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Big Brother Australia 2007 - The Finale

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Day 100 – Monday – The Final Day

BB turned the lights on at 09:00 today. Aleisha and Zach sit up and smile at each other. BB announces, "Good Morning HMs it is day 100. Time to get up. The final countdown has begun."

When they move out to the lounge, on the plasma screen a digital clock is counting down the seconds until the start of the Finale Show. Just under 10 hours left.

09:10 after a quick potty visit, Zach puts on a pot for some tea. Aleisha is sitting at the counter as they are out of hot chocolate mix now and she doesn't want tea.

09:15 BB announces a special delivery in the tucker box. Inside is a tin of Aleisha's favorite hot chocolate mix. Zach runs to get her cup.

As they drink they talk about all of the name tags hanging on the wall. Zach has been in the house 50 days to Aleisha's 100 days and he has survived half the housemates. They move to the yard and sit on the steps to the shop and drink their morning toddies. They think that the clock is the countdown till they leave and that would make it 10:30 or 11:30. But it is only 09:30.

They just walked by the clock in the bedroom and it showed 09:30.41. It is 09:35.41 so that makes the live feed exactly 5 minutes delay time.

They say they are going to wash their clothes now so they will have all day to dry out. It is quite warm today they say.

09:33 and BB announces hot water. They both decide to wait and take their shower later.

09:40 they are both outside washing clothes by hand in the green buckets.

When they finish they sit and talk in the yard for a while then go and get dressed in their swimmers and start sunbaking.

Again we are treated to an extended session of the "We are unable to bring you audio…."

Audio is back at 10:54 and they are still lying in the yard. More Talk Talk.

At 11:20 they are looking around in the pantry and the fridge for something to make lunch out of.

Looks like a white roll with butter and vegemite. And a soft drink to top it off.

At 11:25 they notice that the pool is completely full up to the brim. They check the filter but it is not clogged. They don't know why or if BB knows. He does now I guess. Zach says it was not like this morning when he pored one of his buckets of water from the bathroom into the pool.

At 11:30 they start playing in the pool and as a result of their splashing, water now covers the yard for 10 feet from the pool. When they tire of the pool they move to the spa.

At noon they decide to sunbake again.

At 12:12 BB calls them to the diary room. The video shifts to the top 8 for the week.

At 12:20 the video finally switches back to the yard and Aleisha and Zach are back. No word on what the diary room was about.

Now that they aren't playing in the pool any more, the yard is starting to dry off, but from one video shot, I can see that the run-off made it all the way to the gym. From another angle, it looks like the water level in the pool is dropping back to a more normal level.

13:00 Aleisha makes them a snack tray which they take to the mansion. Aleisha looks at the countdown clock and reads 5:56 remaining.

At 13:10 BB announces that it is time to celebrate and that there is a special delivery in the tucker box. They run to look and find a bottle of champagne.

Still in the back yard at 13:30. They are both in the spa now.

Zach has decided to take a sauna.

As the clock ticks down to 05:00 left they count down with it. On the dot they leave the water and lie down to dry off.

At 15:40 they are still sitting in the mansion doing thier nails and combing their hair.

At 16:00 they count it down again to 03:00 left. They are now in the lounge. They start wandering around the yard talking about everything they have done.

BB announces that there is now an assortment of clothes and accessories in the bedroom for them to choose from. They have two hours to get dressed and pack their bags. They both run to the bedroom and cheer and scream at all the new clothes.

Aleisha has a problem deciding between the different dresses but Zach spots his choice rather quickly. Or has he. Now he can't decide between two shirts. Now is it white or black shoes?

Among the items BB has laid out are hair products sich as a hair dryer and a curling iron. Zach helps Aleisha do her hair.

17:00 and it is now makeup time in the bathroom mirror.

17:30 and Aleisha is not sure about her shoes. They still need breaking in and she wants to wear them tonight to party. They hurt a bit but they look soooo good.

18:30 and they are ready to go. Just sitting around in the bedroom and bathroom waiting for the countdown clock to expire now.

Aleisha's final outfit is a pair of black pumps and a black, white/silver and grey vertical swirling striped dress with a broad black band at the top and bottom.

Zach is wearing black pants, a white shirt with silver glitter stripes with a bright white vest and a black and white stripped tie. The shirttail keeps coming out and getting tucked back in as he vacillates between different fashion statements.

At 18:52 BB announces that they have two minutes to go to the toilet.

At 18:53 BB tells them to go to the spa deck and remain there until further instructions. The clock says only 8 minutes. Aleisha's hair actually looks good combed, brushed and curled. The clock, slowly counting down is torture to them. They both says they would do this again if given the choice. Now only 3 minutes. (The streaming time delay has creped up to almost 7 minutes now according to my clock.) They can now hear the crowd in the stadium. They count down the last minute with the clock.

On the dot they see shots from the different housemate auditions start up on the screen.

BB says the winner will be revealed shortly and sends them to the lounge.

Scenes from the season appear on the screen ending with the white room where they are greeted by the final three Harrison, Zara and Cruz. Mike, Bree and Fitzy join them and they greet the final two from the screen.

At 19:15 BB sends them to the rewards room. Gretel greets them on the screen. The show has started. We don't get to see everything from the stage.

19:20 Gretel and the crowd appear. She is in a long black dress. More scenes from the house last night and then this morning.

At 19:30 Gretel appears and talks to them about the $450,000 prize. Then she shows them what the runner up will get: 2 phones, $20,000 cash, a trip to Vietnam and a Car. They can't believe that there is a car too. Back to commercial. Aleisha wants to eat some of the food on the table. Aleisha is now doing her popping noise aver and over. Zach says he looks and sounds GAY, GAY and GAY.

A lot of breaks that so we can't see what is happening on stage and how the voting is going on. They just sit and talk.

19:50 they get the news from the last 100 days clip with Sandra Sully. Them they get a short video of their loved ones telling them they are proud. Then Gretel appear in the rewards room and she talks to them in person. She tells them that when she reappears on the stage all the HMs will come back.

20:00 Kate is on stage with Gretel. Short talk and then they show a montage of Kate in the house.

Now a montage of TJ followed by the one from Bodie. Each montage ends with the HM being evicted. TJ and Bodie now on stage together. TJ looks great in a short black dress.

Bree is now talking to a very beautifully made up Demet. Then Fitzy is talking with Nick. Now their montages.
Hayley's montage followed by Hayley on stage with Mike.

20:15 and back to the stage with Susannah and she tells Gretel about her and Thomas. Zach and Aleisha can't believe it. Montage time again.

It's EMMA time!! Aleisha and Zach both cheer as her montage is shown. This is followed by Rebecca's montage. Emma and Rebecca are now on stage with Bree and Fitzy. Emma wants Aleisha to win. Rebecca says it would be great if Zach could win as the first gay man to win.

Montages from Laura, Andrew and Thomas. Laura got in trouble yesterday and won't be on stage tonight. She got a bit drunk partying and got arrested at the hospital.

Mike is on stage now with Andrew and Thomas. But before they break away, Hayley and Susannah join their guys on stage. During the commercial break, Aleisha and Zach can't believe that Thomas and Susannah are together now. They love the black and white photos that the show is displaying when they post the voting numbers.
20:30 and Jamie is with Mike on stage. Montage time again.

Michelle's montage is shown followed by Daniela's and then they join Gretel on stage.

Gretel introduces the montages from Joel and Zoran. The due appear on stage with Bree and Fitzy.

Finally the montages from Billy and Travis are shown. Billy and Travis appear on stage with Gretel and she announces that the voting lines have now closed. Both Billy and Travis want Aleisha to win. Now we have a last commercial break and BB gives them a chance to go to the potty.

20:00 and the housemates perform a skit of the season as a fairy tale on stage with Mike reading the narration.

At 21:00 BB tells them that they have 3 minutes to walk thru the house one last time. They walk out and take a last tour. Soon they are back and on the couch in the rewards room waiting for the final announcement.
Gretel talks to all the housemates on stage. Now they show a montage of Zach.

Time for a break and then Aleisha's montage.

At 21:30 BB sends Zach to the lounge and Aleisha to the bedroom. They are separated. Zach sits on the lounge and then his parents enter thru the doors! Hugs and praise from both along with happy tears. They talk and the camera switches to the bedroom where we see Aleisha's parents enter thru the bathroom. More hugs and kisses.

21:35 and BB tells them to show their parents around the house. More hugs and greetings and then they do a tour. BB tells them to take their parents to the eviction tunnel and say goodbye. BB sends them back to the rewards room.

The official site keeps losing my login so I have to drop completely out and come back in to get back on the streams tonight. But now I am back on with a full 20 minutes and only 15 minutes of the show to go.

Of course now at 21:50 BB tells them to both leave the house together.

Switch to the stage and we see Mike, Bree and Fitzy introduce the 'Potbellies' and the crowd has a ball.
Back outside the house, Zach and Aleisha are on a large lit caravan trailer with Gretel slowly moving up the long trail toward the stage. This takes us back to the early years where they walked the final two back to the stage from the house. The evicted housemates all come on-board one at a time and it is hugs and kisses. Overhead we see fireworks going off.

21:55 Mike says here they come and he introduces all of the housemates as they enter the stage down the long walkway and on to the stage.

Gretel introduces the final two and they walk down too and everyone is on stage. Gretel says that after the break the winner will be announced. Fade to black. Red finale logo comes on the screen and we hear Mike talking to the crowd in the background.

Back and just Zach, Aleisha and Gretel on stage together. Announcement coming. Now we have a final montage of each of them.

Finally the moment is here. Gretel asks for the envelope and "The winner of Big Brother 2007 is…. ALEISHA!!!
They show the graph where Zach got 55% of the evict to Aleisha's 45% and the both got 50% of the save votes. The combined graph shows that the winning margin was only 2%. Gretel gives her the big check and the stream closes.


I will now have to wait until the Finale show is uploaded and I can download it later in about 10 hours. As it is now only 07:00 in the morning here in Alabama it has been a long night for me and I will now go to bed and do that when I get up.

I must say that the last few weeks have been a lot better than the first few. This season was a disappointment overall. Last season was much better and so was 2005 which was the first season that I watched. I have heard that there will probably be another BB at lease next year so I am looking forward to it. I guess now I will just have to keep watching the USA Big Brother which is only in it's fifth week. See you again next year!!


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Thanks Hanklee!! Your updates helped me get ready for this season of BBUS. I really enjoyed this BigBrother and even got involved in disliking Michelle.




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I just LOVED BBAU.I would rather watch BBAu then our BB feeds.
And I couldn't be happier with the winner.

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