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Survivor 36: Ghost Island show recaps

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February 28

Episode 1


Welcome to Survivor: Ghost Island. We see clips of past castaways making some big mistakes. The new cast of 20 will face the same challenges that will change their lives. This season there is a twist...the grave yard for bad Survivor decisions. This time for the first time ever they are bringing back the actual idols and advantages that were misplayed in previous season. They must find a way to remove the curse or they will have the same fate as it had before.  


Two boats land on a sandy beach. Survivor requires tough decisions every day, one bad decisions can haunt you forever. Kellyn says one of her worst fears is making the worst decisions in the game. Orange buffs select one person to represent their tribe. Brendon volunteers. Purple puffs choose Chris. They have to pick one person to run and unknown challenge. Brandon chooses Michael and Laurel to do the puzzle part. Chris chooses Sabastian and Desiree for the puzzle part.


Challenge time: They have to run thru an obstacle course looking for keys, when they have all 3 keys the puzzle solver will use them to unlock pieces and put a puzzle together. Reward is.... For the losing tribe, a pot, a machete, rice (only a little bit) and fishing stuff. For the winning tribe they also gets shelter making kit, eggs, and flint. They have the options to forfeit the challenge but will lose the shelter kit. Ready......Goooooo


Both guys have first key. Purple in a slight lead, orange takes the lead. Both guys slowing down. Both have their last key but are having trouble getting thru the course. Purple gets their puzzle unlocked first. Its a slider puzzle. A timer started where they have to decide if they forfeit or continue with the puzzle. Purple pulls the lever to forfeit, they will get fishing gear but no shelter stuff. Orange will get shelter kit, eggs and flint. Chris says its better to get some then a tiny amount.


Domenick is not happy with Chris' choice to pull the lever. At Malolo: they introduce themselves, Michael says he is 23 but tells us he is only 18. They get right to work making shelter. Stephanie says call her Gonzalez. Donathan is so excited to be playing Survivor (he has subtitles) At Naviti they introduce themselves and get right to work on shelter. Sabastian is renamed Sea Bass. Chris and Sea Bass agree to go to merge together. They suggest Dom goes first.


Day 2 Malolo: Jacob loses his shoes to the tide. Jacob is afraid he or Donathan will go out first. Jacob goes looking for the HII. At camp they all know he is going for it. Camp decides he can go first. Jacob pours the rice into a sock looking for the HII, its not there. Naviti day 2: Wendell is a furniture designing and he makes a crab net. Wendell goes to Dom to tell him his name is being bounced around.


Day 3, Immunity Challenge time: they will race across a net bridge and work together to pull a sledge carrying puzzle pieces, put the puzzle together and win immunity. Naviti is also playing for fire. Losing tribe will send someone to Ghost Island. they are neck and neck getting across the net and getting the ropes down to pull the sledge. Purple has a slight lead. Orange loses the pieces out of the sledge and have to put them back in. The sledge can only hold 3 pieces at a time. Both tribes working on getting their second set of pieces to the end of the line. Purple has a slight lead.


Orange catches up and both are working to put the puzzle together. Both are getting close to finishing. Purple thinks they got it and they do! Naviti gets flint and the idol. Jacob (Malolo) says they are the best tribe of all time. Purple sends Jacob from Orange tribe to Ghost Island, he will not go to TC and can not be voted out.


Jacob takes a boat ride to GI. There are a lot of original survivor relics, he discovers that they are the sniffers. There is sign that says break the urn, he gets a clue that says Follow the fire. He follows it to a sign that says "I'll wager a secret advantage if you'll wager your next vote. If you win, you'll have power in the game. If you lose, you will not vote next tribal." There are 3 tubes, one with a lock on it. If he picks the tube with the key he gets the advantage. He take the one on the left and gets the key, opens the lock and sees "This is the authentic legacy advantage. Sierra found this advantage on day one and kept it a secret." Sierra reads it for us, guaranteed immunity but only where there are 13 or 6 ppl left. Sierra told about it and Sarah voted her out. The advantage goes on..."but you can restore its power by willing it to someone else on the other tribe. Choose wisely and this could be the beginning of a new alliance. Choose poorly and you could end up like Sierra." Jacob choose to give it to Morgan.


Malolo Day 3, they talk about the puzzle. Donathan puts Gonzalez' name out there. Gonzalez throws Donathans name out. The girls weigh the pros and cons for each. The first vote is huge.


Time for TC. They all grab a torch and get their fire. Jeff asks Stephanie why she is smiling. She says she is on Survivor. They talk about Jacob. They want to keep the tribe strong. Donathan feels the heat. Stephanie say there is physical strength and social strength. Michael says alliances haven't been formed yet. Gonzalez says you can miss out on one convo and things change. She stands up and talks the guys, they are all whispering accept to Donathan.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? nope. Votes: Donathan, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, first person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island is Stephanie Gonzalez. She says sad.


At Naviti camp they are sleeping but Dom is awake, he has a bad feeling so he goes looking for an HII. He is here to play, we'll sleep when we're dead. He finds an HII (in the dark). He waits till daylight to read it. "this is the authentic HII that Andrea was voted out with in Survivor's 26th season. On day 33 Andrea had a HII and what she thought was a trustworthy alliance. But she was wrong. Andrea became the first girl to be voted out with an idol in her pocket. This tainted the idol and has been haunted for five years but still retains its original power. Can you reverse the curse?" He puts the HII in his bag and buries the paper


Purple supposes there are HII at GI so they have to be careful who they send. Morgan looks in her bag and finds the Advantage from Jacob. Morgan says she has a really big mouth and will need a staple gun to keep it quiet. At GI Jacob decides he will bend the truth some to tell the tribe. He is making a fake HII. He is not lying, he is basically telling the truth.


Malolo Day 4. They eat sea cucumbers when Jacob comes back. He notices that someone is missing. Gonzalez. He tells them about finding the urns and then shows them his fake HII. He says he is going to play it at the next TC, he doesn't want to be an HII hoarder. He feels he should be ok. Chris doesn't believe him, there is no way he (Jacob) left the note that came with the HII at GI. Stephanie says she as big a super fan as Jacob is and she will use him to get far in the game.


At Naviti. Dom shows off his weight lifting technique. Dom wants to play the game with Chris. Chris says alright. Chris asks if he found an HII, he says no one has looked for it yet. Dom decides to make a fake HII and wrap it up with the paper from the real one, he shows it to Chris and says he wants to take him to the end. Chris doesn't trust him.


Day 6, immunity challenge time: They will race so a seres of obstacles (in the water) and release buoys with balls, shoot the balls into a hoop, first to fill the hoop wins. winner also gets chairs and cleaning supplies. Purple in the lead, Orange slightly behind. Purple has the second set of buoys. James struggles to go down 8 feet to the next buoys. Purple starts to shoot. James pops up again and asks Donathan to try it, he says he cant. Donathan dives in and gives it a try. Purple has one ball in the hoop. Donathan lets loose the buoys for Orange. Purple gets second ball, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. Orange starts shooting. Purple shoots and gets 8th ball in to win Immunity and Reward.


Donathan says never in his wildest dreams did he think he could do that. Purple sends Donathan to GI. Jacob was hoping he would go back, he is going to use his fake HII to take control of the game.


GI: Donathan takes a look around and finds the sniffers and the urns to smash, it says "Nope not today, no game for you." He says its a chance for him to prove himself to himself. He makes fire and cooks rice. He came out here to win.


Malolo Day 6, James says sorry, its all on him, he choked. They talk about how James couldn't go down 3 feet in the water, they also talk about Jacob. If they can make Jacob feel rock solid he will hold on to the HII they can get him out. Stephanie flirts a bit with Jacob and then talks about Michael being a threat.


Jacob trusts Stephanie and tells her the HII is fake and that he gave the advantage to Morgan. Jacob wants to get rid of Michael. Stephanie goes to Laurel about Jacob wanting to vote out Michael. Laurel thinks about it.


Time for TC. Jacob gets his torch. James says today he did one of the worst things an athlete could do, he let his team down. Jacob says he told them everything about GI. He showed the HII he found. James says Jacob lessened the information imbalance about GI. Jacob says he is a neurotic indoor kid, he has a dream to get to the end of the game and to do that he needs to face his fears. Jacob says this game is starting to be about alliances and friends. Brandon says he doesn't think its all about strength anymore.


Time to vote, there is a bit of whispering. We see Jacob vote for Michael. Time to tally the votes. Any want to use HII? nope. Votes: Michael, James, Jacob, James, Jacob, Jacob, second person voted out is Jacob. Jacob says Oh, boy oh boy. Jeff says they are 2 for 2 and down 2, something has to give in Survivors greatest tribe.


Next time on Survivor: A surprise twist catches everyone off guard (as Jeff tells them to drop their buffs) and GI is back in play.

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March 7,  2018


Previously on Survivor...Jacob was first to GH and Malolo sent Jacob went home. Malolo after TC...James was a bit spooked by TC. Day 7, both tribes meet up with Jeff and he brings Donathan in from GH. Malolo is still on the way to being the best tribe ever. Naviti is also feeling good. ....Drop your buffs we are switching tribes. Angela tears up, she loves her tribe. Naviti is Donathan, Libby, Laurel, James, Dom, Chris, Angela, Wendel and Morgan. Malolo is Jenna, Steph, Brendon, Mike, Desiree, Sabatian, Kellyn, Brad and Chelsea. The game has changed once again.


Malolo welcomes the members. Sabastian is a banana flavored piece of taffy. Brendan says Naviti has done nothing but complain. Naviti tribe also welcomes new members. Donathan is floored by Naviti camp. Chris talks about taking Dom out because he has an HII. Libby says she just nods at him then will do what's right for her.


Steph says old Naviti members complain about the Maloto camp. They break  up into 2's and hunt for the HII....Mike finds it. He finds James' HII from S7. Mike says James' was one if his favorite players from the first season he watched (when he was 8). Morgan and Libby bond. Day 9: time for Immunity challenge.


 Day 9: time for Immunity challenge. They have to race thru ramp walls to a sandpit, dig up a ladder, climb up the ladder to a rope that takes them to a tall tower where they will put together a puzzle. They are also playing for a tarp. Orange has a slight lead going thru the walls. Orange makes it thru and starts digging for their ladder. Purple starts digging. Orange gets their ladder but loses their lead trying to put it up. Purple now in the lead. Purple throwing the rope, they get and start to pull themselves up. Orange has tied it up.


Both tribes working well together to get up the tower. Both working on the puzzle, it has to start small and get bigger at the top. Orange has a slight lead...they think they have it and they do. Malolo wins immunity. Navitit will go to TC. Malolo cant decide on who to send to GI so it will go to rocks. Chris draws the white rock and will go to GI. Dom says Chris is lucky he was really looking forward to getting Chris out at TC.


Day 9 GI...Chris is spooked about it. He doesn't like to miss TC. He smashes an urn and gets a Nope not today note. Chris is hungry and misses his family, he breaks down in tears. He has to bury this tears around camp, he thinks of his mom (she has MS) and it makes him stronger. He lets out all his negative energy and reboots himself.


Naviti Day 9...Angela says she would rather have loyalty, she will stick with the plan to get rid of Dom. She is willing to go to rocks. She expects it to go to 4/4 tie. Others talk about getting Angela out. Dom tells former Malolo tribe about his fake HII. James thinks Dom is Russel 2.0 and things about getting him out. Dom swears on this children he is with Malolo. Morgans name is tossed out there too. 


Time for TC. Old Maloto gets their torches and fire. Jeff talks about it being 4 vs 4. Dom says he stepped out of the kitchen to see what was going on. Angela says she also stepped out and felt pressured, she will do what's right for her.  Jeff says you don't know what to trust at TC. Libby is asked how do you know when someone is lying to you. Libby says its just a game. Everyone is lying, has lied or will lie at some time, its part of the game


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Nope. Votes: Libby, Angela, Angela, Angela, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan....3rd person voted out is Morgan. There are some shocked looks. Morgan says don't trust the cute blondes. Jeff says, tonight TC was around whether you were locked in or made a move. Looks like some one made a move


 Morgan left with the Legacy Advantage, she wills it to Dom. Next time on Survivor; When there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, you'll need protection to stay alive.

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March 14, 2018


Previously on Survivor...The tribes switched it up, Chris went to GI, at TC Morgan was blindsided and went home. 17 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Naviti Night 9: Dom asks what happened, they got him. Angela is upset that Dom and Wendell put her name down. Dom and Wendell say its going to be a disaster. Dom tells Wendell he has an HII. Naviti day 10. Dom looks down into the bottom of his bag and finds the Legacy Advantage from Morgan.


Time for Reward Challenge. They have swim out to retrieve a ring then get back to the flag pole. First to 3 gets PBJ and cold milk. Next person to GI will return in time for Immunity Challenge and could go to TC. Goooo!! Purple gets the ring first, Chris is a tank and gets a point for Naviti. Purple and Orange battling it out, the girls are fighting hard for the ring. Laurel keeps making progress towards the pole, Orange pulls her away, Laurel pushes back and gets Navitis second point. Orange gets the ring first and the guys fight it out. Orange gets a point (2-1 Naviti). Girls are up next and its a battle for the ring. Naviti inches their way towards the pole. Jeff says watch the neck. The girls are really going at it. Naviti almost touches...nope. They got it that time. Naviti wins rewards. Naviti chooses to go to rocks for who to send to GI....Kellyn gets the white rock and will go to GI. Kellyn says she is scared but this is where she was meant to be.


At GI Kellyn breaks an urn and gets Game on...follow the fire. She is scared. She decides to not wager her vote against a chance at an advantage. She has been blindsided in real life so many times, if she hadn't trusted her gut she wouldn't be on Survivor today. At Naviti they eat PBJ sandwiches. Chris asks what happened to get Morgan out. Chris jumps in with the Malolo to go against Dom. Donathan talks with Laurel and she says she wants to keep Wendell. Dom tells Laurel he does have an HII. They all talk about getting rid of Chris.


Day 12, time for immunity challenge: they have to swim out to bamboo cage, climb over it and open a door. drag a heavy chest to shore and up a hill, when they get to the finish, they will use the balls inside to toss up to a narrow trench. First tribe to get all 5 in wins. Go! Orange is to the cage first, and the get up and over, get the door open while Purple takes a lot of time on getting the door open. Purple gets it open as Orange makes it to shore with the crate.


 Purple makes it shore and closes the gap. Orange gets the crate to their platform while Purple gets hung up. Orange has started tossing the balls up onto the skinny trench. Orange gets 2 then 3 balls. Purple finally gets to their platform. Orange knocks a ball off and then makes it back up there again. Purple gets one ball. Orange gets their 4th, 2 for Purple. Tied up at 4 balls each....and Purple (Naviti) wins Immunity. What a come back, its not over till its over.


Malolo Day 12. Chris tells them they were really good today. Bradley tells us this is fantastic, they have the power. Steph says its 4-5, she is crying, she wants to see her kids but doesn't want to go home. Chelsea says they will vote out one of the guys, they talk about Michael or Brendan. Brendan and Michael talk about playing the HII. They tell the girls and they are gunning for Bradley. They will convince Bradley and Chelsea that they are on the bottom of the alliance.


Time for TC. Some of them get fire for the first time. Sabastian says the 5 old Naviti know what to do and are holding strong. Desi says its awkward. Michael says they are strong cuz they haven't had to challenge each other and Bradley and Chelsea are on the bottom. Bradley says they all get along they all plan to play the game together. One of the girls says congrats on making him believe that. Brandan pulls out the HII and says its a double HII, he will play it for 2 of them tonight. Bradley wonders how the became such a threat. Chelsea says this make things a little bit different.


Brandan challenges them to play the game they came out here to play. Sabastian says you have to look at your options. Brandan says you will look back at this and say I wish I had made my move. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play a HII? Brandan hands Jeff the HII and says he will play for him and Brandan...actually he will play for Steph. Vote: Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan...tied....4th person voted out is Brendan. Steph says something gets blurred out. Jeff says that was a Survivor showdown. Can this tribe recover?


Next time on Survivor: Building strong bonds and fostering trust, can keep your head above water.

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