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4:33 BBT: Erika was laying on the couch and I assumed she was asleep. After she hears Boogie making noise in the kitchen, she asks him to wake her up in an hour. Now she's in the yellow bedroom, in bed.

Boogie's been walking around, but now he's sitting down at the dinning room table and putting on the headphones. He apparently can't get them on his head properly, and says, "These headphones suck. They are the worst headphones I've ever seen. I'll add it to my list of grievences."

Attention, Everyone! We have exciting news. At 4:40 BBT Boggie presses some buttons on the CD player. <Does anyone know, how does Big Brother prevent them from listening to the radio with that thing? Do they make CD players without a radio in them? I've never seen one.>

5:00 BBT: Boogie's been bobbing his head and smirking, occasionally he even adds some hand motions in there. He's been singing to the songs, but you can't hear anything. You might catch a sound coming from his mouth, kinda like when your tounge touches the roof of your mouth and you have a lot of spit in your mouth.

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(I'm popping in for what I believe will be my last post this season--Boogika ruined it for me--Janie and Erika would have been so much more entertaining)

Boogie is sitting in a chair listening to music, bobbing his head like an owl.

Erika is apparently asleep in the bug room, with the blankets up over her head.

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I've returned, from my shower, to find this:

5:42 BBT: Booger is outback running from one wall to another. Erika just walked into the Storage Room, grabbed a bunch of rolls of toilet paper, and put them in the bathroom. This toilet paper is the most exciting thing that's happened all evening.

5:50 BBT: Erika took a shower. Yippie.

6:08 BBT: Erika in the bathroom, doing stuff to her hair. Boogie in the dinning room, listening to the CD player again. For a moment, we got trivia, but then the feeds returned to normal about five seconds later (I'm guessing it was trivia rather than fire because they're anticipating the long block-out while the jury questions the final two, so they have trivia set up as opossed to fire).

Again, at 6:16 BBT, we get trivia. Then it switches to fire, then it goes back to normal.

6:27: Boogie just got out of the shower and is getting dressed. Erika is still drying/combing/curling?/whatevering her hair.

6:33: Erika in the gym doing her makeup; Boogie brushes his teeth for about thirty to forty seconds.

6:48 BBT: Erika goes into the WC room wearing gray sweatpants/shirt, comes out wearing a nice dark pink dress. Boogie's in the kitchen, tank-top, shorts, and headband, listening to the CD player.

6:54 BBT: Fire. Feeds return about a minute later, nothing going on.

7:03 BBT: Fire again.

7:13 BBT: Erika started Ramon noodles on the stove, then went to the bathroom to dry/curl/whatever her hair. Boogie is sleeping.

7:34 BBT: I'm on quadcam, and I can hear the voices of several people... I can hear Danielle, Will, and others. I also hear someone else saying, "Standby, etc." The HouseGuests apparently can't hear this.

7:37 BBT: Fire. At 7:39, it switches to trivia.

7:56 BBT: Just unmuted real player and... there is no music. Has CBS turned it off, or is my computer just being sluggish (which it has been tonight, I blame it on SmartFTP). I have sound in other applications... so I think there is intentionally no music... thank you CBS!

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8:02 BBT -- Just popped in to see if they were still breathing....must've started Q&A's early...we're still on trivia

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This is from 7:30ish

Howie- maybe I shouldn't be out here in my underwear - it's freezing out here

Danielle wondering where to spit her gum

Howie- I got ot take a pee

James asking if there are people there

BB -hold on guys

Howie- can I pee in the bushes

BB tells him he will sit them down - get the one shot and then let him go to the bathroom

Danielle- I need a tissue my nose is running

Howie has to pee

James laughing

Howie can I pee in the bushes (like the animal he is..lol), Yes!

Someone is going to come take a picture

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