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August 20 Live Feed Update

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James goes into the weight room, where Dani and Erika are. He says sorry to interrupt, and launches into his rant.

Dani says that it's true--If Janelle had the right doll, why yell, "Give me that!"

(Dani has not ever said she SAW this, by the way. Erika said she did not see it.)

(ed--Janelle would have said "Give me that" if she had the H and thought it was the right one, and James tugged it, and then she might have grabbed the other doll after that. So, we'll find out when we see it--it's hard to decide what the truth is.)

Will and Boogie are in the bathroom, where Will is taking a bath.

The doorbell rings.

Will and Boogie were talking about how they can pull all of this off.

James is in the room now.

James: Can you guys tell me what you saw from your angle?

Will says yes, he saw it--he had a good angle.

Will says it looks like they BOTH picked up the doll, went back and forth, she gave a kick at him, and ended up with the doll.

James is giving his story again. This time, Janelle was on top of the Marc doll and James reached to get it and got cut with Janie's fingernail. But he claims only he had possession of it at that time.

Erika says that they need to have a house meeting with Allison and FOTH.

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11:51pm BBT:

James, Dani & Erika go to the HoH Room to talk with Boogie & Will. He asks Will what he saw. Will says it looks like they both picked up the doll, did a little tug of war back & forth, she gave a kick, and she ended up with the doll.

James puts a shoe on the ground in the HoH BR (where will is in the tub) and says that its Marci. He then puts a hat down & says its Howie. He says that Janie was on the ground, both hands on the howie doll holding it so tight that she cracked the 'H'. He also says that he saw the "M" on the doll next to it (Marci's doll) and grabbed it. When he did, she yelled, "Give me that!!" and yanked it out of his hand. Apparently, Janie dug her fingernail into James' hand.

Erika says that they need to have a house meeting with Allison (the Producer) and we get FOTH until 11:56pm BBT.

Feeds came back for a second and I hear Will say, "its a scripted show" and we get FOTH again briefly.

Feeds back and they are wondering how she can be "Prom Queen" and assume that they are not showing her lies and everthing. They discuss again Janie slapping someone ((didnt hear name, read it here but cant find it --- PaganMom)) and we get FOTH again.

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(They were talking about her slapping Beau last year. But James slipped once and mentioned the truth that they both slapped each other. Then changed it again to just Janelle slapping last year.--ed)

Boogie is trashing Janelle, saying she is a nervy bitch, an alien, a fembot, etc. He has called her everything possible. He brings up her visit to the HOH after the comp and claims she walked in, said "Good comp, Boogie--can I have some red bites?" and he calls her a nervy bitch for that. (Actually, that was when they celebrated and hugged, etc. --ed). Erika and James claim that Janie started running before they called "go" in the comp.

Erika was standing next to the bathtub, looking right down at Will in the tub. James says that now that Janie is out of the DR, they will probably call one of those guys in to read a sentence into the camera.

In the kitchen, George is telling Janie that the others are mad at him because he didn't get rid of Janie.

Janie: Oh, God. Thank you, Georgie.

George says that Howie got a chance to play, but Janie didn't, and he couldn't do it.

Janie: Oh, God. It sucks to have the entire house after you, you know?

Erika walks by, says something about the temperature and how cold it is.

Janie says it is like the whole house is after her.

Erika comes back in and talks and laughs about the comp and how hard it was to find dolls, etc. with Janie and George. She's acting all friendly to her after just trashing her upstairs.

Erika says she is going to turn in early tonight.

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(I missed a bit cause I paused the 'bblive' program to type out the above)

12:03AM BBT: Dani called to DR and James says that Janelle just came out so they must have her story, and they are calling everyone in to get their stories.

James says that he is hangin out in the HoH room with his exocutioner, but he really doesnt want to be anywhere else in the house.. "Hope you dont mind" Boogie, "Nah, misery loves company"

12:05 All feeds switch to CG & Janie in the kitchen sitting at the bar.

Not sure exactly what was said but Janie says, "Thanks George. Its tought to have the whole house against you"

Erika comes in and asks if its hot in there or if its just her. CG says "Its just you"

Erika walks out of the room, and Janie & CG begin talking again.

Janie: It seems like the whole house is after me.

CG: uh huh

Erika comes back in & talk stops. She says she is tired, CG says "Well, its midnite." Erika: It is? CG: yeah

CG playin with his slop bowl saying "Im getting pretty good at eating this stuff raw (and that LOUD laugh of his follows)

CG starts complimenting Erika on her game. says she has fire in her feet. He asks what was in the pile Boogie had and the girls say there were all kinds of dolls.. hundreds with S, Y & R. (Dani leaves DR at 12:08) Erika: That was fast.

CG Called into the DR.

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Janelle was told by George that James said he wouldn't sleep in the same room with her. She tells Erika and Erika tells her to come and sleep in their room, and she says she will.

(This is true, and James also earlier told CT that he was going to hang out in there, if they didn't mind.)

Boogie says he is going to bed--"Let's all cool off."

Dani comes in the kitchen and joins Erika. She says, "I'm such a company girl."

Dani says that she told them in the DR that she "can't give them what they want" and that she can't talk. And if they show her a tape of what happened, she will have closure and be okay.

(I honestly don't think Dani saw anything. If she had, she would have said she did--ed).

She and Erika agree that they can't do or give something to Janie. (I couldn't hear what it was, as Dani was whispering.)

A little later, Erika says:

Erika: She's got ten years on me.

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Danielle said she wouldnt vote Janelle to win in the end because the game is tainted.

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George is eating slop with his chef hat on, and Dani is asking about it.

Dani tells him that she is so spent--she thinks when her time comes, she will embrace it. (Her time to leave).

Dani once again is talking about her personality type--she is a thinker. And right now her brain hurts.

George: From thinking about the game so much?

Dani: I think about it all of the time.

Dani says she is grinding her teeth at night.

(Gee--I'm sure people who live in war zones would really sympathize with the horrible burdens she has there).

Note: Earlier, Erika and Dani were mocking the internet people again, saying in a nasal, high, voice: "I'm going to start a new thread!!" and things like that.

Dani is crying now. She talks about quitting, and then she talks about how she would leave if they would just give her the money. She is so tired. She is sobbing now and says "I can't protect everybody, George. I can't." George is holding her and patting her back.

George: Look at me. You only can protect yourself.

Dani: That's not me, though.

George tells her from this point on, only protect yourself.

Dani: All right. I hear you George.

George: You do for yourself. You don't protect anybody. You do for Danielle. And that's what you gotta do.

Dani: All right. I just don't play the game like that. (Coulda fooled me! --ed)

George is talking in his happy, high voice, saying he is "happy as hell that I made it this far," and "one of the lowest points in my life was when I was up in that (hoh) room!"

George says that he was down, but now he has a completely different attitude. He is going to have some fun in the game. He felt he was on the verge of going over the edge, and he decided he wouldn't let it happen again.

Dani: I feel you.

George: I got wrapped up in it so much, that I had everybody coming up...but that's part of the responsibility of that job.

George is repeating over and over, ad nauseum that Dani needs to protect herself, only do for herself, etc. "That's what Danielle has to do." (I so love it when he speaks in third person--ed)

James is in the kitchen now.

Dani is saying they should each get two shots of liquor and they would get a choice of shots, and then go to bed.

James says his choice is liquid cocaine.

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Will to Janelle w/ Erika in Bug Room: He's (James) losing his mind!!! Ha ha ha

J: I don't understand though?

W: Here's this is the thing...it's over, it's over...stop it stop it.

J: Yeah but he's yelling at CG and you can go sleep in the Ant room i don't want to in there sleep w/ her.

W: I'm like james go congratulate her...it's a reality show, we're not chaning it. a lttle person hit me in the face w/ a pie...stop just stop this madness.

Erika leaves

W whispers: He tells Jani that Dani is mad and wanted to see the tapes and takes relish in it.

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Will says that James was saying that the show was rigged for Janie. Janie asks how was it rigged for her, when James tackled her for a f--ing doll??

Will is in the brown room with Janie. They are whispering and he closed the door.

Will is telling her quickly about how James melted down and they pretended to be outraged with him. He says James was losing his mind.

Will tells her that he told her last night that she would be glad she decided to stay. He is bouncing on the edge of the bed, and he says it was great t.v. and he and Boogie were alone right after the comp and they were jumping around in joy.

Will says that Dani was pissed, but she is nice, and admits that Janie is great at comps. Erika is kissing butt. He says that James was outraged and he wants him that way, and he thinks the show will edit him as a madman.

Janie tells him that the others will vote out CG, and they shouldn't put him up. She wants them to nominate Dani. He says things will be fine as long as Janie is committed to voting out James, and she says she is. Will says that Boogie won't put up Dani because they don't want the others to know about the Janie/CT alliance.

Will tells Janie that he wants James out, then Erika or Dani, and if he goes then, he's fine, as long as Boogie and Janie are in the final two. He will massage the jury.

Will: The beauty of this is that if you are ever put up, Boogie and I can always save you from now on.

Will says that they will have problems, but they can do it. Janie will always protect CT and they will always protect her.

Janie says that Dani and Erika wanted to talk to her earlier about the special power. Earlier today, they told her that Boogie will use the secret power. (Earlier, Janie told Will that Dani has been talking about the secret power, and that Boogie has it. Will seems a little startled and asks how Dani knows, and she says that Dani must have guessed).

Janie says that James goes and tells Dani everything Janie says to James.

Janie says that Dani lost her parachute. (James) Will tells Janie he is so glad she stayed! She says she is, too.

Janie says Boogie is so excited!

Will says yesterday he told "them" (DR?) that his goal was to motivate Janie, get her to win POV, and work with her, and he was told that they wouldn't talk about that now because it was so unlikely! Will laughs.

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Janie and Will in the bug room

Will: I'm so happy you decided to stay! They laugh. Now they are rehashing James' sour grapes.

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Erika, Dani and James are outside. Erika is smoking and says it is the stress. Dani was going to go get Janie, and Erika says not to do that--Janie is reading the Bible.

James comes over and Erika says that she asked to see the "GO" part of the tapes. They let them see the HOH tape when they had the do-over, so why not let them see that? (James was in the background before that, saying that he has a lawsuit). James says he is over it--he wants to see Dr. Zachary quick, though.

Janie is talking with George inside. He tells her that he thinks they will put him up and take him out. Janie says that maybe he shouldn't hang out with her--they will target him for that, maybe. He says maybe she is right--they should play it cool. Janie says she will protect George as much as she can next week, and if she gets HOH. George says he did the right thing for Janie. Janie says sometimes it's not good to let the house have what they want. George tells Janie not to let her youth get in the way. She asks what that means, and George tells her to make good decisions. She says she won't make any more mistakes. George says she needs to make sure she stays away from any deals that look shady. George says that they need to trust each other. He says that they are all gunning for her, and they could pull this off. Janelle will have to win HOH, though, and George can help her out next week. She agrees.

Again, Janie tells George not to let them see her talking to her. He says he was very proud of her today. She says the challenge looked crazy. He says it was made for her. She says that she and James had the same strategy, and that is why they both went for the same doll and fought for it. He says it's okay--she got it and that's what matters. He says she needs to be really careful now. She's had a while to figure it all out, and this is the month she can shine, and hopefully he will be there to help her.

George: Realistically, I know the odds of me winning are not good.

Janie: Yeah, they are, Georgie!!

George laughs and says that he can't believe he is still there.

Janie says there isn't a week that they don't come after her. George says "Just give me the week, and I'll do what I can."

Janie: I'll do what I can too, George. If you are nominated, I will vote to keep you.

George: You do what you gotta do.

Janie asks if James was going to vote her out or not if George had nominated her. He says that James never got that question out of him. Dani interrupts. She tells Janie she can come outside now. Janie says that she hasn't slept in days.

Janie says that she doesn't know if she should go out there (James and Erika are outside).

George says she maybe should give James his space tonight.

Janie asks Erika about James, and Erika says that he is frustrated. She says she can't comment because she didn't see it happen.

Erika gets in the shower.

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Janelle and George are outside talking. George is wondering what going to happen when he gets to sequester, he thinks Howie is going to be mad at him. Janelle tells him that Howie was mad at CT not really Georgie.

They laugh about the first week and Alison coming after her that first week. Janelle says, "God, leave me alone it's the first week. Jerks!"

Georgie is giggling. The way her does.

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3:25am bbt

Will and Janelle outside on couch

J: Asks Will how long he thinks James has been working with Danielle.

W: Since very early. The great thing about this week is we don

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Will and Janelle are still up talking. George is sleeping.

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8:11 am BBT

all HG still in bed sleeping... a lot of farting going on

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Danielle is up and about. 9:50BBT

Danielle in the bathroom doing ADLs... Everyone else still asleep.

10:21 BBT

Erika and James are now up and in the bathroom talking to Danielle who is in the shower.

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Dani and James in the BY talking about Janie being a cheater and BB letting her get a away with it. James says he is going to stop looking for the game to be fair and is just going to play.

Dani says she's "a very lucky girl"

James says she will not get her vote because she is getting special favors from BB.

James says he wants to be payed like an actor if that's the.....we get fire

Back from fire, now talking about who Boogie will put up. Both think CG will be going up.

Back to James whining about the show being a joke. He said during his speech on Thursday he is going to say "well house guests you have to pick between me and the dishwasher.

(I hope this is ok, this is my fist report on the feeds update)

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Dani and James in the BY.

James tells Dani she smells good.

Dani asks if she stays who is she going after?

James says probably Erika or CT. Said Janelle hates Erika. Her game is so - she doesn't take a stand on anything.

J: I was so mad at that point. Especially since I saw Janelle get off before the go command. The worst thing is I know I'm safe but what's the big deal. if Chicken George goes home, as much as I don't like him, he really hasn't had a fair chance. They want her in the game, she's in the game.

J: It is what it is. Dani repeats it is what it is.

James says she just lost 5 votes if she makes it to the end. If I go to sequester, I guarantee Marcellas won't be voting for her. Howie will because he's a moron.

J: I was thinking back to when Jase threw her the cushion that had the veto in it. THAT was against the rules. FOTH

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James and Dani talking about CG going to sequester. Dani says Erika told her CT was thinking about evicting James. James is sure he has Will's vote.

Talk switches to the next HOH comp and how James must win it.

They think Janie will be goi9ng after Erika, and they are safe from her for a week.

Dani says she couldn't do DR because she was to upset.

Erika comes out to the BY and we get fire. I think James said a name he should have said.

BB says "house guests you are not allow to talk about your DR sessions." James replies "but your allowed to cheat in comps?"

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