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Brekkie Boy

BBUK: Makosi wins "unlucky" task, nominates Craig

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Makosi has successfully completed her secret mission to get the most nominations from her housemates.

Yesterday each HM made their first nominations, believing they were nominating the HMs they wanted evicted. Only Makosi knew this wasn't the case.

The nominations in full:

Anthony: Derek and Makosi

Craig: Makosi and Kemal

Derek: Sam and Saskia

Kemal: Maxwell and Sam

Lesley: Sam and Makosi

Makosi: Roberto and Anthony

Mary: Saskia and Roberto

Maxwell: Makosi and Vanessa

Roberto: Science and Vanessa

Sam: Vanessa and Derek

Saskia: Mary and Craig

Science: Roberto and Maxwell

Vanessa: Sam and Roberto

With four nominations each Roberto, Sam and crucially Makosi had the most nominations, so are all immune for eviction. Lesley is the only HM not to receive a nomination.

In the final part of last night's live special Makosi was called to the diary room and informed she had passed her secret mission. She was then told it was now up to her to decide the two nominees for eviction this week. She choose Craig and Mary.

Makosi was then told she was free to discuss her secret mission - if she want's to! She immediately told Kemal, but hasn't told anyone else.

A few minutes later Craig and Mary discovered they were nominated and were under the belief their housemates didn't like them at all. In fact, in the original nominations they each only got one nominations, both from Saskia.

Last night's nominations has lead to events being dubbed by some as "Fight Night II", with accusations flying at all housemates, especially from Craig and Mary, that HMs are performing and hiding behind masks.

Further arguments erupted over a treacle sponge!

And it wasn't until this morning that it was discovered that one resident of the house had been murdered - and how significant gnome stabbed in the back proved to be!

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