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The Amazing Race - Season 29 - It's On! (Discussion & episode recaps)

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The Amazing Race has been renewed for a 29th season. It wasn't on the Fall 2016 Schedule, but finally returns Spring of 2016.  This thread is for episode recaps and your comments, so tell us what  you think of the teams of complete strangers racing around the world for $1,000,000!


The world is waiting for you, so on your mark...  get set...  GO!

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For over a decade, teams of two have raced over a million miles around the world testing their relationships to the limit. Today, in an Amazing Race first, 22 complete strangers are meeting each other for the first time at the starting line. Welcome to Grand Hope park in downtown Los Angeles, the start of an Amazing Race unlike any race we’ve ever had before. This is all about first impressions, so take a really good look at the people standing around you. Have a good look. Because you are about to pair up with a complete stranger for a 9 country, 17 city, 36,000 miles race around the world for one million dollars.


Olive says they’re in a race for a million dollars, she definitely doesn’t want to be dragged down by somebody. Brooke is nervous who her partner will be. She says they’re strangers no matter what, but there are certain strangers that you want more than others. Michael says ideally, I’d like someone with a little more charm than me because I can be a pain in the butt. Phil says the question is who is going to be your teammate. Shamir says it doesn’t matter who he gets paired up with, he’ll throw them over his shoulder to make sure they win. Jenn says she’ll definitely use her looks to her advantage to win the race and a million dollars. Jessie says oh my God, I really don’t want to be partners with the Asian Barbie because she’s only here because she thinks she looks good. Phil says at this point, nobody has spoken to anybody, but you’re going to see how everybody performs. Because the game starts now.


Before you pick your teammate, I have a challenge for you. I need you to pick up a piece of luggage that has a tag on it with the Panamanian flag. To get to the luggage store, you’re going to go through that gate, you’re going to go 2 blocks southwest, and 7 blocks southeast. The sooner you come back with the correct piece of luggage, the more likely you are to choose your ideal partner. What are you waiting for? Go get your luggage! Go for it!


Seth is a police officer in Bellevue, Washington. As a police officer he’s trained to work well with a partner right off the bat. Same thing on the race, he’s going to have a partner he hasn’t met, he doesn’t know them, and they’re going to have to work well together right off the bat.


Brook is a criminal attorney and she thinks she comes off looking like a high stress, wound New Yorker. She likes to be in control of situations, but if she thinks someone knows better she’s able to step aside and let them lead. Probably.


Scott says he is a big achiever. He graduated Harvard University near the top of his class. It can be hard for him to build a relationship with another Type A personality quickly because they’re trying to get at the same objective with very dominant ways. He says so I might be easy to snap, I mean I am a gay redhead.


Redmond was a navy foreman with marines for five years. He stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost his leg. He immediately started competing in every sport he could imagine because he wanted to show the world that no matter what happens to you, your goal should be to continue to succeed and that’s what he’s going to do on the race.


Vanck thinks he is intellectually oriented. He likes thinking about how things work, multiple time lines, are we alone in the universe, does the outside world exist? For a race partner, a pretty girl never hurts in terms of success on the race because people look at him like he has two heads or something.


Jenn is a model in Los Angeles, and she predominantly does swimwear. An ideal partner for her would be the surfer kid from Hawaii. She doesn’t know if he’s very smart, no offense, but she feels like he’d be really fun.


Jessie is the very first woman K-9 police officer in the police department where she lives. She’s 6 foot 3 and that’s intimidating to most people. She says I’m an alpha male, I can’t help it.


Francesca is an army drill sergeant. She enlisted when she was 17, and when she was 19 she went right into Iraq. She’s been in the military for 15 years, 6 years of that as a drill sergeant.


The first contestant has gotten to the luggage shop. They are looking for the tag. Floyd finds one and is the first out. A couple others are behind him. We meet Matt, who’s a professional snow boarder, and he won the 2016 X games in halfpipe. To win the gold meant so much to him, and to win the race, he’d feel pretty unstoppable then.


Floyd tells us it’s a good thing he memorized all the flags of the world before he came on the show. He tells us he’s a college drum major and he’s watched the Amazing Race since the 5th grade and it’s always been his dream to win the race. People tell him he’s the most positive and optimistic person they’ve ever met. His perfect race partner would have to be positive and be able to enjoy this incredible experience they’re having together.


We see one of the contestants has the wrong luggage. We see Becca at the luggage shop climbing on suitcases to reach one. Becca is a rock climbing instructor and she says she’s an enthusiastic, fun-loving, and goofy. She’s wearing a “fun meter” and she says it’s pretty much always in the red zone. If her partner isn’t into the fun thing, then what are they doing there?


Liz is an auctioneer and says she can be in the city, but she’d rather be out on the farm with her horse. She’s wearing boots and she says these boots were made for walking, not running. She’s a fifth generation auctioneer, and whoever is partnered up with her better be ready to enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Michael is a butcher and says his appearance is his secret weapon. He started growing his beard the day after he stopped his last job and that was over three years ago. He now owns and operates a butcher shop with his wife and his IQ is right around 140, so don’t judge a book by its cover.


People start coming in and checking their luggage with Phil. He checks to make sure it’s correct and then has them get in line. Olive is a Providence firefighter and rides one of the busiest firetrucks in the country. She says she gets some funny looks, but she’s always trying to challenge herself and she definitely thinks she’s going to win the Amazing Race because she’s a maniac and she’s willing to do whatever it takes.


Joey has the wrong luggage and has to come back. Joey is a police sergeant and says he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was born the third of four kids to a single parent and he grew up in the projects in Boston. He’s had to work hard for pretty much everything he’s had and today he’s a police sergeant. He’s looking for the luggage and says to himself no one will want to be his partner. He likes to drink beer, that’s one of his weaknesses. He makes it back with the correct bag.


Phil says welcome back everybody. You all are standing in the order that you finished this particular challenge. Seth that puts you in a very powerful position because you get the first pick and your first pick is who? Seth looks down the line and picks Olive who came in two spots behind him. Phil asks why he picked Olive and Seth says she’s probably a better dancer than him and she was the first lady to arrive. Olive says when Seth picked her, she was excited because he was the first finished and she knew he was going to be a strong competitor.


Matt gets the next pick and picks Redmond. Matt says Redmond seems like a guy who believes in himself and when the going gets tough he will not give up. Redmond says Matt is obviously really fast and he’s really smart because he chose him.


Shamir picks Sara. Scott selects Brooke. Becca picks Floyd. Ashton is a residential real estate agent and she tells us what she’s looking for in a race partner is someone who brings even more visible strength to the relationship. So a guy that would be taller and stronger than her would be great. Vanck picks Ashton. Tara picks Joey. London gets the next pick and chooses Logan. Jenn picks Kevin. Michael picks Liz, leaving Jessie and Francesca.


Phil says their first clue is inside the luggage in front of them and hidden in one of these pieces of luggage is the one and only express pass. When I say go, run out of the park, grab a taxi to Los Angeles International Airport, there are two flights to your first destination. So if you want to get on that first flight, which gets there sooner, you’re going to need to hustle. Now one more thing. Jessie and Francesca, since neither one of you got to pick a teammate, I’m going to take you to the airport. They ride with him. Is everybody ready to race? The world is waiting for you. Good Luck! Travel safe! Go!


Everyone is running to get to a taxi. They start opening their luggage. Floyd has the express pass and Becca celebrates with him. They all begin opening their clues and they are going to Panama City. Logan is a sales rep for a surgical company. London is an artist. Scott tells Brooke he’s gay and she says team Will and Grace. Matt and Redmond are the first to the airport and are first on the flight. Becca and Floyd are second on the flight. Scott and Brooke are third on the flight. London and Logan are the fourth on the flight. Seth and Olive are the last team on the first flight.


Everyone else is on the second flight and Liz and Michael are the last to the airport. Olive says she loves cops, but her mom always told her to never date a cop. Someone asks since she’s with a cop if there’s a romance going on and she says she doesn’t think she’s his type. Seth has told Olive he’s gay and Olive has a roommate who’s gay so Seth thinks they’ll get along. All teams are now flying from Los Angeles to the country that’s known as the Bridge of the World, Panama. When they land, they’ll need to pick up a rental car and then navigate their way to the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal.


The first flight has landed and all teams are headed to their first stop. Seth and Olive figured out they’re going the wrong way and turn around. Brooke and Scott have stopped and asked for directions. London and Logan have also stopped and asked for directions. All the first teams to land seem to be lost.


Olive says she could not be as calm as Seth and they have reached the destination first. Phil is at there and says this is the Panama Canal, a 15 mile stretch of water that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and where Seth and Olive will pick up their first clue in Panama. Route info: Drive to the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center in Gamboa and search for your clue at the canopy tower. Floyd and Becca reach the first clue second. Scott and Brooke get there and celebrate and say they’ve been lost for three hours and they can’t believe they’re not in last place.


London and Logan are 4th to reach the clue, followed by Matt and Redmond in 5th. We see the second flight has landed and they are headed to the Locks. Seth and Olive are at their second destination and going to search for their clue. They have reached the first Detour: Shoot or Scoot. Both sides of the detour require teams to use a traditional dugout canoe that has evolved into a high tech racing machine. Shoot: Gliding down the Chagres River in a traditional canoe, teams must use a bow and arrow to knock over two silver fish to receive their next clue. Scoot: Powering their way along a course on a sleek, modern canoe teams must go head to head against a professional team to try and win their next clue.


Seth and Olive select Scoot. Becca and Floyd decide to Shoot. Brook and Scott also decide to Shoot. Joey realizes they are going North and they have to turn around. Jenn tells us her Spanish is actually better when she’s drunk because that’s when she learned her Spanish. Seth picks a team to compete against. If Seth and Olive lose, then they get a head start the second try and a further head start the third try.


Seth says their competitors were very skilled rowers and pulled away immediately. Seth started to think they picked the wrong detour. Brook and Scott and Becca and Floyd are on the canoes attempting to shoot the fish. Becca is just missing but Scott is struggling to properly shoot the bow. Becca gets her first fish. Scott and Brooke decide to switch detours. Olive is frustrated with their task. London and Logan have arrived at the detour.


Seth and Olive are on their third attempt and they completed the task. Route info: Make their way to the next pitstop. Phil says the Cinta Costera is the coastal beltway that wraps around Panama City, allowing access from one end of the city to the other. Teams will find me here, under this enormous Panamanian flag. The last team to check in with me here at the mat will be eliminated.


Seth and Olive take off. Becca hits her second fish and they get their clue to head to the pit stop. Scott and Brooke make their first attempt and fail. Brooke says they started out well and she’s a better rower than runner and Scott is frustrated and just wants to get through the detour. Michael and Liz have arrived at their first stop at the Locks. Kevin and Jenn are stuck in traffic. London is also struggling to shoot the bow and they decide to change to the other detour. Matt and Redmond have arrived and they are doing Scoot and are making their first attempt. Matt and Redmond got it on their first try.


Shamir and Sara are at the detour and so are Vanck and Ashton and Joey and Tara. Liz and Michael are in 10th and heading towards the detour and Jenn and Kevin are lost. Becca and Floyd are singing in the car and Seth and Olive are heading towards the pit stop too. Seth and Olive are the first team to arrive at the mat. Becca and Floyd came in second. Brooke and Scott are on their third attempt and completed the detour. Matt and Redmond came in third at the mat.


Scott and Brooke came in fourth. Phil asks them if they think they made a wrong choice and Scott says no but Phil noticed a hesitation. Joey and Tara capsize their canoe, followed by Vanck and Ashton who decide to switch to Shoot. Ashton acknowledges they got on each other’s nerves and are very different people. Vanck shoots first and struggles. Ashton steps up to try and Vanck gives her advice and Ashton tells him to maybe just be quiet so she can try.


Ashton and Vanck choose to switch back to Scoot. London and Logan are on their second attempt at Scoot and just lose. Kevin and Jenn are looking for the tower but can’t find it. London and Logan are in 6th, Tara and Joey in 7th, and Vanck and Ashton in 8th. Jessie and Francesca also finish and they are in 9th. Michael and Liz are trying to shoot and they are struggling so they decide to switch to Scoot. Shamir and Sara are 5th at the mat.


Kevin and Jenn head back towards the tower. Liz and Michael are getting ready to start Scoot and their canoe capsizes. Joey and Tara meet Phil at the mat in 6th. Vanck and Ashton finish as 7th. London and Logan hit the mat in 8th. Kevin and Jenn have finally found the tower and decide to Scoot. Liz and Michael are on their first attempt and they did not do well and end up capsizing again.


Michael says he’s at the end of his rope. He doesn’t think anyone who has run the race hasn’t thought about quitting the challenge ten times in one day because it’s brutal. Liz encourages Michael and they agree to try and finish. Michael says there was no way he was going to quit. They attempt Scoot a second time and fail. Francesca and Jessie hit the mat in 9th. Michael sees Kevin and Jenn have arrived. Michael and Liz are on their third attempt and they complete the task. Kevin and Jenn begin their first attempt while Michael and Liz head out.


Jenn and Kevin have to try again. Due to the darkness and safety, the detour has been closed so Kevin and Jenn are given the clue. Kevin and Jenn are the tenth team to arrive at the mat. However, for not completing the detour they’ve incurred a two-hour penalty and they have to wait out the penalty before Phil can check them in. Michael is going the wrong way again. They head the right direction and head to the map. Phil says Liz and Michael, unfortunately you are the last team to arrive. However, Kevin and Jenn incurred a two-hour penalty which they’ve been waiting out and they got there before their penalty was up. Liz and Michael are officially team number ten.


Phil calls Kevin and Jenn over to the mat and says he’s sorry to tell them they have been eliminated from the race. Jenn says thank you, they tried their best. They ran as hard as they could and she tells Michael and Liz good job. Jenn says as a team they never fought once and that actually was a major issue. One of them should have stepped up and been more authoritative and that definitely would have been a game changer.


This season on the Amazing Race, strangers become teammates as they race through breathtaking countries and face three U-turns. Will first impressions turn into lasting impressions, and who will win the Amazing Race?

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On your mark! Get set! Go! The teams are reflecting on their partners and how well they work together, or what they need to do to move forward. Seth and Olive, the first team to arrive is the first team to leave. They rip the envelope and they need to fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. They have to book tickets through a travel agent. All teams are now booked on six different flights to Brazil.


Vanck and Ashton are on the first flight with Matt and Redmond, Seth and Olive are on a second flight with Shamir and Sara and Brooke and Scott, Liz and Michael are on the third flight, London and Logan are on the fourth flight, Becca and Floyd and Joey and Tara are on the fifth flight, and Jessie and Francesca are on the last flight. Once in Sao Paulo, the teams must make their way to a helipad and sign up for helicopter ride over the congested city to a skyscraper. Then they’ll have to travel to Praca Da Se and pick up their next clue.


Ashton and Vanck made an agreement with Matt and Redmond they would do a coin flip when they got to the helipad on who would go first so they wouldn’t kill themselves to get there. Matt and Redmond arrived first and decided not to wait and signed up for the first helicopter flight. Ashton and Vanck are second and asked them about the agreement and Matt says he would have expected them to do the same thing. The rest of the teams arrive in the same basic order as their flights.


Matt and Redmond take off first and they are enjoying their flight over Sao Paulo. The teams are looking over the buildings and talking about how excited they are to be in Brazil. Matt and Redmond have arrived at Praca Da Se and hit the detour: Work your feet or keep your beat.


Phil says this music is the most recognizable music in Brazil, the Samba. For keep your beat: teams will now find out if they have what it takes to keep up with the beat. They must master two samba instruments and perform a routine with the samba group to get their next clue. Work your feet: This is how you go to the gym, Sao Paulo style. With a highway for a roof, plenty of cheap square footage, and world champion athletes lining up at the door, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to buy a gym membership. Teams must build a work out stations using rudimentary equipment including a refrigerator, a giant truck tire, tin cans, and spare auto parts to the exact specifications of heavyweight boxer Flavio Henrique.


Matt and Redmond decide to work their feet. Shamir and Sara decide to keep the beat and Ashton and Vanck choose work their feet. Matt and Redmond look over the example and get started immediately. Shamir and Sara are excited and get changed into a uniform to perform in and begin to learn the instruments. Seth and Olive choose work their feet and Liz and Michael choose to keep the beat. Matt and Redmond are working well together. London and Logan decide to keep the beat and Brooke and Scott choose to work their feet. Matt and Redmond are looking things over and they think they are done. Flavio says they are not done. They forgot the water in the barrel. Ashton and Vanck have arrived and Liz and Michael arrived at the keep the beat. Sara didn’t stop when she was supposed to so they have to try again. Matt realizes they forgot the water in the barrel and go to correct it.


Seth and Olive arrive at the work their feet detour. Matt and Redmond ask for another check and Flavio checks the amount of water and gives the thumbs up. Matt and Redmond rip the envelope and they have to make their way to the Avenida Paulista and find the marked bicycle. Brooke takes a spill running and bruises her elbow. She says pain is temporary, elimination is forever.


Seth and Olive and Ashton and Vanck are still working on their gym stations. Shamir and Sara are on their second attempt and Shamir forgot to stop this time. Becca and Floyd decide to keep the beat and Tara and Joey pick work their feet. Ashton and Vanck got their water and are trying to block it so Seth and Olive can’t see it. Ashton and Vanck think they are done and ask for a check and they are done. They get their clue and grab their bags. Seth and Olive ask for a check and they are also finished.


Brooke and Scott get to the work your feet detour and Brooke is having difficulty helping life things. Michael and Liz and London and Logan are ready for their first try at keeping the beat and Shamir and Sara are on their third attempt. London and Liz weren’t holding their instrument correctly so they have to try again. Shamir and Sara completed theirs and get their clue. Jessie and Francesca are behind and they are trying to stay positive. London messed up again and they will have to retry. Michael and Liz successfully complete their task and get to move on. Tara and Joey arrive at work your feet. Becca and Floyd have reached the keep the beat and Floyd says being a drum major is about keeping the beat. Matt and Redmond are still struggling to find the marked bicycle. Vanck and Ashton are the first to reach and find the bicyclist.


Road Block: Who likes things squeaky clean? Phil tells us Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America with more than 5,000 high rise buildings, and all of them need their windows cleaned. After rappelling down the side of a building teams must thoroughly wash a marked window. When their window is squeaky clean, they will receive their next clue. Ashton decides to do the road block. Jessie and Francesca finally reach the detour and decide to keep the beat.


London and Logan complete keep the beat and get their clue. Becca and Floyd are making their first attempt and successfully complete it. Brooke and Scott get their gym area checked and they are done leaving Tara and Joey alone. Liz and Michael reach the bicyclist and Liz is going to do the road block. Tara and Joey are done with their gym and move on. Shamir and Scott are going to do the road blocks. Scott has a fear of heights and falling and he’s nervous and getting emotional.


Scott is really nervous and starts to rappel. Brooke is yelling encouragement and says she’s proud of him. Seth and Redmond are both also doing the road block. Francesca and Jessie are practicing for keep the beat. Redmond is getting a little frustrated but he says he’ll get it. Seth asks for a check and he is told no and he has to rappel all the way down and start over at the top. Liz finishes and gets her clue. Ashton also gets hers done. Becca is going to do the road block. Liz and Michael rip the envelope and they have to find the next pit stop in the urban rainforest.


Phil tells us Trianon Park is a rain forest located in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities. Teams must find me in the middle of this lush 11-acre reserve. The last team to jump on the mat may be eliminated. Liz and Michael grab a cab and Vanck tells Ashton they can run. Tara is going to do the road block and she says people would be surprised if they knew she had been a paratrooper. Scott is mumbling to himself saying he can do this. Logan is going to do the road block. Michael says they are racing for first and Liz tells him to carry her bag.


The race for the mat is on. Welcome to Sao Paulo Brazil. Liz and Michael hit the mat. Phil says you arrived on the third flight, you went past five teams, and you are team number 1. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip for Travelocity and you are going to Barbados. Michael says they crushed it and they want to keep the momentum. Ashton and Vanck hit the mat second. Ashton is glad they beat Matt and Redmond.


Redmond finishes his window and get his clue. Jessie and Francesca complete their detour and are excited. Matt and Redmond hit the mat in third place. Shamir missed a spot and has to go down and start back over. Shamir thinks his harness is too tight. He goes back and he doesn’t last long before saying he’s in pain and he needs to get down and he hits the window and breaks it. He says he feels like he’s bleeding and asks for a doctor and an ambulance. They close the door on the cameras and Sara is concerned.


Logan says Shamir at the road block got a little “testy”, no pun intended, he was definitely losing his temper because of the injuries he was experiencing. Seth and Olive are fourth on the mat. Scott finished the road block and is excited he did it. Becca finishes right after, then Logan, then Tara. They all take off together and Brooke says she’ll keep up as much as she can but her arm is hurt. Shamir emerges from the ambulance and dances in the hall as he goes back up. Jessie and Francesca and the bicyclist rides just past them. The bicyclist passes them again and Sara sends them down the block to buy time for them. Brooke and Scott race Becca and Floyd for the mat. Scott hit the mat first but Becca and Floyd hit the mat before Brooke. Becca and Floyd are fifth and Scott and Brooke are sixth. Tara and Joey are team number seven, and London and Logan are team number eight.


Shamir does not complete his window again and has to go back down. Jessie and Francesca finally see the bicyclist and Shamir is taking a break. Francesca is going for her first attempt at the window. Sara is frustrated with Shamir. Francesca and Shamir are racing to finish and Francesca failed and has to do it again. Shamir finally completed his task. Sara and Shamir are running for a cab. Francesca is going down for her next attempt. Shamir and Sara hit the mat in ninth and he complains to Phil about the harness and his pain. Phil asks if he has worn a harness before and Shamir says no. Shamir is mad and Phil can tell and Sara is emotional and Shamir says he’s not mad at her. Jessie and Francesca finally hit the mat and Phil tells them he’s sorry to tell them they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.


On the next episode of The Amazing Race, teams visit the island of Zanzibar where Shamir and Sara’s problems persist and the U-turn gets teams seeing red.

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As we start the episode we see Sara and Shamir after the previous leg walking up and greeting the other racers. Sara tells us that she told herself that whoever her partner was she was going to make the best out of the experience. However, she thinks she’s being tested because they were welcomed by everyone and then he goes in a corner and starts talking about his junk again. He is talking to Scott and Joey talking about the harness. Tara tells us she is happy with her partner and Scott says he and his partner are learning each other’s personality.


Ready, Set, Go! Michael and Liz rip their envelope and they are going to fly to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Phil tells us Liz and Michael will be the first to fly more than 6,000 miles to the east coast of Africa and the nation of Tanzania. Once there, they must head to Askari Monument, a statue commemorating the African soldiers that fought in World War I. Teams will find their next clue nearby buried in the news. They have $320 for this leg of the race. Caution: Blind Double U-Turn ahead.


Vanck and Ashton head out second and Matt and Redmond and in third. Seth and Olive leave in fourth. Ashton says her initial thought is to U-Turn Matt and Redmond. Matt tells Redmond they need to get Ashton and Vanck back on their side in case they are in front of them, that’s the only team he’s worried about. Ashton recalls their agreement leaving Panama about flipping the coin to see who would be first and second at the helipad. Ashton doesn’t like it when people screw her over.


Becca and Floyd leave in fifth and Brooke and Scott leave in sixth. Tara and Joey are in seventh and Tara tells us if they have to use the U-Turn then they will because they aren’t here to make best friends, she’s here to win money for her family. London and Logan leave in eighth, and Shamir and Sara are the last to leave in ninth. Everyone is on the same flight.


They all head to find a taxi and they are off. Logan says this is bucket list type stuff, he never thought he’d be in Tanzania. They all find a newspaper stand and are looking for their clue in the newspaper. They go to buy tickets and Matt and Redmond skipped everyone in line because a new window opened up and others got upset. They are going to Zanzibar via a ferry. They all head for a cab and they know there is a U-Turn directly ahead.


Phil tells us teams are about to face a blind U-Turn, the first opportunity that teams have to slow down another team forcing them to perform both sides of the detour. Michael says there are unlimited U-Turns this season so they are going to use it. Tara and Joey are the first there and they U-Turn Seth and Olive. Vanck and Ashton chose to U-Turn Matt and Redmond.


Detour: Build it or Weave it. Build it: Phil tells us it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, education is a priority. And here in Tanzania, school supplies and desks are in short supply. Teams can now help supply a valuable seat for the students by piecing together these donated supplies. When the carpenter approves of their handy work, they must deliver the desk to a classroom for a quick Swahili lesson. Weave it: Phil explains there are more than a million plastic bags used around the world every minute. These toxic bags are now banned on the island of Zanzibar. Locals have replaced them with a green, sustainable solution made with coconut leaves. Each team must weave two baskets to get their next clue. To reach both detours, teams will travel across the bay in a traditional sailing vessel called a Dhow.


Tara and Joey, Ashton and Vanck, and Michael and Liz all choose build it. Brooke and Scott and Becca and Floyd run up and see they aren’t U-Turned. Matt and Redmond arrive and they see they have been. Brooke and Scott and Becca and Floyd choose build it. London and Logan choose weave it. Matt and Redmond say they can handle it and say they are going to get Vanck and Ashton. Seth and Olive arrive and see they too, have been U-Turned. Shamir and Sara arrive. Matt and Redmond are behind Vanck and Ashton and they say they’re going to get them and Ashton tells them they should have been nice to begin with. Redmond tells Vanck to look at him and he hopes he’s scared, because he should be scared. Redmond says you only U-Turn if you’re weak so they are weak. They have to wade through the water to get to the Dhow. The other teams are talking about Redmond being mad and the way he was talking to Vanck.


Redmond says they are just afraid of them because they are so strong and Vanck and Ashton are a weak, pathetic team. Ashton says he’s trying to be hateful and aggressive and he’s trying to get inside of their heads right now. Seth and Olive discuss they are going to be neck and neck with Redmond and Matt. Matt calls out and asks if Tara and Joey U-Turned Seth and Olive and Joey denies it. Matt says you’re lying, you had to have U-Turned them. Seth and Olive don’t want Matt and Redmond to see them because it will only push them to go faster so they go to build it and Matt and Redmond go to weave it.


Shamir says he’s not good at building things and his sister builds all of his IKEA stuff. Michael is taking the lead with his and Liz’s desk. Matt and Redmond stop to watch a local climbing a tall palm tree to get them some tools to do the weaving. They realize the weaving is going to be hard. The local is showing off jumping on the tree and London and Logan are impressed. London is confident she can weave quickly because she is an artist. Brooke is getting frustrated with her project. Shamir got a splinter. London says she thought she would be good at it but she’s freaking out a little bit. London and Logan decide to switch and go to build it.


Becca notices Brooke is very negative and she says her team is trying to stay positive. Liz says she is glad Michael is her partner and they call for a check. It is no good and Liz notices there is a peg missing. Seth and Olive call for a check and they are approved and go to deliver the desk. Liz and Michael call for a second check and they are approved. Matt is working on finishing on his first basket and Redmond is still working on the second one. Liz and Michael struggle and a piece falls off. Brooke and Scott call for a check and they are missing a piece. Shamir is getting frustrated because others are ahead of them. Seth and Olive make their delivery and they sit at the desk because they have to learn four phrases. They have to learn Habari njema which means Good News. The second is Safari njema which means Good travels. The third phrase is Asante sana which means Thank you very much. The final phrase is Kwaherini which means Goodbye. Seth and Olive head to the baskets.


Redmond says he thinks Seth and Olive will get to the basket station first and they didn’t want to be against them in a U-Turn. Redmond thinks Seth might not do well with the basket. Tara and Joey have delivered their desk and Tara says the children are so beautiful. Liz and Michael are making their delivery, but Liz is struggling. Liz struggles with the phrases and the kids are giggling. Liz and Michael finish and are leaving first. Matt and Redmond take their baskets to be checked out and they are good and head to the building task. Tara and Joey finish their phrases and are leaving in second. Matt and Redmond showed up expecting to be last and alone and they weren’t. Brooke and Scott are making their delivery. Vanck and Ashton get their approval, as do Becca and Floyd. London and Logan get their approval and they are off to make the delivery. Shamir is snapping at Sara.


Roadblock: Who’s ready to do some market research? Phil tells us due to lack of refrigeration, most locals buy their dinner fresh daily in vibrant market places. Following a shopping list, teams must purchase an assortment of local items, then deliver it all to the family chef for their next clue. Joey and Michael decide to do it for their teams. They are given the lists in Swahili and need Nyanaya chungu (a pepper), Pomelo (a melon), Mchicha (lettuce), Mkonowatembo (Bananas), Haluwa (, and Tungule Dogo (Tomatoes). Joey is worried about the language issue.


Seth and Olive are trying to stay calm. Vanck and Ashton are learning their phrases and they learn Habari Yako which means How are you? Becca and Floyd get their clue and head out. Shamir and Sara are still working on their desk and still arguing. Matt and Redmond call for a check and get the approval. Olive says they need to hurry up because she is getting stressed. Shamir is yelling at Sara to hurry up because if Seth and Olive finish the weaving, then they are last.


Back at Darajani Market, Michael and Joey are still shopping the market. Joey is frustrated, but Michael seems to be enjoying the experience. Vanck and Ashton have arrived and Vanck is going to do the shopping. Shamir and Sara are approved with their desk and they are going to make the delivery but they are struggling to even pick up the desk and they are not working together well. Seth and Olive are almost finished. Floyd, London, and Brooke are doing the shopping for their teams and they decide to work together. Vanck has gotten some help from some locals and he is getting most of his items. Vanck and Joey are haggling over the prices for their items. Matt is going to do the shopping for his team. Joey thinks he has everything and is taking his items to the chef. Tara has her fingers crossed. Joey is missing one item and has to go back. Michael is looking for his last item. Shamir and Sara finally delivering their desk and they head out to the market.


Seth and Olive are getting their baskets checked and they are done and they head off to the market as well. Michael delivered his items and they are all correct and they rip the envelope and are ready to make their way to the next pit stop. Phil tells us Zanzibar is famous for its rooftop hotels. This one, the Emerson on Hurumzi, built in the 1870s overlooks Stone Town and is now the pit stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated. Liz says she is so proud of Michael. Joey has finished and hugs the chef and they head out. Vanck is looking for his last item. Matt only has a few items left. Floyd, London, and Brooke are arguing over how much each spent. Each one got an item for all three while the others were looking for other items and are now arguing over money. Shamir and Sara are running low on money and they have to use their leg money for the items on their shopping list.


Liz and Michael are climbing stairs and are the first to arrive at the mat. Phil has great news for them, as the winners of this leg of the race they have won a trip from Travelocity to Amsterdam. Phil says so far they are the best performing team on the race. Vanck is making his delivery and he gets their clue. Matt thinks he is done and is going to check the items and he is finished and they get their clue. Tara and Joey are the second team to arrive at the mat. Floyd is finished and gest his clue. London and Brooke are also finished and they all head out. Seth and Olive have arrived at the market. Sara ran out of money and is going to ask for money back from other places. Olive is also low on money and doing the shopping. The vendor for Sara says he will not give her the money back.


Sara has someone translating for her saying she was overcharged and needs some of her money back. The guy who is translating say his brother will give her ten thousand back. Vanck and Ashton hit the mat third and Phil asks about the U-Turn and Ashton says there is some bad blood between them. Matt and Redmond come up right behind and hit the mat fourth and Redmond says they did both detours and still come up four minutes behind them. Matt asks why they U-Turned them and Ashton says they made the most sense because they lied to their faces and Redmond says they didn’t. Redmond says this is cool because he didn’t think he’d have any drama. He says everyone likes them except for her. Redmond says he likes Vanck, he just doesn’t like Ashton. Ashton says she has plenty of friends. Becca and Floyd are fifth and Phil asks where the fun meter is and Floyd says off the chart. Olive pays in Brazilian currency and explains how much it is U.S. and the vendor says he doesn’t know what the money is. Sara is done and goes to make her delivery. London and Logan are sixth place and Brooke and Scott are seventh place.


Sara gets her clue and they head out and they ask if a driver can take them for free because they have no money. Olive is coming out to make her delivery and Seth says they are going to try to run to the pit stop and see if it’s faster. The vendors that received the Brazilian money are following Olive and she explains why to Seth and says she has no more money. Seth says they have to settle it before they can check-in. Olive says she explained they can exchange the money at the corner. Becca and Floyd when they checked in thought they had their passports. Since then they have discovered they do not have them and Phil cannot check them in until they have their passports. Phil tells them whatever you need to do, go do it. Floyd had gotten the taxi driver’s business card and he says they need to call him. Becca says he’s an idiot because he didn’t zip his fanny pack. Sara and Shamir are looking for the pit stop and Seth and Olive are running to the pit stop. Becca is making a phone call to the taxi driver. The driver has their passports and gives them to Floyd. Shamir and Sara are checking in as team number seven. Becca and Floyd are back and Floyd shows them the passports and they check in 8th place. Phil tells them if they lose the passport the race is over. Seth and Olive make their way to the mat looking disappointed, tired, and dejected. Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.


Next week on a two-hour episode of The Amazing Race, Vanck and Ashton work on their communications and Brooke hits her breaking point.

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Eight teams remain, who will be eliminated next? Ready, set, Go! Vanck and Ashton at the pit stop and Ashton and talking about it was a good day. Matt and Redmond come in and Ashton says weak teams finished in second and third and there’s still a little friction between the two teams. Matt says hopefully this thing is over and Ashton says it is.


Michael and Liz rip their envelope. Stone Town was the center of the spice trade in the 19th century and today is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s most famous son is Farrokh Bulsara, also known as Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen who lived her as a kid. Teams will find their next clue here in his house. Tara and Joey leave second and they aren’t confident the driver knows where he is going. Liz and Michael were told the house was torn down. Tara and Joey get their clue and it’s a detour.


Detour: Lock or Knock. The houses of Stone Town are connected with a confusing maze of alleyways that teams will have to navigate either side of the detour. Lock: Zanzibar chests are known for their intricate carvings and brass ornamentation, but what really makes them unique is that they all have a secret compartment. If they can find one with a key inside, they can use it to open this tricky lock and get their next clue. Knock: Zanzibar’s most famous pieces of architecture are the more than 500 one-of-a-kind doors that were designed to represent a family’s social standing and there are only three royal doors in town. These enormous royal doors are distinguished by this carving of a lion, a serpent, and falcon. Teams will have to go door-to-door to retrieve three wood carvings and then bring them to the shop on Gazanga Street for their next clue.


Tara and Joey decide to do knock and they are knocking on every single door. Tara found one. Vanck and Ashton and Matt and Redmond head out. Liz and Micahel are at the wrong location and looking in rocks for a clue. They go and ask for help and get directions. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott take off. Liz and Michael have chosen to do Lock. Tara and Joey are still knocking on random doors. They find the Lock detour and decide to switch. Vanck and Ashton decide to do Knock because they have a map. London and Logan and Matt and Redmond and Brooke and Scott all choose Lock. Michael quickly found there was a secret compartment so he’s caught on. Vanck and Ashton are still trying to find Knock and get directions. Vanck wants to look at a map to make sure they are right and Ashton wants to go and they have a little argument.


Becca and Floyd and Shamir and Sara have taken off to find the Freddie Mercury house. Liz finds a key and they begin looking for a lock that matches the tag on the key. Michael unlocks their lock and they have their clue. Phil tells us teams are leaving the islands of Zanzibar and heading back to the mainland of Tanzania to the city of Dar Es Salaam, where they’ll need to find a metal shop. Liz and Michael go for their taxi. Tara and Joey switch back to the Knock detour and Joey thinks they are making a mistake.


Vanck and Ashton are having trouble with the royal doors and Vanck wants to switch and Ashton is refusing. They are arguing and someone helps them by telling them where doors are and how to identify them. Becca and Floyd decide to do lock and Shamir and Sara decide to do Knock. Tara and Joey are arguing over the royal doors and Tara asks for assistance and a guy tells her what to look for. Vanck and Ashton have found their first door and retrieved their first item. Everyone in the lock detour is struggling to find the keys.


Brooke is looking through doors and she finally realizes there is a hidden compartment and some of the other teams are looking to figure it out and Matt and Redmond figure it out as well. Matt and Redmond have opened their lock and head out. Brooke and Scott are struggling to open their lock. Vanck and Ashton have all three of their items and go to get their clue. Shamir and Sara have two of their items. Tara and Joey are still bickering with each other still looking for their doors. Tara and Joey have found their second item. London and Logan are getting frustrated. Becca is trying to figure out how they found those keys. Brooke found a second key and that opened their lock. Becca asked if they could have the other key and Scott gave it to them.


Shamir and Sara struggle to find their third door and they start bickering. Vanck and Ashton have their clue and head to the ferry. Brooke and Scott and Becca and Floyd are at the ferry terminal getting tickets. Tara and Joey have their three items and get their clue. Shamir and Sara are still trying to find the last door and bickering. London and Logan are just looking around and not really looking in the chests. They leave to do Knock and ask about the royal doors. When they came back outside, there was a woman who knew where all three doors were and gives them directions.


The teams at the ferry are figuring out who’s missing and they hope if one of them doesn’t make the ferry it takes the pressure off of them. London and Logan have found their first item and Shamir and Sara are still bickering. London and Logan have their second item. Sara asks for help and someone tells her the Sultan’s palace. Shamir asks to switch detours. London and Logan have their last item. The ferry is pulling up to pick up the teams that are waiting. London and Logan make the ferry. Everyone has made the ferry except Shamir and Sara. The ferry is leaving and Shamir and Sara have missed the ferry.


We come back to Shamir and Sara still wondering the alleys and Shamir is very frustrated. They finally make it to Lock and they are still arguing. Shamir wants to at least try this challenge because he’s followed Sara all day. The ferry is pulling up to Dar Es Salaam and all the teams are off looking for a taxi. The teams have quickly found the metal shop.


Roadblock: These skilled craftsmen can turn aluminum sheets like this into just about anything, including these popular ladle strainers. Working in this ear-splitting cooperative workshop, teams must cut, punch, and pound metal into this useful cooking utensil. When their work meets the standards of Secretary Mohammed, he’ll serve up the next clue.


Becca and Vanck both decide to do the road block. Brooke is going to do the road block for her team, Michael is going to do it, and Joey. Redmond is also doing the road block for his team. Michael is impressed with the craftsmen and their talent. Brook is frustrated and doesn’t think she can do it. Logan is doing it for his team. Vanck is struggling a little bit and asking a lot of questions. Brooke is frustrated and crying and saying she can’t do it. Shamir and Sara are still looking through chests and saying they are dead last. Shamir has found the hidden compartment and finds a key and quickly opens their lock. They find the clue and head out to the ferry.


At the roadblock, Brooke is still upset and frustrated and she goes to Scott and tells him he has to tell her she can do it because she doesn’t think she has the strength. She asks Becca for help and Becca helps her cut the circle because they helped them with the key. Vanck is struggling a bit and says it’s not easy work. Becca finishes cutting the metal for Brooke and says they are even and Becca goes back to her own ladle. Shamir and Sara are now on a ferry and headed to the mainland. Joey takes his for a check but they said the edges are too rough.


Brooke is panicking again because she can’t get the holes in the metal and Redmond shows her how to do it and he tells her to calm down. Redmond takes his for a check and Joey follows right after. Redmond is told no and the holes aren’t good. Joey is successful and has completed the road block. Becca takes hers for a check. Tara and Joey get the clue and rip it open.


Pit stop: This is Dar Es Salaam’s favorite place to go for a swim, Coco Beach, and now the pit stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here at the mat may be eliminated. Becca is finished with her and they are headed to the pit stop. Vanck is piecing his ladle together. Brooke is still upset and saying she can’t do it. Shamir and Sara are still on the ferry and Sara says they haven’t given up yet because you never know what can happen.


Tara and Joey are team number one and as winners of this leg of the race, they have won $5000 each. Becca and Floyd arrive second on the mat. Michael has successfully completed his ladle and they get their clue. Michael goes to give a little assistance to Brooke, offer support, and tells her she can do this. Logan has completed his ladle and Redmond is right behind. Brooke is taking hers for a check so they can tell her it’s bad. Brooke says they will have to take a penalty. They tell her no and tell her the holes aren’t good and edge is rough. Vanck takes his for a check and he has completed his. Michael and Liz are team number 3 and Matt and Redmond are team number 4. London and Logan are team number 5. Shamir and Sara are headed to the metal shop. Brooke goes to haves her checked again and she is begging please let it be good.


Brooke apologizes to Scott and says she is trying so hard. They give her the ok and her ladle is complete. Brooke celebrates. Vanck and Ashton hit the mat in sixth. Shamir is doing the road block for his team. Brooke and Scott check in as team number seven. Brooke says she is so grateful to the other teams because without them she just would not have finished. Sara tells Shamir to stay focused, she knows he will not give up. Phil comes to the road block to see them and says it’s a tough day and a long way. Phil says he’s sorry to tell them all the other teams have checked into the mat and they have been eliminated from the race.


On the next episode of The Amazing Race, Norway has Liz and Michael going the wrong way and team fun going one way, straight down.


Liz and Michael say they are getting along great. Tara and Joey rip their envelope. Phil tells us Tara and Joey will be the first to fly from the continent of Africa 5,000 miles north to Europe and the kingdom of Norway, home to the highest concentration of fjords in the world. When they arrive in Alesund, they will drive to Hogsteinen Fyr Lighthouse and be treated to rock fish, something locals just can’t get enough of. Tara says they are glad they did well last leg, but they have no idea who has the express pass. Becca and Floyd are behind with the express pass and say it has to be used by leg 5 and they want a first place today. Liz says it’s getting a little bit cutthroatish.


All the teams are on the same flight headed to Alesund, Norway. The teams are remarking how beautiful it is as they drive. Michael is nervous they are going the wrong way so they stop and ask for directions. There is a fisherman cutting up the rock fish and he tells the teams when they finish their plate, they get their next clue. Brooke doesn’t think she can eat all of it. Becca and Floyd are finished and get their clue. Brooke says she can’t eat it because she can’t breathe.


Phil tells us that teams must now drive themselves to the village of Slinningen and search for the Slinningsbalet. There is also a fast forward in the envelope and Becca and Floyd want to do it. Phil says Becca and Floyd have decided to try for the Fast Forward which begins with a trip in a helicopter. What they don’t know is that the fast forward requires them to do a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet. It’s called Jump for Joy.


Brooke and Scott wanted to do the Fast Forward but they see Becca and Floyd. Vanck is checking their map before they head out and Brooke and Scott follow them because they don’t have a map. Brooke and Scott are bickering in their car because she wants him to drive faster and not lose them.


Brooke and Scott have lost Vanck and Ashton and they aren’t sure where they are going and Brooke wants to stop and ask for directions and Scott doesn’t want to stop because they’ll be in last. Floyd and Becca are flying over a valley and Floyd says they won’t have to use their express pass and ruin trust with other teams because they kept it a secret. Matt and Redmond and Tara and Joey are at the Roadblock: Who wants to help break a world record?


Road block: Every year, Norwegians attempt to break their own world record for the tallest hand stacked bonfire, made with about 31,000 wooden pallets that are stacked about 13 stories high creating this rickety tower. One person must carefully climb to the top, then place and nail down a pallet so this place is ready to be lit up.


Joey says he’ll do it and Matt is going to do it. Ashton and Vanck arrive and Ashton wants to do it. Matt is climbing quickly and Joey is a bit slower because he has a slight fear of heights. Scott is going to do this task and London is going to do it. Matt has reached the top and is nailing down his pallet. Liz is going to do this road block. Matt heads back down and Joey has reached the top. Matt and Redmond rip their envelope and it’s time for the detour.


Detour: Trolls or Troll. Trolls: according to a fairy tale, an evil professor was responsible for the great fire of Alesund in 1904. When the town was rebuilt, these little trolls were trapped in the building. Teams must search for fire trolls like this around town, and then recite a spell to free them. They’ll be rewarded with a giant firework. When they collect six rockets, they’ll find out the name of the next pit stop. Troll: One of the great things about living in Alesund is that you get to go fishing from the comfort of your own home. Teams must kayak through this canal and check the lures of local fisherman until they figure out they’ve found one with the name of the next pit stop.


Matt and Redmond decide to Troll and they say Becca is going to be bummed she missed out. Floyd says he’ll do anything right now for the Fast Forward. They land on a strip and find out they’re going skydiving. Joey is at the top nailing his pallet and he heads back down. Ashton has reached the top and Scott and London are neck and neck. Tara and Joey also choose Troll. Liz is a bit behind but she catches up and she reaches the top with Scott and London. Ashton is headed back down and almost to the bottom. Ashton and Vanck decide to do Trolls. Scott and London are back down at the bottom and Liz is about halfway down. Ashton has lost her fanny pack and they don’t have their map. Ashton goes back and grabs her pack. Liz and Michael decide to do Trolls.


Matt and Redmond are kayaking quickly and checking lures. Becca and Floyd are heading back up for the skydive and they are both scared but they are ready. Matt and Redmond find an orange lure but they toss it back. Tara and Joey are there to kayak and they are looking. Joey has found it and they read it. Tara looks at another one just to make sure. Tara isn’t sure if it is right and Joey says it is. Matt and Redmond are still looking. Joey says they found the clue but they weren’t sure what to do with it. Vanck and Ashton are at their detour and get their instructions. Liz and Michael see the kayak challenge and Michael wants to do that but Liz doesn’t want to. Brooke and Scott have arrived at the Trolls challenge as well. London and Logan have also arrived.


Vanck and Ashton have found the first one and they recite the riddle and get their first rocket. They quickly find their second Troll and get their second rocket and they decide to take them back to the story teller so they don’t have to carry them around. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott are working together. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott both have their first firework. Michael and Liz are starting to argue.


Michael and Liz are arguing over directions and Michael doesn’t want to do the challenge. Liz is staying calm and giving directions and they find their first rocket. Liz leads him around the corner to find the second and Michael apologizes. Ashton and Vanck are driving for their third troll and find the building and bicker if they’re at the right place. Ashton is looking for their third troll and Brooke and Scott and London and Logan come up while they are looking. They find their third rockets. Becca and Floyd are doing their tandem skydive. Becca and Floyd land and complete their Fast Forward.


Phil tells us after the 1904 fire, Alesund was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style architecture and this view on top of Mount Aksla is the perfect place to take it all in. The last team to check in here with me at the mat may be eliminated.


Tara and Joey ask Matt and Redmond if they understand the clue and Matt and Redmond say they don’t have it. Tara and Joey head back so they can go out and ask what Askla is and Tara asks why he told them. Vanck and Ashton have their fourth rocket. Brooke and Scott and London and Logan have their fourth, and Liz and Michael are right behind. Becca and Floyd ask for directions to Mount Aksla. Matt and Redmond and Tara and Joey get directions as well and are headed to the pit stop too. There are a ton of stairs leading up the mat.


Joey and Tara are first to hit the mat. Matt and Redmond are team number two. Becca and Floyd get there and Phil says they had the express pass in their pocket and they did the Fast Forward, however they are team number three. They are stunned because they were laughing and happy they thought they would be first. Phil tells them yes, he’s serious.


Vanck and Ashton have all 6 of their rockets, Brooke and Scott and London and Logan. Michael and Liz need one more and they are going to grab it on their way back to the story teller. They are all struggling to carry all the rockets. Liz and Michael got theirs and when they go to leave they hit a car. They were going to drive to the Mount instead of climbing the stairs, even though they told the stairs were faster and not that hard.


Michael tells the driver of the van he hit them and he says it’s not too bad and he thinks it’s ok. They head back out. Brooke just turned the corner and she is saying she doesn’t know if she can do it. Vanck and Ashton are team number 4. Brooke tells Scott he needs to slow down and Scott tells London and Logan they can head on up. Brooke starts yelling at Scott. London and Logan keep encouraging Brooke. Michael found an elevator and they use it to go up.


Brooke needs water and her back hurts. Scott keeps encouraging her. London and Logan are team number five. Phil says Brooke doesn’t look happy and she says just tell me. Brooke and Scott are team number six. Michael and Liz are arguing again in the elevator and Liz says they should go back out, park, and climb the steps. Liz and Michael are the last team to arrive. Phil tells them to lift their heads up because they are still racing and he has their next clue. Phil says keep on racing, don’t give up because they can still win the race. Liz says there’s a lot of negativity and Michael says it goes both ways and Liz says she didn’t do anything. Phil says they have to work it out and work together. They still argue for another minute or two and Michael says he is done and Liz says that’s it, she’s done and it’s over. To be continued…


Next time, on The Amazing Race will Liz and Michael overcome their differences? And when the race heads to Italy, teams face another U-Turn, and their fears.

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