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September 3, Live Feed Updates

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12:28 BBT

BB wake up call.

Janelle tells Will "something must be happening today"

Will: "What could possibly be happening today"

Janelle: "Maybe luxury comp?"

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boogie in the BY with Erika.

Boogie sounds bitter. "I begged Will every night not to quit. The first two weeks he wanted to quit. He was so scared to go to sequester. No one will remember that."

Erika" They will think it is part of his game play."

Long silence

boogie " F-ing Will throws everything, every competition, and he is going to win Allstars?? "

Erika" you can't beat him in the end"

Boogie " you are right, I cant. Two weeks ago I would have said otherwise. I am sure it was alarming to see Danielle and George, we had 11 weeks and we left janelle and Will in there.

Erika'' we could not get her out"

Boogie ' that is true, we tried. It is insane that he is still here. He worked the sh*t out of her. "

Erika "she is eating it up. She could not believe it when I told her what he said, her face was purple, she could not talk."

Boogie' wait till I throw him HOH, it will make Diane and Drew look like general Hospital. What does she think is gonna happen? He is in a real relationship with a real woman with a career with her sh*t together."

Erika "not anymore"

Boogie "you dont think so"

Erika "no"

ERika "he slept in the bed with her last night, that would be it for me"

Boogie "erin knows about reality shows"

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Jani and Will still in bed.Will is telling her some of the things he said to other houseguests to make it look like they weren't playing together. Earlier today Will told her people are going to say bad things about me when we get out.Don't pay attention to then.

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Will and Janie talking in BED

Will "Do you think Kaysar is surprised we are friends"

Janie " No , I told him I like you"

Will " I was so proud of you yesterday. You are such a bada**."

Janie " you are?"

Will "ya, I was like you gotta win this, and you're like, I am."


Looooooooooong silence


Will "Six weeks ago boogie said 'I bet the producers are hoping that final 2 are you and Janie'."

Janie "that is funny"

Will " you are so strong, I cant believe it. I talk about the bb game to much. I am going to talking about it"

Long silence


Erika and boogie playing cards. Talking about cards.

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Will & Janelle still sleeping in the bed together.

Boogie & Erika just finished playing cards. Erika is wearing her big silly looking sunglasses indoors as usual. (they are barefoot & I just noticed Erika has really big feet. I bet they are at least a size 10+)

Not much going on in the BB house this afternoon.

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Still not much going on...

Boogie & Erika in the BY talking about what his speech to the jury will be like for final 2. Boogie thinks he can beat Janelle if Will goes to the jury & gives up proppers to Boogie giving him credit for all the game manipulation which he acts like truly belongs to him (LMAO at that one). Boogie says he will tell the jury that at some point he has lied to each & every one of them & he won't make any apoligies about it...Erika interupts, looks at him & says "me too?" but Boogie ignores her question & keeps right on talking & she lets him.

Janelle & Will are still in bed. They are beginning to rouse & doing that silly 3rd grade crush whispering to each other so I have no idea what they are saying (nor do I care as their grade school act is grating on me). Janelle tells Will he is perfect, beyond perfect :rolleyes:

4:27PM BBT

We have feed picture but on feeds 1, 2, & quad instead of sound, we get the BB flame/theme music (oh the injustice of it all)

BB has repeatedly told Will & Janelle to go change their batteries but they have refused. On request 3 or 4 Janelle gets up to go change them.


Finally the BB theme music stops.

Erika is walking around the BY alone & talking up into to the BB camera trying to do a copy of the Will show (I wish she knew how much we don't care).

Boogie is in the redrum talking to Will & Janelle.

4:37 BBT

BB announces that they are on inside LD. Everyone gets excited because they are bored.

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Sneaking a peek at the feeds...(sorry I just can't stand to sit & watch them full time anymore)

Erika is alone in the HT.

Boogie is sleeping in the HoH bed.

Will & Janelle are walking laps in the BY. No gametalk.

Woopwoop, that's it.

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6:48pm bbt

Boogie sleeping in HOH

Erika, Janelle & Will in backyard. Janelle is cutting Will's hair and he seems very nervous about it. Occasionally Janie asks for Erika's advice but Erika says she really doesn't know anything about it. Will says is it really a good thing if the person who is cutting your hair is laughing while they do it. (She is laughing because of what Will is saying, lots of jokes about how he does not want his hair to look)

Janie cuts a bit more hair. Erika suggests that he dry it and then they cut more when it's dry so they can see what it looks like. Will gets up to leave and Erika asks Will to look at her so she can see his hair. Janie and Erika both start laughing hard, Janie says to Erika does it look bad? Does it look bad? Then she says it looks like a mushroom.

Will in bathroom, looks in mirror and says it looks terrible. He is now cutting his own hair.

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7:24pm bbt

I missed the conversation between Erika and Janelle but Will just went outside and Erika said I'm campaigning hard against you kid. Will said that's ok, he understands, he thinks it's futile but he understands.

Will went back in the house where Janelle was and mentioned it to her. Wants to know what Erika said. Said Janelle is acting weird with him again. It concerns him that Erika doesn't just campaign by saying this is why I should be here over Will but actually says things that are hurtful to their friendship. Asks Janelle if he should say something to Erika, Janelle says no. Janelle tells him Erika is not saying things like that about him she told her that Will and Boogie had a conversation earlier where they said they are both taking each other to final two. Will explains that Boogie had concerns and he was trying to smooth things over with him.

While this conversation was taking place Erika and Boogie were in backyard and Erika was telling him about her campaigning. Boogie seems surprised and said I thought you wanted to go home.

Boogie then goes into the house with Will and Janelle. Will starts telling Boogie that he was explaining to Janelle their conversation earlier about final two. Boogie starts saying that he is a little disappointed because it is really important to him to be in final two but feels that Will is kind of going back on the deal they had. (ed. Getting fire occasionally but I think they are talking about weeks ago when Will agreed to drop out as # 3, I believe they also talked about splitting money) Boogie and Will both admit that they will have to take each other to final 2 but also stress that Janelle can't trust Scrubika and she will probably win HOH and decide. Will asks her to please vote out Erika and tell Erika that she won't discuss this stuff with her anymore.

Boogie leaves, goes back to backyard. Boogie says to Erika "very funny". Erika says " Are the lovers having a quarrel", Boogie: "Yeah, they are", Erika: "Too Bad". Erika comments that she's not that nice and has a few more tricks up her sleeve.

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Boogie is alone in the yard lifting weights. Erika is perched on the side of the hottub with her feet in the water and a robe on, and she is situated in between Will and Janelle, who are both in the water. Janelle is just radiant tonight, and they are smiling at each other over and over, while Erika watches. Janelle and Will keep meeting in the middle of the hot tub, holding onto each other's hand and whispering in each other's ears, and then grinning.

Finally, Erika says, in an irritated voice, "Should I LEAVE?"

Both of them say "No!"

Will: It's just strategy.

Will says that the DR is having fits right now, because they want to know what Janie and Will whisper and they won't tell them.

Erika looks haggard and really ticked off.

Janelle says that Erika is probably completely bored, since Boogie is working out all of the time, and she and Will keep on whispering.

Erika says, "Do you two have a problem with talking, so that you have to whisper all of the time?"

Will says no. He says that it's just more fun to whisper.

Will and Janelle agree that even if Erika could hear what they say, it would bore her.

Erika: I could leave if you guys want to have a conversation.

(Erika is very ticked off)

Will: Oh, we don't mind.

Will says that they will have a conversation regardless, and they will whisper.

Janelle: We can't talk out in the open.

Erika: Why is that?

Will says that they don't want BB to hear.

Erika asks why not--is it sexy?

Will: I wish.

Erika: Reeeaaaallly?

Will says that BB implies that they are talking about sexy things, and they think it is funny.

Will and Janelle keep whispering and giggling. This is really irritating Erika.

Will just whispered to Janelle, asking where someone kept the vaccuum cleaner, and Janelle said she didn't know.

Boogie gets into the hot tub and he is laughing and joking with Janie and Will. Erika is pretty much silent.

Will is tugging on Janie and whispering, and then he turns around and tells Janie to stop, and not to "bother him" and he yells "No more wine for Janelle!"

Boogie asks if where Will is on the dreamy scale, from 1 to 100.

Janie says he's a 100 at first.

Boogie asks with the haircut, though? She says 98, and then without the haircut, 99.

They are talking about how Will can't put down his thumb. It is in the "thumbs up" position.

Will says during the football challenge the guy saying the rules said "Will, thanks for the thumbs up." Will wanted to tell him, "Thanks for making fun of a contestant who is injured. I'll add that to my lawsuit!"

Janie asked Will about a mole or spot and wondered if it was cancerous, and Will thought it was fine.

Boogie is sitting with his back against Erika's knees, and she keeps leaning down and whispering to him and putting her hands on his shoulders. He tells her he couldn't hear her when she whispered, so she stopped.

They talk about when they woke up and Janie and Will kept sleeping after BB told them to wake up. Boogie says that he doubts that he and Erika are as exciting as "those two" so BB wanted to let them sleep.

Will and Janie keep singing Dancing Queen. Apparently, Janelle (who has been drinking wine like Koolaid) will spin in the hot tub while he sings it. (The feeds are hanging up a lot tonight so it is hard to see it--ed). Thanks to the duet, we have FOTH

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