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August 20 Live Feed Update

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11:00 AM BBT

James and Dani in the BY.

D: Erika thinks that CT will vote James out over Chicken George.

James tells Dani not to tell Erika because he wants to see it be 2 to 2 and Boogie make the decision.

Dani said "Breast Implant Alliance". Dani says someone told her she's going after CT.

Dani says she was a brat in the DR. She says she told them I can't give you what you want. I'm too angry and frustrated. Call me back later.

James says they had enough on him to make him look like an asshole. BB announces on the speaker that HG are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions.

James replies "Yeah but you are allowed to cheat in competitions". (Waa-Waa)

Erika up and outside.

11:05 AM BBT

Erika saw a roach in the kitchen so they go in to investigate.

Erika says she doesn't keep food in her cabinets. She only uses cans.

It's official - the BB House has roaches. (I wonder who they'll align with?)

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11:05 BBT

Feed 1 : Dani in the kitchen making and egg for an egg bagel.

Feed 2: Kitchen & Dinning Room

... Boogie now coming downstairs for the first time asking Dani what time it was. She says 11:05 and he says "Cool"...Dani says "Coffee is brewing"

Erika at the bar and asking how Danis cut is. She says its fine.

Boogie, Dani & Erika all up and that is who the cameras are on now.

Feeds 3 & 4 switch to dark bedrooms and HGs sleeping

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Boogie's up and Dani and Erika are in the kitchen fixing breakfast.

Boogie asks Dani what time she got up and she said about 40 minutes ago. . Asks what time everyone went to bed last night. Dani said they slept 16 hours yesterday. Boogie asks "Will's not up yet?" Dani said she got up in the middle of the night and Will was still up talking to Janelle. This was about 5:00 AM. Boogie remarks "late night show for Will Kirby".

More mundane conversation about what day it is and food. Boogie is singing rap.

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11:22 AM BBT

Boogie, Dani & Erika move to the BY.

Feeds 3 & 4 are on George sleeping in the big bed.

Boogie says one of the best things about this season is the CD player. General conversation about artists and music. Everyone is talking about Lenny Kravitz and how they love him. Dani says she had Bon Jovi as her CD. They all laugh. Said she put Metallica and Def Leopard down as her CDs. Said her brother likes Van Haylen, Led Zepplin. Dani said her dad asks "Do these kids know they are black? Y'all know you are Negro, right?" Dani says she did put down Motown's greatest hits. She likes old school R & B music like the Commodores, Earth, Wind & Fire.

Playing the movie game now.

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11:53 AM BBT

Boogie and Dani still playing the movie game. James is in the pool, floating with the innertube around him.

Feed 3 is on George sleeping (and farting).

Don't see any other HGs.

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James: If I have one hope in big brother, it is that the V is not by her picture.

Mike or Will: It is.

James: If i was the only one bitching it would be one thing but you guys saw her leave early, you saw her kick me.

Will: Where is Erika, Erika tried to go to the HOH last night. I dont know what time it was but i was sitting in the kitchen and she was like, hey, and i was like, hey, and she was like im going to the hoh.

Mike says the door was locked and he put on his headphones and went to bed.

Dani: So did you deciede who you will put up yet?

Mike: I havent even thought of it yet.

James comes up with something about putting up Erika related to the POV comp.

James suggests putting up CG.

Mike says something about CG.

Dani: you want to keep targets in the game. (idea is that Janelle will go after Erika, so leave Erika in the game.)

Mike says he was not close to Janelle, then were good friends, then the put out Marcellas then Howie adn they cannot go back.

Dani: lets look at it this way, CG supports who in this game, who does he support, Erika and Janelle. He is kissing Janelles butt, he has to go. You guys are his target, he is going to put me up.

Will: If Erika wins HOH she will put up Janelle.

Dani: listen you guys im telling you we have to get rid of chicken george.

will: i couldnt care less im more worried about the hoh.

will: james you need to go bond with janelle, my chances are exhausted.

james: i was telling to her reading her bible last night and she said, i know i dont have any friends here.

and i said thats the attitude you have to have.

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Janie/ Will/ Boogie talking in the BY

Will wants to talk to george and say you're not going anywhere

W: erika will throw the next hoh because she thinks CT is going after Janelle and Janelle is going after CT.

Talking about scenerios in HOH comp.

W: Dani wants Janelle gone no matter what. The beauty of it is she'll but up Janie and someone else thinking we'll voteout Janelle and we'll vote out the other person.

Boogie telling Janelle that James is still carrying on.

B: what would be amazing is if Dani wins it... puts up Janie and Erika, we vote out erika and then all 3 of us are palying only against CG and dani has to sit and watch.

B: what if it comes down to Will and Janie.. throw it to Will?

W: lets just get rid of James this week and we'll reasses next week.

Boogie leaves

W: james and dani are SO mad... james is STILL whining.. literally. "are they gonna give her everything" wah wah wah. he was terrible. "let her cheat i can't win anything"

J: what! I didn't---

W: i know sweetheart you did great. let him do what he does best... whine

J: "I can't win a power of veto" ughh he's such a whiner

W: it's pathetic.

all 4 feeds on Janie and Will playing cards, not much convo.

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12:30pm bbt - Will, Boogie, Janelle on couch in BY

B: Did you guys do Jedi drilling last night

J: No

W: We did jedi flirting, and unfortunately she is very good at it.

B: This is what I

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J: do you think james will talk to me before he gets evicted?

W: yeah he will... fuck him. don't be emotional about it. Is that really a concern of yours? you're so cute.

J: kinda.. I thought he was my friend.

W: you're such an interesting person to meet because you umm.. *he changes subject to cards* ummm.. you're a hardass but then you umm are very sensitive about things. that make sense? You're sensitive about friendships but a badass otherwise. quite the conumdrum, no?

W: why are you so .... its hard for girls to have good girlfriends isn't it?

J: yeah.. i only have 2 or 3.

W: so does my girlfriend.. her friends are mostly guys. it's beccause girls are so catty. with guys they have a lot of guy friends. it's tough to be a girl huh?

J: uh ha (yes)

James alone in a dark room walking around with a towel on

mike alone in the kitchen fixing something to eat.

back outside Janie and Will play cards, george has now joined them.

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12:26 PM BBT

Will and Janelle are now up and in the BY with Boogie and Dani.

Dani tells them they saw a cockroach. Jani says that she didn't think they had cockroaches in California. Says we have lots in Miami because it's so humid.

Janelle tells a story of when she was in NC visiting her friend and was eating some Raisin Bran for breakfast and discovered she had a roach her in mouth. Everyone is appalled. Janelle says she didn't eat RB for about 2 years.

Boogie starts telling a story about cockroaches and a restaurant and we get FOTH

Feeds back after a few minutes on the end of Boogie's story. Everyone laughing.

Dani goes in the house and the secret conversation begins.

Boogie and Will relating to Janelle what the others said. She's got to go. She's going to win HOH. Who's she going to put up?

Said James asked "Is she going to put up me and Danielle.?

Boogie told James that she's not going to put up Erika. She's going to take us out (CT).

Boogie joking that he said "That bitch came up and ate my Red Vines with the fucking veto around her neck."

They are all joking and laughing how they are putting on the other HGs faking that they hate each other.

Boogie asked Will and Janelle if they did Jedi training last night.

They said they figured out all the votes. Said Janelle is very good at it. Will starts rattling off the numbers of eviction votes.

They think the votes this week will be 3-1. Plane goes over and then they decide they will wait till later to discuss things.

Start talking about Chicken George. Will wants to know if CG is good at keeping his mouth shut? Said tell him you're not going anywhere, I just need you to trust me and not say anything.

We have to make everyone think that Janelle is after us. Janelle says if they think she is after them they will throw the HOH comp. Danielle will put up Janelle and Erika thinking we will vote out Janelle and we vote out Erika.

Janelle interjects about Boogie's power. Boogie doesn't tell her that he doesn't have any power.

Remarked how James was whining that they are giving her the show. They want her to win.

Boogie says it would be amazing if one of you 2 don't win it and Dani wins HOH. She'll put up Erika and Janelle. Then it would be the 3 of us playing against CG and Danielle has to sit and watch.

Will: Let's get rid of James this week cause he's driving me crazy.

Everyone agrees. Boogie leaves and goes in the house.

Will says Dani and James are so mad. Will starts relating how much James is whining about losing the POV. Said even Dani told him to drop it.

Janie: What was he saying?

Will says he said "Are they going to give her everything. I'm just going to Mexico if I can't win a POV. I could win a POV if she didn't cheat!."

Janie protests that she didn't (cheat).

Will: You did great Sweetheart. (Ooh, terms of endearment)

They are playing cards - rummy I think.

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Dani now joins outside crew.

looks like everyones outside but Erika.

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nothing much going on.. Will and Dani playing cards, dani saying CG has got to go because he's "goving after her boys.'

Dani and Will in BY playing cards, no strategy talk, all card talk.

George in shower, boogie sitting in bathrooms as they talk about howie's eviction and howies talk with julie chen. Boogie thinks it was a long run on rant that howie had.

CG giving the "we all won" speech to boogie.

they had to pray to a firegod with red lights and smoke at yesterdays veto, said boogie.

nothing going on still.. george brushing his teeth, janie doing laundry

boogie locked himself out of the HoH room.

will tries the lock... it's for sure locked.

Boogie inquires as to how to get it unlocked. They tell him to go to the DR, so he does.

will and george have to change their batteries. Will's bathing suit is in the HoH room, which is locked.

Janie and Dani doing laundry together.

Will wondering aimlessly around the house.

george and boogie outside too, with dani and janie

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(I'm getting ready to go somewhere but I had to report this because it made me laugh out loud.)

1:15 PM BBT

Dani and Will are talking and playing cards.

Dani is relating the dreams she had last night. In one of the dreams she said she dreamed all her family, her mom and dad, her kids and her husband, were in a pimped out, mother of pearl Escalade. They drove up to her and said "Sorry Danielle, we have no room for you." She said but the bad thing was JANELLE WAS IN THE CAR, looking all beautiful with her hair up.

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george: mommy mommy i want a janie doll.

boogie sitting in the couch, talking to himself about a party.

Will continuing to wonder around the house aimlessly.

Boogie has an ear infection... he has to see the BB doctor, they gave him drops for his ears.

W now brushing his teeth, waiting for hoh room to get unlocked.

Boogie and Dani saying how peaceful it is without howie here. Dani saying he liked Howie, but she was sick of it. Dani saying it was borderline harassment.

Boogie saying he [howie] probably gets no play. Dani says she disgarees, thinks he [howie] gets a lot of play because he doesn't care.

CG and Janie inside whispering.

did CG say "he's crying" (??!!)

CG: hey you won it.. be happy you won it.

cg says "this" is just stupid. They laugh.

CG is cracking up at what marcellas wore on his eviction night.

cg: hes supposed to be mr fashion stylist guy.

CG is laughing hysterically.

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No one is missing anything right now. Everyone is asleep with the lights on. The only ones I see awake are Dani, Will and CG. CG and Dani were outside and Dani was talking on and on about past things and past houseguests. She described how Roddy was evicted. She talked about the veto comp with the boxes and how they traded and made deals for the boxes, and one had the veto in it. Roddy made a deal with Amy to give her his box but if it had the veto, she had to use it on him when he got on the block. Then, Amy and Roddy were on the block together and Roddy still held Amy to that deal. Dani stresses STILL over and over, saying that even though it meant Amy's "demise" that Roddy held her to it. So, Amy didn't use the veto on him and did what was best for her, and that was the end of Roddy. (I'm not sure if she is telling CG this to send some message to him about Janie, or not, since Dani has said over and over that Janie is her Roddy this year--ed.)

Dani talks about the people who have left so far. She liked Nakomis and Jase (even though she says Jase thought she hated him). She misses Diane. CG says he doesn't have a "beef" with anyone. Dani agrees.

Dani goes in the house and Will comes out and lifts weights.

(I left for a while and came back)

CG tells Dani that he is going to "clean up a little and move on."

CG goes in the house and Will is cooking, and CG tells him that he is going to give "Jamesy" a run for his money (with cooking).

I just changed feeds and saw Dani talking (looked like she was talking to herself!). She was saying something about how someone (sorry I missed who she said--maybe she said "anyone") would take Janie to the finals and they would win that way. Then Dani says "That's what we'll do!" She mutters something about having to talk to them. She goes into the house, walks straight upstairs, goes into the HOH room like she owns it, and no one seems to be in there. She goes into the HOH bathroom.

Dani is pacing in the HOH room, muttering to herself. I couldn't understand her, because she was eating something at the same time.

She goes downstairs and CG asks her what they do in the house now that everything is winding down? She says "Absolutely nothing." Will remarks that you go crazy.

(OK, Dani has officially lost her mind! --ed)

Dani is outside doing laundry. CG and Will are in the kitchen. Dani is walking around outside sighing and talking to herself. I heard her say, "Oh, CG" and then she muttered something. (I switched feeds to better hear her, because Will was talking loudly on the quad feed. But she had stopped by the time the feed loaded.)

Dani is folding towels outside. (She folds them the same way I fold mine! Should I worry about that?--ed)

Interesting (or maybe not) note: The towels are all different colors, instead of being the same. I guess so that each person knows which towel is theirs when they are lying around?

Pink, red, yellow, gray, white, orange, etc.

FOTH because Will is telling a story. Dani takes a perfect stack of towels inside and puts them away, then goes back outside to fold more of them (instead of folding them all at once--weird--ed).

(This is like watching paint dry, so I'm done for a while)

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Will and George are in the kitchen talking about how bored they are. George asks what they normally do when the game winds down and Will says that when he is done cooking, he will go to the DR and beg for arts & crafts, a puzzle, anything. Dani say a movie would be nice, doesnt have to be anything recent, a classic would be nice. Will says 'its not gonna happen, but yeah, it would be nice'. George says if they gave him balloons right now he would blow them all up. Will says that he would to. Will goes into the DR and CG yells "Dr. Will? Monopoly" Will: Ok.

About two minutes later, Will comes out & talks about his DR session that causes FOTH for a second. Feeds come back and he is still going on about his DR. He said he was asking for something to do and she said that she was fine with watching him walk around all day. He told her, "You control the camera, and can masturbate all day, but we are bored" and we get FOTH again.

3:18. CG is in the HoH listening to music at the suggestion of Will.. Dani is walking around the pool, and Will goes back into the DR and we hear, "Hey I just had some thoughts" before they shut off his mic.

Quad came is very boring at the moment. We have Boogie sleeping outside, Dani pacing around the pool, James getting out of bed. (Night vision already?!?) and a hallway.

Feeds switch to CG boppin his head to the beat (on 2 cameras) and James actually moving around in his room. Looks like the other feed is the red room, hard to tell with hight vision on.

3:23pm BBT: All four cams on James in the SR. James moves into the kitchen (not very quietly). Will comes back out of the DR again telling James (as he walks outside to Boogie and Dani) that he is workin on getting them stuff to do because everyone is so bored & depressed. He says that he has been workin on her for a while and its almost there, but he needs help. Boogie says to give him 5 minutes.

James comes outside and asks Dani where "Americas Choice" is. Dani says she is asleep.

BB asked James to put his mic on when he was cleaning the grill. (Please let him leave it off.. Im sick of his whining!!)

He puts it on and says that he doesnt need a basket ball hoop in the house, its not going to make him feel better. A fair game would make him feel better. (James continues to rant, but I cant stand it so I muted it here).

Boogie gets up & goes inside. James asked if he slept all day, and he says pretty much.

James: Did you work out at all today?

Boogie: No, hopfully I will get the energy up to do that later today, but we'll see.

James is in the kitchen (on all 4 cameras) making something to eat.

(Im with Catniptoy, too boring for me to watch now.. back later)

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3:55 pm BBT

George decorating the 'red' room for his own. George tells will to come in will screams "hell no that room is cursed! erika is the only one that knows the secret!" George yells to everyone, "Hey I cleared up all of the bad luck!" George says "The dr. is afraid of the taboo room... woooooooo wooooooo" Then talk if Kaysar slept in there and then if jase slept in there... too many people babbling right now!

I agree paganmom james should leave the mic off...

CG keeps making woooooo whoooooo sounds (like a ghost)

More talk about the taboo room

W- CG tried to drag me in there and I was like NO! I am very superstisious, doesn't make sense but I am

E- especially for a very scientific mind like yours...

More talk about the taboo room

Lots of singing going on keep getting fire...

4:06 pm BBT

Dr. W - in BY pumping Iron

D- I want to get a margarita on the rocks right now no salt

w- I'll bet howie and marci are drinking them right now

Talk of money... plane flying over cannot hear convo

talk about the trip to Arruba and the $5K

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5:50pm bbt

Danielle, Janelle, Will, George & Mike sitting on couch in BY

Will telling story of summer before college. Worked at movie theatre. Would have to rip ticket in half as people came in. Figured out scam to only rip one ticket and give customers back the 2 halves then give the whole ticket to his friend who worked at the cash. When someone came in and paid with cash then he would give them one of the whole tickets and keep the money. Will said they were bringing in thousands of $$, said his room was full of $1 bills. Said internet can go ahead and tell his mom because she already knows because they called and told her 5 years ago last time he told this story. Statute of limitations is up so "eat a dick".

Will then said, they promoted him and his friend which they didn't want because they wouldn't be able to keep doing scam so they created another scam. Supposed to give everyone a choc. bar if they bought 2 med. pops & popcorn. If they didn't mention the choc. bar he would keep it, then he and his friend would sell boxes of them to convenience stores.

Says he realizes this is wrong now but back then didn't see it that way at all.

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Boogie, Will & CG in HOH - 7:00pm bbt

Boogie and Will asked CG to work with them. Told him he will have to put him up this week but they guarantee him that he will not go home. They want him to agree that he won't come after them next week and will support them if they are up on the block.

They express that they need George to be very quiet about it. No one will expect it. George says let's just work out this week and see how it goes from there. George agrees that if he is HOH this week he will not put them up.

Janelle came to door and they asked her to come back

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Will says that he wants Janelle to pick up on something that he doesn't want the show or the feeds to pick up on but he can't be direct about it. "You picking up what I'm putting down?" Janelle says she is.

(ed. huh??)

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Janie is cooking.

Erica is having Will move a mattress on top of another mattress.

Mike and James are outside talking.

Now Fire

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Will is trying to tell janie that he likes her but dosent want tv and the feeds to know about it . and janie saying she understood

CG about to take a penalty nom ... ...he figures if he's going on the block anyway he may as well eat for four days and take the penalty nomination. We get flames... nothing confirmed yet.

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Will: "There's more than the game, I hope you see that... This is why I feel sorry for Season 6. You're playing with emotion... I had no emotion in this game which is why I'm good at it, until your dumb ass came along and you made me wanna... play with you."

Jani: "I'm sorry Will.

Will: "No you're not.. what are you sorry for?"

Janie: "I didn't make you play with me."

Will: "You know what I mean."

Jani: "I feel bad for you. They all wanted you gone."

Will: "But something inside you said 'Protect him'. What was it?"

Jani: "I dunno... emotion."

Will: "And everyone wanted you gone, and something said.. 'No'. And then you wanted to leave and I was like no."

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