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Tv Grapevine Interview

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Jennifer Vasquez
Then and Now.

In our continuing series of interviews with past houseguests we are fortunate enough to interview Jennifer Vasquez a houseguest from Big Brother 6 and the record holder for winning the longest ever competition in Big Brother history.

TVGrapevine: Jennifer you were selected to be a houseguest on Big Brother 6, and was it a difficult decision for you to make to appear on Big Brother?

Jennifer: Considering I had already tried out for the show three times prior to being selected, there was no hesitation to being on the show once selected. Although, I had not tried out for the season I was selected for, there was nothing stopping me. I had just graduated from my master’s and hadn’t started looking for a job yet, my season for Desperados was over, and my boyfriend had just moved to California to be a pilot so I didn’t see him much anyway. Other than that, I was just nervous about doing private things in the house with all the cameras and bringing all the essentials I needed (or forgetting something they may not provide)…which wasn’t a problem. I could’ve actually not brought as much toiletries since they do provide us with the basics.

TVGrapevine: What is it like day in and day out in the Big Brother house? Do they keep you busy? Is there a lot of hurry up and wait? Is it stressful?

Jennifer: Every day is slightly different than the next. For the first few days, it isn’t slow at all because there are 13 other people you get to meet and find out their whole life stories from. Then once that dies down, there was nothing much to do during the day but sleep in, lay out by the pool all afternoon, look forward to cooking dinner and then sitting in the hot tub. Once they opened up our gym, most of us would add that to our schedule. As far as stressfulness, that started next since there was nothing else to do but overanalyze everything and strategize. With the competitions, we were so anxious to see what they were going to be and to find out who was going to win that it felt like forever waiting for that backyard curtain to come up. There was also a lot of anxiety and waiting for the live shows to start every Thursday and wondering if Julie was going to ask you a question that week and what it was going to be. Our year was a little different with the house splitting in two. It was a little stressful when the house wasn’t getting along (especially during my HOH week). Every morning we’d wake up dreading going downstairs and having to deal with the other team. It wasn’t so much from nerves but because it put the house under so much tension unnecessarily. It was either constant bickering or each team being confined to separate rooms...not fun.

TVGrapevine: Big Brother is a game for a lot of money, does that fact get lost sight of in the house, by that I mean it seems relationships and friendships seem to take over and the money forgotten, could you help us with that?

Jennifer: Although no one can ever have enough money, people that tend to go on Big Brother aren’t necessarily desperate for it. If we had it, that would be great but if we don’t win, it’s not going to break us. “Money doesn’t buy happiness” is a famous clique but true. There are so many more important things in life (i.e. friendships) that can last forever…which money does not. I mean, Uncle Sam takes away half of it anyway. Another reason might be because I don’t think one person alone can win Big Brother. You HAVE to build as honest of friendships as you can in the house if even with just one other person or else you’ll never win.

TVGrapevine: The show finally ends and you re-enter the real world, what was that like for you?

Jennifer: There were a lot of fans and haters that would recognize us when we’d go out. Most of the time, they are so excited to see someone from television that they forget how much they didn’t like you. Some of them may take it a little far and send death threats or try and get you fired from your job but those people are just sad and miserable. I feel sorry for them if they let a reality show consume their lives that way. They don’t realize that they’re being even worse than the person they hate whom they don’t even know. We are being ourselves to the best of our ability but when you’re in conditions like in Big Brother, another side of you shows that may never have come out otherwise. Nobody knows what they would do if they were on the show (i.e. Marcelles LOVING the sovereign six on BB6 but not getting along with them on All Stars). I personally do not add Big Brother 6 to my acting resume only because I’ve heard that some people in the business don’t like to hire reality stars. They feel that we made it over night when they had to work so hard to get where they are. I can understand that. Now that it’s been over 2 years since the show, I still get someone who recognizes me at a bar every now and then but it’s mostly died down.

TVGrapevine: Looking back at your entire experience with Big Brother, how would you say it has impacted your life?

Jennifer: If there was only one good thing that came from the show, it was that it made me closer to some of my family members. I guess them watching me on the live feeds when I would talk to Maggie about them sincerely and in my own environment showed them how much I cared about them. It’s a unique experience for people in your life to see you away from them and how you act with peers. I’m still really close with Maggie and I wouldn’t give that friendship up in a million years. It showed me that I can do anything that I put my mind to, never to give up, and to always think for yourself and be honest (the latter being a regret from the show). Never take the things and people in your life for granted and NEVER give up on your dreams. Oh yeah…and there will always be those people that recognize me and say “I know you from somewhere” even if they don’t remember it’s from Big Brother. J

TVGrapevine: Jennifer a lot of the fans would like to know what you are doing now and what your future plans are, would you mind sharing that with us?

Jennifer: I did end up breaking up with my boyfriend of 7 ½ years a few months after the show ended and moved into an apartment with one of my long time friends. I have a new boyfriend now and we’re starting to get pretty serious. I just recently moved into a new community with a new roommate and love it. I’ve been modeling and acting to pay the bills since Big Brother and still substitute teach on the side. I’ve done a lot of print work and some commercials both locally and nationally but mostly promotional work which pays the most. To tell you the truth, I never ask when or where my stuff is coming out…I just don’t care. As long as I get paid for decent, classy work, I’m great. I’m starting to look for a full time teaching job as well. Once I establish that part of my career, I will leave the entertainment business and concentrate on that as well as starting a family. Other than that, life is pretty normal for me. Every day there’s a new development and I just try to roll with the punches.

TVGrapevine: Thanks Jennifer that was a wonderful interview and we wish you all the best in your future endevours and life.

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