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Day 8: The Following Takes Place Between 6:00AM and 7:00AM

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Welcome to the 24 thread for Day 8: 6:00AM to 7:00AM. This is the place for episode previews and reviews of the whole hour.

Who hopes you'll settle into Morty's 24 Forum because Jack is in NYC and this could be his worst day of all...



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24 Episode Recap: 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Apr 6, 2010 10:22 AM ET by Todd Thatcher

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6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Another hour, another terrorist goes down — but at what price?

As the first of two new hours opens, President Taylor is holding firm on her decision not to turn President Hassan over to the terrorists, while General Brucker and Chief of Staff Toolie are trying to keep their counter-operation under wraps, which means still not getting medical attention for Ethan Kanin's heart.

Though the dastardly pair's plan to grab Hassan was seemingly foiled by Jack and Renee, Hassan now takes matters into his own hands, and prepares to place himself into those of the terrorists. Hassan first knocks Jack out, then forces he and Renee — along with his wife and daughter — into a sealed room at gunpoint.

It might seem crazy, but it is kind of hard to argue with Hassan's logic as he explains to Daria, "My life for tens of thousands ... I couldn't live with that."

Then he's out of the tunnels with Brucker's last remaining foot soldier, and it's time to let Samir know they're going to meet his demands just in the nick of time, as usual. And Tarin is clearly breathing a sigh of relief at not having to blow himself up.

However, he does give Hassan quite the verbal beating as they head toward what will presumably be the Kamistani President's final destination. "You wanted the cover of TIME magazine ... You care only for yourself. I watched over you day and night, watched over you while you betrayed your wife with a Western whore." Ouch. That last remark actually brings a tear to Hassan's eye. Well, either it's remorse, or the realization he probably won't survive this day.

Once Jack breaks out of the locked room, the first call he places is to Chloe (naturally), and until he can talk to President Taylor himself, he swears her to secrecy (of course). It doesn't take long before Jack gets Taylor on her personal cell, though, and totally tattles on General Brucker. Taylor gets to find out for herself that Toolie was in on the coup as well.

Then Weiss gets his long-awaited comeuppance, with his boss delivering a sharp slap in the face when he refuses to divulge Hassan's location. "The charge is treason," Taylor reminds him. "It carries the death penalty, and so help me God, I'll throw the switch myself." After she turned in her own daughter, we know that no threat from Taylor is an idle one.

Thankfully though, Kanin has had a "serious cardiac episode," he's managed to survive the lack of treatment thus far, and is immediately whisked off to the hospital.

With the dirty bomb acquired and disarmament presumably underway, it's time for Jack to head up his next mission: Getting Hassan back from the terrorists. But that's clearly the last thing on DanaMole's mind, as she's sneaking around CTU looking to cause trouble. Though that's not so easy with Chloe looking over her shoulder, and her unfortunate fiancé checking back into CTU as well.

Still, Dana manages to find a half-believable excuse to slip down to the server room, though it looks like creepy Arlo's stalking might actually prove beneficial for once. He manages to catch Dana in the act of not checking the supposed trunk line issue, but makes his accusation too openly. Because as soon as Arlo turns his back, Dana nearly chokes him to death before Chloe happens to call down on his headset and interrupt them. So close...

That leaves Dana alone again to cause trouble, though hopefully enough people are suspicious of her now that she won't be a CTU agent much longer. And I think we all agree that the end of her character — and that creepy, Joker-like smile — can't come soon enough.

Regardless of Dana's meddling, Jack manages to catch up with Tarin's SUV, chasing him up through the levels of a parking garage. Though Tarin pulls a surprise move once they reach the top, nearly ramming head-on into Jack, then driving right off the roof of the garage.

And when Jack gets down to the crash site, Hassan isn't there, as he was switched to another vehicle during the chase (presumably when that car suddenly stopped in front of Jack). They might not have recovered Hassan yet, but at least Tarin got what he deserved.

Stray Observations:

  • Jack even sounds pissed off when he's flagging down a cab: "TAXI!"
  • I also got a kick out of Chloe's face as she watched on a security camera as Jack jumped in some poor dude's car and drove away with it. Just another day of crazy hi-jinks for these two old buddies!
  • It was nice to see President Taylor thank Renee for her service though at this point, I think she's so emotionally wasted, the compliment barely registered.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Another action-packed hour concludes with a surprising eleventh-hour death that brings back the dreaded 24 silent clock.

As the hour kicks off, it looks like all of Dana's sneaking around has finally caught up with her. Trying to leave CTU headquarters to do God-knows-what, she's denied the clearance to leave the building, despite her semi-successful attempt to charm one of the guards.

And with Renee arriving back at CTU, suspicion is running at an all-time high. She heads right to Chloe to have her begin remotely decrypting Tarin's cell phone, which Jack found at the site of the crash. And when they discover the last call he received was from Dana, all hell breaks loose.

Dana is immediately flagged in the system, and when the guards try to stop her from leaving the building again, she skips the charm and just starts shooting. After taking down two officers without hesitation, she heads for her car. But Cole, who has been very speedily briefed by Hastings, immediately leaps into action, and arrives just in time to shoot out the tires on Dana's car, which crashes head-on into another vehicle.

And before Dana can even recover from the explosion of the air bag, Cole is pulling her out of the car, practically choking her as he shoves a gun in her face and roars, "Who are you, you lying bitch?" Her only response: "You want answers, get Bauer."

Then poor Ortiz gets reamed out by Hastings for not reporting his recent discoveries about Dana's sordid past, and is taken off active duty until he spills all the dirty details which is going to be tough, considering he helped her hide the bodies of two people. Gotta feel bad for the guy at this point. He may have had a more hellish day than Jack, at least so far.

Speaking of Jack, he's baffled by Dana's request to speak exclusively with him, but plays along. Turns out all she cares about is money, well, she wants immunity from prosecution too (don't they all?), but mostly, she just wants to get paid.

After a little bit of choking (I'm not the only one who's growing a little bit uncomfortable with all of the women-choking this season, am I?), Jack says that Taylor will probably meet Dana's demands, as long as Hassan is recovered alive.

And it turns out that's exactly why she asked for Jack: "I need someone with your experience running the show. There's been enough screw-ups for one day, don't you think?"

After Taylor has very reluctantly signed Dana's immunity deal, it's time for DanaMole to brief the CTU team on Hassan's location. And now, thanks to a special request from Jack, that team once again includes Cole, though once the immediate threat is over, he's probably gonna have some explaining to do.

But for now, the CTU team can't arrive soon enough, as Hassan sits tied up in a dingy apartment, preparing to endure horrendous torture at the hands of Samir (who was apparently a former Kamistani military officer). All of the pain will be over, they tell Hassan, if he'll just renounce the peace agreement on-camera; something he vows never to do.

And when he really doesn't break, despite drugs and electric shocks, Samir and his men decide on a shortcut: They'll just read off Hassan's crimes themselves, and carry out his final sentence

Thankfully, he's still got Chloe on his side, and she's able to pinpoint the terrorists' location based on the light angle and temperature in the room where Hassan is being held (Not sure if that's possible, at least so quickly and precisely, but this is Chloe after all, so we'll go with it).

Surprisingly, Jack requests that Renee accompany the CTU assault team, telling her he needs every experienced agent he can get. Not necessarily the wisest decision, it would seem at first, but Jack's instincts do seldom fail. And it turns out he's right, as she spots a seemingly innocent woman going for a gun under her couch and takes the would-be shooter out before she can pop Jack in the back.

Hassan is not so lucky though. When Jack and Renee finally arrive at the hidden back room where the former president was being held, they are horrified to discover that the execution video was running on a delay and Hassan's throat has already been slit. With a silent clock, we bid President Hassan farewell.

Stray Observations:

  • As Chloe tells Arlo, she wasn't surprised Dana turned out to be bad, just how bad she was: "I always knew there was something wrong with her. She was a little too perfect."
  • Man was Jack moving painfully slowly through that apartment toward the end of the hour, and since when does he take time to pick a lock instead of kicking down the door?
  • In White House business, the Russian President feels the need to explicitly spell out to President Taylor that his country will not support the Mideast peace treaty if Hassan is killed. And based on next week's preview, this is just the opening disgraced former President Charles Logan needs to get his foot back in the White House door. Can't wait for the showdown between those two!

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