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BB Australia 2006 - The Final Two

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On day 99 of the house,


Max, the self-styled Italian Stallion from Sydney in New South Wales



David, the token gay guy farmer from Central Queensland

were evicted in the final eviction of the 2006 season.

Now only two housemates remain:


Camilla, the club hostess from Melbourne in Victoria



Jamie, The Personal Trainer, from Perth in Western Australia

Tomorrow on Monday, 31 July 2006, the 100th day of the season, one of these two will be crowned champion and winner of BB Australia 2006. They will take home prize money in excess of $400,000.

The final combined vote tally was:

Max - 10% to Evict

David - 17% to Save

Jamie and Camilla - one had 31% and the other 47% to Save

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WOW Hard to believe its almost over!!

Thank you for all the updates and info hanklee.

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