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September 1, Live Feed Updates

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(I can only post for a second because of dinner--ed)

This is odd.

Erika is sleeping ALL ALONE in the red room, or a room with red blankets.

The other three are in bed together in the HOH room!

Janie is in the middle. They are all asleep!

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Will just got out of the HOH bed, went downstairs to the bathroom, and then got into his own bed. Janie (who was restless 5 minutes ago), is now hugging the pillow he had been using.

<Could be interesting if Erika goes up to HOH room and finds these two in bed together.>

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Erika and Janie are outside, and Janie is smoking. Erika walks away and Janie looks at her in a really thoughtful way.

Inside, Boogie is lying down on the couch and he Will walks by and goes outside. Boogie asks BB if they are ready to get going. (He actually says something like "Are we ready to kick this?") We get a brief FOTH.

Boogie is cleaning up in the kitchen, and he and Will are talking about bands.

Janie comes into the house. Will comments that Janie is one of the few people to ever be in the house who "actually has had life experiences." Then he says "Erika, too." Boogie says that really, Erika and Janelle are just about the only two girls who have been in the house who can understand the things that he and Will do (outside the house).

Will says that the four of them are the final four that have the most in common, probably the most in common of any BB final four.

Will and Boogie keep singing snatches of songs, and BB tells them to stop singing. They continue to sing parts of songs.

Janie is talking about a friend of hers dating a rock musician who did a "crazy video" and has a shaved head. Boogie guesses Stone Temple Pilots? Janie says more famous than that. Will says, "More famous than Stone Temple Pilots??" Will thinks it is Crazytown.

Janie: NO! Eddie. His name is Eddie?

Will: Pearl Jam??? Eddie Vedder?

Janie; YEAH!

Boogie: WHAT?

Will starts to sing and we get FOTH.

I don't think they've done nominations, because Janie just walked to the DR (she was called there) and said to Erika (who was leaving DR):

Janie: So, do you think you're gonna get nominated? Gee, I wonder!

Erika comes out of DR and Will asks "What's the topic of discussion in DR?"

Erika: Do you think you're getting nominated?

Will says that is the stupidest DR ever.

Boogie starts to rap a song and we get a longer FOTH

Janie is still trying to remember the name of the guy--she says the drummer at Rage Against the Machine is good friends with this guy. She thinks it is Eddie Vedder, but she doesn't think it is Pearl Jam. She thinks the band begins with a "S" and Erika throws out "Smashing Pumpkins? Soundgarden?" No to all of those, and Janie says it will drive her nuts now.

They have finally figured out that it is the lead singer for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony.

The song she was thinking of is "Under the Bridge."

"Sometimes I feel like I don't have a" and we get FOTH AGAIN because they are singing.

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Boogie says that they told him he gets to see Dr. H tomorrow. Janelle says that she needs to see him, too.

Boogie: Why? What do you have wrong?

Janie: Stuff.

Boogie: Oh. Girl stuff?

Janie: Uh huh.

Will: This is the most egotistical, self-absorbed, self-centered group in the history of this show.

Boogie: (Yells) I AM A GOLDEN GOD!!!!

Janie: Should I wear my crown to the nomination ceremony?

Will: Definitely.

Janie: It's so annoying. I love it.

Will: This is truly the most self-centered, self-righteous, over-zealous, like self-absorbed superficial group of reality contestants in the history of the world. And I love it. I love it.

Boogie: You are correct, Sir.

Will: Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely.

(In the background, Janie is asking if Erika has seen her crown, and Erika says it's in the bathroom).

The guys are saying they are the "Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn of reality television."

Janie says that she and Erika can be the cheerleaders and the guys can be Starskey and Hutch and they will re-enact a scene from the movie.


Still on FOTH 4:43 PM BB time

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They're back at 5:22 p.m.

Erika is smiling, sitting at the counter. Boogie is washing dishes. Janelle is not looking that happy, and Will asked if the lockdown could be over, please!

Janie asks Will to latch a bracelet for her. Will says it's a pretty bracelet--who makes it?

Janelle: Tiffany.

Will says that when he won in his season, the money was worth so much more then, and he bought a condo then that you couldn't touch now with the winnings they are being offered this year.

Erika is sitting alone at the counter eating. The other three are sitting together at the table.

Erika isn't speaking to them at all.

Will is talking about eating yogurt, and wondering how BB will cut a scene. He wants it left in, and Boogie says hard to tell.

Everyone seems uncomfortable with Erika. They keep looking down or looking at each other. She gets up and starts washing out her dishes.

Janelle looks over and kind of rolls her eyes to the guys.

Erika heaves a sigh, sits at the counter and puts her head in her arms.

Erica is sitting at the counter, with her back to the others.

Boogie comments that George even forgot to take his necklace.


Erika: I need to go outside now.

Janie asks if Will wants to play cards. He says okay, until the lockdown, and then they go work out outside.

Janie asks if it is okay with Boogie if they go play cards and he says sure.

Erika chuckles to herself as she sits at the counter. Seems irritated.

Will asks if she wants to play cards, she says no thanks.

Boogie says he will play cards, then changes his mind.

Erika (in childish voice) Can I go outside now??

(They are on lockdown)

Erika is wearing Janelle's crown now.

Erika: They're building something out there!

Will: I hear it!! Luxury comp. I think POV and luxury is combined this week.

Erika joins Will and Janelle. Boogie is in the HOH room alone, in bed. Looks like he is listening to music.

Will tells her to go make a baby in that crown--it will make the ratings go through the roof.

Will asks if they want him to do any Dr. stuff for them. Erika says Botox. Will asks if Janie has had hair removed by laser? She says no. Both Will and Erika say she must try it. Erika says it is great for under the arms.

Erika is watching Janelle and Will play cards.

Janie loses at cards to Will, says she hates him (in a joking way). He wants to count points and she says he only wants to do that when she loses--not when she wins. He asks what grade she is in, and says she is not used to losing--it usually doesn't happen.

Will says that he has never seen anyone as competitive as Janelle, ever. He asks if she was that way as a kid. She says yes.

Erika asks about Will's thumb. He tells his story again about trying to get the veto through the loop. She says hers was tough to get through, too. Erika asks if inertia caused it? He explains what inertia is and says he guesses it could be called that, but it would be "winging it."

(When an object is in motion it tends to stay in motion, and when it is at rest, it tends to stay at rest. Thanks for the Physics lesson, Will! --ed)

Boogie is still relaxing in the HOH room, headphones on, in bed.

Janelle asks Erika if she will eat some apple crisp if Janelle makes it later. Erika says yes.

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CT & Erika in the BY. Janelle in the kitchen making apple crisp.

Will says he can't believe they showed him romancing the camera on the TV show (how would he know what was on TV?). He says he did that show for the internet viewers & it made him look stupid to show it on TV because the TV viewers probably didn't know what he was doing.

Erika keeps telling Boogie to take his shirt off. She says is it a crime to want to look at his body? (YES it is a crime. I believe that would be a Class III Misdemeanor :huh: )

Erika says (to Boogie) I can't believe you nom the future mother of your children. Will says that Boogie can't nom the uncle. Boogie says or the Godfather. They are mostly doing Jedi training. Pretty boring.

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It's official, via conversation in the back yard -- Janelle and erika have been nominated.

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Erika goes inside leaving CT alone in the BY.

Boogie says let me just ask you...there's no way you go home this week right? Will says he could that Erika told Janelle they should for a gals alliance & try for final 2. Will believes Jan is telling him the truth. Boogie says there is no way Erika can beat Jan in final 2. Will says yes & you need to keep telling Erika that & assure her that Will is going to leave when they get to final 3. Will says if Janelle wins the POV she is going to send Erika home but they aren't sure what Erika will do.

Will says Operation Double Date really worked. He says his one complaint is that it worked too well. Will says ODD started as a joke but ended up being a smart move. They can't belive that Erika was willing to vote out CG, the dude who can't win a thing.

Erika comes back out so it's back to boring.

Will goes into the kitchen with Janelle. Jan asks what's Erika doing. Will says moping. Jan says complaining. Will tells her that Erika is saying if Janelle wins this she will win the whole sow. Jan says "shut TF up bitch" & she says she is so sick of her. Jan says she's trying hard not to be mean but it's hard, especially with Erika. Will is stirring the pot saying Erika knows that if Jan wins the veto that she will evict her & the reason she thinks that is because she plans on doing the same to Jan.

Will (the masterseeder) is also saying he can't win no matter who he goes up against because everyone hates him for voting them out. He says he looked everyone in the face & told them they were safe & then got them voted out anyway. Then in the next breath Will tells Janelle she is safe & she has nothing to worry about. Janelle says she knows.

Will then goes outside & starts reverse seedplanting with Erika, telling her that Janelle was just asking him what they were talking about & for him to tell her if Erika says anything about her.

They just put KFC in the SR for them so it's extra crispy for everyone!! Boogie thinks that they will get an America's Choice & get to go to a football game (is there some America's Choice vote going on that I am unaware of & missing?). Boogie asks Jan if she will take him to the game instead of Will. She says definitely. Boogie & Janelle sit at the dining table & he continues to talk about going to the football game with Janelle so Erika goes & sits (pouts) at the counter. Will goes to the table to eat so Erika follows. Erika is eating (looking ridiculous) in huge dark sunglasses. Erika eats two bites (whew she must be stuffed) & then plays solitaire in her big dark glasses while everyone else chitchats.

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Well folks, I wished I had more interesting news to share. Janelle made apple crisp, Erika has been stand offish and is now sleeping on the BY sofa, Boogie is playing cards by himself and Will is in the DR. NEWS FLASH.........Janelle is now playing rummy with Boogie.

Been watching for a few hours, the only interesting thing is Janelle and Will "fighting" again because he said she banged someone on the airplane. Boogie and Will are sure they are going to a college football game and Will is trying to figure out how to get the exercise equipment outside.

Now we know why they discount the price for live feeds late in the season, there is nothing to watch.

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