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Day 8: The Following Takes Place Between 1:00AM and 2:00AM

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Welcome to the 24 thread for Day 8: 1:00AM to 2:00AM. This is the place for episode previews and reviews of the whole hour.

Who hopes you'll settle into Morty's 24 Forum because Jack is in NYC and this could be his worst day of all...



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24 Episode Recap: "1:00 AM - 2:00 AM"

Mar 2, 2010 09:31 AM ET by Todd Thatcher

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In this hour, Jack and company continue to pursue the nuclear rods, while President Hassan's family drama takes center stage.

As we pick up with the Ortiz/Walsh story, it's apparent that, thank the sweet Lord, KevinEx is really dead. If only we could shake Walsh so easily. With that settled, Ortiz sets to work stripping down the bad guys' van and helping Dana dispose of their bodies (in a conveniently located nearby pond). Dopey Brooklyn accent or not, the guy is loyal and clear-headed in a crisis though his commitment to a romantic future with "Dana" is clearly in doubt at this point.

This season's other star-crossed lovers, Tarin and Kayla, are dealing with their own issues. Before Tarin can be transported to another location for questioning by President Hassan's men, he manages to escape with the help of a loyal friend on the inside, who has stashed a gun in the transport vehicle.

Tarin and Kayla are soon reunited at a nearby hotel, professing that they've never been happier, which, this being 24, probably means something very bad is going to happen to one or both of them. And with Kayla's dad and his personnel hot on their trail, as well as a possible dirty bomb detonation, that will probably come sooner rather than later.

On the political front, after Hastings briefs President Taylor on the latest situation with Farhad and the nuclear rods, Chief-of-Staff Toolie stays on the line, looking for an update on his plan to make Renee their fall-gal. But Hastings takes the opportunity to finally stand up to Weiss, saying he's dropped the charges against Renee and, "If you want to replace me as head of CTU, be my guest. But until you do, stay the hell out of my way." Hastings is still my least favor CTU director, but he does win a couple points for that one.

Taylor finally gets a little more screen time later in the hour as well, having her first face-to-face meeting with President Hassan since things really started to go downhill in NYC. She takes the opportunity to present Hassan with an ultimatum: Provide the files on his intelligence operatives in the U.S. so that Farhad can identify the traitors, or America will be forced to attack Kamistan. Surprisingly, Hassan accedes to this demand.

It's all for naught, though, after a pinned-down Farhad makes the stupid, stupid mistake of trying to make a break for it just as CTU is descending on the scene. He catches two slugs in the back for the trouble, and bleeds out before he can look at those photos. But Jack comes up with a typically Jack-like plan to deal with that quandary: The terrorists aren't positive Farhad is dead, so why not keep up the ruse, taking his body to a local hospital and even feeding bad information to the local news, while he and Chloe do their best to identify and catch the men in question.

We're then introduced to crazy-eyed new terrorist Marcos (Rami Malek), who is assigned to off Farhad before he can talk. And this is one terrorist who apparently loves his American mommy very much so much, in fact, that he calls to warn her get out of the city before... well, he won't say what, but we know it involves an explosion and a whole lotta radiation.

With that settled, Marcos doesn't waste any more time, showing up at the hospital where Farhad's body has been taken with a bomb strapped to his chest. And the first agent on the scene, one seemingly fresh out of whatever academy you attend before joining CTU, gets taken hostage while doing his best to stall Marcos as Chloe feverishly works to disarm the detonator on his vest. Though sweating bullets, the kid performs well, and Chloe neutralizes the detonator just in time.

But once the CTU team descends on Farhad's room, Crazy-Eyes throws himself out of the window weren't they supposedly on the fourth floor, or did I hear that wrong and lands with barely a scratch, then makes a run for it. Jack chases him into "some kind of an oxygen chamber," and as the hour wraps up, Marcos has called the bossman for instructions on detonating his vest manually. This guy is really determined to blow himself up, one way or another.

Meanwhile, the U.N. building is being evacuated as a precaution in case CTU can't stop that potential dirty bomb, though the several million residents of New York City (who are being kept in the dark for their own safety) are not afforded the same luxury.

Stray Observations:

  • Aside from a brief conversation with Jack, Renee was pretty much MIA this episode. Now that she's out of the field and the charges against her have been dropped, I'm wondering how, or even if, the 24 writers will bring her back into the action.
  • Overall, this was a pretty low-key episode. There was the usual smattering of chases and gunplay, but none of the shootouts or deeper character moments that made the last episode such a standout. Eh.

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