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Day 8: The Following Takes Place Between 8:00PM and 9:00PM

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Welcome to the 24 thread for Day 8: 8:00PM to 9:00PM. This is the place for episode previews and reviews of the whole hour.

Who hopes you'll settle into Morty's 24 Forum because Jack is in NYC and this could be his worst day of all...



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Sorry this is so late....



24 Episode Recap: 8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

Jan 26, 2010 09:51 AM ET by Todd Thatcher

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In this hour of 24, Renee goes back undercover with the Russian mob while Jack tries his best to keep her from harming anyone else or herself.

As the hour opens, Oleg (Gene Farber), the son of Sergei Bazhaev (Jurgen Prochnow), is dying of radiation poisoning from smuggling in Farhad Hassan's enriched plutonium. But Papa Bazhaev seems far more concerned with keeping their operation under wraps than getting treatment for his son.

Thankfully, he's got a brother, Josef (David Anders), who actually seems to have a human heart, and convinces his father to let them go to the family's country house. That turns out to be a clever ruse to sneak Oleg off for that risky treatment which, of course, involves holding the doctor at gunpoint under threat of his family being murdered.

In a less heartwarming scene, having chopped off Zia's thumb, Renee grudgingly bandages him up to ensure he doesn't lose so much blood he becomes useless to her. And Jack continues to try to convince Renee she's not ready for this mission, though she's not backing down. "I went through a rough patch, yeah. But I came out on the other side." "I don't think you have," Jack replies, but still, he agrees to let the operation continue, as long as he can keep a close eye on her.

As Jack tells Chloe, "Renee got the results she wanted." Zia agrees to take Renee to his boss, Vladimir Laitanan (Callum Keith Rennie), and it turns out the nine-fingered man wasn't lying just to save his remaining digits Laitanan and his crew are holed up at a nearby warehouse.

Along the way, we learn that there's more of a past between Laitanan and Renee than just their criminal enterprise, although nobody is telling Jack (or us) exactly what happened five years ago.

Thankfully, Chloe is on the case, and is able to learn that while Renee was undercover, Laitanan became obsessed with her, beating her up when she rejected his advances, and probably attempting to rape her a couple times. So it's understandable Renee would be all gung-ho for a face-to-face meeting with this guy, right?

It goes about as well as could be expected. Even with Jack and Chloe feeding Renee the right answers to Laitanan's test questions, he doesn't buy her and Zia's story, and promptly tosses them into the trunk of a car and speeds away. But don't worry, Jack is in pursuit, and he's back to screaming at Chloe like the good old days: "Are you kidding me?!" "Just tell me where they are!" "Dammit!"

It works, though, as Chloe manages to locate Renee and company, although, as usual, CTU's backup units are 10 minutes out. Jack is closer, but not close enough this time. After Zia catches a bullet in the head, Laitanan has Renee on her knees, seemingly to beg for her life.

But that's something Renee clearly doesn't care about any more. "The truth is, even if you let me walk right now, I have nowhere to go and no one to go to," she tells Laitanan. "Besides, you won't be doing anything that I haven't already tried myself. ... Do it, pull the trigger!" And apparently that was the kind of crazy talk Laitanan was waiting to hear. Renee passes the test, and she's back in with the Russkies.

In more civilized locales, Chief of Staff Toolie informs President Taylor of Farhad's nuclear ambitions, prompting her to ask incredulously, "The nuclear materials are here, on U.S. soil?" Hasn't Taylor picked up the first few seasons of 24 on DVD yet? Of course the nuclear materials are here on U.S. soil. Wouldn't be very exciting if they were back in Kamistan, would it?

When Taylor also learns that President Hassan is cracking down on Farhad loyalists in Kamistan read: rounding them up and executing them she tries to remind Hassan of his reputation as a progressive and reformer. But when push comes to shove, Hassan isn't budging from this hard line, which throws the whole peace agreement into doubt.

Hassan proves more of a softie with his wife, Daria (Necar Zadegan), whom he's begging to stay with him in spite of his newly exposed affair. But Daria tells him it's too late, and immediately takes off.

In less significant business, Agent Walsh's past is starting to take shape. After asking Arlo to cover for her at CTU (his response of "you owe me one" can't lead to anything good), she heads home to deal with her angry ex. After being choked and slapped around by the guy, Walsh reveals that she and Kevin did some time together years ago when she was a minor (hence her presumably squeaky-clean permanent record).

Turns out Kevin (and some dude who's seemingly there to look creepy while playing with stacks of money) are blackmailing Walsh into stealing a whole lotta cash from CTU ("a six-figure payout") in exchange for their silence.

The criminal element makes this story slightly more interesting, but just barely. We've seen enough CTU agents blackmailed into sneaking around that it's par for the course at this point. So, yeah, this plot line is still a yawn.

Stray Observations:

  • I found this scene early in the hour rather amusing. Sergei, offering Farhad a couple of foreign prostitutes: "I'll help you pass the time. ... You have preference?" Farhad: "No." Sergei: "Then take both." Apparently "no preference" is always the right answer when being offered Russian hookers.
  • Have to give you guys credit for noticing last week that Sergei Bazhaev is played by German screen legend Jurgen Prochnow. I love me some Das Boot, but I can only see Captain Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock in there if I really squint. It's a shame what starring in one Uwe Boll movie can do to a man.
  • On a mildly personal note, I just got my first HD TV as a birthday present, and I can confirm that, as I'm sure many of you already know, 24 looks awesome in HD. Can't wait for some serious gunfights to really show off those pixels!

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