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BB Australia - Anna, Katie/Jamie and Krystal have secrets??

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It seams that our little Anna has had a very public life outside the house.

She has been a Foster's Girl...



And she is the girl in the Australian electronic duo TV Rock's new video "Flaunt It"...


She previously modelled for an iRiver (mp3 player brand) print advertisement.


According to a girl named Megan, who is Katie's best friend, Katie and Jamie know each other from outside the house.

Megan says the two already met each other in WA (where they are both from), worked together and became close friends.


Karen has this morning (16 May) stated on local Gold Coast radio that she knows Intruder Rob, and that Krystal might well remember him as well.

Apparently Rob is a friend of Karen's cousin. Forum users have heard Karen talk about a gay hairdresser, but referred to him as a cousin.


There is a rumor that on Tuesday May 30th, the HM will be given the opportunity to vote out one of the the 3 Intruders that enthered the house this week. The Tuesday night live show will be a full hour instead of the normal 30 min.


Another rumor that I am starting myself. Right Now!! Gaelan has got to be the most GAY Heterosexual man on this earth!!! Look at these shots from tonights rewards room...



And NOTHING HAPPENED????!!!!???? RIGHT!! Someone has turned his on/off erection switch to OFF and broke it!!!

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For this week only - Week 5 - 22 - 28 May 2006.

CentreBet, one of the biggest betting agencies in Australia have placed the odds on this weeks evictions at MICHAEL will go at $1.66. Camilla is at $2.50 and John is at $10.00.

For those of you not up on betting terms, this is on a $2.00 bet if Michael goes you only win $1.66. If Camilla goes you win $2.50 and if John goes you get a whopping $10.00. In other words Michael is a gonner. (Centrebet has been correct on every prediction so far this season!!)

As to the winner of the game, Katie is the favorite at $4.00, Gaelan and Jamie are tied at $5.50 and David is in 4th at $6.00.

Also Sunday the 28th the show is supposed to be 1 hour long!!

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hanklee, I totally agree with you about Gaylen(?) I thought the same thing as I was watching it. All that talk about sex and the actions to go with it, and I think hes still a virgin and scared stiff(?) of women. lol


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You should have seen the seductive dance he gave Krystal in the Adults Only show.

He shows her one of his lap dances her used to do while he worked as a male stripper. He had his back to her while she was in a chair. He sits back in her lap, grabs her hands and brings them around and places them in his lap and just grinds!!

Her response was a huge smile and said "I felt his package!"

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