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Big Brother Australia - News - Week One

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More news for you....

During the showing of the Friday Night Live Games, it was revealed that Sunday night, two of the current Housemates will be EVICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who will they be????? Since Michael hasn't found out about Karen and Krystal, maybe he will get the boot?? Or has he found out?? Karen has made a few slips, and during the games, Krystal did call Karen Mum!!

I also have some caps from the Friday Night Show for you...

Here are some photos of the animals from this years barnyard...


There are two baby goats...


Two baby deer...


and two baby lambs...

They may be babies now, but if you remember last year, by the last couple of weeks of the show, these babies grow up FAST!!!!!

Here are a couple shots from inside the rewards room (since the virtual tour of the house does not show the rewards room)...



Stay tuned for more news as I find it.....

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Krystal and Karen tell their secret!!!!!

At 1930 (Brisbane time) the HM were gathered on the lounge by BB. During the live show, BB told everyone that "there are 2 people in the house who have not been honest, 2 who are false. There are 2 who have a relationship." The house went wild with speculation, everyone looking at everyone. After about 5 minutes, BB calls Krystal to the front.. She says, "I have not been honest with you, I came in the house with my hippy Mum.. Karen!" Then the house really went wild!!! For 15 min Krystal and Karen tell everyone about how they are really different on the outside from what they have met in the house. Everyone loves them.


It's Time To Go.....

Finally, it is time to evict. During the day, BB had everyone come into the diary room and nominate someone for eviction. As part of the live show, Gretel says.. "It's time to go.. ANNA!" The house all gathers around as Anna says I don't want to go! Then Gretel appears again and says, "This is a double eviction night.. It's time to go... CAMILLA!" It all happens again!!! Then BB says, "Anna and Camilla, you have 10 seconds to leave the house!" They gather their bags and exit thru the diary room door...

But they don't go far.. If you have looked at the houseplan, you see that there is a large green room down the hall from the air lock along the hall. This is the REVENGE room and both girls are put in here. 313.jpg They are told by BB that they are here to extract revenge on those in the house who voted them out.

Gretel appears on the Revenge Room plasma screen, she notifies the girls that they will be able to watch the footage of what HMs nominated them and why. The majority of HMs voted for Camilla and Anna, citing a variety of reasons. Camilla is particularly annoyed that Tilli said she Camilla is "fake and forced".

BB announces to them that they will be given an opportunity to return to the house. They will be given two days to create chaos in the house, and seek revenge on those who voted them out.

They start plotting against particular HMs. Camilla says she wants to seek revenge on Tilli. Anna mentions Krystal and Karen. Camilla says vehemently: "Tilli is a snake!" The start thinking of HMs' belongings that they can steal such as: Krystal's make-up, Tilli's glasses and Karen's bras. But they then rule some of these objects out.

BB tells them to keep it quiet so the HM can't hear them and if they need to contact him they are to press the RED button by the door..

So now they have the chance to get back at the HM, but how? What will they decide to do, and how will they do it? Stay tuned for further developments.......!!!!!


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23:19 - - BB Calls everyone to the diary room. At the same time he signals Camilla and Anna. They race down the hall and into the house to start their revenge. They only have a few minutes..


1) They steal most of the very little toilet paper left!!

2) They pour iching powder into Michael's and Krystal's bed.

When the HM return to the house, Krystal finds the powder but thinks it is sawdust from the loose overhead light fixture that she has told BB about. She smells it on her hand and rubs her nose but this must be slow acting powder!!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: From what I can find, one of the two isolated HM will be admitted back into the house after 48 hours. I think the public will have a say on which one it is..


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Toilet Paper LOL

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I love that they are somewhat starving, have no pool, no sauna, no gym, no laundry detergent etc. and a limited ration of toilet paper! :lol:

BBUS needs to get tough like this. Last year was a cake-walk for them. <_<

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i have been saying that the bbUSA should take some hints from bbAustralia and make them suffer. i love when they run out of TP and/or hide a roll just for themselves so nobody can use it up. food rationing is also a great thing. instead of the PB&J they should have staples like BBau and have comps to win money to buy food.

i think if you take a few things from all the different BB's around the world.... it would make an awsome BB.

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