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The Amazing Race (Season 30)

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The Amazing Race has been renewed for a 30th season beginning Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access, including a pair of two-hour episodes.  This thread contains your team bios, episode recaps and most importantly,  your thoughts and comments, so tell us what you think of this season's teams as they race around the world for $1,000,000!


The world is waiting for you, so on your mark...  get set...  GO!

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Meet the Cast of Season 30 of The Amazing Race:



Your Host: Phil Keoghan

Serving as host and co-executive producer of CBS' multi-Emmy Award-winning reality series The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan is arguably the most-traveled host on the planet. Born in New Zealand, Keoghan has experienced a life full of travel and adventure. He started traveling around the world at the age of 2 and has been globetrotting ever since.

Season Introduction Video: http://bit.ly/2BXkK7u

Alexander Rossi & Conor Daly
Ages 26
Professional Race Car Drivers
Indianapolis, Indiana

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2BSMbM4


April Gould & Sarah Williams
Ages 39

Goat Yoga Instructors
Gilbert & Mesa Arizona

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2CaZt7h


Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf
Ages 32 and 26
Unemployed Reality Stars
Plano, Texas and Los Angeles, California

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2j58OrX


Dessie Mitcheson & Kayla Fitzgerald
Ages 27 and 26
Swimsuit Models & Ring Girls
Apollo, Pennsylvania and Clermont, Florida

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2BTRTRk


Eric & Daniel Guiffreda
Ages 33
Ponchatoula, Louisiana and Gonzales, Louisiana

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2lhu37c


Henry Zhang & Evan Lynyak
Ages 22
Management Consultants
Los Angeles, California

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2DktxfX


Joey Chestnut & Tim Janus
Ages 33 and 41
Competitive Eaters
San Jose, California and New York, New York
Video Introduction:


Kristi Leskinen & Jen Hudak
Ages 36 and 30
Professional Skiers
Uniontown, Pennsylvania & Scottsdale, Arizona and Park City Utah

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2DXshAC


Lucas Bocanegra & Brittany Austin
Ages 35 and 31
Ocean Rescue Lifeguards
Miami Springs, Florida
Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2BV6bBa


Cedric Ceballos & Shawn Marion
Ages 48 and 39
Retired NBA Players
Unknown and Chicago, Illinois

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2le3wre


Trevor Wadleigh & Chris Marchant
Ages 31 and 33
String Quartet Musicians
New York, New York

Video Introduction: http://bit.ly/2BG0DGA


So what do you think of this year's teams?  Who will win The Amazing Race?

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At just over 10 miles long and a few miles wide, the tiny island of Manhattan is home to 1.6 million people and is the starting line for the momentous 30th season of The Amazing Race. Hundreds have gathered in Washington Square Park to witness the beginning of the adventure. Making their way through the city to the starting line right now are the most competitive ever assembled for the Race. They are champions, gold medalists, life savers, and music sensation, but above all competitors.


We have Joey and Tim and they are world champion competitive eaters. They are both excited to be competing with each other instead of against each other.


Cedric and Shawn are next, and they are former NBA players. The only thing they are thinking is don’t get eliminated first and they think running the race will be a slam dunk.


Dessie and Kayla think people will call them the underdogs and they want to prove them long. They are both models and they both work in the boxing industry. They are ready to knock-out the competition.


Alex and Conor says competition is what fuels their souls and they are driven to do, compete. They live in Indianapolis, and Alex won the 100th running of the Indy 500. They want to cross the finish line first and get that checkered flag.


Jen and Kristi and they are professional skiiers. Jen is a two-time world champion and Kristi is one of the pioneers of their sport.


Cody and Jessica met on Big Brother and Jessica says the race is going to continue their journey. Cody says Jessica is the love of his life and is extremely loyal.


Phil greets the racers and fans. He brings in the fans and the crowd cheers. Phil allows the competitive eater to enjoy a hot dog before starting the race. Phil talks briefly to a few of the teams and then says let’s get the race started! Their first clue is in the fountain they are standing in front of and Phil gives the Go!


Conor says Alex won the biggest race in the world, but hasn’t won the biggest race around the world yet. We then meet Lucas and Brittany and they are both ocean rescue lifeguards. They have been dating for nine years and he plans on proposing somewhere along the race.


April and Sarah both do Goat Yoga in Arizona. But they have many talents and they say they will win the race.


Henry and Evan have been dating for a year and a half and they met freshman year when they were both on Yale’s debate team.


Eric and Daniel are twins and they are both firefighter paramedics. They have been fans of the race for years and they are ready to get it done.


Trevor and Chris are violinists and they have been in a group for five years and have been together for three years.


All teams are now headed to Iceland. Phil tells all teams are now making their way to Iceland, and the capital city of Reykjavic. When they land, they must drive themselves to a river canyon waterfall, known as Geitargljufur, and pick up their next clue.


Conor and Alex are out and Conor says he has an IndyCar driver driving and he has no complaints. Cody says he was hoping it was going to be a walk in the park against these guys, but they are shockingly not dumb. Jess says they aren’t on Big Brother anymore and Cody says well, we lost that.


Lucas and Brittany are driving and Brittany says if Lucas steers her wrong she will hold it over his head for the rest of his life. April and Sarah got different directions than everyone else because a stewardess told her the other way was the long way.


The sun is rising and the teams are appreciating the view. Henry and Evan are the first to arrive. Phil tells us Iceland is one of the few places on earth where you can see tectonic plates pushing against each other, creating spectacular canyons. Teams will now get to see this from the air after picking up an Icelandic flag while dangling high above a raging river.


Evan goes out for their team. Cody and Jessica have arrived and Jessica is going across. Cody tells her to go hand over hand and don’t even think about it.


Henry and Evan rip open their clue and they have to drive themselves to Esjumelur and search for their next clue.


A few teams are having a difficult time finding the canyon. Alex is out for their team. Cedric is out for their team. Kristi is out for their team. Shawn is struggling to pull Cedric back in. April and Sarah are aggravated with each other and they are already bickering.


Dessie and Kayla are at the canyon with Trevor and Chris and both complete their task.


Henry and Evan have reached the road block. Phil tells us teams will face their first road block here in the foothills of Mount Esjan. Riding along in one of these off-road buggies with an expert driver, teams will race back and forth across this river bed as many times as they need to looking for letters that spell out Ingolfstorg, the name of a square in downtown Reykjavic. The trick is figuring out the numbers on the letters give them the correct order of the letters. Henry is going out for their team.


Henry has spotted the numbers on the letters, and he figures it’s the order the letters should be in. We hear him ask the driver to drive a little slower. Cody is going for their team. Henry is trying to assemble his letters and asks for a check and he is missing 2 letters, both O’s.


Conor is going for his team and says he’s comfortable in the suit he has to wear because he wears similar for IndyCar driving. We see Joey and Tim and Lucas and Brittany back getting their flag at the canyon.


Jessica is encouraging Cody. Alex is encouraging Henry to take his time. Conor has missed the numbers on the letters and he has no idea what’s going on. Henry has rearranged his letters and is wrong. Cody is the first to finish and Jessica says Conor finished. Alex says that’s not Conor.


Cody rips their clue and Phil tells us these modern-day Vikings are famous for dominating international lifting competitions. Teams must find Katrin who will ask them to identify two popular national tonics. Jessica tells Cody he just beat a Yale graduate in a spelling competition. Cody says some say he is smart and Jessica says she hasn’t met those people.


April and Sarah and Eric and Daniel have reach the canyon for their flags and they realize they are the last two teams. Henry asks for another check and he is correct this time. Alex realizes Conor is getting stressed and he needs to relax. Shawn has done his letters and he asks for a check and is wrong. One of the O’s has an accent mark and the other does not. Conor missed the numbers that would give him the order he needs for the word.


Cody and Jessica have arrived at their next stop. Jessica has found Katrin and Katrin has two questions for them. Question #1 is what do Icelanders call the “black death”? Question #2 is What is Porskalysi? Katrin tells them to come find her when they have the answer.


Cody and Jessica ask for help from citizens on the street and quickly get some answers. They say black death is coffee, but they are incorrect. Cody asks if the answer to the second question is cod liver oil and Katrin says that is correct. They have to find out what black death is. Cody asks another man and he says it is something called Brennivin. Cody gives Katrin the answers and she says they are correct. They each get a shot. Jessica gets the cod liver oil and Cody gets the Brennivin.


Cody rips the clue and says they have to make their way on foot to the pitstop. Phil tells us first settled by Vikings, this is the northernmost capital city in the world. And in the heart of Reykjavic, Reykjavikurtjorn is the pitstop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in will be eliminated.


Cody and Jess have headed out and Jessica thinks they are going the wrong way. Cody is leading the way and Jess says maybe the lake is a shore and Cody says no. Jess says it’s disheartening because they were just in first and now they are lost.


Kristi and Jen have also completed the task and they are also looking for the pitstop. Jessica mumbles that Cody is not listening to her. Kristi and Jen hit the mat and have finished in first place. As the winners of this leg, they have won a trip to Greece.


Jessica says the lake was right next to the square. We go back to the roadblock and see teams still working on their words. Conor is going back for a second attempt. Trevor asks for a check and he’s wrong. He switches two letters and he is correct and gets his clue. Dessie and Tim are out in the buggies and Daniel and Sarah are right behind.


Conor is back to try to find the word again. He has found the numbers on the letters and asks for a check and he is correct. Alex and Conor head out. Shawn can’t figure out what’s wrong with his word. He has all the letters in order, except for the two O’s. Shawn goes back out to look at the letters again.


Jessica and Cody hit the mat in second place and Phil notes they took a detour and ran a few extra miles than necessary. Cody apologizes to Jessica and Henry and Even run in and hit the mat at third. Trevor and Chris come in and are the fourth team to arrive.


Shawn is frustrated because others are getting it and he’s stuck right now. All that is left is Shawn and Cedric and April and Sarah. Shawn doesn’t want to go back out. Alex and Conor are on the mat in fifth place. Shawn helps Sarah and she gets the right answer because her O’s are in the right place. Shawn goes back and looks at his and says it’s the same as hers.


Shawn is beyond frustrated and he goes back and looks at Sarah’s again. Cedric encourages him to get it done. Shawn has finally realized one of the O’s has the accent and switches them and he is correct.


We see some teams asking for directions. Cedric and Shawn are arguing because Shawn says Cedric is driving too fast and he can’t see signs and Cedric says Shawn should tell him the word.


Joey and Tim have hit the mat in sixth place. Cedric and Shawn are at the square. Brittany and Lucas hit the mat in seventh place. Cedric and Shawn realize they aren’t in last when they see Dessie and Kayla who are looking for where to park. Cedric and Shawn have hit the mat in 8th place. However, they are not allowed to get any help from a teammate at a roadblock, which he did because Cedric yelled out encouragement to pay attention to P’s and O’s. Shawn says he didn’t hear Cedric but Phil says it doesn’t matter. They have incurred a 30 minute penalty.


Eric and Daniel are officially team number 8. April and Sarah have arrived at the square and Dessie and Kayla are struggling to park. The girls have finished their task and are on their way to the pitstop. Phil pulls Shawn and Cedric over to the mat with 30 seconds left on their penalty clock. If the girls don’t make it to the mat before that time is up, Cedric and Shawn will still be in the race. Phil says it has never been this close.


Phil says this is as close as it gets, but he is pleased to announce Cedric and Shawn are team number 9 and now there is a foot race for the last spot. Phil says they’ve never had a finish this close as all four girls scramble for the mat. It is a photo finish and we see snapshots. Phil says Dessie was the last to land on the mat. April and Sarah are team number 10 and unfortunately, Dessie and Kayla are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.


Dessie and Kayla are bummed and wanted to continue racing, but it was an amazing experience.


This season on The Amazing Race, the most competitive cast of racers square off in an epic season unlike any other. Where they’ll face the first ever head-to-head competition and other shocking twists. Who will win season 30 of The Amazing Race?           

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Previously on The Amazing Race, our most competitive season ever began with a splash. In Iceland, Team Goat Yoga got off to a rocky start, while others were steady as a rock. Team Big Brother's Cody sped through the Roadblock and Team Slam Dunk was called for a foul and received a penalty. Extreme skiiers Kristi and Jen gave it their best shot and took the gold. Cedric and Shawn were spared from elimination.  In the end, it came down to inches in the closest finish we've ever had.  And the Ring Girls got knocked out of the game. 10 teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?


We see at the end of the last pitstop that Kristi is sick and Jen is sitting with her. Jen says they are all in for the race and Kristi says they are glad to be there and she is good as new.


Kristi and Jen depart at 8:08 and will be the first team to leave the sparsely populated country of Iceland. After flying to Amsterdam, they will board a train and fly to Antwerp, Belgium where they’ll need to find a chocolate shop by 9 AM. Chocolate is so revered there that 10% of the entire population makes it. They’ll get their next clue from Stan, a Chocolatier in downtown Antwerp.


Cody and Jess head out with Henry and Evan right behind. All teams have left and have gotten their tickets and they are all on the same flight.


All teams are at the chocolate shop and are waiting to run it at 9 AM. Roadblock: What do you get if you take a 100 plus foot crane and some rope ladders? An opportunity to get so high you can almost see all of Belgium. This is sky climb, the latest, greatest, death defying adrenaline rush in town. Now a roadblock for teams here in Belgium…their next clue looks very small from here. That’s a long way up!


Cedric and Shawn are first to the crane, with Chris and Trevor quickly behind. Jessica and Cody arrive next with Joey and Tim behind them. April and Sarah are lost. Brittany and Lucas saw the cranes but Brittany wasn’t sure if it was the right one.


Shawn, Chris, Jessica, and Joey climb the ladders for the respective teams. Shawn’s clue falls off, but he still has to climb to the top and touch the top rung of the ladder. Cody shouts encouragement to Jessica and says he’s proud of her because she’s so fearless. All four of them have completed the Roadblock.


Detour: Old Print: Phil tells us few inventions have had more impact on civilization than the printing press, which made it possible to distribute information to the masses for the first time. When you think about how easy it is to send a message around today, this gives you a real appreciation for just how painstaking this pioneering printing process was. Something teams will now experience when they try and print a clue.


Diamond Glint: Phil explains what he is holding is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, pure carbon formed by heat and pressure. 80% of the world’s rough diamonds come here to Antwerp to be cut, a multi-billion dollar business. He shows a necklace worth $44, 565, based on it’s carat, color, and clarity, three factors teams will need to consider when evaluating three diamonds. They’ll then add those values to the cost of an unfinished necklace and calculate the total value for their next clue.


Trevor and Chris and Tim and Joey choose diamond glint and Shawn and Cedric and Jessica and Cody choose old print. As they are leaving for the detour, no other teams have yet arrived. We see the other teams who are still looking for the crane’s and seem to be lost.  


Alex and Connor grab a cab and the driver says it’s only 100 meters away. Henry and Evan are 4th. April and Sarah are 6th with Lucas and Brittany and Kristi and Jen right behind in 7th and 8th. Alex and Connor arrive in 9th, with Eric and Daniel the last to arrive.


Evan, Sarah, Lucas, and Kristi are climbing for their respective teams. They all got their clue and all of those teams except Sarah and April choose old print. Cody and Jessica are the first to arrive at old print and Shawn and Cedric come in right after.


Alex and Connor are the final two to climb the ladders and they both have their clues. Alex and Connor are doing diamond glint and Eric and Daniel are doing old print. Brittany and Lucas are struggling to get a taxi and they are bickering a little.


All teams that have arrived for the detours are figuring out what they need to do and begin working. Cody says this task is meticulous and he’s not too worried about the other teams right now. They take theirs to check if it’s ready and they have made a mistake and have to start over.


Cedric and Shawn think they are ready for their printing and they are. They get their clue printed but see they have some letters backwards and wrong and have to fix that. They fix it and Cedric and Shawn have their clue and they look for help to translate it.


Trevor and Chris get a check and their estimation is $78,896 but the actual value is $98,620. They are wrong and have to try again. Joey and Tim try and they are wrong on theirs as well. Kristi and Jen are getting their printwork checked and they are right and they have their next clue. Cody and Jessica have completed their clue and they are done.


Cedric and Shawn have arrived at the next clue box. It’s time to go head-to-head! Phil tells us that it’s believed what we call French Fries were actually invented by Belgiums and they called them Frites. They love them so much they sometimes dress up in giant Frites costumes to race. Now the most competitive group of racers ever assembled will face their first ever head-to-head competition on The Amazing Race.


A member from each of these highly competitive teams will race around the obstacle course. Winners will check in at the pitstop and the losers will have to wait for the next team to race again. If they lose the final race, they will be eliminated. They may switch partners between races.


Henry and Evan are done, but Brittany and Lucas had theirs backward. Eric and Daniel also had theirs backward and they think they chose the wrong detour. Jessica and Cody arrive second at the pitstop cluebox. Henry and Evan arrive in the third. Cody is racing against Cedric. Cedric has dropped a bag and has to go back and pick it up. Cody is leading. Cedric goes around a turn and drops all of his bags off his dolly. Cody crosses the line and is the winner. Cody and Jessica are the first to hit the mat at the pit stop. They have won $2,500 each.


Cedric and Shawn have to go again against the next team. Trevor and Chris have figured out the value of their necklace and they have their clue. Brittany and Lucas have a few letters wrong and they have to try again. Eric and Daniel are struggling and they decide to switch to diamond glint.


We have Shawn against Henry in the next race. Henry has lost his shoe and he’s struggling a little bit. Shawn is struggling a little bit too but he’s in the lead. Shawn has finished the race and they are the second team to check in at the pitstop.


Evan is now against Kristi for the next race. Evan is struggling quickly and runs into a barricade. Kristi is going slow and steady. Phil says it’s a little like slalom skiing. Evan has lost a bag and Kristi finishes first. Kristi and Jen are the third team to check in at the pitstop.


Trevor and Chris have arrived and Chris is going against Henry. Chris steers off track quickly but recovers. Henry is going slow and Chris passes him and Henry drops some of his bags of Frites. Chris has crossed the finish line. Trevor and Chris are the fourth team to check-in at the pit stop.


April and Sarah are still at diamond glint. Alex and Connor finish diamond glint and they are off. Joey and Tim also finish and they are off too. Brittany and Lucas finish old print and they have their clue. April and Sarah and Eric and Daniel are the last two teams at diamond glint.


Alex and Connor have arrived and Alex is going against Evan for the race. Both of them are off and Alex is in the lead very quickly. Sarah hits an obstruction but she keeps everything on the dolly. Evan has lost a bag on another turn and Alex finishes for their team. Alex and Connor are the fifth team to the mat for the pitstop.


Lucas and Brittany have arrived and it’s Lucas vs Henry. Henry struggles and recovers and then Lucas struggles and Henry loses a bag. This is a very close race but Henry runs into another barricade. Henry hits the bridge and Lucas crosses the finish line. Brittany and Lucas are the sixth team to arrive at the pitstop.


Tim and Joey are at the race and Tim is going against Evan. Tim is out of control a bit, but slows down to maintain the lead. Phil notes that Evan and Henry are both tired and exhausted from them losing so many races. Tim crosses the finish line and Tim and Joey are the seventh team to hit the mat at the pitstop.


Back at diamond glint, April and Sarah finish their task and they get their clue and they are able to move on. Eric and Daniel try and they also have finished and they are on their way to the race.


Henry is going to go again and he’s going to use a different strategy against April. Henry cut in front of April and he is leading, but April is not far behind. Henry is focused. Henry is at the bridge and gets over it and he falls as he’s crossing the line, but he recovers and Henry and Evan are team number 8 at the pitstop.


Eric and Daniel have now arrived and it’s time for the last race. Sarah thinks April should run again. Phil explains this is the last race, they have one shot and if they lose then they are out of the race. April vs Daniel are off. Daniel has lost some Frites but he recovers and is right behind April. April gets twisted and they hit each other. Daniel takes the lead. Daniel crosses the finish line. Daniel and Eric are team number 9 and they check-in at the pitstop.


April and Sarah come in and Phil gives April huge props for going out a second time. Eric and Daniel say April and Sarah finished the diamonds first and they were the better team today. April and Sarah have been eliminated from the race.

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ON YOUR MARK! Previously on The Amazing Race, Belgium took a bite out of Joey's energy, while Cedric and Shawn rebounded from leg one.  Cody & Jessica took it to the house, and in the first ever head-to-head, teams battled each other in a suspenseful spring. Henry & Evan lost race after race after race until falling across the finish, setting up a final race between the firefighter and Team Goat Yoga that ended with April & Sarah going home. 9 teams remain - who will be eliminated next?

GET SET!  GO! Team BB first to depart at 6:51am: Fly to Tangier in Morocco.  Teams must travel by taxi to the Fish Port and find one of 3 marked bins in a sea of chaos, the sort through a fisherman's daily catch and painstakingly stack them into small crates. When ready for market, teams will receive their next clue.

Team NBA departs 6:58am.  Team Extreme departs 7:03am.  Team Strung departs 7:15am. Team Indy departs 7:48am. Team Rescue departs 7:55am.  At the airport, Jessica can't believe Team Yale went through 7 races during the Head-to-Head Challenge.  Evan says it changes the strategy in the race. The Twins arrive and the other teams learn Team Goat Yoga is gone.

Teams land in Tangier, Morocco and race for taxis.  Cody surprises Jessica with a little Arabic he picked up while serving in Iraq for their taxi driver. Evan studied in Marakesh during High School and knows a little Arabic as well. Rescue is the first to the fish, followed by a vomatile Team NBA. Team Xtreme have a language barrier with their cab driver. Team Yale and Team Indy arrive at the fish dock. Xtreme are Xtremely lost. Team BB is at the dock.  Team Xtreme stops to ask directions but and gets pointed but doesn't ask how far.

Xtreme is running down the street and finally reach the water but it's clear they are a ways off. They ask for directions again. All other teams are sorting fish. Team BB thinks they have it but made a mistake - all fish heads were not in the correct direction. They get it on their second try and are sent to the Kisariate Jbala Souk and greet the merchant with the traditional Arabic expression, As-salam Alaykum (peace be with you).  He will then give teams their Travelocity Roaming Gnome, companion for the rest of the leg.

Team BB departs fish dock, followed by Twins and Chomp. Xtreme arrives at the task and sets to sorting their fish. Team NBA completes the fish task, followed by Rescue and Xtreme. Team Indy is last to finish with the fish. Team Chomp arrives at the Souk but doesn't see the gnome and walks out.  They pass Yale, who are pointed in the right direction. The other teams see them and follow suit. Walaikum Salam (peace be with you was well) is the merchant's reply. Shukran Jazilan, says Evan (thank you very much).  The merchant hands her the clue and a gnome.

Yale exits through a side street to avoid the other teams and hit a Roadblock: Who's ready to Rock the Kasbah?  While one team member remains in the Souk, their partner joins the Travelocity Roaming Gnome on a mission. The Gnome will go across a pair of zip lines over the rooftops of Tangiers and the teammate doing the roadblock must chase them down and recover the gnome at the end of each zip line.  Henry goes for Yale, Jessica for BB.  Strung thinks it is dancing and Trevor says he'll do it. Shawn goes for NBA.

Kristi and Brittany start out the Roadblock asking for directions to the museum, the first rooftop.  Shawn also gets directions.  Chomp realizes they are going back to where they passed by earlier. Tim takes the Roadblock. The first teams arrive at the first rooftop over the American Legation Museum. The gnome gets strapped into his own zip line harness.  Jessica is disappointed she doesn't get to zip line. The gnome goes tearing off over the roofs and Jessica gives chase.

Henry sends his gnome next, followed by Trevor and Shawn.  Jessica, Henry, Trevor and Connor reach the first destination rooftop together where their gnomes are waiting for them in a chair. Tim watches from the first roof and thinks the other teams are all working together. His gnome takes off and so does he.  Teams are sent to the marked door at the Kasbah museum for their next zip line launch roof.

Shawn climbs up to the roof top to complete Zip Line #1. Brittany and Kristi launch their gnomes on Zip Line #1. Shawn finds his way to the Kasbah museum first, climbs the steps to the roof and sends his gnome flying. The other teams are lost and spy Shawn without his gnome and realize he's taken the lead.

Teams locate the zip line and have to find the entrance to the roof. They find it and while Jessica's gnome flies across the roofs of Morocco, Cedric (not Shawn) watches to help find his way to the landing roof. Wearing his heavy backpack, he's panting heavily as he ascends the steep, narrow staircases. He completes the 2nd zip line as the others watch from the launch roof.

Teams must now find an old school phone at the Tele Boutique to receive a secret message: Sabah Al-khair (good morning) and deliver it to the merchant before running back to the Souk before reading their next clue. The other teams find the landing rough and retrieve their gnomes. Connor says people don't realize race car drivers have to be in top condition and they are built for endurance. Trevor and Kristi reach the Boutique first but don't have any coins to operate the phone. Cedric cannot find the Boutique.

Brittany realizes the coins are in her gnome's pouch. Trevor finds them and makes his call, receives his message, and receives his next clue. Kristy does the same on a second pay phone while Conor waits his turn. Cedric arrives at the Boutique. Henry also arrives at the Boutique and while Cedric searches for coins, Henry makes his call. Henry completes the Roadblock as Cedric finds his coins.

Teams are running through the streets back to the Souk.  Henry and Evan reunite and hit a Detour: In Drop It Off, teams must pick up squash, raw chicken and oranges and deliver them to a vegetable stand, a restaurant and juice vendor, hauling the containers Moroccan style, across the street with a rope. They must collect all 3 receipts to get the name of the next Pit Stop.  In Shake It off, teams must dance around the tables of belly dancers and find 3 words (one on the back of a shirt, one on a tambourine and one dancing belly) that spell the name of the next Pit Stop.

Team Yale choose Shake It Off. Xtreme chooses Shake It Off, Indy chooses Shake It Off, and Twins Drop It Off. Cody is back at the Shouk waiting for Jessica but is still confident in her. Brittany hands Jessica her gnome at the Tele Boutique while she dials. Jessica puts it on the ground. Tim is also dialing. Brittany receives her clue and takes off with some elderly ladies who offer to guide her back to the Shouk.  Tim can't get his phone to work. Jessica completes the Roadblock then realizes Brittany has left her gnome.

Tim grabs his gnome as Jessica tells us that she would feel bad and tell her but she thinks she's the last team and hopes she doesn't realize it. Twins load up their carts and begin dragging them into the square. Indy and Yale arrive at the belly dancers.  Indy are a little too into the dancing. They don't see any words. Brittany realizes she doesn't have her gnome and asks the ladies to wait while she runs back to get it. She calls for Jessica as she passes Tim running the other way. She thinks Jessica has her gnome.

Brittany returns to the Tele Boutique and gets her gnome, convinced Jessica didn't give it back to her on purpose (she never asked for it). Joey (not Tim!) and Jess return to the Souk.  Cedric finally makes it back to the Souk but runs right past it as Shawn calls out Ced, Ced, Ced! Joey returns to the Souk.  Rescue chooses Drop It Off and Chomp goes for Shake It Off. Shawn says he guesses Cedric's sense of direction is that bad. Cedric makes a circle and comes back to the Shouk and the locals applaud.  They choose Drop It Off.

At the dance room, Indy and Yale notice one of the belly dancers has Moulet painted on her stomach. Indy thinks that is it but are told no. Yale sees the shirt that says Palace and guesses Moulet Palace. They are also incomplete. Yale spots the tambourine and guesses Moulay Hafid Palace and receive their next clue - travel by taxi to their next Pit Stop at the Moulay Hafid Palace.

Indy realizes the complete clue and completes the Detour. Rescue is at the dance room and begin spotting the names. Strung is also there and begins dancing. On the Grand Socco, Twins search for their first delivery location, dragging their crates up a hilly street. Rescue is also dragging their crates along the streets. NBA realizes how tough Drop It Off will be. Team BB chooses Shake It Off after realizing how hard Drop It Off could be.

Brittany leads Lucas up the steep incline. Twins reach the restaurant and drop off their chickens, receiving the first word in their next clue. Indy realizes they left their gnome back at the Detour and have to get it. Yale and Indy get in taxis and race to the Pit Stop. Xtreme gets all three words and completes the Detour. Well Strung completes the Detour. Twins deliver their squash at the vegetable stand.

Rescue delivers their oranges to the juice cart. They pass Twins who tell them good job, but no information is exchanged. Twins deliver the oranges to complete the Detour but have to return their crates first. Rescue delivers their chickens for the second word. Indy and Yale both arrive outside the Palace and exit their taxis. It's a foot race through the massive palace in the middle of Tangier to find Phil and the Pit Stop.

Henry & Evan are the first to arrive, followed closely by Alex & Connor. Yale has won a trip to Zürich, Switzerland.  Phil says for a smart team they're pretty physical, of Yale. Indy says for a physical team, we're pretty smart.  Kristi and Jen arrive in 3rd place. Right then, Trevor and Chris arrive as Team #4.

Rescue completes all 3 deliveries and returns to the wholesaler for their clue. The Twins' path is blocked by a line of cars. NBA drops off their chicken at the restaurant for their first word. Chomp isn't seeing any words, thinking the girls would help them find the clues. Team BB guess Moulay Palace and are sent back to the festivities. Cody spots the tambourine with the last word and they complete the Detour.

NBA delivers their squash and have one delivery to go.  Cody and Jessica arrive at the Pit Stop in 5th place. Cody says Jessica is the most well rounded person, he wasn't worried. Jess says a lot of people said that she wouldn't like Cody in the outside world but she loves him more than ever now. Chomp realizes the words were right in front of them all the time and complete the Detour.  Twins complete the Detour. Rescue completes the Detour.

Chomp arrive at the palace but cannot locate the Pit Stop. Joey is exhausted from running and hands his backpack to Tim. NBA delivers their oranges and returns to the square to complete the Detour. Cedric is also dragging. He had some heart attacks 5-6 years ago but wanted to finish the challenge. 50lb+ pack he says, almost 50lbs old. I ain't done yet, he says. Joey and Tim finally find the Pit Stop in 6th place.

NBA grabs a taxi to the Pit Stop. Rescue is in a taxi to the Pit Stop.  They keep speaking Spanish.  They speak Arabic and French in Morocco. Twins are also in a taxi, heading to the Pit Stop. They and Rescue arrive and Eric and Daniel are the 7th team to check in.  Lucas and Brittany arrive in 8th place.

Cedric and Shawn are the last team to arrive. Unfortunately this was not your leg, Phil says, tough day. Shawn says this is hard, a different kind of workout. If we have to go out, Cedric says, we go out pushing as hard as we can. Well, says Phil, we just put some more time of the clock. This is a non-elimination leg. However, you will be hit with a speed bump on the next leg of the race. We're going into overtime, NBA says, Speed Bump, we're waiting for you!

Next week on a 2 hour episode of The Amazing Race, teams set sail in the south of France, and the Head-to-Head returns!  We'll see you back here at Morty's TV for another exciting leg (or two) of The Amazing Race!


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