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Whats Your Favorite Survivor Moments?

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I would have to say my #moment would be
#2- Sandra sneaking around listening to peoples conversations all the way to the Grand Finale
#1-Rupert stealing people's shoes and selling them in the market! RRRR, such the pirate he was outfitted_pirate.gif

here is a video incase you forgot your survivor winners.




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Survivor Borneo- Sue's snake and rats speech. Showed how nasty Survivor can get.
Survivor Australia- Skupin falls in fire. Not exactly a "great" moment but a very powerful one.
Survivor Africa- Ethan and Lex help the people with AIDS. Very touching moment.
Survivor Marquesas- I NEED SOMEONE TO PEE ON MY HAND, lol pretty funny
Survivor Thailand- I always got a kick out of Brian's whole "Mr. Freeze is in the house"
Survivor Amazon- Any of Rob Cesternino's confessionals, always a kick.
Survivor Pearl Islands- Jon lies about his grandmother dying. A bit overplayed but still a classic.
Survivor All Stars- Lex getting super pissed at Boston Rob after he betrayed him.
Survivor Vanuatu- Chris completely bullshitting the jury (especially Julie and Eliza) and them 100 % falling for it
Survivor Palau- The final immunity challenge. Very shocking and made you consider if Survivor was more than a game
Survivor Guatemala- Bobby Jon and Jamie gettng into a complete shouting match at one of the challenges.
Survivor Exile Island- Shane and his stone/blackberry and how he needed a thinking rock.
Survivor Cook Islands- 38 days in, Becky and Sundra can't make fire!
Survivor Fiji- We'll see, there's a chance the best is still to come

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