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All My Children

Josh negotiates a "merger" with his sexy new boss, Hannah. Sean has a naughty new admirer. A Pine Valley villain is paralyzed. Psycho Janet is babysitting Jenny in a strange new location. Amanda wonders what's become of her missing mother and Tad and Krystal's stolen child. Angry rivals Tad and Adam end up battling in close quarters.

General Hospital
Spinelli hacks into the General Hospital database to pry into someone's personal medical records. As Jax and Carly leave Port Charles for their tropical honeymoon, Sonny finds comfort in Amelia's arms. A secret slips from Sam's lips after she's had too much to drink. Lulu saves a hottie's life. Mr. Craig — who is really Jax's brother, Jerry Jacks! — turns nasty on Nikolas. A storm strikes Port Charles. Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego Alcazar) is back! Click here for details.

One Life to Live
A desperate Blair calls home for help when Todd goes missing in Chicago. Rex tracks down Tate Harmon's ex-wife. Miles is stung by Marty's latest rejection. Nash and Antonio fight over Jessica. Henry finds out that the bitchy Britney's been playing him. Click here to read about the OLTL storyline you won't be allowed to see. (EDIT: see below)

As the World Turns
Craig is spooked by communications from a faux Rosanna. Will is not fooled by Cleo's impersonation of Gwen. Brad's bad-boy past catches up to him. It's time for Maddie to share a tearful goodbye with her boyfriend, Casey Hughes. Click here to join us in saying goodbye to adorable ATWT actor Zach Roerig (Casey). (EDIT: see below)

The Bold and the Beautiful
On Nick and Taylor's wedding day, Brooke hopes to change the groom's mind before he says "I do." The cops interrupt Ridge's steamy kiss with Ashley. Phoebe pours her heart out to Rick in the aftermath of Shane's death. Lt. Baker assembles a group of murder suspects and offers up his colorful theories. After that, Lt. Baker makes a scandalous arrest. Click here to see the familiar face who's helping with the police investigation. (EDIT: see below)

Guiding Light
Blake awakens from her coma. Cyrus continues to hold Marina hostage. Troubled teen Daisy can't hide from her legal troubles. Preparations are made for Buzz and Olivia's wedding. That troublemaker Alan encourages Reva to battle Cassie for Josh's love. Springfield residents think Cassie's crazy when she mentions seeing visions of her dead daughter, Tammy.

The Young and the Restless
Phyllis worries that Nick will change his mind about their wedding. (Did you know Michelle Stafford, who plays Phyllis, is now a celebrity blogger for TVGuide.com?) Meanwhile, Sharon's new marriage to Jack is already on the rocks. Victoria is furious when Brad's actions threaten Newman Enterprises. As Gloria hides her lotion-tampering secret from Will Bardwell, Lauren accidentally learns what she did. Click here to read about the Top Model hottie who's coming to Y&R. (EDIT: see below)

Days of our Lives
EJ and Celeste have a revealing conversation Days fans can't miss. Kayla brings Patch's sister, Adrienne (Judi Evans), back to Salem. Willow the hooker manipulates Nick with her kisses. On the isle of Tinda Lau, Gabby knocks out the grumpy Philip with a sedative. Duck shoots Shawn as the Brady hunk tries to escape with Belle and Claire.

Under the blackmailer's orders, Theresa tells Jared she wants to have his baby. Sheridan poses as a male jailbird to get a conjugal visit with Luis in prison. Precocious preschooler Endora casts a spell on her classmate. Jessica wakes up in bed next to a dead body. Valerie tells Eve and Julian that she has located their long-lost son. Passions is saved from cancellation! Click here for important details. (EDIT: see below)


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP, NEWS

Why As the World Turns Will Break My Heart on May 1

That adorable redhead Zach Roerig says goodbye to CBS' As the World Turns on Tuesday, May 1. Roerig's contract expired and the 23-year-old actor has opted to pursue other projects. So his character, Casey Hughes, is being written off to jail. Sigh.

This really bums me out. If you're already missing Zach/Casey like I am, please join me in my unhealthy obsessing over the superhot screen caps and publicity photos on this fabulous fansite.

Oh, and don't even bother leaving snarky comments below. It's not like I don't know I'm gay, OK?

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/26/07 9:42 PM

General Hospital Video: Carly's Wedding
Because General Hospital's Carly (Laura Wright) is an attention-loving drama queen, you just know her latest wedding day can't go off smoothly.

Click here to watch our GH video clip of Carly showing up late to her own nuptials. There's Jax (Ingo Rademacher) standing at the altar, while Carly's in back of the room locking eyes with her ex-husband, Sonny (Maurice Benard). Notice how many empty seats there are at this service! Guess Carly's not a very popular girl in Port Charles. Either that or GH didn't have much of a budget for extras that day.

UPDATE: Can you believe the evil Mr. Craig is really Jax's surgically-altered brother, Jerry Jacks? Although this was blabbed in advance elsewhere, I really didn't want to say anything until today's episode aired, so as not to spoil the surprise. Anyway, I'm torn about this because I really liked Julian Stone, who played the kinder, gentler Jerry back in the late '90s. On the other hand, Sebastian Roche (Jerry/Mr. Craig) does have a great villainous flair and I'm glad GH found a reason to keep him around. I just wonder how Jerry went from misguided money launderer to merciless terrorist. GH head writer Bob Guza has some 'splainin' to do in his scripts!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/26/07 4:43 PM

Top Model Judge to Guest Star on Y&R
OK, so I was just watching Dancing With the Stars hoofer Louis van Amstel do his cameo on All My Children when news of another reality-soap crossover hit my inbox....

Fashion shutterbug Nigel Barker — who judges America's Next Top Model — will play himself on The Young and the Restless on Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30.

Barker will host Y&R's fictional reality show Extreme Catwalk. He'll dish with Jill and Gloria about Amber, who models her very own designs on the runway. Catwalk sounds like catty fun to me!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/25/07 9:36 PM

One Life to Live Halts High School Hostage Plot
In light of the Virginia Tech tragedy, ABC Daytime has scratched an upcoming One Life to Live storyline featuring a similar scenario.

Back in March, OLTL taped its all too realistic tale of a high school hostage situation. This was the premise: Shy boy Henry — as played by Jonathan Groff, the 22-year-old star of Broadway's Spring Awakening — snaps after he's rejected by manipulative bitch Britney. He intends to slay some classmates and then commit suicide, but his desperate plans are foiled.

The harrowing 17-episode saga was to begin May 4, but now none of it will hit ABC's air. As OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini explains in a statement: "Out of respect to those affected by this devastating tragedy, especially the families, I felt that it was important to remove this storyline from our show."

Unfortunate coincidences do happen, suds fans. You may recall that ABC Daytime had to shelve a terrorism-related tale on Port Charles because it eerily coincided with the 9/11 attacks back in 2001. OLTL also pulled a story about Blair's plane crashing that same year.

Was OLTL right to drop its campus hostage plot? Vote in TVGuide.com's poll here.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/25/07 7:39 PM

Canceled Soap Saved! Passions Moves to DIRECTV

This just in... TVGuide.com was first to report that NBC has been in talks to move Passions to DIRECTV when the soap's broadcast TV run concludes this fall. Well, the deal is sealed! DIRECTV has picked up the wacky, tacky serial for a ninth season.

Passions finishes airing Sept. 7 on NBC. Starting on Sept. 17, DIRECTV will air new episodes of Passions Monday-Thursday on its original programming channel, The 101. The sudser will remain in its current time slot of 2 pm/ET and DIRECTV will air encore marathons each weekend.

In a joint statement, NBC and DIRECTV said "the majority of the cast and crew is expected to return when [Passions] begins shooting the new DIRECTV episodes in August."

"Passions fans no longer need to mourn the demise of their beloved program as it has found new life on DIRECTV," said Eric Shanks, EVP of entertainment for DIRECTV. "We care about this show and are extremely proud to give it an exclusive home here."

"This new arrangement with DIRECTV is truly a landmark development that allows NBC Universal to extend the Passions brand in a fresh and entirely new way, to DIRECTV's 16 million homes," added Marc Graboff, president of NBC Universal Television, West Coast. "It will reward the dedicated fans of the daytime drama who can continue to enjoy it on DIRECTV and also opens up a great new model for other television programs to find new life on other non-traditional platforms."

OK, now before you start leaving cranky comments below about how you don't have DIRECTV in your home, the satellite service is offering Passions fans an incentive to subscribe.

Per the statement: "DIRECTV will make it easy for Passions viewers to keep track of the happenings in Harmony by providing fans free installation, a DVR or HD receiver upgrade, and a portable DVD player by calling a special phone number (866-788-0003) or visiting the Web (www.directv.com/passions) that will give those without DIRECTV plenty of time to switch before the new season begins."

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/25/07 1:23 PM

Soap Star Grad Lands on Bold and the Beautiful

Good news! The hunky Dean Cochran — my fave contestant ever from SOAPnet's I Wanna Be a Soap Star — has finally landed himself a soap-opera gig.

Dean joins CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful this Friday, April 27. He plays one of the policemen investigating the demise of homeless hottie Shane McGrath (Dax Griffin).

"I am playing Detective Troy Scott," Dean wrote to me via my MySpace page. "I'm basically Lt. Baker's (Dan Martin) protιgι and we are investigating this case, which involves many of the front-burner characters. It's a recurring role for as long as this case goes on. Who knows? Maybe Lt. Baker will need his right-hand man the next time something comes up that requires brilliant investigative skills. We'll have to see. But for now, it's been great to spend a couple of weeks on set with a great cast and crew.

"For me, it's been especially fun since the B&B stage is next door to The Price Is Right stage, where my wife Brandi Sherwood is a model. So I know all the crew over there, and some of them work on B&B as well.

"I got the role in large part thanks to [my manager] Michael Bruno, who showed my reel to [B&B casting director] Christy Dooley after Soap Star," Dean continued. "Michael was a big supporter on that show and was kind enough to want to help me out (like yourself). When this part came up, he put in another call to Christy, who got on board! Thanks to them, I got a shot to get my foot in the door. All the B&B cast members are terrific people, as I'm sure you know. It's been a great experience for me, coming from a feature film background, to try my hand at soaps."

Good luck, Dean! Or is it break a leg? Whichever works best for you pretty-boy actor types.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/23/07 5:44 PM

General Hospital Recast: Change of Plans!
This just in...

Last week, I told you Darby Stanchfield is replacing Annie Wersching as General Hospital's Amelia. Well, she still is, but the recast — which was supposed to be permanent — now turns out to be only temporary.

Stanchfield steps into Amelia's high heels on Tuesday, April 24. But GH says Wersching will pop back into her role on Friday, May 11.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/23/07 5:00 PM



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All My Children

Tad and Krystal face off with the psychotic Janet to reclaim their newborn daughter, Jenny. Adam suffers a cardiac crisis and must be rushed to the hospital. Greenlee's back in Pine Valley with a secret that could ruin Ryan and Annie's wedding plans. Erica and Jack dish their divorce on New Beginnings. Lily teaches her look-alike sister, Ava, how to impersonate her. Click here to learn which serial-killer victim is returning to AMC in June. (EDIT: see below)

General Hospital
Nurse Liz needs emergency surgery after a rough childbirth. (Click here to watch TVGuide.com's video preview of Liz's baby mama drama!) As her life hangs in the balance, Jason considers revealing that he's the daddy. Mr. Craig — aka Jerry Jacks — continues to toy with the lives of Nikolas, Emily, Patrick and Robin. Sonny runs into Kate Howard, a sexy ex-girlfriend from Bensonhurst who has reinvented herself. Hey, did you know Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego Alcazar, GH) is now co-starring with Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer?

One Life to Live
A trashy Tess memory helps Jessica realize exactly why she has fallen ill. Viki blames herself for Jessica's troubles. Rex publicly "outs" the straight Tate as a gay man. Miles feels guilty for the role he played in Todd's disappearance. Click here for TVGuide.com's latest OLTL casting scoops! (EDIT: see below)

As the World Turns
When Alison slips up while scamming Craig, Meg lands in a dangerous situation. Emily is majorly peeved about Paul's latest stunt. Katie clues in to Brad's romantic feelings for her. An incognito Carly (Maura West) secretly returns to Oakdale on May 9 and ends up in cahoots with Gwen's goofy look-alike, Cleo.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Lt. Baker assembles a group of murder suspects and offers up his colorful theories. After that, Lt. Baker makes a scandalous arrest. Click here to see the familiar face who's helping with the police investigation. (EDIT: see previous post) Taylor undergoes the in vitro fertilization procedure to bring Nick the biological child he's always wanted. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Ridge conspire to frame Nick for snuffing Shane. The Forresters hold a press conference. Ridge romances Ashley and meets her daughter, Abby. B&B alum Mick Cain returns as CJ Garrison when Rick and Phoebe sing at the Insomnia Cafι on May 9. William deVry appears as Storm Logan on May 7, 8 and 9.

Guiding Light
Jeffrey is an obstacle as Buzz and Olivia prepare to walk down the aisle. Harley gets acquainted with Gus's gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Natalia. The troubled Cassie has more visions of her dead daughter, Tammy. Click here for more info on Tammy's ghost! (EDIT: see below) FYI, Michael Dempsey last airs as Alan-Michael Spaulding on Thursday, May 10, when Alan runs his scheming son out of Springfield.

The Young and the Restless
Victor and Michael pressure Ji Min to turn against his boss, Jack. Victoria needs JT's help when her unborn baby's life is in jeopardy. As Phyllis faces extortion charges, Nikki and Jack scheme to work that situation to their own advantage. Lily pries into Daniel's computer and catches him lying about his Internet porn habit again. Amber scams her way into a life of luxury at the Chancellor manse. Don't miss TVGuide.com's fresh new Soaps Q&A with Adrienne Frantz (Amber) on Tuesday, May 8.

Days of our Lives
EJ has a lethal assignment for the brainwashed Patch. Stephanie's "bad girl" antics land her in the hospital. Nick and Chelsea have a heart-to-heart talk at St. Luke's. Kate packs incriminating photos as a wedding surprise for Sami. Stefano DiMera and his wicked family are returning to Days! Click here for TVGuide.com's full report. (EDIT: see below)

Ethan begs Theresa not to have Jared's baby. Whitney thinks she might be pregnant. Luis and Miguel are both beaten and mistreated in prison. Julian and Fox plot a jailhouse murder. The gender-bending blackmailer approaches Little Ethan at the Crane mansion and tells the child a secret. Passions is saved from cancellation! Click here for details. (EDIT: see previous post)


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Soap Notes: The View, Daytime Emmys and More

Kassie DePaiva (Blair, One Life to Live) will guest co-host The View on Tuesday, May 22. Listen for the sexy Southern belle to croon a tune off her new CD, I Want to Love You, which drops that same day.... You can upload personal video messages in support of your fave Daytime Emmy nominees at www.mydaytimeawards.com from May 7-20. Selected submissions will air during the 34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards June 15 on CBS.... SOAPnet has ordered 10 episodes of The Fashionista Diaries from Go Go Luckey, the producers of Laguna Beach. Debuting in July, this one-hour docusoap — which is part Project Runway, part The Devil Wears Prada — will feature six ambitious assistants trying to survive New York's Fall Fashion Week 2007.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/7/07 4:34 PM

General Hospital Video Preview: The Baby's Coming!
Ever notice how expectant mothers on soaps rarely give birth under normal circumstances? Not even Nurse Liz Spencer (Rebecca Herbst) on ABC's General Hospital. Naturally, Liz goes into labor all alone, has to be rescued and whisked off to GH by her mobster ex-lover, Jason (Steve Burton), and face life-threatening complications with her illegitimate love child's delivery. Sheesh! Got all that?

Click here to watch TVGuide.com's very own video preview of the baby mama drama on Friday's GH.

Oh, and don't forget Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego Alcazar, GH) is on CBS' Ghost Whisperer again tonight. Read all about Ignacio's sexy yet spooky new gig in his Daniel's Dish interview.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/4/07 4:21 AM

DiMera Family Reunion on Days of our Lives

British hottie James Scott (EJ Wells) no longer has to carry the diabolical DiMera torch all alone on NBC's Days of our Lives.

As previously reported, Thaao Penghlis will return as EJ's big brother, Tony DiMera, on May 24.

Plus, Days now confirms that other popular members of EJ's evil family are heading back to Salem: On June 6, Joseph Mascolo returns to his signature soap role as legendary supervillain Stefano DiMera. Also returning this summer are Leann Hunley as Anna DiMera and Renee Jones as Dr. Lexie Carver.

"This summer, we'll see the return of our most glamorous and fascinating family: the DiMeras," Days' co-executive producer Stephen Wyman tells TVGuide.com. "We'll finally get at the heart of our most powerful story; that of the vendetta against the Bradys. Along the way, we'll see characters who've been off-screen for years, and witness the explosive mix within the DiMera family itself of Stefano, Tony, and EJ... the three most charismatic and evil male characters in the history of Days. It'll be the hottest summer ever!"

Like many Days watchers, I'm absolutely thrilled Joe Mascolo is stepping back into Stefano's expensive Italian loafers. (Bring on the sinister chess games and opera music!) Whenever Days tries to tell DiMera stories sans "The Phoenix" himself, we always sense a major void. Now our cup of poison runneth over.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/3/07 5:55 PM

One Life to Live: Two Scoops!

Psst! I'm hearing that One Life to Live actress Melissa Gallo's contract is up soon. Adriana Cramer's portrayer has already decided not to renew, since she wants to pursue other projects.

Obviously, this spells trouble for the Rex/Adriana/Tate triangle that's been brewing. Will the ABC serial recast Dorian's darling daughter? "We do not comment on rumors," responds the show's rep.

This TVGuide.com tattletale has also learned that Farah Fath will screen test for a role on OLTL. Fath recently wrapped an eight-year stint on Days of our Lives as junior deceiver Mimi Lockhart Brady. The One Life character is described as a "rebellious rock-star type." Sounds just like Sarah "Flash" Roberts. I did tell you they're recasting that role, remember?

I'm off to take shelter in my secret lair beneath Llantano Mountain before somebody shoots me for talking too much.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/3/07 5:15 PM

Lance Bass' Ex-BF to Lather Up on Gay Soap

Lance Bass' ex-boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl has joined Here! Network's gay supernatural sudser Dante's Cove.

He'll appear in Season 3, which kicks off in October. Never seen the show? It's basically Passions, but with even more male nudity and same-sex canoodling, if that's possible. Oh, and instead of Juliet Mills, they have former Dynasty bitch Tracy Scoggins playing the town witch.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to have a talent like Reichen on board," Here! exec Meredith Kadlec enthused in a statement. "He is the perfect triple threat for Dante's Cove — he has a loyal fan base, he is proudly out, and he is simply gorgeous."

Reichen rose to fame by winning CBS' Amazing Race 4 with ex-husband Chip Arndt. He went on to do bit parts on TV shows including Frasier, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless. But he really popped back up on our pop-culture radar when he dated Bass. Just before the homosexual supercouple split up, Reichen published a tell-all memoir about his life as a closeted Air Force man.

Still reading? Wow, I'm impressed. So here's what Reichen's doing on Dante's Cove: The press release says he'll play Trevor, a business school graduate who comes to the haunted hamlet of Dante's Cove looking to "find himself." Trevor becomes "quickly intertwined" (wink, nudge) with the town's beautiful men. He also has a "close association" with that wicked witch, Grace (Scoggins).

That last part I don't wanna dwell on too much. I'm still scarred by Scoggins' mother-daughter threesome on Nip/Tuck last fall.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/1/07 3:06 PM

Ghost Girl Haunts Guiding Light
Stephanie Gatschet returns to Guiding Light as Tammy Winslow Randall on Friday, May 4. The recently dead newlywed will continue to haunt her grieving mother, Cassie (Nicole Forester). Do you think Tammy's a real ghost or just a figment of Cassie's imagination? Comment away!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/30/07 6:13 PM

Dead Diva Returns to All My Children in June
Save the dates, suds fans: All My Children star Terri Ivens will return as Simone Torres on June 8 and June 20.

The sexy and spunky Simone was an unfortunate casualty of this year's Satin Slayer serial-killer mystery. Yes, she's still dead. A show rep says Simone will appear in some flashbacks and as a ghost.

Oh, while we're talking of ghosts and ABC Daytime alums, did you know that Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego Alcazar, General Hospital) is co-starring with Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer now? Click here for the dish!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 04/30/07 5:44 PM



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  • 13,085 posts

All My Children

Adam and Zach make a dirty deal. Lily's slutty sister, Ava, works her naughty charms on the hunks of Pine Valley. Ryan may face bigamy charges for marrying Annie while still technically wed to Greenlee. JR has a heated encounter with Amanda. An unlikely trio ends up traveling to the Bahamas together. Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, AMC) is returning to daytime! CLICK HERE for the breaking news! (EDIT: see below)

General Hospital
Nurse Liz secretly honors Jason in choosing her son's name. Sam is heartbroken by news of the baby boy's true paternity. Meanwhile, Jax and Carly disagree about how to handle his brother, Jerry Jacks (aka Mr. Craig). Wannabe mobster Logan finds a way to win favor with Sonny. Alcazar keeps a close eye on Skye. Click here to see an adorable photo of Greg Vaughan (Lucky, GH) and his newborn son, Jathan! (EDIT: see below)

One Life to Live
Clint and Viki's dinner at the Llanview Country Club leaves a bad taste in both of their mouths. Jessica receives a shocking medical diagnosis. That bratty Britney gets closer to Starr's beau, Cole. Several Llanview lives are endangered when the racist group One Pure People strikes at Cristian's art studio. As TVGuide.com reported here, soap veteran Randolph Mantooth joins OLTL as Tate's father, Kirk, on May 18. Look who's coming to Llanview in June! (EDIT: see below)

As the World Turns
Emily is surprised when she's kissed by her ex-enemy, Dusty Donovan. Katie makes a major decision in hopes of having a future with Jack. A shadowy figure puts a priceless necklace in Vienna's hand while she sleeps. Lily returns home from rehab to start healing her family. Zach Roerig (ex-Casey, ATWT) is moving to a new soap! Click here for the info. UPDATE: Click here for the breaking news on Cady McClain's return to Oakdale as Rosanna Cabot! (EDIT: see below)

The Bold and the Beautiful
Jackie approaches Brooke with an intriguing offer. Nick confronts Ridge to get the truth about Shane's demise. Phoebe's singing voice catches the ear of a record producer, who is played by American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis. Soap star Adrienne Frantz (Amber, B&B/Y&R) tells TVGuide.com about her friendship with Constantine in her Soaps Q&A.

Guiding Light
Poison-pen blogger Blake blackmails Mallet and gets her wish granted. Cassie noses around and finds out the paternity of Beth's baby. Harley gets information on Gus and Natalia's past relationship. Mel offers Rick legal aid in his battle with Alan.

The Young and the Restless
When sudden tragedy strikes, a beloved Genoa City resident is feared dead. Kevin needs Paul's private-eye skills in his continued search for Jana. Daniel and Lily reconcile, but Lily still has trouble trusting her porn-addicted husband. Michael strives to convince Will Bardwell to drop the charges against Phyllis. Gloria's co-conspirator, Evan, hides a secret agenda.

Days of our Lives
EJ stalks Sami and Lucas on their honeymoon in New Orleans. The newlyweds end up visiting Stefano DiMera's old house of horrors, Maison Blanche. Meanwhile, Bo knows Patch has been sent to Tinda Lau to murder him and Shawn. Philip, Belle and Claire are sailing the high seas — straight into a typhoon. Back in Salem, that nosy Maggie discovers an incriminating pair of panties in Nick's room. Vote your verdict on Sami and Lucas in our new Soaps Poll. Click here!

Spike makes his murderous move on Miguel. Ethan entraps the gender-bending blackmailer in the Crane mausoleum. Elsewhere in Harmony, two lovers have a quarrel and one draws a gun. Julian proposes a dirty deal to Kay. Chad confesses his guilty secret to Noah, as Whitney discovers she's preggers.



Cady McClain Returns to As the World Turns

Daytime diva Cady McClain — who was recently killed off ABC's All My Children — has gone back to CBS' As the World Turns.

"Yes, it is true," McClain confirms in her blog. "I am returning to ATWT to play Rosanna Cabot, who will arise from her coma in Switzerland to what deeds we can only imagine! Who is she now?! What did she dream?! How is her hair?! I am very pleased to be returning, and I hope to have a lot of fun."

Personally, I think this is fabulous news. I mean, I enjoy sleeping in as much as anyone, but two years in a coma was really a bit much for Rosanna! Plus, we're in for a treat since McClain has never played Ro opposite the original Craig Montgomery, Scott Bryce.

No doubt this report comes as a bummer for some of you, though. Since the ouster of AMC headwriter Megan McTavish, many of McClain's fans have been hoping a new writing regime would step in and reverse Dixie Martin's on-screen death. (The beloved Pine Valley heroine perished by consuming poisoned peanut-butter pancakes.)

Some eagle-eyed AMC watchers recently noticed what appeared to be a clue: While "interviewing" Tad and Krystal to determine their suitability as parents, that baby-snatching wackjob Janet scrawled "Dixie Lives" on her notepad. What was that about? Was AMC foreshadowing a Dixie comeback?

"The 'Dixie Lives' scribble on Janet's notepad was the first I have heard of anything," McClain writes in her blog, "but maybe she switched bodies while ghosting around the netherworld and is now somehow inhabiting Rosanna Cabot's small but mighty frame? Well, you know how it goes in soapland. Drama, drama, drama."

An ATWT rep confirmed McClain's return as Rosanna, but did not yet know her first airdate.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/11/07 1:43 PM

Friday's Easy, Breezy, Teasy Soaps Previews
Hey, suds fans. Because I am your psychic frenemy, I am invading your mind and reading your innermost thoughts right now....

"OMG! What is gonna happen on my stories next week? The anxiety of this suspense is crippling! I must know!"

Calm yourselves. Simply click here to find Daniel's delicious Soaps Previews. (EDIT: see above) They are always posted fresh on Fridays to tease up what's to come next week. I don't give everything away, but just enough to whet your appetite for more sex and suffering in the afternoon.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/11/07 2:48 AM

Here's Where to Get Daytime Emmy Tickets
On Friday, June 15, I'll be covering the 34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards in Hollywood, Calif. Will you be at the Kodak to root for your fave shows and stars, suds fans?

Tickets to the Daytime Emmys will become available to the general public starting Monday, May 14. You can buy your tix at the Kodak Theatre box office and at Ticketmaster outlets. You can also snag tix online at ticketmaster.com and kodaktheatre.com or by calling Ticketmaster at (213) 480-3232. Ticket prices range from $62-$152.

Of course, you can always celebrate daytime's biggest night at home. The two-hour kudofest airs Friday, June 15 at 9 pm/ET on CBS.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/10/07 4:26 PM

Video Preview: All My Children Wedding
Did you know Thursday, May 10, is Ryan and Annie's wedding day on All My Children? The ABC sudser did a sunny outdoor location shoot for this special occasion — and TVGuide.com just happens to have an oh-so-pretty preview clip for your viewing pleasure.

Click here to watch the video!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/10/07 4:25 AM

Stork News for This Lucky General Hospital Star

This just in... Soap hunk Greg Vaughan — aka Lucky Spencer of ABC's General Hospital — has happily announced that he's a new daddy.

Greg and his wife, Touriya Vaughan, welcomed son Jathan James Vaughan on Friday, May 4 at 4:17 pm/PT. The baby boy weighed in at 8 pounds and measured 20 1/2 inches. (See the supercute father-son photo to the right.)(EDIT: click here)

"Both Touriya and I have been levitating since his birth!" Greg enthuses. "The first moment we had, all together as one, will forever be in my heart. We have truly been blessed!"

"Of course, we at GH are also thrilled with the news and wish Greg, Touriya, Jathan and the rest of the family well," says the show's spokesperson.

TVGuide.com congratulates the Vaughans on their newest addition, too!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/9/07 7:33 PM

Scoop! CBS Soap Hottie Jumps to ABC Sudser

Zach Roerig by Lorenzo Bevilaqua/PGPTime for exclusive TVGuide.com soap stud scoopage! That's a lot of S's.

As you may know, I was recently bummed to report on the departure of Zach Roerig from his role as Casey Hughes on CBS' As the World Turns.

(See Why As the World Turns Will Break My Heart on May 2 if you missed my lamentation. Perhaps I went a teensy bit overboard, but just like other suds fans, I have my faves.)

Happily, I can now report that Zach is already back in the daytime suds! The supercute redhead has joined ABC's One Life to Live in the recurring role of Hunter. "He will be involved in the disappearance of Todd Manning (Trevor St. John)," an OLTL rep tells TVGuide.com. "His first airdate is June 11. He will air throughout the summer."

Somebody better turn up the A/C and mix Daniel a mint julep then, 'cause this summer is sizing up to be a hot one.

UPDATE: I just dished all things OLTL this morning with the soap's headwriter Dena Higley! Naturally, I couldn't resist telling her how delighted we are about Zach Roerig coming to Llanview.

"It's funny because we randomly named this character Casey way before we cast him," Higley says. "Then we cast this guy and realized, 'Hey, we can't call him Casey. He was Casey on As the World Turns!' So we went with Hunter. I like short names — it's all a matter of saving me typing."

As I mentioned above, Hunter will be involved in OLTL's current storyline about its missing antihero, Todd Manning. Is the character a good guy or a bad guy?

"Hunter is a lot of things," Higley teases. "Good is not one of them. I can definitely say that he's got a hand in Todd's disappearance... and why Todd can't get back to his family."

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Y&R Star Lauralee Bell to Guest Star on B&B

As reported in the May 14 issue of TV Guide, Lauralee Bell — who plays Christine Blair on The Young and the Restless — will soon cross over to Y&R's sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Spoiler alert!

Still reading? OK. Here's more info:

On May 29, Ridge Forrester is arrested for the murder of homeless hottie Shane McGrath. Ms. Blair will serve as Ridge's defense attorney at his mid-June trial. Props to my sudsy colleague, Michael Logan, for the scoop.

Personally, I'm tickled to see Lauralee on this case instead of some day player. Character crossovers between Y&R and B&B are always a treat for fans. And why shouldn't B&B chief Bradley Bell tap Lauralee for the gig? She's not just a talented TV lawyer, she's his little sis, too!

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All My Children

Hannah invades Zach and Kendall's privacy. Adam wages legal war against Krystal. Sean's tryst with Ava results in family drama. Greenlee pushes for another chance with Ryan, who is determined to divorce her. Later, Greens shifts the balance of power at Fusion Cosmetics with her important announcement.

General Hospital
Click here to see which GH star just quit the show!(EDIT: see below) Several Port Charles residents are out to destroy Jerry Jacks (aka Mr. Craig). Sonny's noisy new neighbor proves to be sexy yet annoying. Alcazar keeps a very close eye on Skye. Robin and Patrick argue again about whether they should live together. Devious TV producer Amelia arranges for Sam to relive more terrifying memories from her past.

One Life to Live
The prognosis is good for Lindsay, Nora, Cristian and Talia after the arsonist's attack, but Evangeline is left comatose. Jessica finally admits her passion for Nash to Antonio, whose heart is broken. Several Llanviewers are tested as possible liver donors for Jessica. Britney apologizes to her classmates for her bratty, bitchy ways. There's TONS of OLTL scoops in our Soaps News blog. Click here! (EDIT: see below)

As the World Turns
Lucinda takes her vendetta against Craig too far. Carly stops wearing big hats and sunglasses — she's ready to make her presence known to Jack. Vienna decides to leave Oakdale, but Henry doesn't want her to move. Emily and Dusty continue to keep Susan in the dark about Alison's drug problem. Click here to read about Cady McClain's return to Oakdale as Rosanna.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Nick's trial for Shane's murder begins. Stephanie resorts to outrageous measures to keep Brooke's mouth shut. Ridge returns from Paris and makes a surprise appearance in court. Constantine supports Phoebe during these troubled times.

Guiding Light
Cyrus faces justice for his crimes. Cassie causes heartbreak for Alan by making a devious move. Reva can't keep quiet about her jailhouse tryst with Josh. Dylan gives Harley a helping hand with their delinquent daughter, Daisy.

The Young and the Restless
Kay forces Jill to choose between love and business. Victor leaves Genoa City in search of a lost Newman, while Nikki is the top boss lady at NVP. John's ghost visits Jack to give his son a message for Sharon. News of Brad's affair with Sharon gets around and causes more conflicts. Gloria's plan to make Will jealous pays off.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Temporary Recast on General Hospital

More General Hospital news...

"The character of Ric Lansing will be recast for only one episode while actor Rick Hearst recovers from throat surgery," the GH rep tells TVGuide.com. "The actor pitch hitting as Ric is Nick Kiriazis (who played Father Antonio Torres on Sunset Beach). He will be seen on air Thursday, June 14.

"Rick Hearst will be back on set in the coming weeks," the rep reassures us, "and will resume the role as storyline dictates."

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/18/07 4:36 PM

General Hospital Star Quits!

Dillon Quartermaine's days are numbered. Scott Clifton has opted not to renew his contract with General Hospital.

"I can confirm that Scott Clifton is leaving General Hospital," the ABC soap's rep tells TVGuide.com. "He last airs sometime in June. We wish Scott well in all his future professional and personal endeavors."

The 22-year-old Clifton has spent four years on GH. Along the way, he earned three Daytime Emmy nominations for outstanding younger actor. The singer-songwriter also released a couple of CDs. (You can listen to samples of Clifton's music on his MySpace page.) Not a bad run in the suds at all, I'd say.

Meanwhile, the GH rep says there are no plans to recast Dillon at this time.

UPDATE: Those of you who were bummed by the news above may perk up a bit when you hear this... "Scott will not be leaving in June, but will exit the show as needed per storyline," the GH rep now tells TVGuide.com. "Meaning he'll stick around for the foreseeable future into the summer."

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/17/07 4:50 PM

Grey's Anatomy Star Hits Red Carpet at Daytime Emmys

Did you know Chandra Wilson — aka Dr. Miranda Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy — is a major soap-opera addict? She's obsessed with watching her daily doses of All My Children, General Hospital, One Life To Live and The Young and the Restless.

Now there's a woman after my own sudsy heart! How perfect then that Chandra will hit the red carpet for SOAPnet's Daytime Emmy Awards pre-ceremony special on June 15.

You can find the 411 on Chandra's glitzy gig — as well as the rest of SOAPnet's fantabulous coverage of the Emmys — in today's TV Guide News Report.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/17/07 3:32 PM

College Boy Wins Top Prize in Suds Contest

University of Michigan senior Eric Kahn Gale, 21, is living a soap-opera fan's dream.

Gale is the winner of SOAPnet's "Soap U" competition for college kids with professional aspirations to lather up in the suds. Finalists were asked to create a five-minute soap and a 20-second promo. Gale's tabloid-themed sudser, The Harder They Fall, scored him the top prize: Dude gets a $20,000 budget to produce original content for SOAPnet's broadband service SOAPNETIC and a trip to Los Angeles, where he'll pitch his programming ideas to execs. Nice!

You can watch the hilarious Harder They Fall and the other "Soap U" finalists right here at SOAPnet.com. Be forewarned: This is all Dawson Leery-esque amateur film-geek fare. However, it's pretty darn amusing, and these kids show lots of promise. Among the semi-finalists, my personal fave was Lucky in Love. LMAO!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/16/07 7:37 PM

Update: One Life to Live Casts New Sarah
So you know who is not playing the recast Sarah "Flash" Roberts on One Life to Live.

Now I can tell you who is playing Cord and Tina's troubled daughter!

The ABC sudser's rep tells TVGuide.com that Justis Bolding has been cast as Sarah and will first air June 14. The daytime newbie has previously appeared on 7th Heaven and MTV's Undressed.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/16/07 5:53 PM

Video Preview: Jessica's Tragic Diagnosis on One Life to Live
You loyal Llanviewers out there should prepare yourselves for some heavy drama.

On Wednesday's episode of ABC's One Life to Live, the long-suffering Jessica Buchanan Vega (Bree Williamson) finds out she has liver cancer. Better have a box of Kleenex handy when you click here to watch our preview clip.

Should you need a pick me up afterward, there's happier OLTL news right here. (EDIT: see Ex-Days Star Farah Fath Joins One Life to Live below)

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Daytimers Nominated for Tony Awards

Nominations for the 2007 Tony Awards were announced today. I was particularly tickled to see some soap alums on the list of Broadway babies up for trophies.

Remember Guiding Light grad Laura Bell Bundy, who portrayed Josh and Reva's daughter, Marah, from 1999-2001? She scored a nod for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for her work in Legally Blonde The Musical. Bundy plays Elle Woods, the part Reese Witherspoon created in the Legally Blonde films.

Meanwhile, Spring Awakening star Jonathan Groff is nominated for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. The adorable Groff played Henry in One Life to Live's recently curtailed tale of high-school violence.

Congrats and good luck, kids! I mean, break a leg. Whichever lingo works best for you theater thespians.

P.S. A loyal reader reminds me that L&O: SVU's Tamara Tunie — aka Jessica Griffin of As the World Turns — is one of the producers of Spring Awakening. Props and love go to Ms. Tunie, too, of course.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/15/07 9:11 PM

Ex-Days Star Farah Fath Joins One Life to Live

This TVGuide.com tattler was first to tell you that Farah Fath (ex-Mimi Brady, Days of our Lives) had booked a screen test at One Life to Live. FYI, she got herself a part!

"My goal was to be working again by the fall," Fath posted today in her MySpace blog. "Well, I am back to work this September. Goals can be achieved! I have inked a multi-year deal with the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. It is not for the role of Sarah Roberts, as it has been reported. I was considered for that part, but the execs have decided to write a role just for me. Which is why I won't start taping for a few months. I am so honored and excited. I left Days because I craved some change in my life, and this is going to be some serious change!"

The L.A.-based Fath will soon move to New York City, where OLTL is taped. "I've locked Heather Lindell (ex-Jan, Days) in as my new roommate!" Fath enthused. "She's a riot, so there's no way I won't like living there!"

Watch this space for more info on Farah's new OLTL role as it becomes available.

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I hope you don't mind if I post this here but on Young and the Restless it said that Nick Newman is not really dead and had just signed a contract for another 5 years. He had not signed his new contract at the time of the story line killing him off and should be returning in a couple of weeks.




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Where are the spoilers for Days and Passions?

No biggie about passions but I like reading the days spoilers




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yeah, i did a double look and triple lookie for days spoilers hmmmmmm.

and i had also heard before nicks plane crash that he was signing on for 5 more years, so i figured he would be alive somewheres... in some cabin off the lake of michigan... with some hot chick or something, with no memory of philis. hahaha



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awwwwwwww censored.gif Sorry guys....next time pm me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got chased away from computer and forgot where I was...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...here ya go!!



Days of our Lives

John's loved ones have reason to believe he'll arise from his coma. Celeste does a voodoo ritual to figure out the paternity of Sami's unborn baby. There's drama at sea for Shawn, Belle and Philip when a typhoon strikes. Patch threatens Bo's life. Chelsea thinks Nick is two-timing her. Thaao Penghlis returns as Tony DiMera on Thursday, May 24.

Fancy spies Sheridan's latest spicy seduction scheme. Ethan and Theresa are trapped together in the burning Crane mausoleum. Thinking they're doomed, Theresa finally confesses the truth about Little Ethan's paternity. Elsewhere in Harmony, Tabby's little witchling, Endora, has her first sleepover with mortal children. Noah urges Chad to admit his gay affair to Whitney. On Friday, May 25, Chad's scandalous secret comes out at last. Click here to vote in today's Passions poll about Theresa's gender-bending blackmailer.



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All My Children

Jack surprises Erica when they are interviewed about their divorce on a morning talk show. Angry Annie talks to Greenlee about her rooftop kiss with Ryan. An unwelcome guest crashes Spike's first birthday party. Ava makes a shady deal with a Pine Valley schemer. The recent sexual tension between JR and Amanda builds up to (ahem) an exciting climax. AMC has hired two new headwriters. Click here for info. (EDIT: see below)

General Hospital
Lulu gets an earful as Luke and Laura's painful history comes out in court. Jason and Sam's relationship is further strained by Jake's paternity secret. Meanwhile, D.A. Ric Lansing is out to nail Jason for Lorenzo Alcazar's murder. Ric also aims to prosecute Jerry Jacks aka Mr. Craig. General Hospital star Rick Hearst (Ric) is now blogging for TVGuide.com! Click here to read his first posting.

One Life to Live
The ailing Jessica records a goodbye video for baby Bree, just in case she doesn't survive her liver cancer. Antonio leaves Llanview unaware that Jess needs him desperately. Cole's closeness with Britney stirs up Starr's jealousy. Bo and Nora have a lead on the "One Pure People" arsonist. With Todd missing and Vangie in a coma, Blair and Cristian both need a shoulder to cry on. Miles spies on Marty.

As the World Turns
As Craig recovers from sipping the poisoned coffee, Meg has incriminating evidence on Lucinda. Katie prepares for the worst as Jack makes his choice between her and Carly. Cleo's crush on Will grows stronger. Susan mouths off to Dusty.

The Bold and the Beautiful
As Nick heads off to the slammer, he says an emotional goodbye to Taylor. Nick and Stephanie share a nasty moment in the jailhouse hallway. Ridge feels a nagging need to clear his brother's name. Two L.A. fashionistas make love. Bridget conducts Taylor's first ultrasound. Felicia questions Constantine about his intentions toward Phoebe.

Guiding Light
A well-intentioned Harley plays matchmaker for Dylan. Frank loses a bet to Marina and gets himself "Sanjaya" mohawk haircut. Dinah stands by her man as Mallet admits to a crime from his past. Reva finds out that Cassie tampered with Beth's paternity test. Click here to read our Soaps Q&A with Laura Bell Bundy (ex-Marah Lewis, GL).

The Young and the Restless
Brad faces perjury charges as his marriage to Victoria crumbles. As Phyllis mourns Nick, the redhead has a terrifying nightmare. Lily airs Amber's dirty laundry on TV. Nigel Barker (America's Next Top Model) guest stars on Y&R Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30. Click here for details on Nigel's visit! (EDIT: see below)

Days of our Lives
John responds to a loved one's voice and wakes up from his coma. Sami and EJ discuss a possible truce between the DiMeras and the Bradys. Shawn, Belle and Philip realize that Claire was snatched. Willow has news for Shawn. Steve Blackwood returns as Bart, the daffy DiMera henchman, on Thursday, May 31. Bart interferes with Sami's plans to translate the mysterious Italian letter. Bo and John later show up at the DiMera mansion to confront Tony. Meanwhile, Stephanie introduces Chelsea to her boyfriend Jeremy Horton and his friend Jett Carver on Friday, June 1.

The gender-bending blackmailer is on a terror spree: He or she orders Judge Reilly move up Luis' execution date, pulls a gun on Father Lonigan and also admits to playing a role in Grace's death. Meanwhile, Julian and Theresa argue about Little Ethan's paternity. Whitney wants a divorce due to Chad's gay affair. Teen hooker Jessica's dead johns come back to haunt her. Rebecca breaks into a hunk's hotel room. Which Passions stars will move to DIRECTV? We know! (EDIT: see below)


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Oh Greg, You Make Me Feel So Restless

OK, that headline was a little over the top. But it's Friday afternoon and I'm overcaffeinated from my venti-sized Starbuck's iced coffee, so whattya gonna do?

Anyway, Mr. Greg Rikaart — aka that bad boy Kevin Fisher of CBS' The Young and the Restless — stopped by my office in Hollywood this afternoon for a tutorial in the art of blogging.

The result is another soapy TVGuide.com exclusive:

Greg Rikaart's Y&R Blog!

See? I promised you yesterday that another soap star blog was coming soon. For your easy reference, here's the rest of our all-star roster of daytime celebrity bloggers:

Rick Hearst's General Hospital Blog NEW!

Patch's Days Blog

Michelle Stafford's Y&R Blog

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/25/07 5:20 PM

Catch Up for Your Summer Soap Viewing
Lotsa younger soap-opera viewers tune in during the summer when school's out. My friends at ABC Daytime have given me a couple of fun video clips for those who need to catch up on General Hospital and One Life to Live.

Watch and enjoy!

General Hospital

One Life to Live

*** On a related note, there's a special offering for OLTL fans over in Daniel's Dish.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/25/07 5:33 PM

Watch This Clip: Daniel Dishes Summer Reality TV

Let's take a break from the soap suds for just a sec.

Shameless plug alert!

This Saturday, I'm dishing this summer's crop of reality TV shows on Fox Reality Channel's Reality Remix. It's a supercool show hosted by Kennedy. I've been a huge fan of this bespectacled funnylady ever since her MTV days back in the '90s. We chattered about everything from Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's show to the kinky title of CBS' Pirate Master. (Seriously, it makes me picture men in frilly pantaloons being ordered to walk the plank.)

My episode of Reality Remix airs Saturday, May 26 at 10/7 pm ET/PT. Click here to watch a preview clip of me me being a geeky gossiphound!

You can find out more about Reality Remix at www.realityremix.tv.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/24/07 8:34 PM

Days of our Lives: DiMera Women Update
As previously reported here, the fabulous Renee Jones and Leann Hunley are among the DiMera family members returning to Salem this summer.

Save the dates: Renee Jones returns to Days of our Lives as Dr. Lexie Carver on Thursday, June 14. Leann Hunley is back as Anna DiMera on Thursday, June 21.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/24/07 7:41 PM

Which Passions Stars Will Move to DIRECTV? We Know!

Passions fanatics are wondering which castmembers will stay on when the serial moves from NBC to DIRECTV in September. The verdict is in!

NBC announced today that several of Passions' principal players have signed new contracts. Here's the list (in alphabetical order):

Eric Martsolf (Ethan)
Ben Masters (Julian)
Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy)
Dylan Fergus (Noah)
Galen Gering (Luis)
Emily Harper (Fancy)
Lindsay Hartley (Theresa)
Liza Huber (Gwen)
James Hyde (Sam)
Juliet Mills (Tabitha)
Heidi Mueller (Kay)
Tracey Ross (Eve)
Eva Tamargo (Pilar)
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan)

FYI, Erin Cardillo — who plays Fancy's friend Esme — has also signed a contract. She wasn't really a principal castmember before, but she apparently is now.

Please note: If you don't see an actor's name on this list, you should not necessarily assume that he or she is leaving the show. Some Passions actors work on recurring status — i.e. not on contract — like Andrea Evans (Rebecca).

I can say that the absence of James Stevenson (Jared) from the list means he will not move to DIRECTV. The Daytime Emmy nominee made it clear that he plans to hit the road in a recent interview.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/23/07 4:30 PM

Watch This Clip: EJ's Psychic Frenemy on Days of our Lives
How much do I looove it that Celeste (Tanya Boyd) gets so much airtime lately on NBC's Days of our Lives?

So much, dahling, that I just have to share this video clip of Celeste performing a voodoo ritual in today's Days episode.

The best part? You'll notice that Celeste's black magic recipe apparently calls for EJ (James Scott) to be shirtless.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/22/07 6:58 PM

Dynasty Writers Take Over All My Children

This just in... ABC Daytime has tapped a pair of old pros to replace Megan McTavish, who was ousted as headwriter of All My Children back in February: It's Barbara J. Esensten and James Harmon Brown.

The Emmy-winning soap scribes have previously written for Dynasty, Days of our Lives, Guiding Light, Loving/The City, One Life to Live and Port Charles.

"We're thrilled to welcome this talented team back to ABC," Disney-ABC honcho Brian Scott Frons said in a statement. "They're known for telling compelling stories that take characters and viewers on a great emotional ride, and their creative vision promises to continue the show's tradition of cutting-edge storylines. Fans can expect an exciting summer in Pine Valley and can look forward to even more of the romance and intrigue they have come to love and look for on All My Children."

"Combined with their ability to take creative and emotional risks, Barbara and Jim write with commitment to character integrity and honesty," added AMC executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers. "I look forward to working with them again and welcome them to All My Children."

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/21/07 2:54 PM



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All My Children

A longtime resident of Pine Valley takes a home pregnancy test. JR finds another hurtful way to distance himself from Adam. A sexy tutor helps Babe study for her GED. Ava needs a drug dealer's help in her scheme against Sean. Greenlee wants Zach to do jail time for the Pine Valley power outage he caused back in 2005.

General Hospital
A Port Charles bad boy lusts after Lulu and Maxie. Laura's rape at the Campus Disco is rehashed during a dramatic court hearing. Carly and Kate clash yet again. Incriminating blood samples vanish from the PCPD crime lab. Nurse Liz is resentful toward Lucky for arresting Jason.

One Life to Live
Miles blackmails Marty into marriage. The One Pure People arsonist bombs the hospital, which complicates Jessica's liver transplant surgery. Rex is resentful when he finds Adriana and Tate in a clinch. As the Llanview High students prepare for their musical, Langston and Markko make a risky bet. Starr is miserable when she learns Britney will be Cole's prom date. Two OLTL stars just got married in real life! Click here for the true love report. (EDIT: see below)

As the World Turns
Craig's reluctant bride-to-be, Meg, prepares for their wedding day. Katie rejects Carly's attempt to make a truce. Emily's secret life as a hooker is exposed, thanks to Cheri the madam. Gwen's look-alike, Cleo, has a wacky plan to make Gwen's dreams come true.

The Bold and the Beautiful
As Taylor and Nick collaborate on a new maternity line for Forrester Creations, Bridget learns big medical news about their unborn baby. Elsewhere in L.A., Ashley questions Rick about the Grant Chambers shooting. Brooke visits Ridge behind bars to offer her support. Constantine and Phoebe begin making music together.

Guiding Light
Reva and Josh have one more chance at love. Harley reveals Natalia's secret to Gus. Mel has stern legal advice for Rick. Mallet's odd behavior causes concern for Dinah. A "dead" relative calls someone in Springfield.

The Young and the Restless
Nikki shares a fiery liplock with another man while Victor's out of town. Victoria hears big news from her doctor, just as her divorce battle with Brad heats up. Sharon regards Phyllis as an unwelcome houseguest at the Abbott manse. William gets close to the incriminating truth about his treacherous new wife, Gloria.

Days of our Lives
Willow the hooker's greed leads to her untimely death on Tuesday, June 5. Elsewhere, Philip and Belle discover who snatched Claire. Doug and Julie arrive in Salem to help uncover what set off the Brady-DiMera feud. Sami and EJ encounter the ailing Stefano DiMera, who confuses Sami for a woman from his past. Bo and Hope search for secrets in tunnels under Salem.

Father Lonigan is stunned to learn the gender-bending blackmailer's identity on Wednesday, June 6. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Kay take on the evil witches who have snatched Endora. Death-row hottie Luis has a nightmare about his upcoming execution. Sam comes between Noah and Paloma. Whitney packs her bags to leave the cheating Chad. Click here to see who will and won't stay on Passions when the soap leaves NBC and moves to DIRECTV. (EDIT: see below)


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Ryan's Hope Daily Reruns Return!

Back in April, Ryan's Hope fans were bummed by SOAPnet's scheduling decision to cut back on reruns of Claire Labine's classic half-hour sudser, which originally ran from 1975 to 1989 on ABC.

Instead of airing five days a week, RH reruns were limited to just two episodes on Sunday mornings from 6-7 am ET/PT.

But there's good news! The wise programmers at SOAPnet have now decided to air RH reruns weekdays from 5-6 am ET/PT, starting Monday, June 4.

"Even though it's frightening for me to see myself playing a role from that long ago, it's great to see that Ryan's Hope will again be airing on SOAPnet five days a week," RH star Michael Corbett tells TVGuide.com. "Now, as I'm home writing my third real estate-oriented book, even I will actually be able to watch it."

FYI, the handsome Mr. Corbett is listed in the "Top 10 Soap Hunks" chapter of my book, The Q Guide to Soap Operas. You oughta check him out in those daily RH reruns on SOAPnet and see why!

P.S. I know the show's on early, but that's why TiVo was invented, right? Click here to see how you can TiVo your RH reruns — and any other show on television — right from our own TVGuide.com listings. (EDIT: link not working, sorry)

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/1/07 4:46 PM

Daytime Emmy Update: The Presenters

As if y'all didn't already know, the Daytime Emmys are June 15 on CBS. Are you psyched? I know I am! FYI, CBS has released the official rundown of presenters:

• Tyra Banks
• Ellen DeGeneres
• The View co-hosts Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck
• Mario Lopez
• Rachael Ray
• All My Children's Susan Lucci
• As The World Turns' Terri Colombino and Austin Peck
• The Bold and the Beautiful's Kyle Lowder, Constantine Maroulis and Mackenzie Mauzy
• Days of our Lives' Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison
• Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer, Murray Bartlett, Marcy Rylan and Michelle Ray Smith
• General Hospital's Genie Francis and Tony Geary
• One Live To Live's Forbes March and Bree Williamson
• Passions' Lindsay Hartley and Eric Martsolf
• The Young and the Restless' Michael Graziadei, Daniel Goddard and Thad Luckinbill
• Y&R's Peter Bergman and B&B's John McCook will present the tribute to Lee Phillip Bell, who will be honored with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/31/07 9:12 PM

One Life to Live: Two Soap Stars Wed, Dustin Hoffman Drops In

A pair of tasty tidbits to share about ABC's One Life to Live...

• Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) married former OLTL co-star Sherri Saum (ex-Keri) in New York City on Saturday, May 19. De los Reyes and Saum, who now stars on FX's Rescue Me, held a small bilingual ceremony in front of family and friends. "The reception had a Spanish theme due to Kamar's Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage, and they even had a cigar roller on hand for the guests," the New York Daily News quotes one wedding guest as saying. The newlyweds are honeymooning in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

• Dustin Hoffman randomly stopped by the OLTL set on Thursday, May 24.

"He wanted to see the set and meet some actors," the show's rep tells TVGuide.com. "He watched the taping for our upcoming musical event called 'Prom Night: The Musical,' which will air beginning June 15. They were taping a big production number called 'Together' featuring Kathy Brier (Marcie) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) among others, and he said it sounded great."

I can't help but wonder what really occasioned Hoffman's visit to Llanview. Sudsy research for a Tootsie sequel, perhaps?

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/30/07 6:34 PM

Days Star Recovering from Heart Surgery

Actor James Reynolds — who plays Abe Carver on NBC's Days of our Lives — underwent heart-valve replacement surgery on Thursday, May 24.

"Jim had pulmonary valve stenosis, a congenital disorder," his rep explains. "It is one of the more common heart birth defects, occurring in about one of every ten children." The 54-year-old soap veteran has taken six weeks off work and he's expected to make a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Reynolds will be unable to host his annual Days of our Lives celebrity basketball game on Friday, June 1 in South Pasadena, Calif. His son Jed Reynolds — who recently played Officer Grierson on Days — will host in his papa's place. Both Jed and Reynolds' wife Lissa are blogging at jrrecovery.com for anyone who'd like updates on his progress.

Get well soon, Jim! Just know that you are in the hearts of suds fans everywhere as your own ticker heals up.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 05/29/07 3:50 PM

Soap Siren Silvana Arias Says Goodbye to Passions

Sad news, suds fans: Former telenovela star Silvana Arias, who plays Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald on NBC's Passions, has confirmed that she will not be among the castmembers moving to the soap's new home on DIRECTV in September.

"These last three years have been a wonderful journey in my personal and professional life," Arias wrote in her MySpace blog. "The cast and crew of Passions are and will always be like family to me. Sadly, this journey has come to an end. I have decided to stay on the show till the end of its cycle on NBC, the network that gave [me] the opportunity to meet an amazing audience who adopted me as a Lopez-Fitzgerald in their hearts. I don't know what God has planned for me in the future, but I'll keep you posted."

Click here to see which Passions players have signed on to make the move to DIRECTV. (EDIT: see "Which Passions Stars Will Move to DIRECTV? We Know! " in previous post)

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All My Children

Ryan, Kendall and Annie all wonder how to handle the troublesome Greenlee. The feuding Fusion girls must set aside their differences to save the crumbling cosmetics firm. Jack and Erica share a passionate kiss. As the residents of Pine Valley sleep, AMC viewers get a peek at their subconscious fears and desires on Thursday, June 14. Click here to read our Q&A with Sydney Penny (Julia) about her new baby and maternity leave from AMC.

General Hospital
Elizabeth faces every mother's worst nightmare. Emily is shocked to find out Nikolas' secret agenda regarding Jerry Jacks. Tracy's trust is misplaced. Amelia tells Jason some scandalous dirt on Sam. Sonny continues to enjoy giving Kate/Connie a hard time. Patrick and Robin strongly disagree on the topic of parenthood.

One Life to Live
Dorian gives John McBain an earful about Spencer Truman's murder case. John then grills David and Marty for more information. Meanwhile, Starr longs to be Cole's prom date, but she accepts Markko's invitation, much to her gal pal Langston's dismay. Teen angst reigns supreme in Llanview as "Prom Night: The Musical" begins on Friday, June 15. (Psst... Don't miss OLTL's prom-night preview at the end of the Friday, June 8 episode!)

As the World Turns
Meg literally risks her life to keep Craig from discovering her in a compromising position with Paul. Carly is outraged when Jack tries to take her kids away from her. That weirdo Cleo has a lot of explaining to do about her connection to Jade. Alison makes the serious mistake of buying Lance's lies. (Meanwhile, Alison's ex-boyfriend is coming back to Oakdale! Click here and see the final news item.) (EDIT: see below)

The Bold and the Beautiful
Dr. Bridget Forrester is forced to keep mum about the medical snafu with Nick's baby. Jailbird Ridge meets his new attorney, Christine Blair — that's Y&R's Lauralee Bell — on Tuesday, June 12. Elsewhere, Constantine and Rick argue over Phoebe. Constantine serenades Phoebe with his song "Girl Like You" on Wednesday, June 13.

Guiding Light
Gus tries in vain to make nice with his long-lost son, Rafe. Olivia feels betrayed by Ava. Alexandra and Frank have a confidential talk about Marina's love life. Reva scrambles to hide the truth about what she's done to Lizzie and why. Mallet receives an evil order from Griggs (who is being played by All My Children alumnus Darnell Williams).

The Young and the Restless
The presumed dead Nicholas Newman turns up alive on Monday, June 11. When Kevin gets an Internet message from Jana, he steps up his efforts to find his evil ex-girlfriend. Sharon knows Phyllis is faking her back injury and tries to expose the redhead's charade. Three Genoa City residents discover the dead body of someone they know. William suffers a debilitating stroke, which keeps him from tattling Gloria's tainted-moisturizer secret. Should Glo go to jail for her crimes? Vote your verdict in TVGuide.com's Soaps Poll!

Days of our Lives
Stefano tells Marlena how she could resolve the bloody Brady-DiMera feud. Shawn finds out that Willow the hooker's unborn baby was not his biological child. Chelsea walks in on a naked Jeremy, who forces a kiss on her. Lucas plays the hero when Sami and EJ are almost killed. Doug and Julie travel down memory lane, as Bo and Hope encounter danger in a secret tunnel beneath Salem. Renee Jones returns as Lexie Carver on Thursday, June 14.

Novice witch Kay steals Tabitha's book of spells. Noah eagerly awaits Paloma's answer to his marriage proposal. Ethan promises Theresa he will never leave her, even as she refuses to share her secret. A confused Whitney walks into a bar and catches her gay husband, Chad, kissing another woman. Ex-spouses Julian and Ivy discuss a romantic reconciliation. When Fancy's in danger, Sheridan is reluctant to help her niece.


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Young and the Restless: Who's Blogging, Who's Wed and Who's Not Dead

No surprise here: Rich boy Nicholas Newman didn't really die in that recent plane crash on The Young and the Restless.

The CBS soap has no reason to kill off the popular character, since Y&R star Joshua Morrow just signed a new five-year contract in March.

Look for Nick to resurface at the tail end of the Monday, June 11 episode. While Nick has recently appeared as a ghostly figment of Phyllis' imagination, he's alive and in the flesh this time. On Tuesday, June 12, Y&R viewers will see that Nick is staying in a cabin in the woods, where he has been cared for by a sexy mystery lady. I'll say no more!

Speaking of Joshua Morrow... His TV wife Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) dishes on him, as well as the recently married Sharon Case (Sharon), the upcoming Daytime Emmys and more in the latest edition of Michelle Stafford's Y&R Blog. Just click here to go read her blog. She's hilarious!

FYI, Sharon Case quietly wed longtime boyfriend Sandy Corzine in Mexico on April 30. Just in case you hadn't already heard. Congrats to the newlyweds!

P.S. Don't forget that Lauralee Bell (Christine Blair) crosses over to Y&R's sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful starting Tuesday, June 12.

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Bummer! Passions Loses Tasty Eye Candyman

Suds stallion Adrian Bellani — aka Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald of NBC's Passions — is not among the castmembers moving to the soap's new home on DIRECTV in September.

"I have decided not to renew my contract with Passions," Bellani confirmed on his official site. "After a long wait and wondering whether or not I was even going to be asked back on the show, my team (agents and managers) and myself decided to pursue other opportunities. We all believe this is the right decision to take, although it was very hard. My decision is simply a career choice, and has nothing to do with the show Passions. I believe life is full of risks, and this is just one I have to take. I am a dreamer, and I dream of having a big, successful career. One of my dreams did come true... Passions.

"At the moment, I am still taping, and soon there will be a big turn in my storyline," he added. "I've been waiting for that as long as you have. What will happen with the character of Miguel, I don't know."

Bellani's exit statement comes on the heels of a similar announcement by his TV sister, Silvana Arias (Paloma). In 2006, Bellani replaced Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives, John Tucker Must Die) as the frequently barechested Miguel. Some Passions watchers were initially reluctant to accept the recast, but Bellani turned out to be muy caliente! How could we resist such yumminess?

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Sudsy News Updates: Eric Braeden, Sydney Penny, Trevor St. John and More!

What's the latest soap dope, you ask? Here's a hodgepodge of this 'n that....

• Kudos to Eric Braeden! The Young and the Restless veteran — who plays badass billionaire Victor Newman — will get his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on July 20. Oh, and have you heard about Mr. Braeden's indie movie?

• Hearty congrats also go out to Sydney Penny. The All My Children star gave birth to her first child last week and has gone off on maternity leave. What does this mean for Nurse Julia Santos Keefer? New mommy Sydney tells all in today's fresh Soaps Q&A!

• Speaking of Sydney Penny, her former TV brother Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo Santos, AMC) will host NBC's dating series Age of Love, which starts Monday, June 18. FYI, I just couldn't resist ranting about Age in my Daniel's Dish blog.

• Click here to watch our video preview of AMC's Thursday, June 7 episode. Sexy skirtchaser Sean Montgomery is in trouble with the law!

• Didja know One Life to Live's head writer was fired this week?!

• Trevor St. John returns to OLTL as the missing-in-action Todd Manning this Friday, June 8. Mmm... Nothing like a hot Toddy to warm us up, yeah?

• Don't forget I told you that Zach Roerig (ex-Casey, As the World Turns) joins OLTL as Hunter on Monday, June 11. The adorable redhead plays a bad boy involved in Todd's disappearance.

• Agim Kaba reprises his role as ATWT's Aaron Snyder on Thursday, June 14. Just wait until he finds out his ex-girlfriend Alison Stewart is now a junkie porn star!

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Soap Stars Battle for "Sexiest Vegetarian" Title
PETA's annual "World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity" competition is on!

Some familiar faces from your soaps are in the running, including these folks:

• Melrose Place grad Daphne Zuniga
• Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters, The Young and the Restless)
• Grant Aleksander (ex-Phillip Spaulding, Guiding Light)
• Renee Elise Goldsberry (ex-Evangeline Williamson, One Life to Live)
• Charlotte Ross (ex-Eve Donovan, Days of our Lives)

As always, TVGuide.com's own Michael Ausiello is also a popular contender.

You can vote — as many times as you like — for your favorite famous vegetarian here:


Results will be tallied up and revealed in late June. Can you stand the suspense?!

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One Life to Live Head Writer Fired!

I have good news for all you Llanviewers who've been bitching to me about Evangeline's coma and other disappointments on ABC's One Life to Live:

Head writer Dena Higley has just been fired! Co-head writer Ron Carlivati is promoted to head writer, effective immediately.

Carlivati has been a staff writer at OLTL for the past 11 years. After graduating from law school at George Washington University, he briefly worked as a corporate lawyer before switching gears to pursue a career as a soap opera scribe. He started off as an OLTL writers' assistant in 1996 and later toiled as a breakdown writer before rising to the top job.

"Ron's commitment and contribution to One Life to Live's writing staff makes him an excellent choice to take on head writing duties," executive producer Frank Valentini said in a statement. "He has a contemporary sensibility, a quick wit and, above all, a tremendous passion for the stories in Llanview."

"For years Ron's talent has helped develop and deliver the kind of cutting edge, emotional storylines fans have come to expect from One Life to Live," Disney-ABC honcho Brian Scott Frons added. "His evolution from staff writer to co-writer over the last decade has increased his creative influence on the show. His passion for the characters and their fans make him the perfect choice to lead the storytelling into the future."

The execs offered no comment on the reason for Dena Higley's sudden departure. Ahem.

Back in March, Erika Slezak — who has won six Daytime Emmys for her portrayal of Llanview heroine Viki Lord Davidson — made no secret of her displeasure with Higley's work.

"I hate to say this, but Dena will push the envelope in any direction," Slezak said in her March '07 fan newsletter. "She wants to write stories that she thinks are interesting but nobody else does. She doesn't write stories, she writes events. It's like one event — let's have a bomb, let's have a plane crash — but there is no story."

Amen sister!

True confession, suds fans: OLTL is my favorite daytime soap, despite its problems. I watch Slezak and the rest of this show's fabulous cast — many of whom have worked on Broadway — and I can't help but think OLTL could be so much better than it is.

What do you think Ron Carlivati should do to spruce up Llanview? Comment away!

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Ex-Y&R Star Shemar Moore Arrested for DUI

TMZ.com is tattling that Shemar Moore — formerly Malcolm Winters of CBS' The Young and the Restless — got arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of DUI in Los Angeles.

What happened? Moore was spotted speeding near Santa Monica Blvd. at 1:30 am. The cops who pulled him over reported that Moore "displayed signs of alcohol impairment and a DUI investigation was conducted." The 37-year-old actor was then arrested and taken to a nearby police station, where he took a breathalyzer test and got booked.

Moore, who ironically plays a lawman on CBS' Criminal Minds, was released from jail a few hours later on $5,000 bail.

My advice to Shemar and his fellow Hollywood stars: Don't drink and drive! You neeeeeeeed to choose a designated driver or call a taxicab. Did you not see Friday's heartbreaking Oprah episode about drinking and driving? Thank goodness my office door was closed because I was literally sitting here at my desk in tears. Oprah broke me down.

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All My Children

Due to actress Sydney Penny's real-life maternity leave, Julia surprises Jamie by leaving Pine Valley on Monday, June 18. (Penny explains it all in her TVGuide.com Soaps Q&A.) Meanwhile, Erica uses Tad to make Jackson jealous. Kendall and Greenlee concoct the formula for their Fusion Green fragrance. Amanda finds out JR is faking their kidnapping to con Adam. Ava moves out of the Montgomery house and finds a new home. Lily and Jonathan put their past behind them. Is Leven Rambin (Lily/Ava) likely to win the outstanding younger actress trophy at the Daytime Emmys? Read our Emmy predictions.

General Hospital
Elizabeth's newborn son, Jake, is kidnapped in the park. Emily uses sex to distract Nikolas from thoughts of revenge. Tracy's talks with Alan's ghost land the ELQ chief executive in the loony bin. Kate/Connie needs a favor from Port Charles mob godfather Sonny Corinthos. Will Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) finally win herself a Daytime Emmy this year? Read our Emmy predictions. (EDIT: see link above)

One Life to Live
Britney and Starr do battle at the Llanview High prom. Watch TVGuide.com's video preview of "Prom Night: The Musical" on our OLTL show page. Meanwhile, David gets out of jail and heads straight for Dorian's house. John McBain suspects the truth behind Marty's sham marriage to Miles. Will OLTL win best show at the Daytime Emmys? Read our Emmy predictions. (EDIT: see link above)

As the World Turns
Henry and Vienna hatch an idea for a new business. After Meg marries Craig, the groom has a deadly confrontation with Paul on the edge of Shadow Cliff. Luke feels attracted to his fellow WOAK intern, Noah. Alison and Dusty don't tell Emily about their tryst, but can what happened in Vegas really stay in Vegas? Read our Emmy predictions. (EDIT: see link above)

The Bold and the Beautiful
Carl has important information for Bridget about the egg mix-up. Stephanie, Brooke, Taylor and Christine get a beyond-the-grave message from Shane McGrath. Rick makes a dramatic appearance during Ridge's murder trial. The verdict is in on Thursday, June 21! How will B&B fare at the Daytime Emmys? Read our Emmy predictions. (EDIT: see link above)

Guiding Light
Alan is suspicious of Reva's role in Lizzie's disappearance. Olivia throws herself at Jeffrey. Gal pals Ashlee and Daisy both get to share kisses with hot guys. Dinah, Mallet and Matt play deadly mind games with Griggs. Cassie and Beth have another dangerous physical confrontation. Read our Emmy predictions. (EDIT: see link above)

The Young and the Restless
Bitchy rivals Sharon and Phyllis join forces to publicly expose Nikki's naughty secret. Amber, Kevin and Daniel are in cahoots when they find major loot. Amber schemes to keep Cane in the dark about all her mischief. Victoria finds out about Brad's shady real-estate dealings and seeks revenge in their divorce settlement. Emily O'Brien appears as Kevin's evil ex-girlfriend, Jana Hawkes, on Monday, June 18. Read our Emmy predictions. (EDIT: see link above)

Days of our Lives
Missing baby Claire is reunited with her parents. Stephanie questions Jett about Jeremy's activities with other women. At the DiMera family meeting, Stefano announces that Colleen was killed by the Bradys. Meanwhile, Sami shows up at the Brady family meeting with Salem schemer Anna DiMera, as played by Leann Hunley, who last appeared on Days back in 1986!

Gwen returns to Harmony. Fancy and Sheridan race to uncover the blackmailer's identity. Spike burys the pregnant Jessica alive. Kay casts a spell that causes an earthquake at Tabitha's house and makes a deal with a demon elf. Ex-spouses Ivy and Julian have a romantic reconciliation. Will you still be able to watch Passions online when the soap moves from NBC to DIRECTV this fall? The answer is in our Passions/DIRECTV FAQ. (EDIT: see below)


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Daniel's Daytime Emmy Report: Live Blog!

Genie Francis by Marc Bryan-Brown/WireImage.comI'm typing to you live from backstage at the Daytime Emmys. Pardon me, I mean the 34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards. Such a mouthful!

Stay tuned to this Soaps News blog (and keep hitting refresh) all night for my up-to-the-minute coverage.

6:02 pm/Pacific Time Thank you Lord! General Hospital superstar Genie Francis — she of "Luke and Laura" fame — has finally won her Emmy! I am verklempt. How fantabulous that this is how they started off the show. Did I call it or what?! Can't wait till the supporting actress winner comes backstage to meet the press.

6:16 Another GH victory! The handsome Rick Hearst — aka that devious D.A. Ric Lansing — just won supporting actor. Naturally, there's TV monitors back here so we can watch the show when we're not busy grilling stars up on the dais. (Of course, I've recorded the Emmys and the SOAPnet red carpet pre-show so I can devote my full attention to watching them at home. 'Cause I'm a geek like that. It's not enough that I just was on the red carpet outside. I have to watch it on TV, too!)

6:25 Genie's here backstage! I tell the daytime TV icon that nothing that happens for the rest of the night even matters, I'm so thrilled she finally got that Emmy. Then I ask her how it feels to win at last, after Emmy passed her over for so many years.

"I'm just bowled over!" Francis tells TVGuide.com. "I can't believe that they actually called my name. I really thought that I was all done. Who would've thought that a little four-week visit — after I really had wrapped up there — would produce an Emmy? After years and years and years of working year round!

"It's water from the moon," Francis added. "It's a blessing. I'm truly grateful and I think my General Hospital family. Especially Sandy, who was the boom lady for many years. She watched over me like a mother hen. She would watch me everyday and sometimes give me a thumbs up."

Was it just us or is Francis looking sexier and slimmer? "Oh, yes," she enthused. "As soon as I heard about the nomination, I actually lost 23 lbs. I was approached my Medifast to be their spokesperson. They got me in shape really quickly for the red carpet."

Francis adds that, of course, she's interested in returning to GH. She also mentions having "some interesting irons in the fire" in primetime TV, including a possible movie-of-the-week role.

6:39 Rick Hearst says he's relieved he recovered from throat surgery in time to give his acceptance speech. Hey, I have a great idea. Go over to Hearst's TVGuide.com blog and leave him a note of congratulations. Then come on back here!

6:44 Younger actress winner Jennifer Landon strolls backstage to meet the press as — surprise! — Bryton McClure (Devon, The Young and the Restless) wins younger actor on the TV monitor. "Who?" Landon asks us. "So not Pelphrey and not Soffer?" Then she catches herself and makes a save. "I'm actually really happy for the winner," she grins sheepishly. "I'm sorry I wasn't there [in the audience]."

6:56 No surprise as perennial favorite Ellen DeGeneres wins best talk show host. "Yeah, I was surprised," Ellen says. "You can't take it for granted just because people seem to like you. They like a lot of people."

6:57 Let's talk about Ellen's on-stage shout out to ex-View co-host Rosie O'Donnell. "Rosie brought lot of stuff to The View this year. Whether you liked it or not, she brought something to it and I liked it. I thought she was interesting and I wanted to say something to acknowledge them. [The View co-hosts] talk about not winning every year, and [you'd think] this would have been the year. I want to see people happy, I don't want to take something away from them."

"Rosie is a strong person," Ellen adds. "She's the opposite of me. She has strong opinions and I don't have strong opinions like that. I don't feel that strongly. I just try not to judge people."

6:58 Who could Ellen see replacing Rosie on The View? "I have no idea — they're talking about Paris, right?" DeGeneres jokes, then adds: "I think Sherri Shepherd was great on The View. I thought she was great."

Ellen notes that she'd welcome Rosie as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I'd love to have her on show," she says. "Anytime she wants to come on, she can. I’m just going to sit back and let her talk — because I’m not going to argue with her!"

7:01 Presenters Thad Luckinbill, Michael Graziadei and Daniel Goddard (JT, Daniel and Cane of Y&R) come backstage to goof around. Stork news scooplet: Thad is gonna be a dad! He and wife Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Y&R) are expecting their first child on "November 11. Right around there." Congrats to the Restless newlyweds on starting their family.

7:07 Younger actor winner Bryton McClure — who just goes by Bryton — is here. A reporter brings up Bryton's TV mother Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla, Y&R). It is widely agreed that Rowell got robbed of a Daytime Emmy nomination this year. So what does Bryton think of the actress' assertion that racism played a role in her Emmy snub?

"You know, I'm not really gonna speak on that," Bryton replies with a diplomatic tone. "She has been around the business a very long time. I really respect her opinions and what she has to say. I'm not gonna comment on that, but I do have to say thank you to her for inspiring my story on the show. She really has paved the way for a lot of young actors, especially African-Americans, in daytime."

7:10 Bryton exits the press room. His co-star Michael Graziadei — better known to castmates as "Graz" — can be heard cheering him on in the hallway: "Yeeeeeah boyyyyyy! Bringin' it home!" (Boys will be boys.)

7:25 Retiring game show legend Bob Barker is here, escorted by his "Barker's beauties"!

As we all know, Rosie's been campaigning to step into his shoes at TPIR. Barker's take?

"My friendship with Rosie goes back years and years," the multiple Emmy winner says. "When she was doing her talk show [The Rosie O'Donnell Show] in New York, she always had me on her show. She told me then she loved The Price is Right. She told me she'd like to host it someday. And I would always do one of the Price is Right games — with her as a contestant — on her show. She knows the show!

"So far as doing it, there's no doubt in my mind that she could do the show," Barker asserts. "Now, whether they want a lady host, I don't know. I've never heard that. As far as I know, they've only auditioned men. Although I do believe they're going to have a meeting with Rosie."

Oh, really now? Hmmm...

7:27 At 83 years young, what's Barker's secret for keeping his vim and vigor? He looks good!

"Thank you very much," Barker says. "At any age, it's nutrition and exercise. At my age particularly, if you just sit back and you don't work out daily, you're going to slow down. You see men walking around like this (hunches over) at 65. If you eat properly and exercise, you'll be ahead of the game... And also, tequila!"

7:45 Presenters Lindsay Hartley and Eric Martsolf — aka Ethan and Theresa of Passions — are here. Several of us backstage pundits feel it's a damn shame that Hartley, who is an original Passions castmember, has never been nominated for an Emmy. When someone points this out, Hartley looks touched and quietly says thank you.

Personally, suds fans, I have always felt that Lindsay Hartley and Ali Sweeney (Sami, Days of our Lives) are the unsung heroines of NBC Daytime. They're frontburner leading ladies who kick ass, doing tragedy, comedy and everything in between on a daily basis, yet never get any Emmy recognition. That's just not right.

7:53 Shut uuuuuuuuup! The backstage press is completely in shock over the best show tie between Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless. The Daytime Emmys just set a new record!

Says my pal Emmy expert Tom O'Neil: "The outcome of the drama series race was a double shockeroo. The two frontrunners [The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live] not only lost, but got trounced by the two longshots in an unprecedented tie. At Emmys past, we've seen lots of ties in the acting, talk show and game show races, but never before in the top category. And never before has there been three ties at the Daytime Emmys. This year, there were ties for drama series, morning show and performer in a children's series."

8:15 Ellen meets the press again because she's won best talk show and best host... again. Go Ellen! "I was laughing on stage," she says, "because Joy Behar said she was gonna kill me."

8:17 You just can't escape Paris talk tonight. Someone asks if Ellen would like to have Paris as a guest on her talker. "Absolutely," DeGeneres says. "And I'm gonna quiz her [on] if she read The Secret or not. I'll actually ask her some passages.... Yeah, I would have her on.... She's not getting anywhere doing that. If that really was an act, if she really was playing dumb, then what does that say about our society that we're celebrating someone who's successful because they're not smart? I just think it's a bad sign and she shouldn't contribute to that. It's amazing if that was an act the whole time."

8:18 Ellen points out that she has skirted such hot topics (as opposed to "hot pockets") on her chatfest because she doesn't like to wound feelings. Looking ahead, however, she says that The Ellen DeGeneres Show won't shy away from controversy as much as it used to.

"I've kind of avoided topicality because I really don't like to judge," she says. "I know what it feels like because I was judged for so long. I was the butt of so many jokes.... It just hurts. This year, we're gonna try to talk about stuff that's going on, and I hope I'm gonna have a different approach, which is to give people a break. We're so quick to judge. So that's what's gonna be different this year. We will bring stuff up.

"You know, when Mel Gibson was arrested, I didn't have him on the show," she recalls. "I think I would now. I would have him on, and I would have a discussion with him.

"As much as I still want to have the same show," Ellen says, "I think it will be a little layer deeper."

8:25 Guiding Light executive producer Ellen Wheeler is a good sport about sharing the best show Emmy with The Young and the Restless. "That's great!" she enthuses. "CBS, we rock! I wish we could give one to everybody!" Wheeler also throws in a few hundred more plugs for GL's website, FindYourLight.net. Oh no. Now I just did it.

8:35 The Y&R cast is here. Their reactions to the unprecedented tie for best show Emmy with GL?

"I think it's marvelous," says Lynn Marie Latham, Y&R's executive producer and head writer. "I'm so thrilled to be up there with them. I thought they had a fantastic year."

"I thought we were better," Jeanne Cooper (Kay) wisecracks.

"May I add a little something?" Judith Chapman (Gloria) says. "I think it's so outstanding that it was CBS and two women producers. Right on!"

8:46 Christian LeBlanc's (Michael, Y&R) win for lead actor was among the evening's biggest surprises. His reaction comments are characteristically sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek. I have to preface with that because otherwise you'll think he's bonkers when I quote him:

"I was predicting Michael Park (Jack, As the World Turns)," LeBlanc says. "I was really shocked; I've won before. I had already ripped all [the men in my category]. I was not kidding at all [in the acceptance speech]! Michael Park, to his great credit, was hugging me and I go, 'I'm sucking the luck out of you. I'm sucking the luck out of you....' I knew that it was my own insecurity and self-hatred that I was projecting on all of them. And I was quite happy for that to be enough. I felt cleansed — and then they called my name."

8:47 But seriously folks, LeBlanc really is feeling humble and grateful for his second lead actor Emmy. "I just realized that they called five names," he says. "And two of those names were Tony Geary and Peter Bergman, who as long as I've ever heard the [word] soaps, have been huge stars and incredibly talented people. There's Luke and Laura and then you have Nina and Cliff! I mean, those are legends.

"I'm never happy just to be nominated," LeBlanc laughs. "That's ridiculous! And I've never said that to any of the fellow nominees, but I'm certainly proud to be among them."

9:00 Congrats to lead actress winner Maura West (Carly, As the World Turns), who seemed genuinely shocked to win. "I've been practicing my awards-show speech since I was a nine-year-old in the bathtub," she told me on the red carpet. "But I've been Emmy nominated three times before and didn't win, so I've learned to be a gracious loser." Not this year, Maura.

10:00 OK, so I told you my Daytime Emmy predictions were stubborn and quixotic. But all of us pundits backstage were floored a few times tonight. Hey, at least I called my Genie Francis right! So congrats to her and all the other Daytime Emmy winners. Now it's off to the after parties!

Click here for a full list of the Daytime Emmy winners.

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Oh No! One Life to Live Cowboy Will Die Off Screen

Debbie Downer alert!

As reported in TV Guide's June 18 issue, One Life to Live has decided to kill off Phil Carey's beloved character, Asa Buchanan. The much-married, conniving cowboy will bite the dust off camera in August.


Carey made his debut on OLTL in 1979. His Asa was established as the ornery patriarch of the billionaire Buchanan clan, who relocated from Texas to romance the ladies of Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Back in the late '70s and early '80s, the daytime soaps loved to copycat the hit primetime sudsers, so viewers saw lots of characters inspired by the success of Dallas. Hence, the Buchanans of OLTL. Another World even launched a short-lived spinoff soap, Texas, which aired from 1980-82. But I digress...

As I reported right here, Carey's contract expired in April '07 and he refused to go on recurring status. For the record, his last airdate was Thursday, April 26.

It's just a pity Carey will have no on-screen farewell — especially since the soap veteran wowed us all by returning to OLTL last fall, after he had survived lung cancer.

I do understand that there are egos and economics at odds here, but it seems like Carey and his fans deserve a better resolution for Asa's Life than an off-screen demise. It's hard for me imagine our blustery Asa just going quietly into that good night.

What's your take, suds fans? Comment away below! But please, keep the language clean.

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Daytime Emmy Presenters Update
Only three days until the Daytime Emmys on Friday, June 15!

FYI, Dr. Phil McGraw will present a special tribute to retiring Price is Right host Bob Barker.

Plus, CBS has just added these celebrities to the official roster of presenters:

• Phil Donahue
• Vivica A. Fox
• Neil Patrick Harris
• Jerry Springer
• Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek
• The View's Barbara Walters
• All My Children's Thorsten Kaye and Cameron Mathison
• CSI: Miami's Eva La Rue (ex-Maria, AMC)

Here are the rest of the Daytime Emmy celeb presenters, as previously reported:

• Tyra Banks
• Ellen DeGeneres
• The View co-hosts Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck
• Mario Lopez
• Rachael Ray
• All My Children's Susan Lucci
• As The World Turns' Terri Colombino and Austin Peck
• The Bold and the Beautiful's Kyle Lowder, Constantine Maroulis and Mackenzie Mauzy
• Days of our Lives' Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison
• Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer, Murray Bartlett, Marcy Rylan and Michelle Ray Smith
• General Hospital's Genie Francis and Tony Geary
• One Live To Live's Forbes March and Bree Williamson
• Passions' Lindsay Hartley and Eric Martsolf
• The Young and the Restless' Michael Graziadei, Daniel Goddard and Thad Luckinbill
• Y&R's Peter Bergman and B&B's John McCook will present the tribute to Lee Phillip Bell, who will be honored with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Watch Days of our Lives on iTunes! Plus: Passions/DIRECTV FAQ

NBC's Days of our Lives is available on iTunes starting today!

Viewers can watch full episodes of Days for the usual $1.99 per episode. However, you can pay just 50 cents per episode if you buy the 20-episode multipass for $9.99.

According to Variety, there's been talk about including bonus scenes in the iTunes version of Days, but nothing is confirmed yet. FYI, Days is now the most widely distributed daytime soap in America, since it can be viewed on NBC (broadcast TV), SOAPnet (cable) and iTunes (online).

Since last year, Passions fans have been able to watch same-day reruns on NBC.com and iTunes. However, Passions will be available only on television when the serial leaves NBC and arrives on DIRECTV September 17.

Please note: There's a reason I bolded, italicized and underlined that "only." Passions fans keep emailing me to ask, "Will I be able to watch the show online or some other way if I don't have DIRECTV satellite service?" The answer is no! Passions will be exclusively on DIRECTV's Channel 101.

Frankly, I realize this is a Debbie Downer to some of you, but showbiz is business, after all. DIRECTV has no business incentive to pick up Passions if you don't need to be a subscriber to watch, right? For example, HBO would take a financial loss if fans of The Sopranos could just watch the show online, instead of paying for an HBO subscription. I hope this helps clarify the issue. And just FYI, I've been very happy since I dumped my cable for DIRECTV.

That said, I'm not urging Passions fans to subscribe to DIRECTV. You should do whatever feels right for you! I'm just explaining the reality of the situation, so Passion-istas can make an informed decision about keeping up with their fave sudser after it leaves NBC.

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All My Children

Erica makes much ado about a minor accident in hopes of gaining Jackson's sympathy. Colby fears that she has a stalker. Greenlee is crushed when she realizes she may have alienated Ryan forever. JR sincerely regrets conning Adam with his faux kidnap plot, as Zach reaps the rewards by cashing in on the Chandler fortune.

General Hospital
Jason and Sam finally have an open confrontation about him being Jake's natural father. Jason looks into Sam's possible role in the baby's disappearance. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Tracy and Lulu become unlikely allies. Tune in and see Carly trapped in a boiler room with a superhot hunk on Thursday, June 28 and Friday, June 29.

One Life to Live
The homeless David Vickers finds shelter at Llanfair. John helps Marty remember what happened on the night Spencer Truman was murdered. Tate uses Adriana to further his sinister secret agenda. The late Jen Rappaport is remembered on her birthday.

As the World Turns
A mystery woman runs Will's car off the road. Luke confides in Jade about his crush on Noah, the new WOAK intern. Carly is Brad's date for a party. Dusty pushes for an Aaron/Alison reunion and makes a fresh start with Emily.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Bridget is stunned by Carl the lab rat's latest revelation about the egg swap. Constantine gives Phoebe a rock-star makeover. Ridge confronts Rick about his "other woman" in Phoebe's presence. Stephanie and Brooke have another bitchy confrontation about Ridge.

Guiding Light
Stepsiblings Daisy and Rafe lock lips behind their parents' backs. The truth comes out about why Reva kidnapped Lizzie. As Dinah lies in Cedars Hospital in critical condition, Mallet is tempted to gun down Griggs. Coop angles to free Ashlee from juvenile detention.

The Young and the Restless
The election results are in Tuesday, June 26 — will Jack or his ex-wife Nikki win? The injured Nicholas Newman returns to Genoa City. Victor arrives home to see Nick, but can he forgive Nikki's slutty smooches with David? Meanwhile, Colleen agrees to help Kevin in his search for Jana, which causes drama between her and Adrian. As Maggie and Paul close in on Glo's secret, Mrs. Bardwell schemes to keep William's mouth shut.

Days of our Lives
Kate blackmails Nick into tampering with Sami's amnio results. Stefano catches Hope snooping in the DiMera mansion. The Phoenix also suspects EJ of lying about Anna DiMera's loyalties. Belle and Philip receive their divorce papers. Max wants out of his business deal with Jeremy.

Whitney freaks out when Miles goes missing. The she-male blackmailer wants Theresa dead. Rebecca thinks there's a new man in her Gwenny's life. Thanks to Kay's deal with the demon elf, Satanic forces are unleashed on Harmony and three people become possessed. Meanwhile, Tabitha enrolls Endora in a school for good witches.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Ex-Y&R Star Shemar Moore Faces Paris Hilton's Judge in DUI Case

Former Y&R star Shemar Moore — who was arrested June 1 on suspicion of DUI — is officially in trouble.

TMZ.com tattles that L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has charged Moore with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence. If he's convicted, the Criminal Minds castmember faces up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine. Moore's next court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26.

UPDATE: Whoa! Moore's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, is fast. He just entered a no-contest plea to the charge of Exhibition of Speed, per TMZ. The two DUI charges against Moore have been dismissed.

Since he copped a plea, Moore ends up better off than jailbird Paris Hilton. He was sentenced to probation, community service and fined about $1400.

FYI, Judge Michael T. Sauer — the same badass judge who has presided over Paris' case — was the one who decided Moore's fate.

As we head into another weekend, suds fans, I want to remind you not to be like Shemar, Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, Lane Garrison, et. al. If you're out boozin', don't go cruisin' without a designated driver!

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General Hospital: Are Tyler and Ingo In or Out?

Good news!

Tyler Christopher has chosen to stay in the daytime suds, particularly since ABC did not pick up his pilot Secrets of a Small Town for the network's primetime schedule.

"Tyler has inked a new deal with General Hospital to continue playing the role of Nikolas Cassadine for three more years," confirms the hottie's June newsletter to fans. "Tyler thanks every single fan for their continued support."

Meanwhile, Ingo Rademacher (Jax) departs from the GH canvas in the Monday, June 25 episode. But don't worry, Ingo's just off enjoying summer vacation at his second home in Hawaii. Jax will be back.

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Young and the Restless Breaking News: Colleen Recast!

This just in...

Earlier today, I reported on Adrianne Leon's sad revelation that she was abruptly fired from her role as Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless.

Well, the CBS sudser has just issued a recast announcement:

Tammin Sursok is the new Colleen. Sursok's first tape date is Tuesday, June 26. She will first air on Monday, July 30.

The 23-year-old Sursok is a native of South Africa, but was raised in Australia. She is best known as Dani Sutherland on the long-running Aussie soap Home and Away, for which she won Australian TV Week's Logie Award for best new female talent in 2001.

She left Home and Away in 2004 to pursue a pop-star career Down Under. Sursok moved here to the States in 2005 and has since been working in films, including last year's Aquamarine.

The Y&R folks seem fond of casting Aussie suds stars these days. FYI, Daniel Goddard (Cane) is also a former Home and Away castmember.

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Web Fun: Watch Your CBS Soaps Online, OLTL Hits iTunes Top 10, Etc.

I have a few treats for Internet-savvy soap fans like you!

• First off, the entire soundtrack of One Life to Live's "Prom Night: The Musical" is available on iTunes for $5.99. FYI, it just became available yesterday and it's already hit No. 6 on the iTunes Top 10 soundtracks chart. Impressive! Click here (EDIT: see below) to watch TVGuide.com's "Prom Night" preview clips.

• Starting today, CBS now offers same-day reruns of As the World Turns, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless online. Yes, for reals!

Fresh ATWT, GL and Y&R episodes will hit CBS.com daily at 3:00 pm PT/6:00 pm ET.

Sorry, The Bold and the Beautiful is the only CBS Daytime serial whose episodes aren't being offered online. When asked why, a CBS rep stated the obvious by telling TVGuide.com: "We have not expanded this effort to B&B yet." Alrighty then.

• Speaking of fun Internet offerings, my fancy Hollywood actor pal Jason Boegh interviewed me at this month's Los Angeles Pride festival. Just click here and you'll see me pop up twice during Jason's three-minute video clip on the Outlicious.tv site. I feel special.

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Young and Restless Beauty Says She's Fired

Adrianne Leon by Denise Truscello/WireImage.comSoap fans are bummed out about Adrianne Leon, who plays that slutacious teacher's pet, Colleen Carlton, on CBS' The Young and the Restless.

Last week, Leon told her fans via her MySpace blog that she couldn't attend the Daytime Emmys due to unspecified "security issues."

Then on Monday night, Leon announced that she's outie: "I was notified today that I will no longer be part of the cast of Y&R and that the last day I worked (last week) was actually my last day there. I wish I would have known that then... and had taken the opportunity to let everyone know just how much I enjoyed working with them, in addition to how greatly they will be missed."

Y&R has not yet responded to TVGuide.com's request for comment on Leon's blog postings.

Before you even ask, Lyndsy Fonseca is not returning to Y&R as the original Colleen. Per my pal Matt Mitovich, she is joining the cast of NBC's hit Heroes this fall as a cheerleader.

Anyway, I'm sorry to see Adrianne Leon leave Genoa City. She's the most sexy and sultry Young starlet I've seen on Restless in a long time.

It was so fun watching Leon's version of Colleen bedhopping between JT (Thad Luckinbill) and Adrian the art professor (Eyal Podell). "Which guy should I take a shower with today?" We should all have such difficult dilemmas!

UPDATE: Y&R has already recast Colleen! Click here (EDIT: see above) to read the TVGuide.com report on who's taking over the role.

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Daytime Emmy Drama! GH Star Collapses on the Red Carpet

Sexy soap stars weren't the hottest thing about red-carpet duty at Friday's Daytime Emmys! TVGuide.com's soap guru (that's me) was melting in a black tuxedo as the temperature outside soared into the 90s.

Unfortunately, the sun's heat overwhelmed veteran daytime star John Ingle — aka Edward Quartermaine of ABC's General Hospital — who collapsed and had to be carried away in an ambulance.

"After a day of rushing around and not eating Friday afternoon, I felt dizzy as I entered the foyer of the Kodak Theater for the Daytime Emmys," the 79-year-old Ingle tells TVGuide.com. "Before I knew it, I was looking up at the paramedics, who soon took me to a local hospital for overnight observation.

"I was able to go home the following day after the doctors gave me a thorough examination with a clean bill of health," Ingle reassures us. "I appreciate everyone's concern and I look forward to heading back to the GH set on Thursday."

Thanks for the update, Mr. Ingle. Stay cool!

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Surprise! Daytime Emmys Top TV Ratings

The Daytime Emmys have suffered an annual ratings decline ever since Susan Lucci broke her famous losing streak back in 1999. Fortunately, that negative trend ended on Friday night!

CBS' broadcast of the 34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards won its 9 to 11 pm time period with 8.33 million viewers. That's 37 percent better than last year. In fact, it's the kudocast's best numbers since 2004.

To what can we attribute this sunny ratings turnaround?

Last year, ABC broadcast its three-hour Emmy extravaganza in May sweeps. This year, CBS' brisk two-hour show aired in June, when TV competition simply isn't as tough.

Plus, the Emmys had help from a great lead-in: The encore of Bob Barker's final episode of The Price Is Right at 8 o'clock, which lured 8.42 million pairs of eyeballs. The 83-year-old Barker collected his 19th game-show host trophy during the Emmy ceremony that followed. Nicely done!

Click here for a full list of the Daytime Emmy winners.

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OLTL Video Preview: "Prom Night: The Musical"

One Life to Live has been so dark in recent years... We've seen terrifying tales of racially-motivated arsons, serial murders, male rape, multiple personalities, repressed memories of childhood molestation, etc. Yikes!

Whenever the ABC sudser lightens up, I am all for it. That's why I enjoy OLTL's adorable "Prom Night: The Musical" story arc. It features Broadway star Kathy Brier — who plays schoolteacher Marcie McBain — and her students at Llanview High, all indulging in charming prom-inspired fantasies.

Naturally, since the musical numbers are taking place in the characters' imaginations, they can all sing and dance like pros.

"At first, I was like, 'Oh God, I gotta work with kids,'" Brier tells TVGuide.com with a laugh. "But they're all just lovely. I love working with the kids. In a way, they have rekindled my passion for acting because everything is new to them and they just have great energy. It's been fun."

Video Preview: Click here to watch samples from the "Together" and "Come With Me" numbers on our OLTL show page.

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Oh geeze I am sorry.....I don't watch soaps ...you have to send me a not so gentle reminder!!



All My Children

Tad finds out JR faked his kidnapping to con Adam, who is wounded by his son's betrayal. Zach enjoys tormenting JR. Fourth of July fireworks go off when Kendall gathers the women of Fusion Cosmetics together. Later on, Greenlee and Annie are at each other's throats. Click here to read about Eden Riegel's upcoming return to AMC as Bianca!(EDIT: see below)

General Hospital
Jason is the answer to Elizabeth's prayers as he brings their stolen baby home. A jealous Lucky gets back at Jason for playing the hero for his wife. Jerry plays dirty with Jax and manipulates Carly, who is having none of it. Sonny uses Sam's secret past as a gold digger against her.

One Life to Live
David charms his way onto Viki's good side. Miles has his hands full with his secret captive. Llanview celebrates the Fourth of July. Dorian and Clint make up and decide to make peace with Viki and David. Cole makes a shocking discovery. Bad boy Hunter (Zach Roerig) has an important update for Blair about her missing ex, Todd.

As the World Turns
Carly and Brad join forces to split up Jack and Katie. Maddie and Noah find comfort in each other's arms. Feeling guilty, Alison confesses all about her sinful life to Aaron. During the road trip to Branson, Missouri, Gwen's look-alike Cleo shows her true colors. "Oh, she’s totally nuts," Jesse Lee Soffer (Will) tells TVGuide.com. "She’s completely insane."

The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke pulls Ridge into a passionate kiss. But Ridge asks Ashley to be his date at the Forrester pool party on the Fourth of July. Elsewhere, Rick and Constantine decide to fight for Phoebe in a singing competition. Bridget gets more information about Taylor's unborn child.

Guiding Light
Beth marries Rick in an impromptu wedding ceremony at the annual Bauer barbeque. Meanwhile, Josh finds out Cassie tampered with Beth's paternity test. Harley freaks when she catches stepsiblings Daisy and Rafe making out. Alan takes an interest in Rafe, who happens to be his long-lost grandson.

The Young and the Restless
Victor and Nikki learn startling new information about Nick's private jet crash. Phyllis tries to jog Nick's memory, but he still can't recall the past two years of his life. After catching Amber in a lie, Cane peeks into her sordid past. Kevin pulls a stunt to trap Jana that endangers his own life. Daniel's pervy activities land him in jail.

Days of our Lives
Roman admits his attraction to ex-wife Anna DiMera. Belle, Philip and Claire spend a day together as a family. Chelsea and Nick meet Jett Carver's fiancιe, Danielle. Stefano collapses during the latest fight between his sons, Tony and EJ. Salem gathers at Bo and Hope's home to celebrate the Fourth of July. Please note: Days of our Lives is pre-empted on Thursday, July 5 and Friday, July 6 for NBC's coverage of Wimbledon tennis.

Closet case Chad vows to win back his wife, Whitney, who is not interested. The she-male blackmailer promises to bring Pretty Crane to Harmony — if Sheridan will agree to murder Theresa. Rebecca tracks a lead to JT Cornell's memory stick. Ivy slips up and reveals to Kay that Fox has been faking his illness. The she-male blackmailer plants a kiss on Ethan and enjoys bizarre fantasies about Harmony's hottest hunk. Please note: Passions is pre-empted on Thursday, July 5 and Friday, July 6 for NBC's coverage of Wimbledon tennis. Watch our video preview of Passions' spoof of Broadway's Wicked.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Jerry Springer Guest Stars on Days of our Lives

This just in... Infamous talk-show host Jerry Springer will guest star on NBC's Days of our Lives on Friday, July 27.

Springer will play Pete, a Las Vegas high roller who schools the nerdy Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) in the ways of blackjack and women. He'll visit the Days set to tape his episode on Monday, July 9.

"In light of the fact that I deal with real-life soap operas every day," says Springer, "it's a total thrill to actually be able to appear on one — particularly of the stature of Days of our Lives."

Springer kinda has to say that, since NBC is home to both Days and America's Got Talent, which he now hosts. But hey, there's nothing wrong with a lil' cross-promotion!

Speaking of shameless plugs, here's a photo of me interviewing Springer on the red carpet at the 34th annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Very nice guy.

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As the World Turns Stork News: It's a Girl

Married soap stars Kelley Menighan Hensley and Jon Hensley — aka Emily and Holden of CBS' As the World Turns — just welcomed their third child into the world.

Georgia Grace was born Thursday, June 28 at 8:05 am/ET. The little girl, whose nickname is Gigi, weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces and measured 19 inches long. She joins big sister Sophie May, 8, and big brother Spencer, 5.

FYI, Kelley's off on maternity leave, so look for her Emily character to temporarily exit Oakdale on Friday, July 13.

Congrats to the Hensleys on the newest addition to their family!

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Days of our Lives Favorites Return to Salem!

Frances Reid and Suzanne Rogers by Dean Hendler/NBC PhotoGreetings, suds fans! I just finished spending a day on jury duty. Ah, the joys of civic duty. Luckily, I didn't get assigned to a trial, so it's back to blogging away right here. Time for some soap dish from NBC's Days of our Lives.

• Frances Reid — aka Grandma Alice Horton — returns to your TV screens this week after a long absence that had her fans worried. Watch for the beloved 93-year-old soap veteran at Bo and Hope's Fourth of July barbeque. Here's a lil' sneak peek photo of Alice and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) celebrating the holiday Horton style.

• Also on July 4, daytime newcomer Denise Boutte joins Days as Jett Carver's sexy fiancιe, Danielle.

• Fan faves Alison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EJ) have now taken on dual roles. Look for them to start playing Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera on Monday, July 9. This ought to please all of you "EJami" fans who have been mailing me postcards in support of a Sweeney-Scott coupling for months!

• Happily, Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) has also gone back to playing dual roles. Look for Tony's troublesome look-alike cousin, Andre, to resurface in Salem on Tuesday, July 17. Wow! That sure brings back memories, doesn't it?

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Natalia Livingston: In or Out at General Hospital?

Good news! General Hospital goddess Natalia Livingston — aka the long-suffering Dr. Emily Quartermaine — has signed a new deal with the ABC sudser.

Ms. Livingston, 31, issued this rather dramatic statement this morning:

"I have no doubt that my fans, friends and family at GH will easily distinguish between fact and fiction, reject sensationalist headlines, Internet blogsites, and know that if a statement didn't sound like something I would say, I simply did not say it. I released one official statement awhile back when contract negotiations were at a standstill and I am speaking out now... and this is it.

"GH and I started contract negotiations several months ago... both wanting to work something out. We have finally come to a deal where both sides are very happy.

"With that said, I am, have been, and will always be incredibly grateful to GH for giving me such a wonderful job. I love and treasure every single day on the show. I support the writers and producers 100 percent, and am so excited to continue to work with the GH team in the upcoming storyline."

Congrats Natalia! By the way, GH's rep assures me that she wasn't talkin' 'bout moi with that crack about "Internet blogsites." I feel better.

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Passions Spoofs Broadway's Wicked: Watch Preview!

As previously reported, TV sitcom veteran Georgia Engel (Mary Tyler Moore, Everybody Loves Raymond) appears in the Friday, June 29 episode of Passions. Engle plays a good witch in the NBC soap's spoof of Broadway's Wicked.

TVGuide.com has a hilarious video clip of one of the musical numbers. Just visit our Passions show page to watch it!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/28/07 4:22 PM

Eden Riegel Returns to All My Children in August

Save the date:

Eden Riegel is reprising her signature soap role as Bianca Montgomery on ABC's All My Children. FYI, it's just for one day on Tuesday, August 14.

However, it sounds like this will be a very significant episode.

Watch for Bianca to make an important long-distance call to big sister Kendall (Alicia Minshew) from Paris, where she resides with her toddler daughter, Miranda. I rang up AMC's new head writers, Barbara J. Esensten and James Harmon Brown, to grill them about it.

"We wrote her into the show, crossing our fingers that we could get her back," Esensten told TVGuide.com. "Something is happening on the show that's so important that we had to. She was kind enough to come back because the story really is important enough."

The writers remained vague about the details of this upcoming storyline, but they dropped a few hints. "It's a big story," Esensten said. "It interweaves everybody on the canvas. Everybody has an interest in what happens during this event. But I'll tell you this much: It's not going to be an explosion or a serial killer."

"We're retiring serial killers for awhile," Brown added with a chuckle.

"This event involves Jack, Erica, Kendall, Ryan and Zach," Brown continued. "Because of what happens to these core characters, there will be a domino effect that affects their lives — and just about everyone else's — for the next year and beyond."

Talk about a tease!

By the way, even if AMC couldn't get Eden Riegel back for this cameo appearance, they wouldn't have considered recasting Bianca.

"As you know, the actress has other things she'd like to do," Brown said. "We love the character of Bianca. But I think [Riegel] is so definitively Bianca that the idea of recasting the character is just not an option."

Truer words were never spoken. Could you imagine anyone else playing TV's most saintly lesbian, fellow suds fans? Me neither.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/27/07 9:34 PM

Red Carpet Photos from Daytime Emmy Awards

Hey suds fans! I have something fun to share:

While I was on red-carpet duty at the 34th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, my pal Jamie snapped digital-camera pix of me interviewing celebs. Here I am striking a sassy pose with Y&R diva Judith Chapman. Click here
to see more photos!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/26/07 4:33 PM

Passions Sneak Peek: Meet Pretty Crane

Those sudsy schemers on NBC's Passions often mention the character of Pretty Crane, who has never been seen on the soap. Well, here's a headshot of Melinda Sward, the actress who has been cast as Pretty. She arrives in Harmony on Monday, July 30.

As Passions viewers are frequently reminded, Pretty's selfish sister Fancy Crane (Emily Harper) did something awful to her in the past. We don't yet know what.

It's nothing personal against Emily Harper, but I've hated the Fancy character since day one. I don't mean "love to hate." I just hate her. She's so annoying.

Fancy and Noah were daytime's most boring couple until Passions split them up. Now Fancy, who is Sheridan's niece, is paired with Luis. Gross! This "Shuis" fan doesn't buy for a second that Luis is suddenly in love with Fancy anymore than I bought her overnight conversion from spoiled heiress to policewoman. Puh-leeze.

So let's hope Pretty makes Fancy as miserable as possible. LOL! Here endeth my rant.

Other items of interest to all you Passion-istas out there:

• That's the 4'0" Danny Woodburn playing Demon Elf. Love him!

• Sitcom veteran Georgia Engel debuts as Esmerelda, the good witch, this Thursday, June 28. She takes part in the soap's spoof of Broadway's Wicked. More to come on that....

• The fabulously nutty Kathleen Noone and Marianne Muellerleile return as Mrs. Edna Wallace and Norma the psycho on Thursday, July 19. I can't wait!

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All My Children

Adam secretly yearns to reunite with Krystal. Meanwhile, Tad has an unusual proposal for Krystal. There's more sexual tension between Josh and Greenlee. Elsewhere in Pine Valley, passion ignites between Jonathan and Lily's look-alike sister, Ava. An ex-husband is interested in rekindling an old flame with Erica Kane.

General Hospital
Sam must face the anger of Sonny and Carly, who both feel she doesn't deserve Jason anymore. Worse yet, Ric warns Sonny that he has the evidence needed to keep Jason in jail forever. Later on, Sonny lays down the law with Carly, while Sam gets more than she bargained for when she confronts Jerry Jacks aka Mr. Craig. Big dates: Scott Clifton last airs as Dillon Quartermaine on Monday, July 9. Finola Hughes returns as Anna Devane on Friday, July 13. Anna figures into the "Eli Love" storyline.

One Life to Live
Cole holds the fate of Todd Manning (his mother's rapist) in his hands. John promises Marty that he's going to bring Miles down. David is Jessica's unlikely savior during her latest health crisis. It's a race against time as Jessica is rushed into surgery. (Vote your verdict on Viki and David in today's Soaps Poll.)

As the World Turns
Gwen and Jade may lose their lives due to Cleo's obsession with Will. Katie is the target of Carly and Brad's shady plot. Barbara criticizes Meg for her recent deceptions involving Paul and Craig. Emily exits Oakdale in disgust after watching a shocking sex tape. Click here to see why ATWT actress Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily) really had to leave her soap! By the way, Elena Goode will wrap up her role as Luke's bitchy cousin, Jade, in the Monday, July 16 episode.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Thanks to Stephanie, Brooke lands in deep trouble with the Los Angeles police and child protective services. Brooke desperately reaches out to Taylor for help. Stephanie and Nick are at each other's throats again. Ridge and Ashley are ready to take the next steamy step in their relationship.

Guiding Light
Harley feels heartache because of Gus' growing bond with Natalia. Reva shares a drunken kiss with a handsome Springfield resident. Dinah keeps her health issues hidden from Mallet. Ashlee is ready to compete with Ava for Coop's affections.

The Young and the Restless
Kevin and Colleen have a lethal showdown with Jana. Upset by Nick's amnesia, Noah runs away from home. Cane looks into Amber's sordid past and questions the validity of their marriage in Las Vegas. Paul's daughter, Heather Stevens, returns to Genoa City, as played by actress Vail Bloom. Heather's all grown up with an exciting new job: She's the town's new assistant district attorney. Watch out, Gloria!

Days of our Lives
Anna has a secret agenda when she flirts with her ex-husband, Tony DiMera. Marlena visits Sami in the safe house. Kayla wants to have another child with Patch. Grandpa Shawn Brady returns to Ireland on a mission. Max freaks out when he discovers Jeremy's secret sin. Click here for all the latest Days of our Lives news!

Ethan convinces his she-male stalker to surrender. The demonically possessed Gwen and Sheridan both feel the urge to kill Theresa. Eve's long-lost son wants to meet her. Tabitha transforms herself into Endora's new feline friend. JT Cornell's missing blackmail stash is found.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Check Out Friday's Soaps Previews

Just a friendly reminder that our Soaps Previews go up fresh on Fridays, offering you a sneak peek at next week's suds stories. (EDIT: see above)

Just click here for all the ABC, CBS and NBC teasers for the week of July 9-13. I've sprinkled in a few extra juicy scooplets this time!

Oh, and be sure to vote in our Soaps Poll to let me know how you feel about Viki and David on One Life to Live. Personally, I voted yes all the way.

FYI, I'm off enjoying a long weekend but there'll be more Soaps News served up on Monday, I promise. Hope you're having yourself a warm and wonderful summer.

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All My Children

Jack figures out the secret behind Erica's latest publicity stunt. Ava tells Colby the truth about Sean. Greenlee senses trouble ahead as the Fusion ladies travel to New York. JR leaves Chandler Enterprises to make his own success and do right by his family.

General Hospital
Carly risks her neck to make a deal with Jerry. Scotty and Tracy do not approve of Lulu dating Logan. An angry Sam threatens to publicly expose Jason as Jake's real father. Click here for big news about the late actress Anna Lee, who spent 25 years as Lila Quartermaine on General Hospital.

One Life to Live
Blair feels sure that Miles and Cole are hiding something. Later, Cole cracks under the pressure of the secret he's keeping about Todd. Meanwhile, Britney figures out a way to get revenge on Starr. Adriana finds a clue to Tate's true connection to the One Pure People hate group. David's liver donation is a life saver for Jessica.

As the World Turns
Carly plants a kiss on Jack to remind him of their passionate past together. Gwen has stork news for Will. Barbara is upset when uninvited guests arrive at Paul's memorial service. Elena Goode will wrap up her role as Lily's bitchy niece, Jade, in the Monday, July 16 episode.

The Bold and the Beautiful
It's courtroom chaos as Brooke and the Forresters wage war over Hope and RJ. Nick is forced to face his feelings about the women in his life. Rick wants Phoebe to take their relationship further, but the virginal young lady is unsure. CJ puts on a rockin' concert at the Insomnia Cafe. FYI: Schae Harrison returns as the late Darla Forrester on July 25 and July 26.

Guiding Light
Violence erupts when Gus walks in on Dylan and Harley kissing. Olivia sinks to a rotten new low. Marina is angry when Frank makes trouble for Cyrus. Cassie is weirded out by Reva's new relationship with her ex, Jeffrey.

The Young and the Restless
Adrian and Colleen have a big fight. A business dispute strains Victor and Nikki's troubled marriage to the breaking point. The truth comes out about Amber's dead ex-boyfriend, Plum. Do not miss Ted Shackleford's final airdate as Gloria's legal-eagle husband, William Bardwell, on Wednesday, July 18!

Days of our Lives
The Brady clan meets to discuss their theory that Andre DiMera is impersonating Tony. EJ wants to call a truce with Lucas. Marlena and Hope listen as Sami reads more of Santo DiMera's correspondence. Max confronts Jeremy about transporting illegal materials. Philip receives a disturbing phone call and seeks a Brady's help. Stefano warns Bo that he's going to call in favors to end the Brady-DiMera vendetta his way. Nick has news about Sami's paternity test results.

Sheridan becomes the Demon Elf's possessed puppet. Jared finds out the truth about Little Ethan. Theresa falls prey to a poisonous plot. Two witches spy Spike's latest attempt on Miguel's life. Wacko gal pals Norma and Mrs. Wallace are back in Harmony on Thursday, July 19. Passions viewers will see the face of the gender-ambiguous blackmailer on Friday, July 20.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Daniel R. Coleridge Says Good-Bye to TV Guide

Dear suds fans,

It's time for me to say good-bye.

I've spent nearly eight years here at TV Guide and TVGuide.com, covering everything from the Oscars to the Daytime Emmys. But nothing's been more fun than my past couple of years in the soap suds!

Now I'm heading off to a dream job with SOAPnet/ABC Daytime. I'll be their new editorial poohbah overseeing lots of Internet stuff, including SOAPnet.com and ABC's official sites for All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The View. So I'll definitely be maintaining a soapy presence online.

Keep watching tvguide.com/soap-operas to see what's new and what's next for TVGuide.com's daytime drama coverage. I'm sure it'll be faboo.

Meanwhile, never fear... Your Daily Updates will still be posted here every day, without fail. I have commanded my invisible minions to keep up those info-packed storyline recaps for you after I'm gone.

I'll miss ya! You can keep up with my life after TV Guide via danielcoleridge.com.

Lotsa love,

P.S. I'm posting this recent photo for all those who said they didn't enjoy the tiny long-haired pic at the top of this blog. I finally got a haircut! FYI, I look just a little windblown here because I was riding the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. Yikes! It's really high up there.

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General Hospital Goodies: Night Shift, Star Memoir and More!

I've got lots of fresh General Hospital stuff to serve up, kids. So if you can't get enough of the residents of Port Charles, this is your lucky day:

• Read my new Soaps Q&A with Kimberly McCullough (Dr. Robin Scorpio) about her primetime turn on General Hospital: Night Shift, which premieres Thursday, July 12 at 11 pm/ET on SOAPnet. McCullough also dishes TV mum Finola Hughes' return to GH as superspy Anna Devane on Friday, July 13.

• Need a good summer beach read? A juicy memoir by the late, beloved Anna Lee — who played GH's Lila Quartermaine for 25 years — just came out. Get all the details in my Daniel's Dish blog.

• Our own TV Guide Network will air InFANity: General Hospital on Monday, July 23 at 9 pm/ET. Should be a treat for suds fans, so don't miss it!

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One Life to Live Bids Farewell to Asa in 10,000th Episode

As previously reported, Phil Carey quit ABC's One Life to Live when his contract expired in April. Since the veteran daytimer declined to go on recurring status, his Asa Buchanan character will die off screen. Sure, it's a bummer. But fortunately, Mr. Carey — who turns 82 this month — will receive a fitting farewell tribute this summer.

Several of Llanview's legacy characters will appear in the 10,000th episode on Friday, August 17. As you might guess, they'll be attending Asa's funeral. Here's the list:

• James DePaiva (Max Holden)
• Nathan Fillion (Joey Buchanan)
• Dan Gauthier (Kevin Buchanan)
• John Loprieno (Cord Roberts)
• Tonja Walker (Alex Olanov)

Before you ask, Andrea Evans — who used to play OLTL vixen Tina Lord — is not among the visiting alumni. She's still acting on NBC's Passions as slutty socialite Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane.

Anyway, look for some fun stuff leading up to OLTL's milestone episode. As a special wink to the audience, the ABC soap will mention the number 10,000 in every episode from July 30 to August 10.

"10,000 shows is a remarkable achievement," says executive producer Frank Valentini, who started work at OLTL with episode #4209 back in 1985. "I am extremely proud to be part of a show that has been able to make such an enduring mark on popular culture."

"With immense pride, I congratulate all of the talented and dedicated people over many years who are responsible for the heartwarming success of One Life to Live," adds creator Agnes Nixon.

Are you as psyched as I am for all those returning favorites? I'm particularly tickled to see the handsome Nathan Fillion — who costars with Keri Russell in Waitress — come back and pay respect to the afternoon sudser that gave him his start. Classy move.

Speaking of ABC soaps, have you heard that Mr. Fillion is up for a juicy role on Desperate Housewives this fall?

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Daniel R. Coleridge Says Good-Bye to TV Guide

Dear suds fans,

It's time for me to say good-bye.

I've spent nearly eight years here at TV Guide and TVGuide.com, covering everything from the Oscars to the Daytime Emmys. But nothing's been more fun than my past couple of years in the soap suds!

Now I'm heading off to a dream job with SOAPnet/ABC Daytime. I'll be their new editorial poohbah overseeing lots of Internet stuff, including SOAPnet.com and ABC's official sites for All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The View. So I'll definitely be maintaining a soapy presence online.

Keep watching tvguide.com/soap-operas to see what's new and what's next for TVGuide.com's daytime drama coverage. I'm sure it'll be faboo.

Meanwhile, never fear... Your Daily Updates will still be posted here every day, without fail. I have commanded my invisible minions to keep up those info-packed storyline recaps for you after I'm gone.

I'll miss ya! You can keep up with my life after TV Guide via danielcoleridge.com.

Lotsa love,

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Your Daily Updates will still be posted here every day, without fail.

Sorry there have been no updates.



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Still no updates or news but if you click here you can get a recap of the weeks shows.

Sorry that's all I have for you. I will keep checking back to TV GUIDE for updates. If any one knows of another site that has news and spoilers for soaps let me know.

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