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Survivor 34: Game Changers - Episode Recaps

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This is where you'll find recaps of each week's episode of Season 34, Survivor: Game Changers.  Please let us know what you think after each episode!



Who is looking forward to a good season...

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20 of the biggest game changers are back to battle it out in Fiji as Survivor kicks off its 500th episode. This is Survivor: Game Changers. 39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor!


Jeff comes on to the ship with the 20 survivors and welcomes them to the 34th season. He says they were each hand-picked because they have proven they will make moves to change the game. He asks Ozzy how much time, when he’s not playing survivor, is spent thinking about the mistakes he’s made. He then asks JT if it matters there are a handful of winners there. JT points out Sandra is the only two-time winner. He asks Zeke if he feels pressure because he’s with a group of people who know how to play survivor.


Those with an orange buff are Hali, Caleb, Troyzan, Sandra, Aubry, Tony, Michaela, Varner, Ciera, and Malcolm are the Mana tribe. Those with the blue buffs are Debbie, Tai, Andrea, Cirie, Culpepper, Sierra, Sarah, JT, Ozzy, and Zeke and are the Nuku tribe.


This season maybe more than any other you’re going to have be more aware and be willing to do anything to anybody to move you forward in the game. The boat is loaded with supplies and they will want to grab everything they can to take with them. This is the way they started the very first season of Survivor. With one game changing twist. There is a life saver in the water. On either side of the ring there are two sets of color coded ropes. The first person to untie their knots, they will untie a massive tool kit for their tribe. It’s their first advantage in the game. Survivor: Game Changers is on!


Ozzy is first in the water to go after the tool kit. Malcolm says Ozzy is here, no one is getting that tool kit. Andrea picks up a burlap bag and underneath is a secret advantage, but she doesn’t see it and steps over it. A few minutes later Sierra sees it and picks it up and hides it in her waist band. People are stealing items and Jeff says that’s what you can expect on a season called Game Changers. Ozzy gets the tool kit untied and everyone is getting in the water with their items. Jeff says this is a massive head start for one tribe. For one of them, it’s another chance at a million dollars. Good luck!


We are with the Mana tribe and they are carrying their things in and hugging each other. Michaela thinks her best chance to win is to schmooze everyone. They start gathering bamboo and Tony says he’s out and going to look for the idol. Malcolm sends Caleb and Sandra to watch Tony so they at least know if he gets it. Tony can’t believe he isn’t being followed and he said he was going to say he was just joking with them. Sandra says it’s not smart to take Tony out so early. Caleb says he has high spirits and stirring up trouble, but that’s just Tony.


We move to the Nuku tribe and them arriving at camp. Zeke says he has the greatest tribe ever with Cirie, Ozzy, and JT. Zeke wants to get his hands dirty and lather himself in the blood of his enemies. They see some goats and they are trying to figure out if they can get them. Sarah says she’s going to be the silent assassin. Sierra opens the advantage and it’s the legacy advantage. She’s guaranteed immunity but she can only use it when there are 13 people left in the game or 6 people left in the game and if she’s voted out she must will it to another player in any tribe. Culpepper wants people to come to him this time instead of playing aggressive.


Sierra talks to Culpepper and then Ozzy. Ozzy says the competition is fierce and big moves always require big risks. Ozzy tells Sierra says he’s a little scared of Cirie because they played together and she helped get him out. He says this time around he needs to be the master of blindsides and Cirie is his first target.


Cirie tells us she knew it was a problem when Ozzy was on her tribe. She asks him if they are good or if they are coming in with baggage. She says it felt like they were solid so maybe everyone will remain calm. Ozzy tells Tai and JT that Cirie is not a physical player. Tai says he likes Cirie and he doesn’t want to get caught in the middle. Tai talks to Cirie about Ozzy and tells her she needs to work it out with him. Cirie immediately questions Tai and realizes her and Ozzy don’t have a clean slate after all.


Back at Mana Tony says he’s going to get water and asks if anyone needs water. Tony says they have all played before so while everyone is talking Tony goes to build himself a “bunker”. He says he has what it takes to win the game, adaptability. He says if they get fooled again, shame on then. Troyzan comes around and catches him digging and says Tony has a guilty face. Troyzan tells Malcolm he caught Tony digging and doesn’t know if he found something or not. The rumor quickly spreads to Hali and she shared it with some of the women.


Ciera says she knows Tony played once and won and so he’s coming in arrogant and she can’t wait to teach him a lesson. She suggests they get rid of Tony first, or split the votes and get rid of Caleb. Varner says it might not be good to get rid of Caleb because they need him because he’s strong. Malcolm doesn’t want them to go at all, and he’s suspicious of Ciera because she’s the one tossing names out.


It’s time for our first immunity challenge. For today’s challenge, they are going to race to a raft and row out to a platform. One person will then swim out to retrieve a set of keys. They will all then make their way over a series of obstacles back to the beach where they’ll dig up two bags of puzzle pieces. They’ll then use the keys to unlock a chest which will release a third bag of puzzle pieces. They’ll use the pieces inside the bag to solve a ship’s wheel puzzle. First tribe to solve their puzzle and raise their flag wins immunity. He reveals the immunity idol which looks like scuba headgear. There is another twist this season. If there is a tie at tribal council, there will be NO revote. They will immediately go to a tie breaker. That means if there is a tie there will be an open discussion in front of everybody. If they can unanimously agree which of the tribe members should go home, then they go home. But if they can’t unanimously agree, the members who received votes will become safe and everyone else draws rocks and someone else goes home. Jeff asks how that changes thing and Andrea says it makes splitting the vote much riskier.


Alright, here we go for immunity and Jeff tells them to go. Both teams are close but Nuku is a shade ahead. Ozzy is the first in the water for Nuku and Hali is in the water for Mana. Ozzy gets his untied first and he heads back. Hali is not far behind. Ozzy gets back first and Nuku is the first to begin the obstacles. Hali gets back and Mana can begin their obstacles. Nuku is the first back to the beach and Culpepper and JT start digging. Mana is back and Tony and Malcolm are digging. JT found the first bag for Nuku and they find their second. Caleb found the first bag for Mana and Malcolm comes to help Tony and they find the second. Debbie is working on her lock and struggling. Varner unlocks two of their locks and passes Debbie. Debbie finally gets hers and gets them unlocked and Nuku is back in the lead. Cirie and Zeke are working on the puzzle for the Nuku. Varner quickly finishes his chest and Sierra and Sandra begin working on the puzzle for Mana. Both teams have their first section. Zeke and Cirie think they have it, but it doesn’t fit. Sandra and Sierra think they have it, but they aren’t done. Zeke and Cirie get the second part done. Sandra and Sierra don’t have it and Cirie and Zeke are done. Nuku has won immunity.


Mana is back at camp and Varner says losing the first challenge is nothing new to him because it’s happened every time he’s played. Varner does not want to vote out Tony yet. Malcolm tells Tony and Caleb that Ciera has already thrown their names out. Varner says when you talk about game changers, Ciera has voted out her mom. Malcolm, Caleb, Tony, Varner, and Aubry are all at the water hole and talking when Ciera comes in. They suggest to Ciera to vote out Michaela out. Michaela asks Tony and Caleb who Ciera thinks is going home and Tony tells her it’s her. Michaela isn’t happy about that and she realizes she reacted wrong. Tony says she’s scary and he tells Malcolm Michaela is freaking out. Sandra says if push comes to shove they can take Ciera out any time.


It’s time for tribal council and they all get their torches and get fire. Jeff asks Tony when they have a season called game changers, there’s a bit of expectation. Tony says yeah it is, and when he was racing around they all slowed him down. Jeff asks Malcolm if he seen that. Malcolm says yes, Tony was literally running around. Jeff asks Aubry asks how big a part impressions from the past will play in the game. Aubry says they look each other and try to decide if they’re the same they saw on TV or if they are a little different. Jeff says to Caleb that he’s in a different position strategically because he really didn’t get a chance to play and show them. Caleb says yeah honestly, it can help him because they don’t know what he’s capable of but on the other side it could frighten them a little bit.


Jeff says Michaela what impression do you think they have of you out of the gate. She says she hopes she made a good impression, but she’s not playing with people who want to be her best friend and somebody’s got to go and it would be kind of punkish on a season called game changers to be too easy of one. Jeff says Sandra that is the kind of answer a very experienced player gives. Sandra says yes, Michaela has been a pleasure, the group loves her. Jeff says if it was going to be an easy vote wouldn’t you be the vote, a two-time winner? Sandra says everyone loves her, what can she say? She’s a perfect person to go to the end with because who will give her another million dollars and these people are playing for the second, third, and fourth time, how many times do they have to play to get the million dollars? She says if you’re going to do it, do it now and do it with Sandra. Everyone laughs.


Jeff asks Varner what happened today when they got back from the immunity challenge. Varner says a group took off to the well to talk about what they wanted to do, and then someone comes along and then you see another group take off down the beach. He says it’s very unsettling. Jeff asks Hali what the criteria would be for tonight’s vote. Hali says tonight’s vote has two components. They have challenges and weakness they are concerned about and also people got their feather’s ruffled by talk that went around and loose lips sink ships and that’s part of it too. Jeff asks Ciera why the big reaction and she says she wasn’t sure if Hali was talking about her with the loose lips comment and she wonders if she’s in the majority, but she’s going to stick with the plan and vote what she believes is the majority. Jeff asks Michaela if she’s nervous that it might be her. Michaela says she’ll be surprised if she gets out of there without at least one vote against her. Jeff asks Sandra if she had to put a title on the first three days what would you call it. Sandra says the unknown. Jeff says alright, it is time to vote.


We see Ciera write Michaela’s name and Michaela writes Ciera’s name. Jeff will tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and wants to play it now would be the time to do so. Time to read the votes. First vote, Michaela. Ciera. Cierra. Cierra. Ciera. Ciera. That’s five votes Ciera. First person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers is Ciera. Ciera the tribe has spoken. She wishes them luck. Jeff says well no matter how much the game evolves, one thing remains true: blindsides never goes out of style.


The next day they are back at Mana camp. Tony says he’s bored and tired of sitting back and he wants to get into gear and he wants to make some moves. He talks to Aubry at the well. Aubry wants to play with people are threats. They think Malcolm and Caleb and Sandra. Tony has the same strategy to keep the threats. Sandra says the only way a winner can win is if they sit next to a winner in the finals. Tony pitches to Sandra and she’s in, because as long as it’s not her she doesn’t care who goes.


We visit the Nuku tribe and they are getting up and we Tai taking care of the chickens. JT is scraping corn off a cob and Tai tells him not to get it all so they can feed the chickens the corn. JT says this is a game where everything you do could put a target on you. It’s night time at Mana and everyone is laying down…except Tony. Tony goes to finish his spy bunker so he can get control of the game. He digs and covers himself and he hides to listen as Sandra and Troyzan come up and start talking. Tony says he hears his name and he confront them and he catches them in a lie. Tony says he wanted to work with Sandra but if she’s going to sneak around then he will have to get rid of her. Sandra says she thought she was aligned with him but he questioned her like the fuzz do and she doesn’t want to do that again. She says Tony needs to go home.


Back at Nuku they are laying around and chatting. JT and Ozzy are talking that they feel strong. Cirie sees them talking and she says knows Ozzy is coming for her. She needs to weed out who she can play with. Cirie talks to Sarah and tries to make an alliance but Sarah says her word is not her bond this time and if Cirie has to go then she’s ok with it. Cirie then talks to Zeke and wants to work with him but Zeke says he wants to work with her but Cirie is arguably the most dangerous player in the game. Cirie then talks to Debbie with the same pitch trying to get an alliance going. Debbie says she doesn’t trust Cirie and doesn’t think Cirie is being truthful for her.


Sandra comes down to wash a pot and Hali is there and Sandra fills her in on Tony’s alliance of five. Sandra says you know the saying the king is only the king until the queen arrives? She says she’s here and she was born to play this game. Sandra also talks to Troyzan and he talks to Michaela. Troyzan says he thinks Varner is with them too. Varner says Sandra created an alliance of five in 15 minutes. He says that’s scary, she knows what she’s doing and she’s won twice for a reason. He says when two winners go at each other, it gets ugly fast. He can’t wait to see the fireworks.


Aubry is talking to Tony and he fills her in on his mistrust of Sandra. Tony says he doesn’t like what’s brewing and he has to put a stop to it. Tony doesn’t mind snake, but weasels he’s not too fond of. Tony goes to talk to Malcolm and Malcolm says he’s all about strength and he doesn’t want Sandra to mobilize her forces. Tony talks to Caleb and he wants the tribe to stay strong too. Caleb says he can’t trust either Tony or Sandra, but he feels he can trust Tony more than Sandra. Caleb says playing with Tony is dangerous, but they have to keep the tribe strong.


Nuku getting their first look at the Mana tribe. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, six members of each tribe are going to race out into the ocean, across a balance beam, to a cage where they’ll crawl up and over the cage and untie a very long and very heavy snake. They’ll push it back up over the cage, race back to the shore, put the snake in its cradle where the three remaining tribe members will until tiles, which they’ll use to solve a combination lock that will release a series of rings they’ll attempt to land on a target which will flip up to spell immunity. The first tribe to spell immunity is immune and the loser will go to tribal council. They are also playing a fishing kit.


Nuku is sitting Cirie out. Both tribes are neck and neck, but they can’t go over the cage until everyone is at the cage. Nuku is a shade ahead of Mana. Varner is hanging on to the cage and trying to direct the tribe. Nuku already has their snake untied. Nuku lifting the snake, and it’s very heavy. Jeff says it weighs 400 pounds. Nuku is working together to get the snake over. Mana is still trying to untie their snake. Nuku has their snake out and they all go over. Mana has their snake untied. Caleb and Tony working together to get the snake up and over. Varner is struggling, he says he doesn’t have the strength. Mana finally has their snake out. Nuku has their snake in the cradle. JT, Ciera, and Debbie have the number tiles for Nuku. Mana drops their snake in the water off the balance beam. Debbie has her number tiles and she’s working on the combination. Mana drops their snake again. Debbie releases the combination lock and has the rings. Sierra has the rings and has the first letter. Troyzan falls off the beam and has to go back. JT has the second and third letters. Sierra has the fourth letter. Mana is just now getting back with their snake and putting it on the cradle. Sandra, Michaela, and Malcolm are working on the knots and getting their numbered tiles. Malcolm is working on the combination lock. Sierra has the fifth letter. Malcolm has the chest unlocked and starts tossing and has the first letter. JT gets the sixth letter. Malcolm has the second and third letters. Malcolm then gets the fourth letter, fifth, and sixth letters. It’s tied six to six. JT gets the seventh letter. Michaela asks if Malcolm needs a break and he declines. JT hits the last letter and Nuku wins immunity.


Back at camp they talk about the challenge and their struggles with the snake. Michaela says the challenge was deplorable and it’s frustrating because she’s a strong player. Tony leaves and as soon as he does Sandra says Tony has to go. Sandra is worried about an idol and is afraid they have to split votes. Hali and Troyzan and Sandra approach Caleb about voting Tony out. Tony comes up and Sandra throws Aubry’s name out. Tony says he doesn’t want that because Sandra will have numbers so he has to be a big move. Tony talks to Caleb and says she’s dangerous. Caleb realizes they need one more person to have numbers and Tony says go after Michaela and flip her. Caleb talks to Michaela and Varner and talks to them about keeping the tribe strong. Michaela knows Tony is a threat, but she doesn’t want to keep losing challenges. Varner says he’s in heaven seeing this going on.


Time for tribal council. Jeff asks Tony about having back to back losses. Tony says they went into the challenge feeling strong, but they aren’t giving up. Jeff asks Malcolm if the strong people should feel safer. Malcolm says yes because if they don’t have strong people, they will have problems moving forward. Jeff asks Michaela what she was thinking when Malcolm threw ring after ring and she says she’s in the game because she’s a strong physical player. She says it doesn’t make sense to send strong physical players home right now. Sandra says now she is scared and Jeff asks what she means. Sandra says if they’re saying a weak player then maybe she should be afraid, but if you look back and put the strongest players in the right position, they could still come out behind. So what does it mean to be physical right now? Jeff says Troyzan it’s tricky and Troyzan says yeah we’ll be 50% less paranoid after the vote. Tony brings up to Jeff about the Sandra and Troyzan sneaking off. Jeff says going back to Sandra’s point in his season Tony lead the decisions and are they expecting him to be that guy. Tony says he doesn’t know about the leading part but he knows about the lying and the dishonesty, but that’s not the game he’s playing. Varner says he believes Tony. Caleb also believes him and Malcolm nods too. Jeff asks Varner what is his play right now and Varner says we are a round hole right now and it’s time to get rid of our square peg. Jeff says wow, Tony, what do you think that means. Tony says I’m not sure. Sandra says he hopes he’s not the square peg and they all chuckle. It’s time to vote.


We see Sandra vote for Aubry. It’s time to tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and wants to play now is the time to do so. Time to read the votes. Aubry is the first vote. Tony, Aubry, Tony, Tony, Tony. Second person voted out of Survivor game changers is Tony. Tony says the sheep being lead to the slaughter. Sandra says that’s what you get for plotting against me. Tony, the tribe has spoken. Jeff says it’s interesting that both votes have been decided by the group which means it’s only a matter of time before the finger is pointed at you.

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We start immediately with Jeff calling everyone in. Nuku gets their first look at the new Mana tribe with Tony getting voted out at the last tribal council. Jeff says let’s see how savvy you guys are as a group. He says what’s happening? Everyone waits and then Zeke says we’re about to swap and Jeff says you’re right. Everybody, drop your buffs. Sandra says he was leading the sheep to slaughter and she hopes she’s on the right side with the strongest people.


Everyone doesn’t want to look and they all pick blind. There is a new tribe, a green buff, and they are going to three tribes. The new Mana tribe is Caleb, Hali, Culpepper, Tai, Sierra, and Debbie. The new Nuku tribe is Sandra, Michaela, JT, Malcolm, Aubrey, and Varner. Jeff asks Tai how it feels to be reunited with Caleb. Jeff also points out JT is the only one from his tribe to be on his beach with a new tribe. The new tribe is called Tavua and has Troyzan, Andrea, Zeke, Ozzy, Cirie, and Sarah. Jeff points out Troyzan is the odd man out on his new tribe. He gives the new tribe a map to their beach and flint. They are starting over.


JT is showing everyone around his camp. Malcolm is excited they now have the tool kit and the chickens and he notices they decorated their shelter. Varner feels like the won a reward. JT says he was kind of happy about the swap. JT is going to take them snorkeling so he can get back to camp and start looking for an immunity idol. The rest of the tribe speculate what JT is doing and they think he might be looking for an idol.


Over at Mana, Culpepper starts decorating their new camp. Culpepper says their four original Nuku will stick together and Hali thinks maybe with Caleb there she will be a less likely target. Culpepper wants to get rid of Caleb first because he played with Debbie and Tai. Tai talked to Caleb and told him he would be ok, but he may have to betray his friend or betray Culpepper.


The new Tavua comes into their new camp and Zeke says everything is congenial for now, but he points out Troyzan is on the outs for obvious reasons. Ozzy says he feels like he has to take the lead and help them get started on building their camp. Zeke and Cirie talk and he assures Cirie she is safe. Cirie says she thinks Ozzy is still skittish with her and he’s trying to cultivate a relationship with him. Ozzy says originally he didn’t trust Cirie, but now he needs to try and trust her and Troyzan could be an easy first vote. Andrea also points out that Survivor is a numbers game so they are all trying to make Troyzan feel comfortable. Troyzan says he learned from his first experience and he begins looking for the idol. Back at camp the others don’t want him to get it. Troyzan sees a bottle stuck in the sand and he has found a clue to the hidden immunity idol which shows the location, which will be at the immunity challenge in the corner of a table.


We are at Nuku and JT tells his new tribemates about the goats and they talk about catching them. JT and Malcolm begin trying to catch a goat. JT caught a goat and hands it to Sandra and goes to help Malcolm with a second goat. They caught two goats. Malcolm says they aren’t going to kill the goat, but they have to be careful with Sandra because she wants to eat it. Sandra doesn’t see anything wrong with killing and eating a goat. Malcolm says this is the goat version of Bambi. No one wants to kill the goat except Sandra. Varner says he wants to let them go. They decide instead to eat the chickens and they let the goats go.


Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, three members of each tribe will be tied together. On Jeff’s go, they’ll work together to get through a series of obstacles. They’ll then grab a bucket, fill it with water, make their way over a giant teeter-totter transferring the water until they have enough to lower the gate. The three remaining tribe members will then work together to solve a puzzle. First two tribes to finish win immunity, safe from the vote. Losers go to tribal council where the third person will be voted out of the game. In addition, they are playing for reward which is a tarp for first place, plus their choice of pillows or seasonings and sauces, and second place gets whatever is left over.


Troyzan will work on the puzzle and he’s nervous about grabbing the idol. Jeff gives the go to start. Michaela is dragging JT and Malcolm. Tavua is behind. Nuku has their bucket. Tavua now has their bucket shortly after. Nuku pours their first bucket and go back. Mana gets their bucket untied. Nuku makes their second trip and the gate drops. Nuku starts on their puzzle. Tavua is second to drop their gate with Mana immediately after. Nuku has their puzzle pieces untied. Mana has theirs untied. Jeff says Troyzan was the slowest, but he finally has his done. Everyone is on the puzzle. Nuku thinks they have it and they do. Tavua thinks they have it and they do not. They rearrange and they do have it this time. Nuku came in first and Tavua in second. Mana will go to tribal council. Troyzan goes to the table and kneels down likes he’s grateful for the win. He grabs the idol and slides it into his pants.


Nuku wins the tarp and they choose the pillows and blankets for their reward. Tavua wins the spices and sauces. Debbie says in this game, it’s all about numbers and they will decide whether it will be Caleb or Hali and she thinks they’ll be rock solid sticking together.


Mana comes back from camp and Hali says it will be a miracle if she makes it through the night. Caleb says this is the point last time where he was life lined out and he hopes they want to keep the tribe strong and give him new life. Sierra is concerned about an underlying alliance with Tai and Caleb. Culpepper tries to talk Tai into voting out Caleb. Culpepper says going into a merge with Caleb is very dangerous and he asks Tai who he’s playing for, himself or Caleb. Tai agrees but he feels bad.


It’s time for Tribal Council and Jeff has those who haven’t been there yet to get fire. Jeff asks Debbie if it’s comforting that her, Tai, and Caleb are all there playing together or if it’s unnerving. Debbie says it’s unnerving because they are perceived to be a trio. Jeff asks Tai if he felt that and he says definitely. Jeff asks Caleb if he feels the pressure as well if they’re making assumptions. Caleb says yeah but we didn’t start the game together. Culpepper says they did bond pretty well on the Nuku tribe. Sierra says her and Hali had no relationship from their season, but it’s different than the other three. Jeff asks Tai how he’s weighing the decision and is it the next challenge, the merge, or the end game. Tai says that’s what he has to decide. It’s time to vote.


Jeff goes to tally the votes. If anyone has an immunity idol and wants to play it, now is the time to do so. Jeff reads the votes. First vote, Caleb. Hali. Caleb. Caleb. Third person voted out is Caleb. Caleb gives Tai a kiss on the head and gets his torch. Jeff says every time you vote somebody out, you change the dynamics of the tribe and the question is always the same: Who does it benefit, who does it hurt?

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We’re back at the Mana camp and they are thanking Tai for staying loyal. He says it was hard to write down Caleb’s name, but he is here to play his game. Hali is hoping to ingratiate herself to Debbie and throw Tai under the bus and show she might be a better asset. Debbie says it’s too early to make Tai a target and Hali has no options.


It’s time for reward challenge. Only two members for each tribe will run the challenge. The first member will run through a series of obstacles while balancing a ball on the end of a pole. At the end of each leg, you’ll add more pole making it more difficult. Once you reach the end, the next player will use that ball to release a key that will unlock a box. You’ll use the sandbags inside to knock down nine bamboo targets. First two tribes to finish win reward. First place gets everything they need to make coffee, including cups, sugar, iced tea, and chocolate chip cookies. Second place gets a thermos of ice coffee. Running for Nuku is JT carrying the ball and Malcolm throwing the sandbags. For Tavua Ozzy will carry the ball and Troyzan throwing sandbags. For Mana Tai will carry the ball and Culpepper will throw the sandbags.


Jeff gives the go. JT and Tai drop at the first obstacle, but Ozzy makes it through the first section. JT makes it through the first section with Tai shortly behind. Ozzy is through the second section and is starting the third section. JT is just ahead of Tai. JT makes it through the second section. Ozzy drops his ball and has to go back. JT and Ozzy are both starting the third section. Tai is a little behind. Ozzie is through and Troyzan is unlocking the box. JT is through and he is unlocking the box. Troyzan hits his first target, then his second. Malcolm also hits two back to back. Tai drops his ball again and has to go back. Malcolm is in the lead with four and Troyzan ties again. Malcolm and Troyzan both have two left and Tai finally finishes the obstacle. Culpepper tries to catch up. Malcolm wins reward for Nuku. Culpepper is catching up and has three left. Troyzan has two left. Culpepper comes from behind and comes in second. Tavua walks away empty handed.


Back at Tavua Ozzy says losing reward was ok with him because without him they wouldn’t survive in the game. We see Ozzy fishing and hear him talking about how much fish and protein he can provide that makes him valuable to his tribe. Ozzy comes back with a stingray and his tribe is excited. At Nuku, everyone is thanking JT and Malcolm. Sandra is telling us she is running the show and she has everything in line. JT and Malcolm go off and JT says Sandra is dangerous in the game and Malcolm agrees. JT says if they lose immunity he can make his move and get rid of Sandra.


Immunity is back up for grabs! Here’s how today’s immunity challenge works: One person will be the caller and the rest of the tribe will be blind folded and tethered together in pairs. Using only verbal commands, the caller will guide their tribe through a series of obstacles to a tower. They’ll pull on a rope and dump the water along with a bag. Once you have all three bags, you’ll use the balls inside to maneuver them through a table maze. Your goal is to get all three balls in their final resting spot. Nuku has one extra person, they’ll sit out Sandra. Tavua will sit out Troyzan. The first, and only the first, will win immunity. Losers, BOTH tribes go to tribal council.


Jeff gives the go! Varner, Culpepper, and Cirie are the callers. Nuku and Mana send all their pairs at once. Cirie sends one at a time. Ozzy and Zeke are the first to get their bag for Tavua. JT and Michaela get their first bag for Nuku. Sierra and Hali have the first bag for Mana. Ozzy and Zeke head back out. Malcolm and Aubrey have their second bag for Nuku. Andrea and Sarah got their second bag for Tavua. JT and Michaela have their third bag for Nuku and head back. Debbie and Tai have their second bag for Mana. Nuku is back with all three and they can start on their table puzzle. Malcolm falls while running to the table puzzle. Ozzy and Zeke have their third bag for Tavua and head back. Sierra and Hali have their third bag for Mana and head back. JT is working on the puzzle for Nuku. Tavua is heading towards the puzzle and Ozzy starts working on the table maze. Ozzy drops and has to start again. Sierra is the first on the table maze for Mana. JT has the first ball and Michaela comes in for the second ball. Sierra drops and trades off with Hali. Ozzy has Tavua’s first ball and Sarah steps in.


Malcolm gets their second ball and Varner steps up. Hali struggles and Culpepper takes over. Sarah gets their second ball for Tavua. Andrea steps in for the third ball. Culpepper gets the first ball for Mana. Varner and Andrea are very close to finishing. Varner slides by and drops the ball. Andrea moving slowly and drops the third ball. Tavua wins immunity and is safe from tribal council.


Nuku and Mana will go to tribal council as one group and will vote out one person.


Back at Nuku, JT says we get to decide who goes home on their tribe. Sandra says that’s what she thought they said. Malcolm says they could do that, but it looks good on paper and you never know what Jeff will do. Sandra doesn’t not want anyone to flip. Sandra tosses out Sierra’s name because she thinks Sierra is the strongest female. JT thinks Tai is a better choice and he doesn’t think he has an idol. Malcolm asks who they think the other tribe will target and JT says Sandra. JT says he’s pretty sure that’s what Culpepper will do and he could be the swing vote and vote out Sandra.


Over at Mana, Debbie says they need to convince them to take out Sandra. Culpepper says they have four voting the same way, but Hali is a wild card. He says if they can keep five unanimous that will speak volumes. Hali says she suddenly has options. Culpepper thinks JT will go Sandra but Sierra thinks they should go Malcolm. They think it’s stupid not to get Malcolm out. They realize it’s going to come down to JT. Tai goes to look for an idol. Tai finds the clue to an idol. He starts looking and begins digging and finds an idol. Tai tells them he found the idol and Sierra is excited but terrified.


Jeff has whoever doesn’t have a torch get their fire, and that is JT. Jeff asks Malcolm about the twist and the feeling at camp. Malcolm says this is very different from a normal council and you have to go through every scenario to figure out how to play it. Jeff says it’s easy to see numbers 6 to 5, but everyone also has their own agenda. Culpepper says it’s what he calls a Mexican stand-off in his line of work where everyone has guns. But is one of their guns pointed at themselves and is one of his tribe’s guns pointed back at them. Sandra says all their guns are pointed at them. Jeff asks Debbie what the five of them could do to upset the six. Debbie says one of those 6 used to be really, really closed to four of them. Jeff asks who is that and Debbie says JT. Sandra says she said the magic words, “USED TO”. Jeff says JT, it really is a tough game to play because you started the game with one group and now on a tribe with different people changes your game. JT says people who expect me to do something to put myself at risk would be a shot in the dark for him to land in the right place. Culpepper says look at the big picture, there are a lot of threats out here and he thinks there are more threats on their team, like Malcolm and a two-time winner and that’s the biggest threat here.


Jeff asks Sandra he’s not surprised that she’s clearly a threat. Sandra says she isn’t worried. She knows she’s not going home tonight, how about that? Jeff says Malcolm, Culpepper mentioned Sandra and he mentioned you. Malcolm says it sounds like the kind of thing you say when you’re scared. You’re trying to get the target off your back, but when these twists happen, it’s part of the game but if it sent him home, he’d be cussing his way down the ramp. Jeff asks Varner if there’s been much talk about idols. Varner says yeah, they talked about what could happen, what would happen, if each individual one of them had the idol and how that would go. They ran through everything. Sierra says as much as the other tribe looked at the big picture, they looked at the big picture too and it’s about evaluating who is best to go with tonight. Jeff asks Debbie what she’s thinking right now. Debbie says she has two big questions, does he flip and points to JT, or does she flip and points to Hali. Culpepper says for Hali, should she not stay with them, she’ll be public enemy number one. Hali says that’s not a good speech to groom her in and Varner says that’s true. Hali says they are in a potential throwing rocks situation and more information could avoid that.


Sandra says they don’t have any concerns about their plan. Sierra says it sounds like they don’t need you Hali and Debbie says we need you and want you. Sierra says you stand with us Hali and Michaela says yeah, on the outside where they put you. Jeff says JT that got a reaction from you. Are you genuinely distressed and he says very much so and he’s had a lot of things going through his head. Sierra whispers to Hali she has to stay with them. Jeff says as JT is talking, Sierra and Hali are having a conversation that Malcolm is just eavesdropping on. Hali says she wants to say something and says she thinks this is a stupid time in the game to be thinking about anything other than physical threats. Sandra begins whispering to everyone on her tribe that Hali wants Culpepper out and Jeff says Culpepper, football term, there’s an audible. Potentially a change from their original plan. Culpepper says maybe even though they came in lock stock on their original plan. Sierra whispers that she thinks it’s her and Culpepper says no and Tai says stick with the plan.


JT goes over to whisper to Brad that he loves him, but they want to vote Sierra out. Hali says if that’s what we’re going to do she gets up and goes to whisper to Sandra they have to vote Brad, it’s what’s best. Several players are getting up and whispering. Jeff is amazed. Culpepper tells his tribe it’s Sierra and there are conferences on both teams. Jeff asks what just happened? Aubrey says a bunch of carrier pigeons were going back and forth. Jeff says he’s never seen anything like it. JT whispers to Culpepper to vote for Sandra. Jeff asks if they’re ready to vote and they all say they’re ready. It’s time to vote. Jeff tells Hali it’s her turn and she says it’s not ready. There is a back and forth and Sandra tells Hali it’s ok to just vote.


Jeff goes to tally the votes. If you have an immunity idol, now is the time to play it. Tai pulls out his idol and gives it to Sierra. Sierra gives it to Jeff. Jeff says this is a hidden immunity idol and any votes cast for Sierra will not count. First vote, Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Malcolm. Malcolm. Fourth person voted out of Survivor game changers, Malcolm. That’s enough bring me your torch. Jeff says tonight’s tribal council is a shining example of why Survivor is so entertaining and devastating. Because no matter how many times you play, no matter how certain you are, the game can still smack you in the face. Grab your torches, head back to camp.

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