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Day 8: The Following Takes Place Between 12:00AM and 1:00AM

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Welcome to the 24 thread for Day 8: 12:00AM to 1:00AM. This is the place for episode previews and reviews of the whole hour.

Who hopes you'll settle into Morty's 24 Forum because Jack is in NYC and this could be his worst day of all...



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24 Episode Recap: "12:00 AM-1:00 AM"

Feb 23, 2010 09:32 AM ET by Todd Thatcher

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In an action-packed hour, yet another bad guy goes down, while Jack gets just the motivation he needs to see this crazy day through.

As the hour begins, Josef has arrived at the drop point where he plans to meet with Farhad. But before President Hassan's traitorous brother shows up, Josef gets a call from Papa Bazhaev, with Jack and others at CTU dialed into the party line. Amazingly, Sergei manages to convince his son to turn the nuclear rods over to CTU in exchange for the immunity deal he's negotiated.

Unfortunately for Josef, Farhad and his men are also listening in and watching through the scope of a rifle. As soon as Josef turns to leave, they take him out, and the rods are on the move again.

Assuming he really is dead, I'll be sorry to see David Anders go. He was one of the best new recruits to come on board this season, and more likable than many of the so-called good guys (cough, Dana Walsh).

Speaking of Dana, after Arlo has tipped off her fiancé that she's been taking meetings outside of work, Ortiz decides to go AWOL to find out what she's up to. And man is she up to something — screwing a silencer onto her pistol with apparent plans to settle the issue of Kevin-Ex and his buddy's blackmail once and for all.

Ortiz interrupts just in the nick of time, and he and his off-and-on Brooklyn accent want some answers! So Dana finally fesses up to her real name, her deal with Kevin, her sordid past. With that, Ortiz leaps into action, descending on the van where the two losers are holed up and ordering them at gunpoint to take their $100,000 and leave New York for good.

While Kevin seems willing to take that deal, his bearded buddy continues to be greedy and unnecessarily violent. First, he stabs Kevin in the stomach, then, takes off in pursuit of Ortiz and Walsh. But Kevin displays the slightest hint of decency when he calls out a warning to the departing couple, prompting Ortiz to spin around and take Kevin's buddy out with a shotgun blast to the chest. It's unclear whether Kevin will bleed out from his wounds, but we can keep our fingers crossed on that front.

Back at CTU, Hastings is starting to feel some political pressure for the revived organization's perceived failures, courtesy of Chief of Staff Toolie, who's adamant that someone has to take the fall for the botched Laitanan operation. And who better than damaged former agent Renee Walker?

In short order, Renee is being interrogated by a justice department lawyer intent on punching holes in her story, namely, how Laitanan was stabbed 15 times if he was killed in self-defense. She's seemingly broken a teary Renee just before Jack busts in, having first punched a guard in the throat, naturally. She proceeds to choke the JD lawyer, spitting, "Do you know what she's sacrificed for this country? Have you no decency?"

Unfortunately, that guard Jack took down in the hallway isn't out for long, and he's brought a friend with a taser, which immobilizes Jack long enough to get cuffed. Can't stay out of trouble for long, can you Jack?

Then it's time for a face-to-face with Hastings, where Jack tries to get the upper hand out of the gate, ripping into CTU's latest director over his treatment of Renee. "I was there when you asked for her help," he reminds Hastings. "This is how you pay her back?"

Meanwhile, Farhad's plans are changed by the appearance of a new baddie named Samir (?) who doesn't want to smuggle the nuclear rods out of the country. He wants to use them to attack New York, in a demonstration of Kamistan's strength and resolve. Or something like that.

Farhad initially seems to go along with the plan, until he goes all Jack, knocking out a guard and making a break for it. For a minute, I thought he was going to try to get the nuclear rods back himself, but I did not expect him to call CTU and ask for help. But that's exactly what he does, whining about how his new buddies are "hunting him" and he needs to be rescued.

Guess that's better than going all terrorist because you're chicken, but it still doesn't show the kind of Kamistani strength Farhad was looking to convey with his whole messed-up plot.

This defection gives Jack just the opening he needs to get Renee out of hot water, though, as he attempts to negotiate a deal with Hastings: He'll bring in Farhad in exchange for an end to Renee's prosecution." But Hastings drives a little bit harder bargain: "You want Renee, you're not in and out any more. I want you in with both feet." Jack simply replies, "Deal." And there we have it, Jack's motivation for staying along throughout this whole crazy ride.

Stray Observations:

  • Early in the episode, we got another sweet moment between Jack and Renee — as sweet as these two get anyway. Renee: "I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna say it, because I need to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding. When you said that I have you... "Jack: "I meant it like it sounded." Which prompts a rare smile from Renee.
  • Is everyone else as glad as I am that the Kevin-Dana extortion plot seems to be wrapping up? I'm sure we won't shake Walsh and Ortiz's drama entirely, but hopefully they won't prove such a distraction from the real action going forward.
  • Last week's episode was pretty slow until that final gun battle, but this one kept up a pretty steady pace throughout, offering a near-perfect mix of character moments, gritty action and surprising turns of events. Seems like this season may finally be hitting its stride.

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