.
You act like I knew there was an AP, I didn't. You act as if I was playing up to America. Are you fucking kidding me? I set out to save Daniele at all costs that week and I did. I was ready to go and wasn't worried about it. I took the decision out of your alliances hands and made the decision myself by putting you all through hell week. Then again by winning the POV.

Did the AP or America tell you to convince Jess to put Dustin up against me? I don't think so. I think America was pissed at you so they told you not to talk to Jess that day. So, if you had such incredible game play and wanted to assure my eviction, because having the ADVANTAGE of being AP you knew they wouldn't vote against me, why not tell Jess to put Jameka against me to make sure I would go even if America chose to vote to keep me, you still would have been rid of me anyhow.

Did America tell you to get me and Daniele nominated? You ran Jessica's HOH's... You could have had anyone put up that you wanted.

How is it that you are taking credit for 8 consecutive people you tried to get nominated you did. Most of them were a done deal anyhow, it had absolutely nothing to do with you. You are taking WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT FOR SOME OF THIS SHIT.

And you said something about IF Jen won HOH. She didn't, Daniele did that week. And you know Jen so well.... Dude, that chick didn't know what the fuck she was doing except when she would think of a cheat in a comp. I gave that dimwitt way too much credit for being smart in the house. After seeing the show I saw what a complete Bozo she was strategically.

You up, Dustin up... Jessicas vote to boot Dustin cancels Ambers vote to boot you.
Remaining votes... Jameka, Zach, Jen
So are you trying to tell me that you know that Jen and Jameka would have voted in your favor? Even though Jen had just rolled over on you to everyone in the house that week? And she promised us that she was working with us.

You are assuming alot again, not thinking it all the way through... not very good for someone who said if it wasn't for the AP he guaranteed he and Jess would be in the final two.

What about the 3rd HINKEY VOTE? Yes, the vote to keep me when America voted against whoever I was on the block against. You gonna tell me you would have just been able to talk your way out of that one too?

There are way too many variables for you to say anything for certain and you know that, so why would you talk out of your ass like that?

I just thought I would clarify that for you.

Daniele and I were on the block 3 times together. Each time we both stayed. And Mr. 8 consecutive...
you didn't have jack fucking shit to do with either of us winning those competitions.

Speaking of competitions, you could have saved yourself by winning either the HOH or the POV, but you didn't. But use an excuse that IF it wasn't a double eviction you would have made a deal with Zach. Well, maybe IF he trusted you and IF you actually talked to him for more than beer pong and IF the cow jumped over the fucking moon. You wouldn't have needed to come up with that excuse had you WON one of those competitions, something that Daniele or I did when we needed to..... you couldn't do it.

And another competition you made such a big deal about was the Cat Scratch Veto. Saying you couldn't use the veto. Ok, Jenius... why not just let Zach win then if that was the master plan? You ran like the flash to get there before him. Why not just let him win it? Makes no sense what so ever, if you wanted it used now does it?

There are nothing but IF's, Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda's in all your excuses for losing the game... as
well as for my winning the game.

And you blame your long diary room sessions? Give me a break, nobody ever said shit about that. My diary room sessions were as long if not longer than yours. Mine were because I blab.... and everyone figured yours were because you were coming up with the perfect smart ass remarks about everyone. That was never held against you, or even thought of in a weird way other than you and Dick have the longest diary sessions..... that was it. Just another excuse.

So, would you like to tell us why you were so low on the popularity polls?
How is it that America's Player was far from America's choice? America should have LOVED you, they didn't. You should have been on the top of the popularity polls every single week. But you weren't even close, you were close to the bottom quite a few weeks. Jen was more popular than you were even AFTER she was evicted, matter of fact she was higher than you were every week after she was evicted, until you were evicted. Kind of embarrassing if you ask me. And as you call Daniele, the biggest bitch ever in the house... She was always higher than you were in the polls too. So, again.... that doesn't say much for you.

Why was it that America wouldn't let you target me? A good edit I think you said. Yeah, and nobody watches the live feeds or the Showtime show, right? And they changed who I was that much? There were no live shows, right? People saw me as being real

And you never came out and said you got a bad edit, but you insinuated it very hard. You said that so much of your face time was the AP it made you more one dimensional. Excuse 199

You've made so many excuses about how the AP jacked your game....

And you said you could not pick and choose your tasks. Well, Fucko... you most certainly did pick and chose which ones you would do and which ones you didn't put jack shit of effort into (you did a kick ass job of targeting Kail over Nick, didn't you?) Seriously Eric, that bullshit line might have worked with your pregnant girlfriend, but it is not working with me.

Let's not forget that you weren't doing it for shits and giggles. You made a total of $49,000 from the show. So, you made what Daniele made. Well, I wish I could have earned some extra cash for giving the girl I am grab assing with a woobie, that was a tuffie, huh? Or kissing her? Really hard one, they could have made you kiss me, or Zach or even better I would have liked to see you kiss Daniele. Tell Kail a sob story? Gimme a fucking break.... They should have had you try to get her to tell you a TRUE story about herself. Or had you tell that shit to any of the straight guys in the house, no not Nick... I said straight guys in the house. Well, I figured that since Nick was fucking crusty crotch Jen now, and since she is so on the in, that he might have met Brad Pitt (who is on his top five penis' he was allowed to have sex with) and probly had sex with one of the five. Since Jen said she hates sex, doesn't suck dick and has never came.... He is probly hoping for some dick or sex of any kind. So, do you think his cock is covered in that white crusty stuff he found in her bikini bottoms in the house? See, there would be a good task for you... go scrape the crusty white shit off of Nick's dick.

And did you really call me a fucktard? I think you have been reading too much shit on the message boards there weinerface. Stay off of those things, they rot your brain.

And btw, what I also found pretty fucking amusing in our phone conversation was that you were acting as if you deserved so much credit for making the task of mimicking me so funny.... What did you do? Took everything I dished out ?(so to speak) But you just said you had no choice. You can't have it both ways Eric...

And I just noticed that you actually called yourself the "top player in the game"
You have gotten way too full of yourself, your ego has run amuck.
You know as well as I do that no matter how good a player you are in that house, you
need a certain amount of luck as well. Almost every competition that was questions, was won by someone who had to guess at least one of them. And you know it.

So, for you to make some of the statements you have, you really are a bitter bitch, huh?

And btw, I saw Janelle in Miami a couple weeks ago and she looked slim and hot as she ever has.
But she did ask if I knew if your grossmance with Jessica was still going on. I told her I thought so, but how tough can a relationship with one person living in NYC and the other living in Kansas be?

I hear you are moving to LA to become famous. An 8 minute segment on Reality Remix once every other week will not make you famous. And btw, get your facts straight... Daniele did not get on Housecalls at my insistence, that had nothing to do with me. What's the matter Eric? Are you bashing Daniele getting the gig because she was asked and you weren't?
Bunky was asked and you weren't. Again.... kind of embarrassing.

Anyhow, I really did find your blog pretty funny and did laugh my ass off. I left you a message. So, when you pull the wad that is your panties out of your ass and feed them to the panty munching Zach...
Give me a call, I will as you say... consider us on good terms. I will even buy you a cookie to make you feel better.

Your pal,


#19 Justin



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Posted 17 February 2008 - 01:14 AM

How does Eric go saying Amanda is fat & gross. Has any1 ever seen Eric's facial empressions!

That's an amazing piece of logic..

You don't like his facial impressions... PERSONALLY.. so.. he can't call someone fat..?

Still not getting it.

#20 joyami



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Posted 17 February 2008 - 01:18 AM

Agreed Justin, she is not fat and that was a terrible thing for him to say. hammer.gif

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