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Kid Nation Finale Chat

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Come join me in Morty's Chat for the Kid Nation Finale!

There was much angst and many accusations of child cruelty preceding the debut of this new documentary/reality show about 40 young teens and preteens trying to create civilization on their own in the form of the fictitious Bonanza City. With weekly prizes worth $20k on the line, how would the kids lead? How would they follow? How would they survive being away from their parents, family and friends for over a month, some for the first time ever?

Over the last 12 episodes, we have come to know these kids and many have established emotional connections to them, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But there is no question that for the experience these kids' lives have changed forever and we have all been touched in different ways through our window to their adventure.

So drop into Morty's Chat between 8pm EST and 9pm PST for the Kid Nation Finale Chat. Share your favorite moment, who is your favorite kid, did the show live up or down to the hype? Should there be a season 2? Would you let your kids be the next to settle in Bonanza City? Come share your thoughts in Morty's Chat, starting at 8pm EST.

Who hopes to see all Kid Nation fans there...




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Favourite Moment: Has to be the sequence with Jared when he got rich selling some key chain or necklace. He comes out the shop, becoming the Bonanza city Pimp. Amazing.

Favourite Kid: Can't say I have a favourite but its always great watching Alex, Sophia or Jared.




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Come share your thoughts in Morty's Chat, starting at 8pm EST.

So that would be 5pm for us westcoasters. Hmmmm.....I'll try and be there. wink.gif

I really loved all the kids. Yes, theres some that stand out more than others. A few was barely featured, I would have liked to see all the kids get equal airtime, but maybe that was impossible. Some of the children should have gotten less airtime too. It got a little old.

Favorite moment: Jared strutting in his new duds.

VERY leist Favorite moment: The chicken killing....I couldn't stand to see them moving after their heads were chopped off. The second chicken killing, we didn't see it. But I didn't like it anyways.

I'm sure going to miss the show. I would love to see more Kid Nations. I think they would have to be changed up each season though. I'm really going to miss all the debates that I got into. I enjoyed everyones' comments even if I didn't agree with some of them.

I want to say thanks to Morty, and the mods. I know we had to drive Yana crazy in the Taylor thread. Thanks Yana, I hope you get your computer fixed soon. We missed you the last few weeks. heart.gif Thanks Jedi, Fuskie, Dade and anyone I have missed.

JMHO and I value yours...... animated_wave.gif animated_rotfl.gif pixiedust.gif

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