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So far the premium live feeds are so.. so.. BB put a post on the site about the cutaways from the feeds. He says that anytime that the HM begin discussing personal data about people outside the house, proprietary data (???) or subject matter that violates the Australian code...

Here is the quote from the net which is on the premium side...

Here at Premium HQ we're endeavouring to give you a streaming experience as raw and uninterrupted as possible. When Big Brother switches the live stream over to the cutaway video package, it's not because he wants to withhold the juicy content from you: when you're a Premium member access is what you pay for, and access is what you'll get. You will see bitchfights, raunchy sex talk, the sexy spa antics and the under the covers action. However, when housemates engage in conduct or conversation that breaks the law and breaches classification guidelines, it's BB's legal duty not to broadcast the material to the public.

Some of the types of footage we cannot broadcast include potentially defamatory comments, discussion of legal matters that may be before the courts and any discussion of illegal or harmful activities.

For the protection of the Housemates and their families, we will also not broadcast contact details of the HMs and their families and friends. As with previous years, in most cases Big Brother does not permit us to stream the Diary Room unless there are special circumstances.

BB is a tough old fella but he's fair, and he only uses the stream cutaway video in situations of absolute need. If you feel like you have missed seeing a specific event of interest in the House, let us know what it is, and if we can broadcast it, we will endeavour to make it a video-on-demand package for you.

Hope this helps..

Also there is a new post on the net that says that the UpLate show from the Australian TV Channel 10 will also broadcast Live on the Net at the same time for us! This should be on at around 07:00 AM for me here in central daylight time. It Is only on during the week Monday - Friday... The post is on the free side of BB so it may be avalible for all...


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7am!!! dammit. i am still sleeping till 7:30 and then its off to work i go. too bad we cant watch it at our leasure.

i would really love to see their bb show.... like if they showed it on the net. that would be the best. then the feeds wouldnt really bother me if i couldnt watch em.

sucks that all these other countries get to watch our shows, but we dont get theirs. ! :angry:

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