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August 21 Live Feed Updates

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3:03pm BBtime

they come back in to the smaller kitchen table......whooooop de dooo

about two seconds of 'ooooohh', only janelle erika and george sit down at it

everyone else just kinda dispersed.....CT/dani in the kitchen

now that danielle and erika have left to go play cards in the red room.....will tries breakdancing on the new kitchen table ! BB:"Will, stop that"

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george says the highlight of their day is getting a new table.

BB: James, please go to the diary room.

they're sure it's for Dr. Zachary.

will trying to "bust open" the door where they exit for good.

W: LET ME OUT *shakes the door* *shakes it again*

D/ E frantically looking for cards... theyre hoping BB didnt take them away.

"If you could be any animal what would you be..."

W: a blue whale

J: a white tiger.

B: a bird.

Janie: will you hang out with me all day again

W: yes.

J: YAY. what do you wanna do?

Boogie and Will getting ready to breakdance on the table.

they make fun of a "spool of lies."

E/ D playing cards

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CT gets alone in the backyard, discussing whether they believe what janelle told will earlier: about danielle asking janelle for a truce

will says if it ends up being CT/janelle in final three, they will definately honor 'that deal'....but if janelle goes next week then F-it

they say they are going to tell danielle later (tonight?) that they have concerns about james because of how he's acting

they say everyone is coming after them next week...

mike b says he has a hard time talking to janelle, will says janelle has a hard time talking to mike b too because she is suspicious

mike b says once james is gone HOH's will be (mumbling....maybe he said 'ripe for the plucking'?)

will says they will have 'the talk' with danielle tommorrow and tell her that one of them overheard james talking with janelle and that he is trying to play them

mike b. is defending erika...saying that janelle will turn on them because 'that's what she does for a living', and 'erika is an upstanding girl, people can say what they want.....i trust her with the big picture'

will says he trusts janelle with the big picture......but he will give it a week and then he will know where everybody stands....will:danielle looks at me very suspicious

will guesses the vote will be 3-1 with james going out

mike b. : if danielle doesnt 'just let it roll, then she's just another james and she will go next week'

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mike b asks will if they are going to let danielle have only a suspicion of james leaving thursday, or should they tell her....they decide to tell her, that she will maybe respect that if she wins HOH

will says you dont want to be against janelle in final two because all her friends are on the jury and she has won all the shit

will is concerned about if james/danielle/janelle all are supposed to be trusting CT now, why are they always getting together and talking together.......mike b. points out that everytime they are caught talking by danielle she comes up with:'what was that about?'......it seems that what janelle told them about danielle asking janey for a truce is really pissing them off

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Erika and CG were talking about how Kaysar had a hard time on slop and how Erika is eatting bread and butter just to try and keep some weight on.

James and Dani were in the green room talking about if CT will vote him out. Dani tells James she is worried, he ask why and she says she always worries. She tells him that she needs to confirm something before she tells him what she is thinking and she will talk to "him" or "them" later and will get back to James later tonight. He says okay and leaves.

Janie was called to the DR and Will, CG, Erika were in the kitchen talking about how Julie called Howie out with the "spool of lies". Will tells them that this wasn't Howie's guess but Janie told him to tell everyone that but no one believed him.

Earlier Dani and James were in the kitchen, James complaining about how the producers are giving Janie the game. Erika walks in and Dani says go look outside. Erika sees CT and Janie playing cards. They smell something and realize Janie has left her banana bread in the oven and it is almost burnt. They first want to leave it in there and then Dani can't do it and tells James to tell Janie about her bread. Janie screams for them to take it out now, yet she never gets off her rear end to come in and check it out. Dani takes it out and then has this disgusted look on her face about having to do it but doesn't say a word.

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Janie laying in bed, staring @ the ceiling of the ant room, alone.

George is in the kitchen with Erika, Will and James. George is getting his eviction outfit ready - a clown suit complete with oversized yellow shoes and a squirty flower. Will is talking about how he'd beg BB for Taco Bell but he doesn't want to eat it in front of George. James asks "Why does Gatorade taste so good?" and George tells Will to go for it, he doesn't care if they eat it in front of him. Now he's having foody phone sex by talking about bean "tostados" (his word not mine) and tacos three for a dollar. Now they're talking about playing Wheel of Fortune at a casino.

James goes into the ant room and whispers strategy with Janie to take out Erica because no one likes how she's playing. Janie says she's just trying to win it and says Dani wants to win it too - I'm assuming it's the HOH but I can't hear over Will bouncing the big ball in the other room.

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James is talking to Janie. He tells her that she kicked him during the POV and she pretends she didn't know she did. He ask her if she really said she was going after CT, she said of course, she is going after everyone in the house. Now just game talk about who Dani would put up, who she is going after and if Janie should not win HOH. James is pretending that they are still a team. James just asked Janie again if she is putting CT up if she wins HOH and she said YES.

Now he is telling Janie he has heard that they are keeping CG. He is saying Erika is voting out James to keep someone from season six for winning. He says that makes sense as to why they were nominated. Janie reassures James that she is voting to keep him. He acts all grateful to her. He says he has to work on Erika because she is a liar. Janie tells him it will be hard. (they are whispering so it is hard to hear what they are saying) Janie is telling James that CG is scared because he feels James, Erika and Dani are mad at him. Now she is saying how Erika makes her physically ill, she can't stand Erika. How Erika acted when Kaysar left was so fake, it made her want to throw up.

James wants to know why CT act like they like Erika. Janie says it is because CT knows how she is. James leaves and Janie goes back to reading her Bible. :blink:

James went right to Will in the BY. He is asking if the plans are the same and Will says yes. Will wants to know why James is so worried. Will assures him that James is safe and that Janie needed to go next or she will win the whole thing. James says that Janie just told him that Erika told Janie she was glad she won that contest, she deserved it. James makes Will promise not to tell Janie he told him because he wants Janie to keep trusting him. Will tells James that if Janie wins next week, he is gone because Janie hates him as much as Erika. They did some trash talking about Erika and now they are making plans on how to get Janie out. James is now talking about how Howie is going to rip into CG and make his life miserable. He says Howie is the worst at making personal attacks on the nerd herd but you saw how he acted when she was here. James syas Dani is worried and that is making him worried. Will is talking about how Dani is driving him crazy because she is so worried about everything.

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James and Will outside lifting weights. James talking strategy and relaying what Janie said - then saying don't say anything.

Janie reading her Bible alone.

Erica and Booger in bed in the HOH talking strategy - getting James or George out.

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Will thinks if Erika wins HOH she will put up Janie. He says that he doesn't have a relationship with Erika, Boogie does. But he thinks she will put one of CT up. James says there are so few people up. James says when they are in the final four it will be two against two. Will says that there are so few left there is nothing to really talk about. He tries to explain that to Dani but she is still so paranoid. James is now telling Will about what happen to him last year and how Dani lost her alliance and was alone in her season.

Now they talk medical conditions of James and we get fire.

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(there is so much lying.....but here's what i heard):

boogie and erika were alone in HOH, talking about how mike b will just have to cut that string.....'bye will'

she leaves....will comes in to report that he just told james that he is definately keeping him, and that james said that janelle told him she is voting to keep james

will is a bit worried that all his work on janelle hasnt worked

will wants to call danielle up to ask her why they keep overhearing that james and janelle are together

erika comes back to advise that james has got to go....and of course they are agreeing.....and speculating who janelle's real target is

hmmm.....will's lying for sure now, he's telling will/erika that janelle told him last night that she is definately putting will up if she gets hoh, that she is DEFINATELY going after CT

they arent sure whether janelle is going to vote out james this week

they discuss that danielle and janelle both want james on their side, so that is why james has to go

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James tells Will that he will give him his vote if Will makes it to the final two. Will says he isn't worried he knows he goes home next week if Janie wins HOH. James says if Erika makes it to the end no one will vote for her. Will says unless Boogie makes it to the end with her. James says if they get rid of Janelle next week, they can get rid of Erika after that. He says she thinks she is in the best position anyway. James thinks it is weird how before they came in the house they thought about girlfriends and family, now in the house they are relying on each other and they become the main focus of their thoughts.

Will is saying how tired he is. Then we have silence.

Janie is sleeping in the bug room.

CG asleep in the tiki room

Will and Boogie talking about how Erika is going to come after them and tells him what James said. Will wants Boogie to call up Dani and ask her a ton of questions about them turning on CT. Guess who shows up in the HOH room........Erika, walking in and saying you won't believe the converstation I just heard. Will says why are you surprised before he even knew what she heard.

Will tells Erika that he only trust her and Boogie and that Janie is honest and said she was putting them up. Will says that they have to win HOH because Janie blames CT for Marci and Howie. Erika says no problem, we have the numbers and Will reminds her that Boogie can't play.

Erika says no way will Janie do that, she is still worried about the power thing. Erika is sure Janie won't put anyone up on CT, nor will Dani put them up. Boogie ask Erika if Janie ask who she is voting for what is Erika going to say? She says she doesn't know and wants to know who Janie is voting for. Will says they don't know and they aren't going to ask her. Erika says we have the votes so it doesn't matter, she will go with CG anyway. Will says Janie knows James is a stronger player. Will is really implying that CG goes and James stays. Will leaves and Erika is asking Boogie about his ear while she gets in bed with Boogie.

Dani and James in the Bathroom, Dani says tell Janie I am not stupid. He says he already told her that erika is full of sh*t. She then leaves to talk to Will. Will says James is freaking out, she said yeah but he is safe right? Will says of course. Will explains that this is real simple, if Janie wins HOH, he goes home, one of them have to win HOH to save him. Dani says she is going to win HOH, Will says cool, me to. He reminds her it is just a reality show.

He wants to know if Dani wins who will she put up? She says that she won't put up Janie right away, she is thinking about back dooring her. Will wants to know who he needs to put up if he wins the next HOH? He says if they put up James and Erika and then one of them wins the POV, they pull off Erika and put up Janie, James interrupt and says no pull me off. Dani is now explaining how she asked for a truce so she would be relaxed and then they could think how to get her out. Will says cool, he is just having everyone coming to him saying they see others talking and how Boogie was saying Erika and Dani were talking and Will told Boogie maybe they are just randomly talking.

Will says he respects Janie because she told him he was the coolest person there, but she is going after him for revenge and Will totally respects that and said do what you need to do. Once in a while you get trashing about Erika. Will says once again James is freaking out and Dani says let him freak out, it is good for him and Janie will think he is really with her but Will says he feels James is double dipping. CG seems the most relaxed to Dani, and Will says he thinks CG is most comfortable with this to.

Dani wants to know why everyone goes to Will, Will says everyone goes to everyone he is just the wrong person to come to. Dani laughed and said of course.

Will sings and we have fire.

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6:00 BBT

All quiet in the house. Will putzing around in the ktichen while James and Dani are out back talking about Jame's time in sequester last season.

Will asks George if he's worried at all this week.

George mumbles something.. talk turns to George's weight loss and Will offers for him to walk with Janelle and hisself in the evenings.

Will doing some silly thing in the backyard. Calling out to internet viewers and doing a fake song (no voice). He is also begging BB to send him something to cut his hair. Sings... and Roll Flames....

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not much going on.

will eating, james and dani playing pool (no strategy talk), george sitting at the kitchen island. george is going to walk with w/janie tonight.

B/E/Janie may be sleeping

Janie is sleeping, Will making his bed.

Will talking to us [internet]. he's making me laugh. he's directly under the camera playing with his hair..spinning around asking if it looks cool. Jumping up and down at it begging us for something to do, saying hes losing his mind. Will kissing us. he says he is sory for all the stuff he said to us and he loves us. he's kissing the camera.

lmfao... this is too funny.

Will singing with periodic FOTHs.. comes abck and hes still singing, immediate FOTH. he apologizes to us again

W telling us how bored he is, but this is hurting his neck. He wants an internet romance with us.

Will says he wants us to want him.

Will whispering to the camera, saying he really needs to win americas choice.

LMFAO i pray to god someone has this on video.

saying hes sick of talking abou the same stuff everything... he doesnt really give a crap about season 4, they all know season 2 is the best.

says he hhas to go and walks away.... and SPRINTS back to the camera saying he's sorry and he loves us.

he hopes a baby squirell doesnt fall out of his hair its so long

now hes begging us for a trampoline.

will giving us his wish list

he's really having a convo with us.

W: i 'd say the length is the problem.. send me new clothes..OH. would you guys tell neil patrick harrisi said hi. SEND FAN MAIL TO DOLCE.... ok? send it to.. wait WHATS THE ADDRESS? FOTH

Will: whoever sends the best hate mail letter, we will compliment.. ok here it is... FOTH.

Will tells us he is naming his kid Chillium and chill for short.

W telling boogie how he made sweet love with the internet. W petting the cam. will trying to kiss the cam. If you really wanna make us happy, go to coffeebeanbears.com.... FOTH

W got something to stand on so his neck doesn't hurt

came back and he pushed the thing to stand on away.. he starts plugging the website again and FOTH.

Will collapsed on a chair cuz his neck hurts. the camera follows him. he says its too difficult right now he can't be back with us.

W: interenet.. imagine you and i making sweet internet love every day. give me a trampoline. The address here is ... oh, whats the address?

Boogie: 4024.. (in the distance)

W: 4024.......FOTH

will says he is well aware janelle and CG are our favorite players

will saying all things considered, he has nice feet. 9 out of 10, he'd say.

W saying Jase wasnt the mandana wearer.. WILL is. W says he rocked the mandana in 2000.

W says get a medium or lage shirt, cut the sleeve off, and wear the cut part on top

W says he is dying and wants this show to end. he flips the chair on top of himself and tells them to call the doctor, he's in pain. W begging to end the show.

W: I just watched a beatle fly over the wall and I got jealous. I'm jealous of a bug.

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6:19 Will tlaking about his perfect teeth. (Will your teeth are not that good, I see alot of pain in your future.

6:30 , I swear Will gets dumber by the minute and James falls even more in love with him throughout.

6:35 more FOTH

6:36 Will gives up on the Camera just as I was suggesting to to bang his head on the metal poll, James Dani plaing pool, James is talking white hype. Will talking to the feeders, let's make some sweet internet lovin or somrthing. back to FOTH

Gotta give alot respect to the live feed updaters

6:41 feeds are back , still fetish talk. Will love the netters, teaching netters how to wear a bandana

6:45. Will is now dead, he got attacked by a folding cushion in the backyard, ( not Erika ) .. Will wants a meteor to crash into the backyard so BB8 can play around his gravestone.

Now compaints about about money (Why should 3rd and 9th place get the same money) then FOTH

Gotta get into the mood

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8:20 BBT

Boogie alone on BY sofa shuffling cards

CG alone in HT

Will, Dani, Janelle, Erika, James at dining table chitty chatting. We keep going in & out of FoTH for no reason. Talk of BB4 & how Amanda went out like a ho after having sex in the house w/David. They are laughing & saying how David didn't even give her a sympathy vote after the sex when she was evicted. Will says what was his goodbye message to her "Hey, thanks for the ass"? They are all cracking up.

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