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All My Children

Devious doc David Hayward coaxes an emotional Dixie into a kiss. Feeling claustrophobic inside the coffin, Greg is finally ready to reveal his secrets to his captor. JR and Babe make love after the Chandler heirhead gives her two huge gifts. Kendall tries to change her bitchy ways.

General Hospital
Manny threatens little Kristina's life to make Sam go with him quietly. Later, he holds Sam prisoner in the basement at General Hospital. After an argument with Robin, Patrick makes a lusty move on Carly. Port Charles mourns Justus Ward at his funeral. Luke feels the need to reconnect with Laura on this sad occasion. The disturbed Sonny looks to Jason for help. Old sparks fly between Carly and Sonny when she involves herself in her mobster ex's troubles.

One Life to Live
Todd brings together his friends and enemies at the Llanview Country Club. Evangeline refuses to help Todd seek revenge. Blair works even harder to expose Spencer's treachery. Viki makes a tearful confession to Jessica. The stalker has another creepy gift for Adriana. Claudia gets closer to Nash. Matthew visits a couple of his ailing relatives. (Is Marcie raising Todd's baby?

As the World Turns
Johnny's health is perfect, but his mother, Jennifer, comes down with pneumonia. Katie finds out some intriguing info about Simon's current life situation. A guy from Maddie's past messes up her relationship with Casey. Damian deceives Luke to keep him away from his other father, Holden.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Dante and Bridget make love. Felicia is all fired up over her half sister's passionate connection to the Italian stallion. Brooke and Ridge share an “Unforgettable” evening together. Hoping to incite Nick's jealousy, Stephanie coaxes Brooke into baring all for the “Brooke’s Bedroom” photo shoot. Uh-oh!

Guiding Light
Realizing that her days may be numbered, Reva goes off on a wild tear to do everything she's always dreamed of doing before she dies. Josh is suspicious of his secretive wife. Lizzie's latest desperate ploy for Coop's attention just might get her killed. Alan schemes to cut off Jonathan's claim to Lizzie's unborn child. Gus begins to redeem himself in Harley's eyes. (See what Jordan Clarke — aka Billy Lewis — has to say about his new Guiding Light contract right here.)(EDIT: see below)

The Young and the Restless
Phyllis and Nikki are unhappy with the authority Victor has given Jack at NVP. Worse yet, Nikki frets when Victor suffers a sudden health crisis and resists the necessary medical treatment. Nick and Phyllis are caught in a summer storm together. (That's when the naughty pair meet with a cowboy from American Idol!) Ashley is surprised when she finds out Will is dating both her and Jill. While Dru is away, will Neil and Carmen play?

Days of our Lives
Hope discovers the reason why she has been fainting lately. Jack enjoys a happly reunion with his kids, Abby and Jack Jr. Kayla thinks of a way to bring back Patch's memory. Lexie is eager to expose Sami's rotten deeds to Austin, Carrie and Lucas. However, a mysterious telephone call makes Lexie realize Sami isn't the person who outed her adulterous affair with Tek. (Want some gossip about Days' new writer? Click here.) (EDIT: see below)

Luis is freaked out to find Beth alive and keeping company with her twisted daddy, Alistair, in Rome. The Crane patriarch sets off a deadly explosion. Tabloid creep J.T. Cornell shocks Theresa and Chad with two scandalous paternity revelations that will completely change their lives. Simone and her new lesbian friends battle evil on the streets of Rome. Back in Harmony, Siren uses mermaid magic to entice Fox into her bed, while Kay makes sensual advances toward Miguel. Rebecca finally grants Julian's wish for a divorce.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Scoop! Days of our Lives Hires Osama bin Laden's Ex-Mistress

TVGuide.com has learned that Kola Boof - the former mistress of Osama bin Laden - is writing for Days of our Lives.

The Sudanese-born novelist and poet wrote about her forced relationship with bin Laden in her recently published autobiography, Diary of a Lost Girl. She is apparently pursuing work in Hollywood as a screenwriter, and her literary pursuits now include a gig at Days of our Lives.

"Yes, Kola Boof has had writing assignments from Days since May," confirms Stephen Wyman, Days' coexecutive producer. "However, she does not hold a staff position with our writing team."

The NBC soap declined to offer any further specifics about Boof's work for the show.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/21/2006 10:35 PM

RIP Soap Talk
Teardrops stain my keyboard as I type this... [sniff, sniff]... SOAPnet has canceled Soap Talk after four fabulous seasons. Cohosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway and the show's staff were just informed yesterday. Word is, the news came as a total shock to everyone.

Unfortunately, while Soap Talk has brought lots of positive attention to SOAPnet, its ratings were considered too low to warrant renewal for a fifth season. It's telling that repeat episodes of the sudsy chatfest often do just as well in the Nielsens as fresh episodes.

"It's been a great run and all of us here at SOAPnet are very proud of Soap Talk, its 12 Daytime Emmy nominations and the incredible staff for their role in developing, creating and making this show work week after week," SOAPnet honcho Deborah Blackwell said in a statement. "We also thank our hosts, Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway, for their constant professionalism and charm. Soap Talk will remain a part of our schedule at 11 am, 4 pm and midnight and [Season 4's remaining 28] new episodes will continue to roll out through the fall."

Just a quick personal note: I have appeared as a guest expert on Soap Talk three times since taking over as TVGuide.com's Soaps editor last year. The mood on the set was always upbeat; the fun, bubbly Lisa and Ty couldn't have been nicer; and my pal, senior segment producer Matt Wright, was a master at making us all look good. Props to everyone at Soap Talk on a job well done.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/21/2006 4:05 PM

New Contract for Guiding Light Emmy Winner
Great news! Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis) confirms to TVGuide.com that he has just signed a new three-year contract with Guiding Light.

This year, Clarke scored his first-ever Daytime Emmy nomination and win after having played Billy Lewis since 1983. He also won a PRISM Award for his touching portrayal of the alcoholic Billy's tumble off the wagon. Clarke, who has battled alcoholism in real life, bravely drew upon his own experience to lend the story realism. Daytime insiders (including moi) have strongly felt for awhile that GL owes him more than recurring status.

"They were using me on the show a lot," Clarke says. "I said, 'Look, let's give me a contract' and they said, 'Yeah, we'd like to.' So we just had to hammer it out from there.

"They were willing to keep me on if I didn't want to go on contract," he adds, "but you know, I'd rather have the surety of it. I think they would, too, actually! They're happy and I'm happy. I like doing this role and I do it pretty well, so why not?"

The amiable Clarke is grateful for the affection and support he gets from Guiding Light fans. "I drive up and down the East Coast a lot," he says. "At 4 in the morning, I'll have people come in their pajamas to see 'Billy' in the waffle house. I like people and people like me! That's the way it's always been. I have a good time. Maybe have a little too much of a good time! That's definitely me."

Clarke is currently cooking on the front burner in Reva's (Kim Zimmer) breast cancer story line. "We just got through doing a bunch of scenes where we were acting with surgical masks on," Clark chuckles. "From '74 to '76, I played Tim Ryan, who was an OB-GYN on Guiding Light. So when I put the mask on and I hear this doctor rattling off medical jargon, I was right back there in the '70s having to talk about toxemic pregnancies and what not. It was a throwback!"
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/20/2006 10:24 PM

One Life to Live's Michael Easton Speaks Out
Is soap heartthrob Michael Easton leaving his role as One Life to Live's broody cop John McBain?

The question was raised earlier this year when the webmaster of Easton's official site went rogue, posting confidential e-mail exchanges with the actor. One e-mail from Easton to his webmaster stated that he felt uncomfortable committing to appear at this year's One Life to Live Fan Club luncheon because he wasn't certain that he'd still be working on the soap by then.

The fan gathering takes place on August 19 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. Easton's contract also happens to expire this summer.

As a result of the webmaster's indiscretion, Easton quite understandably junked his old official site and created another Internet presence. Easton's brand new official site features a public letter to fans about his contract controversy.

"Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on the situation at this time and truth be told no decisions have been made," Easton writes. "I will say only that ABC has been nothing less than wonderful to me from day one, as has my entire experience been on One Life To Live. Anybody saying anything to the contrary is simply misinformed.

"Lastly, I just wanted to say no matter what happens come August, thank you for giving me a home for the past three years. None of this would have been possible without you - the best fans in the world. I am truly blessed."

Easton's gracious letter can be read in its entirety right here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/20/2006 8:43 PM

One Life to Live: Is Marcie Raising Todd's Missing Baby?
That's the question on every One Life to Live fan's lips. See what Kathy Brier (Marcie) has to say about the baby mystery in today's TVGuide.com Soaps Q&A.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/20/2006 6:46 PM



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All My Children

The body of Dr. Greg Madden is discovered in the Pine Valley park. Josh Madden — still unaware that he's really a Martin — wants someone to pay for his father's demise. J.R. and Zach both face accusations of murder. Tad and Dixie feel hopeless in their search for Kate. Dixie asks David for a huge favor. Kendall is stunned when Ryan reveals that he's in love with her. Adam and Liza's daughter, Colby Chandler, returns to Pine Valley as a teenager.

General Hospital
Sexual infidelity rocks the Port Charles teen set. Anna Devane is back in Port Charles. Carly — who knows a little something about psychiatric distress — refuses to give up on Sonny's sanity. A confused Sonny endangers his own life. Jason and Manny fight a deadly battle. Later, Sam feels betrayed by both her mother and her boyfriend — she wants revenge on them both.

One Life to Live
Kelly takes a pregnancy test — she may be having Duke's baby after all. Sparks fly as Todd and Blair dance together. John thinks David knows more than he's saying about the demise of John McBain. Clint shares his affections with both Viki and Dorian. The law cracks down on Dr. Paige Miller. Lindsay is jealous when she spies a kiss between R.J. and Nora!

As the World Turns
Simon tricks Katie into thinking they're "stranded" in hopes of rekindling their old flame. It hurts for Lucy to watch Dusty's sudden marriage to the ailing Jennifer. Margo comforts the troubled Maddie during a woman-to-woman talk. Emily's desperate obsession with Paul continues as she begs to be allowed in her baby's life. Damian hopes an expensive new toy will help distract Luke from boys.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Massimo and Stephanie scheme together to control the love lives of their children. Nick ends up humiliated and heartbroken. Felicia plays a dangerous prank that scares Christian. Felicia and Dante's wedding day is fraught with drama with a capital B for Bridget! Will little Dino's parents wed, or won't they?

Guiding Light
Vanessa and Matt Reardon (Maeve Kinkead, Kurt McKinney) return to Springfield to help Dinah plan her wedding to Mallet. Dinah shares her fears and insecurities with Vanessa. Olivia's lies cause conflict between Buzz and Frank. Jonathan chooses his unborn child over Alan Spaulding's real-estate bribe. Cassie's feelings for Josh are growing as her secretive sister, Reva, keeps pushing him away.

The Young and the Restless
Michael needs Gloria's help to find his birth father. Ashley gets in the way of Kevin's efforts to impress Jill at Jabot. A concerned Devon observes the attraction between Neil and Carmen. Kay comforts Nikki, who is freaked out by Victor's health issues and oddball behavior. Sharon has a surprising proposal for Nick during their romantic evening together.

Days of our Lives
Austin, Sami, Max, Chelsea, Jack, Jennifer, Frankie, Abby, Patch and Kayla celebrate July 4 with a barbecue and fireworks on the pier. Max meets a sexy new race-car driver. As Carrie prepares to wed Lucas on July 5, she daydreams about a future with Austin. Hope goes to the hospital for vital info about her pregnancy. Abe needs Roman's help to deal with Lexie.

Now that Theresa knows Ethan is her son's father, she's confident she will win back her man. Norma and Edna "make a splash" in Rome. Baby Endora's fiery temper accidentally sets Tabitha's house aflame. Miguel and Kay struggle to save little Maria from the blaze. T.C. flatlines at the hospital. Alistair feeds Luis and Fancy to hungry lions. Chris secretly destroys evidence linking him to Alistair.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

[b]Morgan Fairchild Returns to Soaps

The divalicious Morgan Fairchild has joined the cast of Fashion House, the new nighttime sudser debuting on MyNetworkTV this fall.

The telenovela-style daily drama stars Bo Derek as Maria Gianni, the Donatella Versace-like boss lady of a fashion label. Natch, Fairchild will play her equally bitchy archrival, Sophia Blakely.

"I'm always trying to find new ways to catch my audience off-guard," Fairchild tells The Associated Press. "[Bo Derek is] very game. We're having a very good time doing our knockdown, drag-out... fights. It's always fun to do it with someone who gets into it."

Fairchild's lengthy Hollywood rιsumι features numerous soap gigs, including Dallas, Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road, Paper Dolls, Search for Tomorrow and The City.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/30/2006 4:34 PM

Bold and Beautiful Hunk Cast on Nip/Tuck
The Bold and the Beautiful sure hasn't given Mario Lopez very much to do since his Dr. Christian Ramirez last sucked face with cancer survivor Felicia Forrester (Lesli Kay) in the art studio of Dante Damiano (Antonio Sabato Jr.).

It should be no surprise, then, that he's been taken off contract. "Mario Lopez moves to recurring status as of July 18," B&B's spokesperson tells TVGuide.com. "The decision was story-line driven."

Good thing Mario has been pounding the pavement to find work elsewhere! Per this Ausiello Report item, he'll play yet another hot doctor character in the coming season of Nip/Tuck. What's more, Mario's story sounds kinda gay....
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/30/2006 5:04 PM

General Hospital: Tyler Christopher Update
Good news! Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) has renewed his General Hospital contract through May 2007, per the actor's official website.

But that's not all. It turns out Tyler's mystery-sudser Secrets of a Small Town is not dead. "Stay tuned," his webmaster writes. "Tyler will know [the show's fate] in a couple of weeks."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/30/2006 3:02 PM

Guiding Light Supercouple Comes Home
Guiding Light's May-December lovers, Matt and Vanessa Reardon (Kurt McKinney, Maeve Kinkead), are among my favorite soap couples of all time. So I'm thrilled that they'll return to Springfield on Thursday, July 6. Vanessa's in town to help her daughter Dinah (Gina Tognoni) plan her upcoming wedding to Mallet (Robert Bogue).
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/30/2006 6:11 PM

Susan Lucci Replaces Star Jones on The View
Coming on the high heels of Meredith Vieira's recent exit, this week's sudden departure of Star Jones Reynolds from The View has left Barbara Walters' hen party short a few chicks!

In two View episodes airing next week, ABC Daytime temporarily fills empty chairs with the glamorous derrieres of its very own soap stars.

On Monday, July 3, the lovely Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline Williamson, One Life to Live) will be the celebrity guest co-host du jour. Among that day's guests is Superman Returns star Brandon Routh, who played Seth Anderson on OLTL from 2001 to 2002.

Ya think they'll bring up the fact that OLTL fired Routh and recast his role with the not-quite-as-cute Steve Richard Harris?

How about the fact that Routh was so unhappy at the time that — in a statement posted on his fan site — he ranted about his OLTL bosses and then said, "I will leave God to judge those who have wronged me."

Nah, they'll probably leave that hot topic alone. Then again, it is The View, where drama can and does happen! But here's the really big news in my book:

On Thursday, July 6, the celebrity guest co-host du jour is... drumroll, please... The New Beginnings goddess herself... Susan Lucci!

And if you really needed the parenthetical (Erica Kane, All My Children) identifier after her name, you're just plum reading the wrong blog, hon.

By the way, my apologies to anyone who read that provocative headline and thought Susan Lucci was really "replacing" Star on The View, as in permanently. I'm such a tease sometimes. But wouldn't it be great if La Lucci was a new perm co-host? This woman has actually managed to mesmerize me for entire hours when she's just hawking microdermabrasion stuff on the Home Shopping Network. Think what she could do with The View!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/29/2006 6:57 PM

Young and Restless Diagnosis: Victor Newman Has Epilepsy
Recently on The Young and the Restless, Genoa City billionaire Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) fought off a carjacker by delivering several head butts to the thug's noggin. Ouch!

Victor's family, friends and foes have since noticed odd changes in his behavior. His ruthless nature has faded away as he let his kids run Newman Enterprises and sold control of the NVP day spas to his hated archrival, Jack! Suddenly Victor's new puppy, Zapato, as well as his grandkids, dance lessons and arts and crafts are the focus of his attention. What's up?

On July 17 Victor will be diagnosed with epilepsy. It will be revealed that his blackouts and hallucinations are actually temporal lobe seizures. So this super-nice, "new and improved" Victor is actually suffering from an electrical disturbance in his brain due to an undiagnosed head injury.

Braeden will appear in CBS public-service announcements about epilepsy on July 17 and 18.

"CBS is proud to be able to use this forum to raise awareness about epilepsy, and as the story unfolds, viewers will have the opportunity to not only see how Victor himself deals with his diagnosis, but how his family reacts as well," CBS Daytime chief Barbara Bloom said in a statement. "We are fortunate to have an actor of Eric Braeden's caliber to play out these events, and we hope our audience will find them remarkable."

"For many people with epilepsy, the biggest problem is not the disorder itself," added Eric Hargis, president of the Epilepsy Foundation, "but society's attitude toward people with the condition. The fact is, however, that most people with epilepsy can lead successful, seizure-free lives with appropriate treatment and medication. We're extremely pleased with CBS' decision to partner with us to help bring epilepsy out of the shadows by associating the condition with one of the network's most renowned programs and famed actors."

UPDATE: Vote your verdict on Victor's story line in our latest Soaps poll.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/29/2006 3:28 PM

Exclusive Video: Hot Kisses on All 3 ABC Soaps!
This Friday's episodes of All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live will all include steamy smooches shared by couples who aren't technically couples, but should be!

All My Children: It's finally time for divorced supercouple Tad (Michael E. Knight) and Dixie (Cady McClain) to stop fighting about her return from the dead and celebrate their reunion with a kiss. Watch a video preview right here.

General Hospital: Carly (Laura Wright) can't seem to stay away from her manic-depressive ex-husband, Sonny (Maurice Benard). Their angst-ridden, tortured love has a way of flaring up at the strangest times! Watch a video preview right here.

One Life to Live: Longtime fans will recall that Nora (Hillary B. Smith) and RJ (Timothy D. Stickney) share a passionate past. As the hospitalized Nora struggles to recover from her recent coma, RJ pays her some tender lip service. Watch a video preview right here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/28/2006 7:35 PM

Tattooed Terror Checks Out of General Hospital
Say goodbye to Robert LaSardo, the superscary, heavily tatted-up character actor who plays Manny Ruiz on General Hospital. He's outta there!

Psycho mobster Manny will last be seen in Port Charles next week, right after the July 4 holiday. Without spoiling the story too much, let's just say there are major fireworks ahead.

While I'm aware many GH fans feel there are too many thugs on "General Mobspital," I'm sad to see LaSardo go. He's always been a convincingly spine-chilling villain, ever since I first saw him in Season 1 of Nip/Tuck. What a daring casting choice for daytime, a medium that usually hires overly clean cut pretty boys to do the dirty work.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/27/2006 9:15 PM

Genie Francis Returns to General Hospital
There have been many false rumors of Genie Francis returning to General Hospital (or another daytime drama) ever since she quit the ABC sudser in 2002. Finally, there's real news to report!

Francis will reprise her role as Laura Spencer for a limited run of unspecified length, per USA Today. "I am very happy to be returning to my General Hospital family and look forward to portraying a role that means a lot to me as well as the fans who have supported the character throughout the years," Francis said in a statement.

Francis will first air sometime in mid-October.

The legendary soap star left in a major huff in '02, for reasons she outlined quite candidly in her exit interview with our own Michael Ausiello. She didn't slam the door closed entirely, though, telling TVGuide.com, "I can't really say a permanent goodbye to [GH], because it's just too painful."

Well, it appears that time — and an undoubtedly fat paycheck — heals all wounds!

Although Laura is no longer married to Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), GH fans can expect ABC and SOAPnet to make much ado about their 25th wedding anniversary on Nov. 16. The supercouple's nuptials pulled in a record 30 million viewers back in November 1981.

This suds fan is just glad to know that our beloved Laura is returning to Port Charles to see and hug her loved ones. The idea of her languishing in a mental hospital indefinitely was just too sad for us to contemplate.

Three cheers for Genie!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/26/2006 8:18 PM

It's Official! Days of our Lives Swaps Head Writers
Hey, Days fans! Word got out last month that NBC had approached former As the World Turns scribe Hogan Sheffer about replacing James E. Reilly as head writer of Days of our Lives. While the soap world waits for NBC's official confirmation that it's a done deal, Austin Peck — the outspoken hunk who plays Austin Reed — has gone ahead and confirmed the writer swap in his own personal blog!

"If you haven't heard, James Reilly has left the building," Peck wrote in his most recent blog posting. "The new writer starts in August, Hogan Sheffer. Very talented writer, so everyone is excited to see what he's going to do. A lot of changes coming. Oh man, I could go on and on but I will spare you. Short blog, sorry."

Damn, I wish my "Austin Pecs" had continued dishing — it was just getting good! Needless to say, we can extrapolate from this that NBC is indeed exercising its option to renew Days. Although the Peacock's last official word was that Days was renewed through March 2007, it's highly doubtful that they'd bother with the behind-the-scenes drama of a writer swap if the soap wasn't continuing beyond that.

By the way, Stephen Nichols — who recently returned to Days as Steve "Patch" Johnson — also did some tattling in his own personal blog. "[Executive producer] Ken Corday invited all cast and crew to have lunch and hear the good news about the show being renewed and about the new head writer — five-time Emmy winner, Hogan Sheffer," Nichols wrote. "Our old friend Beth Millstein will be acting as interim head writer and will stay on staff when Sheffer arrives in July. We are hopeful that a new energy and commitment will blossom at DOOL."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/26/2006 4:12 PM



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  • 13,085 posts

All My Children

Ryan has a secretive guest staying in his penthouse. Zach consoles Kendall as she worries that the late, hated Dr. Greg Madden could be Spike's biological father. Later, Kendall insists that Erica spill the secret she's been keeping about Greg. J.R. and Jamie find out the identity of their blackmailer. An old flame still flickers between Tad and Krystal.

General Hospital
Robert Scorpio interferes with Anna Devane's plans for Alcazar. Stepdaddy Ric's prying eyes make Sam uncomfortable. Carly feels like the most popular bad girl in Port Charles. Jason considers himself responsible for Sonny's mental breakdown and tries to make amends. Maxie is determined to break up Lucky and Liz.

One Life to Live
David pleads guilty to Thomas McBain's murder, but John senses that the whole truth is not out. Blair serves Dr. Spencer Truman a spiked drink to make him reveal his secrets. Todd makes his own move against the dirty doc. Todd also has an intriguing proposition for Dorian. Rex whisks Adriana away from Llanview to protect her from the stalker.

As the World Turns
Katie is miffed at Simon when his silly scheme is debunked by Mike. Emily plots to escape from the mental ward. Maddie goes a bit mental herself when she catches Casey canoodling with another girl. Lucy gains a sneaky new ally. More than one stubborn Oakdale resident has a pleasant change of heart. (ATWT suffered a terrible blow this week with the loss of Daytime Emmy winner Benjamin Hendrickson, who played Hal. Click here for the full story.) Mortys> Celebrities > Obituaries

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Forresters celebrate the birthday of Darla and Thorne's daughter, Alexandria. Felicia is determined to win back Dante. Nick and Brooke enjoy a romantic getaway. A worried Thomas tells Ridge about Taylor's excessive boozing. Phoebe returns home from college. Tragedy strikes one B&B character, while someone else feels terribly guilty about it.

Guiding Light
During the process of planning her wedding, Dinah hurts the wrong lady's feelings. Cassie tries to push Josh back to Reva, but their mutual feelings can't be denied. Lizzie makes controversial plans for her unborn baby's future. Olivia has catty encounters with Harley and Ava.

The Young and the Restless
Victor has strange visions of his former wife, Hope. Thanks to an accident, Phyllis' pregnancy is no longer a secret to anyone in Genoa City. The redhead prays Jack and Daniel will stick by her. Meanwhile, the shaky union of Sharon and Nick is strained by the possibility that Phyllis just might be carrying a Newman heir. Colleen and Lily are scared by threatening messages that may be linked to Brad's mysterious past.

Days of our Lives
Chelsea is jealous of the attraction between Max and Stephanie. Kayla has a mother-daughter reunion with Stephanie. Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Philip find out about a disappointing fertility issue. A stray candle makes Lucas and Carrie's honeymoon hotter than necessary. Sami gets an anonymous note delivered by that mystery skulker with the gloved hand. Frankie thinks he knows how to save Jack's life.

The stressed-out Sheridan goes into labor. Fox catches Kay seducing Miguel in the shower. Esme calls Fancy on her romantic feelings for Luis. Luis must once again choose between saving Fancy's life and reuniting with his son, Marty. Later, Luis' manhunt for Alistair, Beth and Marty ends with yet another explosion. Eve's lingering love for T.C. worries Julian. Ethan's life is threatened. Chris' cover-up isn't entirely successful.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

It's Official! Ingo Stays on General Hospital

On the heels of the news that Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) is staying on General Hospital, there's even more good buzz to share.

"We are very happy Ingo Rademacher has signed on to stay in the role of Jasper "Jax" Jacks on General Hospital," the soap's spokesperson tells TVGuide.com. "We look forward to continuing the character's story line in mid-August."

Rademacher — who is currently off on vacation at his second home in Hawaii — has committed to remain on GH for at least another year.

Rademacher's previous contract expired in May, and his renewal negotiations clearly got down to the wire. A few months ago the situation looked grim when GH sent out a casting call for a very Jax-like character. FYI, it is not unusual for soaps to preemptively begin the recasting process just in case they can't come to a mutually amenable agreement with an actor. Happily, the nuclear option proved unnecessary in this case. Phew!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/7/2006 6:21 PM

Latino Soap Stars Honored
Some of our sudsy favorites have been nominated for Imagen Awards, which celebrate positive portrayals of Latinos in film and TV.

Eva La Rue (ex-Maria, All My Children) got a best supporting actress nod for her role as sexy lab rat Natalia Boa Vista on CSI: Miami. Mario Lopez snagged a best supporting actor nod for playing The Bold and the Beautiful's heroic Dr. Christian Ramirez. B&B was also nominated for best on-air advertising for its recent public service announcement featuring Lorenzo Lamas. (The artist also known as L.A. firefighter Hector Ramirez reminded us about pool and hot tub safety after Brooke's baby, Hope, nearly drowned in the jacuzzi.)

The 2006 Imagen Awards will be handed out on August 18 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. A full list of nominees can be found here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/7/2006 7:58 PM

Passions: Who's In, Who's Out
Due to the significant budget cuts required to renew Passions, the NBC soap's cast is trimming down a touch. Here's a quick rundown on the status of a few Passions players:

Amelia Marshall, the artist also known as vengeful bitch Liz Sanbourne, is gone. Period.

Am I vexed? You better believe it!

Head writer James E. Reilly opened up such delicious dramatic possibilities when he recently rewrote Liz's family tree so that Whitney and Chad aren't really siblings and their son, Miles, isn't an incest baby.

To recap, Chad is Liz's biological son, not Eve's. And it also turned out that Liz was adopted, so she and Eve aren't even blood sisters. Therefore, their kids are not related. The Chad 'n Whitney yuck factor is eliminated.

However, I feel that this twist could've also added fuel to Liz and Eve's longstanding rivalry. Don't forget that Liz has major abandonment issues — and learning she's adopted sure wouldn't help! Plus, Liz now has a grown son.

With the amazingly talented Amelia Marshall gone, Passions viewers will never enjoy the pleasure of watching Liz digest all of that explosive info and act upon it. What a terrible waste!

If excess baggage had to be jettisoned to save cash, I could think of several Passions actors who should've been cut before Marshall. But I won't name names. Moving on....

In other news, John Reilly (Alistair Crane) vanishes from the Passions canvas along with his crazy daughter Beth and little Marty on July 17. And Sharon Wyatt — who played Alistair's freaky long-lost lover, Rachel — has already quietly faded away.

Now that they're unemployed, there has been recent buzz about Reilly and Wyatt returning to General Hospital as supercouple Sean and Tiffany Donely. It would be great to see them go back to their '80s retro roots, but so far, it's just talk. Stay tuned.

And what about Rodney Van Johnson, whose T.C. Russell character recently ended up hospitalized after a drunk-driving accident? Good news! Van Johnson's still on contract and, word is, T.C. will be featured in story at least through this summer.

Oh, and don't forget about James Stevenson joining Passions on July 21 as Theresa's new love interest.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/6/2006 9:37 PM

Update: As the World Turns Star Committed Suicide
I have unfortunate news to add to Wednesday's TVGuide.com obituary of As the World Turns star Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson).

Per the New York Post, the 55-year-old Daytime Emmy winner was found dead on Saturday at his home in Huntington, Long Island. The cause was apparently a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

There was no information on whether Hendrickson left behind a suicide note. The actor was said to have been depressed since his mother died of cancer in 2003.

Hendrickson had most recently taped As the World Turns scenes in which his TV daughter, Jennifer Munson (Jennifer Ferrin), is dying. It was speculated that this may have worsened the actor's real-life depression.

"He was a marvelous and gifted man," Ellen Dolan, who plays Hal's fellow detective, Margo Hughes, told the Post. "I just know him to be a wonderful man with a big heart - we are all part of a tight family here. I am just heartbroken."

For more vital info about Benjamin Hendrickson and the future of his As the World Turns character, please click here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/6/2006 12:28 PM

"Peek-a-boob!" Soap Star's Wardrobe Malfunction Explained
Viewers of SOAPnet's I Wanna Be a Soap Star got an eyeful of the Janet Jackson variety last week. As the Wannabes played out their love scenes, Shamika Cotton's top popped open during her scene with Dean Cochran.

I must admit that I gasped, even though I'd seen the sassy Shamika go "Peek-a-boob!" in countless commercials teasing that wardrobe malfunction long before the episode aired.

But what really shocked me was that Dean got "killed off" in the end. One Life to Live casting director Julie Madison declared Dean unlikeable, while Debbi Morgan said he lacked sex appeal. "What are you dizzy dames smoking?!" I shouted at my TV in response to the judges' harsh ruling. Only Michael Bruno (!) had a kind word for Dean.

The upside of Dean's exit is that he's free to talk to TVGuide.com and tell us what the heck happened!

"If you saw my audition, 'sexiness' was what got me on this show," Cochran says with a chuckle. "To be told I'm not sexy and not likeable — I don't know if you saw my face — it was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I didn't want to end up like Chris Daughtry on American Idol. He got burned because he showed too much too soon. My game plan was to keep it steady and bring out more interesting stuff as we went along, but I didn't get to showcase that."

What did get showcased was Shamika's ample busom. "I would love to talk about that," Cochran sighs. "That was the ultimate frustration for me on the show. We rehearsed for two days, and every moment was choreographed. I had always taken her dress off at the shoulder in rehearsals. Then Mikey couldn't get Kelly's dress off in their scene, so the wardrobe people changed the connectors on Shamika's dress just before our scene. They told me, 'Dean, you can't rip it off at the shoulder now. You have to rip it at the chest. No time for rehearsal. Go on stage right now!' And you saw what happened. I was so mad. I questioned whether this was some kind of reality TV set up. This great scene got lost because her boob popped out and that's all the judges focused on."

Despite the flashing incident, I thought Dean and Shamika made a great save and pulled the sexy scene off fabulously. So if Ms. Debbi Morgan is reading this, I have two things to say. First, I loved you as Dr. Ellen Burgess on Port Charles. Secondly, please click over to Dean's personal website, look at those hot photos and then you tell me the action hero has no sex appeal. Puh-leeze.

Video Preview: For a sneak peek at this Thursday's episode (11 pm/ET on SOAPnet), just click here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/5/2006 7:54 PM

As the World Turns Veteran Dead at 55
It's with a heavy heart that I report very sad news, soap fans: As the World Turns veteran Benjamin Hendrickson died over the holiday weekend at his home in Huntington, Long Island. He was 55. The cause of his death has not yet been disclosed.

The Juilliard-trained Hendrickson joined the cast of World Turns in 1985 as gruff but lovable police detective Hal Munson. He scored a well-deserved Daytime Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in 2003.

"As the World Turns, Procter & Gamble Productions and the entire daytime community have lost a dear friend and a talented actor who brought to life the character of Hal Munson," World Turns executive producer Christopher Goutman said in a statement. "Benjamin always joked that he was hired for one day, then before he knew it, he'd impregnated the leading lady and had to sign a contract. He intended to stay with the show for one year. How lucky for us and the fans that we had him for 21 years. We will continue to mourn his passing."

"Everyone at CBS Daytime is devastated by the loss of our friend and colleague Benjamin Hendrickson," says CBS daytime chief Barbara Bloom added. "Benjamin's 21-year portrayal of Hal Munson is testimony to a gifted actor whose talent and loyalty will always be remembered by his fans and coworkers, as well as a very appreciative network. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his fellow cast members, the producers and everyone at As the World Turns during this difficult time."

Prior to making his indelible mark on World Turns, Hendrickson did stints on P&G's other soaps in the early '80s. He was Chris Shaw on Texas, Sgt. Bartlett on Another World and Silas Crocker on Guiding Light.

Hendrickson's last airdate as Hal Munson — whose full name, for the record, was Harold "Hal" Todd Munson Jr. — will be on July 12.

The show's spokesperson tells TVGuide.com that there are "no plans to recast" the role. That's entirely fitting, because if any actor ever deserved the honor of having his character retired with him, it's Hendrickson.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's only one Hal Munson. Oakdale won't be the same without him.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/5/2006 4:04 PM

Young and the Restless Star Plays Gay on Nip/Tuck
Nip/Tuck update! The FX plastic-surgery drama will have not one but two CBS-suds studs playing gay roles in its upcoming fourth season.

Last week TVGuide.com told you about The Bold and the Beautiful's Mario Lopez being cast in a homoerotic role.

As reported in the July 3 issue of TV Guide, Thad Luckinbill (J.T., The Young and the Restless) will play Richard Chamberlain's boy toy.

The 72-year-old Chamberlain — best known for his roles in Dr. Kildare, The Thorn Birds and Shogun — came out of the closet three years ago in real life. On Nip/Tuck, he'll portray a gay millionaire "of questionable character" who narcissistically seeks to alter Luckinbill's appearance to make him look like a younger version of himself.

Creepy! If I weren't already a diehard Nip/Tuck addict, I'd definitely sample the show just to see this.

FYI, Luckinbill guest-stars in the second episode of Season 4. Mario Lopez turns up in the third episode.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/5/2006 3:10 PM

Guiding Light Supercouple Comes Home
Guiding Light's May-December lovers, Matt and Vanessa Reardon (Kurt McKinney, Maeve Kinkead), are among my favorite soap couples of all time. So I'm thrilled that they'll return to Springfield on Thursday, July 6. Vanessa's in town to help her daughter Dinah (Gina Tognoni) plan her upcoming wedding to Mallet (Robert Bogue).
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/30/2006 6:11 PM

Bold and Beautiful Hunk Cast on Nip/Tuck
The Bold and the Beautiful sure hasn't given Mario Lopez very much to do since his Dr. Christian Ramirez last sucked face with cancer survivor Felicia Forrester (Lesli Kay) in the art studio of Dante Damiano (Antonio Sabato Jr.).

It should be no surprise, then, that he's been taken off contract. "Mario Lopez moves to recurring status as of July 18," B&B's spokesperson tells TVGuide.com. "The decision was story line driven."

Good thing Mario has been pounding the pavement to find work elsewhere! Per this Ausiello Report item, he'll play yet another hot doctor character in the coming season of Nip/Tuck. What's more, Mario's story sounds kinda gay....
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 06/30/2006 5:04 PM



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All My Children

Zach presses Erica to tell Kendall that Josh is her half brother. Ryan won't give up his fatherly claim on baby Spike. Jamie and Julia get more serious about each other. Babe thinks she has discovered the identity of Dr. Greg Madden's killer. Josh tempts Babe to run away from Pine Valley with him. Lily's Manhattan molester comes back to haunt her.

General Hospital
Ric and Alexis scheme together to bring Jason down. Carly tries not to allow herself to fall head over high heels with Sonny again. Sonny is haunted by the past during his first therapy session with Lainey. Lulu's lie about Georgie's marital infidelity is outed - for real this time. (Have you read TVGuide.com's revealing new Q&A with Kelly Monaco, who plays the sexy Sam McCall?)

One Life to Live
John and Natalie have a big revelation for David about Thomas McBain's murder. Blair grills Todd about his feelings for Evangeline. Todd sets out to ruin Cristian and Evangeline's night of romance. Nash takes drastic action to make his dreams come true. Paige and Roxy become unlikely gal pals.

As the World Turns
Dusty makes a surprise appearance in the courtroom at Emily's trial. Luke drinks and drives. The traumatized Maddie reveals that she was once raped. A sexy investor wants to finance Carly's new interior decorating business. Gwen is suspicious of the strange vibes between Will and Jade. Someone in Oakdale dies a violent death!

The Bold and the Beautiful
The Forrester family is devastated when Darla is fatally injured in a car accident — and Taylor's behind the wheel! (For much more on Darla's demise, read Daniel's Dish.) Hector does the wrong thing with benevolent motives. Bridget and Dante want to have a baby together. Brooke and Stephanie put an end to their truce. Brooke's sister, Donna (Y&R's Jennifer Gareis), arrives in town and dislikes Nick immediately. Read TVGuide.com's Q&A with Jennifer Gareis right here.

Guiding Light
The stress of keeping Reva's cancer secret tempts Billy to drink. Someone smears Dinah's reputation on the Internet. Cassie uses Jeffrey to help distract herself from Josh. Tammy is the victim of a crime. Harley once again decides to step down as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and prepares to name her successor.

The Young and the Restless
The paternity of Phyllis's baby is revealed at last. J.T.'s investigation uncovers Brad's connection to a nasty murder case. Neil is tempted to sleep with Carmen. Victor has a hallucinatory vision of his former wife, Hope. When Victor is diagnosed with epilepsy, Jack takes advantage of his archrival's impaired condition. Nick Chastain returns as Alex, the creep Daniel and Kevin hired to attack Lily so that Kevin could play the hero back in 2004. Read today's Soaps News to learn who's been cast as the new Billy Abbott!(EDIT: see below)

Days of our Lives
Bo is furious that Patrick is the father of Hope's baby. Frankie overhears Jennifer say she can't live without Jack. EJ encourages Sami to come clean with Austin about her deceptions. Mimi and Philip are hurt to hear Shawn confess his love to Belle. When Philip's anger erupts on the racetrack, he busts up Max's car. Passions flare between Max and Chelsea.

Theresa finally gives up her quest for Ethan's love. Later, Theresa has a run in with Jared, a handsome new stranger in Harmony. Miguel drinks Kay's lust potion and they have passionate sex. Meanwhile, Sam Bennett eats Siren's stew, which is laced with an aphrodisiac. Luis and Sheridan think Marty has died and they mourn their son. J.T. Cornell demands hush money from Gwen. Julian and Eve get the news that Chad is not their son.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Which Soap Star Will Return From the Dead?

SOAPnet's TV ads for I Wanna Be a Soap Star sure give away a lot.

I just saw one, and I already know that all five "killed off" castoffs will return for a second chance at suds stardom in next Thursday's episode (11 pm/ET on SOAPnet).

Personally, this reporter is rooting for Dean Cochran, the hunky action hero I interviewed last week. And before you say it, I'm not just biased because Dean is one of my MySpace friends.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/14/2006 8:35 PM

Days of our Lives Cuts Matthew Ashford... Again
The word is out and, sadly, it comes as no surprise: Days of our Lives viewers will see the last of Matthew Ashford's Jack Devereaux in the early fall.

The writing was on the wall when Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) made it known that she will exit Days at the end of her contract in August. Although Ashford has told TVGuide.com that he'd prefer to see Jack stay on Days without Jennifer, it ain't gonna happen.

With Jennifer out of the picture, the Jack/Jennifer/Frankie love triangle is essentially finished. Recasting Reeves' role has not worked out well in the past, so it's unlikely that you'll see a new Jenn step into the wildly popular soap star's high heels. That means her story will have to be wrapped up.

Although Days and NBC are keeping mum about Ashford's ouster, I think it's quite clear what will happen. Viewers have already watched the noble Frankie (Billy Warlock) searching for a medical miracle that will save Jack's life. Jennifer and her daughter, Abigail (Ashley Benson), were also seen praying for his health like a pair of blonde angels this week. (I'm embarrassed to admit that I got a little choked up watching them pray the Lord's Prayer!)

My guess? Jack's mysterious illness will be cured; he and Jenn will then head off into the sunset. A happy ending is the least Days can offer the fans.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/14/2006 7:55 PM

Young and the Restless Recasts Billy Abbott
Daytime newcomer Scott Seymour, who has previously appeared on The O.C. and The Shield, is the new Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless. His first episode airs on August 15.

William "Billy" Foster Abbott, who is the son of John and Jill Abbott, was last portrayed by Ryan Brown. The character left town after unwittingly marrying his first cousin, MacKenzie Browning, and coming thisclose to consummating their incestuous union in 2003. Yikes!

My favorite Billy was, of course, the adorable David Tom (ex-Paul, One Life to Live), who is Heather's little brother!

But I'm willing to give this new guy a fair shake. Especially since he's cute!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/14/2006 5:26 AM

As the World Turns Made Me Sad Today
I just finished watching [Sniff... Sniff...] Jennifer Munson Donovan's memorial service and the reception afterward on As the World Turns.

Tears welled up in my eyes as grieving mother Barbara Ryan — the divine Colleen Zenk Pinter — did her best to hold it together with grace and compassion for her fellow mourners. When she lifted her champagne flute for that toast to Jennifer, Barbara choked up — and so did I!

(By now, I'm sure it's obvious to all that ATWT never intended to recast the role of Jen after Jennifer Ferrin's departure from the CBS soap. Any rumors you may have read elsewhere about other actresses auditioning for the part were pure hokum.)

The saddest part of today's ATWT was that we knew we were tuning in for the late Benjamin Hendrickson's final episode as Hal Munson. The last line Hal spoke on the air was, appropriately enough, to ex-wife Barbara: "I brought cider for the kids."

When I started watching ATWT back in the late '80s, Hal and Barbara's tumultuous marriage was a big draw for me. So it was very significant to me that Hal's last scene included Barbara and that they had come to a place of peace with one another. It's also great that longtime Oakdale residents like Margo, Tom, Kim, Nancy, Lisa, et al. were in that scene. Did my heart good.

By the way, I was also very touched by the outpouring of thoughtful, caring comments to my first and second Soaps News postings about Hendrickson's sudden passing. I've never been prouder to be part of this TVGuide.com Community.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/12/2006 6:01 PM

General Hospital: Skye Flies Away on Maternity Leave
The very pregnant Robin Christopher (Skye, General Hospital) has gone off on maternity leave. As previously reported, Christopher and her husband, Matt Crane (ex-Matt Cory, Another World), are expecting a baby girl in July. This will be their second child.

How will her absence be explained? GH's rep tells TVGuide.com that we'll see Skye exit Port Charles in a surprising way sometime in August.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/11/2006 8:01 PM

Wanna Buy a General Hospital Star's Home?
Looking for a sweet crib on the Best Coast? Three General Hospital actors just listed their Calfornia dream homes for sale this week, per the Los Angeles Times.

Jackie Zeman (Nurse Bobbie) and her husband, real-estate developer Glenn Gorden, are selling their home on Point Dume in Malibu for just under $6 million. The 7,000-square-foot Mediterranean house boasts ocean views, as well as a pool, a tennis court, a rose garden and two detached guesthouses.

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and his real-life cousin, Derk Cheetwood (Max), have put their 1,900-square-foot house in Studio City on the market for $1.35 million. The guys bought it as a fixer-upper two years ago. Thanks to their manly handiwork, it's now a walled and gated tropical retreat with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Meanwhile, this young Angeleno would settle for an affordable one-bedroom condominium that came with a parking space and a dishwasher. Please message me here if you know of anything good. Special priority will be given to messages from handsome millionaires in search of kept boy toys.

Hey, the real-estate market is rough out here in L.A.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/10/2006 3:01 PM

Latino Soap Stars Honored
Some of our sudsy favorites have been nominated for Imagen Awards, which celebrate positive portrayals of Latinos in film and TV.

Eva La Rue (ex-Maria, All My Children) got a best-supporting-actress nod for her role as sexy lab rat Natalia Boa Vista on CSI: Miami. Mario Lopez snagged a best-supporting-actor nod for playing The Bold and the Beautiful's heroic Dr. Christian Ramirez. B&B was also nominated for best on-air advertising for its recent public-service announcement featuring Lorenzo Lamas. (The artist also known as L.A. firefighter Hector Ramirez reminded us about pool and hot-tub safety after Brooke's baby, Hope, nearly drowned in the Jacuzzi.)

The 2006 Imagen Awards will be handed out on August 18 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. A full list of nominees can be found here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/7/2006 7:58 PM



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All My Children

The DNA test results are in: Ryan and Kendall have confirmation of Spike's true paternity. Rihanna performs at the opening of ConFusion on Tuesday, July 27. Erica is accused of Dr. Greg Madden's murder in a very public and embarrassing way. A sexual revelation leads Tad and Di to split up permanently. Zach and Dixie search for Kate. Josh and Babe land in a potentially lethal situation.

General Hospital
Lucky finally succumbs to temptation and makes love to Maxie. Lainey diagnoses Sonny with bipolar disorder. Jason tells Sonny the truth about Ric's cruel mind games. Alexis and Ric fight over Sonny. Elizabeth tells Jason about something shady she did. Dr. Patrick Drake is exposed to infection during a medical procedure. Carly has a heart-to-heart talk with Sonny after he loses his temper in a therapy session. Jason and Sam are stranded alone together.

One Life to Live
Jessica can't help but feel moved by Nash's enduring love for Tess. Evangeline undergoes optical surgery and insists on a truce between Todd and Cristian. Later, the bandages are removed from Evangeline's eyes. John feels that he's a step closer to bringing Spencer to justice. R&B diva Mary. J. Blige performs "Be Without You" and "Take Me As I Am" at Capricorn on Friday, July 28.

As the World Turns
The comatose Lily gives birth to a son via emergency C-section. Luke prepares to leave Oakdale with Damian. Another unfortunate person in Maddie's life meets a bloody end. Carly and Simon's business partnership arouses Katie's jealousy. Paul proposes marriage to a skeptical Meg.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Stephanie plots to unseat Brooke from her executive throne at Forrester Creations. The matriarch also makes an unsubtle threat toward Nick. Scheming sister Donna eavesdrops on an emotional conversation between Brooke and Ridge. A guilt-ridden Taylor speaks at Darla's funeral. Phoebe frets as Steph starts nosing around in Taylor's life. As Bridget takes a pregnancy test, Felicia makes a seductive play for Dante.

Guiding Light
Jonathan wants to donate bone marrow to Reva despite a scary risk to his own life. Blake has romantic designs on Jeffrey. Mallet has been hiding a major secret from Dinah. Harley turns over the Spaulding Enterprises CEO position to her successor and returns to the Springfield PD. Hallelujah!

The Young and the Restless
The truth about Brad's secret past is revealed. Daniel and Kevin need Gloria's help to deal with Alex the blackmailer. Dru comes home to Genoa City with hopes of repairing her marriage to Neil. Jack wickedly encourages the delusional Victor to go against medical advice.

Days of our Lives
Chelsea and Stephanie clash over Max. Patch and Kayla meet Della, a woman in Cincinnati who claims to be Patch's wife. Austin is full of surprises for Sami. The Gloved One keeps harassing Sami with more mysterious notes. The troubled Mimi confides in her brother, Patrick. Carrie tells Lexie she thinks it was a mistake to marry Lucas. Frankie plans a romantic dining experience for Jennifer.

A jealous Ethan sees Theresa and Jared sharing a sensual dance. Fox finds out that Miguel and Kay had sex. Kay later sees Siren and Fox kissing. Rebecca fuels Julian's insecurities about his future with Eve. Luis arrests Fancy. During a "battle of the sexes" baseball game, one Harmony resident is struck on the head with a baseball.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Telenovela Fires Sean Young! Tatum O'Neal Replaces Her

The patented Daniel R. Coleridge soap-opera eyebrow was raised yesterday when I attended the MyNetwork TV telenovela session at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena.

Immediately after the session, a publicist eagerly shoved a fresh press release into my hands. The document announced the casting of Tatum O'Neal in Art of Betrayal. She'll play Blythe, a mother of two sons who takes long-awaited revenge 20 years after her husband dumped her for a rich lady.

Sound familiar? It should. In early May, this TVGuide.com reporter told you Sean Young had been cast as Blythe. In fact, I interviewed Young about it on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys.

I sought an explanation of the actress swap from Paul Buccieri, Twentieth Television's president of programming. "As we move forward with the show, we decided to go in a different direction with the character," Buccieri told TVGuide.com. "We thought Tatum fit the bill more. Blythe is not just a villain you love to hate. She is this strong-willed woman who's very tough and very devilish, but you have to have sympathy for her, too."

So is he saying Sean Young isn't sympathetic? "We absolutely love Sean," Buccieri hedged. "We think she's wonderful. We had to make a hard call here. We did what we thought was best for the character."

The gossips at MyNetwork TV's cocktail party offered up a more specific explanation for Young's ouster. There was talk of a "difficult" actress who allegedly "threw a fit" during the taping of a MyNetwork TV promotional ad and locked herself in her trailer for six hours. Would a notorious Hollywood bad girl like Sean Young do such a thing? Hey, I'm just telling you what I heard, OK?

Meanwhile, I think Tatum O'Neal is a promising pick for Art of Betrayal. The Oscar winner recently has turned in heartbreaking performances as Denis Leary's alcoholic sister, Maggie, on FX's Rescue Me.

By the way, I am highly amused by my pal Matt Roush's dispatch about that MyNetwork TV TCA session. I should point out that I definitely don't share Matt's dim view of the startup net and its lineup of telenovelas. Anybody who can put divas like Fashion House's Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek back on nighttime soaps is OK in my book. The trashier, the better!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/21/2006 2:28 PM

B&B's Jack Wagner Is Tee'd Off!
Kudos to Jack Wagner (Nick, The Bold and the Beautiful) for winning the 17th Annual American Century Tahoe Celebrity Golf Championship.

It's Wagner's first win at this tournament; he's played in all 17 years of it. It's also the first time an amateur athlete has ever won. Score!

"Golf is a humbling game," Wagner says. "But this time around I found a form of humility that gave me the strength to win. The thanks goes to my son Peter, who caddied for me and who continuously reminded me to stay focused on the moment at hand, let go of what had just happened, and not worry about what might happen next. Peter was the angel carrying my bag."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/20/2006 5:41 PM

Scrubs Surgeon Joins As the World Turns
As the World Turns has cast Scrubs actor Robert Maschio in the short-term role of Maddie's brother-in-law, Louis Browning. Louis will try to help young Maddie (Alexandra Chando) with her mental problems stemming from her long-ago rape. Expect Louis to butt heads with Maddie's protective big brother, Henry (Trent Dawson).

On Scrubs, Maschio plays "The Todd," an obnoxious surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital who just loves high-fiving people all the time.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/19/2006 4:19 PM

Days of our Lives: Who Is the Gloved One?
No, kids, I wasn't talking about Michael Jackson in the headline.

I mean that mysterious troublemaker who has been skulking around Salem on Days of our Lives. He or she appears to be wearing rubber gloves like the ones I use to wash my dishes at home. So who is it?

TVGuide.com hears that Days planned to bring back Heather Lindell as loon-a-chick heiress Jan Spears. It would make sense if Jan were the Gloved One, since she is a scheming weirdo and bears grudges against Mimi and Sami.

However, the word is that Jan's return may not actually happen because the NBC soap is in the midst of creatively transitioning between outgoing head writer James E. Reilly and the new top scribe, Hogan Sheffer.

Here's the official word for now:

"We are thrilled that the gloved hand has piqued such interest with the viewers!" the Days spokesperson tells TVGuide.com. "All sorts of speculation is flying. Is it Stefano? Is it Tony? Jan is just the latest guess of the week. The fans will have to continue to watch the story unfold... and realize that we are on the verge of our new head writer's vision coming into focus."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/18/2006 8:28 PM

Days of our Lives Drops Osama's Ex-Mistress
Kola Boof — the former mistress of Osama bin Laden — is no longer writing for Days of our Lives.

"She was hired to write two episodes and that was it," the NBC soap's spokesperson now tells TVGuide.com. "She has written the two and therefore, done."

From the start of Boof's brief tenure, Days has seemed intent on distancing itself from its controversial new hire. See TVGuide.com's original scoop for more info. (EDIT: see post #41)
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/18/2006 4:45 PM

All My Children Hires Nighttime Suds Stud
All My Children has cast Brent Weber in the contract role of Jackson's nephew, Sean Montgomery. He first airs on August 15.

Weber was previously a series regular on Fox's short-lived supernatural sudser, Point Pleasant. I was so mad when they canceled that show!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/18/2006 3:48 PM

Passions Mermaid Plans to Marry
Sorry guys! Beauty queen Brandi Burkhardt, who plays Siren the mermaid on Passions, is officially off the market. This comely catch o' the day became engaged to musical composer-lyricist-producer Frank Wildhorn in Los Angeles. The couple plans to wed in summer 2007.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/17/2006 3:13 PM



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All My Children
Erica blasts JR for his nasty stunt. Zach warns Dixie that JR will have to pay for his sins. Josh and Babe are feared dead. Tad has big news for Kendall.

General Hospital
Carly reminds Sonny about all the good times they shared together in the past. Sonny and Emily bring their tragic relationship to a tearful end. Elizabeth deals with the truth about Lucky's pill addiction. Alcazar plots to destroy Sonny and Jason. Nikolas decides to give his infant son, John, a new name.

One Life to Live
Ricky tells Starr he is moving away from Llanview. Later, Starr's summertime pursuits land her in the emergency room. In other medical news, Evangeline learns the results of her optical operation. Adriana gets paranoid about Rex. Bo and Blair work together to get incriminating evidence on Spencer. Speaking of schemes, Spencer lays a trap to test Blair's loyalty to him. Clint and Dorian make love and share juicy pillowtalk about one Llanviewer's secrets.

As the World Turns
Lucy moves into Fairwinds with Damian Grimaldi. Dusty is suspicious of whatever's going on between Lucy and Damian. The pregnant Emily has a health scare. Maddie exposes Will's extramarital infidelity with Jade. Although Carly knows Simon's just using her to make Katie jealous, she finds herself tempted by the Aussie hottie. (ATWT has recast Craig Montgomery. Find out the scoop right here.)(EDIT: see below)

The Bold and the Beautiful
Donna steps into Brooke's high heels as the new spokesmodel for the Brooke's Bedroom line — and as Ridge's lover. The sisterly claws come out after Brooke spies Ridge and Donna in a liplock. Stephanie disapproves of Ridge's interest in yet another slutty Logan woman. Hector warns the guilt-ridden Taylor to keep her distance from Thorne. Taylor nervously attends her very first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Dante resents Bridget's resistance to having a baby with him right away.

Guiding Light
Jeffrey and Blake are the sex scandal du jour on the Springfield Burns website. Lives are endangered as the Beacon Hotel goes up in flames. Ava accuses Olivia of a heartless misdeed. Lizzie is touched by Jonathan's warm feelings for their unborn child. Tammy gets an eyeful: Mama Cassie and Uncle Josh sharing a steamy kiss!

The Young and the Restless
Jealous wife Dru confronts Carmen about her involvement with Neil. As Daniel considers telling Lily the truth, Gloria and Kevin start their scheme to get rid of the blackmailing Alex. Nick and Brad are forced to work together to save Sharon and J.T. The delusional Victor leaves Genoa City on a spiritual quest.

Days of our Lives
Jack's ill health is suddenly getting worse. Sami and EJ learn that Carrie is not pregnant. EJ catches Carrie and Austin in a private moment together on the roof. Caroline encourages Kayla to fight for Patch. Max and Chelsea enjoy a romantic dinner date at the Brady Pub. Shawn and Belle share a forbidden kiss.

A Harmony resident is hexed with Siren's mermaid curse. Kay regains her memory. Theresa may be forced to reveal little Ethan's paternity secret when Julian threatens to sue her for custody. After Jared impulsively kisses Theresa, the two bond and reminisce about their lost loves. Spike shoots Chris. One local lady is surprised by a marriage proposal.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

One Life to Live: Tuc Watkins Update

Good news! TVGuide.com has learned that Tuc Watkins — who plays Llanview's lovable schemer David Vickers — will stay on One Life to Live a bit longer than expected.

The buzz had it that Watkins would return home to Los Angeles after finishing out his OLTL contract in August. (The ABC sudser is taped in New York City.) However, I'm now hearing that Watkins will be working at OLTL through the month of October, which means he will continue to air at least through the November sweeps period.

Without spoiling any of the plot, let's just say David will remain a key player as the sinister story of his brother, Dr. Spencer Truman (Paul Satterfield), continues to unfold.

Once Watkins wraps his slightly extended OLTL stint, he will indeed return to L.A. Of course, that doesn't mean he'll be gone forever. "David Vickers went away for seven years once and came back," Watkins has previously told TVGuide.com. "So even if he goes to jail in Morocco or something, chances are he'll probably resurface at some point, even if he does go away."

ABC had no comment for this story since it's their policy to keep mum on the details of actors' contracts.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/27/2006 8:30 PM

Scoop! Veronica Mars Casts Former General Hospital Starlet
Remember the lovely Robyn Richards?

Back in 2004, General Hospital dropped her to give the role of Maxie Jones to the popular Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle, Days of our Lives).

Yeah, Storms is totally adorable and I think she ended up doing a fine job on GH. I just felt for Richards, who had played the role for 12 years, only to be recast with a bigger "name" just before a meaty Maxie story line. That's showbiz.

But I don't feel too badly for Richards anymore! TVGuide.com has learned that she has booked a guest-star appearance on Veronica Mars. She'll play Shania, a snooty sorority girl Veronica (Kristen Bell) will befriend in the upcoming season. I'm hearing she's just in one episode so far, but it very well could become a recurring gig.

Good luck, Robyn!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/26/2006 8:19 PM

Passions Grad: He's a Superhero After All
Here's the latest on Passions hottie Justin Hartley (ex-Fox), per the July 24 issue of TV Guide.

After Hartley's Aquaman pilot wasn't picked up by the new CW network, producers Al Gough and Miles Millar offered him another DC Comics character to play on Smallville. Instead of Aquaman, Hartley will play Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow. "What really appealed to us is that he has a great combination of sexiness and humor," Gough said. He added that Oliver will be a romantic interest for Lois Lane (Erica Durance).

If you'd like to watch Hartley in his unaired Aquaman pilot and judge it for yourself, just click over to our Online Video Guide.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/26/2006 8:10 PM

As the World Turns Recasts Craig
Actor Jeffrey Meek joins As the World Turns this fall as the new Craig Montgomery. Meek's soap credits include Search for Tomorrow, where he played Quinn McCleary from 1984 to 1986. He also did a few episodes of General Hospital as Reverend Thomas Dade in 2002.

Last played by Hunt Block, Craig went off to jail in August 2005. Loyal ATWT viewers can tell the CBS soap has been busy setting the stage for the schemer's return. Frasier star Kelsey Grammer's kid, Spencer Grammer, recently joined the show as Craig's grown daughter, Dr. Lucy Montgomery. Plus, Jennifer (Jennifer Ferrin) is now dead, so a baby battle between Craig and her child's adoptive father, Dusty Donovan (Grayson McCouch), looks pretty inevitable.

My personal preference would naturally be that Scott Bryce, the original Craig, come back to Oakdale. He recently did a recurring stint as a psychotherapist on One Life to Live. However, Bryce's behind-the-scenes career in TV production precludes him from devoting himself to soap work on a full-time basis. So I'm willing to give Mr. Meek a shot.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/26/2006 1:25 PM

Sunset Beacher Joins Bold and the Beautiful
Dax Griffin (ex-Tim Truman, Sunset Beach) has been cast in the contract role of Shane on The Bold and the Beautiful. His first day on the set will be August 17, and his first airdate is scheduled for September 12.

The show is keeping mum on details about the Shane character. What's more, TVGuide.com has learned that Griffin himself hasn't even seen a script. He's just as in the dark about the nature of his role as we are!

No matter, I'm just glad to see this talented Sunset Beacher returning to daytime in a contract role. Since NBC canceled Sunset in 1999, Griffin has done a 2003 episode of Passions and briefly played A.D.A. Justin McCoy on All My Children. On the non-soapy front, he's had a few primetime guest-star gigs like Charmed, CSI: Miami and Firefly. We want this edgy blond hottie back on television full time!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/25/2006 7:14 PM

Passions Recasts Sheridan's Husband
Passions reports that Adrian Wilson, who plays Sheridan's shady spouse, Christopher Boothe, had to be hospitalized last week. He is expected to return to the set later this week. The NBC soap declined to specify exactly what ails the South African actor, saying only that "Passions wishes Adrian a safe and quick recovery."

Wilson's absence necessitated a temporary recast. Look for Marsh Mokhtari to fill in as Chris starting with the Friday, August 28 episode.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 07/23/2006 10:30 PM



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All My Children
Jackson Montgomery uses drastic legal measures to break up Lily and Jonathan. Babe gives Josh that dreaded "just friends" speech no guy wants to hear. Meanwhile, Tad fuels Kendall's jealousy over her husband's so-called friendship with Dixie. An intruder busts into Erica's posh home.

General Hospital
Sonny reasserts his Mob-sculity at an underworld business meeting. Jason's jealousy erupts when he finds Sam looking way too cozy with her sexy stepdaddy, Ric. Alexis has a medical scare. Nurse Liz confronts Lucky and Maxie about their shady involvement. Carly grabs her kids and her passport to go visit Jax abroad. A Port Charles power outage causes chaos.

One Life to Live
John McBain clears Bo's tarnished name. Meanwhile, Jessica's infant daughter, Brennan, gets a girly new nickname. Elsewhere, Rex is distressed as Adriana falls into her stalker's grim grasp. Spencer witnesses Todd and Blair kissing. Marcie and Lindsay team up for a maternal scheme. Antonio considers a new career.

As the World Turns
Lucy and Dusty encounter Maltese malevolence at Damian's Fairwinds estate. A devastated Gwen reacts swiftly to Will's betrayal. Jack is jealous when a man answers Carly's cell phone. Maddie's odd behavior continues to cause conflict within the Coleman family. The Oakdale Slasher has his or her eyes on another victim (and this one's not just an ATWT day player).

The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke is sickened to witness Ridge and Donna in another liplock. Felicia and Dante freak out when Dino goes missing. Thorne relives sweet memories of Darla at her gravesite. Hector isn't pleased to find Taylor in Thorne's embrace. Stephanie wants to repair her broken friendship with Taylor.

Guiding Light
Josh must choose between Reva and Cassie. Dinah and Jeffrey strike an unscrupulous backroom deal regarding the Springfield mayoral race. Secrets from Jeffrey's dark past resurface to haunt him. Ava has a devious new admirer. The Cooper men fight over Olivia's actions during the Beacon Hotel fire.

The Young and the Restless
Paul, J.T., Brad, Nick and Victoria race to save Sharon's life. Now that Lily knows about Daniel's dirty little secret, she questions whether she can remain his wife. The marriage of Dru and Neil is under more strain. Michael's birthday gift for John assuages the Abbott-Fisher family hostility... for now. Lauren assists Michael in his long-lost-daddy search. Hope is there for Victor on his "spiritual journey."

Days of our Lives
Jack moves back home and finds Jennifer and Frankie together in his bedroom. Kate has more dirty dealings with that crooked blonde policewoman, Eve. EJ offers his help to Carrie and Lucas. Shawn asks Belle to return a cherished ring he once gave to her. John welcomes Marlena home at the Salem airport. Patch and Bo join forces to accomplish their goals: Naturally, Bo wants Hope back, while Patch needs to know who erased his memories of Kayla and their life together in Salem.

Ethan is upset to see Theresa and Jared kissing. Pilar has surprising advice for Theresa. Kay and Tabitha do witchy research for a spell to rid themselves of Siren the mermaid. Miguel suffers from hearing loss. Paloma has a new career. Two of Chris's secrets are revealed. Fancy wants Aunt Sheridan's permission to date Luis. (Awkward much?)


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Teen Heartthrob Returns to Daytime Soap Roots

Jesse McCartney by Keith MunyanPop star Jesse McCartney scored his big break on All My Children, where he played JR Chandler from 1998 to 2001. Five years later, McCartney is heading back to Pine Valley! No, the 19-year-old sigh guy is not reprising his old role. Thanks to the magic of SORAS - Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome - JR is now played by Jacob Young, who turns 27 next month.

Instead, McCartney will simply appear as himself to sing at Colby Chandler's sweet 16 party in September. Funnily enough, Colby (Ambyr Childers) is JR's recently SORAS-ed baby sister! McCartney will serenade the spoiled little rich girl with the title song off his new album, Right Where You Want Me, which goes on sale Sept. 19.

McCartney tapes his scenes today at the AMC set in New York City. They will air on Friday, Sept. 8 and Tuesday, Sept. 12.

"It's a cool homecoming for Jesse," the Summerland alum's rep tells TVGuide.com. "It's nice for him to be returning to daytime as a star and not just a guy in need of a gig!"

Oh, and just FYI, Colby's sweet 16 bash is actually a joint event with her new gal pal, Sydney (Taylor Gildersleeve). McCartney is Colby's teen singer of choice, while Sydney's pick is female songbird Jordan Pruitt, who will also perform on AMC. Both McCartney and Pruitt are Hollywood Records artists and fan favorites among the Radio Disney set.

By the way, that's why Colby and Sydney's sweet 16 will be held at the Pine Valley yacht club, rather than at ConFusion. Nobody in attendance would even be of legal age to party in an adult nightclub!

Suddenly, I feel really old.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/4/2006 12:17 AM

Young and the Restless Kills Off Beloved Veteran

Young and the Restless star Jerry Douglas is a goner.

The Hollywood vet — who has played Genoa City cosmetics mogul John Abbott since 1982 — saw his Y&R contract expire in July without a renewal. Instead, the No. 1 soap opted to kill off his character in dramatic fashion. He last airs in mid-August. Read all about it in our fresh Soaps Q&A with Douglas.

I know, I know, we usually refresh the Soaps Q&A section on Tuesdays, but this one just couldn't wait!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/4/2006 12:47 AM

Soap Vixen Rescues Starving Kids
Daytime veteran Lisa Peluso helped save four children who were being starved by their mother, per today's New York Post. You can read the whole bizarre story here.

FYI, Peluso has played vamps and vixens on sudsy serials since the '70s. Her many roles have included Search for Tomorrow's Wendy Wilkins McNeil Carter; Loving's Ava Rescott Forbes Alden Masters; One Life to Live's Gina Russo; and Lila Hart Roberts Cory Winthrop on Another World and As the World Turns.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/4/2006 3:07 PM

It's a Girl for General Hospital Star
Oh! I've totally been meaning to tell you... Soap star spouses Robin Christopher (Skye, General Hospital) and Matt Crane (ex-Matt, Another World) welcomed their second child, Gianna Maria Crane, on Monday, July 10, at 5:50 pm/PT. The baby girl weighed in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Congrats to the gorgeous new parents, who also have a two-year-old son, August.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/3/2006 9:01 PM

Days of our Lives: New Writer Update
NBC and Days of our Lives are finally speaking out to confirm what TVGuide.com told you awhile back. Former As the World Turns scribe Hogan Sheffer has indeed replaced James E. Reilly as Days' head writer.

"Hogan's creative storytelling and expansive knowledge of the genre will continue to provide Days fans with all the great story lines they crave," NBC Daytime chief Annamarie Kostura said today in a statement.

"I am thrilled that Hogan Sheffer has moved to California to join forces with Days of our Lives, Corday Productions and NBC in order to help us pursue our dream of returning [our soap] to the top," added Days' executive producer Ken Corday. "Hogan is an exceptionally warm and humorous person whose many life experiences mirror those of our characters and our viewers. He will bring a new romantic and emotional vibrancy to the show which the fans have been looking forward to for a long time."

You can definitely count me among those optimistic Days aficionados mentioned above. Just to refresh your memory, As the World Turns claimed four Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team statuettes at the Daytime Emmys during Sheffer's tenure from 2000 to 2005.

A Days rep tells TVGuide.com that Sheffer's work will begin to be reflected on the air at the end of September. Hang in there, suds fans!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/2/2006 7:03 PM

Days of our Lives Starlet Released from Contract

Farah Fath by Paul Drinkwater/ NBC UniversalSupercute soap starlet Farah Fath, aka Mimi Lockhart Brady, has cleared up rumors about her status at Days of our Lives on her official website.

"Goodness gracious," Fath wrote in her most recent posting. "I really didn't want to have to 'set the record straight' about any of this, but I'm getting annoyed that people think I was fired.

"I won't divulge specific reasons why," she continued, "but I asked to be let out of my contract a year early. Days complied, so that basically means they have me until February. Whether or not they use me until February is up to them. This is also not even to say that things could change, and I could have another contract extension. For right now though, I am only scheduled for one more cycle."

"Also, just because I asked for an 'early out' doesn't mean I am unhappy at work. It's quite the opposite actually, I absolutely love my job and I love playing Mimi. I'm just weighing out my options as far as my career goes at this point in my life. I really have no idea what's going to happen with me. And sometimes, that's just more exciting."

Personally, I love our Meems and her rock star hairdos. She's really grown on me over the years. Days should find a way to keep her around.

By the way, Fath seems to be doing her part to discourage talk of Jan's return. "Heather Lindell was [recently] in LA visiting her family," she wrote in her posting. "NOT taping at DOOL."

Days had no comment for this story.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/2/2006 4:16 PM



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All My Children

The jealous Dr. David Hayward thinks Dixie is trysting with Zach — and he wants revenge! Ryan figures out that Kendall and Zach are only pretending to be separated. Aidan and Di get hot and heavy, with Tad's blessing. Erica is not happy to have Jackson's rowdy nephew, Sean Montgomery, as her new houseguest. Colby and Sydney both have eyes for Sean. Amanda comforts Jonathan after he and Lily are torn apart.

General Hospital
Anna Devane has a tough talk with Dr. Patrick Drake. Jason and Elizabeth comfort each other and make love. Ric warns Sam to keep her mouth shut about their tryst. Georgie finds out that Lulu might be expecting Dillon's baby. Sonny has strong advice for Sam.

One Life to Live
Rex figures out Dorian's role in the stalking of Adriana. A Llanview lady is surprised by a marriage proposal. Evangeline agrees to be Todd's date for a fancy event. Jessica becomes privy to more of Tess's memories. Antonio returns to the Llanview police force and begins investigating Jessica's abuser, the late Norman Leeds. Someone messes up Kelly's plans to leave town.

As the World Turns
Katie is desperate to get pregnant with Mike's child. The captive Lucy and Dusty find themselves in a lethal situation. Maddie faces off with the man who raped her. Will saves Gwen from that sick, tricky Slasher. Casey suspects that Will is the knife-wielding fiend who's been terrorizing Oakdale's teens. Luke finds out all about Damian's recent deceptions. As reported in TVGuide.com's Soaps News blog, Damian exits Oakdale on August 16.(EDIT: see below)

The Bold and the Beautiful
Dante and Felicia tell Bridget they're back together. Hector takes Taylor to prison and scares the shrink into remaining silent about being Darla's hit-and-run driver. Lt. Baker has info that could land Taylor behind bars anyway. Nick brings Brooke to a board meeting at Marone Industries. Jack Wagner performs his own original music on Friday, August 18, when Nick serenades Brooke with the song "You and Me."

Guiding Light
Buzz finds himself in the midst of a food fight on a TV cooking show. Olivia gets mixed up with that scandalous Springfield Burns website. Mallet noses around in Dinah and Jeffrey's business. Reva hosts a special party attended by Hawk, Dylan, Marah and Shayne. Out of loyalty to Mama Reva, Jonathan protests the newly public couplehood of Josh and Cassie. Paranoid about her safety, Lizzie accidentally fires a gun on a shady Springfield resident.

The Young and the Restless
John Abbott's sudden health crisis brings his kids, Billy and Traci, back to Genoa City for an emotional reunion. Gloria and Jack argue over whether John should remain on life support. Family brings Daniel and Lily closer together. The men of Genoa City battle Brad's evil enemies to save Sharon. Dru plans a romantic get-together with Neil, who seems more interested in getting together with Carmen.

Days of our Lives
Kate is determined to ruin Sami and Austin's wedding plans. John Black has an ulterior motive for asking out Eve the dirty policewoman. Patch and Kayla's daughter, Stephanie, makes a business deal with EJ, Austin and Kate. Bo faces off with Patrick and tears up the divorce papers Hope sent him. Bo also nails Chelsea for her e-mail trickery. There's drama in store when Chelsea finds out that her half brother, Shawn, is baby Claire's real father.

Sheridan is hurt to see Fancy and Luis having dinner together. Since they're no longer siblings, Chad feels free to propose marriage to Whitney. That sleazy Spike shoots Pilar during his burglary at the Crane mansion. Simone and Paloma risk their lives to save Jessica from peril. At the Harmony carnival, Kay reveals that Siren is a mermaid.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Passions Stork News: It's a Boy!
Passions leading man Galen Gering (Luis) and wife Jenna welcomed their first child, Dillon Phoenix Gering, on Thursday, August 3 at 6:16 pm in Los Angeles. Dillon Phoenix weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

Why are you hearing about it a week later? Galen and Jenna opted to wait on a birth announcement until they could decide on their newborn son's name. In my humble opinion, it's a fabulous moniker and well worth the wait. Congrats to Galen and his newly-expanded family!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/11/2006 6:21 PM

It's Sad But True: General Hospital Stars Split Up
I've learned to put little faith in celebrity gossip unless I've heard the dish firsthand from one of the parties involved (or else a really reliable tattletale). Sadly, I can tell you officially that General Hospital's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and his on again, off again girlfriend Natalia Livingston (Emily) are definitely off again. "We're not together," Tyler tells TVGuide.com. "Still great friends."

Bummer. Tyler and Natalia are both lovely people and made such a cute couple.

On the brighter side, Tyler is spending this weekend in Mississippi cheering up Southern soap fans who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Click over to my Daniel's Dish blog to hear the story from Tyler himself. It'll warm the cockles of your heart, I promise.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/11/2006 4:26 PM

Michael Easton to Stay on One Life to Live
One of my oh-so-helpful suds fans just alerted me to the following posting on Michael Easton's official website. Looks like Llanview's broody copper, John McBain, is sticking around on One Life to Live. Maybe now the guy will finally have something to crack a smile about....

[On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 9] ABC and Michael Easton came to a tentative agreement that will keep the actor on One Life to Live beyond the expiration of his contract at the end of the month. Terms of the agreement were not immediately available.

From Michael to the fans: "So here we go again. Got a lot of work to do. Gonna work harder. Dream bigger. And here's to the second time around being even sweeter. Thank you for standing by me, thick and thin, without you this is meaningless. I won't ever forget. With love and respect, Michael"
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/11/2006 2:37 PM

What?! Mikey Jerome Wins I Wanna Be a Soap Star

Mikey Jerome courtesy SOAPnetHow the hell did Mikey win I Wanna Be a Soap Star?!

This was my honest reaction to the outcome of Season 3 when the news reached me a while back. Of course, I heard it through the grapevine since daytime is a small, incestuous world. But it's safe to openly dish the winner now that the season finale has aired tonight on the West Coast.

Listen, I know that Soap Star isn't known for discovering brilliant, unknown acting talents. It's known as an amusing reality-TV trifle, which happens to be SOAPnet's highest-rated piece of original programming. In that sense, the show is an undeniable success.

Still, it's hard not to feel disappointed by the selection of yet another underwhelming Soap Star winner.

Sure, Michael "Mikey" Jerome, a 29-year-old native of Hicksville, New York, is a good-looking guy. And yeah, he came across as very "likable." Notice how One Life to Live chief Frank Valentini and the judges kept using that word in the end? He's likable. Likable, likable, likable.

OK, we get it!

They also reminded us that Mikey's more appealing than runner-up Kelly McGarry, whom the show took pains to paint as a crazy loon-a-chick all season long. Every single Soap Star castoff I've interviewed this season has insisted to me that Kelly's not nuts, she's just a victim of manipulative editing and production trickery. I'm inclined to give Kelly the benefit of the doubt. There's precious little reality on reality TV, as most of us coach potatoes have learned by now.

Not that I'm saying Kelly should've won.

In my estimation, the most talented and personally engaging Wannabes were Shamika Cotton and Dean Cochran. Both are experienced actors possessing what I consider star quality. Shamika has landed herself an upcoming gig on HBO's The Wire and Dean has a long rιsumι of action-hero roles. That the Soap Star judges accused them both of lacking sex appeal is baffling to me. Huh?

Shamika could've fit in nicely in Llanview, which is one of daytime's most diverse soap towns. Perhaps she could've been a scheming relative of OLTL's appealing African-American sisters, Evangeline and Layla Williamson. It would also have been refreshing to see a female contestant win this contest for a change.

The only problem with fitting Dean into the OLTL cast roster is that he looks too much like Dan Gauthier, who plays Kevin Buchanan. Still, no soap town can have too many beefy, dark-haired hunks, as far as I'm concerned. Dean is definitely SMT (So My Type)!

Here's the thing: Season 2 winner Alec Musser scored his role as the Del Henry recast on All My Children by being cute and "likable," too. But he also has an awe-inspringly ab-licious body that's tailor-made for daytime. (Have you seen this guy with his shirt off?) As far as acting goes, Musser is no threat to David Canary come Daytime Emmy-nomination time. But he earns props for bringing a fun, mischievous personality to his portrayal of Del.

Mikey is perhaps as good an actor as Musser was when he started out on AMC. But unlike Musser, he isn't hot enough to coast by on looks alone while he learns how to act. I'm sorry, he isn't. I just fail to see "the It factor" the judges kept talking about.

As previewed in the final minutes of the Soap Star finale, Mikey will debut on Friday's OLTL in the role of "Ted." Despite all I've said here, I am willing to give the guy a fair shake before making a final judgment. Maybe he'll surprise us.

What do you think of the newly crowned Soap Star? You're welcome to comment to this blog posting. Just be sure to vote in our new Soaps Poll, too!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/11/2006 1:21 AM

Psst! Hey You... Be My Soap Spy
As TVGuide.com's resident soap-opera guru, I get my sudsy scoops in all sorts of ways.

Sure, there are press releases and story ideas pitched by helpful daytime drama publicists. But the really juicy scoop often comes from my tattling tipsters. These are people who love to gossip, and they especially love to gossip to me because this reporter does not reveal his sources.

If you're a daytime insider with scoopage to spill, I want to hear from you!

Regular ol' soap fans can be very helpful, too. As you know, soap stars frequently offer up colorful quotes and information to the fans on their own official websites. But since there are literally hundreds of soap stars out there, I haven't got time to troll all their blogs and message boards every day. (Can you imagine trying?!) So if you see good stuff online from an official source, give your buddy Daniel a heads up — even if you think I might already know about it.

Registered TVGuide.com users can always send me a message here. You can also write to me via my MySpace page.

And remember, my sisters and brothers in soap gossip, I didn't hear the dish from you.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/9/2006 7:15 PM

ABC Soap Tidbits
I'm so over people who say "Sorry, I don't have SOAPnet" when I gush about my absolute fave TV channel. Fortunately, more and more Americans are being cured of SOAPnet deprivation every day! As of this month, SOAPnet is in over 51 million homes. That's up 17 percent from August 2005, as well as the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth for the sudsy net. Brava!

In other news, the eleventh annual ABC Super Soap Weekend will be held November 11-12 at the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. For more info, just call the Super Soap Hotline recording at (407) 397-6808 or see the ABC Daytime site.

This is the first year I'll be heading down to Florida for SSW, and I'm really looking forward to it! Hope to see you there.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/9/2006 3:57 PM

World Turns and Guiding Light News
As the World Turns says Paolo Seganti (Damian) will "depart from Oakdale with a bang" on Wednesday, August 16.... Hurrah! I'm thrilled to hear that Morgan Englund is returning to Guiding Light as Reva and Billy's son, Dylan Lewis. Dylan and Hawk (Gil Rogers) will attend Reva's party on Monday, August 16 and Tuesday, August 17.... Teja Anderson, the real-life wife of GL's Frank DiCopoulos, comes to Springfield on Wednesday, August 16. She'll play Theresa, a lady who "puts some spice in Frank's life."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/8/2006 5:46 PM

Days Star's Kid Says "Buh-Bye GH, Hello B&B"

Ben Hogestyn by Jeff Vespa/WireImage.comMany TVGuide.com readers have written to me asking, "Whatever happened to Lucas Jones on General Hospital?"

Luke and Laura's gay teen nephew last aired June 19 and has since vanished without explanation. Now I can finally tell you where he's gone: The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ben Hogestyn, the 22-year-old stepson of Days of our Lives star Drake Hogestyn, took over as GH's Lucas in September 2005. Because he was just a recurring player and GH hasn't been using him lately, there was nothing to stop the actor from accepting B&B's offer of a contract role.

Hogestyn will play Harry, who comes to Los Angeles to see Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) this month. Harry is the son of a sailor who died in a tragic accident on a Marone Industries tanker captained by Nick. To refresh your memory, this maritime disaster was the story that B&B used to introduce the character of Nick in 2003.

Hogestyn's first B&B tape date was on Friday, August 4. He will first air on Monday, August 28.

"We thank Ben Hogestyn for a job well done during his time at General Hospital and we wish him the best in all of his future endeavors," GH's spokesperson tells TVGuide.com. "As for the character of Lucas, we will recast the role at a later date as story line dictates."

Uh oh. That comment doesn't bode too well for Lucas' future. Just for the helluvit, let's retrace his oh-so-short coming out journey, shall we?

If you recall, Hogestyn was cast as Lucas because Desperate Housewives gardener Ryan Carnes opted to quit just before the character came out. At the time, Carnes' rep offered up some sketchy excuses for his exit, but the timing was really suspect. Later on, Hogestyn's version of Lucas gradually came out to friends and family, got gay-bashed, did a GLAAD public service announcement and befriended the out and proud Guy (Nicholas DiNardo).

The last time I recall seeing Lucas, he was hanging out with Guy at the high school prom. The dudes were shaking their heads at Georgie and Dillon's teenage melodrama, then heroically broke up a fistfight between Dillon and Diego.

Ah Lucas, we hardly knew ye. At least I'll always have this pretty photo of us on the GH set to remember you by.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/7/2006 2:38 PM

Soap Vixen Rescues Starving Kids
Daytime veteran Lisa Peluso helped save four children who were being starved by their mother, per today's New York Post. You can read the whole bizarre story here.

FYI, Peluso has played vamps and vixens on sudsy serials since the '70s. Her many roles have included Search for Tomorrow's Wendy Wilkins McNeil Carter; Loving's Ava Rescott Forbes Alden Masters; One Life to Live's Gina Russo; and Lila Hart Roberts Cory Winthrop on Another World and As the World Turns.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/4/2006 3:07 PM

Young and the Restless Kills Off Beloved Veteran
Young and the Restless star Jerry Douglas is a goner.

The Hollywood vet — who has played Genoa City cosmetics mogul John Abbott since 1982 — saw his Y&R contract expire in July without a renewal. Instead, the No. 1 soap opted to kill off his character in dramatic fashion. He last airs in mid-August. Read all about it in our fresh Soaps Q&A with Douglas.

I know, I know, we usually refresh the Soaps Q&A section on Tuesdays, but this one just couldn't wait!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/4/2006 12:47 AM



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All My Children

The legal heat is turned up on Zach and Dixie in Greg's murder case. Tad's dark anger scares Dixie. Lily plans to meet a new "friend" from an online chatroom. Sean enjoys watching Colby and Sydney feud over him. Josh and Babe end up in the shower together!

General Hospital
The news of Alexis' lung-cancer diagnosis gives her cheating hubby, Ric, major pangs of guilt. Jason comforts Sam as she worries about her mother's ill health. Liz wants to keep her one-night stand with Jason a secret. Robin takes a patient's death very hard. The pregnant and confused Lulu visits her mom, Laura, in the mental institution. Maxie uses Lucky's pharmaceutical weakness to get some more lovin' from him.

One Life to Live
Todd is not happy with Blair's answer to "the big question." Lindsay's jealous ranting only drives RJ closer to her archrival, Nora. Evangeline and Cristian make passionate, sweet love for the very first time. Adriana's stalker, Bruce, continues to toy with the worried Dorian and Rex. Kelly's unborn baby is in jeopardy. Jessica goes deeper in dealing with her childhood abuse.

As the World Turns
Luke takes on a special new responsibility in the Snyder family. Henry figures out the identity of Maddie's rapist. Meg gets her old nursing job back at Memorial Hospital. Jack experiences fatherly jealousy when little JJ finds a new role model in Oakdale. Mike tattles to Carly about Simon's latest shady move. In an effort to save his marriage, Will follows Gwen and Casey on their getaway to Raven Lake. The Slasher comes along for the rustic fun, too.

The Bold and the Beautiful
L.A. newcomer Harry (Ben Hogestyn) surprises Nick aboard the Shady Marlin. Taylor has unpleasant news for Hector, who later receives an intriguing offer from Stephanie Forrester. Thorne and Taylor share a steamy kiss! Brooke sees red when Donna and Ridge appear together on The Rich Ginger Show. Alan Thicke guest stars as sleazy talk-show host Rich Ginger.

Guiding Light
The Springfield Burns website dredges up a painful chapter in Olivia's past. The evil website also hurts an innocent person who is close to Josh and Cassie. Mallet confronts Dinah about her arson at the Beacon hotel. A third party poses a threat to Mel and Rick's already-strained marriage. Alan Michael behaves lecherously toward a desperate woman in need of his help.

The Young and the Restless
Nikki is thrilled when Victor returns to Genoa City. Jack, Ashley and Gloria argue over John Abbott's funeral arrangements. Michael, Lauren, and Kevin are deeply offended by Jack's latest attack on Gloria. As she grieves for her grandpa, Colleen finds comfort in J.T.'s arms. Sharon's mental state is a serious concern for Nick as he starts his new life with Phyllis.

Days of our Lives
Shawn is hospitalized after foolishly trying to drink Philip under the table. Abby gets nasty with her stepdaddy, Frankie. Chelsea does a good deed... sort of. Dr. Lexie Carver wants Shawn and Philip to submit DNA samples for a paternity test on Claire. Sami's wedding day is a glorious disaster as expected. Later on, Sami and EJ are arrested!

Luis and Sheridan's passions are reignited as they sensually dance the tango together. Sheridan catches Chris in conversation with the sleazy Spike. Luis seeks justice against Pilar's assailant. Gwen's scheme angers Ethan. Jared helps Theresa stand up to Julian and Ethan in the matter of her son's custody. Kay blurts out a confession of love to Miguel. Vote your verdict on Adrian Bellani as the NuMiguel in our new Soaps Poll.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

The Young and the Restless Recasts Brad's Jewish Mom

Viewers of The Young and the Restless recently learned that Genoa City skirt-chaser Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) is really George Kaplan, the son of Rebecca Kaplan, an Italian-Jewish Holocaust survivor. The heroic Rebecca has dedicated her life to returning Nazi-looted art treasures to their rightful Jewish owners.

Y&R has just announced that the role of Rebecca, who's been played by The Diary of Anne Frank star Millie Perkins, is being recast.

Starting Sept. 19, Lorna Raver steps into Rebecca's shoes. She's guest-starred on many top TV series including Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, ER, Gilmore Girls, Malcolm in the Middle and NYPD Blue.

Why the actress swap? "Although we were happy with Millie Perkins' performance and we respect her work, we decided to go in a different direction for the role of Rebecca," Y&R's head writer, Lynn Marie Latham, told TVGuide.com via e-mail.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/18/2006 8:10 PM

Days of our Lives Seeks New Shawn Brady, Etc.
I Wanna Be a Soap Star judge Michael Bruno, who also manages many soap actors' careers, often has suds fans buzzing about the daytime dish on his talent agency's website.

Currently, the site says his cute client, Spencer Hill, is testing for the role of Shawn Brady on Days of our Lives. (Jason Cook is said to be leaving the NBC sudser this fall, along with Kyle Brandt, aka Philip, and Mimi herself, Farah Fath.)

What's more, Bruno also has four clients up for gigs on The Young and the Restless: Soap Star finalist BethAnn Bonner, Robyn Richards (ex-Maxie, General Hospital), Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer, One Life to Live) and Jade Harlow (ex-Jessica, Passions).
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/17/2006 10:36 PM

General Hospital: Double Video Preview!

Kelly Monaco by Adam Larkey/ABCThis Friday, August 18, is a very emotional day for Kelly Monaco's character, Sam McCall, on ABC's General Hospital. And TVGuide.com has two juicy video preview clips to prove it!

In the first clip, Sam talks with mobster boyfriend Jason (Steve Burton) about her recent tryst with sexy stepdaddy Ric (Rick Hearst). Then Jason has a racy revelation of his own to share: After witnessing Sam's sin, he went and got busy with his ex-girlfriend, Liz (Rebecca Herbst)!

Click here to watch that uncomfortable conversation, kids.

In the second clip, Sam finds out that her long-lost mother, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), has lung cancer. Poor Alexis. She has the big C and her husband hooked up with her daughter?! Sheesh. When our heroines suffer on the soaps, they really suffer, don't they?

Click here for a sneak peek at Alexis' tragic confession to Sam.

Enjoy the drama! By the way, thanks to all this sex in the afternoon, SOAPnet's same-day GH reruns are attracting more viewers than ever. I attribute this entirely to Steve Burton's recent, oh-so-rare shirtless scenes.

No, seriously! You wouldn't believe how much enthusiastic e-mail I'm getting (both here and on my MySpace page) from happy girls 'n gays who really wish Steve would bare his manly chest more often.

Enough with those boring gray T-shirts! I don't mean to advocate hunk-sploitation, but it's clear that Mr. Burton hits the gym religiously, so he needs to let his fans enjoy the rippling payoff.

Am I right or am I wrong? Discuss.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/17/2006 9:56 PM

Eden Riegel Returns to All My Children on Contract!

Eden Riegel courtesy ABCFYI: Due to technical difficulties, our readers were unable to comment on this story when it was originally posted on Wednesday. You can now feel free to comment away on Eden's return!

Hallelujah! All your fervent prayers for the return of the patron saint of gay soap characters have been answered.

Daytime Emmy winner Eden Riegel is going back to All My Children as Bianca Montgomery, the iconic role she played from July 2000 to February 2005. Riegel has briefly revisited her ABC soap three times since Bianca relocated to Paris. However, she has just signed a longer-term contract with AMC. Riegel goes back to work on Sept. 12; she first airs on Oct. 11. Save the date!

"I am thrilled to have Eden return to All My Children," executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers said in a statement. "She continues to be a cherished member of this talented ensemble. Bianca's presence enriches the canvas, and we all look forward to having her back home."

So do we! Riegel rang up TVGuide.com this morning to chatter about the great news. Here's our Q&A.

TVGuide.com: Welcome back. So this is a contract role, but you can't specify the length.
Eden Riegel:
[Chuckles] Yeah, that's the party line.

TVGuide.com: But this comeback will last much longer than just a few weeks, right?
Exactly. That's definitely the case.

TVGuide.com: How did AMC persuade you to return to daytime on a longer-term basis?
They made me an offer that was impossible to refuse. It's an opportunity to come back to a place that I love and have new challenges as an actor. At the same time, I can still have my life in L.A. I'm going to be living a very bicoastal existence.

TVGuide.com: How many days a week will you tape at AMC?
[My schedule] will be fluid. Now that I've caught the theater bug again, New York is also a good place to be to feed my craving. And yet I can do all that without having to say goodbye to people I have grown to love. It's worked out perfectly! They are very sensitive to the fact that there are other things in my life that are important besides the show. It's going to work it out that I can have it all. I'd be an idiot to turn it down!

TVGuide.com: You mentioned people you love in L.A. Is there someone special in your life?
I definitely do, yes. I'm sure you'll meet him.

TVGuide.com: Cool. Your fans seem positively rabid in their desire to have Bianca back in Pine Valley!
Totally! They are just about the most dedicated group of fans you can imagine. I don't think they're gonna let up. They haven't forgetten me yet! I think I owe them my job.

TVGuide.com: We both do, Eden. If people didn't love their soaps so much, neither of us would be employed.
That's very true. When I did Thoroughly Modern Millie on stage in Boston, the fans told me they missed Bianca. Whenever I see them on the street, in the shop, on airplanes, everywhere, they tell me. I think Bianca is a good presence in Pine Valley. She's a peacemaker who brings people together. The rest of the town is so crazy!

TVGuide.com: How unique she is. Soaps are supposed to cater to "mainstream" America, but a gay woman is Pine Valley's most decent, moral citizen.
Yes, it's funny that Bianca is supposedly on the fringes of society, and yet she's the one keeps others morally in check. During the baby-switch saga, [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons mentioned, "Isn't it amazing that the whole country — viewers from all walks of life — have united around bringing a baby back to her lesbian mother?" With all the controversy about gay parents and all that stuff, people were universally opposed to this lesbian heroine being apart from her child. It's wonderful. People are a lot more tolerant and understanding when you put a human face on it.

TVGuide.com: Will you have a story of your own?
Yeah, a damn good one, too! I don't know if she comes back to Pine Valley intending to stay, or if that's just what ends up happening. I don't know how much I can tell you, but Bianca has some challenges, heartache and new beginnings. It's the kind of story I'm very excited about.

TVGuide.com: Will Bianca have a lady in her life? Is Maggie staying behind in Paris?
I certainly hope that Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson) comes for a visit, but I don't know whether that will happen. Speaking for myself, I want to protect the history of Bianca and Maggie together. I know that relationship had a lot of fans. They have a strong bond and I want to be true to that history.

TVGuide.com: But you don't know if Bianca and Maggie are still together?
No. They could have problems or there could be no trouble in paradise at all! But I know the fans haven't forgotten them, and I haven't either.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/16/2006 2:10 PM

Passions Available for Download
Just in case you missed the heads-up in our fabulous Online Video Guide blog today:

Beginning today, iTunes is making NBC's Passions the first daytime drama available for download! For $1.99 each, the episodes will be accessible the day after airing on TV.

Click this link, then select TV shows from the menu, then NBC, and finally choose the icon for Passions. Please note that if you don't have iTunes, you'll need to download its software to your computer first.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/15/2006 7:10 PM

Salem Shocker! Days of our Lives Axes Austin and Carrie

Austin Peck and Christie Clark by Chris Haston/NBC PhotoYikes! TVGuide.com has learned that Austin Peck and Christie Clark are being let go by NBC's Days of our Lives. I'm hearing that the popular actors, who play star-crossed supercouple Austin Reed and Carrie Brady, will likely be written off the canvas by October or November.

Some industry scuttlebutt blames their firings on budget cuts at Days. However, it's especially important to remember that James E. Reilly's replacement, Hogan Sheffer, has just taken over as head writer and Days is in the midst of a major creative overhaul. When a new top scribe takes the reins of a soap, anything can happen!

"I know as much as anyone else does in this matter," Peck's manager, Michael Bruno, tells TVGuide.com. "I was told by my client, Austin, that he was pulled up to the office and told by a Days producer that he and Miss Clark would be leaving.

"As of this date, neither I nor Austin's agent has received written notification of his departure," Bruno adds. "I can tell you that Austin loves working at Days of our Lives, but also loves the daytime genre. So if it is indeed true, we hope that another show will see Austin's tremendous assets and fan base and welcome him into their family."

Amen, brother. Without naming names, I can think of several actors the NBC sudser could cut if they needed to save cash or shave off dead wood. But not my Austin Pecs! That's just not right. He brightens up the Days of our Lives too much for us to let him go without a fight. Oh, and Christie's cool, too.

I have never tried this before, but I'm feeling just vexed enough to start my very own fan campaign here. Wanna register your displeasure with Days' decision to cut Austin Peck and/or Christie Clark? I urge you to speak out! My motto is, "Can't hurt, might help."

Send an impassioned, intelligent, thoughtful e-mail to daysofourlives@nbc.com or write to any or all of these snail-mail addresses:

Mr. Ken Corday
Executive Producer, Days of our Lives
Corday Productions
Studio Plaza
3400 Riverside Drive, Suite 780
Burbank, CA 91505

Mr. Hogan Sheffer
Head Writer, Days of our Lives
c/o NBC Studios
3000 W. Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91523

Ms. Annamarie Kostura
President, NBC Daytime
c/o NBC-TV
3000 W. Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91523

By the way, NBC and Days had no comment for this story. But you're gonna offer up some polite, yet firm, comments for them, right? Right.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/15/2006 6:20 PM

Soaps Q&A: GH's Gay Teen Jumps To B&B
As reported here last week, Ben Hogestyn (ex-Lucas, General Hospital) has just joined The Bold and the Beautiful.

Read all about it in today's fresh Soaps Q&A with Ben right here!
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All My Children

After he makes Zach and Dixie's life very difficult, Tad's own life gets much, much worse. Derek Frye grills J.R. and Jamie about some missing evidence. Ryan blasts Zach for hurting Kendall. Lily is horrified to discover that the pervy Terry is her online "friend."

General Hospital
Jax and Carly have an uneasy reunion. The pill-popping Lucky suffers harsh withdrawal symptoms. Alexis tells Jason and Sam to stay apart, but Sonny thinks the exes should get back together. Sonny finds out that his privacy has been violated. Lulu considers an abortion. Carly is clued in about an enemy's sexy secret.

One Life to Live
Dorian and Rex forge an uncomfortable alliance to save Adriana's life. Blair implores Todd to cooperate with her scheme to scam Spencer. The devious Dr. Truman later pays for his wicked ways. Jessica undergoes hypnosis in her quest to integrate her personalities.

As the World Turns
Someone discovers Carly all alone with a naked Simon. Meg finally decides to say yes to Paul's marriage proposal. Two important people in Maddie's life are knifed by the Slasher. More Oakdale residents learn that Luke's gay, including his grandma, Emma Snyder. Later, Luke heroically saves the life of a handsome young man.

The Bold and the Beautiful
L.A. newcomer Harry (Ben Hogestyn) surprises Nick aboard the Shady Marlin. Taylor has unpleasant news for Hector, who later receives an intriguing offer from Stephanie Forrester. Thorne and Taylor share a steamy kiss! Brooke sees red when Donna and Ridge appear together on The Rich Ginger Show. Alan Thicke guest stars as sleazy talk-show host Rich Ginger.

Guiding Light
Springfield sisters Reva and Cassie have a war of words on the touchy subject of Josh. An enemy has incriminating dirt on Beth. The Spauldings have their dramatic day in court. Olivia blames Ava for Emma's accident and wants the young woman to pay dearly. Jeffrey wants Dinah to betray Mallet for him.

The Young and the Restless
The Abbotts and the Fishers do battle over John's last will and testament. While Jack wants to erase Gloria from his family, John's final wishes make that impossible. Sharon isn't pleased that Nick and Phyllis want to tell Noah about their baby. Gal pals Sharon and Dru support each other as their marital troubles continue. Daniel asks Lily out on a date.

Days of our Lives
Lexie tells Tek about her telephone phone call from someone with a mechanically-disguised voice. The same mysterious caller dials up Sami. Roman advises Abe to deceive Lexie for the sake of an undercover mission. John and Marlena discover evidence of a chilling murder in Salem. Patch has dirt on that dirty policewoman, Eve.

Jessica, Jared and Spike are all bruised and battered this week in Harmony. Luis discovers Fancy floating face down in the Crane swimming pool. Kay and Endora make Fox perform absurd rituals to break the mermaid curse. Ethan walks in on Theresa and Jared in the midst of making love. Later, Ethan and Theresa end up in bed together!


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

As the World Turns: Luke Comes Out

When you read that headline, you may have thought, "Wait, isn't Luke (Van Hansis) out already?" Well, coming out of the closet is a gradual process. Next week, As the World Turns' gay teen shares the truth about his sexual orientation with some more Oakdale residents... including Kevin, the guy he's been crushing on for quite some time.

Here's a video preview clip of Luke's confession to Kevin in the Monday, August 28 episode.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/25/2006 8:35 PM

Exclusive Q&A with Days of our Lives Star Austin Peck
We've got Austin Peck's first interview since the news broke that he and Christie Clark will be written off the canvas of NBC's Days of our Lives.

Click over and read it in my Daniel's Dish blog!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/25/2006 12:21 AM

One Life to Live Hunk Fired

Dan Gauthier by Yolanda Perez/ABCSad news, soap fans. Per the official website of One Life to Live's Dan Gauthier (Kevin), the actor was fired from his ABC soap yesterday.

"As of August 23, 2006, Dan has been released from One Life to Live," the site says. "The reason stated to Dan was that the focus groups do not like the character of Kevin. They stated that they do not plan to recast the character, but Kevin will be written off as of November 2006."

An OLTL spokesperson had no comment on the Internet statement, but did confirm that Gauthier will last air in November.

My take? Kevin Buchanan has been a pretty unlikable bastard lately. He went sterile, became an alcoholic and turned downright surly. We didn't even feel all that sorry for him when Kelly (Heather Tom) slept with his son, Duke (Matthew Metzger), because Kevin had been so damn nasty to her!

So I'm not surprised to hear that ABC's focus groups dislike Kevin. Of course, it's certainly not Dan Gauthier's fault that his character has been written into a corner. OLTL has never quite known what to do with Viki's sons, Kevin and Joey. Both characters have been recast and reimagined many times — Gauthier was Kevin No. 11!

I'm bummed — I've had a lil' crush on the handsome Gauthier ever since I watched him play Brad the jock in 1989's Teen Witch. Hopefully, he'll find himself a gig on another sudser.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/24/2006 5:01 PM

Passions Star Speaks Out on Recast
How does Passions goddess McKenzie Westmore really feel about Sheridan's substitute portrayer, Kam Heskin? TVGuide.com called up Maddox's mommy during her maternity leave to find out! In so doing, we also learned about her plan to lose the baby weight with the help of Entertainment Tonight.

It's all in today's fresh Soaps Q&A.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/22/2006 7:06 PM

TVGuide.com Welcomes Days Star Stephen Nichols aka "Patch"

Stephen Nichols by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC PhotoIn my continuing quest to offer you the most fantabulous soap-opera content available anywhere online, I convinced suds icon Stephen Nichols, aka Steve "Patch" Johnson from NBC's Days of our Lives, to join our roster of TVGuide.com celebrity bloggers.

Score! We are all sooo psyched about this. Read the very first dishy entry in "Patch's Days Blog" right here.

Meanwhile, there's some other important Days of our Lives news to share. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Matthew Ashford (Jack) both finished up work at Days last Friday, August 19. The beloved soap supercouple will last air on Thursday, September 21.

Jason Cook's last tape date as Shawn Brady was yesterday. He will last air on Friday, September 22. As previously reported here, Days is currently in search of a new actor to play Shawn.
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All My Children

Terry is closer to luring Lily into his pervy grasp. Amanda confesses to someone that she's fallen in love with Jonathan. Babe clings to her marriage despite feeling increasingly drawn to Josh. Kendall fights with Zach over his loyalty to Dixie. Livia learns what Jamal has really been doing with his life. Jamie has tough choices to make about his future. Spoiled brattishness abounds at Colby's sweet-16 party, where Jesse McCartney (ex-JR, AMC) performs his pop music. There's more on Jesse's return to AMC right here. (EDIT: see below)

General Hospital
As her medical condition worsens, Alexis tries to push Sam and Ric into spending time together. Town shrink Lainey finds this very strange. That weirdo Nanny Colleen lusts after Nikolas. Luke prevents the Quartermaines from legally manipulating Lulu. Luke later promises Lulu that he will support whatever she decides to do about her pregnancy. Turns out, Nurse Liz is also pregnant, but who's the daddy? Is it her pill-popping husband, Lucky, or her mobster ex, Jason?

One Life to Live
In the Labor Day episode on Sept. 4, OLTL reruns "Todd's execution." When fresh episodes begin airing again on Sept. 5, Nash is afraid the "Tess" side of Jessica's mind is gone forever. Blair is jealous of Todd and Evangeline. John McBain finds good dirt while snooping in Spencer's office. Rex and Dorian save Adriana from Bruce the stalker. Later, Adriana wants Dorian to pay for her stalker ordeal.

As the World Turns
Mike is annoyed at Katie for spreading word of their plans to start a family. Holden has a man-to-man talk with Kevin about Luke. Paul toasts his engagement to Meg, as well as his newspaper partnership with Emily. Barbara is upset that Gwen won't forgive Will's infidelity. Maddie unmasks the slasher — and you'll definitely be surprised by his or her identity!

The Bold and the Beautiful
Christian hears about Hector's fiery accident and returns to Los Angeles to visit his big brother. Thorne and Taylor get closer and closer to romance. Harry meets Bridget under very unusual circumstances. Bridget has reason to hope that Nick will leave her mother and come back to her. Uh oh, Brooke!

Guiding Light
There's heartbreak ahead for Tammy when Jonathan publicly proposes to Lizzie Spaulding for the sake of his unborn child. Vanessa tries to help Billy through his latest Reva-related crisis. Reva has a bizarre dream about Springfield as Guiding Light celebrates its 15,000th episode.

The Young and the Restless
Jack and Sharon scandalize everyone in Genoa City, especially their ex-spouses, Phyllis and Nick. Jack gets Victor to help him in his plot to regain control of Jabot Cosmetics. The Abbotts aren't pleased about Gloria's job promotion at Jabot. Jill and Kay are worried about Billy's behavior as he starts his new career. Dru is extra jealous when Carmen surprises Neil with a new business prospect.

Days of Our Lives
Marlena gets a job offer with mysterious strings attached. Jack and Jennifer go sleuthing together just like the old days. Sami and EJ think Will has been kidnapped. Austin convinces Carrie that they belong together as a couple. Two big police arrests happen in Salem. Chelsea Brady is among the baddies who end up in handcuffs!

Tabitha takes a cosmic journey. Ethan and Theresa are surprised to find themselves in bed together. Julian offers Jared a bribe to betray Theresa. Julian also has a romantic surprise for Eve. Fox's jealousy over Kay and Miguel drives him to violence. Katherine tells Sheridan not to give up on Luis, despite his attraction to her niece.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

The Young and the Restless: She's the Boss

Industry insiders already knew that Lynn Marie Latham was top dog at CBS's The Young and the Restless. Now it's official.

Latham has just been appointed executive producer of Y&R. She also retains the title of head writer as she leads the writing team and oversees all creative aspects of the No. 1-rated soap.

FYI, her talented colleagues, Kay Alden and Jack Smith, will each continue to hold the title of head writer, too. But Latham is definitely the show's proverbial "She Who Must Be Obeyed." (Although Y&R hasn't announced it, Smith has quietly relinquished the title of co-executive producer.)

"Lynn has done a terrific job balancing stories that are both compelling and emotional," Bell Dramatic Serial Company president Bill Bell, Jr. said in a statement. "She has embraced the history of the show and found new opportunities for storylines that have great passion."

"Lynn is a consummate storyteller. From the page to the screen, her talent and heart grace every aspect of The Young and the Restless," added CBS Daytime chief Barbara Bloom. "Already, under her stewardship as head writer, she has created meaningful and engaging stories for Y&R's core characters. I am thrilled to see her expand her duties to executive producer and confident that, under her guidance, Y&R fans will be richly rewarded."

This TVGuide.com reporter shares the suits' confidence in the eminently qualified Latham. Since she took over at Y&R, the show's been refreshingly faster paced and fascinating.

Oh, and don't forget that she wrote my Knots Landing for six seasons and produced the classic nighttime sudser for three of those seasons. She was top scribe at Port Charles for two years, too. Her rιsumι also includes sudsy series like Homefront, Savannah and Pacific Palisades. If only all my soaps had bosses this gifted, daytime would be a brighter place.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 08/31/2006 8:05 PM

Exclusive Book Excerpt: The Q Guide to Soap Operas
There's a fantabulous new soap-opera trivia book on sale now called The Q Guide to Soap Operas.

How do I know it's so great? I wrote it! Read a juicy book excerpt and find out where you can get your own hot copy over in my Daniel's Dish blog.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/1/2006 1:43 AM

Good Samaritan Rescues La Lucci from Danger!
I enjoyed this story from today's New York Daily News.

Lucci spared case of the Benz

A New York restaurateur got a surprise Thursday night when he rescued a couple from their flooded car in the Hamptons. Uncle Jack's Steakhouse owner William Jack Degel came upon a Mercedes SL convertible swamped in 3 feet of water on Route 104 during a storm.

Other cars had passed them by, but Degel said to himself, "Let me pull those people out of there." He told us: "I drove up to the car really, really slowly and I pulled up next to the gentleman and they both looked frightened. Their electrical system didn't work. I said, 'Let me get your wife out first,' and I jumped into the water. I went around and she climbed out the window and I threw her over my shoulder."

The damsel in distress? Susan Lucci.

Degel then helped the soap star's husband, chef-turned-manager Helmut Huber, to his Range Rover.

"[The SUV] has hydraulics that allow you to raise it a few inches," said Degel. "I've been dying to use them."

The best news for Lucci? "She was very light, maybe 85 pounds," Degel noted. "She was a sweetheart and he was a gentleman. He said to me, 'Not too many people can say they picked up Susan Lucci.'"
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/1/2006 7:52 PM

Days of our Lives Casts New Shawn
God love Farah Fath. The Days of our Lives starlet, who plays Mimi Lockhart Brady, spilled more soap scoopage this week on her official website. Specifically, she named the hottie who will replace outgoing actor Jason Cook as Shawn Douglas Brady.

"I will be meeting up with Brandon Beemer (the new Shawn) and the Days acting coach next week to work on his first few episodes," Fath posted. "We're taping eight episodes the week back from break (and Brandon's first week, period) so we agreed we should go over it before walking out on set that Monday and going 'Hi, I'm Farah,' 'Hi, I'm Brandon,' now let's start crying and screaming at each other."

Check him out: http://www.brandonbeemer.com

By the way, you may recall hearing about that in-the-works reality show for Fath and Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle; now Maxie, General Hospital). It's not gonna happen. "We're taking a permanent break from Lil' Divas," Fath shared. "I've got other goals professionally that I must tend to at this stage in life... like finding new acting jobs."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/1/2006 5:51 PM

ABC Soap Secrets Recap
So I just finished watching the latest edition of SOAPnet Reveals... ABC Soap Secrets. Co-hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway were very cute as usual, and there was lots of recap to help new and lapsed soap viewers catch up on who's who and what's what on ABC's three sudsers.

Most of the "soap secrets" were really just teasers, but there were a few tasty tidbits of info. Here's a quick roundup of the stuff worth mentioning:

All My Children

"Ryan gets shot and someone he cares about pulls the trigger," said Cameron Mathison.

Oh, and October is when we'll finally learn who buried Dr. Greg Madden alive.

"Bianca and somebody that nobody would ever expect are going to form a connection," teased Eden Riegel. "But it's only going to turn into love for one of the people involved. We don't [know if it's a male or a female]. You'll have to wait and see this fall what happens with [Bianca and Maggie], too."

General Hospital

"Jax and Carly will plan a really big wedding," said Laura Wright, "and Carly is not gonna let Sonny ruin it for her."

Kimberly McCullough teased: "Robin will play a key role in getting Laura out of her catatonic state."

One Life to Live

"Well, from what I understand," said Kamar de los Reyes, "there is a big Jessica and Antonio wedding planned. The question is will Jessica say I do or will she have enough Tess in her to leave Antonio at the altar?"
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/1/2006 1:32 AM

All My Missing Children: Where's Reggie?
Sadly, it seems All My Children fans have seen the last of Jackson's adopted son, Reggie Porter Montgomery. The ABC soap's spokesperson confirms that actor Michael B. Jordan, who was last seen on the air in June, has been let go and won't air again. Not much ado will be made about Reggie's absence from Pine Valley; he'll just remain off screen.

The talented 19-year-old Jordan joined AMC in 2003. He was pre-nominated for the Daytime Emmy outstanding-younger-actor category in '03 and '06. He was also nominated for NAACP Image Awards in '05 and '06. His prospects on the show didn't look too good after his romance with Tanisha Lynn — who plays Fusion Cosmetics staffer Danielle Frye — fizzled out earlier this year. [Cue Debbie Downer noise. Bwa bwaaaa]
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/1/2006 12:03 AM

All My Children to Launch Weekly Podcast
Jesse McCartney by Keith MunyanStarting on Monday, Sept. 4, All My Children will launch a special free, weekly video podcast, available on both ABC.com and iTunes.

"For the first time, fans will have intimate access to exclusive cast and guest star interviews as they are taken behind the scenes," AMC's executive producer, Julie Hanan Carruthers, said in a statement. "The video podcast will provide an enhanced fan experience, allowing our loyal viewers to become equally as intimate with the actors as they have already become with the characters they play."

Just so we're clear, AMC is not podcasting actual episodes of the soap. They're just offering up fun extra goodies from backstage. The premiere podcast will include an interview with teen pop star Jesse McCartney (ex-JR, AMC), who'll perform at that soapy sweet 16 party I told you about.
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Days Star Says "Farewell Missy and Matt"
Our new TVGuide.com celebrity blogger Stephen Nichols has lots to say in the latest edition of Patch's Days Blog.
He shares his thoughts on the recent departures of Melissa Reeves and Matthew Ashford, as well as exclusive photos from their last day on the Days of our Lives set. The Patch Man also reveals the identity of the beloved Days star who shares his dressing room. It's the last person I ever would've imagined!
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Days of our Lives Stars Wed in Vegas
Congrats to newlywed Days of our Lives costars Julie Pinson (Billie) and Billy Warlock (Frankie).

Per People, they got married in Las Vegas on Saturday. The couple were first engaged back in 1999, but they broke it off shortly before their nuptials were to take place.

It was apparent to everyone that Warlock's passion for Pinson had been reignited when he escorted her to Days' 40th-anniversary party here in L.A. in November 2005.

Cut to this weekend. In a fabulously romantic gesture straight out of a soap, Pinson wore the ivory duchess satin Vera Wang dress she had planned to wear to their original wedding seven years earlier! The lucky groom kept it simple with a Canali black suit.

This is Pinson's first marriage. Warlock was previously married to former suds star Marcy Walker. Side note: Pinson is 38, and Warlock is 45. Even without the benefit of flattering soap-opera lighting, they both look way younger. What a handsome couple they make. And doesn't it do your heart good to see true love win out in the end?
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Heather Tom's Leaving One Life to Live, Too!
On the heels of Dan Gauthier's (Kevin) Internet statement that he'd been let go by One Life to Live, his Daytime Emmy-winning costar Heather Tom (Kelly) has issued her own farewell announcement this morning.

"It is with great regret that I have decided to leave the cast of OLTL," Tom posted on her official site. "The time has come for me to return to Los Angeles and pursue other creative avenues. I have loved my time in New York City, and I have been so lucky to have known and worked with some of the best people in daytime. The love and support from everyone on the set of One Life and from all my fans has meant more to me than anyone can imagine.

"Please be sure to watch my episode of Monk coming up later this year," she continued, "and also look for my production of The Secret Letters of Jackie and Marilyn, coming to the Pittsburgh Public [Theater] in November and then on to New York. I'm playing Marilyn Monroe! Also please keep returning to HeatherTom.net for more information on my future projects. Thanks again for tuning in, Llanview will be missed!"

And Llanviewers will certainly miss her!

Now before all you suds fans go speculating about Heather reprising her old role as Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless, let me remind you that recast Amelia Heinle is currently filling the heiress' high heels. As much as I'd love to see Heather back on Y&R in her signature soap role, it feels impolite to root for the lovely and talented Amelia to lose her job. Heather's publicist also tells TVGuide.com that she has not had any discussions with the CBS soap about returning.

That said, I can't help but imagine that the honchos at Y&R are taking in the news of Heather's sudden availability with great interest. Hmmm....
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All My Children

Erica and Kendall share mother-daughter bonding time. A yachting trip goes terribly wrong for Colby and Sydney. Ryan is gunned down by someone he knows. Policeman Derek Frye has a busy week of arresting and questioning Pine Valley's guilty residents. Terry traps Lily in a secluded cabin, where the Internet perv is eager to rape the frightened teenager.

General Hospital
Carly is on a mission to destroy Ric. Sonny has harsh words for his rotten brother. Jax's date with Carly is complicated by an intrusive third party. Alexis is afraid she won't live much longer, so she shares emotional goodbyes with her loved ones. Lulu makes a final decision about her pregnancy. Elizabeth is fed up and ready to quit her messed-up marriage to Lucky.

One Life to Live
Jessica must ask herself, "Do you believe in life after multiple-personality integration?" Elsewhere, John and Hugh set a trap for the sinister Spencer. Todd feels an urge to find the missing son he had with Margaret. A Llanview lady accepts a Hispanic hunk's marriage proposal.

As the World Turns
Jade has a mind-blowing surprise for Will. Barbara tosses her famously bitchy barbs at Lucy. Simon distracts Carly from thinking about her impending divorce from Jack. Katie receives crushing news.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge and Donna leave L.A. together on an overseas publicity tour for the "Brooke's Bedroom" underwear line. For little Alexandria's sake, Thorne, Taylor, Sally and Clarke decide to celebrate the late Darla's birthday. Homeless guy Shane (Dax Griffin) spies on Taylor — and he's got blackmail on his mind! Bridget tells Brooke she wants Nick back.

Guiding Light
Tammy realizes that Lizzie really wants to keep Jonathan for herself. Marina is out to uncover the identity of the "Springfield Burns" blogger. Dinah and Mallet get a second chance at a future together. Billy makes Reva a surprising offer.

The Young and the Restless
Victor's medical malady causes him to endanger the life of a loved one. (Watch a video preview clip in the Soaps News blog!)(EDIT: see below) The jealous Dru lashes out at Carmen. The Jack and Sharon affair gets more serious. Michael thwarts Jack's plot to take over Jabot Cosmetics. Jill, Ashley and Gloria are all looking at the newly rich Will Bardwell (Ted Shackleford) with romantic eyes.

Days of our Lives
Bo is absent from his own divorce hearing. Jack and Jennifer are roughed up by strange assailants and dragged off into the woods. Jack ends up being held captive by a loony old lady. Sexy sparks fly between Billie and Patch. Billie plays matchmaker for Chelsea and Max. The missing Will's loved ones are searching for him. Bo arrests the person who murdered crooked cop Eve.

Luis and Sheridan share a passionate kiss. The twosome hide their affection from Chris and Fancy. Later, Noah finds Fancy boozing at the Blue Note and tries to repair their friendship. Siren pulls a paparazzi move to get dirt on Kay. Chad feels guilty about betraying Whitney's trust. Paloma is close to revealing that Spike's the culprit who killed Jessica's johns.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Passions: McKenzie Westmore Update

Passions's much-missed heroine McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) is finishing up her maternity leave. "I am so excited to start back next Monday [Sept. 11]!" she posted this week on her official site. "It feels like I have been away for years, but at the same time, when I go over to visit, it feels like I never left."

Kam Heskin has been filling in as Substitute Sheridan while McKenzie bonds with newborn son Maddox. The one and only McKenzie returns to your TV screen on Monday, Oct. 23. Hang in there, suds fans!
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The Young and the Restless Video Preview: Will Victor Shoot Nikki?!

Eric Braeden by Monty Brinton/CBSAs The Young and the Restless viewers know, Victor's head injury and epilepsy condition have led to lots of mood swings and strange behavior. Next Tuesday, Sept. 12, Victor (Eric Braeden) has an extreme episode of paranoia that prompts him to pull a gun on his own beloved wife, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

The scary encounter underscores for Nikki and the rest of the Newman family that everything is definitely not "fine" now that Victor's back home in Genoa City and taking medication. Click here to watch a spine-chilling video preview.

Just a side note about Nikki: This poor woman never seems to go more than a few months without being held at gunpoint for some reason or another! What's up with that? I'm just saying.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/8/2006 12:24 AM

Days of our Lives: It's Julie Pinson's Bridal Q&A!

True confession, suds fans: I have had a major NSC (Non-Sexual Crush) on Julie Pinson ever since I worked for Soaps In Depth magazine as the Port Charles show editor back in the '90s. But I wasn't at all jealous when my Julie recently married her fellow Days of our Lives star Billy Warlock in Las Vegas. They're such a cute couple!

Read my Q&A with Julie right here in the latest edition of Daniel's Dish.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/7/2006 11:47 PM

Passions Sinks Siren the Mermaid
Former beauty queen Brandi Burkhardt (Siren) will be written off Passions, a show rep confirms to TVGuide.com. She will last air on Monday, Sept. 25.

Guess the NBC sudser finally figured out what viewers already knew: Although she was fun at first, Siren, the silly, slutty mermaid, now stinks like rotten fish. Time to toss her back "unda da sea."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/7/2006 9:41 PM

The Young and the Restless: This Lady's Leaving

Marisa Ramirez by Steve Granitz/WireImage.comTime for another "Rumor Control" moment, suds fans.

True: The Young and the Restless will be letting go of Marisa Ramirez, an ex-General Hospital starlet who recently joined the CBS sudser as crisis PR expert Carmen Mesta.

False: Despite what you may have read elsewhere, Y&R is not replacing Ramirez - who turns 29 this month - because they feel she's too young to work well in the brewing Dru/Neil/Carmen triangle.

"I saw that on the Internet. It's so inaccurate and I don't know where it came from," Y&R's head writer and executive producer, Lynn Marie Latham, tells TVGuide.com. "Carmen is not going to be recast. We have a lovely story in the works for Carmen. I think the actress is a marvelous actress. But I don't want to say anything more that would cause the audience to not enjoy the story as much as they would otherwise."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/6/2006 9:23 PM

No, Really, Ronn Moss Isn't Quitting B&B
Whenever Ronn Moss (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) goes on tour to promote his Uncovered album, suds fans start fretting that he'll quit his soap job to rock out on full-time basis. Chill, OK?

"I think I'd miss all of my castmates too much - I really do," Moss tells CBS Soaps In Depth. "As long as I can continue to do my music and some outside projects, it helps to bolster my feeling of wanting to [remain with the show]. It all works hand-in-hand, and I'm thankful for that. Very thankful."

This is basically what he told me in our Soaps Q&A last December, but it's so nice to be reassured, isn't it?

FYI, Moss took time off from B&B in late August and early September to tour in Australia. As a result, his Ridge character leaves the canvas for three weeks, starting on Monday, Sept. 11, when Ridge and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) head off on an overseas publicity tour for the "Brooke's Bedroom" underwear line. The ravishing Donna won't be off-screen during that entire time, though; she'll still pop in to make occasional reports to her big sis, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/6/2006 5:06 PM

Guiding Light Turns 15,000. Watch Video!
I'm quite the Sentimental Sally, so I will most definitely be watching when Guiding Light celebrates 15,000 episodes on Thursday, Sept. 7. It's an unprecedented milestone for TV's oldest serial drama.

Video Preview: GL marks the occasion tomorrow with a colorful fantasy episode. Basically, an unconscious Reva (Kim Zimmer) dreams of a "Bizarro Springfield" where the townies trade places. The Spauldings run the local greasy spoon, the Coopers are gazillionaires, etc. Click here to watch a fun preview clip!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/6/2006 4:23 PM

Days of our Lives: The Gloved One Revealed
Spoiler alert!

Just to cover my derriere with devotees of NBC's Days of our Lives, I started this Soaps News blog posting with an obligatory note of caution.

By now, though, it must be obvious to even the most casual viewer that EJ Wells (James Scott) is the spooky skulker who's been causing chaos in Salem.

C'mon. Every time Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) wonders aloud who could be blackmailing her, the camera cuts to EJ pulling one of his mysterious, meaningful looks. Hel-lo? The hints are hardly subtle, kids.

Per TV Guide's Sept. 4 issue, Days will reveal in mid-fall that EJ is the Gloved One, and that he's in criminal cahoots with Patrick Lockhart (Brody Hutzler). This answers the "Is Patrick still an evil mercenary or isn't he?" question once and for all, paving the way for Hutzler's exit from Days. (He's among the many cast casualties of the show's budget cuts.)

Oh, and TV Guide also confirms that EJ is a member of the devious DiMera family.

I knew it! Now, this part is just my own speculation: I think EJ is Elvis, the long-lost son of Stefano DiMera and Susan Banks, the goofy look-alike of Kristen (Eileen Davidson).

Longtime Days viewers will recall that Stefano drugged Susan, dressed himself up as her idol, Elvis Presley, and impregnated her because he wanted an heir. After the truth came out about "The King," Susan married an Englishman named Edmund Crumb and the newlyweds took Elvis across the pond to start a new life in 1998. That would explain EJ's British accent. As for the age issue, hey, that's why soaps have SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome).

What do you think of my Elvis theory? Discuss.

P.S. I wasn't just messing with you when I suggested that Jan Spears might be the Gloved One. Don't forget that Days' new head writer, Hogan Sheffer, recently inherited this plotline from James E. Reilly. From what I'm hearing, the Gloved One's identity actually changed a few times before the show finally settled on EJ Wells. I'm just happy that Days plans a substantial story line for British hottie James Scott after he was so wasted on All My Children.

UPDATE: I've read some of your comments and I'm not so sure about this "EJ Wells is Benjy Hawk" theory. Yeah, Patch and Kayla did mention Benjy in passing recently. But consider that character's history. Back in the late '80s, Benjy rejected Stefano after an explosion at one of his fiendish father's many residences left Benjy deaf. He then went to live with his Native American maternal grandfather, Orion Hawk. So if Benjy is now EJ, how exactly did Benjy not only regain his hearing, but become evil and British? Me confused.

Oh, and reliable sources tell TVGuide.com that, yes, of course Joseph Mascolo (now ex-Massimo, Bold and the Beautiful) is coming back to Days as Stefano. Just in case anyone was wondering.
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All My Children

After the boating accident, Colby hides from the law in the secret tunnels of the Chandler mansion. Colby uses this as an opportunity to eavesdrop on her stepmommy, Krystal. Jackson actually does something nice for Jonathan in court. Dixie accuses Kendall of wanting both Zach and Ryan for herself. Babe and Josh finally surrender to the sexual tension that's been simmering between them.

General Hospital
Ric enlists Alcazar's assistance in a nefarious new plan to "eliminate" his enemies. Luke seeks medical help for the catatonic Laura. Jealous mobster Sonny wants to bust up Carly's relationship with Jax. Nanny Colleen stirs up trouble for Emily at General Hospital.

One Life to Live
Llanviewers see through Dorian's false claims of innocence. Adriana still wants Dorian to pay for her role in that silly stalker ordeal. Vincent sabotages Cristian's latest boxing bout. John McBain finally acquires the damning evidence he needs to jail the devious Dr. Spencer Truman. Spencer's enemies gloat as he faces prosecution for his past misdeeds. Sadly, a nasty tragedy strikes just as John has found the justice he's sought for so long.

As the World Turns
Holden is troubled by Dr. Bob's latest report on Lily's comatose condition. Gwen's emotions explode when she finds out Jade is pregnant with Will's baby. Elsewhere, Emily is enraged to learn that Meg and Paul have been hiding their engagement from her. Oakdale busybodies Barbara and Lucinda have opposing viewpoints on Dusty's love life. After the Snyders' divorce is finalized, Jack has big-time regrets about walking away from Carly. As for Simon, that Aussie bad boy is only too happy to step up his pursuit of the newly-single Carly.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Bridget surprises her family with her sudden urge to go abroad. Later on, a fellow doctor gives Bridget important medical news that may alter her travel plans. After Shane undergoes surgery, Phoebe suggests to Taylor that the man come to stay in their house. However, Shane's strange behavior prompts Hector to run a background check on him.

Guiding Light
It's a sad day in Springfield when Reva and Josh make their divorce official. The troubled Dinah spends quality time with Vanessa and Matt. Tammy needs Remy's help to get out of a tight situation. Blake can't resist tattling someone's sexual secret. The feud between Olivia and Ava heats up... and one lady may lose her life.

The Young and the Restless
Colleen returns to college, where she encounters an opinionated (and hot) new professor. After Dru's arrest for vandalizing Carmen's clothing, Dru begins to attend court-ordered therapy sessions. Jack wants to whisk Sharon off to the Caribbean. Michael and Kevin work to thwart Jack's plot to buy back Jabot. Victor returns home from the hospital, but the mogul's battle with epilepsy continues.

Days of our Lives
Claire's paternity test results stir up emotional upheaval in Salem. Jack and Jennifer make love while stranded in a cave. Bo shows Hope some intriguing evidence from Eve's murder case. Carrie tells Austin she won't couple up with him until the missing Will is found. As usual, though, Carrie is sending mixed messages to her men.

Eve breaks off her engagement to Julian. That sleazy Spike traps Theresa in a deadly situation. The two-timing Kay gets busy with Miguel and tries to hide her sexual sins from Fox. Kay also receives an offensive gift from Ivy. Fancy and Sheridan bicker over who's right for the hunky Luis.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Oh No! All My Children Fires Vincent Irizarry

ABC's All My Children is dropping daytime vet Vincent Irizarry, who has played the devious Dr. David Hayward since 1998.

"Vincent Irizarry has been a valued member of the AMC cast for many years," executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers said in a statement. "The decision to write the David character off the canvas was both financial and storyline based. [Irizarry] is a wonderful actor and a true gentleman and I thank him for his years of dedication to the show."

Sigh. Budgetary belt-tightening like this continues to be a sad reality in daytime soaps. No word yet on Irizarry's final airdate on AMC. As for Dr. Hayward, he seems to be extra bitter and cynical ever since he suffered Dixie's most recent rejection. Hopefully, AMC will send him out of Pine Valley with a bang.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/15/06 6:02 PM

Days of our Lives Exclusive: New Writer Dishes the DiMera Dynasty
Last week, this TVGuide.com soap pundit had the great pleasure of lunching with Hogan Sheffer, the new head writer of NBC's Days of our Lives.

We spent two fascinating hours at Art's Delicatessen in Studio City, California, where we dished the current state of Salem and how he'll fix it. It's a big job, but if anyone can do it, Sheffer - who scored four Emmys while penning As the World Turns - is the guy.

During our chat, I found Sheffer to be candid, funny, down-to-earth and whip-smart. And I swear I'm not just saying that 'cause he promised he would order my new soap-opera book - although a first-time author appreciates all the support he can get!

FYI, I got way too much great soap dish to blow it all in one blog posting. So I'll be serving you my deli scoopage in delicious, digestible portions.

Let's start with Sheffer's take on the DiMera clan, that dynasty of deviants who've been stirring up terror in Salem since the '80s. "When I first got this job," Sheffer says, "everybody told me, 'You need to bring back the DiMeras.' This is the perfect time for that. I want to reward longtime Days fans by tapping the show's history of romance and old-school villains."

Need I say it? OK, I suppose I must... SPOILER ALERT!

Will Stefano DiMera return to Salem?
I outright told Sheffer that Days just shouldn't do any more DiMera stories sans Stefano DiMera, the cagey "Phoenix" himself. Daytime vet Joseph Mascolo recently left The Bold and the Beautiful, and I've heard word he's returning to Days to reprise his signature Stefano role. True?

"Our problem, at the moment," Sheffer says, "is that I don't know if [Mascolo] is willing to come back for a short span. We have to think about what to do about that. The first thing we'll do is make sure there's another generation of the DiMera family on the canvas. We need to start passing down those attributes that have been so successful to the next generation. The [younger] generation on this show is sitting around doing nothing."

Who is E.J. Wells?
British actor James Scott (ex-Ethan, All My Children) has charmed Days fans as Sami Brady's mysterious friend, E.J. Wells. It will be revealed this fall that E.J. is a member of the DiMera clan and he's also the Gloved One who's been skulking around Salem.

"He's not going anywhere," Sheffer says. "To me, he is the next generation of the DiMera family. I think it will be a huge surprise as to who he is, how he's connected and what he's been doing. I won't tell you exactly who he is. Kudos to [former Days head writer] Jim Reilly for bringing on this character and for setting up what I think will be a great mystery. That's all his stuff, not mine. The way it's going to play out is mine."

Wasn't Jan Spears supposed to be the Gloved One at one point?
"Yeah, Jan Spears," Sheffer acknowledges. "One of the other versions of that story had Tek as the gloved hand. But there are only two people involved in that gloved-hand business, E.J. and Patrick. John and Bo will figure out their connection."

E.J. Wells is not Benjy!
I recently offered up a wacky theory that E.J. is Elvis, the son of Stefano and Kristen's oddball look-alike, Susan Banks. Several TVGuide.com readers countered by speculating that E.J. is Stefano's long-lost Native American son, Benjy Hawk.

"You can say this," Sheffer says with a wink. "Benjy is a DiMera, and Benjy will be back. E.J. Wells is not Benjy, though. We will see Benjy for the first time around the end of October. Benjy will be pivotal in what's happening in the months to come." Scoop!

E.J. will have an affair with an older woman!
As Days fans know, Kate Roberts used to be Stefano's mistress. So let's keep it in the family, shall we?

"Kate and E.J. are gonna start [sleeping together]," Sheffer teases. "E.J. is everybody's type. And why wouldn't he want her? She's a sexy woman! This also gives Kate her chops back. No more Roman and Victor - none of that. When Lauren Koslow (Kate) walks into a room, she just bowls me over. She's sexy, she's a great actress, and she will be very, very busy."

Stay tuned to this blog for much more Days scoopage and insights from Hogan Sheffer. But for now, just discuss amongst yourselves!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/15/06 2:02 AM

Big Brother Bad Boy Feels Young and Restless
Reality TV troublemaker Will Kirby (Big Brother 7: All-Stars) taped a cameo appearance at the Young and the Restless set today.

Kirby (a.k.a. BB's "Dr. Evil") plays a businessman named, oddly enough, Will Kirby. On October 23, you'll see him sharing a conversation with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) in the hallway at Newman Enterprises.

What are they gonna do, form an evil alliance to force their enemies to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week? Seriously, I never got the appeal of Big Brother. Of course, I'll still watch Will's episode because I never miss a day of my Y&R!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/14/06 7:48 PM

All That Jazz on The Young and the Restless
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I can't resist pointing this out...

Recently on The Young and the Restless, Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) revealed his plans to open up a new jazz club in Genoa City. The name? Indigo. How original.

Let me refresh your memory, suds fans. Back in the '90s, Llanview businessman R.J. Gannon (Timothy D. Stickney) owned a nightclub called Indigo on One Life to Live. It burned down back in '99.

Don't get me wrong. I think a jazz club is a great idea for Y&R. Neil is so underappreciated at Newman Enterprises, and this new career direction could help freshen up the character. Plus, Y&R's bougie set really needs another posh hangout besides the Genoa City Athletic Club. I just wish Indigo were called something else!

FYI, Aaron Neville will perform "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Stand By Me" at the opening of Neil's jazz joint on October 27. I'm hoping that by then they'll come up with a new name. Any suggestions? Comment away!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/14/06 6:09 PM

Guess Who's on Fashion House Tomorrow?
FYI, that sassy Fox TV personality Jillian Barberie Reynolds (Skating with Celebrities, Good Day L.A.) will guest star on the MyNetworkTV telenovela Fashion House on Wednesday at 9 pm/ET.

"I play Alyssa McKay, who is a fashion-designer rival of Maria Gianni (Bo Derek)," Jillian tells TVGuide.com. "Our characters run into each other in a hair salon. Bo is mean, catty and bitchy to me with this chilly smile on her face. She's so cool and smooth, whereas my character wears her heart on her sleeve. She totally gets under Alyssa's skin with her rude comments. Hopefully, I'll get to do more of this stuff because I loved it!"

Hey, suds fans, what do you think of the new MyNetworkTV telenovelas, Fashion House and Desire? Comment away!

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All My Children

Zach and Dixie are on trial for Dr. Greg Madden's murder. Brooke cautions Tad against perjuring himself in court. Zach accuses Ryan of scheming to win back Kendall's heart. Someone finds that brat Colby — who is presumed dead — hiding in the tunnels at the Chandler mansion. JR discovers Babe skinnydipping in the swimming pool after her tryst with Josh. Needless to say, Mrs. Chandler feels majorly guilty for her latest slutty sin!

General Hospital
Patrick gets his latest HIV test results. Sonny schemes to come between Jax and Carly. Alexis contemplates undergoing chemotherapy. Lucky gets stoned (dumb) and then decides that all his problems will be solved by taking down Jason (dumber). Ric and Alcazar are prepared to make their next malevolent move. Edward wants to groom Dillon for a future career as an ELQ executive.

One Life to Live
In Claudia's daydream, Tess taunts her that she will never get Nash back. Back in reality, Antonio and Nash notice that Jessica has begun showing Tess-like traits since her two personalities were integrated. Natalie and her fellow Llanviewers are horrified to learn that John McBain has "died" in a highway accident. High school is hell for Starr Manning, thanks to local gossip about her infamous parents. David gets an intriguing job offer. Nora becomes Paige's ally.

As the World Turns
Brrr! A deadly ice storm strikes Oakdale. Emily goes into labor at the Snyder farm, where Nurse Meg must help deliver her child. Will rides to Gwen's rescue in yet another dangerous situation. Holden gets eye-opening news about his comatose true love, Lily.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Phoebe freaks out when Shane reveals who he really is. Soon after Nick and Brooke renew their wedding vows, Bridget reveals she's preggers with Nick's child! Eric suspects that Stephanie is hiding something from the police. Taylor silently asks for Darla's forgiveness as she prepares to be intimate with Thorne. Later, Taylor and Hector are in big trouble when Shane opens his mouth.

Guiding Light
As Josh and Cassie keep on canoodling, Reva's hidden secrets are close to coming out. Tammy and Jonathan play cat-and-mouse with Alan Spaulding. Dinah receives a threatening message from the "Springfield Burns" blogger. Olivia regrets sending a hitman after Ava. Someone in Springfield is served a meal laced with laxatives. Yuck!

The Young and the Restless
Kay is tempted to sell Jabot Cosmetics to a mysterious buyer, unaware that it's Jack. Meanwhile, Jack continues to be haunted by ghostly guilt trips from his late father. Victoria and Brad are unsure of their future as a couple. Frustrated by his health problems, Victor bickers with Nikki. Devon's sudden crisis brings the Winters family together.

Days of our Lives
Patrick swears he's innocent of Bo's accusations. Chelsea finds Billie and Steve in the midst of a liplock. A betrayed Lucas verbally blasts Carrie and insists that she take off her wedding ring. Shawn finds out something that may wreck his marriage to Mimi. Abe feels guilty for "dating" Lexie under false pretenses. Phillip tells Victor about Claire's paternity, unaware that his father has known the truth for quite some time.

Eve walks in on Julian in a sexual clinch with a shocking partner. Later, Julian and Eve have an emotional, painful discussion about their relationship. Elsewhere in Harmony, Ethan receives Theresa's letter, which explains that he is little Ethan's real biological father. Simone and Paloma suss out a secret of Jessica's. Chad's canoodling with Valerie will soon be outed. Both Fancy and Sheridan give up claim on Luis in the same week.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Brrr! As the World Turns Writer Stirs Up Ice Storm

As the World Turns has just wrapped up its killer "Slasher" saga ? and the CBS sudser is already moving on to another major stunt!

On Tuesday, September 26, a devastating ice storm strikes the fictional soap-opera town of Oakdale, Illinois.

"We try to put our characters through the most horrible situations possible as much as possible," ATWT head writer Jean Passanante tells TVGuide.com. "While we play horror, we also play up the high romantic stakes. This ice storm idea came from the fun of something big happening to everybody on the show.

"Sometimes," the scribe adds, "the writers give our stories names internally. Our internal title for this story was 'Global Warming.' It's a double entendre. It's a freakishly early ice storm ? nobody's expecting it and it comes out of nowhere. Yet it's also 'warming' in the sense that everything in Oakdale heats up emotionally, romantically and in other ways."

For example, Nurse Meg is forced to deliver her enemy Emily's baby at the Snyder farm. "There's always a lot happening in Emma Snyder's barn," Passanante notes with a chuckle. "Emily has been threatening to leave town with her unborn baby. As much as Meg would love to have Emily gone, she knows that's not what Paul wants. He's the baby's father. So the three of them will butt heads over that with explosive consequences."

What else? "Lucy and Dusty have been dancing around each other," Passanante says. "Dusty's been hesitant to consider the possibility of a relationship or even a friendship with Lucy, who is the daughter of [Oakdale villain] Craig Montgomery. There's a turning point during the ice storm where Lucy proves herself to Dusty. He can't get to his son, Johnny, who is sick. Lucy is desperate to save that child's life, no matter what. In the course of Lucy's heroic mission, she stumbles across a shocking surprise."

This reporter can tease up the frosty tale no further. Otherwise, the folks at Procter & Gamble (the company that produces ATWT) would put me on ice!

Video Sneak Peek: To watch a video preview clip of the ice storm, just click over to TVGuide.com's fabulous As the World Turns search page.

FYI, the new, improved, redesigned TVGuide.com features these search pages for all the daytime soaps. Simply enter your fave show's title in the search engine above and click "Search." Simple as that!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/22/06 10:14 PM

Soap Divas Will Guest Star on USA's Monk
Remember I mentioned that Heather Tom (Kelly, One Life to Live) had an upcoming gig on USA Network's Monk? Well, now there's more details to share!

In an episode entitled "Mr. Monk Is on the Air," Heather Tom will play Linda, a woman who feels sure that her brother-in-law (Steven Weber) is behind her sister's untimely death. The problem is that her brother-in-law is a famous radio shock jock who was on the air at the time of his wife's demise. Linda turns to quirky private eye Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) to help solve the mystery.

Sarah Joy Brown (ex-Carly, General Hospital; ex-Julia, As the World Turns) will also appear in an episode that's tentatively being called "Mr. Monk and the Bad Client."

Brown plays Mandy Bronson, a woman whose husband vanished from her life seven years prior. The husband suddenly returns, but it seems he has contracted leprosy. He hires Monk to retrieve certain documents he needs from Mandy's house.

So when will Ms. Brown and Ms. Tom - who are both Daytime Emmy winners, BTW - pop up on Monk? No airdates are available yet, but I can tell you that their episodes are slated for the second half of Season 5, which debuts in January '07.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/22/06 1:17 PM

One Life to Live Casting News: Marty Returns!
Psst! You didn't hear this from me, but there's an intriguing One Life to Live audition script floating around. Looks like they're recasting the role of Dr. Marty Saybrooke.

Marty is a psychiatrist who was raped by Todd Manning and his frat buddies back in college. Although the talented Susan Haskell ? the original Marty ? has made occasional return visits to Llanview over the years, it would appear that OLTL couldn't get her back this time.

Have you noticed that Marty's name seems to be popping up again lately on OLTL? This week, Nora mentioned Marty's 1993 rape to Todd right in front of Evangeline. That stopped him cold. Todd's ugly past just never quits haunting him ? and this Llanviewer loves it when the ABC soap mines that rich, dramatic history.

In possibly related news, OLTL recently gave the soap-opera press a heads up that daytime newcomer Brandon Buddy has been cast in the contract role of Cole. "Cole is the son of someone from Todd and Blair's past," the show's rep teased.

Could that "someone" be Marty? And could this Cole be potential boyfriend material for Starr, who's just starting her freshman year in high school? Just imagine the juicy conflict between Marty and the Mannings if their kids were dating. Yikes! Sounds like a soapy recipe for Starr-crossed love if ever I heard one.

Anyway, Brandon Buddy debuts as Cole on October 10. Guess you'll just have to stay glued to OLTL to find out if I'm right!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/21/06 9:29 PM

Days of our Lives Writer Dishes on Philip Recast
So I promised you more scoopage from my recent in-depth interview with Hogan Sheffer, the new head writer of NBC's Days of our Lives. Last week, you read about Sheffer's big plans for the DiMera dynasty. Today's report is all about Salem rich boy Philip Kiriakis!

Just to refresh your memory, Kyle Brandt -- who started out on MTV's The Real World: Chicago -- has reached the end of his three-year contract with Days. He's chosen to leave the NBC soap to pursue other career endeavors. Brandt last airs on Oct. 12.

Sheffer acknowledges that Days definitely intends to recast Philip because he sees the role as vital. "Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) can no longer be the big swinging [honcho] of that family anymore," he insists. "It's gotta be Philip, the next generation. He's gotta be the new Victor."

Might the charming, gorgeous and much-missed Jay Kenneth Johnson, who played Philip before Brandt, possibly come back to reprise his old role?

FYI, Johnson left Days in 2002 and went on to do the short-lived nighttime soap North Shore, as well as guest-starring gigs on prime-time series such as The O.C., CSI: NY and Scrubs. He will also be doing a guest-starring turn on CSI: Miami (more details on that later).

Bottom line: Johnson's been working very respectably since Days, but it's not like his career has soared to such heights that daytime couldn't lure him back with a sweet deal.

"Jay will certainly be considered when the time comes," Sheffer says. "He's a great-looking guy, and everybody loved him on Days."

What's most important to Sheffer is restoring the integrity of Philip, who's been dumbed down like most of the men in Salem.

"There's been a lot of disrepect involved with [the writing of] Philip," Sheffer adds. "This character is missing a leg that he lost in combat. I didn't even know that until my co-head writer Meg Kelly called me and told me, 'Did you know Philip has a prosthetic leg?' I said, 'He doesn't even limp!' If you're going to do something like that, you've got to treat it with some kind of respect. I don't see Philip carrying much of a burden from what happened to him.

"In fact, if they can't get [Johnson], I would love for them to cast a one-legged actor. And preferably, a [military] veteran."

Right after he says this, Sheffer bursts into laughter. "Of course, that's a tall order!" he says. "[Executive producer] Ken Corday said, 'Why don't we just start with somebody talented, Hogan?' I said, 'That's a good idea, Ken.'"

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/20/06 8:13 PM

As the World Turns: Cute Geek Makes Good!
As the World Turns recently did its own online version of I Wanna Be a Soap Star called InTurn on CBS.com.

The unlikely winner was Alex Charak, an 18-year-old from Long Island, New York. To me, this amiable kid resembles a curly-haired Harry Potter or a young David Letterman (you decide!) But thanks to Charak's popularity with online voters, he beat out a bunch of guys and gals with more typical soap-opera bods and looks. Good for him!

Charak has already appeared on ATWT with two other InTurn finalists, Geneva Hyman and Ian Novick. The trio all played unfortunate victims -- coincidentally named Alex, Geneva and Ian -- during the show's recent slasher story.

But Charak, who has won a 13-week contract on ATWT, is returning to Oakdale in a new role. "I play Elwood, the identical first cousin of Alex, my other character who got his throat slashed," he tells TVGuide.com. "I will be Casey's new roommate at college.

"Elwood is not quite as pathetic and nerdy as Alex was," Charak adds. "I wanted there to be a difference between the characters. Elwood is just a guy who thinks he's a player, but he is oblivious to what the real world is. I'm mainly there supporting Casey's story. When things get too dramatic, I'll come in and do some clowning. No one wants to date Elwood, so it's easy for him to just be funny."

Charak first appears as Elwood on Tuesday, September 26. And as for nobody wanting to date him, I wouldn't be so sure. Lotsa suds fans have a fondness for lovable geek boys. Look how far Trent Dawson's Henry character has gone -- Dawson originally joined ATWT for a supposedly bit part in '99, and he's still there!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/20/06 4:01 PM

Scoop! Soap Star Finalist Guests on As the World Turns
Shamika Cotton didn't win Season 3 of I Wanna Be a Soap Star, but this gal's still doing well for herself.

Last week, she taped two episodes of As the World Turns. "I play Dr. Rourke," Shamika tells TVGuide.com. "I'm a physician who works in the hospital with Dr. Lucy Montgomery. I am in scenes with Jade. I can't tell you what's going on exactly, but it's very big!"

Shamika's ATWT episodes air October 17 and 18. So far, that's all the CBS soap has booked her for, but you never know, there could be more down the road...

Oh, and don't forget about her edgy gig on the current season of HBO's The Wire. Shamika told us all about it in her Soaps Q&A.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/18/06 11:47 PM

Soap Dish on the Radio? Oh yeah, I'm Sirius
Starting this Wednesday at 10:30 am/ET, I'll be doing a regular, weekly segment on the Sirius Satellite Radio show OutQ in the Morning. Host Larry Flick and I will be dishing daytime and taking calls from suds fans like you! (The show is on Sirius channel 106. More info here .)

Speaking of radio chatter, it looks like I'll also be sharing the airwaves with the fabulous Leeza Gibbons from time to time. Get more info and see a cute pic of me and Leeza right here. I'm unbeleezably happy about this!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/18/06 10:45 PM

Mario Lopez Alert!
Just a reminder that Mario Lopez returns all too briefly to The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr. Christian Ramirez this week. He airs Sept. 19-21 and is mainly back to deliver stork news to Bridget. (She's pregnant by her ex-husband, Nick, who is currently married to her mother, Brooke. Ew!)

You can also catch Mario on Tuesday night on ABC's Dancing with the Stars at 8 and FX's Nip/Tuck at 10. When you see him bare all in a steamy shower scene with Julian McMahon, you'll wonder why B&B ever let this sexy stud out of the suds.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/18/06 9:51 PM



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All My Children

As the Madden murder trial ends, the jury must decide the fates of Zach and Dixie. Kendall presses Zach for the chilling truth about Dr. Madden's live burial. Ryan is annoyed by Kendall's waffling between him and Zach. Tad and Dixie have an important heart-to-heart talk. Di and Aidan kiss and make up. Babe fears Josh will tattle to JR about their affair.

General Hospital
Maxie reveals that she is preggers with Lucky's child. Meanwhile, Nurse Liz decides it's time to do a paternity test on her own unborn baby. Sam fears that she will lose Jason forever if Liz's baby turns out to be his. Meanwhile, Jason suspects that Ric and Alcazar have joined forces against him. ELQ faces a corporate crisis when the media reports on their defective Enduro condoms. Later on, a lady needs Luke's help in a foreign land.

One Life to Live
As Llanview mourns John McBain, Natalie can't help feeling that he's still alive. Asa Buchanan doesn't like Nigel the butler's questions about Spencer and that mystery lady's photograph. Things get nasty when Spencer visits his son, Hugh. Blair continues to feel jealous of Todd's friendship with Evangeline. Jessica realizes she's becoming more Tess-like when she decks Claudia!

As the World Turns
Two Oakdale residents suffer an awful loss due to the ice storm. Jack feels jealous again when Simon rescues Carly from an electrifying situation. Craig's return to Oakdale causes major friction between Lucy and Dusty. Lily's loved ones question her mental state now that she's out of her coma. Especially when Lily sees a vision of her dead twin sister, Rose, who brings her a cryptic message. Meanwhile, some folks question whether Jade is really carrying Will's child.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Taylor and Shane each have very different plans for celebrating Phoebe's 18th birthday. Stephanie wants to know what Shane is up to. Donna returns from her European press junket and immediately clashes with Brooke on the issue of Ridge. Later, Ridge returns to L.A. and gets a big surprise. Nick is all wet — literally! — when Brooke finds out the whole truth about his incestuous betrayal. Bridget also receives alarming news about her pregnancy.

Guiding Light
Mel Bauer finds incriminating evidence in her adulterous husband's pocket. Tammy is genuinely hurt as Jonathan keeps up the pretense that he no longer loves her, although it's just for Alan's benefit. Reva and Billy fly to Las Vegas to get married. Josh and Cassie make a romantic jaunt to Cross Creek. An emotional Springfield P.D. case gets Harley and Gus thinking about having a child of their own.

The Young and the Restless
Lauren is spooked by a mysterious delivery that reminds her of Sheila Carter. Michael and Kevin outfox Jack Abbott in the battle for Jabot Cosmetics... or so they think. Nick and Phyllis make conflicting plans for the future. Devon's family and friends try to help him cope with becoming deaf. Victor returns to Newman Enterprises with renewed vim and vigor, which creates complications for Jack, Brad, Victoria, Sharon, Nicholas, Phyllis and Nikki.

Days of our Lives
Tek tattles to Lexie about Abe's secret, sneaky agenda. It's just like old times when Hope finds comfort in Bo's arms. Sami, Lucas and their son, Will, try to regain their family closeness. Billie and Kayla talk woman to woman about Patch. Later on, Patch and Kayla's daughter, Stephanie, is hospitalized for trauma injuries. Philip is called upon to make a life-changing choice for Belle and her unborn baby.

Fox and Miguel go shirtless yet again for a very competitive basketball game. Kay finds out that someone she loves will die. Sheridan makes an official move regarding her immediate family. Paloma and Simone take on Spike the pimp. Ethan catches Rebecca text messaging that tricky tabloid reporter, J.T. Cornell. Theresa's private eye spies Chad at a no-tell motel. Pilar wants to divorce her faithless husband, Martin. Harmony P.D. officers Luis and Fancy must embark on a sexy, dangerous undercover mission together.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

The Young and the Restless Swaps Soap Starlets

The Young and the Restless has let go of Davetta Sherwood, who plays Dru and Neil's daughter, Lily Winters Romalotti.

Christel Khalil -- who previously scored two Daytime Emmy nominations as Lily -- will return to Y&R to reprise the role. She is scheduled to start taping on September 28.

UPDATE: When this TVGuide.com reporter requested an explanation for the abrupt actress swap, I received the following statement from Lynn Marie Latham, the CBS soap's executive producer and head writer:

"Christel Khalil is an extremely talented actress and we are thrilled to have her back in the Y&R family."

Clearly, the reason for Davetta's departure isn't something Y&R cares to share.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/28/06 5:25 AM

All My Children Rapist Joins Bold and Beautiful
Is that the rumbling of thunder I hear in the distance? Maybe that's 'cause The Bold and the Beautiful has recast Storm Logan. The contract role went to All My Children alum William deVry. He first airs on Wednesday, October 18.

Mr. deVry is best known to suds fans as Michael Cambias, the evil billionaire who raped Erica Kane's daughter, Bianca, on AMC. His sleazy, sinister performances earned him a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2004.

Longtime B&B watchers will recall that Storm Logan is Brooke's hot-tempered attorney brother. At Ridge's request, Storm will return to Los Angeles to defend Taylor when she is charged with vehicular manslaughter. Since Storm and Taylor have a romantic history, I wouldn't be surprised if an old flame is rekindled here....

FYI, the role of Storm was previously played by Ethan Wayne and Brian Patrick Clarke. Remember those cuties on B&B? Ah, memories.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/27/06 1:09 AM

Scoop! How General Hospital's Ex-Carly Almost Joined OLTL
Last week, you read right here that One Life to Live has plans to reintroduce the classic character of Dr. Marty Saybrooke with a new actress in the role.

TVGuide.com has learned that ABC recently courted Sarah Joy Brown to breathe fresh life into Marty!

Brown became a soap-opera superstar on General Hospital, where she won three Daytime Emmys as the original Carly Corinthos. Naturally, it'd be a huge coup for ABC to have this talent back on its afternoon airwaves.

Unfortunately, Brown and ABC were unable to agree on terms. It seems that the network wanted Brown to commit to OLTL for a longer stay than she felt comfortable with.

The L.A.-based Brown did a limited run on another East Coast soap, As the World Turns, from 2004 to 2005. She blew into Oakdale as homewrecker Julia Larrabee, whose murder set off a juicy whodunit tale. We guess Brown had hoped to make another short-term soap splash without having to set aside her primetime TV and film ambitions.

In related news, Brown has just landed the female lead in Spike TV's Amped, a new drama from the guys behind The X-Files. We've got the details right here.

Meanwhile, OLTL's search for their Marty goes on....

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/26/06 7:05 PM

The Young and the Restless: What a Headache!
Anyone who watched today's episode of The Young and the Restless can tell there's a crisis in store for Dru and Neil's foster son, Devon (Bryton McClure).

Why? 'Cause Devon had a headache. And nobody just has a plain old headache on a soap opera.

On Tuesday, September 26, Devon is diagnosed with meningitis, an infection causing inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. Apparently, the poor kid didn't get immunized. Look for a PSA (public service announcement) on tomorrow's Y&R to tell you more about this serious malady.

"CBS is pleased to be able to work with the Meningitis Foundation of America to get the word out about the importance of vaccinations for teens and young adults," CBS Daytime chief Barbara Bloom said in a statement. "The repercussions this story will have on the Winters family will be far-reaching and long-lasting, and we hope viewers will be impacted by it and learning something important in the process."

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/25/06 10:18 PM

Cady McClain on Vincent Irizarry's AMC Axing
Cady McClain, the ABC soap diva also known as Dixie Cooney Martin, has spoken out about All My Children's recent decision to dismiss Vincent Irizarry, who plays her embittered ex-lover, Dr. David Hayward. In a posting on her official site, she chose her words with diplomatic care, but her sadness about the current state of things in Pine Valley seemed clear.

"I don't know what to tell you as to the Vincent Irizarry situation," Cady wrote. "He's a lovely man, and it will be sad to see him go. I know he has a strong faith and I am sure that will be a comfort and a guiding force for him as he moves on to other adventures.

"AMC has changed a great deal, and will continue to, I am sure," she added. "It is the nature of the beast of entertainment, of pop culture."

Hmm... There will be more daytime dish from Cady McClain in Tuesday's fresh Soaps Q&A. Bear in mind that our interview was conducted prior to the news of Irizarry's exit, but there's still plenty of good Cady-ness in there!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 09/25/06 8:39 PM



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All My Children

Colby falsely claims that Josh seduced her. The brattish teen also rubs Babe's nose in her slutty secret. Bianca Montgomery returns to Pine Valley and interrupts an argument between her siblings, Kendall and Josh. Zach is haunted by a disturbing figure from his past. Tad and Dixie finally face the question that AMC fans have been asking for months: Is Annie McDermott's little girl, Emma, really their long-lost daughter, Kate?

General Hospital
Helena Cassadine goes spying and skulking around Windemere again. Nanny Colleen serves Nikolas a cup of tainted tea. Lorenzo comes closer to catching up with Skye. Nurse Liz finds out that teen tramp Maxie is expecting Lucky's baby. Sonny learns that marriage may be in the cards for Jax and Carly. Luke feels more confident that Laura can be freed from her catatonic state. The prospect of losing Jason forever drives Sam to desperation.

One Life to Live
Jessica finds herself enjoying a sexy fantasy about Nash. Blair tempts Todd with a racy striptease. Dorian and David flirt with the idea of reuniting as lovers. A vengeful Adriana wants to make Dorian's life pure hell. Cristian figures out that his own boxing manager, Vincent, set him up to lose the fight. Evangeline has doubts about her romance with Cristian. Michael and Marcie choose godparents for little Tommy. Private eye Rex begins his search for Todd and Margaret's missing son. A Llanview lad has a big question for Asa Buchanan: "Are you my daddy?"

All My Children
Colby falsely claims that Josh seduced her. The brattish teen also rubs Babe's nose in her slutty secret. Bianca Montgomery returns to Pine Valley and interrupts an argument between her siblings, Kendall and Josh. Zach is haunted by a disturbing figure from his past. Tad and Dixie finally face the question that AMC fans have been asking for months: Is Annie McDermott's little girl, Emma, really their long-lost daughter, Kate?

General Hospital
Helena Cassadine goes spying and skulking around Windemere again. Nanny Colleen serves Nikolas a cup of tainted tea. Lorenzo comes closer to catching up with Skye. Nurse Liz finds out that teen tramp Maxie is expecting Lucky's baby. Sonny learns that marriage may be in the cards for Jax and Carly. Luke feels more confident that Laura can be freed from her catatonic state. The prospect of losing Jason forever drives Sam to desperation.

One Life to Live
Jessica finds herself enjoying a sexy fantasy about Nash. Blair tempts Todd with a racy striptease. Dorian and David flirt with the idea of reuniting as lovers. A vengeful Adriana wants to make Dorian's life pure hell. Cristian figures out that his own boxing manager, Vincent, set him up to lose the fight. Evangeline has doubts about her romance with Cristian. Michael and Marcie choose godparents for little Tommy. Private eye Rex begins his search for Todd and Margaret's missing son. A Llanview lad has a big question for Asa Buchanan: "Are you my daddy?"

As the World Turns
With their Slasher troubles behind them, Casey and Maddie are able to share a sweet, romantic moment. Jade confides in Luke that she hasn't been entirely honest about her pregnancy. Lily's visions continue nudging her to locate Rose's long-lost daughter, Theresa. Oakdale schemers Emily and Craig form an alliance. Simon engages in shady business dealings for Carly's benefit.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge and Brooke share a steamy liplock. Nick tries to save his marriage by telling Brooke the truth about Bridget's unborn child. Naturally, Stephanie can't resist sharing her opinion of Brooke's love life. Meanwhile, Thorne pops the question to Taylor at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear. Later on, the Forresters are stunned when Taylor confesses her crime to all — including Lt. Baker.

Guiding Light
Eleni returns to Springfield to celebrate Marina's promotion at the Springfield P.D. Jonathan's trashy revelation spells the end of Rick and Mel's marriage. Jonathan admits to Tammy the real reason why he dropped that ugly bomb. Beth and Mel face off in the hotel room where all those adulterous trysts happened. Olivia seeks Alan Spaulding's assistance to stop Ava from putting her in jail. Meanwhile, Ava has a shady ally in Alan Michael. Later, Olivia and Ava's mother-daughter battle reaches a juicy climax.

The Young and the Restless
Lauren feels betrayed by Michael and Gloria. Dru loses her temper and ends up in a physical confrontation with Carmen. With Phyllis' help, Carmen punishes Dru in a big way. Later, Nick and Phyllis celebrate their engagement with family and friends, but there are surprise obstacles in the way of their wedding plans. Brad disagrees with Victoria's intention to renew the search for the Grugeon Reliquary.

Days of our Lives
Lucas and Will get together to sabotage Sami's date with EJ. Chelsea's latest scheme calls for her to act like a streetwalker. Bo and Hope talk about their future, but Patrick's in the way. Philip sadly says goodbye to his life with Belle and Claire. Shawn wants revenge against Victor Kiriakis. Mimi is close to finding out about Shawn's disloyalty to her. Don't miss Thursday, Oct. 12, when John and Marlena have a romantic reunion!

Rebecca is spotted sneaking around Harmony with tabloid reporter J.T. Cornell. Ethan is close to finally grasping the truth about his long-ago paternity revelation. Theresa can't quit thinking about Ethan during her date with Jared. Luis and Fancy are caught up in an X-rated scandal. Chad admits to Whitney that he's been unfaithful. Thanks to Endora's magic, Kay learns what life in Harmony would have been like if she were never born.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Days of our Lives Writer Declares "No More Incest!"

Is anyone else grossed out by the strange love life of race-car driver Max Brady (Darin Brooks) on NBC's Days of our Lives?

Technically, this hottie is related to both his honeys, Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin) and Stephanie Johnson (Shayna Rose). That's just wrong. Fortunately, Days' new head writer, Hogan Sheffer, totally agrees with me.

"There's a real dearth of any other family but Bradys on the map," Sheffer tells TVGuide.com. "So the show has become incredibly incestuous, which is why Max is fooling around with his nieces -- which ends now!

"No more incest," Sheffer declares. "Max and Frankie were adopted, so it's true that they are not blood Bradys. Max is not related by blood to Chelsea or Stephanie, but he's still their uncle. You know, my brother has an adopted daughter, who is my niece. If I went to my brother and said, "I want to date your daughter"... he would drive an icepick into my head! So how is anybody in the Brady family OK with Max dating his nieces?!"

Finally, a voice of reason speaks in Salem.

P.S. As my colleague Michael Logan teases in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, that brattish teen tramp, Chelsea, will meet a new love interest named Nick Fallon on November 7. Mr. Fallon (who hasn't yet been cast) is described in the mag as a "handsome but nerdy geneticist who is socially inept and a self-confessed virgin."

No word yet on whom Max and Stephanie will be romancing in the future, but -- despite the flirtation that is still playing out on-screen -- they won't be dating each other much longer.

That's good 'cause, related or not, Max and Steph are rather boring together anyway. IMHO, Darin Brooks is a handsome kid with stage presence and his Max character deserves to date a fun gal who isn't his kin.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/5/06 8:45 PM

CSI: Miami Casts Multiple Daytime Stars!
If you've never watched CSI: Miami, suds fans, October is the month to tune in 'cause several soap celebs are dropping by.

Hottie Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Philip, Days of our Lives) guest stars in the October 9 episode, "If Looks Could Kill." He plays Jason Hollings, a male model (there's a stretch!) who may or may not be involved in the hit-and-run murder of a fellow mannequin. Kari Wuhrer (ex-Reese, General Hospital) plays the co-owner of the modeling agency that reps these beautiful boys.

BTW, Melrose Place's Rob Estes also appears in that same episode as Nick Townsend, the abusive ex-husband who's stalking crime-lab cutie Natalia Boa Vista. Natalia is, of course, played by former All My Children diva Eva La Rue.

But that's not all! In the October 23 episode, "Curse of the Coffin," Lauralee Bell plays an unfortunate gal named Alissa Valone, who's the victim of a voodoo murder! Lauralee is the daughter of the creators of The Young and the Restless, where she has played Christine "Cricket" Blair since the '80s. She recently told me she wants to seek career opportunities away from the Bells' safe, soapy nest, and it sure looks like she's succeeding at that.

FYI, the superhot Matt Battaglia (ex-J.L. King, Days of our Lives; Queer As Folk) plays Alissa's husband, Trevor Valone, in that spooky CSI: Miami episode. Additionally, Dondre Whitfield (ex-Terence Frye, AMC) plays Alan Solner, a businessman with ties to the Valones.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/4/06 2:48 PM

Big Names at Taylor's Trial on Bold and the Beautiful
Whenever I've watched Debbi Morgan judging no-talent newbies on I Wanna Be a Soap Star, I always think, "Why isn't she acting on afternoon TV anymore? She was so great on All My Children and Port Charles. Somebody give Debbi a part!"

Finally, my wish will be granted later this month. Look for Morgan to play Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Tartaro at Taylor's vehicular manslaughter trial. That's right -- she's gonna prosecute Hunter Tylo. Also of note, Knots Landing's Kevin Dobson (Mack!) will keep "order in the court" as Judge Devin Owens. And as I reported last week, William deVry will defend Taylor in the recast role of Storm Logan.

Tune in October 18-23 to watch Morgan and Dobson in their legal-eagle guest-star gigs. BTW, the judge's name is a wink to Devin Owens, a reporter pal of mine at Soap Opera Digest. We had fun last week on our "Soap Talk in Paradise" junket trip to Hawaii. Read more about that here.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/3/06 8:04 PM

Something Old, Something New on ATWT and GL
Broadway actor Matthew J. Morrison (The Light in the Piazza, Simply Funk) has joined the cast of As The World Turns as Hal and Margo's son, Adam Munson. The 25-year-old daytime newcomer debuts on Tuesday, October 24.... Jennifer Roszell will soon return as Eleni to be daughter Marina's Guiding Light on an important day. Her first airdate isn't yet confirmed.... In other GL news, Kimberly J. Brown will reprise her role as Josh and Reva's daughter, Marah Lewis, for a brief visit starting on Friday, November 17. Kimberly played Marah in the mid to late '90s. While other actresses have played this part, to me, there's no other Marah.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/3/06 7:26 PM

Applause for Lucinda's Cancer Story on As the World Turns
Kudos to As the World Turns! The prestigious Sentinel for Health Awards have honored the CBS soap for its recent tale of Lucinda Walsh's breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. This heartbreaking, yet uplifting story stands out as one of the highlights of Elizabeth Hubbard's 23-year career at World Turns. After that triumph, how could I not include Hubbard on the list of "Top 10 Soap Divas" in my new book?

By the way, the Sentinel for Health Awards have previously recognized six other daytime drama stories with medical themes: There was Viki's breast cancer on One Life to Live in 2000; Raul's diabetes on The Young and The Restless in 2001; Tony's HIV on The Bold and The Beautiful in 2002; Neil's alcoholism on Y&R in 2003; Lily and Kevin's chlamydia on Y&R in 2004; and Lily's autism spectrum disorder on All My Children in 2005.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/3/06 6:20 PM



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All My Children

That tricky Dr. David Hayward messes with Tad, Dixie and the Chandlers. Babe is wowed when JR actually takes the moral high road for once. Despite her nagging trust issues, Kendall surrenders to her passionate feelings for Zach. Josh and Julia commiserate over their romantic problems. Bianca confronts Babe about her latest sinful betrayal. Kendall and Babe put an end to their truce. Ryan smells secrecy from Annie and wants to know what she has been keeping from him.

General Hospital
Ric's twisted wheels start to turn when he learns that Nurse Liz may be carrying Jason's child. Speaking of babies, Mac is disappointed to hear that Maxie is pregnant by a married man. Carly refuses to let her past with Sonny spoil her future with Jax. The very pregnant Skye goes into labor. Alexis worries that her family plans will fall apart. A Port Charles diva accepts a marriage proposal.

One Life to Live
A Llanview resident in recovery unfortunately falls off the wagon. David and Dorian scheme to use Spencer's secret origins against him. Meanwhile, Adriana plots to spoil Dorian's only chance to reconnect with Clint. During Spencer's trial, the devious doctor surprises the court with a big announcement. Antonio asks his rival, Nash, to be a groomsman at his wedding to Jessica. Ouch!

As the World Turns
Oakdale is offended when it looks like Craig is using Jennifer's memory for his own selfish reasons. Jade's pregnancy lies backfire on her in a big way. Just when Will's future seems bright again, he receives a very upsetting telephone call. Katie is green with jealousy over Simon's genuine feelings for Carly. Maddie tries to overcome her painful past and enjoy dating Casey.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Taylor signs her criminal confession with true remorse in her heart. Thorne has an emotional breakdown in his mother's arms and later visits Taylor behind bars. Storm Logan returns to Los Angeles to defend Taylor at her hearing. Shane wows the court with a juicy revelation. Brooke offers Ridge a comforting kiss. Actor Drew Tyler Bell returns as Ridge and Taylor's son, Thomas, starting on Friday, October 20.

Guiding Light
Ava is horrified to learn that Olivia is her biological mother. Despite this news, Ava still wants to press criminal charges against Olivia. Later, Olivia reveals another secret about Ava's origins that could change everything. Elsewhere in Springfield, Reva gets morbid and starts planning her own funeral. Dinah risks her safety to expose the "Springfield Burns" blogger. One woman's heart is broken when Jonathan is finally forced to choose between Tammy and Lizzie.

The Young and the Restless
Lauren fears that Sheila will return to Genoa City to steal her baby. Victor is close to discovering that Jack has secretly purchased Kay's controlling interest in Jabot Cosmetics. Nick and Phyllis make unusual wedding plans. As Dru's trial approaches, Neil and Dru are drawn closer together. Devon struggles to live independently despite his hearing loss. Kevin's British pal, Jana, flirts with Billy Abbott. A receptive Billy offers Jana a grand tour of the fancy schmancy Chancellor estate. (News flash! Bold and the Beautiful star Adrienne Frantz is bringing her Amber Moore character to Y&R. To read TVGuide.com's full report, click right here.) (EDIT: see below)

Days of our Lives
Billie pushes Kayla to fight for Patch's love. Teen tramp Chelsea is arrested for prostitution. Tek proposes marriage to Lexie. Shawn and Willow sail stormy seas on the Fancy Face 3. Sami's deception causes a catfight. Abe takes away Bo's police badge. (For the latest scoop on departing Days stars Austin Peck and Christie Clark, click right here. To learn the future of Deidre Hall's character, Dr. Marlena Evans Black, click right here.) (EDIT: see below)

A murderer strikes at the Crane estate. Luis later makes an arrest at Sheridan's cottage. The lusty Julian and Rebecca do some fantasy roleplaying as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Even juicier, the oversexed Rebecca gets an eyeful of Chad at the no-tell motel. Elsewhere in Harmony, Fox plots to ruin Miguel's future. Ivy and Sam want to be married right away. A major secret is finally exposed. Theresa tries to bribe that tabloid creep, J.T. Cornell, with hush money. (Get the 411 on Passions' new "Tabloid Truth" storyline by clicking right here.) (EDIT: see below)


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

Days of our Lives Casts Stefano DiMera's Long-Lost Son, Etc.

As loyal TVGuide.com readers will recall, Days of our Lives head writer Hogan Sheffer recently told us that Stefano DiMera's long-lost son, Benjy Hawk, would return to Salem.

Daytime newcomer Jim Lunsford joins Days as Benjy on November 10. Patch and Kayla -- who adopted Benjy back in the day -- will likely be glad to see him!

See? I told you EJ Wells, who's played by James Scott, isn't Benjy. Some of y'all didn't want to believe me.

I can't wait to find out exactly what EJ's relation to the DiMeras is. Is he Stefano's son, too? Or perhaps Tony's? Hmm...

In other Days news, you recently read right here that Chelsea will get a geeky new love interest named Nick Fallon. That role has gone to another daytime newbie, Blake Berris. BTW, Nick -- who first airs November 7 -- is the grandson of Marie Horton.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/13/06 8:39 PM

One Life to Live Casts New Marty and Another Soap Star Grad

Recently, TVGuide.com told you that Sarah Joy Brown had been in the running to play the new Dr. Marty Saybrooke on One Life to Live. That didn't pan out, but OLTL has cast another familiar face from daytime in this meaty role....

It's Christina Chambers! The actress previously portrayed Maria Torres-Evans on NBC's defunct Sunset Beach and Molly Conlan McKinnon on As the World Turns. Chambers first airs as Marty on November 17.

By the way, it's believed that Susan Haskell -- the original Marty -- isn't reprising her role because she's in the family way. Haskell and husband Thorsten Kaye (Zach, All My Children) are expecting their second child in April 2007.

In other OLTL news, Beth Ann Bonner -- a finalist from Season 3 of SOAPnet's I Wanna Be a Soap Star --- has landed the contract role of Rhanda. The character will be a Llanview P.D. officer who's rumored to have eyes for fellow cop Antonio Vega (Kamar de los Reyes). Bonner first airs on December 21.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/13/06 6:14 PM

As the World Turns Says Goodbye to Hal Munson

Back in July, we were deeply saddened by the news that daytime veteran Benjamin Hendrickson had committed suicide. The 55-year-old Daytime Emmy winner was beloved by soap-opera fans as Oakdale P.D. detective Hal Munson on CBS's As the World Turns. Hendrickson was last seen in the July 12 episode. At the time, the show's spokesperson told TVGuide.com that there were "no plans to recast" the role of Hal.

Since then, loyal World Turns viewers have been asking me what would become of the Hal character. Now, I finally have something to tell you.

In the Friday, October 20 episode, Hal's son Will (Jesse Lee Soffer) receives a heartbreaking telephone call. On Monday, October 23, we'll watch the rest of Oakdale learn that Hal was killed off-screen in the line of duty. Hal's loved ones celebrate (rather than just mourn) his life with a get-together at Yo's, a longtime local hangout.

"We all felt that we needed to give the character of Hal the respect he deserved," World Turns head writer Jean Passanante tells TVGuide.com. "It is a difficult situation. We have needed some time to let things settle. Ben had very close relationships with everybody at the show. The audience obviously adored him, too. Hal Munson, as played by Ben, was definitely a moral compass for Oakdale. We miss him."
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/13/06 2:28 AM

General Hospital: An Update on Laura's Return

When exactly will Genie Francis return to General Hospital? Viewers are tired of looking at the back of Laura Spencer's catatonic head whenever her loved ones visit her at Shadybrook.

Well, we now have a first air date: Thursday, October 26!

"Thirty million people watched Luke and Laura's wedding 25 years ago, and we invite them back to General Hospital to experience the excitement that captured a nation," Disney-ABC honcho Brian Frons said in a statement. "ABC and SOAPnet are working together to celebrate the legacy of Luke and Laura. By combining our efforts, our fans will be fully immersed in the past, present and future storylines of the Spencer and Cassadine families."

SOAPnet's celebratory programming will include an hour-long special hosted by Francis and Tony Geary (Luke!), as well as their Luke and Laura 25: Something Old, Something New marathon on November 24. Here's a list of the classic episodes they plan to air. Since I was too young to watch soaps in the early '80s, I definitely won't miss these GH golden oldies this time around!

Dancing at Wyndham's - While on the run from mobster Frank Smith, Luke and Laura spend the night in Wyndham's Department Store. (Episode #146-HSP-80, original airdate 8/6/1980)

Walls of Jericho Come Down – Luke and Laura make love for the very first time. (Episode #197-HSP-80, original airdate 10/20/1980)

Luke and Laura's Wedding Pt. 1 – As everyone gathers, Helena Cassadine (as played by Elizabeth Taylor) arrives at Luke and Laura's wedding and watches the processional. (Episode #209-HSP-81, original airdate 11/16/1981)

Luke and Laura's Wedding Pt. 2 – Helena lays her famous Cassadine curse on Luke and Laura. Scotty (Kin Shriner) also catches Laura's bridal bouquet, and Luke and Scotty fight. After all that, Luke and Laura finally leave for their honeymoon. (Episode #210-HSP-81, original airdate 11/17/1981)

There's more cool General Hospital news in the latest edition of the Daniel's Dish blog.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/12/06 9:56 PM

Popular B&B Star Crosses Over to Y&R!

You want yummy soap scoopaliciousness? This just in...

The Bold and the Beautiful star Adrienne Frantz is reprising her popular character, Amber Moore.

That alone would be great news, but here's the really exciting part: This time, Frantz will be playing Amber over on B&B's sister soap, The Young and the Restless!

The Daytime Emmy winner -- who took a break from the suds to focus on her music -- will start working at Y&R on October 17. She first airs on November 29.

As of this Soaps News posting on Wednesday night, Y&R had not yet released any details on the length of Frantz's stay or her storyline.

However, I'm willing to wager that Amber's appearance in Genoa City has something to do with the evil Sheila Carter's return. Amber and Sheila are ex-friends who became mortal enemies on B&B.

I'll be sure to update you as soon as I know more!

UPDATE: When I pressed for more info on Frantz's contract status, length of stay and storyline info, a Restless rep said: "Y&R does not comment on rumors, contracts or storyline information."

However, the rep did confirm that Frantz will do "Y&R only" -- she won't be doing double duty on B&B.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/11/06 9:37 PM

Days of our Lives: Austin Peck Update!

FYI, Austin Peck and Christie Clark recently taped their final scenes on NBC's Days of our Lives. Their Austin and Carrie characters will last air on Thursday, October 26, when they leave Salem together.

With that Debbie Downer news out of the way, here's some happy news....

Peck will guest star on CSI: NY on Wednesday, November 1. "I play this guy Daniel Gekko," the actor tells TVGuide.com. "He's a rich guy who's in a hard-core spiritual program that gets interrupted by a neighbor. That results in drama. My character has taken all he can stands, and he can't stands no more!"

(No doubt this Daniel Gekko's surname is a wink to another dangerous zillionaire, Gordon Gekko from Wall Street. That's one of my fave films of all time.)

Also of note, "Austin Pecs" just happens to be No. 1 in the Top 10 Soap Hunks chapter of my book, The Q Guide to Soap Operas. He has graciously agreed to be the special guest at my Hollywood Virgin Megastore book signing on Thursday, November 30. Save the date -- Austin and I would love to see you there! Details are available right here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/11/06 8:32 PM

It's Time for "Tabloid Truth" on Passions

The talented Michael Sabatino has returned to NBC's Passions as J.T. Cornell, the ex-editor of that trashy tabloid, Daily Private Lives. The new "Tabloid Truth" tale features J.T. frolicking with the lusty and busty Rebecca Crane (Andrea Evans) and exposing Harmony's sordid secrets, including who outed Ethan's true paternity years ago.

Well, if you recall, Ethan has already found out who tattled to the tab. But because Passions is so plot-driven, rather than character-driven, the storylines tend to hinge on people being incredibly dense. They usually have to discover "the truth" several times before they actually believe it. Sigh.

Of course, Passions is still totally worth watching for its great comedy value. For example, you should watch video of J.T.'s hilarious musical daydream right here at http://www.PassionsTabloidTruth.com.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/11/06 7:02 PM

Is the Evil Sheila Returning to Young and the Restless?
The Young and the Restless has sent out an intriguing teaser to share with you suds fans:

During the week of October 23, the CBS sudser says "Lauren and Michael receive terrifying news about Sheila. Has Lauren's enemy taken on the guise of a friendly face?"

Good question! At the end of Sheila Carter's most recent reign of terror in Genoa City, the crazy beeyotch was seen telling a plastic surgeon she wanted a new face. She showed the doctor a photograph, although we didn't see whom it depicted.

That suggested to viewers that Kimberlin Brown just might not be playing her signature soap role the next time Sheila resurfaces.

"I haven't been approached by Y&R about Kimberlin returning," Ms. Brown's manager, Michael Einfeld, tells TVGuide.com. "No one has called. I'm disappointed. Kimberlin loves playing the character of Sheila and she would love to come back."

There you have it from the horse's mouth. If Y&R is doing another Sheila story arc, they're doing it without Kimberlin Brown.

But say it ain't so! Sheila -- as played by K.B. -- is one of my absolute fave soap-opera villainesses of all time. I have so many fond, fiendish memories of her dirty work on Y&R and its sister sudser, The Bold and the Beautiful.

The problem with Sheila's last few stints on Y&R and B&B is that she was always a wanted woman, donning disguises and hiding in the shadows. If Sheila can't openly interact with other characters without fearing that they'll call the po po and immediately have her locked up, the long-term story possibilities for this character are extremely limited.

Soap-opera surgery is a tried and true method for granting a fresh start to a baddie in this predicament. Whose "friendly face" might Sheila be stealing? Guess you'll just have to stay tuned. Meanwhile, comment away!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/11/06 5:26 PM

Days of our Lives Writer's Marlena Preview!

In my book, The Q Guide to Soap Operas, I refer to Days of our Lives diva Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall) as "a beautiful, blonde psychiatrist who just may be the most frequently kidnapped woman in soap-opera history."

OK, shameless plug, I know. But seriously, did I call it or what?

This week, Days viewers learned that Marlena -- who left Salem to attend a professional conference in New Jersey -- was actually kidnapped again. She's the latest victim of the treacherous gloved hand. Fear not, though. Marlena and John (Drake Hogestyn) will have a romantic reunion this Thursday, October 12.

FYI, Hogan Sheffer inherited this less-than-original plot twist from former head writer James E. Reilly. Once the NBC sudser wraps this up, he says Marlena's Days of helpless victimhood will be over.

"Here's the problem," Sheffer tells TVGuide.com. "You've got this actress, Deidre Hall, who is an icon on this show and on daytime TV in general. I have a great deal of respect for her. Marlena got to the point where she wasn't smart anymore and that's a terrible thing to do to the actress and the character. Marlena has been reduced to idiocy in the last several years. They turned her into an idiot -- she should be a heroine!

"She will be a heroine again," Sheffer promises, "and she will have a great story. John and Marlena, Bo and Hope and Kayla and Steve are very central to what's going to be happening in the next few months."

Here's a little hint of what's ahead for Marlena: Music legend Smokey Robinson guest stars on Days on November 14 and 15. Basically, Marlena gets lost in the snowy wilderness and runs into a stranger carrying an ax. Happily, Marlena realizes it's only Smokey Robinson, who is vacationing at a nearby cabin. Smokey offers "Doc" shelter from the inclement weather and calls for help. Later on, John reconnects with Marlena at Smokey's cabin, where the singer-songwriter serenades the supercouple with the tune "I Love Your Face" off his latest album, Timeless Love.

Now this sounds like the kind of fun and romance John and Marlena fans have been waiting for!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/10/06 8:30 PM

Bold and Beautiful Video Preview: Taylor's True Confession
Viewers of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful know that Hunter Tylo's saintly shrink, Dr. Taylor Forrester, is a total mess these days.

On Thursday, October 12, Taylor tearfully confesses to Thorne (Winsor Harmon) that it was she who drove the car in his wife Darla's hit-and-run death. B&B watchers have already known this fact for quite some time, but it'll be a relief to hear the guilt-ridden Taylor finally spit it out already!

This revelation will lead to Taylor's dramatic vehicular-manslaughter trial, featuring three familiar faces that are very well known to soap fans.

But first, Taylor's confession. TVGuide.com has a juicy video preview clip that you can watch right here on our fabulous B&B search page.

The clip is also in our big video player on the TVGuide.com homepage -- simply choose B&B from the lovely list of video offerings in the menu.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/10/06 12:45 PM

Fashion House Catfight Clip on YouTube, Etc.

I just have to tip you off about a camptastic catfight clip featuring Fashion House fraus Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild on YouTube. It's hilarious and it's right here.

Just so you know, Ms. Fairchild shares her catfighting secrets and much more with TVGuide.com in our fresh, new Soaps Q&A.

While you're out there surfing around on the Internet, wasting time and avoiding work, you may as well check out my newly redesigned and sexier MySpace page.

Hey! Don't give me that "concerned" look, like you think I'm a Dateline NBC "To Catch A Predator" episode just waiting to happen.

FYI, the Internet media research firm Score Media Metrix reports that 68 percent of MySpacers are now over the age of 25, with more than 40 percent falling between the ages of 35 and 54. What's more, 11 percent of MySpacers are over the age of 55. This makes me feel a little less worried about my MySpace addiction. LOL!
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All My Children

David decides to test Krystal's baby to see who's the daddy: Adam or Tad? Meanwhile, Annie truly believes that she gave birth to Emma, even though DNA says they're not mother and daughter. Josh gets a surprising job offer. The brattish Colby is determined to get the Carey women tossed out of the Chandler manse. David is out to burn JR with incendiary information. A Pine Valley couple enjoys a romantic sail on Erica Kane's yacht.

General Hospital
Laura Spencer returns to consciousness, but her mental state is very delicate. Luke keeps a secret about Laura from their children. Elizabeth's paternity test results fall into a mobster's hands. Helena Cassadine actually helps Emily with a useful piece of advice. Alexis is appalled when Ric tries to justify his tryst with her daughter, Sam. Later, Sam and Alexis face off over their feelings of betrayal.

One Life to Live
The Buchanan boys set out to determine if Spencer is really Asa's son. Natalie's grief over John's loss leads to a surprising encounter with Vincent. Viki and Natalie have a woman-to-woman talk about putting their lost loves behind them. Starr and Britney feud over their mutual crush on Cole. A childish prank stirs up passion between Todd and Blair. The very pregnant Kelly goes into labor.

As the World Turns
Oakdale mourns Hal Munson (and his late portrayer, Daytime Emmy winner Benjamin Hendrickson) in a get-together at Yo's. Gwen is ready to move ahead with her music career. The scheming Simon dreams up a solution to his financial problems. Since it turns out Jade really is Rose's daughter, Lily welcomes the troubled teen back into her home — but there's one condition.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke is once again torn between two brothers: Should she choose to be coupled with Nick or Ridge? Meanwhile, Dante, Felicia and Bridget have their own incestuous mess to deal with. Thorne makes a sacrifice for Taylor's sake. Stephanie and Harry are very suspicious of Shane. An elegant lady's life is endangered when a bitchy catfight results in serious injury.

Guiding Light
Olivia and Ava try to make peace with each another. Billy feels conflicted about keeping Reva's cancer secret from Josh. The self-proclaimed "Slut of Springfield" prepares herself for a dramatic final exit. Lizzie's words make Tammy's temper flare up.

The Young and the Restless
Nick and Phyllis slip away from Genoa City to elope. Lauren and Michael get spooky news about the evil Sheila Carter. Carmen's long list of foes grows to include Jack, who wants to silence the pretty publicist. Aaron Neville performs his music at Neil and Dru's new jazz club, Indigo. Too bad Indigo's opening night brings a violent closure to someone's life.

Days of our Lives
After an ugly moment with Shawn, Mimi is emotionally comforted by Max. Bo and John work together to expose Patrick's dark deeds. Patch and Kayla are under attack. Carrie wants to punish the duplicitous Dr. Lexie Carver by destroying her medical career. On Thursday, October 26, Carrie and Austin get married and leave Salem together. Sami is torn between her family and that sexy, shady E.J. Wells (a.k.a. the Gloved One).

A murderer strikes at the Crane estate. Luis later makes an arrest at Sheridan's cottage. The lusty Julian and Rebecca do some fantasy roleplaying as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Even juicier, the oversexed Rebecca gets an eyeful of Chad at the no-tell motel. Elsewhere in Harmony, Fox plots to ruin Miguel's future. Ivy and Sam want to be married right away. A major secret is finally exposed. Theresa tries to bribe that tabloid creep, J.T. Cornell, with hush money.


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

The Young and the Restless: More Catfights Ahead for Kay and Jill!

I have even more juicy Young and the Restless scoop for you today, suds fans!

Daytime newcomer Scott Seymour, who recently joined Y&R as Billy Abbott, is already leaving the CBS sudser. His last air date is Thursday, November 9. "Billy was specifically brought in to jumpstart the new contentious storyline between Kay and Jill," Lynn Marie Latham, Y&R's executive producer and head writer, explains to TVGuide.com.

(As if you really need the reminder, Billy is Jill's son and Kay's grandson.)

Latham is well aware that Restless fans miss the longtime rivalry of Katherine "Kay" Chancellor and Jill Foster Abbott (Jeanne Cooper, Jess Walton). Their feisty feuding is the stuff of soap-opera legend!

Unfortunately, the women made nicey nice shortly after a 2003 plotline revealed that Jill is the long-lost daughter Kay gave up for adoption.

They drink tea, they live and work together amiably and are generally quite civil. It's revolting! We've waited forever for Jill and Kay to discover that they're not really related -- or something, anything that would set these femme fatales at each other's throats again.

"I am not undoing the mother-daughter story," Latham insists. "To do that, I feel, would be a disservice to the original story. A lot of people talked about that, but that's so gimmicky.

"But I do have a major, major explosive story in the works," Latham teases. "It is going to create extreme havoc between Kay and Jill that will be irreparable."

Bring on the bitch slapping! This Young soap viewer has been feeling Restless for a Kay/Jill catfight for way too long.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/19/06 9:56 PM

Spoiler Alert! A Jazzy Murder on The Young and the Restless
Tragedy strikes on the opening night of Neil Winters' (Kristoff St. John) new jazz club, Indigo, next week on The Young and the Restless. A dead body is discovered and all of Genoa City is left asking whodunit.

Spoiler alert!

I've lurked around on those spoiler-happy Internet message boards and I know the word has already leaked out. But just in case you don't know who the murder victim is -- and you don't want to know -- stop reading now.

OK, you've been warned.

The corpse will belong to Carmen Mesta, that pretty yet prickly publicist who's played by Marisa Ramirez. This isn't all that surprising, since we learned way back in early September that Y&R had chosen to cut Ramirez from the cast.

"Carmen is not going to be recast," Y&R's head writer and executive producer, Lynn Marie Latham, told TVGuide.com at the time. "We have a lovely story in the works for Carmen."

Since Carmen took out a restraining order against her rival, Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell), you can bet Dru will be the prime murder suspect. Who do you think Carmen's culprit will be, suds fans? Comment away!

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/19/06 5:27 PM

Days of our Lives: Update on Billy Warlock's Exit
Hey, Days of our Lives fans, I have the latest on Billy Warlock's impending exit from the NBC sudser. His final air date as Frankie Brady is Wednesday, November 22, which is the Days Thanksgiving episode.

Just to recap: While Days fans had fond memories of Frankie's teen romance with Jennifer (Melissa "Missy" Reeves) in the '80s, lightning definitely didn't strike twice. Screwy story plotting made poor Frankie look like an interloper in Jen's star-crossed romance with Jack (Matthew Ashford). Fans always knew that Jack -- who has been presumed dead several times -- wasn't really gone, so Jen could never realistically move on with Frankie. Jen and Frankie had zero rooting value as a couple.

"It was terrible," Warlock tells TVGuide.com with a sigh. "My character never had a chance. Missy wanted to leave the show for the same reason I wanted to leave. They just blew the story.

"The only thing that's important is for me to let people know that I was not let go," Warlock adds. "I don't like the negative spin [in other press reports] that I was fired. It was a mutual thing between me and the show. I had asked [executive producer] Ken Corday to let me go several times. A [contract] cycle was coming up, so since Missy and Matt were leaving Days, it was perfect timing."

The botched Jack/Jennifer/Frankie triangle happened during the latter part of James E. Reilly's tenure as head writer of Days. The new top scribe, Hogan Sheffer, is currently in the midst of cleaning up the mess and setting things right again.

"When I came aboard, there were characters who were islanded," Sheffer tells TVGuide.com. "Frankly, coming in as a new writer, it was difficult for me to try to cook up stories for characters I didn't know very well, who were marginalized on the canvas.

"There were also actors who simply wanted to go," he continues. "So it's not like I came in and said, 'These people have to go.' [NBC and Corday Productions] had their ideas and I had mine. Once Jim Reilly brought Jack back and we knew that Jack and Jen were going off [to London] together, I walked in and didn't know what to do with Frankie. Billy Warlock is a great actor. I would love to have Billy Warlock back anytime, but for now, we had to make that decision [to write Frankie off]."

"Those are the nicest words I've heard since I've been back on the show," Warlock tells TVGuide.com in response. "Thank Hogan Sheffer for me! Long story short: From the day I got back to this show, it didn't work. But I love Days and I wish the the show nothing but the best. They've been good to me over the years. If they want to play with me again some time, under completely different circumstances, I'd never say never.

"It all happened for a reason, though," Warlock says, grinning. "If I hadn't come back to the show, Julie Pinson (Billie) and I wouldn't have gotten back together and gotten married!"

I just love soapy stories with happy endings, don't you, suds fans?

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/18/06 10:45 PM



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All My Children
Bianca explains the real reason why her lesbian lover, Maggie, did not return to Pine Valley with her. JR is in denial about Babe's adulterous affair with Josh. Ryan and Annie blame Tad and Dixie for little Emma's disappearance. As it turns out, Dr. David Hayward kidnapped Emma — and he urges Dixie to take the child on the run! Lily has a medical emergency. Donny Osmond is among the guests at Erica's fancy schmancy party for her talk show, New Beginnings.

General Hospital
The now-lucid Laura is stunned to discover that she spent four years of her life in a catatonic state. Later on, Luke and Laura go back to Beechers Corners to reminisce about their romance. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Ric plots to frame Sam for a serious crime. It's Jason to the rescue when Sam runs from the law and ends up in danger. Chemotherapy takes its toll on Alexis. A young couple enjoys a romantic evening aboard the Haunted Star.

One Life to Live
The sensual heat between Todd and Blair flares up at their penthouse. The bandaged patient in Llanview Hospital is upset about Natalie kissing Vincent. Things gets ugly when Asa and Spencer read their DNA paternity test results. David shields Viki from Spencer's nastiness. Rex has news about the fate of Todd's infant son. Jessica and Claudia clash over Nash.

As the World Turns
Lucinda wants Katie to pen a sequel to her trashy book, Oakdale Confidential. Later, Katie feels hurt when Vienna shares a tidbit of scandalous dish with her. Craig makes progress in his efforts to be a father to baby Johnny. Craig also schemes with Emily to tear Paul and Meg apart. Elsewhere, Gwen impresses Adam with her musical talents. That shady Jade has a new man on her side. Halloween brings up spooky memories of the masked killer who stalked Oakdale.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Nick has harsh words with Stephanie about Jackie's fall down the stairs. Donna Logan, who witnessed the altercation, makes a threat to Stephanie. Later, Nick prays in the hospital chapel as his mother undergoes brain surgery. Eric visits Jackie in the hospital and remembers the good times they shared together. Harry and Shane are both very interested in Miss Phoebe. Brooke reveals which of her men she has chosen.

Guiding Light
While sewing Halloween costumes for the kids, Harley fantasizes about being a Marvel comic-book superhero. Dr. Rick Bauer is the pawn in Beth's homewrecking game. A mysterious figure is watching Dinah. The boozy Billy returns to Alcoholics Anonymous to regain his sobriety. Reva's loved ones gather around the dying vixen's bedside.

The Young and the Restless
The old Victor is back — and he wants to pay back Jack for taking unfair advantage of his illness. New mommy Lauren's homecoming is very stressful. Neil and Dru fear that a member of the Winters family will be blamed for Carmen's murder. Kevin and Jana stir up a latte passion one night at the Crimson Lights coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Colleen liplocks her sexy art professor.

Days of our Lives
A jealous Belle finds Shawn bunking with Willow the hooker. Bonnie tutors her daughter, Mimi, in the art of scheming. An antidote is found for Patch and Kayla. John discovers that Kate has been trysting with E.J. Wells. Lucas accuses Sami of hooking up with E.J., but Sami has other news for him.

Little James points his finger at a murderer. The sleazy Spike corners Fancy Crane with the intent to rape her. Julian has an unpleasant meeting with his exes, Eve and Ivy. Later on, Grace Bennett telephones her deceitful daughter, Kay, to berate her for helping Poison Ivy destroy their family. Theresa's future prospects with Jared don't look good. Ethan assures Theresa that he'll dump Gwen if he gets confirmation that his wife is a liar. Theresa decides it's time to nail Gwen at last.



Attention Claymates! Clay Aiken on Days of our Lives
Just when you thought NBC's Days of our Lives couldn't get any trippier, we hear this news: American Idol supastah Clay Aiken will spend his Christmas in Salem this year. The singer will serenade Days supercouple Patch and Kayla (Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans) at the show's nightclub, Dune, on December 22.

In his guest spot, which he'll tape on November 14, Clay sings "Everything I Have," a song off his new album, A Thousand Different Ways.

Days viewers will also hear Clay's take on "O, Holy Night," which was featured in his 2004 holiday disc, Merry Christmas with Love.

I love ya, Clay, but I still think you stole my hairdo.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/27/06 5:39 PM

One Life to Live: Ins and Outs Update
TVGuide.com has already reported on the impending exits of a few One Life to Live stars, but we've now confirmed their final air dates with the ABC soap. We'll also add a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down with some good word about a returning favorite.


Wortham Krimmer is back as the Reverend Andrew Carpenter to officiate over the wedding of Jessica Buchanan and Antonio Vega.


Dan Gauthier's troubled Kevin Buchanan character leaves Llanview on Thursday, November 16.

Tuc Watkins last airs as David Vickers on Tuesday, November 21. (Have y'all noticed David strutting around all buff and bare-chested on the show lately? That helped Tuc made the Top 10 Soap Hunks list in my book.)

Daytime Emmy winner Heather Tom (Kelly Cramer) last airs Thursday, December 14. (Naturally, Heather's in my book, too. She's in the Top 10 Soap Divas chapter, along with her TV auntie Robin Strasser, who plays the divalicious Dorian Lord.)

I find the timing of Tom and Gauthier's final air dates rather intriguing, don't you? Their exits are a month apart. Could it be that Kelly and Kevin won't start a new life together away from Llanview? Since she slept with Kevin's son and she's having his grandchild, that could make a "happy ending" hard to pull off. You never know, though. Guess we'll just have to stay tuned....

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/27/06 4:30 PM

Young and the Restless Runs a Soapathon
Attention, soap newbies! Have you tuned in to The Young and the Restless and wondered who's who and what's what in Genoa City?

You can catch up on all the sudsiness by watching SOAPnet's "Jump Into Genoa City" marathon this Sunday, October 29 from 11 am to 3 pm ET/PT. Several Y&R stars will be on hand to offer colorful commentary in between re-runs of four important episodes. Here's what they're airing:

11 am Remember when Kevin was kooky and dangerous before he become a respectable coffeehouse merchant? In this eppy, a lovelorn Kevin pulls a gun on Lauren, and Michael attempts to talk him down. Meanwhile, Jill — who recently learned that her archrival Kay is her birth mother — also learns that Arthur Hendricks is her father. (Original airdate 2/20/2004)

12 noon Boozy dowager Kay's loved ones stage an intervention to stop her drinking. Jack freaks out at his family's reaction to Victor's business offer. Drucilla has a warning for Devon, while Phyllis has a tough conversation with Daniel. (Original airdate 7/5/2004)

1 pm Critically injuried after a car crash, Cassie dies in the hospital, where she is surrounded by her Newman family. Phyllis warns Daniel — who is blamed for Cassie's death — to keep away from Lily. (Original airdate 5/24/2005)

2 pm Neil and Dru fight when he figures out that he's not Lily's biological father. Brad and Victoria get married. Nick tells his family about his separation from Sharon. Phyllis learns that she is pregnant, setting off a "Who's the Daddy?" paternity mystery. (Original airdate 5/10/2006)

Another great way to dip your toe into Y&R — or get the lay of the land on any of the nine daytime soaps — is to read my new book, The Q Guide to Soap Operas. Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/27/06 3:04 PM

One Life to Live Star Out: We're Not Joshing!
FYI, Josh Casaubon — a.k.a. Llanview's assistant D.A. Hugh Hughes — taped his final scenes on the set of One Life to Live at the end of September.

I've kept my lips zipped about it this long, only because I didn't wanna spoil his storyline. See, there was that awful highway pile up. At first, we were supposed to think Hugh was the bandaged-up patient in that hospital bed, but it turns out the dude is John McBain (Michael Easton). Hugh's gone. This fact hasn't been officially revealed on the show yet, but there's no sense in keeping mum. ABC's "mistaken identity" promo ads are totally giving away that it's McBain under those bandages.

Seems a shame to lose Hugh, so soon after we learned he's the long-lost son of that dastardly Dr. Spencer Truman (Paul Satterfield) and his ex-wife, Dr. Paige Miller (Alexandra Neil). Guess we'll have to stay tuned and see how all this plays out....

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/25/06 8:22 PM

The Bold and the Beautiful Casts Soap Vet as New M.D.
In the "coming attractions" promo at the end of Tuesday's episode of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful, we saw Jackie Marone (Lesley-Anne Down) take a nasty tumble down the stairs during a catty chat with Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery).

Spoiler alert!

Jackie's injuries from her spill are serious. So serious, in fact, that she'll require brain surgery next week!

Enter daytime veteran Michael Lowry (ex-Les, As the World Turns; ex-Jake, All My Children). Look for him to play Dr. Hillman, Jackie's hunky neurologist, on October 30, November 1, November 3, November 7 and November 8.

I'm being so specific about Lowry's B&B air dates because some of us soap fans miss this guy so much, we'll wanna catch every second of his sexiness on our TV screens. Somebody in soapland needs to bring him back in a contract role, stat!

Don't miss the Bold and Beautiful story in the latest edition of my Daniel's Dish blog.

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/25/06 12:41 AM

As the World Turns: The Soap's Web Contest Hits TV
Regular viewers of CBS's As the World Turns have seen 18-year-old daytime newbie Alex Charak in dual roles: He debuted on ATWT as the nerdy Alex, whose throat was slit by the Slasher. Later on, he came back to life as Alex's amusingly geeky look-alike, Cousin Elwood.

But perhaps you didn't watch Charak win his ATWT contract on the CBS.com broadband series InTurn. Well, save the date! On November 24 — that's the day after Thanksgiving — CBS will air an hour-long special featuring highlights from InTurn's 24 episodes.

FYI, this is the first time CBS will broadcast a show created exclusively for the Internet on its TV airwaves. That's kinda cool, huh?

Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/25/06 12:18 AM

Two Popular Hunks to Exit As the World Turns
I'm hearing that Mark Collier (Mike) and Paul Leyden (Simon) are both leaving As the World Turns at the end of this year. The two soap hotties will continue to air on the CBS sudser through January 2007.

This comes as no surprise, since it's well known that Collier and Leyden are interested in making the jump from daytime to primetime TV.

Pilot season lasts from January through April each year. So the timing of their ATWT exits indicates that the guys want to be available to audition for primetime roles out in Los Angeles. (ATWT is taped in Brooklyn, New York.)

Earlier this year, Collier took a break from ATWT during pilot season, then returned to Oakdale to stay a spell longer since he didn't land work on a nighttime series. (Hey, showbiz is tough!) As for Leyden, he enjoyed a taste of primetime success in 2004 as a regular on NBC's short-lived series LAX.

ATWT had no official comment for this story.

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All My Children

A guilty Babe admits to JR that she had sex with Josh. True to form, JR rushes off, gets liquored up and goes looking for trouble. Things get very scary when Bianca finds herself alone with the drunk and disorderly Chandler heir. Loyal mama Krystal warns Adam that he'd best not mess with her Babe. Elsewhere in Pine Valley, the battle for Emma/Kate continues. Jack and Brooke have a heart-to-talk talk about his shaky marriage to Erica.

General Hospital
Luke calls a Spencer family meeting aboard the Haunted Star. Laura is close to recalling that traumatic night in the attic which led to her mental breakdown. Helena Cassadine has her evil eye on Luke and Laura once again. Meanwhile, Carly puts on a slutty charade to help a friend in trouble. Ric lays a nasty trap for Sam. Romance is blooming for Robin and Patrick.

One Life to Live
Jessica worries that her alternate personality, Tess, isn't quite gone. Llanviewers ask "Will she or won't she marry Antonio?" on the big day. Todd and Blair enjoy happy memories of their second wedding. Dorian watches Clint and Viki with jealous eyes. Someone susses out the true identity of the bandaged hospital patient. (It's John McBain!)

As the World Turns
Katie makes a scandalous choice that could cost her Mike. Lucy punishes her father, Craig, for his past sins. Jack wants Carly back, but does Carly prefer Simon or Jack? Gwen is torn between her rigorous studies and her ambition for a singing career.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Two B&B foes plus a loaded gun equals a very nasty confrontation. After saying yes to a dinner date with Shane, Phoebe makes a surprising discovery at his place. Ridge has a tough question for Eric. Nick issues a harsh ultimatum to the Forresters. Jackie receives disturbing news about her health. Stephanie and Jackie have another bitchy encounter.

Guiding Light
Though Reva has flatlined in the hospital, don't count out the self-proclaimed "Slut of Springfield" just yet. Olivia locates the rapist who fathered her daughter, Ava. Lizzie has a true confession for Jonathan. Dinah gets tough with Jeffrey. On Election Day, the town learns who is the poison pen behind that scandalous Springfield Burns blog.

The Young and the Restless
As Kay and Jill argue about Billy's irresponsible behavior, the ladies are reminded of how much they once hated each other. Victor and Nikki are suspicious of Jack, who schemes to hide his secrets from the authorities. Gloria makes a disastrous attempt to "help" Michael and Lauren with a social occasion. Dru and Neil are fearful as their family, friends and enemies testify before the grand jury about Carmen's demise. On Friday, Nov. 10, the residents of Genoa City dream up many colorful scenarios as they speculate about who killed Carmen.

Days of our Lives
Billie is hurt by Patch's plan to help the ailing Kayla. Shawn flaunts his newfound wealth in front of Bo and Belle. Willow the hooker persuades Shawn to shack up with her. Chelsea walks in on her parents in a compromising situation. A geeky Salem newcomer named Nick Fallon (who is the grandson of Marie Horton) has his eye on Chelsea. Hope wants to get an amniocentesis, which could reveal that Bo is her baby's real father. Sami, Lucas and Will grow closer as a family. EJ's secret connection to the devious DiMera clan is revealed.

Tabloid creep J.T. Cornell offers to strike a deal with Theresa. Sheridan drugs Luis. Kay has an ugly telephone conversation with her mother, Grace. Kay and Miguel choose to be together as a couple, but Fox concocts a scam to keep them apart. Rebecca tattles the truth about Chad's affair to Whitney. Later, Ethan pulls his lusty mother-in-law into a surprisingly steamy kiss!


Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, SOAP NEWS

General Hospital: Genie Francis Alert!

Great news, suds fans!

Today, I did a fabulous interview with the one and only Genie Francis. It was my first time talking with this daytime icon, and what a pleasure.

As y'all know, she returned to her signature soap role as Laura Spencer on ABC's General Hospital last week. Hurrah!

She's back for November sweeps, and so far, Genie's sudsy scenes have been very enjoyable. My fave moment was when Laura saw Lulu (Julie Berman) all grown up and realized she had been spaced out at Shadybrook for four years. But I really loved it when Laura finally changed out of that damn nightgown into normal clothes and went strolling around Port Charles, making surprise visits to her freaked-out family and friends.

I will post my Genie interview in its entirety in our Soaps Q&A section very soon.

Just to whet your appetite, here's what she had to say about recreating the Luke and Laura phenomenon with her old acting partner, Tony Geary.

"It was great," Genie told TVGuide.com. "We always work well together and we enjoy working together.

"Just the fact that we are together raises the bar in both of our minds," she adds. "We both want to be on top of our game because we've got a lot to live up to. I know Tony feels that way and I feel that way. Fortunately for us, that chemistry was still there — which was a terrific relief to me! Apparently it's still very much alive for both of us. We're a good team."

BTW, Genie and Tony will kick off Super Soap Weekend in Orlando, Fla. with a special "Luke and Laura Day" on Friday, Nov. 10. I plan to be there, and I hope to see you, too! More details on SSW and its celebrity attendees are available here.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 11/2/06 11:36 PM

La Lucci to Host Unique Awards Ceremony
Since Susan Lucci has been married to doctors on TV, she must have great respect for the medical profession. I figure that's why the All My Children diva is hosting the 32nd annual FREDDIE Awards tomorrow, Nov. 3, at Cipriani in New York City. Honorees at the kudofest — which toasts achievements in health-related media productions — will include muscular-dystrophy telethon pioneer Jerry Lewis, TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw, and NFL football's Boomer Esiason.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 11/2/06 1:10 PM

Big Q&A! Ex-Days Star Austin Peck Lands on As the World Turns
Seems like just yesterday that I did my exit interview with Austin Peck about leaving his role as Austin Reed on NBC's Days of our Lives.

What a Debbie Downer it was to see my "Austin Pecs" written off Days. On the bright side, the soap stud has already landed another daytime-drama gig! It's a three-year contract role on CBS's As the World Turns. Peck will play the recast Brad Snyder, who was last seen in Oakdale back in '99. But let's let the man himself tell his story....

TVGuide.com: Congrats, Austin!
Austin Peck:
Thank you! My family and I are so excited about moving to New York. I've been in L.A. for 11 years and I like the lifestyle, but I also miss the East Coast. I'm really looking forward to the weather change. We're having an actual winter!

TVGuide.com: You told me you'd look for other soap work. Clearly, you wasted no time! How did this role come about?
The day I found out about being let go from Days of our Lives, I called my manager, Michael Bruno, and said, "OK, let's get on the horn." We called [As the World Turns executive producer] Chris Goutman because there was a character available. I went out to New York and screen tested and here we go!

TVGuide.com: Who did you screen test with?
They wanted me to keep quiet about that.

TVGuide.com: Oh? Was your screen-test partner perhaps a female love interest for Brad Snyder?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure, and I'm hoping so because I really felt like we hit it off well. She was great to work with. She's cool.

TVGuide.com: Tell us about Brad.
The last time this character was on the show was in '99. There were three different guys who played Brad in a relatively short span of time. [Editor's note: Nick Kokotakis, Roy Eudon and John Loprieno all portrayed Brad from 1998 to 1999.] Michael Park plays Jack Snyder, who is my brother. I got to meet him and he was really cool, so I was excited about that. But I don't know if Brad is going to be an antagonist or what type of character he'll be. I know very little. I do know that Brad left town under negative circumstances. This past weekend, I saw Lesli Kay — who was playing Molly back then — and she was filling me in a little bit on the history.

TVGuide.com: When do you start on ATWT?
I begin work sometime in early to mid-December in New York. We haven't gotten a start date yet. I'll probably start airing in early '07.

TVGuide.com: Any other big news?
Yeah, don't forget to watch me on CSI: NY on Wednesday, Nov. 1!

FYI, suds fans, all the vital info on Austin's CSI: NY episode is right here. (EDIT: see "Days of our Lives: Austin Peck Update!" in post #57)

Oh, and just in case you never watched Austin on Days, you can get to know him better by reading my new book, The Q Guide to Soap Operas. He just happens to be listed as the No. 1 hottie in my Top 10 Soap Hunks chapter.

I'm so glad a whole new soap audience will now have a reason to find out why I sigh over this guy!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/31/06 10:24 PM

Guiding Light Writer Turns Soap Into Comic Book
Each Wednesday, Guiding Light does an "Inside the Light" episode focused on one character in the soap town of Springfield. On Wednesday, Nov. 1, it's all about Harley (Beth Ehlers). The policewoman has a household electrical mishap on Halloween, then ends up with superpowers and a super alter ego named — what else? — The Guiding Light.

It's all part of GL's special crossover episode with Marvel Comics. "This started with our costume designer, Shawn Dudley, who designed Storm's wedding dress in the Black Panther comic book awhile back," says GL head writer David Kreizman. "We began brainstorming other crossover ideas from there."

Just to play devil's advocate here: What's the point? Does GL actually hope comic fanboys will be tempted to tune in for love in the afternoon?

"There were never any expectations that we'd draw in millions of comic-book readers or that Marvel would draw in millions of soap-opera watchers," Kreizman says. "We just thought it would be a really fun show for our audience.

"There is a little crossover value here," he continues. "While the demographics are not the same, the [serialized] storytelling is really not all that different. Comics are little by little [finding] a female audience. For example, [our show was promoted] in the back of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, a comic which is mostly aimed toward teenage girls. There's also all those Manga comics aimed toward women. So I think it's not quite as disparate as you'd think. Soap audiences aren't always exactly what we think they are, either. But mostly, we just got excited about this idea and thought it would be great fun.

"I hope the audience likes it," Kreizman adds. "If they do, we can bring the comic thing back every now and then. We'll see how it goes. If they don't like it, then tomorrow is always another day. That's something else we have in common with comic books. We put out so much material that we have the chance to experiment."

BTW, will Harley's electrically-charged superhero adventure be all in her head? "It's not a fantasy," Kreizman explains. "We're playing it as real. It's not like she gets knocked out and wakes up and it was all a dream. Some things that happen in this episode actually do push story along. It's fun, but the characters do deal with very emotional issues."

The GL scribe says that there is a knowing wink to the audience, though. "Harley and Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) look at each other at the end of the episode like, 'Did that really happen?'"
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/31/06 8:35 PM

As the World Turns Rookie Out
Note to As the World Turns fans: Don't get too attached to Broadway actor Matthew J. Morrison, who just debuted as Hal and Margo's son, Adam Munson, on Oct. 24.

The 25-year-old daytime newcomer has already parted ways with ATWT. The CBS soap chalks it up to a "scheduling conflict" and confirms that the role is being recast. Expect Morrison to continue airing as Adam through the end of November.

Whatever it was that occasioned Morrison's departure, it's a shame his Adam gig didn't work out. Although we have only seen Morrison in a few episodes, he comes off likeable enough, and he bears a pleasing resemblance to the late, much-missed Benjamin Hendrickson, who played Adam's dad, Hal.

I expect to have more word on the Adam recast for you soon. Sit tight!
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/31/06 7:46 PM

Guiding Light Writer Confirms Vincent Irizarry Isn't Coming Back
It's time again for some rumor control, suds fans.

I recently reported that Vincent Irizarry would be written off the canvas of ABC's All My Children, where he has played the devious Dr. David Hayward for nine years. He taped his final episodes last week.

Rumors are now circulating that Mr. Irizarry is going back to CBS's Guiding Light, where he has previously played Lujack Spaulding and his identical twin brother, Nick McHenry Spaulding.

I sought a straight answer from Guiding Light's head writer, David Kreizman, who dismisses the talk of Irizarry's return to Springfield. "There are no plans to bring him back at the moment," Kreizman confirms to TVGuide.com. "I like Vincent very much. He's a very good actor. If it was something that worked for our story at the time, we'd definitely consider bringing him back."

There you have it from the horse's mouth.

Just out of curiosity, though.... One colorful version of the rumor had Irizarry returning as Lujack, not Nick, even though Lujack is dead. Could that ever happen?

"Lujack seems to be pretty dead, in my mind," Kreizman says with a chuckle. "He was blown up and he died in Beth's arms. He's pretty dead. I'll never say never, but it would probably be monkeying with the show's history a lot to bring back Lujack."

FYI, Irizarry has candidly shared his feelings about leaving AMC in a farewell letter to his fans on his official website.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/31/06 4:43 PM

Veteran All My Children Diva Quits and Disses Her Soap
Soap star Julia Barr — who has played Brooke English on All My Children since 1976 — is choosing to depart the ABC sudser when her contract expires in December.

It seems almost superfluous to report this, since the two-time Daytime Emmy winner is so underused that AMC's viewers barely ever see her onscreen anyway.

Barr couldn't resist taking a parting shot at AMC in a statement to the press. "I am so proud to have been a part of a show that was once a television icon," she said. "I want the fans to know how much I truly appreciate all of their love, support, loyalty and enthusiasm over the years."

A show that was once a television icon? Oh no she di'int.

Oh yes, she did.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/31/06 3:48 PM

Two Harmony Heroines Return to Passions
Attention Passions fans! Two long-absent ladies are headed back to Harmony.

Dana Sparks returns for six episodes as desperate housewife Grace Standish Bennett, starting this Thursday, Nov. 2. Grace finally learns that Ivy tricked her into leaving town with the wrong husband, and she gives everyone an earful about it. Get the soap dish from Ms. Sparks herself in today's fresh Soaps Q&A.

What's more, Kristina Sisco (ex-Abigail, As the World Turns) has been cast as the new Charity Standish. She was twice nominated for the outstanding-younger-actress Daytime Emmy during her stint on ATWT. Sisco, who is on recurring status, first airs on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

I must say I do miss Molly Stanton and Jesse Metcalfe as the original Charity and Miguel, but those kids did their five years on the nutty NBC sudser and can't really be blamed for chasing their prime-time and movie dreams.

Hmm... so I wonder if Charity is still a virgin? Don't forget that Tabby has been keeping the young white witch away from Miguel because she'll "come into her full powers" if she is ever deflowered by her true love. And that, according to Passions' murky mythology, would spell doom for the Dark Side.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/31/06 12:41 PM

A Halloween Treat for Soap-Opera Fans
Happy Halloween!

In honor of this spooky holiday, I have a tasty treat — in lieu of a trick — for all you suds fans.

Hint: It has to do with a famous TV witch from a certain cult-classic soap opera.

Click here to get the goodies in the latest edition of my Daniel's Dish blog.
Posted by Daniel R. Coleridge 10/30/06 11:42 PM

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