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Sunday, September 13 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates

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10:15 PM BBT Jmac says you think? Vanessa asks you think Steve is a big target? Jmac say for us? No. Vanessa also says no. Jmac says not in these competitions no. Vanessa says Austin's a big target get. Like, I mean, at the end of the day, as much as I am friends with him and I want him to stay it's asinine and stupid. Here's why: even if you can guarantee you can get to final 3 more often doing whatever kind of deal you come up with or whatever it is you can finagle you're going to get to final, there's no way around this part, you're going to get to final three fifty percent of the time with a couple. Which means that you have to win outright. And that's, the odds are against you. Whereas in the other situation I'm in the same exact spot, you see that right? In the other situation we at least have arguments we can make to each other. Like something can be done, you see what I'm saying, it's not a total, it's stupid. Like how did I not think of this before? Like the fact that you actually have to win half the time....I was only thinking about the part getting to final three. Now the part about it, if you actually want to do that you have to F'in win?"

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10:29 PM BBT Vanessa & John talk about their shoulders & arms being sore from the comp. Vanessa says, she only got one cut. John says, he went frantic. They talk about the music on Vanessa's album. Vanessa is surprised he knows the music.


10:32 PM BBT John tells Vanessa about the basses he has at home. He says, if he has it fixed it will be more than the guitar is worth to fix it. John tells Vanessa that there's a metal rod in the neck of the guitar to help it from bowing. He says, he messed it up when he was playing it. Vanessa is yawning. She chokes & coughs a few times. She asks John if he ever played in a band? He says, he played with some friends during High School.


10:37 PM BBT John says, they played for the students & they killed it. He says, when they played for the parents his bass went out, & the drummer went off of him because he wasn't that good. He says, it was awful, he got a new cable & they pushed through it. He says, they still one. John sings a little, & says, he'll stop. Vanessa checks the TV monitor to see if Liz & Austin are still playing chess, & they are.


10:38 PM BBT John says, they overdid some of the things, & they just should have left it alone. Vanessa says, she did that also, & they should have Kept It Simple Stupid. She tells John she played in a Quartet in Middle School. She keeps yawning. She says, it's been a while since she's picked up a violin. She says, she's been trying to teach herself Cello. She says, she teaches herself how to play instruments when she gets board. John asks her if she's ever played an electric violin? Vanessa says, no.


10:41 PM BBT Vanessa says, there is a girl that plays very very good on the electric cello. Vanessa says, she's really never been much of an instrumentalist, she's more of a composer. She explains to John that she would love others to play the music she writes.


10:42 PM BBT Vanessa says, she plays straight forward. She says, she's not a performer to put added things into the music. She tells John that Mel is a very good singer. She yawns again. John says, he learned that you need to breath from your diaphragm, even just for talking. Vanessa asks if he can sing? John tells her that he doesn't have the control to sing really well. Vanessa says, Mel can get the exact notes, but she can't. John says, Steve is great at that. Vanessa says, Steve has a great ear. Vanessa wonders who's winning chess. She guesses Austin.


10:44 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz & Austin who's winning? Austin says, it's close. They each have one piece from each other. Austin says, he let her take a move back. Liz says, him & Austin both let her do that. John says, he wishes you could take the iPod out of the HOHR. Vanessa says, she does also. She gets back in her bed & yawns. She says, Steve is probably freaking out. She checks the TV screen. They talk about Eric Clapton. Vanessa says, one of his songs is about his son dying. John says, that sucks.


10:47 PM BBT Austin is cursing at the chess board, as he & Liz still play. Vanessa talks to John about what he does with the ladies. John says, he took someone to a roof deck in Philly. He says, that was the closer. John talks about a guy he lived with named Turner taking a girl up there. He started playing an acoustic guitar, & she left that night. John says, he told the guy he couldn't do that. He says, Turner said they were just friends. Vanessa says, he should have sealed the deal right there. John says, he can't lead her on like that, you have to go for it. Vanessa says, she can't wait. John says, that was a good move, & everything else has been freestyle.


10:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wants to play the guitar when she goes camping for real, not the camping they were talking about in the game. Vanessa says, "Oh my gosh, we're almost down to 4 people." John talks about a band called Nine Days. Vanessa says, she's bad with older band names. John says, he knows all the words to Backstreet Boys songs. He says, he can do that with Blink 182 songs also. He says, he likes there singles, he doesn't really buy an album. Vanessa says, she likes their singles to. John says when he was in undergrad he had a week long phase where they talked like Tom Delonge.


10:52 PM BBT Vanessa & John talk about more music. John says, he could play a song on real drums, & he does the movements. John says, his brother got really good at Rock Band drums. Vanessa says, that's how she learned to play the drums on Rock Band on Expert. Vanessa talks about the new & old Rock Band. She says, she puts the skills together to learn how to play.


10:54 PM BBT They talk about the high hat pattern & double bass pedals. Vanessa asks John if he ever got to Expert? John says, no, he's like Medium. Vanessa says, a lot of people can't do all of the combinations. She says, you can add as many drums as you want, & it's still the same. She says, she will play for people that come to her house. She says, people ask how she learned? She says, she tells them her skill set came from Rock Band. John says, he can believe it.


10:56 PM BBT John says, he came home when his brother got the Rock Band, & then when he came back home after the semester his brother had it perfect. Vanessa says, it makes you sweat a lot. John says, Austin was saying it makes your leg tired. Vanessa thought she was the only one that plays the drums in the house. Vanessa yawns again. John says, the Rock Band drum pedals suck. Vanessa says, they break easy. Vanessa asks if that was his brother with the long hair in the video? John says, yes. Vanessa says, she knows what he looks like now. John says, he got him an acoustic guitar last year at this time. Vanessa says, she got her sister one, but she doesn't play it. John says, his brother picked it up & can play.


10:59 PM BBT Vanessa is soo excited that she will be home soon with Mel & her dogs.

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11:00 PM BBT John is called to the DR.  Before he leaves, he tells Vanessa about Zombieland.  The main character figures out how to survive a zombie apocalypse: cardio and double tap.  In the competition, there was cardio and John started hitting his button twice for double tap.  Steve comes in after John leaves and asks Vanessa to hang out with him.  She says that she was just thinking of going to bed. She asks what time it is and whether it’s too early.  Vanessa offers for Steve to listen to her music and he turns her down saying he doesn’t like it.  She tells him he’s strange. 


11:03 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa if there is anything he needs to do.  She shushes him and tells him to just do what he’s doing.  He starts whispering and she whispers back trying to get him to stop.  She finally gets through telling him to just be himself.  They start talking about music.  Austin and Liz are playing a game of chess on the Sky Bridge.


11:05 PM BBT Steve and Vanessa discuss patch bays.  Vanessa loves them, but Steve doesn’t and tries to explain why.  Vanessa decides that she will turn in.  They talk about workouts briefly and Vanessa goes to the HOHR WA.  Steve puts on the headset to listen to her music.  They talk about the music briefly and Vanessa announces she is going to wash her face and then go to bed.  She calls out “goodnight Steve” as she heads to the HOHR WA.  Before he leaves, Steve tries to ask once more if there is anything he should do and she waves him off.  Steve finally leaves the HOHR.


11:09 PM BBT Steve goes to the CBR briefly and then heads out to the BY.  He says he has no one to talk to because Johnny Mac went to DR.  He watches the washing machine for awhile and then says he feels like house questions and tonight might be a good night to study.  218 rocks.... he has been studying this house like a madman.  He hopes he is ready for a house theme or days comp.  They haven’t had one yet and it might be because of the twin twist.  He starts listing off the number of things.


11:20 PM BBT Feeds come back after a couple minutes of FotH to Steve pacing in the BY and whispering to himself that he doesn’t see himself winning but he might luck out and get second. 


11:21 PM BBT Steve tells us he might have to take his chances with Vanessa and then starts listing off how many comps they have each won.  He starts mumbling as he paces.


11:23 PM BBT Steve comes inside to use the WC.  Austin and Liz are still playing chess.  Liz wonders how she is going to win this game without her rook!


11:27 PM BBT Steve gets himself a drink and a snack in the KT and then heads back out to the BY.  He says it’s going to be so sweet when Austin gets evicted.  So f’ing sweet.  He paces and mutters some more and then goes back into the KT to top up his drink.  He returns to the BY.

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11:31 PM BBT Steve goes to the CBR to get his blue hoodie.  He returns to the BY and lays on the hammock.  He comments that he is worse at the later days.  He isn’t sure if today is 88. Steve wonders why the feeds aren’t on right now.  There’s nothing else to put feeds on, so he doesn’t know why he’s not on feeds.  He checks and sees one camera. He starts reciting days beginning at day 50. 


11:38 PM BBT Austin is telling Liz that they have stalemate.  Liz moves and says “check”  Austin makes a move and Liz says she’s gonna kill him.  He tells her to box him in.  Liz moves and Austin tells her she can’t do that.  Liz moves and says “check” and then Austin is called to the DR.  Austin tells her she can win the game, but Liz doesn’t see it so he points it out because he has to go to DR.  He calls stalemate and they leave the game.  John comments that Austin is limping a bit  Austin says it’s from an inflamed hip.


11:42 PM BBT  John is in the KT munching.  Steve is still on the hammock in the BY reciting days. 


11:44 PM BBT Steve is fervently hoping that he wins this next HOH.  He says it over and over.  He tells feeders that when Vanessa won HOH he thought he was going to have an easy week.  Steve starts humming and whistling and pumping his legs to the beat while still laying in the hammock.  We get Fish.


11:47 PM BBT Liz comes out to the BY.  Steve says hi and asks her to tell him how much time is left on his laundry cycle.  Liz says “oh my God your leprechaun hat” and tells him it’s 9 minutes left.  Liz leaves and Steve starts reciting days in reverse. 


11:50 PM BBT Steve comes inside and goes to the CBR.  He thought Johnny would be in there but he’s not.  He straightens out the bedclothes and then sits on the bed with his letter and reads.  Liz and John are in the WA doing ADLs. 


11:55 PM BBT Liz is sweeping in the KT while Austin is washing dishes.  Liz asks Austin how his hip is.  Austin says it’s just some tendonitis and he just has to take his meds.  Liz thinks he did it while working out...not from the comp.  Austin says it was hurting him yesterday already.  Liz suggests that it probably got worse when he worked out on it.  Austin is making Steak and Eggs but Liz says she already brushed her teeth.  John joins them in the KT and they talk about the schedule.  Austin says they have to hurry up because the premiere of Life in Pieces is going to take over everything. 


11:57 PM BBT Austin says he wants to cuddle his babe and Liz says “haven’t you heard?  I’m not sleeping there tonight”  She reminds him that he threw vegetables at her.

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