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Posted 23 July 2005 - 09:19 AM


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tad agrees to hire Amanda at the detective agency but Aidan immediately vetoes his partner's unilateral decision. At Wildwind, Lily suddenly screams when she realizes she and Sam are not alone. Danny tries again to explain to an angry Reggie why she slipped up with Josh. Though tempted to reveal Ryan's secret, Zach tells a grieving Greenlee that the search party has found no sign of her spouse. Meanwhile, from his hiding place, Ryan overhears Simone bemoaning to Ethan how her best friend has now tragically lost not one but two husbands in her young life. Amanda reminds Aidan how she came through for him during the stakeout at SOS but he continues to reject her request for steady work. Tad realizes too late he's been scammed by Sam. Danny gets nowhere appealing to Reggie for a second chance to prove her love. A jittery Lily suggests to Sam that his father may have come back from the dead to haunt Wildwind. Zach warns Ryan he'll hurt Greenlee even more if she discovers how he's faked his own death. Reggie drags Lily home and berates his fuming sister for breaking Jack's rules. Later, thinking about his own misspent youth, Tad advises Sam to take a lesson if he truly wants to have any kind of future with Lily. Amanda plants another seductive kiss on Aidan before strolling out of his office.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Josh's good intentions deter Babe as she tries to prevent two frat boys from stealing Jamie's car. Greg finds Erica crying at the studio and offers her his condolences but she brusquely orders him to get out. As Ryan holds his breath, Kendall demands that Zach show her what he's been hiding in the shed. When Aidan arrives with news of Erin, the eavesdropping Ryan is startled to learn that his sister is alive. Di urges a grumbling JR to put aside his anger and forge a new bond with his estranged brother. Greg assures Erica he has no intention of filing charges against her grieving stepdaughter. Babe convinces Josh to help her track down the car thieves instead of calling the police. JR is annoyed to find Amanda crying in his bedroom. Downstairs, Adam tells a wary Di he now accepts that she is, in fact, Dixie come back from the dead. After recovering the stolen car, Josh and Babe decide to teach the spoiled college kids a lesson they richly deserve. Insisting she has nowhere else to turn, Amanda begs JR to give her another chance. Explaining how recent health problems have made him reassess his life, Adam appeals to Di for help persuading their son to stay. Erica and Greg agree to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. After having sex with Amanda, JR suddenly orders the astonished girl out of his bed and out of his life.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Fresh from her humiliation at the Chandler mansion, Amanda slinks back to Jamie's place and finds her suitcase already packed. On the beach, a jubilant Babe and Josh congratulate one another on successfully scamming the car thieves. David drops by to check on Greenlee, who lashes out at him for never liking her late husband in the first place. Meanwhile, Zach moves Ryan to his office and icily advises him to stay put if he still intends to play dead. Di warns JR not to let Amanda back into their house ever again. David assures a tearful Greenlee he's glad she'll be bearing Ryan's child. Jamie explains to Amanda why she's moving into a room at Myrtle's boarding house. Using the casino's extensive closed circuit camera system, Ryan watches his grieving wife being tended by her concerned friends. Babe tells Josh how she can't imagine giving up the love she's found with Jamie. Determined to get her way, Amanda secretly swallows a handful of her mother's pills. JR thanks Di for making him so happy once again. As Amanda suddenly begins running a high fever, Jamie and Babe rush her to the ER.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

At the hospital, Joe treats Amanda for an accelerated heartbeat. Meanwhile, Jamie furiously accuses his brother of attempted murder. Holed up in Zach's private office, Ryan watches his unwitting wife via closed circuit TV as she struggles to cope with his "death." Across town, Erica confides to Josh how deeply the loss of her friend has affected her. Amanda admits to Babe and Jamie that she slept with JR, who smirks as the girl sheds crocodile tears about being used. Zach informs Ryan he's arranged to have him spirited out of the state under cover of darkness that night. Jackson and David face off on the subject of Greenlee's unborn child. Josh explains to Erica why he and his dad have never seen eye-to-eye on certain subjects like which career track to follow. Greenlee asks Greg to do a thorough exam to ensure that her baby is alright. Joe commends Jamie for making the right call with Amanda's symptoms. Later, a second confession from Amanda has the desired effect when Babe insists the girl come back to live with her and Jamie indefinitely. Josh realizes that his father is still carrying a torch for Erica.

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Posted 27 July 2005 - 05:31 PM


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jamie explains to a startled Babe why it wouldn't be a good idea to let Amanda move back in with them. Reggie and Lily offer Greenlee their condolences, then are pleased to hear her happier news about their new niece or nephew. Ryan is forced to duck out of sight when Erica comes to Zach's office to demand he turn over the surveillance video discs. After doing some research on Kevin, a disgusted Tad asks Di how she ever became entangled with such a sleazeball. Warning Amanda that she's heading for a fall, JR informs the girl he knows how she manufactured her "cardiac" condition. Zach shows a shuddering Erica and Jackson the video of Ryan's violent meltdown after Greenlee revealed her pregnancy. Describing how she saw only the best side of her former beau, Di tells Tad she went to prison for contempt of court because she truly believed in Kevin's innocence. Joe again encourages Jamie to use his obvious gift and make medicine his life's work. Later, however, Palmer puts the kibosh on Jamie's plans by vowing to personally ensure that the young man never works at Pine Valley Hospital. Meanwhile, Babe angrily confronts Amanda for hitting on her "best friend's" lover. As Reggie diplomatically attempts to change the subject, Lily suggests to Greenlee that she might be able to see Ryan's ghost if she tries hard enough. Amanda slyly convinces Babe that her crush on Jamie is history.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

JR offers Kendall his condolences after hearing the news about Ryan. Babe appeals to Di to help her "other" son get into medical school. Meanwhile, Tad encourages his offspring to try his luck in another town but Jamie furiously refuses to let JR win by leaving Pine Valley and Babe behind. Adam comes to the Pine Cone motel for a chat with Krystal about the important secret David claims to be keeping. Kendall pulls back when JR's consoling embrace begins to turn passionate. Pressed by Babe, Di hesitantly promises to do what she can for Jamie. Adam offers to pay Krystal ten grand if she'll spy on the devious Dr. Hayward. An emotional JR explains to Kendall why he wants them to be much more than just friends. Josh tells a surprised Jamie how he and Babe teamed up to turn the tables on a trio of carjackers. When JR refuses to take no for an answer, Kendall gently but firmly insists that she will never have truly deep feelings for him. Jamie decides to sell his most prized possession to give Babe the wedding of her dreams. Across town, Amanda eggs Babe on when she sadly confides how she may have to break off her engagement in order to secure Jamie's future. Tad, Di, Krystal and Adam all get caught in the middle of a bank robbery. Kendall is stunned when JR angrily spits out the real reason he's been pursuing her.

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Posted 01 August 2005 - 07:42 AM

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

MIAMI OR BUST: Daytime superstar Eva La Rue (All My Children) is joining the cast of CSI: Miami this fall as a series regular. As reported in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, the actress will play Natalia Boa Vista, a grant writer-turned-lab specialist who focuses on unsolved cases. Me? I'd rather specialize in solved cases if for no other reason than the shorter hours.

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Posted 02 August 2005 - 08:07 AM


Monday, August 1, 2005

Using the nearby ground lights and the approaching fog, Ryan plays along when Lily thinks he's a ghost. When he realizes that Lily has spotted Ryan, Zach convinces her not to tell Greenlee that she saw his ghost so that she can have some peace. Bringing her a giant stuffed bear, Greenlee is touched by Kendall's kindness and asks her to be her baby's godmother. Ryan tells Zach that he's decided to leave town and won't be coming back to Pine Valley. Zach is curious when Lily tells her that she saw a ghost at Wildwind who may have been Sam's dad. As she chastises Tad about his heroics during the bank robbery, Dixie backs off as she feels a sudden pain. Joe interrupts and takes Tad into a room to treat his "flesh wound." Later, Dixie confesses to Tad how her life changed during the robbery, admitting she was overwhelmed with concern for him. Flirting with Crystal, David convinces her that he knows more about Dixie than he's revealing and downs one of his truth serums to allow her to interrogate him. She quickly asks what secret he's hiding and he gets the last laugh by boasting he wants to take her to bed. Apologizing to his son, Adam excuses his doubts about Dixie, reminding him that her prison time, among other things, worked against her. JR remains angry and when he threatens to walk out, Adam offers him the estate if he'll stay and not leave him alone. JR decides not to move out of the mansion with Dixie and little Adam but does insist that Adam treat his mother with respect.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Jack insists to Erica that he wishes Greenlee was not pregnant with Ryan's baby. Reminding him of how long it took Bianca to forgive her for her resentment and anger towards her baby, Erica urges Jack to go to Greg's office and tell Greenlee how much he loves her and her unborn child. Greenlee and Simone are surprised when Greg suggests they put her break-in in the past and offers to be her OB GYN during her pregnancy. Greg privately orders Hazel to put a rush on Greenlee's H.G.C. levels and then gives her a sonogram so she can see her baby. Surprised when Josh reveals that his father has a "major crush" on her, Erica has an uneasy feeling about Greg. Questioning a flirtatious Libby at the diner, Ryan shows the waitress a photo of Erin in hopes she might have seen her recently. As he leaves the place, Ryan hands his wedding ring to a diner down on his luck. Though she assures Babe from her hospital bed that she is fine, Amanda tricks her visitor into leaving so that she can slip out to warn JR that Babe has asked Dixie to work on him so that he'll end his vendetta against his brother. Refusing to believe her, J.R. kicks her back to the hospital but then finds Dixie asking him to let go of his desire for revenge against Jamie. An angry JR refuses. Tad and Aidan return to his office and find someone has trashed the place. A quick call to his father allows Tad to tell Aidan that Amanda being kept at the hospital to keep an eye on her possible arrhythmia. Dixie advises JR that Tad saved her life during the bank robbery. Catching her returning to her hospital room, a curious Aidan asks if she was at his office earlier. She denies it and then turns him down when he offers her job.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Zach picks the lock at Wildwind and starts searching the mansion only to find Lily there, searching for clues. Zach tries to send her home but Sam orders him to get out. When he then lays into Lily for associating with a guy like Zach, she resents his unkind words and storms out. Amanda thanks Jamie for saving her life but he doesn't believe her and asks if this is her "apology act #6." She eventually convinces him of her honesty and he accepts her thanks. Kendall boasts to Erica that once her quickie divorce papers are dry, she and JR are going to fly to Reno and tie the knot. Erica quickly lets her daughter know that she thinks she's rushing into what could be a big mistake. Laughing at her for believing her story, Kendall blasts her mother for interfering in her life and argues that Zach is helping her get her life back together, calling him the safest man for her. Jack interrupts allowing both women to cool down and apologize. JR lays into Babe for trying to use his mother to get back on good terms. Angry, JR grabs her but she slaps him and, after he hits his head as he falls, JR passes out. When he comes to, he finds she has bound and gagged him. Kissing him suddenly, Babe accuses him of being jealous that his brother has her in his life. Josh is there when she lets JR go. He reveals that Jamie sold his car to pay for their wedding but she refuses the money and later tells Jamie there won't be a wedding. Confessing she had a big crush on him, Simone helps Greenlee deal with her grief as she returns home for the first time since Ryan's "death." Concerned when an overwhelmed Greenlee collapses, Simone's encouraged to find her playing "duck, duck, goose" with some kids in the park later.

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 06:11 PM

can someone please tell me why Ryan is faking being dead and why zack is helping him.I have not watched alot of it since BB started.Fill me in please

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 07:05 AM


Thursday, August 4, 2005

Josh finds Dani upset and offers to listen to her troubles but before she can unload, Garrett interrupts and privately warns him about ruining her efforts to get her family life back together. Josh counters that Garrett's the person taking advantage of Dani. After Josh leaves, Garrett warns Dani that Josh is not her friend and calls him a "real operator." When she overhears Lily mention seeing Ryan to Zach, Kendall tries to question her but Zach pulls her away and convinces her that Lily's ghostly obsessions are innocent but could be harmful to Greenlee. Seeing her suitcase, Zach doesn't believe her claim about wanting to marry the rich and handsome JR but does offer to end their marriage when she thinks it's the right time. Aidan catches Amanda trying to steal a crystal vase from Wildwind. He threatens to take her to Derek and as they argue, someone secretly watches them. Aidan's curious to hear her side of a phone call with her out-of-control mother. Seeing another side of her, Aidan tries to help but Amanda tells him to "go to hell." Jamie's outraged when Babe won't marry her because he sold his sports car. Feeling guilty over all that she has taken from him, Babe explains she can't be the reason to keep him from being a doctor. She agrees to use the check to pay for their wedding but only if he does whatever it takes to get into medical school. Dixie argues with JR about ending his feud with Jamie and takes him to the cabin where little Adam was born. She reminds him that Babe helped Bianca deliver her baby that night.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Still snooping at Wildwind, Zach encounters the ghost that Lily saw and gives chase, only to be pushed down a flight of stairs. When the "ghost" checks his pulse, Zach grabs her arm and discovers it's Julia armed with a handgun. He reveals where Maria went and offers to get her somewhere safe but she doesn't trust him. When Greg catches his son in what looks like a compromising position with Kendall, he calls Josh on it. The two explain he's helping her get unstuck from an umbrella while Erica barges in and wonders why Greg's passing judgment. He apologizes and then faces Erica to admit the source of his "crush" on her. Calling her the "un-attained dream," Greg leaks that he was married when he fell for her and only recently saw her in person. Still working on him to forgive Jamie and Babe, Dixie claims that his problems with them are her fault because she abandoned him. He insists that he will not punish her and then asks to leave. On the drive back JR realizes the car's brakes don't work and they end up crashing. Admitting how proud his grandfather was of Ryan, Ethan explains to Greenlee and Simone the story behind the man's watch. Handing it to Greenlee, he goes on to admit that he wants Ryan's son to have it. When Ethan leaves with Simone, Greenlee questions Kendall about her feelings for him. Later, the two laugh about what a pregnant Greenlee can expect as she grows larger. After a fun game of water bottle bowling, Ethan convinces Simone that he no longer has romantic feelings for Kendall. Though she argues a bit, she eventually falls into bed with him.

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Posted 20 August 2005 - 09:50 AM

All My Children

Monday, August 8, 2005

As a storm brews in Pine Valley, Greenlee panics when she starts bleeding. Kendall calls Dr. Madden who offers to stop by. Though they later read on the Internet that "spotting" is not dangerous, Greg offers to examine Greenlee just to make sure. Afterwards, Greenlee is in terrible pain and has to be rushed to the hospital. Ryan pages through the file on his sister Erin he grabbed from Tad's office and uses the Internet to find a reference to her in Nova Scotia. He's also tormented by memories of Greenlee until he grabs some hair clippers and gives himself a buzz cut. Dani's embarrassed when she walks in on Mimi and Garret kissing. Upset that her mother has to leave on an emergency, Dani's caught offguard when Garret asks what he can do to get her to like him for her mother's sake. When Zach grabs the gun from her before she can shoot him, Julia begs him to put her out of her misery. He claims he has no intention of killing her but she complains that her life in hiding and on the run is such that death is her only alternative. He hands the gun back to her but before he can talk further, Mimi, Derek and her task force officers arrive. Zach insists that Brooke asked him to check up on Wildwind. He overhears Mimi arguing with Derek about the way she's trying to find Julia who skipped out on the federal "babysitter" who was keeping her safe. After the car crash, JR confronts Jamie and accuses him of sabotaging the car brakes. In front of Babe and Dixie, Jamie denies it but JR calls the police and insists that Derek arrest his brother.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Julia accuses Zach of knowing who killed her husband Noah but then complains about how the feds ruined their lives by forcing Noah to fit in. Explaining that Noah wanted out, Julia reveals that he went after the man in charge and never came back, learning later that he was dead. Zach insists he can keep her safe and get her life back for her. At the station house Derek explains to Jamie, JR, Dixie, Babe and Tad that tests show Dixie's brake line was not tampered with. Back at the Chandler mansion, Tad suggests that they try a different tactic. Dixie invites JR to defend his brother in a "reverse" debate with Tad. When JR can't speak on Jamie's behalf, Tad takes over and guesses that he's facing what he has always faced in Jamie always being the "good" boy. Meanwhile, Jamie vows to Babe that he must do all he can to protect her from his brother which means he won't go to school. She counters that if he doesn't, she's not going to marry him. Greenlee smiles to Kendall that she just had a dream about having her baby. Kendall stuns her with the revelation that she had a miscarriage and lost the baby. When Jack, Eric and Greg arrive, she angrily blames Greg for what happened, accusing him of giving her something to make her lose her baby. While Kendall reminds her what happened last night, Erica apologizes to Greg who urges her to stay close to her. Greenlee asks Greg if she can get pregnant again with what's left of Ryan's at the lab. Jack candidly tells Erica that he is greatly relieved that Greenlee finally has Ryan out of her life. Lily asks Kendall for advice about her troubles with Sam.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Upset to find Zach holding Julia, Kendall demands to know why she's back in town and in her husband's arms. Julia tries to run but Zach insists he'll keep his promise to get her out of this mess. Kendall doesn't let up and calls Julia every name she can think of, but when she tries to call the FBI, Zach grabs her phone and orders her to back off. Kendall blasts her husband for putting them in danger and then reveals that Greenlee suffered a miscarriage. Asked to get her pregnant again with what's left of Ryan's "deposit," Greg explains that in his opinion, her body will miscarry any pregnancy she may attempt with Ryan's sperm. Babe reveals to JR that she's decided not to marry his brother so that he'll go to school. After making her think that he'll give up his vendetta so they can marry, JR gets another laugh by pointing out that according to Phoebe's will, Jamie has to leave her which means he doesn't have to pay for his brother's tuition or give him any money. Ryan finds his sister Erin in Nova Scotia working at a caf? and is thrilled to see she's happy and beautiful, having escaped "the fate of the Lavery kids." He's impressed to see her handle a rude customer by talking her way out of the argument. When he starts to leave, Erin approaches him. Tad tries to convince Dixie that the brake line incident was actually meant for her. When she laughs at the idea, he reminds her that she was picked as a hostage during the bank robbery and almost hit by a car while waiting at a bus stop. While she places a call to someone warning that she'll tell all she knows if he doesn't back off, Tad seeks Zach's help investigating Dixie's recent past.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Zach arrives at the bus station as Julia approaches her bus. He saves her from being nabbed by a nearby guard and takes her back to Wildwind where he claims he can get her out of the country without anyone knowing. As she talks in desperation, Zach realizes that she came back to Pine Valley to kill whomever killed Noah. Babe advises Krystal that her efforts to get JR to change his mind about giving his brother the money for school have failed. She vows to do whatever is necessary to turn Jamie away from her so he can claim his inheritance. When approached by his sister about a refill at the caf?, Ryan lets slip and calls her "Erin." He's taken aback when she uses a quotation from their father as a reason to move to Nova Scotia but then is disappointed when she slips out the back at the end of her shift. Posing as a radio show DJ, Ryan calls the caf? and tricks the waitress into giving him Erin's home address. There, Erin spots him lurking and calls him "Ryan." When Kendall learns from Greg why Greenlee can't be inseminated again, Jack lays into her for giving her hope she'll one day have Ryan's child. The two argue about what's best for Greenlee. Learning Josh is Erica's new producer and that he saw him bound and gagged at the auto shop, he orders him to testify for him against Babe. In front of JR, Josh refuses and when Erica insists he do as ordered, he warns her that she of all people shouldn't want him on the witness stand. JR insists Erica fire him but when she refuses, he announces he won't be helping her with Kendall anymore. Babe asks Josh for help.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Calling him out from hiding in front of her house, Erin admits she recognized him at the caf? earlier and then stuns Ryan by telling him that he means nothing to her. Blasting him for leaving her at the age of 4, Erin insists Jonathan was her only brother because he stayed with her to face the living hell of growing up with their father and blasts him for killing him. Ryan insists he didn't know how bad their father had become and argues that he thought Jonathan had killed her. Erin admits she was in Atlantic City with Jonathan and urged him to come to Nova Scotia with her but claims he was tormented by the fact that he had disappointed Ryan, a term their father used to manipulate them. After she kicks Ryan out, Erin tells a mystery person hidden away that he's gone. Josh is suspicious when Babe says she wants to have sex with him but before she can explain, Erica enters the office and is outraged to see her. She forces Babe to leave by threatening to fire Josh and afterwards, Josh reminds Erica that what he does with his private life is none of her business. He forces Babe to explain her scheme to have Jamie "catch them in the act." David urges Greenlee to open up to him about what she's feeling. Later, Kendall tells Greenlee she can help her have Ryan's baby. Julia admits to Zach that her only clue about the person who killed Noah is a link to Philadelphia and adds that Noah but wouldn't tell her the man's name because he thought it was too dangerous. Julia admits that this man is now after her. Zach insists he take over the investigation or he'll tell the feds she's in Pine Valley.

Monday, August 15, 2005

As JR wonders why his mother suddenly seems so jumpy, Krystal demands that a bristling Adam help her get his son off of her daughter's case. Across town, Josh and Jamie face off as Babe nervously tries to keep the peace. Kendall offers new hope to a dejected Greenlee by suggesting that she become a surrogate to carry the baby her friend always wanted to have with Ryan. Meanwhile, Greg explains to Erica and Jackson why Greenlee still has another viable option. Jamie tells Babe there's no way he's going to let her cut him loose. JR assures Di he doesn't blame her for the years they spent apart. Though hesitant at first to even consider Kendall's plan, Greenlee begins to have second thoughts as she imagines the glorious possibilities. Aidan prods Di to let him and Tad in on the secret she's been concealing. Erica confides to Greg how she once terminated an unplanned pregnancy years ago. Despite a gentle warning from Josh, Babe remains determined to force Jamie's hand by cheating on him. Adam and Krystal realize they may have more in common than they believed. Greenlee asks Kendall to keep mum about their agreement.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ryan returns to Erin's place to ask his sister not to let the rest of the world know that he survived the crash. Meanwhile, Greenlee gently turns down Jackson's offer to have her come live with him and the rest of the clan. Josh has a change of heart and decides to help Babe break up her relationship with Jamie after all. Tad reports to an exasperated Di how he flew to Bangkok to check up on her old flame. Pleasantly surprised by his stepdaughter's renewed closeness with Greenlee, Jack thanks Kendall for helping out. Jamie reminds Babe that he's still intent on making wedding plans. Ryan explains to Erin why he's so determined not to let the Lavery family curse continue. At the fertility clinic, Kendall and Greenlee cheerfully reveal their plan to Greg, who cautions the prospective surrogate mother that she could wind up carrying several viable embryos. Babe fills Amanda in on her scheme to force Jamie into matriculating at medical school. After promising to keep mum about Ryan faking his death, Erin bitterly advises her brother to disappear and never look back. Di asks Tad to call Aidan off and stop meddling in her private life. Brooke is unable to summon up much enthusiasm when Jamie announces that his nuptials will take place next month. Amanda admits to Babe how she plans to make a move on Jamie once he dumps his faithless fiancee. Ryan is alarmed to notice fresh bruises on Erin's arm.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ryan refuses to leave until Erin explains how she received the bruises on her arm. JR gleefully informs a bristling Babe that he's changed his mind about the christening. Sam attempts to mend fences with Lily. Though Lily is concerned about whether to trust him, she and Sam agree to continue their relationship after all. Kendall hints to her husband that she's begun work on a major project of her own. At Wildwind, a melancholy Julia recalls happier days with Noah before they entered the witness protection program. After JR departs, Babe takes an unrepentant Amanda to task for making plans to snare Jamie once the engagement is kaput. Though Zach tries to pry information out of her, Kendall clings tenaciously to the secret she's sharing with Greenlee. Later, however, a snooping JR spots some pamphlets on prenatal care in Kendall's condo and wonders if she's carrying Zach's child. Certain his sister is hiding something and not believing her explanation for the bruises, Ryan slips back into Erin's house to conduct a search.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tad explains to Aidan why he wants all the detective agency's resources focused on ferreting out the truth about Dixie's ex. At the Chandler mansion, Di scolds JR for heartlessly cutting Tad out of little Adam's christening. Amanda again comes on strong with Josh as he prepares to help Babe break off her engagement. Flustered when Jamie surprises his fiancee with the setting for an evening full of romance, Babe hastily concocts a lie to excuse herself from the proceedings. Meanwhile, Krystal presses David to aid their daughter in her hour of need. Aidan suggests to an exasperated Tad that he's angling to win back his estranged wife. Amanda reports to Jamie how Babe has begun cheating on him with another man. Across town at the Pine Cone motel, Babe and Josh awkwardly slip into bed together. During yet another quarrel, Tad and Di fall into a passionate embrace. Jamie walks in on Josh and Babe.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Erin is incensed to find Ryan searching her home. Kendall and Greenlee begin synchronizing their cycles in preparation for a first attempt at an embryo implant. Amanda triumphantly informs a skeptical JR that his ex-wife and his brother have finally hit the skids. Meanwhile, at the Pine Cone, Babe and Josh feign shock and embarrassment as an irate Jamie stares them down. After knocking David cold, Adam and Krystal drag the doctor back to his mountain cabin to get answers to some pertinent questions. Unable to deny their feelings any longer, Di and Tad share another lingering kiss. Determined to ensure that Jamie never forgives her, Babe icily declares her future lies with a winner like Josh instead of facing a dead end life with a useless grease monkey. Del Henry returns to Pine Valley to welcome home his "dead" sister. JR and Amanda arrive at the motel to witness Babe's humiliation but Jamie assures them what they're seeing is merely an act. Cornered by her brother, Erin refuses to say if the prescription for a potent anger management drug belongs to her. Del privately demands to know why Di is pretending to be Dixie.

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Posted 20 August 2005 - 03:28 PM



When TVGuide.com spoke to daytime superstar Eva La Rue in June, she'd just wrapped her run as All My Children's Dr. Maria Santos and looked forward to an uncertain future. But what a difference a month makes! As first reported in TV Guide magazine, Diva Eva's joining the cast of CSI: Miami this fall as a series regular. And in this exclusive interview, La Rue reveals how she landed the coveted CSI gig, the truth about her unsuccessful attempt to bring Maria to General Hospital and how she feels about the possibility of AMC recasting her signature soap role.

TVGuide.com: First off, your CSI: Miami character is called Natalia Boa Vista?!
Eva La Rue: We're going from Eva La Rue to Natalia Boa Vista. It's exotic, all right! I said, "What, did some writer go to the local strip club over the weekend?" Anyway, Natalia is a crime lab research scientist who won this huge amount of federal grant money to work on unsolved cases. She's going to be butting heads with the other crime-scene investigators because she's very straightforward and very protective of her territory.

TVGuide.com: You've gone from unemployed soap actress to working on one of prime-time TV's top shows.
La Rue: For 15 years in this business, it's one of those things I hoped to god that I'd get. And yet, the chances are you'll never land this in your career. It couldn't have happened at a more perfect time. I had saved money from AMC, but I'm a single mom in L.A. now. You always wonder if you're ever going to work again, or just fade into oblivion and wonder how you'll make ends meet.

TVGuide.com: Natalia Boa Vista could have been your new persona for go-go dancing!
La Rue: Or doing porn in the Valley! [Laughs heartily] You never know how you'll end up in this business.

TVGuide.com: Tell the truth. Has the CSI: Miami role been in the works since you left AMC?
La Rue: Not at all. CSI came up out of the blue. They wanted to see me in L.A., but I couldn't because I had to shoot my Style Network show, The Modern Girl's Guide to Life, at my house in New Jersey. So I had no time to see them [that week] and I couldn't just blow my show off for an audition I may not even get! So because CSI didn't find anybody else for the part that week, they just put me on tape at the CBS casting office in New York and sent the tape to L.A. I never even met anybody at the show in person! [CSI honcho] Jerry Bruckheimer [cocreator and executive producer], Ann Donahue and CBS president Les Moonves cast me from the tape. Normally you have to audition against 85 other people, then go back and test several times and go through a crazy rigmarole like I did for three pilots I didn't get this past pilot season. So this was a nice change!

TVGuide.com: So CSI: Miami took you on after ABC took a pass on you going to GH. Must be satisfying, huh?
La Rue: Last year, when I first suggested to ABC that I would love to move Dr. Maria Santos to General Hospital, some bigwigs whom I won't name suggested to me that I send my tape to GH to see if they might be interested in me auditioning. [Laughs] Now I don't have a big ego. I really don't. But that was kind of crushing. I was like, "Are you kidding me? I'm sorry, but have they not had any time in the past 12 years to catch me on their own network?"

TVGuide.com: Did you ever send GH the tape?
La Rue: No, I didn't send them a tape. I decided I'd finish AMC and go home to California. I figured I'd see what's out there and then maybe start out in daytime all over again, if it came down to that. Well, I guess I don't have to send my tape over there now!

TVGuide.com: How will you feel if AMC decides to recast Maria?La Rue: I'll desperately miss my family at AMC, and I would definitely do another soap on the West Coast in a heartbeat, but I don't think I would pick up and move my daughter, Kaya, cross-country back to New York again. But it would break my heart if they recast Maria! Oh, my god. They'd probably do it just to spite me. [Laughs] You know, they might because two of Maria's sisters, Anita and Julia, are back on the show now.

TVGuide.com: True...La Rue: But you know what? I've been friends with Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall) ever since we started on AMC in the same week back in 1993. She's been a fan since she was a little girl, and she still watches religiously. We watch it together over the phone and gossip about this and that all the time! She loves Alicia Minshew in her role. So maybe now that we live on the same coast, Sarah and I will watch our recasts together on the couch while we eat bonbons.

TVGuide.com: Love it! Finally, what does the CSI job mean for your recurring gig as George Lopez's sitcom sister?La Rue: I don't know! They recently called to ask if I could do an episode about halfway though the fall season. I hope CBS will let me.

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Posted 22 August 2005 - 10:36 PM

All My Children
Monday, August 22, 2005

Di explains to an astonished Del why and how she commandeered their late half-sister's life. Kendall intercepts a disturbing call from Erin but Ryan forces his sister to hang up before she gets her entire message across. Brooke complains to Tad about their son's plans to marry the wrong woman. Meanwhile, at the Pine Cone motel, Jamie bitterly reminds Babe how he chose her over med school and Phoebe's fortune because he loved her. Di suggests to Del that he owes it to her to keep his mouth shut about her masquerade. Announcing that he had her followed to the fertility clinic, Zach advises his startled wife not to help Greenlee bring a bouncing baby Lavery into the world. Desperate to get her big brother off her case, Erin tells Ryan the anti-psychotic pills are indeed hers. In front of JR and Amanda, a seething Jamie declares himself finished with Babe at last. Later, however, JR begins to wonder if his ex-wife deliberately set herself up in order to make Jamie cut her loose. Kendall assures Zach she has no interest in bearing any man's child, least of all Ryan's.

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Posted 24 August 2005 - 10:45 AM


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ryan gapes in shock to see Jonathan alive and hiding in Erin's back room. Mimi tells Danielle how happy she is to have her daughter back in her life and acting as a member of her wedding party. Kendall chides Julia for dragging Zach into her mess. Del warns a skeptical Tad that "Dixie" is not who she claims to be. As Erin urges him to remain calm, Jonathan snarls at his brother for trying to kill him. Di nervously attempts to deter Del from blurting out the truth as an embittered Tad asks his former brother-in-law how much it will cost to send him on his way once more. Julia advises Kendall to forget she ever saw her, then utters a thinly veiled threat to ensure the other woman's silence. Erin explains to a dumbfounded Ryan how she found the wounded Jonathan the day after the cave-in and brought him home for safekeeping. Danny begins to grow uncomfortable with Garret's attentions. Babe has a brainstorm as she ponders how to beat JR at his own game. Irked by Tad's attitude, Del decides not to come clean about Di after all.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Garret assures Mimi that her daughter's bad dreams will soon disappear. Kendall challenges needle-phobic Greenlee to start administering her own hormone shots. An uneasy Danny keeps mum when Mimi marvels aloud at how quickly the girl has taken to her new stepfather. Kendall places an urgent call to Zach, then stages a scene when her worried husband rushes to her aid. Danny apologizes to Simone after missing the launch for Fusion's latest product. Reggie spies on his sister as she goes on her first real grown-up date with Sam at the Valley Inn. Puzzled by the sudden transformation in Greenlee, Erica wonders what's really going on with her stepdaughter. Sam catches Reggie lurking nearby and tries to persuade Lily's brother that he has only honorable intentions towards the girl. Julia calls upon an old friend for help. Erica angrily confronts Greg after discovering a syringe hidden in Greenlee's apartment. Danny confides her suspicions about Garret to Simone. Julia is crushed when Jimmy pulls a double-cross and then reveals that he was the one who killed Noah. Certain Greg is corrupting his patient, Erica urges Greenlee not to drown her grief by turning to drugs. Zach returns to Wildwind just in time to rescue Julia from Jimmy.

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Posted 27 August 2005 - 02:34 PM


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Greenlee is forced to tell Erica the truth about the contents of the syringe. Ryan returns to Erin's place to find Jonathan all excited about celebrating his "tenth" birthday. At Wildwind, a shot rings out as Zach and Jimmy struggle for the gun. JR accuses Di and Tad of lying to him again when he discovers them preparing to go out together on a date. Unwilling to disclose how Kendall agreed to act as surrogate mother, Greenlee listens gratefully as Greg informs a stunned Erica that her stepdaughter is participating in a study involving a new drug which could help infertile women conceive. Jamie arrives at the Chandler mansion and informs his startled father that he's broken off his engagement with Babe. Meanwhile, Babe pressures David to reveal the secret he's been keeping about Dixie. Julia urges the wounded Jimmy to come clean but all he can gasp out before he dies is the name "Dragon." Ryan attempts to reassure his frightened kid brother that their dad will never hurt him again. Jamie orders JR to make immediate arrangements for the transfer of Phoebe's estate. A worried Erica turns to David for assistance in ascertaining the truth about Greenlee's experimental treatment. Erin balks when Ryan decides to take Jonathan to a hospital for professional help. Ignoring Kendall's objections, Zach agrees to discreetly handle disposal of Jimmy's body for Julia. Though JR offers an olive branch, Jamie icily insists he wants nothing more to do with his brother ever again. Later, Jamie hooks up with an excited Amanda while Babe makes plans to remarry. Jonathan becomes enraged with Erin, then turns his wrath on Ryan.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Jonathan is startled when his previously childlike brother turns angry and threatening. With Erin's help, Ryan finally realizes the extent of the terror that their brother faced from their abusive father. Watching Jonathan flip from the antics and attitude of a ten-year-old to that of a bitter, angry man who sees Erin as his father, Ryan's frustrated when he struggles to figure out how best to help his brother. Kendall approaches Derek and Mimi and offers to make a deal with them so that she'll have Julia out of Zach's life. Without giving them Zach's name, Kendall offers to tell them where Julia is as long as the person who has been helping her is granted immunity from any prosecution. Zach and Julia are touched as they watch an innocent Sam and Lily on their date. Julia and Zach try to leave Wildwind but gunfire erupts. Using his trusty computer from his mountain cabin, David manages to figure out what Kendall and Greenlee are up to with Greg. Having confided in them both about the creepy feeling she gets every time she's alone with her mother's future husband, Simone and Greenlee offer Dani advice on how to handle Garrett.

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Posted 04 September 2005 - 06:22 AM


Monday, August 29, 2005

At Fusion, a fuming Simone accosts Kendall and Greenlee for not asking her to carry Ryan's child. Babe admits to JR that she staged the "affair" with Josh but hints that she had a secret agenda. Meanwhile, Jamie and Amanda hit the sheets in a burst of passion. Zach and Julia dive for cover as an assassin suddenly opens fire on the mansion. Danielle decides to take the bull by the horns and asks Garret directly if he feels more than fatherly towards her. Anxious to avoid both her would-be killer and the arriving police, Julia hides in the woods as Zach faces questions from Mimi and Derek. Though Greenlee and Kendall try to explain why they kept a secret, Simone declares them no longer friends and threatens to quit her job. Still smarting from his messy break-up with Babe, Jamie reminds Amanda that he'll be out the door in a flash if she ever tries to tie him down. Garret assures Danielle that he just wants to be her friend. Simone makes up with her business partners and promises to zip her lip about the surrogate pregnancy. Myrtle offers Jamie some sage advice on matters of the heart. Ethan and Kendall both fear for Zach's safety after hearing that shots were fired at Wildwind. Babe boasts to an appalled Krystal how she's baited the hook for JR. Zach learns of his bride's betrayal.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

As Tad looks forward to making a fresh start with "Dixie," Di cautions him not to expect that things will be the same as they once were. In Canada, Ryan urges Erin to let him take Jonathan to a private clinic he's found. Zach's bluntness rubs Greenlee and Ethan the wrong way. Babe explains to Krystal why she has to lure JR into matrimony in order for her to obtain custody of her son. Ryan reminds his skeptical sister that Jonathan will remain dangerous until he receives the proper treatment. To JR's dismay, Adam invites Del to stay at the Chandler mansion for as long as he likes. Opal is thrilled to see Tad and Di dining out together but Palmer sputters to think that his niece has gotten mixed up with the wrong guy yet again. Greenlee hisses a warning to Simone after she nearly blurts out a baby secret to Ethan. Kendall admits to her husband that she cares about him. Adam hopes to use Del to uncover the truth about Di. Jonathan slips away from the cabin while his siblings are asleep.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tad coaxes Mimi to fill Sam in on her task force's hunt for Julia. Awakening to find Jonathan gone, Ryan accuses Erin of stashing their ailing brother somewhere new. Adam fills Krystal in on Dixie and Del's convoluted family ties. Meanwhile, Di asks Del how much it will cost to get him out of her hair. Mimi explains to Sam and Tad why Noah's killers may be after his young widow as well. At the safe house, Zach tries to calm Julia but she remains fixated on exacting revenge for her late husband. Del describes for his sister how he's longed to make a fresh start in much the same way she's accomplished just that. Krystal is amused when Adam pays her a compliment. Sam confides to Lily how the "ghost" she saw at Wildwind turned out to be his mother's kid sister. Jonathan returns to the cabin under his own power and tells a relieved Erin and Ryan he simply went out to pick some flowers. Later, Ryan urges his brother to accept help from professionals so he can have a chance at a normal life. Di agrees to give Del a chance but on the condition that he not give away her true identity. Alone in his room, Jonathan unpacks the explosives he's brought home.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Kendall begins taking hormone shots in anticipation of being implanted with Greenlee's egg. Sam wonders if Ryan might still be alive after hearing Lily's tale about a second "ghost" at the casino. In Canada, Jonathan secretly makes plans to wreak more havoc as Ryan and Erin agree to take their brother to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Though Jackson encourages his daughter to arrange for Ryan's memorial service, Greenlee balks at saying a final farewell to her beloved husband. Brooke accuses Di of yanking Tad around by playing on his emotions. At the safe house, Tad urges Julia to go back into the witness protection program but she insists she can no longer trust the feds to protect her. Later, Julia agrees to stay with Tad for safekeeping. Prodded by Sam, Lily tells Greenlee how she saw Ryan near the gazebo following his "fatal" accident. Di swears to a skeptical Brooke that she would never hurt Tad again. Ryan is appalled to discover that his psychotic sibling has wired an explosive to the bed. After an agitated Greenlee runs off, Sam and Lily give Kendall a heads-up about her hubby's secret. Krystal fishes for information from Del.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Di warns her brother Del not to include any information about Kevin in his upcoming book. Ryan admits to Jonathan how their father's legacy of rage came out in him in recent months and forced him to fake his own death before he hurt anyone else he loved. Later, Ryan convinces his confused sibling to disarm the homemade bomb. Zach fields tough questions from his suspicious wife, who accuses him of helping Greenlee's husband vanish. Greenlee then considers what it would mean if Ryan was still alive. Tad treats Di to a romantic rendezvous in an unconventional setting. Greenlee sees red following a conversation with Babe about the sacrifices people make for love. Sam urges Julia to let him help bring Noah's killers to justice. Tad presses an uneasy Di to reveal the secret she's been holding back about her old flame Kevin Sturgess. Zach calls Erin's cottage with a warning for Ryan

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Babe has an awkward encounter with Jamie and Amanda. Tad pressures Di to divulge the secret she's been keeping about Kevin. Julia asks her nephew why he's become estranged from their family. Zach warns Ryan that his wife is starting to doubt she's a widow. Meanwhile, a rattled Greenlee wonders if Ryan could have been so cruel as to make her believe he'd been killed. Tad explains to Di why Kevin and his cronies are linked to the attempts on Julia's life. Babe is shaken to realize that Amanda has already become Jamie's new main squeeze. Reminding her friend how Lily's perceptions are sometimes altered, Kendall tries to reassure Greenlee that her husband couldn't possibly abandon her. Julia promises a skeptical Sam that Maria never really stopped loving Edmund. Erin urges Ryan to remain hidden while she takes Jonathan to the hospital. Mimi indulges in another round of verbal sparring with an elusive Zach. Finally convinced that Ryan is gone, Greenlee goes full speed ahead with plans for the surrogate pregnancy. Jamie warns Amanda to stop tormenting his ex. Babe agrees to a mutually beneficial alliance with Zach. Greenlee instructs a surprised Kendall to obtain a divorce before the baby arrives. Jonathan watches Ryan and Erin bury the hatchet.

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Posted 10 September 2005 - 11:53 AM


Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Babe explains to her mother why Zach Slater has just become her new best friend. Zach accuses Tad of hiding the truth about Di Kirby at the expense of Julia's safety. Meanwhile, at the Chandler mansion, Di nervously confides to Del how her masquerade has inadvertently endangered Julia's life. JR snarls at Amanda to haul her trashy self away from his brother but Jamie advises him to mind his own business. Danielle continues to suspect that Garret has feelings for her which go far beyond fatherly. Babe's risky scheme to win back little Adam makes Krystal queasy but her daughter remains determined to trick JR into remarrying her. Jamie reminds Amanda that their friendship must remain totally honest with no strings attached. Though Garret challenges his soon-to-be stepdaughter to tell Mimi what she suspects, Danielle reluctantly decides to keep mum after her mother crows about how happy she is with her new man. Jamie gains some insight into Amanda's complex relationship with her troubled mother. Babe has an uphill fight finding chinks in her ex-husband's armor. Krystal warns Di she'll pay if she hurts Tad again. Sensing that the girl is struggling with a problem, Myrtle offers to lend Danielle a sympathetic ear.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Danny confides to Simone how confused she is about Garret's recent behavior. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Derek furiously accuses Mimi's fiance of grandstanding. Zach drags a nervous Di up to an isolated cabin for questioning. Krystal and Adam again put their heads together to discuss Dixie's twisted family tree and the possible existence of a previously unknown half-sister. Simone explains to Ethan why she believes Garret is hitting on his future stepdaughter. Zach orders Di to divulge the information necessary to keep Julia safe. Garret urges Derek to attend Mimi's wedding as a show of family unity for Danielle's sake. After little Adam toddles off and falls into the unattended swimming pool, Babe frantically performs CPR on the child as JR phones for the paramedics. Later, at the ER, the doctor tells a guilt stricken JR how Babe saved his son's life with her quick thinking. Fed up with Krystal's lack of progress, Adam threatens to cut her loose. Josh devises a way to determine Garret's true motivations. Babe bitterly reminds her shaken ex how his negligence nearly led to little Adam's death. Tad hurries to Di's rescue. Krystal and Adam make separate plans to fly to Crow Hollow.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Tad pulls a gun on Zach and orders him to let Di go. Kendall drags her protesting friend to the roadside bar for a night of celebration before the scheduled procedure to harvest Greenlee's eggs the next morning. Jonathan flies into a tizzy at the hospital when he has another vision of his abusive father. Simone, Ethan and Josh convince a leery Danielle to put her future stepfather to the test before he weds Mimi. Sam returns to check on his aunt and is upset to find Julia preparing to leave once again. Meanwhile, Zach warns Tad that his blind loyalty to "Dixie" could cost Maria her beloved sister. Kendall is pleased to bump into Del but Greenlee hisses a warning against hopping into bed with an old flame. Tormented by hallucinations, Jonathan becomes self-destructive as his alarmed siblings look on. Greenlee croons an appropriate song to an amused Kendall during the bar's karaoke hour. As Josh listens from his hiding place, Danielle invites Garret over to Fusion after hours for a "private" tete-a-tete. Di thanks Tad for rescuing her, then is taken aback when he presses her to identify Julia's pursuer. Zach corners his wife after learning of her plans to become a surrogate mother.

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 01:16 AM


Monday, September 12, 2005

Though Di insists she can't help her, Julia asks Tad to leave her alone with her and she'll force the truth out of her. Julia is stunned when Tad explains that Di is really Dixie. Julia asks that she help her for Maria's sake but all Di will admit is that she dated Kevin Sturgess for a while. Tad panics later to find Julia gone from the attic. Dr. Marquay informs Ryan and his sister that their brother is not insane but actually is suffering from a huge brain tumor that could explode at any minute. Asked how this might have started, the doctor suggests that a blow to the head could have done it. Erin remembers her father hitting her brother so hard one time that he needed help but never got it. As the truth sinks in, Ryan realizes that Greenlee was right. Marquay asks them to decide whether Jonathan will have an operation. Insisting he's not the bad guy in this, Zach argues with Kendall and Greenlee about the idea of bringing someone with Ryan's genes into this world. Kendall threatens to divorce him if he tries to stop her. At the hospital Jamie is curious to see JR and Babe not arguing. JR's curious that Babe didn't run off to talk with Jamie but Babe insists that she only wants to be with her son. With Josh secretly watching, Garrett tells Danielle that he knows she's a woman now and offers to get her a place of her own. He hints that he knows she wants to kiss him but when she doesn't confirm his guess, he backs off. After he leaves, Josh rushes out to confirm for Danielle that Garrett was doing everything in his power to seduce her, warning her that he's setting her up so that she'll get the blame. He suggests she tell her mother what's going on but when she finds her parents have ended their bickering, she changes her mind.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kendall awakens gasping from a nightmare about Zach spilling her secret to Erica. Tad explains to Aidan why Julia may have flown the coop. At the hospital, Di thanks Babe for saving little Adam's life. As Erica excitedly prepares for her debut episode of "New Beginnings," Jackson assures his wife she can't fail to make a huge splash on the daytime talk show scene. Ryan wonders how to tell Jonathan that he requires dangerous brain surgery which could end his life. Zach warns Babe she's going to have to get her hands dirty if she intends to bury "Dixie." Lily, Greenlee and Kendall shower a delighted Erica with gifts and good wishes before she goes on the air. Later, Zach puts in an unscheduled appearance at the studio and again berates Greenlee for trying to bring a child into the world for all the wrong reasons. As little Adam is released from the hospital, JR reminds a disappointed Babe she won't be able to see their son again until her next scheduled visitation. Tad gets defensive when Aidan suggests that Dixie may have changed more than her ex-husband is willing to admit. Jonathan agrees to undergo surgery despite the inherent risks. Zach asks Kendall if she can give away a baby the same way her own mother did.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A fretful Ryan and Erin wait impatiently for word on their brother as Jonathan goes under the knife. To wild applause from her studio audience, Erica finally kicks off the debut episode of her long-awaited "New Beginnings." Zach warns his wife how hard it will be to give up Ryan's child to Greenlee after it's born. As Erica dedicates her first show to the great city of New York, former mayor Rudy Giuliani wishes her luck with her new venture. Later, "New Beginnings" showcases some of the Big Apple's sights and citizens for Erica's hordes of viewers. In the hospital's waiting room, Ryan confides to Erin how hard Greenlee tried to convince him that he truly wasn't a lost cause. Meanwhile, Greenlee admits to Kendall that Zach may have a point about his wife growing attached to the child she may soon be carrying but she promises her friend she can be as much a part of the baby's life as she wishes to be.

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Posted 16 September 2005 - 08:03 PM


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ryan explains to Erin why he can't go back to Greenlee even though he now knows he doesn't suffer from the "Lavery curse." Meanwhile, a frustrated Zach fails in his efforts to dissuade his wife from becoming a surrogate mother. As the premiere episode of "New Beginnings" continues, Erica highlights even more of the famous and fascinating folks of New York City. Kendall reassures her nervous friend as Greenlee waits for her medical procedure to begin. Erica's adventure in the Big Apple finally concludes with a trip to Gracie Mansion for a chat with Mayor Bloomberg, who presents her with a "Made in NY" t-shirt as a memento of her visit. From their vantage point in the front row, a beaming Jackson and Lily join the studio audience in hearty applause while Erica takes her bows. After coming out of the anesthesia, Greenlee is thrilled to learn that Greg was able to harvest more than a dozen eggs from her ovaries. Certain that disaster is lurking ahead for Kendall and Greenlee, Zach confides the women's secret to a startled Myrtle. A face from Ryan's shady past re-emerges and threatens to blow the whistle on his bogus death scam. Kendall is surprised when Greenlee warmly welcomes a rare phone call from her absentee mother. Erica and her family celebrate after on-line critics and chat rooms rate her first show a tremendous hit. Zach admits to Myrtle how he can't understand why everyone in Pine Valley seems to regard Ryan as some sort of tragic hero. Hoping for some help from her old flame, Danny arrives at the studio but gets the cold shoulder from Reggie. Ryan warns Henson to keep mum or face jail for the insurance con game he's been running. Greenlee tells Kendall how the prospect of imminent motherhood has given her a new perspective on Mary's issues. Myrtle senses that Zach is holding on to a secret about Ryan. Lily suggests to her brother that he misses Danielle much more than he lets on.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Unaware that both Tad and Julia are also lurking in the hidden passageways, Babe eavesdrops on JR and Di from behind the Chandler mansion's walls. Amanda again tries out her tired-out seduction routine on an annoyed Aidan. Zach drops by Kendall's place with a bottle of expensive champagne and proposes that they drink a toast to her baby. Di privately admits to Del how scared she is of losing everything she's worked so hard to obtain. Garret presents a delighted Mimi with an early wedding present as Danielle looks on. Eyeing her husband's act of contrition with open suspicion, Kendall icily rejects both the olive branch and the champagne. JR catches his ex snooping in Di's bedroom and demands an explanation. Reggie begins to soften towards Danielle but hardens his heart once more when Josh happens by. Mimi accuses Aidan of screwing up her case after spotting him in close conversation with Kirsten. Di glumly reminds Del of the major mistakes she's made since she ran away from Crow Hollow. Zach confesses to Kendall that his feelings towards her have changed dramatically in the last few months. Tad discovers a love letter hidden in Di's bureau. Grateful when Zach insists he's fine with her pregnancy plans, Kendall tells her spouse she's realized he's a much better person than she first imagined. Del promises "Dixie" he'll back her play to the bitter end. Garret begins to show his true colors.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

As Julia listens in from the secret passageway, Tad urges Di to reveal what she knows about who killed Noah. Jamie warns Babe she's way out of her league if she thinks she can scam his brother again. At the Chandler mansion, Stuart gives JR some fatherly advice about forgiveness and making a fresh start. Mimi invites a pleased Garret to stay at her place with Danielle after a police emergency calls her away the night before their wedding. Horrified to stumble over Kirsten's body in the alley behind SOS, Amanda asks Aidan if he killed her. Krystal bumps into Adam in Crow Hollow and reminds him that they're each working independently now. Unnerved to learn that Garret will be spending the night, Danielle tells him she's decided to remain in Pine Valley instead of moving to New York with him and her mother. Aidan accuses Mimi of contributing to Kirsten's untimely demise but she snarls at him to back off of her investigation. Di explains to Tad why she's highly reluctant to sacrifice her own safety and possibly her very life by naming names. Jamie gets nowhere trying to talk Babe into abandoning her dangerous scheme. Garret walks in on a naked Danielle as she exits the shower. Krystal uses her feminine wiles on one of the lovesick locals to try to worm out some sordid details about the Hunkel clan. JR comes to the Pine Cone motel with questions for Babe about her recent conversation with his sibling. Promising to call her if anything breaks with their case, Derek convinces a grateful Mimi to go home to her fianc?. Jamie leaps to Amanda's defense after Aidan snaps at the girl for meddling where she doesn't belong. Adam and Krystal enter a moonshine drinking contest. Danielle finally blurts out her suspicions to her astonished mother. Brandishing a gun, Julia emerges from her hiding place to confront a trembling Di.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Danielle hesitantly informs her stunned mother that Garret has been coming on to her for quite a while now. Pointing her gun at Di, Julia orders her to identify the Dragon or else. As a rolling blackout plunges much of Pine Valley into darkness, Di spots her opportunity and lunges at Julia, knocking the weapon to the floor. Tad finds Zach in his house and threatens to call the police but his uninvited guest counters with accusations of his own. After listening to her anguished daughter's concerns, Mimi decides to confront Garret head-on. Jonathan's doctor tells Ryan and Erin their brother will live but cautions they won't know the extent of any brain damage until he awakens. Julia finally wrestles the gun back from Di and angrily repeats her demands. Freaked out after learning her future surrogate was involved in a minor car accident, Greenlee insists that Kendall give up driving for the next nine months. Ryan recalls for Erin how his wife never left his side when he was hospitalized and close to death. Zach urges Tad to work with him to find the letter "Dixie" left behind to be opened in the event of her untimely death. Greenlee apologizes to Kendall for overreacting, then tearfully admits how scared she is that she'll never recover from losing Ryan. Di warns Julia she won't survive if she dares to take on the Dragon and suggests that there may be another way to get the information she needs. Facing questions from his fiancee, Garret calmly denies Danielle's allegations and claims instead that the girl has been chasing him for weeks. As Ryan listens in, Erin phones Greenlee to see how she's making out. Outraged by Garret's lies, Danielle begs Mimi to believe her but is devastated when her mother sides with the man she loves. Later, Mimi orders Danielle to leave.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

As Mimi prepares to walk down the aisle, Jackson quietly reminds Reggie to be on his best behavior around the bride's daughter. Danny finally arrives with Josh, who hauls off and punches Garret right in the mouth. JR begins to wonder where his father flew off to without telling anyone his plans. Meanwhile, Adam awakens in Crow Hollow and is alarmed to find Krystal beside him. Equally horrified by the sight of her bedmate, Krystal fears things may have gotten out of hand following the moonshine drinking contest. Julia hides in the passageway when Tad knocks on Di's door once again. A sputtering Mimi threatens to have Josh arrested for assault, then tearfully insists to Derek that their daughter is lying in order to stop her wedding. Tad appeals to Di to show him her letter but she continues to play dumb. After Garret vehemently declares his innocence, Livia pulls her niece aside and asks the girl for the whole truth. Tad tries to trick Del into revealing his sister's secret, while Julia guesses that Di is planning to meet with the Dragon. Babe and JR attend a CPR class together. Adam can't resist sneaking a peek when a naked Krystal slips out from between the sheets. Though Mimi staunchly defends her groom, Derek and Reggie find it impossible to believe that Danny would invent such a terrible story. Julia promises she won't follow Di to her risky rendezvous. Babe works to rekindle old feelings in JR as they practice CPR on one another. Livia advises a postponement of the nuptials until the situation with Danielle has been resolved but an angry Mimi refuses to call off the ceremony even after most of her guests walk out. As his memory returns, Adam informs a cringing Krystal that they did indeed do the deed. Garret and Mimi finally tie the knot with only Jackson and Livia looking on. Krystal and Adam discover that they got hitched during their drunken spree. Garret is revealed to be the Dragon.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Appalled to find a marriage certificate from the state of West Virginia, Krystal rails at Adam for taking advantage of her vulnerable state. Tad discovers a shaken Amanda hiding in the detective agency's office. Fresh from her wedding ceremony, Mimi warns Zach she won't stop until she's tracked Julia down. Meanwhile, Del encounters Julia in his sister's bedroom at the Chandler mansion. Garret plants a kiss on Di, who recalls how he lost all interest in her once she grew into adulthood. Declaring that he never stopped loving her, Reggie assures Dani her word is enough for him to believe her accusations against her sleazy new stepfather. After Willie confirms that he performed the ceremony for Krystal and her groom, Adam groans to learn how he promised all the other patrons of the bar a free trip to New York City for a big wedding reception. Mimi informs Zach that Kevin Sturgis has turned up dead in Thailand. Tad is taken aback when Amanda hints that she and Jamie may be getting serious about one another. Del tells a grateful Julia he's sure "Dixie" will be able to help her. Though Garret insists Julia must join her late husband, Di continues to plead her case to save Noah's widow from the same fate. Dani thanks Reggie for his moral support. Zach accuses Tad of blowing Kevin's cover and causing yet another man's death. Di reminds Garret he'll pay dearly if anything unfortunate happens to her. Krystal startles Adam by threatening to fight any divorce proceedings unless he signs over half of everything he owns.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Di returns home to discover Mimi and Derek placing a fuming Julia into protective custody. Meanwhile, Garret orders his operatives to finish Julia off for good. Kendall comes to the fertility clinic to check on the status of Ryan's samples in the wake of the city-wide blackout. Jonathan comes out of his medically induced coma and finds his anxious siblings peering down at him. Greenlee questions Zach about his surprising change of heart concerning his wife's plans to carry another man's child. Danny warns Garret she's determined to make her mother understand what a creep she's married. Tad convinces Mimi to give him fifteen minutes alone with Julia and Di. Erin and Ryan struggle to make sense of Jonathan's barely coherent mumblings as he rambles on in the first few minutes after awakening. The doctor assures the Laverys, however, that their brother's brain is simply trying to "reboot" following surgery. Garret tells his scowling stepdaughter he can work wonders for her if she'll simply put herself in his capable hands. Kendall asks Greg to perform the implantation right away instead of waiting for her morning appointment. Across town, Greenlee pressures Zach to obtain a quickie divorce. Tad urges Julia not to give up hope just because Del ratted her out. Danny icily rejects Garret's repulsive offer. Hazel privately cautions Greg he may be opening up a can of worms by carrying out the procedure on Erica's daughter. Ryan explains to Jonathan why he no longer needs to fear his own behavior. Later, Jonathan suffers a seizure and loses consciousness again.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Kendall informs a startled Greenlee she may already be pregnant with her child. Josh promises Danny he won't give up until he's collected enough dirt to bury her sleazy stepfather. Julia clams up after being placed in a cell under protective custody. Meanwhile, a frightened Di again entreats Garret to let Julia live but he icily advises her to let the matter drop unless she wants her own precarious existence turned upside down. Erica thanks Greg for his gracious gesture during her premiere, then asks the doctor to forgive her for jumping to the wrong conclusions after finding Greenlee's syringe. After Kendall explains why she underwent the implantation procedure ahead of schedule, Greenlee berates her surrogate for leaving her out of the loop on one of the biggest days of her life. Though Josh blames himself for inadvertently putting his friend in Garret's path, Danny assures him he's not the least bit responsible for her current predicament. As two FBI agents arrive to escort Julia out of Pine Valley, Tad appeals to Di once more to do the right thing before it's too late. Sensing that the doctor is lonely, Erica decides to introduce Greg into the cream of local society. Greenlee admits to Kendall how jealous she is of her ability to carry Ryan's baby to term. Derek swears to his daughter that Garret will pay for what he's done. Mimi regretfully informs her new husband they'll have to postpone their honeymoon a while longer. Julia escapes from her guards and flees into the night. Later, she unwittingly hitches a ride with her worst enemy as she hops into Garret's car.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Krystal saunters into the Chandler mansion and cheerfully announces to an appalled JR that she is his brand new stepmother. At the hospital, David berates Jamie for dumping his daughter and trading her for a medical career. Danny leaps to her friend's defense when Amanda snarls at Josh. At the police station, Tad and Zach both pressure Di to name names. Meanwhile, Julia hitches a ride with Garret but soon realizes to her dismay that they aren't traveling on the road to Philadelphia after all. JR demands answers from Adam, who glumly admits to his son how he and Krystal tied the knot during a night of drunken debauchery. David hints to Jamie that Tad hasn't won back Dixie no matter what he may believe. Mimi issues an APB after learning of Julia's escape. Garret relates for Julia how he and Noah were childhood friends, then claims he's anxious to help her settle the score for her late husband. Jamie warns David to put the brakes on Babe before she carries out her demented plan to remarry JR. Krystal reminds Adam she'll require half of all his assets before she'll sign any divorce papers. Questioned by Mimi, Di continues to insist she knows nothing about the Dragon. Finally convinced of her new acquaintance's sincerity, Julia lets down her guard and puts away her gun. Later, Di sneaks in a call to Garret to ask him again about Julia's uncertain future. Out of her new hubby's earshot, a gleeful Krystal confides to Babe how she teamed up with some good ol' boys in Crow Hollow to run a scam on Adam. Mimi places Zach, Tad and Di under arrest.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Krystal explains to her concerned daughter how she can work as an inside operative now that she's Mrs. Adam Chandler. Meanwhile, JR scolds his chagrined father for making the enormous mistake of consummating his misbegotten marriage. Garret brings Julia up to his secret and highly secure hideaway for "safekeeping." Forced to share a jail cell, Tad snipes at Zach for putting Di in hot water once more. As Derek questions Kendall about Jimmy's untimely demise, Mimi gets nowhere pressuring Di to spill what she knows of the Dragon. David storms into the Chandler mansion to confront JR but is taken aback to learn that the young man has just acquired a surprising step-mama. Zach urges his worried wife to say nothing about what she witnessed at Wildwind. Julia confides to Garret how long she's waited to face the man who murdered her beloved Noah. Krystal tells an appalled Babe why she had to bed Adam to seal the deal. Though Greenlee hisses at her to remember why she can't risk going to prison, Kendall tells Derek who really was responsible for Jimmy's death. Krystal announces her big news to Di and a stunned Tad. Startled to spot a dragon tattoo on Garret's back, Julia realizes she's walked straight into her enemy's trap. Zach thanks Kendall for getting him sprung from the hoosegow. David entreats his daughter to abandon her reckless plan but Babe orders him out of her life.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

As she prepares to accept the "Treasured Citizen" award from Pine Valley's Chamber of Commerce, Erica demands answers from Greg about Greenlee's efforts to conceive a child. Meanwhile, an angry Kendall reminds Zach how he claimed to be on board with her plans to act as her stepsister's surrogate. Babe and Krystal hastily attempt to do damage control after David blurts out his daughter's plan to a startled JR. Fed up with Di's endless delaying tactics, Tad pressures her one more time to give him the name he needs. Realizing she's finally face to face with the Dragon, Julia fears her life is about to come to an end. Garret reveals that his gun is unloaded, however, and insists he never had any intention of killing her or Noah. Though JR wonders if she's been playing him, Babe laughs off David's accusation as the ravings of a consummate liar. Greenlee prods her friend to dump Zach but Kendall balks at divorcing while she's so hormonal. Later, Zach promises his grateful wife he'll do whatever he can to make the next nine months as comfortable for her as possible. Greg reminds Erica why he cannot give her any confidential information about his patients. Garret tells a startled Julia how closely he's followed her every move for the entire nine years she was in the witness protection program. Di sadly hints to a perplexed Tad that everything could end for them once he reads her letter. Krystal is pleased as punch after Adam accidentally knocks David cold with a video camera. Garret makes it appallingly clear to Julia why he's kept her alive this long.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Flustered by new feelings for Zach, Kendall sheepishly admits to JR how she seems to be falling for her husband. Tad orders Alfred to turn over Dixie's letter. Meanwhile, Di comes to Garret's hideaway and asks him to release Julia unharmed. Krystal warns Adam she'll take him for everything he has if he attempts to throw her out of the mansion. Alfred finally agrees to give Zach and Tad what they want. David urges his angry daughter to abandon her brainless plan to lasso JR into marriage once again. Kendall is astonished to realize that JR has picked up an old torch for his ex-wife. Garret reminds Di how nobody ever loved or cared for her the way he did. Scoffing at Kendall's theory, JR claims he still hates Babe as much as ever, then seeks to prove it by planting a kiss on his guest. Adam suggests to Krystal that they settle their differences without attorneys or offspring in the mix. Garret advises Di to walk away and forget Julia before she risks losing everything she's gained since she decided to impersonate her late half-sister. Alfred pulls a double-cross on Tad and Zach. Babe furiously reminds her father how his latest stunt just may have cost her little Adam. Kendall delivers Chandler Enterprises back into a delighted JR's hands. Adam and Krystal share a bed through an uneasy night. Determined to repel the Dragon, Julia arms herself with a sharpened stick. JR promises to repay Kendall for her kindness. David finally reveals Di's secret to Babe.

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