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Monday, September 21 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates

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11:51 PM BBT Feeds return to Liz in the KT making room for cake pops, saying they are more important than apple juice.  BB says “Vanessa!  Steve!  Liz!”  The HGs all pause where they are and BB says pleasantly “Thank you for your cooperation.” The HGs all say “what!?” and accuse BB of being bored.  They all go to the OBR.  Liz goes to her bed, and Vanessa gives Steve a massage.  Vanessa makes sure to tell Mel that this is a friend thing because Steve is in pain.  As Vanessa starts on his shoulders, Steve makes moaning sounds and Vanessa stops, saying “You CANNOT make sounds!”  Steve agrees to be quiet and the massage continues.  Steve is kneeling on the day bed, and Vanessa is standing behind and working in his shoulders and back.  Steve tells her the pressure is too much.  Soon after, Vanessa complains that her hands are still hurting from the Part I comp.  Steve thanks her and offers to reciprocate and Vanessa says she is still too bruised.  She is going to get one heck of a professional massage when she gets out of the house.  Vanessa turns the lights out and gets into bed.


11:55 PM BBT Vanessa says she is going to be dreaming about Chines Poker now.  She has a hand in her head right now.  Vanessa and Liz fall silent, but Steve is still moving around.  He leaves the room, and comes back.  Then he goes into the CBR to get Cocoa and continues on to the WA. 


11:59 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz are going to sleep in the darkened OBR.  Steve is in the KT snacking.

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