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Thursday, September 17 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates

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3:54PM BBT Steve is using MnMs to figure things out and study. Vanessa telling Liz all about where she camps and how beautiful it is. Liz is practically drooling and says she wants to go. It's the Valley of Fire State Park and you can sleep on the side of a cliff and there is hot springs.


4:07PM BBT Vanessa is now telling Steve how she camps for 4 and 5 days at a time. She tells him that she lets her dogs off leash when they get way out there. And loves to explore.

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4:10PM BBT Liz is joking about how Victoria's question last year on how fun was it to do her nails and make up all day. Liz says that Victoria did nothing all day. She says they might as well have asked her what her favorite food was to eat. Steve and Liz talk about Victoria jumping the line for BB and we get FOTH.


4:13PM BBT Vanessa says that she had a fight with Steve. Steve says it was not a fight that she yelled at him. Vanessa says that she never raised her voice at him. She says she reprimanded him. Steve gets called to DR. Both Liz and Van yell that they need a new vag pack.(I think at Steve as he leaves)  Liz says she isn't even going to clean up stuff she says.


4:18PM BBT Liz tells Steve and Vanessa about how she and her sisters gave her Mom a 60s themed birthday party for her 60th birthday a few years ago. Now Vanessa is asking Steve what last years HG are doing and if they have fame from BB. Steve goes over each of the HG.

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4:21PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if anyone outside of BB15 ever regretted things they did on the show? Steve says probably but nothing major. Steve says that there were no bullies this year. Liz says Jeff was a complete bully. Steve says that there were no loud bullies.


4:26PM BBT Vanessa says that no one over 30 should have to go through a comp like last night and then have to do another comp in the same week. Now they are trying to figure out if she was the oldest HG to ever have to do a comp like last night.


4:41PM BBT Liz called tot he DR and whines. Her "vegetables" hurt. Van goes to the WC and comes out and studies the room (doesn't wash her hands nor pick up the TP on the floor). She comes out and says something to Steve about how bad the shower is. He says he will scrub it tonight.

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4:48PM BBT Van uses the bathroom again and heads back to the BR. She puts on  sunglasses and a beanie and crawls back in bed. Steve wants to talk to her but she says she is in pain  and wants to play a game later if she can make her way up the stairs. She asks Steve to wake her in 2 hours.


4:56PM BBT Steve and Liz are stretching in the LR. Vanessa is sleeping. Liz tells Steve that he is still red from last night. He says that he has to scrub tonight.

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5:03PM BBT Liz and Steve talking about their first night there. Liz says she has a bad memory and doesn't remember the first night.  Steve says that James told him he was going to be put up.


5:09PM BBT Steve and Liz reliving the season. Steve says the outsiders won. Liz says yeah and that they were not annoying.


5:12PM BBT Liz and Steve discuss how there hasn't been any mean game play this year. Liz says that it is a bad idea over all and only works for a few. Now they discuss that today is their last Thursday.

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5:23PM BBT Liz goes to the BR. Vanessa tells her they should take vitamins before they eat because they could get sick from hyperthermia from last night. Van says it was in the 50s and 60s last night and the wind. Liz says that she does feel like she is getting sick. Van says she is coughing.


5:37PM BBT Steve is studying again with candy pieces. Van and Liz sleeping.


5:53PM BBT Steve is restless wandering the house. Van and Liz sleep on.

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 6:03pm BBT BB tells Steve to please go to the STR. Steve goes to the STr and gets a zip lock bag  with clippers in it then goers to the WA to clip his nails over the sink.


6:15pm BBT: Steve is in the KT eating then gets up and walks around then goes back to the table  gets his food and walks to the Wa eating it then back to the KT. Vanessa and Liz are still sleeping in the OBR.


6:33pm BBT: Steve at the KT table building with Lincoln logs  and stacking play dough. Liz and Vanessa still sleeping.


 6:44pm BBT: Steve is pacing around the house and whispering into mirrors naming all the HG in different orders as he studies.


 6:56pm BBT: Steve is still pacing the house and studying to himself on the HOH's and the veto winners and the evictions.

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7:00 PM BBT Steve leaves the CBR & goes to the KT. He tells Vanessa that the french toast was really good & that's  not something that usually impresses him a whole lot. Steve goes to the HOHR & then upstairs, looking for his pair of pants. He tries to go in the HOHR, & it's locked. Vanessa gets told to please put on her microphone. Steve goes to the WA & then leaves. He says, he has no idea where his belt is. He says, he was dressed for this morning. He picks up his shoes & goes to the OBR.


7:02 PM BBT Vanessa is in the KT with her sunglasses on. She takes her plate & sits at the glass table. Steve is in the KT talking to Vanessa. Vanessa struggles to sit in the tall chair. She grunts & winces. She tells Steve that her bruises are getting bigger on her ass. She says, it's always worse the second day. She says, her pain is getting worse. She says her neck is really hurting also.


7:04 PM BBT Steve tells Mel that he hopes Mel can kiss her bruises. Liz is asleep in the OBR. Steve takes each of his shoes off in the KT & puts them back on. He walks around & goes back to the WA. Vanessa is eating her french toast. Steve goes to the DT & puts the Lincoln Logs in a bin. Vanessa asks Steve if she could have done long-term damage to herself? She wants to know when it's going to get better, she's over it. Steve tells her, "You don't have to compete tomorrow." Vanessa says, "I know."


7:08 PM BBT Vanessa washes her dishes in the KT sink. She asked Steve what he built? He says, nothing yet, I have a strategy, but haven't done it yet. He puts the second bin of the Jenga blocks on the counter near the sliding glass doors. He leaves the KT & then comes back, walking to the WA. Vanessa finishes up her dishes, & slowly walks to the OBR.


7:10 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that she has 45 minutes until the live show, the after dark, if she wants to get ready. Liz says, she does & thanks her for letting her know. There are only 3 chairs at the DT now. Two are light blue & one is orange.


7:11 PM BBT Steve goes in the OBR. He tells Liz that she has lines on her face. Liz says, "Damn it." Steve laughs, & says, she was sleeping on something. Liz goes to the KT. Vanessa tells Liz she had Steve wake her up. Steve says, someone has to do it with only 3 of them left. Liz eats some potato chips, chomping on them with eat bite.


7:13 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa are chatting in the WA. Liz goes in there with them. They are talking about when they found out that the twins were both playing the game as Liz. Liz is in the WC. Steve says, "That's some loud peeing." Vanessa says, "You are commenting on that?" Steve asks, "Should I not be?" Vanessa says, "No. Yours is louder." Liz comes out of the WC & says, they are being soo lazy today. She washes her hands & dries them. She eats some of what Vanessa is eating.


7:16 PM BBT Steve wants to play BB Bowling with them on their last night in the house. Steve says, this is their last Thursday in the house. He tells Liz she will be doing press stuff at this time next week in the real world. Steve says, he's the only person that has to be in the house for 98 days this season. He says, Liz wasn't in the house the whole season. He says, Vanessa got to leave for a few hours. They talk about someone at the concert recognizing Vanessa. Liz says, that girl will watch the episode & realize she was right.


7:19 PM BBT Steve seems to think that there are going to be a lot of people saying hello to him at the airport. He says, he's nervous about flying home. Vanessa says, there will probably be 5-10 people saying hi to him. He says, a couple people like that will be cool. Vanessa says, people will want his autograph. Steve says, they won't have pen & paper, they are going to want a selphie. Liz says, when people see celebrities they want a selphie with them.


7:20 PM BBT Steve jokes with the girls that he did something to the house they haven't noticed. He says, if he tells them, his scampering is for nothing. He says, he really didn't do anything. Liz asks Steve how he feels about being the only guy left in the house. Steve says, out of the 16 winners so far, 11 have been men. He says, this season will change that. Liz says, "That's insane." Liz says, she thinks that there are usually catty jurors that vote for the men.


7:23 PM BBT Steve told them he played with Lincoln Logs today, & he had some really big falls. Vanessa complains about how bad she is hurting & how bad her neck hurts. She says, she didn't see a doctor today. She says, they called a doctor & he told her to ice her neck. She says, that didn't do jack donkey. We see FOTH. Vanessa says, she thinks she's going to wear what she wore earlier today. Liz says, they ate pizza last night.


7:25 PM BBT Vanessa looks at her arms to see her cuts. Steve says, he got some cuts also. Liz says, she didn't. Steve says, he has some cuts in his nether regions. Vanessa tells him she doesn't understand how his package wasn't obliterated. They talk about his package some & how it didn't get hurt. Steve snaps his fingers & hums. Vanessa sings a little to the tune. Vanessa says, she can't wait until Finale night to see Mel. Steve says, he wants to see his mommy, 100%.


7:28 PM BBT Vanessa starts to sing Stand By Me again. She then just mouths the words. Steve is making buzzing noises. Vanessa is looking for the curling iron. Steve says, he unplugged it upstairs. Vanessa asks where the other one is? Steve says, you can go in the DR & ask. Steve is making noises that he says, he needs to use to play the trombone. He says, his grades are no longer dependent on his playing. Vanessa asks him, "Don't you have another semester?" Steve says, "Yes, I'll play, but I won't be under academic pressure." He says, he may play in the trombone choir. He explains it to Vanessa that there are about 30 trombonists that play in the choir.


7:31 PM BBT Steve talks about Vanessa's girlfriend being French Canadian. Steve says, he was in Montreal before. Liz comes out of the WC, after changing her clothes. Vanessa asks her what she's going to wear? She says, she's wearing what she has on with sandals. Vanessa says, that's cute. Steve thinks that the BB HG's still go on The Talk. Liz says, that's cool. Steve shouts out The Talk & Julie Chen. Liz asks if Sharon Osborne is on it? Steve says, he thinks so. Liz sprays hair spray & says, that's the extent of her getting ready. She sits on the couch. Steve tells her she just got red on her white pants. Liz has her Wackstreet Boys pants on. She says, she's obsessed with them & they are from Old Navy. She is chomping on whatever she is snacking on. They talk about doing BBAD live tonight. Steve hums the Wackstreet Boys tune.


7:35 PM BBT Liz says, she heard the the Backstreet Boys tweeted. She says, did they not know they didn't have music in the house? We see FOTH for a brief moment. Vanessa wonders how they got the Backstreet Boys to tweet. Vanessa complains about how badly her neck is hurting & how it's affecting her doing anything else. Liz tells Steve a story about when she went to Universal Studios. She says, she messed up her neck & they got 5 free passes to Universal again whenever they wanted. Steve talks about a ride at the park.


7:38 PM BBT Liz asks Steve what his favorite parks are in order? Steve says, he doesn't know, they are all soo different. Liz says, that's like asking him what his favorite food is. Steve says, it's shellfish. Steve says, if he was a fan at home, & he could ask them a question why would someone ask about furniture? He throws out ideas of questions that could have been asked.


7:40 PM BBT Steve says, he's going to apply for Grad School. Liz talks about the school she went to in New Orleans. She says, it's big, & then says it's small, like 300. She says, they all go to a bar on graduation day. Steve says, Fredonia has about 5,000 in the whole school, with about 600 music kids. Vanessa is curling her hair, while Steve & Liz are sitting on the couch in the WA.


7:42 PM BBT Steve says, if he was home he'd probably be in Mason. He says, the reception should be o.k., except for maybe his Adviser. He says, he should still get a recommendation for Grad School. Liz tells Vanessa she's waddling. Vanessa leaves the WA. Steve jokes with Liz that he should bother Vanessa, but he won't. He says, he would have totally done it in real life. Liz says, she wants to hear the joke about the girl. Steve says, it's not fun, & he doesn't want to talk about it. Vanessa says, they aren't drilling anymore. Liz is getting scared. Steve says, they wouldn't lie to us, it's not going to be today. Vanessa goes in the WC. Steve leaves the WA, & says, it's 7:44 PM BBT. Liz says, she needs to change her red ass pants. She goes to the KT & says, she really doesn't care, they shouldn't even see the red on her pants. She shouts out Jace on Twitter, while Steve chomps down some potato chips.


7:46 PM BBT Steve & Liz are looking at the Memory Wall. Steve tells Liz that Operation Left Column didn't want. Steve asks questions & they shout of Jace on Twitter, but they don't know what his actual Twitter name is. Steve wants to tell Liz something, but says, he shouldn't because it's about his high school principal. Steve says, it's hilarious, but he can't say it because he's their town Justice now.


7:49 PM BBT Liz says, it's soo weird, she had a dream about Austin, that they were in sequester still. Vanessa walks in & asks her if it's weird that she doesn't know what he's doing? Liz doesn't say anything. Vanessa goes to the LR. She says, "O.K., I've hit my perch & I'm not moving." Liz goes in the LR with her. Vanessa tells her that she still has red on her. Steve says, he still has some on him also. Liz asks what time it is? Steve says, It's 7:50 PM BBT. They talk about different juices & whether they have sugar in them or not.

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7:51 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wishes she didn't feel like this. She tells Liz she's glad she doesn't feel like this. Liz says, she needed sleep & she feels o.k. She says, she will take more Advil. Liz tells her that at least she gets to lay around until Wednesday, & her & Steve are on edge. Liz asks if the last comp is live? Steve says, 100% on the show, or at least it has been every other season as far as he can remember. Liz asks what time it is now? Steve says, 7:54 PM BBT Vanessa went to the WA, & Liz is checking her face in a mirror in the LR. We can hear Steve's microphone on while he's using the WC on Cam 3, which is actually showing Liz in the LR.


7:57 PM BBT Liz says, juice & eggs to Steve. Steve is eating on the couch as they wait for the live BBAD to start.


7:58 PM BBT Liz tells Steve that scrambled eggs are easy to make & they don't really have any flavor. Liz talks about making an omelet. Liz says, the signature Vanessa necklace broke. Liz says, they haven't given them any warning of this. Liz asks, "Is this happening?" Liz says, "They said 8 PM BBT." Steve says, "They did." Liz laughs at how Vanessa has to sit down in the LR.


8:00 PM BBT The feeds go LIVE on BBAD on POP TV. Steve gets called to the DR. Liz says, Steve is going to get the questions. Liz shouts out to BBAD. She says, they are very sore after that competition last night, Vanessa in particular. Liz asks why the camera is turning away? Vanessa says, because it's going to look at Steve coming out.


8:02 PM BBT Steve comes out of the DR & says, "Hello HG's." He tells them that viewers on BBAD are watching the show live right now & have some questions for them. The first question is if you win what you will do with the money? Liz says, she will go back to school & open a business with Julia. She says, she doesn't want to blow all the money, but she does want to travel.


8:03 PM BBT Steve says, he will pay off school & save the rest. Vanessa says, she would first get a special piece of bling for Mel. She says, she collects antique analog gear that she would like to have. She wants to take her whole entire family on a vacation together. She wants to help her mom & sister with some bills they have. She wants to put some aside for her & Mel to finance them going big time with music. Steve says, he would probably go to Ireland with his family.


8:05 PM BBT The next question is from Facebook. What previous HG would you like to meet? Vanessa says, she wanted to meet Caleb, Frankie, Rachel & Dan. She says, she's already met 3 of them. Liz says, her one girl crush was Rachel & she wanted to meet her badly. She says, she has a girl crush on Janelle. Steve says, it's Dan & Ian. He says, he forgot about Jode also. Liz says, her too.


8:06 PM BBT Steve says, the next question comes from Twitter. What is your favorite midnight snack? Liz says, eggs. Vanessa says, she doesn't have ice cream in her house, because she would eat it all. Liz & Vanessa says, Steve's is cereal. They talk about how he makes it, eats it, & leaves his bowl to get yelled at the next day.


8:08 PM BBT The next question is from Twitter. Who is your favorite band member from the Bettles? Steve's is Paul McCartney. Vanessa is also, & her favorite song is Here Comes The Sun. Liz says, she doesn't know them too much, but her favorite Beetle is John Lennon.


8:10 PM BBT The next question is from Twitter. What three things would you like to have with you if you were stranded on an island? Vanessa says, a deck of cards, a spearfish gun & a fire starter. Liz says, she would want to have a Vanessa, a blanket to get cuddly, & a fishing pole. Steve says, a bow, a cell phone & a helicopter.


8:12 PM BBT The next question is what is the worst part of being a HN, the shower, the bed or the food? Vanessa says, you can work with the dental chairs & the shower. She says, the food wasn't even really that bad, but it was the least pleasant. Liz says, she's a huge foodie, & the worst part was definitely the slop. Liz says, we probably think they are brats complaining about it. She says, the dental chairs are by far one of the worst beds ever. She says, she would rather have the airplane chairs or the ice block. Steve says, 120% the food.


8:13 PM BBT The next question is what are your plans for after the show? Liz says, going to Vegas definitely to visit Vanessa. She says, "I deserve it." She wants a vacation also. Vanessa says, she seconds that & wants to reconnect with Mel. She says, she needs to let loose & have fun. Steve says, he definitely needs to visit his nephew, Harrison. Finish school, apply for Grad School, & do some audio stuff over next summer.


8:15 PM BBT The next question is if you could have any meal what would it be. Liz says, she is craving & wanting any kids of sushi in her mouth. Steve wants steamed clams. Vanessa says, if she is being healthy, she wants a vegetable type soup that her & Mel make. She says, if she's going to be bad, she wants pizza from a place in Vegas called Pizza Rock.


8:17 PM BBT The next question was a Tweet. What activity do you miss outside the BB house? Liz says, any water activity in the ocean. Vanessa is missing hiking, camping & outdoor backpacking. Steve says, camping & talking to his family regularly.


8:18 PM BBT Liz says, they have finished all the questions. Vanessa says, "O.K., that was fun." Liz says, she can't believe she can't remember anymore Bettle's songs. Vanessa names a few of them.


8:19 PM BBT Liz gets called to the DR. Liz says, bye to the viewers. Steve asks if it's nap time again? Vanessa asks how long POP TV lasts? Steve says, 3 hours. Vanessa says, "I feel sorry for them." Vanessa explains how much pain she is in. Liz says, her arms hurt, as she lays down on the couch. Vanessa struggles to get up. She says she wants to get a t-shirt on. Vanessa asks if they are done? They think they are. Vanessa wants to play Jenga or something. Steve says, he feels sorry for anyone that's on TV watching them play Jenga.


8:22 PM BBT Steve sings the Jace & Austin song. Liz says, she was soo annoyed about Austin being soo PDA. She says, it's soo weird that she just had a dream about him. Steve says, it's weird that Austin & Johnny Mac were evicted 1 day apart. Vanessa walks in the LR & says, they are all done. She says, BB killed them & took everything out of them.


8:23 PM BBT Liz says, she can't remember anymore Bettle's songs, & she loves them. She says, "I'm literally a vegetable." (That's not the correct description." Liz rolls off the couch to get up & then moves next to the other couch to sit on the floor. Steve asks her if she wants to go back to bed? Liz says, she wants to play a game of Jenga first. Steve does want to go back to bed, kind of.


8:25 PM BBT Liz says, Steve likes Lincoln Logs, that's his favorite activity outside the house. She says, he also likes K'NEX. Liz shouts out to her Nana. Steve goes back in the LR to play Jenga with Liz. She tells him they can't be moving everywhere, because her movement is very limited.

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8:27 PM BBT Liz & Steve bicker like brother & sister as they play Jenga. Steve wins. Liz says, it's literally the shortest game they've played. Steve takes his first turn, second move, on next game & he loses.


8:31 PM BBT Liz & Steve start another game of Jenga, after it's all set up. Vanessa is laying in bed in the OBR.


8:32 PM BBT Liz & Steve go back & forth about who is more sneaky, while still playing this game of Jenga. Liz wins again! Steve says, it's not even fun playing her anymore.


8:34 PM BBT Steve starts saying the numbers Pi, as he builds with the Jenga pieces. He says, Pi is really strange. He lays in the floor in the LR. Liz says, "Bless you," to Vanessa, who's in the OBR. Steve says, they all heard it.


8:36 PM BBT Liz talks about how dark & depressing the CBR is. Steve says, when she got with Austin they went to the OBR. Steve says, the OBR was definitely the Goblin room. Liz asks Steve to help her up. She says, "I'm really dead." She says, "Thank you." Steve tells Liz to get ready to climb a wall tomorrow. They hug. Liz says, she's not looking forward to climbing a wall tomorrow in this pain. They go to the OBR.


8:38 PM BBT Liz asks Steve if he slept in the OBR last night? Steve says, "Yes, I slept in the day bed (pull-out bed)." Liz says, that definitely did not last an hour. She says, it was only about 15 minutes. She goes in the WC to get toilet paper. She comes out & blows her nose in the WA. She throws her toilet paper away & looks at her face in a mirror on the wall. She bites her thumb nail on her right arm, takes her microphone off & goes in the WC.


8:40 PM BBT Steve is looking for Liz. Vanessa asks if the comp will be tomorrow since they aren't drilling anymore. Steve thinks it will be. He thinks they will get the BY back, then lock down on Tuesday, with Finale on Wednesday. Vanessa wonders what they are going to do all the days in between. Vanessa wants a chiropractor or something. She says, she doesn't even want a massage right now, it's too sore. She asks Steve if he thinks she'll be better by tomorrow. Steve says, he doesn't know, Biology was never his strong suit. He says, he doesn't have his medical degree, nor is he on the way to one.


8:43 PM BBT Steve takes a warm pack out to use again. He says, he threw the other one out. He says he knows how the cold packs work, but not the warm packs. Vanessa asks if you can freeze the packs & reuse them? Steve says, no. He says, there's a chemical reaction that works together. Steve asks if she wants a cold pack, because they have more? Vanessa says, not right now, but she knows they will run out. She says, maybe they will give them the cold packs they can keep freezing, so they don't run out of them. Steve puts his warm pack on the back of his neck. Vanessa says, this is so rough. Steve says, "That's what Maverick says, ruff." Vanessa tells Steve that he still has pink on his elbow. Steve says, he's 1/16 Cherokee & he milked what he could out of it. BB says, "Please stop singing." They have to be talking to Liz, because Steve & Vanessa are talking about college. Vanessa says, she was on a scholarship to Duke. Steve says, his dad was a Veteran & was in Vietnam.


8:46 PM BBT Liz goes to the OBR & says, "I thought of my favorite Beetle's song. It's Hey Jude." She starts humming it & says, she has to stop before she gets buzzed again. Vanessa says, they are all going to finals in hospice. Liz calls Vanessa grandma. (That's Meg's nickname.) Liz says, "For sure," in her weird voice.


8:48 PM BBT Liz says, "Steve wants to be the caretaker, & take James' spot." Liz & Steve leave the OBR. Liz complains that they don't have anymore heat packs. She goes back to the OBR, & says, "We do have more hot packs." Steve puts blue gloves on & is playing doctor to Vanessa with an Antiseptic towelette. Vanessa wants Steve to put water in a glove & freeze it so she can use it as an ice pack, because they are going to run out. Steve says, it can't touch your vagina. Vanessa says, "Steve is making us ice packs." Liz asks if he's making the vagina packs? Vanessa laughs & says, he's making ice packs for them.


8:52 PM BBT Liz asks where Steve got the gloves from? Vanessa says, "This First Aid kit." Vanessa puts an ice pack on the right side of her neck & covers up with her blanket.


8:54 PM BBT Steve takes two blue gloves filled with water for Vanessa to see. She says, "Please tell me you didn't have fun doing that?" Steve says, "I did have fun doing that." They talk about Life in Pieces. Vanessa says, when the viewers see Life in Pieces next Monday, they will totally understand what they are doing with the gloves. Liz goes to the WC.


8:55 He goes to the WA. Liz asks if he put the gloves in the freezer? He says, he did. Steve talks about them asking questions. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Steve leaves the WA, saying goodnight to Liz. She tells him to rest up for manyana (tomorrow, in Spanish).


8:58 PM BBT Liz is taking her nail polish off, while sitting on the couch in the WA. Steve goes back in there to rinse his hand off & use the towel near the WC to wipe his hand. He didn't use soap at all. Liz finishes taking her nail polish off & she washes her hands in the sink.


8:59 PM BBT Liz asks Steve, "No sleepy time?" Steve says, "Na." Liz says, "I'm going to bed, goodnight." She leaves the LR & goes to the OBR. She goes into the KT. Steve talks to Vanessa in the OBR about Liz needing help with her vegetables. Vanessa says, "O.K." Steve says, "I'm going to scamper." Liz says, "Goodnight." BB says, "Attention HG's, the SR is temporarily unavailable." Liz gives a look of death. Steve says, "They wouldn't lie to us." He says, it's not going to be today. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Liz asks Steve where he put his hot pack? Steve says, "On the back of my neck." Liz is putting one on hers also.

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9:04 PM BBT Liz calls Steve. Vanessa tells Liz that she thinks they are going to do the comp. Vanessa says, they probably think they are soo boring, they need something for them to do. Liz says, she will literally die if they have to do the comp tonight. Steve says, he'd be surprised if it's tonight. Liz asks Steve to turn the light out. Her & Vanessa both thank him. Vanessa says, he's so board. Liz says, "I know." Steve goes in the OBR & then goes to the KT.


9:07 PM BBT Liz asks Vanessa what she should be studying? Vanessa tells her HOH's, order of evictions, Nom's, Veto's. Liz says, she's not going to know all of the nominees, that's ridiculous. Vanessa says, she's soo lucky she's not competing. She says, "I would have to concede, I'm useless." She says, once she got to a certain point she knew she had to win. Liz says, she knew that Vanessa wasn't coming off there, so she had to take her chances.


9:09 PM BBT Liz & Vanessa talk about yesterday's comp. She says, it reminds her of human torture & the movie Saw. Vanessa says, she literally thought of that movie also. Steve is walking around the KT & dining room area. He sits at the DT with some M & M's. He gets up to get the bag of M & M's. He uses them to study while looking at the Memory Wall.


9:13 PM BBT Steve seems to be really concentrating intently while sitting at the DT. Liz & Vanessa are quiet for the moment in the OBR.


9:15 PM BBT Liz talks to Vanessa about how standing on the wall was tough, but she definitely hurts more after this comp. Vanessa asks if Cody won the first round last year? Liz says, Cody & then Derek. She says, she thinks Cody won the third round.


9:17 PM BBT Liz says, nominations is soo hard to remember, she hopes they don't do that. She says, she hopes it's POV's, Comps, or HOH's. Vanessa says, "If it's spiderweb you need to know all kinds of information." Vanessa asks Liz if she knows who hosted what comps? Liz says, "No, I wasn't here. I'm actually excited. They won't f me over like that."


9:18 PM BBT Liz says, "They can do the ones I was here for." Vanessa asks, "Where's Stevie, scampering?" Liz says, "I don't know." Vanessa readjusts her ice pack. Steve is still studying using M & M's at the DT.


9:20 PM BBT Vanessa asks if Liz & Steve's necks hurt to? Liz says, hers hurts, but not as bad as hers, that's scary. Liz says, she needs an ice pack for her vag. Vanessa tells her that Steve is making the glove ice packs for her. Liz gets up & goes to the KT. She says, she's going to make a good ole fashioned ice pack. She puts some ice in a Ziplock bag. Steve tells her to put some water in it also. BB says, "Attention HG's, the SR is now available." Liz gives a weird look. Steve says, "Yay." He says, "Goodnight Miss Liz." Liz leaves the KT. Steve runs to the SR. Vanessa asks if there's more food? Steve says, "No, just more cold packs, nice."


9:24 PM BBT All is quiet in the OBR, with Vanessa & Liz both in bed with the lights off. Steve is talking to himself, using the M & M's & looking at the Memory Wall to study while sitting at the DT.


9:27 PM BBT The only HG still awake is Steve. He continues to study while sitting at the DT.


9:33 PM BBT Steve gets up from the DT. He walks to get the chocolate candies & sits back down at the DT. He gets back up to get some cereal, & then goes back to the DT. Vanessa takes a drink from her water bottle, lays on her stomach, places her ice pack on the back of her neck & lets out a sigh. She seems to not be able to get comfortable. She whispers, "Oh, God." She gets her pillow, changes her position to lay on it, puts her cap on, & seems to be cozy.

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9:44 PM BBT Steve whispers, "I've won exactly one Veto." He says, Julia only won one Veto also. He starts running down how many Veto's the HG's won.


9:45 PM BBT Liz goes in the DT. She asks Steve if he's studying? Steve says, "I am." Liz says, "Wow, this is intense." She tells him she knows what he's doing with the color coding. She tells him it shouldn't be as intense with the twins switching out. They discuss what the comp could be. Steve says, it should be the climbing. Steve tells her the final 4 Veto is usually the spiderweb. Liz says, the spiderweb has too much intricate information. Steve says, they probably wouldn't use stuff fro when she wasn't there. He tells her he's sure they have her in mind in what they are doing. She asks Steve what he's worried about? Steve says, he's just studying as much as possible.


9:48 PM BBT Liz says, she wants to take her make-up off. She tells BB if they are going to have more DR calls to let her know now, because she doesn't want to have to put more make-up on. Steve says, she'll get called to the DR as soon as she washes it off. Liz says, "Just my luck." She counts down, & starts washing her face. Steve asks if wearing make-up causes her to break out. She tells him it's a combination of stress & the make-up. She says, the make-up clogs your pores. Steve leaves the WA.


9:49 PM BBT Steve is in the OBR with Vanessa. She is complaining how sore her neck is. She wants to take more meds. Steve asks if she wants a hug? Vanessa says, "No, I can barely move." Steve he can symbolically hug her without touching her. Steve tells her she's in more pain now then she was after the comp. Vanessa tells him that's how it happens. Vanessa goes to the dining area. She says, "The hell? Are you copying my method?" Steve says, "Very similar, but not exact." Steve asks Vanessa who played Skee-Ball in the double eviction. She names HG's off, including her. Steve says, thank you. He was missing her name. Vanessa goes to the WA. Liz comes out of the WC.


9:52 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz, "What if I need a neck brace?" Liz says, "Oh, my God." Vanessa says, "This doesn't feel normal, I can't even move my neck." Liz goes to the dining area. Vanessa tells her he's copying her method. Liz says, "This is insane." She asks if he was inspired by Vanessa's method? Steve says, "Yes, I'm visualizing." Liz asks if they need to know who played in what Veto's? Steve says, "Maybe." He says, they may keep it more simple since she hasn't been here the whole time. Steve says, he would be surprised if they did order of evictions. Liz asks if they did order of HOH's last year? Steve says, he doesn't remember. Liz says, they had more HOH's last year because of more BOTB's.


9:55 PM BBT Steve thinks Part 2 might be spiderweb. Liz asks if they did it last year? Steve says, they've done it every year, just never in the finals. Vanessa runs down how many times the HG's have been nominated. Steve tells Vanessa she knows it more thoroughly than he does. Vanessa says, "That's because she studied with her M & M's." Steve says, "That's why he's doing that." Vanessa goes back to lay in her bed in the OBR.


9:58 PM BBT Liz is sitting at the glass table looking at the Memory Wall, while Steve is studying at the DT.

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10:04 PM BBT Liz & Steve are studying intently in the dining & KT areas, but they are studying by themselves.


10:06 PM BBT Liz asks Steve if he knows how many Veto comps there have been? Steve says, "We've had 15 evictions." Liz asks, "So, 15?" Steve says, "15." Liz thanks him.


10:08 PM BBT Steve asks Liz, "So, you've been nominated three times?" Liz says, "Yep, three times."


10:12 PM BBT The studying seems to be getting to Steve as he starts pacing back & forth. Liz is still looking intently at the Memory Wall, sitting at the glass table.


10:13 PM BBT Liz asks Steve about the comps he's won. Steve says, "Yes."


10:15 PM BBT Steve tells Liz, "Operation Left Column failed." She says, her column failed to. He explains what he means by that. Liz says, "That's true." Liz keeps asking Steve about comps the HG's have won. Steve has said, "Yes," to everything so far, so Liz is guessing them right. Liz is really nervous & biting on her nails & playing with the ends of her hair. Steve is still packing back & forth.


10:17 PM BBT Liz is biting her bottom lip & cracking her knuckles now. Liz & Steve talk about college & not having to worry about real world problems. She says, college was fun. Steve says, that's why he's going to go to Grad School. Liz says, "I'm hungry right now." Steve says, "If you're hungry, I would suggest food." Steve says, he wants a crabby patty. Liz says, she wants a crabby patty soo bad. Steve says, 3 AM BBT. Liz says, "It's only 10:20 PM BBT, we're such grandma's." She bites he nails some more while she studies.


10:22 PM BBT Liz says, "O.K.," & goes to the refrigerator. She takes ingredients out to make herself something to eat. She starts cutting up ham on the cutting board. Steve asks if Jackie nominated her & James in week 5? Liz says, "Yep." Steve says, "O.K."


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10:28 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the dining room area. Steve asks if he can say these to her to see if he's right? He starts to say everything to Vanessa. Liz says, Clay was once. Steve says, Clay was twice. Vanessa says, Clay was twice. Liz says, "That's right, I forgot you nominated him." Vanessa goes to the WA. Liz says, "Butterrrr."


10:30 PM BBT Steve says, "John went up soo often." Liz says, "Nine times, I can't believe he got to Victoria status." Steve says, "He got to Victoria status, but John did a lot more." Liz says, John just didn't mind going on the block. In the WA, Vanessa is washing off her make-up at the sink. She is using a towel as a washcloth.


10:32 PM BBT Steve tells Liz, He's not good at predicting stuff. Liz says, she just wants to know what's going on. He says, it's just like playing a game of Monopoly. Steve says, he's gotten farther then he thought he would. He says, he's o.k. with getting third place, & his last semester at Fredonia is covered. He says, all they can do is their best. They talk about how big Fredonia is. Steve uses his invisible jump rope for a couple of jumps. They discuss the General Education classes that they couldn't stand.


10:34 PM BBT Liz says, she liked the glasses that didn't make her think outside the box. Steve talks about leaving engineering at Cornell. Liz asks if everyone was upset when he left? He says, he thinks everyone saw him crash & burn. He says, he was told not even to study for a final exam, because it wouldn't have mattered for him to pass his class. Steve says, he hated all of his classes his Sophomore year. He says, he was losing inspiration, & that made him do poorly. Vanessa goes to the DT & tells Steve she did a couple of the same methods he's doing. She thinks his is very interesting.


10:37 PM BBT Steve runs down everything with Vanessa. Liz tells Steve not to burn himself out studying. Steve says, she's to blame for not needing to know a lot. Liz says, she's made it easier. Steve blames Meg. Liz says, that may be why they didn't do the spiderweb. Steve says, that may be why. He says, if Meg hadn't been there they may not have had that problem. They talk about BB Comics. They are both excited to get their comics next week. Steve says, this is the last Thursday. Liz says, "I'm excited. I want to live in the real world, & I want to go camping." She says, "I really want to go camping." Steve asks why? Liz says, "Because 98 days is too long, & I have someone I want to go camping with." (She's meaning to have sex with Austin.) Steve sings, "Liz is horny, Liz is horny." We see FOTH briefly. Liz tells Steve is was rotten of Austin to throw vegetables on her. She tells Steve never to do that. Liz says, she made up with him that night & she should have put him in the dog house where he belonged. Steve talks about his one overnight cuddle.


10:43 PM BBT We see FOTH.


10:44 PM BBT Steve comes back saying how much he hates beer. He says, he's never drank a full beer. He says, he hates it soo much, he can't stand it. Liz says, "That's absolutely hilarious." She says, people used to make fun of her for not drinking beer. She says, she used to sip on it & then bit the bullet. Liz keeps adding hot sauce to the eggs she is eating, while sitting at the glass table. Steve is sitting there with her. Steve says, he doesn't like a whole lot of alcohol. He says, he can actually stand Fireball.


10:46 PM BBT Liz & Steve talk about his drinking parties at college. We see FOTH.


10:49 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Steve & Liz talking about things they did in college. They talk about the clothes BB wouldn't let them bring. We see FOTH. They talk about Steve's break up, & we see FOTH again.


10:52 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Liz telling Steve to lose his gun boats shoes. She tells him to keep his hair cut if he can. She tells him he has such a cute face, & he needs to work with what his momma gave him. He tells Liz he looks more like his dad. Steve wishes he knew what his mom said. Hes says, he cried & doesn't remember what she said. He wonders where she was when she filmed it.


10:53 PM BBT Liz says, her family was in their LR. Steve says, his mom was not in the house he grew up in. He says, maybe they moved to Orlando, or they had a friend do it for them, since they don't know how to do that. Steve scampers to the LR & back to the KT area. He is humming & says, "I'm going to take a shower & get ready for bed." Liz is washing her dished from the eggs she cooked.


10:55 PM BBT Steve goes in the OBR & talks to Vanessa about what she thinks he should study. She runs down what she thinks. Steve tells her the names. Vanessa says, "Yeah." Vanessa says, "Vanessa, Steve, Liz & Austin are the only 4 HG's to win HOH after Becky."


10:57 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve, "Who spent the most days in the house as HOH?" Steve says, her. Vanessa asks, "Who spent the least amount of days as HOH?" Steve tries to figure that out, & says, "Jackie." He says, "I want to get better at the POV order." He says, "I'm going to take a shower & do that." He says, "Nighty night Vanessa." Vanessa says, it could be a spiderweb with a physical twist. Steve tells Vanessa if he gets third it's o.k., because his last semester at Fredonia is covered. Vanessa tells him he did a great job & left his mark on BB history. She tells him everything he did. Steve says, "I did things, it was a good summer." Steve is worried about having everything he needs to apply for Grad School.

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11:01 PM BBT Liz comes into the darkened OBR where Steve and Vanessa are talking.  Steve is telling them how much he and his mom plans things out.  Steve prepared birthday and other holiday cards before he came into the house and left them with his mom to give at the appropriate time.  Steve says goodnight to Liz and Vanessa and goes to the CBR. 


11:03 PM BBT A few minutes pass and Vanessa whispers to Liz that if Steve is in the shower, Vanessa will quiz Liz.  She sends Liz to go check if Steve is in the shower.  Liz heads to the KT to get water from the fridge.  Steve comes out of the WA and shows Liz that the shorts he wears for showering are ruined by the candy dip goo.  Liz tells him that she really thinks he can shower naked and no one will see his package.  Steve asks Liz for a hug and tells Liz they are both too stressed.  He sits down and begins telling Liz a story about him worrying.  BB tells him to put on his microphone and he goes back to the WA to get it, then returns to the KT to talk to Liz.


11:07 PM BBT  Liz and Steve talk about being a worry wart and always needing to be prepared.  Liz says she always needed to study.  Steve says he was okay with sight singing.  Liz asks “sight singing?” and Steve explains that it means singing a piece of music that you haven’t seen before. Steve talks about his dad having much more stress.  Steve says his worst case scenario is significantly better than his dad’s best case scenario.  His dad just wanted to come home alive.  Steve is in a parking lot on a TV show.  They say goodnight and Steve heads to the WA talking to himself and saying he was definitely banking on not being cast for the show. 


11:14 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz are reviewing all the competitions and days.  Vanessa lists stuff and Liz corrects her on one.  Vanessa says Liz is right and they continue.


11:17 PM BBT Steve comes through the OBR to look for something in the CBR.  Liz asks Steve what he’s doing?  Is he naked?  Steve is wearing a towel and they tease him a bit as he tells them it feels very strange to shower naked.  He leaves the room and heads back to the WA and Vanessa whispers to Liz that Steve has FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  She says that what Steve just did was scatterbrained and it’s possible he just came in to see if they were still awake.  Vanessa explains to Liz her method of studying.  She suggests making a 4 x 4 grid of cheezits or crackers.  Then place M&Ms on them with different colors for different competitions.  She explains how to use that same method to drill things.  She tells Liz that is what Steve was copying her.  Liz says Steve did that?  Vanessa says that she didn’t explain it to Steve, he figured it out by looking.  She tells Liz she is very fast... faster than Vanessa... then starts drilling her on votes. 


11:27 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that she knows that they can’t ask questions about the times she wasn’t here.  Vanessa says that means Liz has an advantage over Steve then, because he has to study all of it.  She just has to study the ones she was here.  If she wasn’t there, just put a brown M&M to mean she wasn’t here.  Vanessa tells Liz that if Steve sees her doing it, she should tell Steve she couldn’t sleep so she decided to study, and she should not tell Steve that Vanessa told her how to do it.  Liz says she would never tell him. 


11:29 PM BBT Steve is out of the shower.  Steve says he won’t keep it up but it was bizarre.  Liz says she can’t believe he’s been showering in shorts for 90 days.  Just as Steve leaves the WA, Steve says he got used to it “in prison” so he would have his system down and be comfortable with it.  Liz says “wow” as she comes out of the WC and washes her hands.  Liz goes to the KT to get the snack foods to use for studying and sets them up in the Cabana Room Lounge.  Steve pokes his head into the room and she says “yes, I can’t sleep.”  Steve says “oh, you’re doing things,” and leaves her to it. 


11:36 PM BBT Steve is walking back and forth and goes into the storage room asking out loud “was Jeff ever a have-not?”  Steve goes to the DR and the cameras turn briefly to Vanessa laying down in the darkened OBR with her arms behind her head.  Her eyes are open.  Cameras return to KT where Steve is looking in the fridge for milk.  He goes back to the storage room.  Liz is still studying in the CRL.

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11:41 PM BBT Steve is pacing in the KT listing off the competitions using his hands to count them off.  He stops to eat some cereal.  Liz is in the CRL using cereal and M&Ms to study. 


11:45 PM BBT Steve comes out of the WC, takes off his glasses and splashes water on his face.  He gargles and spits and picks up his glasses and exclaims that the pens of his glasses are red.  He goes to the KT and stands by the DT facing the memory board with his eyes closed.  He has his cereal and M&Ms set up on the DT. 


11:48 PM BBT Steve comes into the CRL and notes that Liz is studying with cereal and skittles.  He tells her that’s very sneaky of her.  Steve says he has a serious problem.  He just took a dump and when he wiped it was solid red.  Liz says eww and asks what it means...was the dump red?  Steve says no.  Liz says that’s disgusting.  Steve asks if that has happened to her.  She says no, but she hasn’t done number two yet.  She is disgusted.  Steve says he will leave her to her studying.  He comments that he doesn’t know what her system is, and he says that if it makes sense to her then the job is done.  Liz says she isn’t as technical as him.  She’s glad he doesn’t understand her system.  Steve says goodnight and leaves the room. Liz is using a different format.  Instead of a grid, she has things spread out across the two small tables. 


11:58 PM BBT  Liz and Steve continue to study; Liz in the CRL, and Steve pacing in the KT.

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