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Monday August 28, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates

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4:41PM BBT Alex in the HOH watching Kev on the TV. She is eating slop. She hid his slop in the other refrigerator so he can't find it. She tells Josh she hid it to say F-you to Kevin. She jokes aww Kev is so hungry and can't find his slop.


4:46PM BBT In the BY Paul, Raven and Matt bashing Jason. Raven says Jason is not a real cowboy because of his word. Matt says that Jason broke Xmas foot and went back to bed.


 4:50PM BBT Kevin goes to HOH. Alex tells him she took the last of the slop. Kevin says that Matt made it for him and Matt. Alex says Kevin is no longer a HN. Ales says Matt is being a bad ass and no longer a HN. Alex insinuates that Raven dumped his slop. Kevin says he believes it.



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 8:41PM BBT Paul telling Josh and Kevin that he is positive that the show is ending in 3 weeks from Wednesday. They are trying to figure out how much longer they have.


8:52PM BBT In the KT Raven, Mat, Josh and Alex talking about who is getting out next. Raven says she is in game mode now. Paul exits to the HT.Josh says that they need to get Jason out next.


 8:53PM BBT In the BY they are talking about Matt getting a penalty vote for eating. Alex says she didn't realize it was only one vote. They say that's not bad and we get FOTH.


8:55PM BBT In the BY Paul is telling them how lots of people last year made celebration cakes with his face on it. He says that people were pissed.Paul says people think his parents are rich but they are successful and he doesn't ask them for anything.



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 9:00PM BBT Matt is eating ice cream with Raven (he is still a HN). Raven tells him he was a HN for a whole day. We get FOTH.



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9:15PM BBT In the BY HG telling stories about people back home. Xmas tells the story of a guy who would take their food (like Mark). She she made hash using dog food and watched the guy eat the entire bowl. She says he found out a few weeks later and told her he thought it tasted funny.


9:22PM BBT Paul telling the story when he was at camp and he and his friends caused havoc at camp. He hid the shaving cream but his one friend was caught with it. Kev asks a question and Paul complains that his story was interrupted.


9:28PM BBT Matt taking a hot shower. Raven putting on lotion after her shower.

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9:30 PM BBT Jason in the hot tub, and Paul, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, and Alex are all sitting around talking about general stories outside the house. Matt has finished his shower and he and Raven are in the WA.


9:35 PM BBT General chatter still going on at the hot tub. Raven and Matt are talking about how they did as a couple in the game. Raven starts to vent about Jason to Matt.


9:40 PM BBT Matt and Raven are going over who might vote for her to win. Matt says he and Elena and possibly Josh and Paul and Christmas. Raven doesn’t want Matt to clean the rest of the time he’s there and Matt says he’s not cleaning anything. Raven is ready to go to bed. Matt says he’s down.


9:45 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the red bedroom. They can’t turn the lights out yet. Everyone still outside at the hot tub.


9:50 PM BBT The HG outside are talking about food. Matt and Raven cuddling in bed.


9:55 PM BBT Still general chatter going on. Then all four cams go to Matt and Raven in bed. Raven doesn’t understand how Jason not using veto was a great game move. Raven says if Kevin is in F2 she’ll vote for Kevin. Raven says if he really wanted to make a great game move and give zero F’s how everyone would react he should have taken her down and put up Paul. Matt says you have to have a set to do that. Raven says Paul is one of her ride or dies. Matt says well it depends because if Jason thinks Paul is with him, then he wouldn’t do that. Raven says how could he not know Paul is against him. Matt says Dent isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Matt says Jason thought Jessica was compelling and Raven says really? Because she sucked you off? Matt isn’t buying Alex didn’t know what was going to happen. He also doesn’t think Alex has this sudden hatred for Kevin. Raven thinks it was Jason and Alex who voted for Matt. Christmas comes in and she’s tired so she’s going to take a shower.

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10:00 PM BBT Raven says something to Christmas and Matt starts mimicking her and they start playfighting in bed. Matt says she belongs in the loony house. Raven says he needs to take it back because she doesn’t belong there. Raven says it’s been a long day and Christmas says it’s been an emotional roller coaster. Raven thought Christmas was going to kill Kevin and she went easy on Jason. Raven says Jason showed he was a dirty player. Christmas leaves to go take her shower and she turns the lights off for Matt and Raven. Everyone from outside has come inside to get ice cream and snacks.


10:05 PM BBT Paul wants to know if he and Josh are going to play chess. Paul and Josh are mimicking Elena from a fight. Christmas is going to shower in the HOH room. They are getting loud and Matt goes to the WC. Matt comes back and Raven asks what’s going on and Matt says they are just being funny. Matt is told to stop that and Raven wants to know what he did. Kevin and Jason are outside sitting on a lounge chair.


10:10 PM BBT We hear a warning: Houseguests, this is a reminder that have-nots MUST sleep in the have-not room. Raven says are you kidding me? That’s not going to happen. Jason and Kevin are talking about some of the arguments from earlier. Kevin says he really hopes he wins HOH. He will put the same person up twice. Josh is called to the DR. Kevin doesn’t want to be put up against Raven. Kevin wants to vote out Raven this week and Matt would be shocked and he’d have to do another week as have-nots. Matt and Raven have pulled the sheets up over them. We have Jason and Kevin on one set of cams and Matt and Raven under the covers on the other.


10:15 PM BBT Paul and Christmas are up in the HOH (cams have finally switched) and Jason and Kevin are still outside. Paul is looking for the remote for the TV. Paul asks Christmas if she would be comfortable with winning next week. She says not as comfortable as Josh. She says she’s not afraid to take the shot. Kevin and Jason still talking about the fight with Josh and Jason says no one believes Kevin will physically harm them. Paul says he thinks he, Christmas, and Josh are in a sweet spot right now. Christmas says Alex wants Christmas to win HOH next week. Christmas says she has told Josh to keep his mouth shut and be vague with people. Christmas says Josh needs to quit telling people stuff because they will realize he’s observant. Jason says Alex thinks he’s a wuss for not standing up for himself.


10:20 PM BBT Jason says he has a switch and if they flip his switch they are going to need security. Jason says he doesn’t know when his switch goes and if it goes he will put the shirt up over your head and beat your face to a bloody pulp. All cameras switch to the HOH room with Paul and Christmas. Paul is talking about staging another fight between himself, Christmas, and Josh so people will be confused and they can hear things from people. Christmas says Josh isn’t comfortable with fighting. Alex has joined Jason and Kevin outside. Jason asks Alex if she’s scared of Kevin. She goes in to get a drink. Kevin is talking about Raven’s outfit for veto ceremony and he says she looked like she was a rodeo clown. Christmas wants to know what they should orchestrate an argument about. Jason says he wishes he’d have been a smartass, but he didn’t want to entertain anything Matt said. Jason says it’s nonsense and he wants to do something manly and strong. Kevin says it’s a showmanceship and they will just keep playing grabass and they will watch for another three weeks. All cams switch to HOH.


10:25 PM BBT Kevin is talking about Josh bringing up his family. Kevin told DR Josh should be allowed to bring up his family. Kevin is venting about Josh and Jason is venting about Matt. Paul tells Christmas he thinks Kevin thought the comps would be a lot easier. Paul leaves the HOH room so they don’t get caught talking. Paul goes down to the KT where Alex is. Jason and Kevin still talking outside. Alex and Paul talking about Kevin and how annoying he is. Alex says she hates Kevin. Matt makes his way through from the WA and Paul says he heard the have-nots warning and laughs and says good luck with that. HG are back on lockdown. Alex runs to get her stuff and Kevin and Jason head inside. Jason asks what’s happening.

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10:30 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in bed and Raven thanks Matt for what he’s doing. Josh is in the DR. Christmas is in the HOH shower. Kevin, Jason, Alex, and Paul are in the KT. Paul thinks something cool will happen to them tomorrow or Wednesday because they are on lockdown. Alex wonders if they’re on lockdown as punishment for Matt not sleeping in the have-not room. Paul says they wouldn’t punish all of them for that.


10:35 PM BBT Raven says Matt was right, there was only one real showmance. Jason wants to know if they will make him sleep in have-not room and Paul says they can’t make him do anything. HG, the lockdown is over. You are now free to move around the house. Paul says what the heck? Alex says maybe they ARE having a 98-day season.


10:40 PM BBT Paul is talking to Alex says Christmas or Josh should win next HOH so they can’t be made at Paul or Alex for taking Raven out. Paul is telling Alex to throw HOH next week if it’s just him, her, Josh, and Christmas left. Alex says Jason is not allowed to win anymore. Alex tells Paul that earlier Jason and Kevin were talking about Matt or Josh outside. Jason and Kevin are playing pool and Paul goes outside to watch. Raven is in bed crying with Matt and he’s saying sorry babe.


10:45 PM BBT Jason is trying to adjust the table because it’s at a slant. They lift it and put something under it to try and even it. Kevin re-racks the balls and Jason breaks. Paul says he needs to shower. Kevin asks where Josh is and Paul says in DR. Paul is going to shower and he says Jason and Kevin will be done by time he’s back. Kevin says is his best bet with Alex just for Jason to talk to her because everything he says is wrong. Alex is laying down on her bed. Paul goes into get clothes from the red bedroom and they tell him he can turn the light on. Jason says Kevin asks what he can eat as a have-not and that annoys Alex. Kevin says that’s petty and she wears a hate that says petty. Kevin says it’s a shame he’s a 56-year old guy and he has to put up with that.


10:50 PM BBT Kevin tells Jason his vote is with him. Paul is whispering with Matt and Raven and he’s telling them Christmas is on board with taking out Jason or Alex. Matt says that’s cool. Paul says he’s super-confident. Kevin says he has feelings too and he has to listen to Alex say whatever she wants? Jason says he just needs to cool it. Kevin tells Jason Alex still has to go to jury. Jason says she’s no dummy, she knows what she’s doing. Jason just hopes he doesn’t get in Alex’s crosshairs. Kevin says he’s been handling things and then crazy man starts yelling at him for no reason. Josh is out of DR. Paul fills Christmas in on his conversations with Alex and Raven. Paul tells Christmas she needs to keep selling her distaste for Alex to Kevin and Raven. Josh comes into the HOH room while Christmas and Paul are talking and Paul motions and says get the F out. Josh still walks in and Paul says seriously, get the F out. Josh says they are outside. Christmas tells him to get the F out now. Josh leaves the room.


10:55 PM BBT Kevin and Jason are still playing pool and Kevin thinks Alex is made him and Jason hang out and share stories. Kevin says they don’t even talk game. Christmas and Paul are still talking and she thinks if Kevin wins he would put up Raven and Alex. Paul says if they take the shot next week, they have to mask it so Alex doesn’t turn on them. Kevin is still venting to Jason about Alex. Christmas says they need to keep Paul safe as long as possible and he says he wouldn’t be surprised if someone took a shot at him in the next two weeks.

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10:56 pm BBT.  Jason & Kevin playing pool.  Kevins says now he hs to put up with this crazy red haired girl.  He says America knows I'm not mean, they're thinking leave the old man alone.  


Paul & Xmas whispering in the HOH about who would put up who if they won.  


Kevin asks Jason to do damage control with Alex for him.  Jason says he has been for the last 2 weeks.  Kevin says but he doesn't rhink he needs damage control.  Kevin asks what he can & can't say to Alex.   He says he can't call her babe & asks if he can call her hon.  Kevin says he won't aggravate nobody, he won't say a word to anyone, he won't argue to no one.  Jason says he has a team & if he goes against his team it could f**k him.  Kevin says he'll go up when there's 6 people left. 


Paul & Xmas talking about putting Jason & Alex up next to each other & how they would explain that to Alex.  Paul says it'll be a tough next 2 weeks.  Xmas says Paul needs to tell people that nobody wants to see a 2nd place winner come back & win so that people keep him around longer.  Xmas says it may calm some nerves.  Paul says Kevin thinks he can beat everyone in the game.  


Kevin says he told Josh to be a leader not a follower, he says he didn't say Josh was a follower.  Jason says people bait Kevin to see how he'll react.  Kevin says he didn't wanna go on the block because he can't go home before Matt or Raven.  Kevin says they control the house.  Kevin says one has a broken leg.  Jason says if someone's parents are rich is that a reason for them to not win the money.  Jason says he thinks so but he won't hold it against people.  


Paul asks if he should say the thing about him not having a chance to win or should he promise stuff.  Xmas says maybe promise stuff.  Paul says if he does that though, Xmas & Josh need to know he's just saying that to people & doesn't mean it.  Paul says if they (him, xmas & josh) make it to the final 5, then he gaurantees he can get them to final 3.  Xmas says they have multiple strategies.  Alex comes into the HOH.  Paul asks if rhe HoH comp is one that Xmas can compete in should they toss it to her to preserve them for later HOHs.  Alex says she has no problem with that.  


Hosh has joined Jason & Kevin in the BY.  Josh says he's in if they can play darts. 


Alex thinks it might be a doible eviction. Alex says whoever they put up next to Raven has to be someone like...Paul jumps in & says Kevin.  Alex says or they can put her up, win the veto, take her off & backdoor Kevin.  


BY crew discussing the rules & points dor darts.   


Paul telling the HOH crew a strategy if the next HOH is the black box.  He says Josh can just keep his hand on the button & no go collect anything.  Alex leaves.  


The dart game has started in the BY. 


Xmas can't believe Alex agreed.  She says she's speechless.  She can't believe things are falling into place.  Paul says they are thy good.  Xmas says it's Alex's arrogance.  Paul thinks It's arrogance & her thinking she is better than all of us.  Paul says he'll have a bonding moment with Matt & tell him he'll take Raven as far as he can.  They say they have to get Jason out & then try to bring Alex in with them.  


In BY the dart game continues.  No game talk. 


Xmas & Paul running through scenarios of what to do depending on who wins & who would go up, & what to do with veto, etc etc. Paul says he thinks they're good.  Paul says Alex says she isn't good with math & numbers.  He doesn't think she would good at the spelling one either.  Paul says he knows a lot of words.  Paul says he is very good at the spelling, BB comics & the number guessing one.  He says no matter who is HOH, if they do what they have aais they would do, then Paul can control things by winning the vetos.   Xmas says they can say to Raven we've all (josh, xmas, paul & raven) been working alone, how about we all band together.  Xmas says she thinks she needs a bra with this shirt.  Paul says yeah, but it's 2017 & nipples are in so who cares.  Xmas says she likes her hershey kisses as long as the shirt is not see through.  Paul is getting into the shower. Xmas tells him she can see his bare butt.  Xmas leaves the HOH room.  


11:26 pm BBT.  Xmas foes into the WA.  Matt & Raven are laying down in there.  


Jason comes in looking for Paul.  Xmas says he's in the shower.  Jason says ok he's going back outside then.  Kevin in the BY on a lounge chair alone.  Jason goes outside & Kevin asks who is in the downstairs WA.  Jason says the 2 dipshits & Xmas.  


11:30 pm BBT.  Jason says he doesn't know how he is staying calm in there.  Kevin says he still doesn't know or understand why Xmas started that fight with him.  


The washroom crew talking about ugly crying.  


Jason says Matt is doing all this to get more camera time.  He says they won't air all that on tv anyway, it's just gonna be on the live feed.  Jason says they need to start watching their own asses.  Jason says everything he or Kevin has ever said is starting to be questioned.  Kevin swears he will not vote against Jason, Paul or Alex ever.  He says when it's them as the final 4 they can shake hands & the best person wins.  He asks if Jason told Alex that.  He says yes.  Kevin says that makes exciting tv also.  He says those 4 deserve it, they've been through a lot.  He says face it Xmas won't be able to compete.  


WA crew talking about last year w/ Paul & Pablo the duck.  They say he had it everywhere until Big Meech stole it.  Matt says he wants to watch Paul's first season because now he knows him.  Xmas tell Matt & Raven about the plan to rhrow her the HOH if it's something she can play in.  Xmas says that way Raven keeps the blood off her hands still.  Xmas warns Raven to be careful where she talks because Alex likes to hide & you don't know she's there. Matt leaves to go to bed.  


11:35 pm BBT.  Jason has joined Kevin on the lounger outside.  Kevin asks if he can use the HOH bathroom because he doesn't want to go by Matt & Raven.  Kevin doesn't know what the WA crew could be talking about. He says Matt is leaving, stay in your f**king room.  Kevin says Raven is the most vicious person left in the game & he won't hesitate to vote her out & keep Matt to f**k with him if they want to do that.  He says plus he'll be a have not for another week for being a f**king asshole.  Kevin says America won't like him too much & he made a mockery of the game for 2 weeks.  Kevin says he's going ro bed. They go inside.  Jason gets called to the DR.  


In the WA, Matt is back along with Raven & Xmas.  Alex joins the WA crew.  Raven tells her they are talking sh*t about Kevin.  Alex says ok!!  


11:38 pm BBT.  Josh is laying on the HOH bed.  Kevin apologizes to him.  


Alex has left the WA.  Xmas tells Raven she is really pretty with no make-up.  Alex back in the WA.  They are whispering about Kevin.  They say Kevin had to be the rogue votes all season.  


11:41 pm BBT.  In the HOH Paul is out of rhe shower now & talking to Josh.  They are going over the plan, what to do if who wins, etc etc.  


Raven says Kevin has not been on the block.  They say that Jason listens to Kevin.  Alex says that Kevin underestimates girls.  Matt says he just let's the girls make him food.  Alex says Kevin makes fun of everyone for everything!  Matt says please just send that idiot home next.  Alex says nobody better make Kevin food in jury.  They complain he has never made himself food.   


In the HOH room, Paul & Josh talking about possible upcoming comps.  Paul is wearing Trejo around his waist.  


11:49 pm BBT.  Raven says Kevin is the sole reason Matt is going home.  She says she wants that old man out.  


Paul leaves the HOH.  Josh alone in the HOH is now talking to the cameras.   Josh saying about Paul he understands he's trying to protect himself & he has a. Ig target on him, but why if Xmas & him have his back 1000%, why does he have these side alliances.  He says with Alex, why?  Josh says he doesn't know what Paul is trying to pull but he is smart.  He says he knows he is looking out for himself.  


11:53 pm BBT.  Kevin in his have not bed.  Paul comes in & sees that Kevin has some stuff out on the bed & is praying.  He says he prays every night but doesn't do it in front of everyone like Alex does.  Kevin says Alex isn't winning.  He says Alex has no personality.  Paul says he know he can't win.  Kevin says if it's Paul & Alex in the final 2 then Paul will win.  Paul leaves the have not room. 


 11:55 pm BBT.  Alex, Raven, Matt & Xmas still talking in the WA.  Josh & Paul now in there also.  

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