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August 24, Live Feed Updates

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12:07 BBT

Jess called to DR

Dick trying to figure outwhat "a stitch in time saves nine" means Ereic gives a pretty inaacurate explanation...

Dick talking how they were the only ones still up...

Jen bashing ensues again.......

Dick her DR are going to be hilarious" Eric saying "she's a laughing stock" more bashing that's been repeated over and over..

Jameka asking what her whole name was "eric "jennifer Johnson" and Dick follows with nasty names....

Eric and Dick bashing Eric saing her face looked like she had "bell's palsy"

Jameka saying "i would love to have a frozen margarita machine"

Dic saying "have you seen Zach's feet" "they are so disgusting" Jameka saying thanks to Dick Zach "has been liberated" with the farting and burping

talking about eric being "proud and I'm so excited" about Jess's HOH win....talking about how well and not so well they have done in comps....

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12:19 BBT

Eric talking about he really won the first HOH and Dick wonders what would have happened had he was chosen instead of Kail.....

Eric saying Carol and Amber would have never been nominated..

Dick keeps going back to Jen....

Jameka proud its been three hours since dinner and "no gas" [what about the hot air coming out her mouth]

Dick saying tonigh "Iwas was really hungry" and saying he hasn't has "In-N-Out" since he's been here ..Jameka saying they don't have In-N-Out...

Eric talking about a "shocker" and Jamekaasks what it was and Dick gave a descriptive explanation....[i'll spare you guys]

graphic talk ensues...

Jameka says she doesn't know what "caca " meant and mistakenly called it a "cocker"

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12:33 BBT

Dick saying he's going to smoke and going to bed in his private room..Eric telling Jess "i'm so excited for you"

Eric saying first time she won she got a kiss on the head and second was a kiss on the cheek...what can she expect for the third eric wonders aloud..

Eric says he doesn't want to leave without winning..Jameks saying he's not leaving..this week.

Eric saying that the Dick Daniele fight wasn't reall as no one say what "provoked it" and "they plotted to do it" so they won't look strong and people won't target them....Jameka says that it was real and that his "eyes were red like he had been crying" when she was talking to him. Eric changes the subject tto the HOH duntanks

Eric called to DR to get his AC instructions.....[a little earlier than normal]

Jameka asking about Jess's relationship with her brother asking if it's like "brandon and Brenda" "from 90210"

asking what she calls her dad "Jess says "dad" and Jameka what Danile calls him and both and heard her refer to him as "my dad" but never heard how she addresses him....

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Eric, Jess & Jameka in the HOH room. Eric called to the DR (probably to get America's vote about who to try to get nominated). He tells the girls he'll be back soon.

Jess & Jameka talking about watching the BB tapes when the game is over. Jameka asking Jess what kind of relationship she has with her brother.

Jam: Your dad looks more like I imagine him to be than the other picture. He looks taller there.

Jess: That picture of my family looks really, really......

Jam: Cause you were on a block

Jam: You say "Dad", not "Daddy" ever?

Discussing whether Dani ever calls Dick "Dad". Agree that she sometimes says, "My dad", and she has called him Dick a couple of times.

Now they're talking about the rock that Jess got with her HOH room - which was a gift from her 7th grade boyfriend. I think Jess said he eventually dated her brother's ex-girlfriend, and that made her mad.

Jam: This house. Jess you're really gonna be in F4, you know that.

Jess: You really think so?

Jam: Yes, 'cause even if one of them would come after you, they'd go for Eric first.

Jam was upset that Dani put her up, but she's glad it worked out like it did. She was really worried about Jen swimming 440 laps in the pool to equal 1 mile. (Not sure why this would have anything to do with the votes for eviction.)

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12:48 BBT

Jamek working for a Dick and Daniele nom saying one survives they will go after Eric and Jess says "for my evil ways"

Jameka talking abot being mad for Daniele putting her up but is glad "it worked out" saing she was "really worried" Talking about Jen # of laps she swam......

Eric back from DR and Jameka says she's about to leave and knows him and Jess want to talk saying him and Dick "did a final jig" for jen's departure

Jess singing and no FOTH

Jameka still sitting there just talking.....talking about Zach being bummed about Nick wanting to see him streak from the HOH question.....

Eric saying he thinks Daniele is popular like Janelle was but not at that level and Eric saying they are not "dislikes" because that they bring entertainment [a hint maybe its not Dick]

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12:58 BBT

Eric saying Jess is doing "so so well it's ubelievable" Jess "unbelievable" saying that she will beat him in finals but doesn't matter since its going "to the same bank account" jokingly

Jameka still has her butt planted on the bed not moving talking about nothing interesting...

She's finally getting up to leave and saying be on her team if you don't want to be on slop.

Camera 3 Dick sleeping and Can 4 has amber sleeping

Jess saying she doesn't know what to do....and Jess saying Dick told her hed needs to stop fighting for Daniele and start to worry about Vincent.

Eric says Amber and Zach would be the safest nominations...Eric says 'either Amber or Zach leaving would be fine"..Eric saying Amber doesn't "care for us" telling Jess what she should say about her nominations...Eric saying Amber didn't talk to me all week and came "racing to me" saying they never had the time to talk..and read as "now is the time to be back in your collective good graces" and agree that Amber and Zach can win comps

Talking about the time isn't right to put up D&D.....and Jess says that "i'm not putting up Jameka" Jess says she wouls rather see Zach go than Amber..

Eric "I want to see Amber nominated for sure" [Amber is AC..no doubt]

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Jameka is getting ready to leave the HOH room at 1:05 a.m. hamster time.

It's obvious Eric and Jess are waiting for her to leave. She says later on, she might come back up if they aren't sleepy. Eric tells her he will go talk to her when he comes down to bed. Jameka comments that they gave Jess 3 pairs of HOH slippers. Jess offers her a pair, but she refuses it. Jameka leaves.

Jess: Oh, Eric, what am I going to do tomorrow? This is what I hate about HOH!!

Eric: Well, here I come. So much to talk about!

Jess asks how Eric's convo with Amber was, and he says it was "weird."

Jess says she has two things to tell Eric, so he should remind her about Dick, to tell him something. But she wants to talk about Amber, first.

Jess says that Amber ignored her (Jess) all day, but after Jess won HOH, Amber came up to her and said they need to talk--they "never got to talk" last week.

Eric says Amber was kissing his ass, too.

Jess says that it was so weird--Dick came up to her and told her that, "I don't know, I'm just starting to get to that point where I've just got to start fighting for myself, and not for my daughter AND me. It's not fair to Vincent, blah blah blah. Because I've been fighting more for my daughter to win, and I'm going to start fighting more for myself."

Eric; That is weird.

Jess says that she didn't think much of it at first, but she realized that Dick and Dani have been arguing.

Jess: Is this all, maybe it is a setup?

Eric says he thinks it very well could be.

Eric asks what she wants to talk about first, she says she doesn't care. He asks if she wants to put up Amber and Zach first? She says she thinks that is the safest, as they are bad at comps. And maybe she could backdoor Dani or Dick if someone used POV. That would be "perfect," but then if she didn't, she could tell them she lived up to her deal.

Eric says Amber and Zach would be perfect. No one expects her to come after Eric. Jameka just came off the block, and she's not a threat as she can't compete for HOH.

Eric says if she doesn't put up D&D, then she is not "immediately causing a problem."

Eric; I'm thinking that either Amber or Zach leaving would be fine, and then we could take until Wed. night midnight to decide which one should be leaving.

Jess: Yeah

Eric says he doesn't feel that Amber cares for either of them at all. Zach feels he shouldn't have to do anything to stay--Jess can say any "bullshit she wants" to justify it.

Eric gives her a possible speech, where she says she feels it would be better to put up two people in a "gray area" to get a clear picture of where people stand.

Eric says that Amber didn't talk to him all week. He says that she would just give him depressed faces, and then after Jess won she "came racing for him." She then wanted to talk and said that "they aren't on the same page as they once were" after the Dustin stuff happened. He read it as Jess is HOH and she wants in their good graces. Eric thinks Jess is right--Amber and Zach can't win comps, which D & D can.

Jess: But then, why don't I go after them, instead?

Eric says that the problem is, you don't know when the time is right.

Eric says if you are going to go after Dani or Dick, she might as well take off the next few days, let them feel safe. Why deal with it right off the bat?

Jess says that she told Dick that she was thinking of putting up Amber and Zach, and he said, "Well, if WE put them up" that Zach has to go.

Neither Eric or Jess see why Zach should go.

Eric says he can see pros and cons for both Zach and Amber going, but he "most wants to see Amber" nominated, for sure.

(I guess Amber is America's choice. Isn't that what she's always wanted? --Cat)

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1:13 BBT

Eric saying he's fine going to the final four with Daniele and Dick........Eric says the dream scenario would have been Amber winning HOH and put the up putting "the blood on someone elses hand" and not on yours..

Eric saying they kept their word saying "in a wierd way there is honor amoungst thieves" ...

Talking about Jess will beat either Dick and Dani in the end and the "risk is" that they make final 3 but same goes for them..

Eric saying its easier to beat Amber and Jameka in comps but harder to beat them in the end..

Jess about Zach "he's going to be so pissed" about his nomination....

Jess saying she going saying "it sucks being HOH' and says to Eric "you better win next week"

Jess says if Amber wins POV ? Eric say your're going to have to put one of them up...HJess says if we take D&D people will start to turn on them and Eric says that its been pretty content without having big meetings and saying that "the four best people" is the best idea....

Jess and Eric talking now about Zack leaving for Jameka being best........everyone else asleep

[i'm out til tomorrow..night all]

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Jess says she thought about putting up Zach and Dick, but she isn't sure about going there yet.

Eric says he thinks it's a little early for that.

Eric says if they go to final four with Dick and Dani, he's fine with that. The two of them can beat Dick and Dani. He says he knows that Jess feels Eric sucks (he laughs). Jess says she knows Eric comes through when it is most needed.

Eric says that he doesn't know if it is possible, but the dream scenario would be Amber winning HOH and putting Dani and Dick up. Jess says that she doesn't know if Amber would have done that, though. Eric says that he thinks Amber would have put up Eric and Dick. Eric says the dream scenario is for the blood to be on someone else's hands.

Eric says that Dick and Dani did honor their word last week. Jess says they kept THEIR word the week before, though, so they are even! Eric says but Jess and Eric "caused" that the week before, though, so it's not even.

Eric says that he thinks Jess will have Zach's vote, and if not, then she will have the four votes that kept Eric to stay.

Eric says Jess would beat them at the end. But the risk is at the end, where you have to win the HOH to stay. But the same goes for Dick and Dani.

(During this, BB says, "STOP THAT!" Eric and Jess are confused, as they weren't talking about anything wrong)

Eric says he knows that Zach will eventually pull something. Eric says that Zach uses him as a messenger. Jess laughs as Eric does a (very accurate) impression of Zach saying to tell Jess that the "same applies" that he told her last time he was HOH.

Jess says that she knows Zach will be so pissed when she puts him up! Eric says anyone will be pissed, so who do you want mad at you? Eric says Jameka and Eric would "fight to the death for Jess." Dick and Dani would be pissed and take it really badly, so Amber and Zach are the best people to make mad at this point.

Jess agrees. She tells Eric he'd better win next week. Eric says he never threw any comp other than the "eliminator."

Eric says this one and last week, he came out and wholeheartedly wanted to win, and he ended up doing worse than ever!

Eric says he was so frustrated and disappointed!

Eric says it's funny because Jess used to joke that people only wanted to talk strategy with Eric, but now Jess has "saved his ass twice in a row now, and carrying him on her back!"

Eric says that Jameka was laughing about how Eric was climbing like spiderman trying to get out of the dunk tank, and Jess laughs--Eric didn't see the ladder, and he was trying to get out to hug Jess.

Eric: I also threw out my hip sitting down.

Jess laughs

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Jameka finally left the HOH, so Jess & Eric can finally talk game.

Jess: Dick came up to talk to her, and he said that he had to start fighting for himself - not for his daughter. He has to think about himself and his son, Vincent.

They are agreeing that Amber and Zach are probably the safest nominations. Eric says that either going would be okay, and they could even wait until midnight on Wed. to decide which one would go.

Eric suggesting she say something like: "the house is in a weird state. And putting up two people who are in sort of a gray area will 'cause everyone to think about the real situation."

He explains his conversation in the back yard with Amber, and thinks that it was mostly Amber's attempt to get back in their good graces.

Debating what would happen if she put D&D on the block.

Jess says that she mentioned to Dick about putting Amber & Zach up, and Dick said that if that's the case, then Zach should go.

Jess says that she won't put Jameka up. Reports that Jameka asked why Jess would consider putting up anybody except D&D, because everybody else is less of a threat to her. Jameka said that maybe Eric has a deal with Dick - (though no suggestion that Jess has any kind of a deal with D&D).

Eric thinks that the ideal scenario would have been for Amber to win HOH and put up D&D - although Jess thinks Amber might have put up Dick & Eric.

Eric: In a weird way, there's an honor among thieves, and he thinks it is to D&D's advantage to continue the alliance with Eric & Jess. He thinks that even if they get to F4 with D&D, they could win.

Eric doesn't trust Zach. Relays the message Zach asked Eric to convey to Jess. Basically, that he has the same deal with her that he had the last time she was HOH. (In other words, he'll vote however she wants him to.)

Eric is pissed that he did so bad in the HOH competition. However, he feels indebted to Jess to save him with her two HOHs. Talks more about how he tried to crawl out of his water tank to get to Jess after she won the comp.

Eric & Jess are both weighing the pros and cons of putting D&D up, or honoring the F4 alliance.

Eric thinks that Zach should go first - so D&D can't pull him into an alliance if they need another vote.

Eric: If we stick with it this week (with D&D), I think there's a good chance that they'll stick to the agreement next week.

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Jess: What happens if Amber wins POV for some god-awful reason this week? What do I do then?

Eric says you have to put one of them (Dani or Dick) then. She can say she's not going to put up Eric, and she can say she doesn't want to put up Jameka, but that will be looked on as bad.

Eric says that maybe she could put up one of them and say this is her way of being sure Zach leaves.

Jess says that she feels if she takes out Dick or Dani, then everyone will come after Eric and Jess as targets.

Eric says he thinks so, too.

Eric says it's good that they haven't had to have big meetings with Dick and Dani, and they just wink and say little things now and then with Dick and Dani. Eric says that he knows it is weird, but part of him does see the value in the four best people kicking ass and then having it come down to the four of them.

Eric says he would like to see Zach leave before Jameka.

Eric says that if Jameka stays, there is the chance that they can "pull a coup" at the five, with Jameka on their side.

Eric goes through scenarios of what would happen if Zach stays, versus Amber.

Eric says that if they stick to their word this week, he thinks they can get Dani and Dick to keep their word next week.

He says that probably Dick or Dani would win next week.

Jess: Come on, Eric!

Eric says he will try to win!

Eric says that Dani and Dick would have Zach's vote if he stays. But he does think that Amber could go, too, because Amber doesn't like them.

Jess says that if she puts up Amber, she feels Amber will try to join with Dick and Dani.

Eric agrees. He says part of him does want to get rid of Amber. He says she has competed well and almost won POV.

Jess and Eric feel it will be interesting to see Zach on the block, playing for POV, to see if he will suddenly be a great competitor.

Eric says if you take out Amber, that breaks up Jameka and Amber.

Jess: Jameka is really smart, and when she gets to do HOH's again..

Eric says Jameka can only play at the final four, if she makes it there.

Eric says that was not a good choice, and he feels bad that Jameka did it for Dustin and him (Eric). He says he thinks he might have done it if he could have played. Jess says Eric wouldn't have done that for Jameka, though. Eric says he might have--he wouldn't have given up the money, but he might have given up the 5 hoh's. (Yeah, because as AP he doesn't want to win! --Cat)

Eric says one of the "easiest arguments to make against Zach," Jess can't make. The argument is that Zach hasn't been nominated yet, and everyone should be nominated. But Jess hasn't been nominated, so she can't say that.

Eric says that he really feels that Jess will have good relationships with people in the house and jury, and is kicking ass in the comps. He knows it bothers her when he says that, but he is proud of her. Jess says it doesn't bother her when he says that, but she doesn't see it that way. He says she has a great chance. She says that it might not be good for people to see her that way, though! He says at this point, it's late enough to be okay.

Eric says "No one saw it coming," and Jess is dominating. He says she's a bad ass.

Jess says "Yeah! Let's go win some money!"

Eric and Jess say that they will take money in the comp if there is a reward challenge and they get to play POV. Jess says she will ring the buzzer before Eric! She doesn't care if she has to change the nominations!

Eric says he feels he is the most hated in the house, even more than Dick.

Jess says that with that, if Dick or Dani have the option to take one of them, they will take Eric instead of Jess.

Eric says that he doesn't believe that--he feels that they would rather see Jess win.

Jess says they will feel that they can't beat Jess as easily as Eric.

Eric says that Dick and Dani will see their votes coming from the same pool as Eric's, so they won't want to take him to the finals.

Eric asks if Jess will feel entirely comfortable in the rest of the game if Dick or Dani are HOH?

Jess says she is more comfortable with Dick as HOH.

Eric says he sees Dick and Dani as one person--they are one brain.

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Eric and Jess are talking about the future and Eric says he would be so happy if Jess won. He says of course he would like to win, but he would be thrilled for Jess. Eric says that he feels he is letting her down by doing crappy in the comps.

Jess says he isn't. But he had better be there for her before the POV and not like last time when he was sick. He says that was so awful, and he doesn't even want to talk about it! (He does seem upset about that--Cat). He says he will be there for her no matter what, even if he has to carry the bed with him if he is sick again!

Jess asks if Eric talked to Dani, and asked if "it" was true? (I missed what it is, but it sounds like Jen claiming that Dani had a deal to have her back). Eric says yes, he did, and Dani says that it was totally not true--Dani didn't say it, and it was made up by Jen.

Eric says he thinks Jen invents things from her perception of events.

Eric says he told Amber, "I don't really fucking care what Jen said." Eric says that he told her if he listened to everything people have said to him about others talking bad about him, he would be in the corner crying.

Eric says that he doesn't need to point out reasons for Dick to look bad--Dick throws pans, insults women--he doesn't have to make up things to make Dick look bad.

Eric says he told Amber if she wants to go around thinking he is a bad person or that he hates her, then that's her choice.

Amber told him "No, no, no--why would that mean anything?"

Eric told her "Just as an aside, Jen hates you, Amber!"

Eric says that Jen tried to make everyone look stupid. She was upset because she thought Eric was her buddy, and he wasn't.

Eric says Jen is a bitch and she should just fucking die, and he hates her.

Eric says he hopes they can put to rest the lie that he had an alliance with Jen. He was happier to see her leave than Dick was!

ERic says he hopes Jen doesn't go to jury. He can see Dustin and Jen sitting there, all snooty, talking about people.

Eric says that he thought Jen's cryptic remark about passing on the message to Dustin was ridiculous. Dick said to Eric that Jen didn't have to pass it on--Amber will be there to pass it on in person for five weeks before the end of the show!

Jess says that Jameka told her that if she needed to, she can put up Jameka. Jess said NO. She will not do that to Jameka.

Eric says that he doesn't need Dick and Dani coming after him right now, and he will re-evaluate if he has to if POV is used. But right now, Amber is the least close to them out of the original LNC alliance. He says she will cry, but...

Jess is freaked out that there will only be four keys to pull out now.

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Eric says he isn't saying that he will throw POV, but there is no advantage to him winning it. He says if it is timed, there is no reason for him to try to smoke everyone in speed.

Eric says he promises he really did want to win HOH, though. He really was upset.

Eric got the question wrong that had to do with who has the worst spelling -- Amber or Jess. Eric says that he knew that even though Carol doesn't like Jess, Amber can't even read! So how could she spell? That was his reasoning.

Eric says that Jess has a very "handsome-looking dog," and she says she is a girl, so she is pretty!

Eric is talking about the pictures. One looks like the combo of the girl Kristen from Laguna Beach (she says people tell her that) and one of the Oleson twins. And the other picture doesn't look like her at all.

Jess takes one picture off the wall and brings it to the bed to talk about it.

Jess: This is me. You know her story. This is Michelle, the graphic designer, 31. Erin. I danced with her for four years. She's the captain...

Eric; You still smell like bronzer....

Jess: She (Erin) is the co-captain, I should say. She broke up with her boyfriend after four years.

Jess starts to talk about more of them and we get FOTH.

(If they are in the picture, didn't they sign the release????----Cat)

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Jess and Eric are talking about when they felt worried about being on the block on various weeks. Jess felt afraid the first two weeks. Eric only really felt afraid during (obviously) Dani's HOH.

Eric and Jess talk about how weird it would be if Dani won HOH again last week. Jess is wondering why she shouldn't put her up! Eric says because things are going really well for them right now, so why rock the boat? Jess says he is right.

Eric says he thinks that to BB and outside the house, an alliance of Dick, Dani, Jess and Eric is the "greatest thing ever." She asks why he thinks that. He says because first they tried so hard to get Eric out, and then Eric and Jess tried to get Dick out, then saved him. So, it's been really dramatic.

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Eric says as much as it might have upset people in the house, and America, he feels the game really turned around for the two of them when they voted out Nick. She asks why. He says because if Nick was still there, they would not be aligned with Daniele and Dick. Plus, Nick was friends with everyone. And Zach would be still devoted to Nick. So getting him out was a great thing for them.

Eric asks why Jess didn't seem so excited. Jess says it was the idea of moving everything, and making the nominations.

Eric asks if she will tell people she is nominating them? Jess says she won't tell people unless they ask her. She says that it is "not her job" to go talk to people about nominations, because it is "not her butt on the line." She doesn't know if that is rude or not. Jess says she doesn't want to be rude.

Jess: I'm not going to go up to them and say, "Is it okay if I nominate you tomorrow for eviction?"

Eric says that they asked him, and he told them he and Jess hadn't discussed it yet. Which was true at that time.

Jess says she's sorry if they will hound him.

He says he told them that there aren't that many left now, and you have to nominate two people. There are only six options left, and really no one should feel safe in the game at this point.

Eric says Zach is a "butt licker" and an "ass kisser."

Eric: Yesterday, he was ready to fucking kill the two of us!

Eric does impression of Zach saying, "I know you're trash talking, secrets!"

Jess: I know!

Eric says that it's the same with Amber. She hasn't spoken to them, and if Jess hadn't won, she wouldn't be talking to them now. Jess says now Amber won't be talking to him, after she is nominated. Eric and Jess agree that Amber will blame the nomination on Eric.

Eric says that at the end, if he's there, he can only say he played the game and if they are voting according to who they like, they won't vote for him, but he played the game.

Eric says that actually it might be better if he makes everyone dislike him--it might be better for him and Jess.

Eric says he knows he could have gone to Jen and said he was upset with the way things went, but he didn't.

Jess says that's why she didn't hug Jen. She got up really quick to avoid it.

Eric talks about how it's so funny. During the bat hang, he insulted Jen and defended Daniele. Then Daniele went after him and he hated her. And then today he defended Dani again and insulted Jen. So, they have come full circle.

Eric jokingly asks if Jess will backdoor him, and she says no. He says she must be tired--she didn't even take the opportunity to joke and say he should be worried because he's going home!

Eric tells her not to put Jameka's key first, because hers has been first for a few times.

Jess laughs and says that she tries to tell herself she doesn't care if she wins HOH, and that keeps her calm. She says she told herself that the reason she didn't want to lose was she didn't want her bronzer to streak and get wet! They laugh.

Eric talked to Jess and whispered that he wanted to be upstairs celebrating tonight (before the comp). Jess says that was a great pep talk for her.

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Eric says he's taking a bath this week, and he doesn't care if she joins him or not--he might take two!

Jess says if someone wins POV, will she want to put up Dick or Dani?

Jess: YEAH!

Eric says she is in an odd situation.

Jess says odds are, Dick and Dani will both be playing for POV, too.

Eric says he has preferences of which of the five he would like to see go, sure. Eric says that he's at the point where he thinks they all have to go sometime, so it doesn't matter when, though.

Eric says that Amber "Did wear the dress, as a shirt!"

Jess says that you could see Amber's "tire."

Eric: How much do you think she weighs? She's kind of a big girl.

Jess: I don't know. Jameka looks like she's losing weight.

Jess says she wishes she knew when her brother was getting back (from Iraq).

Eric says the way it was written, it seemed like he was following closely.

Jess says she just wishes that she knew that as of, like, Sept. 1st he will be there.

Eric says that it's cool to know they are all rooting for her.

Eric says it would be funny if their families had their friends and co-workers watching, and those people just hated them!

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Eric says that Amber deserves to be on the block--it's "funny to watch her squirm and cry."

Jess: Eric, don't say that!

Jess says she cries as much as Amber.

Eric asks when THAT happened? She says he's right---she really doesn't cry as much as Amber. But she has welled up a few times.

Jess says Julie "called her out" on having an emotional week, and she thought, "Oh, great!"

Eric says that when he told Jess good morning this morning, she said, "Shut UP!"

Jess says she told him, she isn't a morning person, and she's not going to fake it anymore!


Eric says it would have been funny if they would have put a picture of him (Eric) up in her HOH room.

Jess asks if Eric will listen to Carrie Underwood, and he says yes. He is more excited about Carrie Underwood than Toby Keith. He watched American Idol. Jess likes Carrie and starts singing and we get FOTH

Jess: Food comp! Hopefully, there are costumes!

Eric: Me, too! (Eric laughs about saying this, and says he meant he hopes so, too)

Eric asks which is her favorite picture. She points to one, and says she likes it but "Holly's face looks fat" and her face doesn't really look that fat. She asks if he thinks it does, and he says he doesn't know how fat her face is, normally.

Eric says his fave is her with Diva, because he feels he "finally knows Diva the way he should have, all along!"

Eric says overall, he feels she has a more fun collection of pictures this time.

There's a dog, dance team, family, friends.

Jess says her friend has a child named Keaton Carter and he'll be four, and he's so cute! She got pregnant as a teen. Eric asks if she is still friends with the father, and she says no.

Eric says he can't imagine having a child right now.

Jess says no.

Eric says he had one "scare" once and he was dying.

Jess: What, like 15 or something?

Eric; Oh, no. I didn't have sex until I was 20.

Eric; No, it was a couple of years ago.

Eric says he was really scared.

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Eric says after the comp, Zach came up to him and said, "When are we going to win??" and was all choked up.

Eric thought he really doubted that Zach wanted Eric to win!

Eric says Zach told him today that Dr. Will proved that you don't have to win comps to do well in the game.

Eric: I was like, too bad Dr. Will was incredibly smart, charming and played the game well, and you are a big ogre idiot! That's what I wanted to say!

Jess giggles

Eric wants to make a t-shirt that says "This game!"

and Jess wants a pink one that says "Booya!"

(I'm out for the night. It seems like all of the strategy talk is over. --Cat)

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Eric and Jess were just getting ready for bed when I tuned in (3 a.m. BBT). All lights went out and that is still the case.

I guess our BB critters are all unstressing from the tensions of the week.

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There all still sleeping.

(Please remember this thread is for Feed Updates ONLY)

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Still sleeping. 2 feeds on Dick in Round Room and 2 feeds on Jessica in the HoH room with the lights on.

(I'll be away from my desk for about 45 mins, hope someone can post if they get up)

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10:00am Feeeds return shorty with Jess in HOHBR but went back to FOTH for Dick singing the wakeup song which was "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho.(nabey a hint at the food comp with bubbles?) As Dick sang tiny bubbles in my....FOTH then return BB"its time to get up for the day"....FOTH then Trivia feeds back at 10:11am with Zack in BR taking show and Jess doin makeup in HOHBR, Dani uses BR and washes hands quickly then scrubs her face. And said to Zack "i thought we were gonna have a celebration song" Zack asks "Dani & Dick(who enters) "i think we have to dance in sudes(bubbles)". Dick & Dani say dancing? Dick & Dani both think its going to be looking for stuff in bubbles. Zack says "no dancing in bubbles in the comp."

10:15am Zack gets out of shower and says "i think the wash dryer isnt broken just a bubbbles machine put intto it." Zack enters the toilet toi get dressed.Dick is sitting in kitchen, Dani leaves BR at 10:18am. Zack comes out of toiet know with camoflage pants on. dfeeds switch to Dick & Dani in kitchen with Dani mixing coffee. Dick washing dishs. at 10:20am Dani back in BR doing makeup talking about Jen and her cheifs and their acting as if they are her(Jen). Dani wonders if they interview Vana White Zack says no Vana would not. Dani says theres has to be a waver signed. Dick laughs from kitchen at them. they make fun of Jen saying as if they were Jen Dani: "julie can i take off my chothles were gonna play strip poker right" "Julie you do know i dnt drink" back to Dani as Dani "thats the 1st thing she said when she enterd house i dont drink" Zack "yeah 3 days later she did exposing herself". FOTH at 10:26am, feeds back at 10:27am with Jess in HOHBR getting ready and in regular BR Dani & Zack playing as Jen some more.

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10:30am BBT Zack leaves BR feeds 1&2 stay on Dani puting on makeup. Feeds on 3&4 are Jess dressed 4 day and just doing some things in her HOH room. Eric says "morning" to Dani as he enters BR toilet. BB "the bedroom lights must remain on during the day" Eric to Dani whats the point getting ready where just gonna be soaked today. feeds 1 & 2 switch to Dick eating cerael in kitchen. Jess listing to music in HOH room. feeds 3 & 4 on Amber getting back into bed. BB"Amber, Jameka,Jessica plz change you battries" Dick "get you asses up". BB"change your battries" Amber "all right." at 10:40am, Jam stays in bed till Amber comes back. Jess comes downstairs says Jess you look awake. Dick says that todays competion was to do with washing and bubbles. Dick said as he was layying in bed with 1st song he said to play "tiny Bubbles" a few minutes later they did he said. Jess: "its gonna be fun!" Dick "says good morning to Jameka" genarl chit chat in kitchen with Dick,Dani,Jameka, & Jessica.

im out 4 NASCAR someone plz take over

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It's still general chit-chat in the kitchen, but now Dick is gone. (I don't think he and Dani have spoken directly yet.) Now it's Zach, Dani, Amber, Jameka. Jess in HOH listening to music. Eric appeared for the bathroom but missing now.


- Amber really without any alliance now that Jen is gone (joking)

- Jameka needs to poop before her stomach will be even flatter

- Who hasn't had any Julie questions and how many Amber has had

- BB yells at Dani for spinning the glass green apple (Stop that!)

- Jameka's pet peeve - pubic hair and yawning without covering

- Jen removing her bra in front of everyone as her first intro in the house

- How contagious yawning can be

- Zach didn't care for Joe - basically his 'toilet humor'

- The angles of the faces on the memory wall

- Jameka never heard of ca-ca (their spelling) being poop; Amber says it's cock-a

- Jameka never heard that lobsters screamed when dropped into boiling water

- Nose-Blowing is unacceptable at the table

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