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Bb Australia 2007 - Final Week's Betting Odds

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Well Lassiters and Centrebet have released their final odds for the season. Guess who they say will win the whole thing! All season long, Travis has been the favorite to win. Finally last week Aleisha started creaping up the odds. But with the surprise of last sunday's eviction, the odds have taken a huge swing. Here are the current odds as of Tuesday July 24.

WINNER of Big Brother 2007


ZACH 2.15


BILLY 31.00

This Sunday's Eviction

BILLY 1.02


ZACH 3.75


If these odds hold true, and they have not been wrong all season, Sunday night will be a huge surprise to the twosome who have been chained together since this weeks 'Tethered Task' started. I can just hear the screams now!

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