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Brekkie Boy

Celebrity Big Brother: The Final

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It's a low key final and Davina begins with the shows classic catchphrase - "It's Only a Game Show".

The evictees - minus Jade, Jo and Jackiey, are confined to a dressing room somewhere in Elstree Studios, before we get highlights from yesterday and find out who is in fifth and sixth position...

It's Jack (6th) and Danielle (5th) - and of course the interview focuses on one thing - and Danielle has to face the questions over the alleged racism and like Jade before her, is pretty repentent and apologetic for her behaviour. Meanwhile on the outside Jo is doing her self no favours, going for the route of blaming everyone (i.e. the producers and editors) except herself.

So now they're out one by one - and the interviews get back to being a bit more light weighted:

4th - Ian

3rd - Dirk

2nd - Jermaine (who revealed he's working on a Jackson 5 musical)

And that of course means the Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007:


And unsurprisingly, some morons in the crowd think it's a good idea to boo her!

After a couple of minutes celebration it's time for Shilpa to find out what the others said about her before she makes a speech saying she doesn't believe Jade is a racist, they've learnt alot from it and as far as she's concerned it's over and she's had an incredible time in the house.

A very strange final tonight - all the interviews were done inside due to the situation around the finalists and the importance for the finalists to get the right of reply, while the evictees remained lock away in a corner of Elstree.

Anyhow, we end the show with a look back at the most controversial series ever before Davina ends by inviting people to audition for Big Brother 8 - with her final line being "maybe we'll see you in the summer".

Just one final comment (until my next one): Shilpa's quote of the series was "Your claim to fame is this - good for you!"

Ironic, isn't it!

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Congrats to Shilpa!!!!!!! :balloon::balloon3::balloon2:

Also congrats to all the ones that had the guts to stay in and finish the game.

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