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Saturday September 17, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates

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11:55PM BBT Paul tells Nicole she has a really good chance to read the game.  I don't think so, she demurs.  You don't give yourself enough credit, he says.  Nicole says her back is hurting.  Paul says his body is aching.  But they agree it was worth it.  Paul thought not having anything to worry about would make it easier but Nicole says it's the opposite - we're so close and that's all you have to think about.  Nicole keeps yawning heavily. 


12:00AM BBT Nicole says James thinks he could beat me.  He thinks he could beat me too, Paul says.  The jury doesn't like him, Nicole prompts.  Paul says Natalie has been influencing the jury.  They'll be mad at  him because he got them.  Nicole says it makes sense.  If the jury's bitter, I don't stand a chance against either of you.  There's nothing worse than a bitter jury.  I know I don't have the votes.  Both keep going over why they can't win against the other.  I don't care anymore, Paul says, if I don't win, I wasn't meant to win.  I can't control what the jury thinks.  Victor could be claiming to have been behind all Paul's moves. 

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