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Saturday, September 19 2015 Big Bother 17 Live Feed Updates

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9:43 PM BBT Steve realizes that he only has 9 cards in his hand. He asks if he can pick up 2? Liz tells him to pick up 2 & only put one as a discard. Steve thinks he knows what Liz is doing. Liz says, he doesn't. Steve says, he thinks he has a strong guess. Liz says, she doesn't have anything. Liz has been biting on her nails throughout the game tonight. Steve says, "I'm feeling balsy." Liz says, "No, I can't stand you, I hate you." Steve says, he has 4 left over cards, but he thinks he has more points than Liz.


9:45 PM BBT Steve wins that hand with 29 points. Liz says, he didn't even get Rummy. She says, "Good job little Moses." Steve says, "I haven't been called little Moses since I was pledging." Steve goes to the WA for a moment & comes back to the DT. Liz says, "I wonder what they are doing in the jury house." Steve says, "Drinking or watching a movie." Liz tells the people in the wall that she hears them laughing. She is worried that Austin might be flirting with Jackie in the jury house. They start their next hand.


9:48 PM BBT Steve asks Liz, "Do you want to punch me?" Liz says, "No, that means I didn't shuffle good." She says, Steve is cheating. Steve says, she shuffled. Liz says, he didn't even fight to get the points he would have had. He says, he did nothing wrong. Steve says, she's not allowed to complain on her shuffle. Liz can't shuffle at all, & she's ruining the cards. She is now shuffling them face up, instead of face down. Steve tells her she's not allowed to complain about her shuffling again. She says, she won't.


9:50 PM BBT Liz deals the cards & says she hates Steve. Steve asks, "Why, because you're bad at this?" Liz says, she needed that. They begin this hand. Steve tells Liz he's mad at her for that one. Liz asks, "Why?" Steve says, "Because he didn't get that hand." They go back & forth about that.


9:52 PM BBT Steve says, when he gets a bad hand he'll complain also. Liz says, it's about a hand where you can do that right away. They continue this hand.

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9:54 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down & gets 35 points that round. It's Steve's turn to shuffle. He says, he's not going to complain if he does a terrible job shuffling. Steve says, "Excuse me." He goes by the sliding glass doors. Liz says, "You're going to fart." Liz says, "You're only beating me by 1 Wheaties." Steve goes on about the other hand again, as he deals the next hand. Liz tells him he did a great job of shuffling there. Steve asks if she likes her hand? Liz says, "Yes, I do." Steve tells her, "It's your move first." Steve gets called to the DR. Liz says, "Nooo." Steve says, "No cheating," & goes to the DR. Liz does cheat, & says, "Sorry Steve."


9:58 PM BBT Liz goes to the WC. Steve comes out of the DR & tells Vanessa to come to the KT please. They go there. Steve says, "Attention HG's." Vanessa tells Liz to come on, they have a surprise. Steve says, "Hey HG's, smile, you're on BBAD. POP fans want you to have a little treat tonight. Enjoy making S'mores from Orwell's night owls."

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10:01 PM BBT Liz says, "Thank you POP TV." Liz reads the card again. There are instructions on how to bake the S'mores. Liz says, her & Steve just ate ice cream. Liz wants the POP TV bag. Steve says, he wants the bag. Liz takes some little Post-It's out of the bag. Liz & Steve argue over the card game again.


10:03 PM BBT Liz is looking for the small cookie sheet. Vanessa says, Orwell's night owls want us to get fat. Liz puts foil on the cookie sheet. Liz says, Steve doesn't even like his dogs. Steve says, he loves them as long as they stay at least a foot away. Liz says, she's obsessed with dogs. Liz puts a Graham cracker on the cookie sheet & then wipes her nose with her left hand. Vanessa asks who's winning? Liz says, she is, but Steve is catching up. Steve wants to make 6, because they have the room. Liz asks if he wants one? They make 6 of them. Steve says, "That's 2 each."


10:05 PM BBT Steve tells them that he had a S'more business when he was younger. He says, he had it in his house, & somehow made enough money to buy a game system. Steve asks if they heard of POP TV before coming in the house? Vanessa says, she buys her TV. Liz asks what Orwell is? Steve tells her, it's the POP TV mascot. (So, Liz knew absolutely nothing about BB before she came in the house, except the couple of seasons she watched in sequester.)


10:08 PM BBT Vanessa wants to know why Steve gets to go in & get the notes. Liz complains that it's always Steve that gets to go in & get the stuff & it's not fair. Liz asks what happened when he went in there? Steve says, it's the DR. Liz thanks POP TV & says, they want 3 of the bags, & now they have to fight over it. Steve says, he wouldn't actually use the bag. Vanessa tries to figure out when they did the Tie Dye. She asks when the last time it was when they had the BY? Steve says, it was before Under The Rainbow. Vanessa says, that was day 85. He tells them everything that came after that. He says, the last time they had the BY was last Tuesday. He says, it was definitely their longest lock down. Liz says, she took Sunday's birth control today. Vanessa asks if she took both of them? Liz says, yes. She's so ready to go. She wants to have the Finale on Monday. Vanessa asks if they put any of this in the episode? Steve says, maybe a little.


10:12 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa about his Lincoln Log failure last night. They put the S'mores in the oven. Liz & Steve go to play their hand. Liz tells him she already went when he was in the DR. She doesn't tell him she cheated also. They play the hand. Vanessa is sitting at the glass table.


10:22 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down for this hand. Steve gets 20 points & is beating Liz now. Vanessa takes the S'mores out of the oven. They get their S'mores & put the other graham cracker on top. Steve says, a glass of milk would be good with the S'mores. He gets a glass of milk. He & Liz start another hand of Gin. Vanessa goes to the WA, knocks on the WC & goes in.


10:27 PM BBT Vanessa comes out of the WC, & leaves the WA without washing her hands. Liz & Steve tell her that the S'mores are burnt a little. Vanessa goes back to the OBR to sleep with the lights off. Liz & Steve continue their hand.


10:30 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down & gets 3 points for that hand. Liz says, "I wouldn't call that to much of a success." (Really? He won.) Liz tells him it's his turn to deal. She gets up & gets more water from the refrigerator in the KT. Steve says, he looks through the cards to make sure there aren't any patterns, but he shuffles them more afterwards.

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10:32 PM BBT Steve tells Liz that he has a fear that she will be going for the same thing he is when he has two of them. They continue playing this hand.


10:34 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down. He says, he thinks he just went too early. Steve tells her he's good just barely. He says, he gets 3 points again. He says, he needs to be more careful. Liz says, "You need to stop, it's not fun when you keep doing this." Liz says, he almost just screwed himself. Liz says, 3 points is better than 20 points. Steve says, "You mean the 20 points I'm beating you by?" Liz says, "I can get those 20 points easily." Steve says, he wants to see it. Liz shuffle's & deals out the cards. They start the next hand.


10:37 PM BBT Liz complains that Steve would have got an unfair hand again if he can lay his cards down that fast. (She shuffled.) Steve says, he's not going to lay them down just yet.


10:40 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down. He gets 21 points that hand. Steve asks, "Is Liz getting mad at me?" Liz says, "No, it's a game." Steve says, it's irking her on the inside he can tell. Steve says, he wants her to beat him. She shuffles the cards again. Steve gets another S'more. Liz says, she just dealt & is getting better at shuffling. Steve takes the cards to shuffle them. Liz says, she needs 4 more Wheaties to catch up. Steve deals the cards, & they start that hand.


10:43 PM BBT Liz comments on how burned the S'more is that Steve is eating.


10:46 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down. He gets 9 points that hand. Steve gets more milk from the refrigerator. He says, since he's had soo much sweet tonight, he's going to have some sour now. Liz asks what he's going to have? Steve says, lime. He goes back to the DT eating his lime.


10:48 PM BBT They begin playing their next hand, while Vanessa is asleep in the OBR. Liz & Steve both make noises.


10:51 PM BBT Steve lays his cards down yet again. Steve says, "I feel like an asshole now." Steve gets 34 points that hand. Liz says, "I just keep getting bad hands, it's not fair." She says, "It's not like this game has that much skill." Steve says, "You're right." Liz gets up to get more water from the refrigerator. Liz sits back down at the DDT. Liz says, she needs 8 chocolates. Steve says, he's very sneaky. Liz says, she's gonna get him. Steve says, he's looking forward to it. He says, he wants her to get some though. Liz says, she likes beating him. They begin the next hand.


10:54 PM BBT Liz sings. We see FOTH briefly. Liz is biting her nails when the feeds come back. They are still playing this hand of Gin.


10:59 PM BBT Liz says, "I'm going to take a risk," & she lays her cards down. Liz has 11 points & Steve has 9 points. So, he wins the hand with 2 points.

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11:00 PM BBT Steve explains it to Liz that because she bluffed and then lost, he actually gets an extra 20 points.  Liz didn’t realize that.  Steve says he feels bad to do that and Liz asks why?  It’s a game!  She says please don’t feel sorry for me!  I hate it when people feel sorry for me.  They deal out another hand.


11:05 PM BBT  It’s very quiet as Liz and Steve take turns.  Steve is whispering something to Liz and she tells him she is not playing into his shenanigans.  Steve says “oooh” and Liz says “Steeevuh” She doesn’t like when he says that.  She makes up a little song about Steve being sneaky and then hums a bit.  BB says “Please stop singing!”  The hand ends and Liz has 9, Steve has 27.  Liz gets 18 points.  They adjust the Wheaties and M&Ms to reflect the score.


11:08 PM BBT Steve goes to the fridge and comments that he’s happy that he put this heat patch on.  Both of them say they are not that sore anymore from the Part I endurance comp.  Steve tells Liz about the heat patch and that it lasts for several hours.  Steve has Liz touch the patch and she is surprised that it IS warm.  They deal out another hand. 


11:13 PM BBT  Vanessa sits up in the darkened OBR and reaches for a snack.  She sits up in bed and munches on chips.  She gets up out of bed as BB says to stop singing, and comes out to the DT.   She sits down at the DT and watches Liz and Steve play cars.  Steve has 4.  Liz says she has more than that, but then Vanessa points out that Liz can play off Steve’s hand.  Steve ends up with 1 point.  Steve and Vanessa clarify the rules about how the winner is determined when one player can play off the other player’s hand and that the 20-point bonus would have come into play if Liz had beat Steve after playing off his hand. 


11:17 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz what she had in her hand when she called it earlier and Steve got the 20-point bonus.  Liz can’t recall and asks if there is a rule of thumb.  Vanessa says it depends how far they are in the game.  Early on, you can lay your hand down with quite a bit, but later in the game you shouldn’t really do it.  Vanessa shouts out to Pop TV that she has created a monster.  Liz says yes she has.  Steve says he just likes this warm patch on the back of his neck.  Vanessa starts to give tips about how to get more advanced by looking at how another player is holding their hand.  The way a player groups their cards is an indication of how close they are to Gin.  Steve says he doesn’t want to play that way.  Vanessa asks why not?  It’s part of the game.


11:21 PM BBT Liz wins the next hand and gets 11 points.  One Wheatie and one M&M.  Steve comments again on the warm patch on his neck and how much it’s helping him.  Vanessa goes to the fridge but then says she has to stop eating.  She heads back to the OBR to lay down.  Liz and Steve deal out another hand.


11:27 PM BBT Steve wins the next hand and gets six points.  Liz notes that Steve was collecting 8s and calls him sneaky.   Steve comments about enjoying the human interaction without any cell phones.  He says he’ll miss this in a week.  Liz agrees.  No distractions.  Just sharing an experience of losing at Gin, Steve says.  Oh wait, that is an experience Liz is having on her own, Steve corrects himself.  Liz sings and we get FotH.  They look at the time and say that they are on TV.  They wonder if people would bother watching them play cards.

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11:31 PM BBT Steve comments that now Liz is collecting 8s.  Steve has one.  Liz says she has three and that’s good enough.  Steve is considering putting another warm patch on his back.  He tells Liz that she has no idea how much he loves these warm patches. 


11:33 PM BBT Liz gets 14 points on the next hand.  Liz says she’ll cash that ticket!  They talk about phrases they have learned in the house. 


11:38 PM BBT Liz wins the next hand with 5 points.  Steve says he made a bad move.  He could have busted her, but he missed the opportunity.  Steve shuffles for the next hand.  Steve says he’s undecided whether shuffling is an advantage or a disadvantage.  Liz points out that they have been playing Gin for 3 hours.  Liz says she needed this to take her mind off of things.  Liz wonders why they couldn’t have cards in the house throughout.  Steve says it’s for the same reason they don’t have books.  It’s not fun to watch people read or play cards. 


11:40 PM BBT Steve asks Liz what her move is “Bucko.”  Liz says “don’t you Bucko me!”  They laugh.


11:44 PM BBT Steve and Liz lay out their hands.  Steve has 14... Liz gets 11 points.  Liz says “yayyy” Steve tells her she is catching up.  He teases that he doesn’t like that.  Steve goes to the fridge as Liz shuffles.  Liz says she is getting better at shuffling and Steve agrees.  Steve once again mentions the warm patch he has on his neck.  Liz tells him he is obsessed.  He really likes it...it’s like a girl’s hand on his neck, except that girls don’t touch him.  They deal out the hand.  Steve says he is not sure about taking the up-card.  He says he will take one for the team.  Liz says she doesn’t want to hear it.


11:47 PM BBT Steve says “ooooh” and Liz says “oh no!”  Liz examines her hand and says “oh good!  Will you look at that?!”  Play continues.  Steve says he will cash that ticket, and lays down his hand.  They count it up.  Liz has 11, Steve has 4, so Steve gets 7 points.  Liz leaves the table to go to the WC.  Steve shuffles the deck.


11:51 PM BBT Liz takes her seat at the DT and Steve deals out the next round.  They sort the cards in their hand.  Steve wonders if Liz will take the up-card.  Liz considers her hand and takes the up-card.  The hand plays out and Steve shouts WTF and lays out his hand.  Liz plays on Steve’s hand, and they cancel what they can.  They count it up and Steve gets 35 points.  Liz tells Steve “good job.”  Steve says “tee hee” and adjusts his Wheaties and M&Ms.  Liz asks him why he decided to lay down his cards so early and he explains that a lot of his cards were low count.  Liz says she’ll start doing that. 


11:56 PM BBT They deal again.  Steve takes a card from the deck and then shouts “SH!T” repeatedly.  He should have taken the up-card.  Liz lets him do over and Steve puts the card from the deck in the middle of the deck, and then takes the up-card.  Steve lays out his hand early.  He has 7 points left in his hand.  They start cancelling and trying to lay out.  Steve ends up with 16 points.  It’s Steve’s turn to deal.  As Steve shuffles he comments that Liz is catching up.  They talk about drinking games as Steve continues to shuffle the deck.

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