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So it's Aisleyne and Susie nominated for "eviction" this week, completly unaware we are voting to "move" one of them "next door" to "meet the neighbours".

It's been confirmed they will return to the house at a later date and play some role in determine which of the five new neighbours move into the main house.

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This week's shopping twist had a secret twist - they had to fail it to pass!

In the garden a tank full of milk was placed, with 12 plugs. For 48 hours, the housemates must use their bodies too plug the gaps and prevent the milk spilling out of the tank. At random intervals, BB would instruct HMs to remove additional plugs - with the HMs having to work together to ensure the milk didn't drop below the red line.

However, this task had a twist. Earlier in the evening Imogen had been selected as the "Secret saboteur" and was told the real shopping task this week was to fail the milk task. She had to ensure the task was failed without revealing the true task in order to pass.

As the task began Imogen made sure Nikki didn't worry too much about it, and by the time Nikki had finished her first shift she was herself trying to convince HMs not to bother with it and live on the basic budget next week.

Lea and Richard agreed, while Imogen, who was in bed, just put on a "whatever" attitude.

The real fun began in the middle of the night when Imogen began her shift. As she took over she wasn't too quick to use her hand to plug the gap - and when her hand was in place the milk continued to spill from under it.

Imogen went one step further in unscrewing another plug without instruction, letting more milk flow out as the other HMs told her she couldn't do that and Imogen struggled to screw the plug back in.

By 4am with Imogen and Susie outside and the milk dropping rapidly, Imogen had convinced the others it was a trick by Big Brother and there was a hole in the bottom of the tank!

Not long after BB announced the task was failed as the milk dropped below the crucial red line!

Of course though, the task is actually passed!

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I'm so disappointed that Lea was evicted *sniffle sniffle* I just hope one of the originals wins. I'm now pulling for Imogen I think.

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