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Brekkie Boy

Bbuk: New Bb8 Logo Revealed

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The new BB8 eye...

I quite like it actually, certainly more than the last couple on first impressions - supposed to be linked to a TV test card.

Designer Dainel Eatock, who has the monopoly on designing BBUK eyes, has been interviewed about it by the Daily Mirror:

The brief: "embrace all colours within the spectrum, opposites, complimentaries and all shades in-between." (i.e. don't be racist!)

How would you describe your new design for the logo for BB8?

Centrifugal Inter-locking RGB Rainbow Test Card.

It`s brighter and more fun than previous idents - was that a deliberate plan?

The colours are very specific to the TV test cards that used to be broadcast to enable television cameras and receivers to be adjusted to show the picture correctly.

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OKAY! LISTEN UP! I Just created an account JUST SO I could write this to you. I have an awesome dance group here in the US called the Go Go Gadgettes. I found this eye of yours and it is PERFECT for us as a Gadgette stamp, like for our myspaces for each girl to have. Can you give us permission to use this as an official stamp? It's not really a logo but just like... the Gadgette cyber tattoo per say?

Please go to our page and see just what I mean: how excellent it would be if you say we can use it! I want all the girls to put it on their pages as our stamp.



-Kelly Gray, CEO/Manager Go GO Gadgettes!!!


AHAH! just kidding! you totally didn't design it .... hmmm

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