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August 8, 9 & 10 Picture Thread

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This is a picture earlier, of Eric describing how he got the "sprinkle of pepper, sprinkle of salt" question about Joe, and how he almost laughed:


After seeing Jess' HOH room, Jameka and Amber are lying in bed, feeling bad that they are not HOH.


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Dick tells Daniele she needs to stay, and he needs to go:


Dick talking to himself and smoking outside:


Jess and Eric use the big screen:


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Jen in her revealing pink outfit, and Eric getting as far away as humanly possible:


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Okay all a little surprise for the Evil Dick fans , I ran across his my space that Vincent is keeping up while he is gone. found some great photo's and a few surprises i want to share with ya'll

Dicks 2004 Halloween Costume , The Pedofile Priest


Dicks 2003 Halloween Costume , and don't say ya need some one to tell you what it is , lmao


Dick in Egypt 1993


Vincent , Danni and Dick with his Motorcycle


Dick with his son and son's friends


Dicks friend holding his big BALLS


And now Boys and Girl , Men and Women, Mortys Big Brother fans the surprise. What Dick can not say in the BB house.!!!

Dick as Captain Teague in the Pirates of the Caribean 3 Movie Believe he was stand in for Kieth Richards


Dick and Friend on the set of Pirates 3


Dick and Johnny Depp on the set of Pirates 3 Dick says

How would you look standing next to Johnny Depp with your make up running?


Arrr Captain Teague ready to set sell soon as there done messing with the set


Look on message board for a blog from dicks myspace about the pirate movie

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