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August 30 Live Feed Updates

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4:19pm bbt

Boogie was in bathroom using something to flush clogged ear (I think). He said he saw doctor but the doctor didn't have the correct tool to unclog it and will try to come back tomorrow night depending on schedule.

Boogie and Danielle in green room. Danielle packing.

Will and Erica in HOH room. They are talking about the game. Will saying that the fans don't want to see predictability. They are talking about making it a good show.


Erica and Will in HOH talking about how important it is to get Janelle out. Will is doing alot of the talking. Says Janelle knows that if he wins HOH she is going up. Keeps saying it's really important to get rid of her.

Will talks to Erica about how much he loves Erin. Says Janelle is really into him. Erica is surprised. He says the stuff Janelle whispers in his ear is serious, relationship ending stuff. Says Janelle is hot and he likes her and maybe if he wasn't in a relationship he would be into her but he loves Erin and it's Erin Brody he wants to be with. Will says Janelle is used to getting her way. Says since she was 5 she has always gotten her way and she is used to Men wanting to leave their wives for her.

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4:58pm bbt

Will woke up Janie and she got mad at him. Will's telling her some of his conversation with Erica. Said Erica told him that she has an alliance with Janelle but that it's not real. Says Erica feels really safe with both CT and Janie. Will said Erica asked him what Janelle whispers in his ear and he told her that Janelle whispers I'm going to vote you out and thinks it's funny to whisper that. (ed: This is all bull, he is twisting around the conversations he had with Erica, playing both girls)

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Dani says she's down to a solid 140, she said when she was laying in bed she was like: "whoa" cause she could feel bones.

Erika says she's used to it by now (understatement of the year)

Now on all 4 feeds, George Dani and Erika are planning to play cards.

Some exciting stuff in the BB house.

From what I saw, Boogie is laying down in the bug room and no sign of Janie or Will.

Erika asked will (who isnt on the feeds) if he wants to play rummy with them. he says to deal him in and he'll be right there.

will just went into the bug room and made a lot of signals and whispered to boogie quickly before leaving but i didnt catch it.

will decided not to play because he wants to get something to eat, so will is looking around for food to make, while Danielle and George start shuffling cards making small talk.

Blahhh boring just will making food, george and danielle playing cards, erika just came in and will asked her if she wants a turkey burger. according to danielle, janelle and boogie are both laying down in the bug room i think (i doubt any conversation is going on there).

Will goes into the bug room chatting with boogie, then going over to Janelle's bed, whispering: "hey, want a turkey burger?" she makes an mmm noise and turns over. not sure if its mmm yes or mm no.

Will is showing his six pack to everyone because Erika asked. (well everyone in the room). Will is calling his six pack "six pack-istan." :rolleyes:

feeds still on them playing cards, while will is cleaning kitchen & cooking.

Will said that the reason why Janelle did so well according to her in the past veto competition is because "they were all my friends."

Will just served the chicken and apparently it is try but not bad.

He just said that the reason why they got such good wine was because BB was hoping for some good footage. Dani said something about knowing what that would be. (aka Will & Janelle love footage) and will says that they didnt get it (ED: Actually will the whispering was lovely, thanks.)


Went away for a bit but i dont think anything happened.

George just made a shoutout to some website (not chickengeorgerocks.com) and we get flames flames flames.

feeds are back, will went into the bug room where janelle is sleeping. he's sitting in the bed and doing... something? i dunno cause i cant see him.

he just said: psst

and she woke up

and he said: im bored

and she said: im sleepy

and he said: you're going to be up all night.

and she said: no im not.

he got up to leave and she watched him go

and now feed 4 is on janie sleeping

i think will is now in the room with her cause i heard him sigh but we cant see him.

he keeps making noises, he sounds very bored.

and now he started to sing so we got flames. thanks will.


feeds 1 and 2 are on dani, cg and erika in kitchen

feed 3 is on boogie sleeping

4 is on janie sleeping

dunno where will is.

I think he asked erika if he could go listen to coldplay so right now hes probably in the hoh room doing just that (ed: thinking romantic thoughts about janie during?)

Just small talk in the kitchen with Erika, CG and Dani (wow would it ever be a boring show if these three were the final 3)

Dani is staring at her picture on the memory wall & talking about makeup. Now she is doing the dishes.

Still boring in the kitchen (not even talking now) and Janie & Boogie still sleeping on F3&4

(ED: I dont blame them, if i was in that boring house i'd sleep all the time too.)

Danielle just commented that on Will's memory wall photo he doesnt have a mullet (i think thats what she said?)

and Erika said: "They probably just photoshopped it out."

its around 7:24 PM in the bb house, and they remarked its starting to get dark out early.

ooh now feed 4 is on will listening to music in bed, while janie is on feed 3 sleeping, feeds 1 & 2 still on boring houseguests.

Now feeds 1 & 2 on George quietly doing laundry in the BG, and 3 & 4 are on erika staring at the memory wall. How entertaining.

Erika just went outside and asked how georgie is doing and he said good evening and he was just trying to figure out where everything is going. she asked him if anything interesting is going on, and he said on the information hotline, nothing's happening and erika agrees.

they both comment that now the weeks are going by quicker. (ED: yeah for you maybe. DO SOMETHING EXCITING.)

7:30 BBT

Erika and George on 1 & 2 sitting in silence at the moment as he does laundry and she... sits.

feeds 2 & 3 show danielle wandering around aimlessly downstairs humming a little to herself.

Erika said that its kind of nice that she doesnt have to compete for HOH next week, so she doesnt feel so stressed to try to win it.

Now danielle is making sausage i believe and then wanders around as it cooks.

George just said he got HOH on a bad week, and he was so stressed out he wasnt even hungry.

now dani came outside and feeds 1 & 2 on the three of them in the BG chatting.

Feed 3 on Janie sleeping, 4 on Will listening to music.

(ed: i wonder if they're thinking/dreaming of each other. how sweet.)

CG brings laundry inside, Dani does another load or something.

(Yes, this is the breaking news in the BB house. Thrilling, I know.)

While CG is gone, Dani and Erika being very civil, talking about laundry machines, etc.

Erika saying that in BB4 for the first week they had to stop her from leaving like every day, she said she kept saying: "im done im done." (i think because of her ex)

Will is so bored that he's pulling his bang-type hair down to see how far it stretches, and how he keeps weaving it around his fingers.

(ED: Janelle needs to wake up! things are so much more interesting when shes around)

Will gets up from the music and leaves the HOH room.

It goes to flames for some odd reason.

Ah i see, he went to the washroom then fixed his hair.

Now he went downstairs humming so we have flames.

Will came into the bug room where janelle is still sleeping. he laid on his bed on his stomach and he looks so incredibly bored. She opened her eyes, looked over at him and smiled a bit.

J: Hi

W: What?

J: I said hi.

W: Oh. Hi.

She closed her eyes again, as he continues to hum.

j: What are you going to do?

w: [said something i didnt catch] what are you going to do?

j: i dunno

w: im so bored

j: mm hmm

w: i cant work out im so lazy

j: hmm

w: (hums some more)


W: (mutters) i hate you so much.


janie sleeps or lays with her eyes closed, will fidgets

Will: What are you thinking about?

Janie: Nothing.

(ED: Aw poor willy wants attention.)

Will gets up and leaves.

He wanders into the kitchen, then outside.

Will remarks to Erika & CG that he was listening to music, he is SO BORED.

They're talking about September 11th and how it affected the season 2 show.

Will: Most of the time I don't even realize im singing.

(ed: oh this is so boring.)

Now Dani, CG, Will and Erika are all talking about Sequester


Now Will is comparing Marcellas to Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and doing impressions

W: "Marcellas likes his key, yes!"

CG is making quite an elaborate costume, according to Will.

W: I'm still waiting for you to go as captain recycle and glue all the recycling stuff on you.


W: You're not going as a member of the KKK are you george?

G: No.

W: Okay good.


Now they're talking about the veto competition again. (yawn)

Will is asking for the trampoline back.

Now Will singing again.


He continues.

We get Flames.

We're back, Will is getting some laundry.

Now George is doing annoying immitations of BB chastising will.

CG: (in what he thinks is the bb house) Will. Will (repeats it like 10 times) Please stop singing.

8:25 bbt

Will yelling over the fence to a person doing construction.

Will: "What are you building?"

"Please tell me!"


CG getting the hot tub going.

they're wondering if the stuff is being made for the hoh tomorrow.

Will is singing.


Will: Give chicken george some bubbles then!


Comes back to CG in the hot tub with bubbles (ED: It seems like Will always gets what he wants doesnt it.)

Will is trying to retrieve something he lost up on the banisters around the BB house in the BG.


Now Will & CG are in the HT while Danielle & Ertika sit nearby & Boogie and Janie sleep.

Nothing interesting enough to report. seriously.

Boogie is up, he went outside and they're all chatting.

Supposedly Boogie's stash of cookies from when he was HOH are missing. How sad.

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7:33 bbt -- boring as ever! On quads...f1, Will fishing down the beach ball from the top of the set in the BY (using pole used to clean pool)--now lost pole also.... BB: Will! Stop that!, f2 dani sitting by edge of HT, f3, boogie sleeping, f4, janie sleeping....

No sign of Erika...CG, Dani, Will in BY. Will found duct tape, throwing it across yard to CG (in HT) -- not sure why, just tuned in, maybe he needed it for something.

Apparently over the wall, they can hear building going on....Will yelling....hey! Excuse me...what are you building? -- no response of course -- Will yells, Don't you have any humanity?? All HGs quiet, but sounds of power tools can be heard in background. Will/Dani trying to peek into windows (BB: Stop that! Dani says, Are they talking to us? and they walk away from windows (2-way mirrors behind which prod. crew "lives"). Will blowing up pink pool toy walking around BY with it hanging from his mouth. CG still in HT (quacking!! -- not a typo...the man is actually QUACKING!!).

f4 still on Janie sleeping, looks like Erika might be at kitchen table on f3 looking at memory wall. Distant shot, but must be her, everyone else is outside or sleeping.

Will now realizing the toy he's been blowing up for the last 10 min. must have a slow leak in it. He drops a bottle of water into the HT by accident & gets in w/ the pink tube and sits in it. Dani sitting on edge of HT drinking something from a plastic jug.

Phone...sorry...hopefully things will get fun at the BB house while I'm gone...

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Meanwhile in the BB house (it is that yucky, live feed overkill describe, time of year when we all know the #'s are dwindling & there is no point in typing 2 pages of how a HG talk about every day BS, look while they sleep, or do nada).... Less is more :D

I will say...there is (shockingly :o ) nada going on. Several are in the BY doing nada. Several are asleep. That's it :(

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Erika joined Dani, Will & CG in BY by HT (carrying her bear). Will suggests she put the bear in the HT, she doesn't. Talking about how BB must've photoshopped Will's mole out of his pic on memory wall. He says he didn't notice. He says he had about 4 during season 2, but had most removed since then.

Talking about what the last concerts they've been to. Will telling about one he went to where they shot off fireworks & was very cool. Will says he went to Lenny Kravitz concert a couple of years ago in Vegas & went backstage after. Says Lenny is real small, like Prince, in real life. Erika says she's not a Lenny fan, Will says, he's got a great look, but needs a new lyrisist. He breaks out into song & of course BB: Will, please stop singing!

CG says his fav. song is Celine Deon, My Heart Will Go On...Will attempts singing it, but since it sounds nothing like the actual song, which he says he's never heard, we do not get FOTH.

Erika asks CG lyrics to Celine Deon song...then Erika! Please stop singing! CG says, hey Erika, you got a dinger tonight.

Will wishing he had his ipod w/ him so he could be working on it while he's here.

CG says, "Remember when fax machines first COMED out?" That's a quote... he says he was so impressed w/ them. Erika singing again & gets reprimanded again by BB.

Talking about BeeGees now...CG says talk about a band that was hot! They had it going on! Will asks if anything is public domain that they can sing. Erika thinks Star Spangled Banner. They talk about how they cannot sing happy birthday. Dani says Amy used to sing happy b'day so they would cut feeds, then she'd tell a story knowing internet couldn't hear it, then would sing happy b'day in between to keep feeds off. Will asks if that worked, Dani says yes.

Will hoping someone has video of feeds when they took their mics off in protest & Will tried to get James' mic from him. He's hoping producers will give him a copy when he gets out.

Now talking about Showmances/flirtmance/fauxmance -- Erika says she talked about it in DR & we hear: HGs! You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions w/ other HGs

Quick shot of Boogie walking through the house on f3, in BR going potty & washing up.

HGs in BY still talking about shomances in BY & CG (or Will) says I wonder who Boogie's gonna marry this season?? They all laugh. Will asking if Erika did damage control for him in DR. She says yes, he asks for details, but she says she can't talk about it.

Boogie wandering house & joins others in BY. Boogie asking Will if he stole some of his HOH snacks that he saved in his drawer. Will says definitely not. Boogie not happy he lost his choc. chip cookies, he says it's the only thing he had left after they all ravaged his HOH basket.

Erika asks Will if he ate the cookies. Will says I swear on my life I didn't eat them. Dani says I don't like sweets, remember? CG saying nothing. Erika says producers prob. took them cause he can't eat them right now.

Will says it's good that they're gone cause Boog would slit his wrists if he got a penalty nom & voted out due to eating cookies.

Erika says he's very cranky. Dani/Erika laughing at how cranky Boogie is & Dani asks if he just woke up. He had come storming out of the house asking Will if he and his Doll Friend (Janie) ate his cookies. Will says he would've asked. Boogie says well if you were drinking wine w/ your doll friend one night & thought it was funny to eat them, I don't think you'd say anything.

Will again says he didn't eat them. Boogie says he believes him & goes on to say how both his cookies & hamburger helper are missing. Will laughing saying so you thought I ate your cookies & hamburger helper??? Boogie says no, I guess they took them. Will says, you got hamburger helper in your HOH basket??? I'd be pissed if I got that in my HOH basket. All HGs laughing... Erika making her way over to Boog on the red couches & says, you're so grouchy! Don't worry, we'll get you some more cookies & hamburger helper (in her cutsie voice). He says, yeah, meanwhile you're sitting here holding a bear!

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Will just said there was a contest going on to see who would win the Sleep Championship, Janelle or Boogie.

(ED: He's right! BB get Janelle's blonde butt out of bed)

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Dani singing "5 in the bed & the little one said rollover, rollover...." again Danielle, please stop singing! HGs comment how BB is quick on the button tonight. They say it must be a rookie in there. Will yells, hey rookie, why don't you take a break & get a Kit-Kat & leave us alone!

Erika in the kitchen again now staring at memory wall (don't know why, she can't participate in HOH comp. tomorrow). Janie still sleeping & all others in or around HT area.


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Will made the fire pit all smoky by squirting it out with water and now he's yelling: "SOMEBODY HELP US! FIRE!" so someone will notice, call the fire department and they'll get to meet the fire department.

Cut to flames for a min. then back.

then will is singing, so more flames.

ANNNND they're back...

after a while...

just chit chatting, saying BB got them some alcohol in the storage room.

(ED: See this is what the house would be like without Janelle. We need her for entertainment!)


She says: good morning.

and they laugh.

Janelle: did i really sleep that long?

they're telling her that BB told Will to eat a dick.

Which is of course a lie.

Janelle, Dani and Erika are all sitting on the couches in the BG; Will Mike and CG are in the HT.

Nothing exciting happened, but will just started singing AGAIN so we got fire.

(ED: Janie's quiet tonight, I wonder whats going on.)

For those of you without feeds you're not missing much.

they're talking about movies, saying they love the full monty, love actually, about a boy, etc.

now mike boogie's telling some story about how he supposedly hooked up with paris hilton.

Boogie's stories which I doubt are real...

He was yelling at someone in the bathroom at a club, then Paris Hilton came up to him, told him to calm down, pushed him against the wall and made out with him for like 4 seconds, and then walked away.

Then with Shannon Doherty, she came into his restauraunt and hit on Mike cause she supposedly thought he was hot and bought him a drink so they went out together to parties and stuff.

Right. these girls have horrible taste in guys.

Name dropping all over the place: Christian Slater, Tobey McGuire, Trishelle from the Real World, Leonardo Dicaprio, etc etc.

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