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1960-61 Tv Show

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I don't know where to ask Morty a TV question so I'll ask it here. When I was a small child around 1960-61 (I think). There was a show, sit-com. I remember that it had an Indian Chief who wore a big head dress and he would always answer the phone saying "collect?" and if it wasn't collect he would talk to whoever called. I seem to remember the main set was the inside of a barn, I could be wrong. It could have been a dude ranch. This has bugged me for years. The Indian had a funny name I think. I don't think the show was on for very long. HELP! and thank-you :)


Thanks to echo (I also posted this question over in classic tv) The show is: Guestward Ho!

and it was in 1960-61. I googled it and it was very interesting to read about it. I bet I'll never find it on DVD. lol

Thanks echo for finding the info and name of the show.

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