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Wednesday, September 9 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates

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6:12PM BBT Julia still trying to decide what clothes to pack. Austin and the boys stretching in the LR.


6:16PM BBT The twins trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow. They are trying to choose the clothing. Liz says they still need to divide up the undies.


6:22PM BBT The twins are out of room in their suitcases and just realized that they haven't packed their dresses. Austin and John having protein in the KT after working out.


6:28M BBT The twins are discussing leaving some things hanging since one of them will be staying. They are running out of room.

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6:33PM BBT The twins are trying to decide what jewelry they are taking. Steve and John making dinner in the KT.


6:58PM BBT Austin comes into the BR and scares the twins. Liz gives him a hug and tells him he smells so zesty. He has taken a shower (and used  Irish Spring!).

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6:42PM BBT Vanessa gets a beer. She says she is going to down the beer and go to sleep. She is worried about the calories in the beer (she forgets about those chips).


6:46PM BBT Austin and the twins eating snacks from Liz's HOH basket. Austin looking at all of their clothes. Julia says that their Mom had to send all of these because they brought mostly white and they were taken. Austin talking about how hot it is in the house. Julia says why do you need the covers then. Julia says that there is to be no funny business in the house. Austin and Liz says there has been no funny business.


6:50PM BBT Julia tells Austin and Liz that they need to babysit Steve. She says that they need to make sure Steve understands that he needs to keep them safe. Vanessa comes in and says that no one wants to play chess with her and so she had to get drunk by herself. She offers Julia the other beer and Julia says no that it is only empty calories.

6:52PM BBT The twins are trying to decide to bring the tutus. Austin and Vanessa tell them to sign everything and sell it on Ebay. Austin says if his tutu doesn't go for a grand he will be pissed.


6:54PM BBT Vanessa in the BR wondering what the surprise is that Mel has for her at home.

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7:01 PM BBT In the OBR, Austwins & Vanessa talk about some of the sites in California. Steve is sitting at the glass table in the KT, & John is sitting on a bar stool near the sliding glass door to the BY. Steve talks to John about people needing their teeth pulled.


7:04 PM BBT John tells Steve that probably 5 of 6 patients he sees daily need teeth extracted. He says, sometimes they have a cavity that has gone very deep & he can't save the teeth. He says, usually when people have to get their back teeth extracted he recommends they get them replaced because otherwise your face starts to sag & sink.


7:05 PM BBT Liz is in the KT flipping out because she has found a ton of ants for a second time today. She opens the freezer & says, they've committed suicide, they're all dead. Steve offers to help her clean them up. Liz tells him, she can do it. John & Steve talk about John's patients needing their teeth pulled again.


7:07 PM BBT Steve asks if there are any people that have had all of their teeth pulled? John says, there are a lot of people that have. Liz asks if they get lumineers? John says, you mean dentures. She says, yes. John says, some people end up needing Periodontal work done. We see FOTH briefly. Liz leaves the KT.


7:08 PM BBT John says, if people go to the dentist every 6 month cavities are easier to catch. Steve tells him he's had a couple filled with sand. John says, if they did that then they weren't that bad. John says, he feels bad having to beak it to people when they need their teeth pulled. John says, his first time telling someone was at Dental School.


7:10 PM BBT John tells Steve you have to get every step you do in Dental School checked off. He says, the patient can tell what may be coming. He says, they usually know before that they are going to get bad news. Austin goes in the KT to get water out of the refrigerator. John says, he actually had to tell someone they had dental cancer. We see FOTH briefly.


7:11 PM BBT John tells Steve he had to refer someone to an Oncologist & an Oral Surgeon. He says, the guys tongue had split also. He says, he's never seen a tongue like that ever before. Steve says, he could never go into medical, because he could never do that. John says, once you're dead inside you can do whatever you want. John tells Steve that he found a cyst in someone's mouth one time. He explains this to Steve. Camera 4 gets a close-up shot of the ants a couple times under the glass table.


7:14 PM BBT Julia goes in the KT & says, good morning to everyone. Austin says, It's 7:14 PM BBT. Austin talks about chess. Vanessa is in the CBR flipping through Steve's Bible reading it.


7:18 PM BBT We see FOTH briefly. Steve is now sitting at the DT with Julia, while she paints her fingernails. Austin is walking around the KT, & he's calling Steve, Buccoo. Steve leaves the DT.


7:22 PM BBT John jokes with Austin & Julia. He says, he & Meg are engaged, & the game is going to reset. Julia says, James could be possibly camping with Meg right now. Austin says, John doesn't want to think about that. John jokes around that he will never find another.

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7:23 PM BBT Austin is chopping up garlic. He says, it's like a slinky, fun for a girl & a boy. Julia says, it's fun for the whole family. Austin says, that's grandma (Meg). Julia says, she's going to see her tomorrow, & asks if they have any messages for her? Austin tells her to let her know he scored over 600 points in Pot Ball. Austin says, that's nuts. Austin says, there are no ants in the rice.


7:26 PM BBT Austin is trying to figure out how much rice vinegar to use. He pours some in & Julia keeps telling him to pour more in. He asks Johnny Mac if he should keep adding more, because it's going to be powerful. We see FOTH briefly again.


7:28 PM BBT John says, there's more than one way to cut up a dead fish. Julia asks him if he likes sushi? John says, yes & tells her the kinds he likes. Julia says, she remembers him saying this already. Julia says, she put sushi on her sheet, but it doesn't matter because she didn't win an HOH. She says, she won a Veto, so she had her time to shine. She says, "Surprise surprise Julia's out first."


7:31 PM BBT In the CBR, Steve tells Vanessa he hopes the next HOH is not physical. Vanessa wonders what time it is. Vanessa says, she can't believe James is gone, it's weird. Steve says, it's a hard game. Vanessa says, it's a fun game though. Vanessa tells Steve there's only 13 days left until she sees her girlfriend. Steve tells her to eat more Mr. Goodbar candy bars. They whisper to where we can't hear them. We see FOTH twice. Vanessa says, she's going to give Mel a big kiss. Steve says, he's going to be getting a lot of kisses from his mother. Vanessa says, not the same kind of kisses she'll be giving. Steve says, "No."


7:34 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wonders how their families will react to other HG's when they meet them. Vanessa tells Steve that her dogs will be there in the hotel. Steve asks if her parents will be there? She says, she doubts it, because her mom & step-dad both have to work. Steve says, he'll be very surprised if he's still in the house on Finale night. He says, he hope's he's liked & not hated. He says, he doesn't have to be America's Favorite Player, just positively received.


7:37 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that John told him the audience laughed at his goodbye message to him. Vanessa says, every 3 days, from now there will be fun. Steve & Vanessa both say if they get 5th place they are o.k. Steve says, it's better than he thought he would get. Vanessa says, the same. John goes to the CBR. Steve tells him they only have 13 days left in the house. Vanessa says, "Praise the Lord." Steve says, Finale night is 2 weeks away.


7:39 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that even though the game is hard on different levels, she has never been this lazy or unproductive. She says, she uses technology. Steve says, he produces things at school. Vanessa asks John if he's falling asleep, while he's sitting up? John says, yes. Vanessa tells him it doesn't look comfortable. John covers up & lays back to get more comfortable.


7:40 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa what type of equipment he uses. He says, he only owns one microphone. He says, he uses some of the school's equipment. Steve says, some people think he's going to buy some more trombones when he leaves the house. Vanessa asks if he is? Steve says, no, he has 4 of them.

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7:42 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa talk about his music. He says, he only practices about 3 or 4 times a week. Vanessa wants to know if they can turn off the lights if she naps at the same time John does? Steve says, no, the lights must remain on during the day. Vanessa says, it's night. She tries to lay down & then has to use the bathroom. She goes to the WA. Steve waits until John notices he's still in the CBR. He tells John he's very sneeeaakkkyy.


7:45 PM BBT Steve leaves the CBR. In the KT, Austin has Liz taste his rice. Austin thinks he needs more vinegar. Liz says, it's perfect, he doesn't need more vinegar. Steve goes to the WC, & we can hear him peeing with his microphone left on. Julia is now painting her toe nails while sitting at the DT.


7:47 PM BBT Julia says, she hates painting her toe nails, it's soo hard. Liz says, Pot Ball a couple times, while cutting up vegetables in the KT. Liz asks Steve what he's doing. He talks, but we can't hear him, so his microphone may now be off. He says, all of the veggies & we can hear him on the KT microphones.


7:49 PM BBT Austin walks through the KT from the WA. He walks back into the KT & washes his hands. He dries them off with a paper towel & throws it away in the trash can. He stirs the rice on the stove & walks away again.


7:51 PM BBT Steve goes in the CRL & whispers to himself. Steve gets called out for leaving a bowl laying around. Julia talks about 7th Generation & says something in Spanish. She takes her supplies to the WA that she was using while painting her finger & toe nails. Steve is walking around whispering to himself. Liz burps, & doesn't say excuse me, twice.


7:53 PM BBT Julia tells Liz that she's going to take one nail polish. Liz is using a butter knife to cut up vegetables. Liz says, this is going to be everything. Julia asks Liz if she's going to cry when she sees her face go to black & white? Liz says, yeah.


7:54 PM BBT Julia says, she doesn't really want to do look like a b*tch not saying goodbye to everyone. She shouts out Loyala University. She takes her key out of the hole to look at it. She says, I hope it's not bad luck.


7:56 PM BBT Liz complains that the carrots are soo damn hard to cut. Julia says, she thought Meg was in her 30's or 40's. She says, she thought Jackie was really old also. Liz, Steve & Julia all want to play Pot Ball tonight.


7:57 PM BBT Julia says, she thinks she'll look prettier in black & white. Liz tells her to stop it. Steve is making noises. He says, he's weighing things in his mind. Liz finishes the rice, & eats some off the fork, chomping it. She says, it's really good. She covers the pan back up, lays the fork on the counter, & goes back to cutting up veggies. Julia says, she hasn't even thought about her speech yet.


7:59 PM BBT Liz & Steve talk about the speech he gave already. Liz says, it was good. He explains what he said in the speech.

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8:02 PM BBT Julia goes in the OBR & asks Austin what's going on? She asks if John & Vanessa are sleeping? Austin says, yes. They talk about Audrey's penalty vote. Julia says, Steve is acting weird. Julia asks if anyone is flipping the vote tomorrow? Austin says, they can't. He says, if Vanessa does that she will screw herself up with them. He says, she should tell him, because everyone is good right now. Austin asks Julia what she's going to say to John when she talks to him. Julia says, she doesn't know how to word things with him.


8:04 PM BBT Julia wants to throw Vanessa under the bus with John for playing both sides of the house. She wants to tell John that she has a final 2 with her & she probably has one with him. Austin doesn't want her to say anything about him & Liz. They talk about other things she should say to him.


8:06 PM BBT Vanessa gets called to the DR. Julia says, she's hungry. Julia leaves the OBR. Steve goes to the OBR & tells Austin that he told Liz that if he goes on the block & she's HOH to please break the tie in his favor. Austin tells Steve he was going over days.


8:08 PM BBT Liz dumps the trash from the KT trash can into the big trash can in the SR. Steve tells the twins that he won't let Vanessa listen to his music unless she eats some chocolates. Liz tells him he's taking it too far. Steve asks if he is? Liz says, no. Steve runs to the HOHR. Julia sings the song that was made up earlier in the season. Steve comes back downstairs & whispers, "I hate this game so much."


8:11 PM BBT Steve goes back to the OBR. He goes over days with Austin.


8:13 PM BBT Steve & Austin talk about the HOH comp tomorrow. Steve says, they could change it. He says, some of the comps have been the same as before. Austin says, it could be the shovels then. He asks Steve if he has any tips on the shovels? Steve says, don't fall & there's cold water. Steve asks if what he said to Liz was reasonable? Austin says, yes, that's what you do in this game. He tells him he can't play. He says, 5 is the risky number. He says, at 4 it comes down to comps.


8:15 PM BBT In the WA, the twins are whispering about Steve. Julia says, they aren't going to honor anything he says. Liz says, she never even won a physical comp she doesn't understand why people are so scared of her. She washes her hands in the WA & then picks her teeth as she leaves the WA. They talk about the votes for next week coming down to a tie breaker.


8:18 PM BBT Liz starts to cut up more veggies & didn't wash her hands after just picking her teeth while leaving the WA. Julia burps & doesn't excuse herself. Liz tells Julia she's so lucky she doesn't have to deal with this sh*t anymore. Julia says, she knows, & she doesn't want to have anymore nightmares over it. She tells Liz she's going to win, that's what's going to happen. (Maybe in her mind.) Julia talks in another language with no translation.


8:20 PM BBT In the OBR, Austin & Steve are talking about the vote for tomorrow. Steve tells him that he hopes that the twins will make the best decision for their game, not a personal one. Austin says, they will, that's why he's there. Austin tells Steve they are all on the same page, & they just have to win. Steve & Austin do the nerd pushing up of the glasses movement they made up, & Steve leaves the OBR.


8:22 PM BBT Austin talks to himself & says, "I'm at the center of everything, what the f happened? Oh my God." He goes over votes again. John comes out of the CBR. Austin says, "Mac Attack." John goofs with him & then walks away.


8:24 PM BBT Austin goes in the KT with Liz. Steve tells John that he wouldn't want to be a resident, it sounds too hard. Liz punches Austin in the chest. He makes fake punches at her face. He continues to make fake wrestling moves with her.


8:28 PM BBT Julia says, they should play BB Bowling tonight. Austin asks, "Who's going to set that sh*t up?" Liz tells Austin she can't rely on him to cut up the vegetables, because he makes big chunks. Austin tries to go over the votes with the twins. Julia says, don't ask her anything because she's leaving. Austin runs down the votes. Liz keeps looking at herself in the mirror by the stove. Austin tells her he will go over it again with her so she can memorize it.


8:30 PM BBT Austwins continue to go over things that have gone on in the house. They discuss the possible HOH comps that could happen. Steve tells them that his shoes get made fun of at school. Steve walks around the house, throwing a piece of chocolate into the air & catching it. Austwins argue in the KT. Austin says, he's just hungry. Vanessa & Steve go in the KT now.


8:37 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa go upstairs to play chess. Within 2 minutes Vanessa says, she's about to put him in checkmate. She's not there quite yet though, they are still playing.

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8:42 PM BBT Liz is still cooking in the KT. Austin is walking around not really doing a whole lot. Liz says, "Pot Ball." She says, they make treats during Pot Ball. Austin says, yep. Julia gets water from the refrigerator. Austin says, "As expected." Julia says, they are both so annoying.


8:44 PM BBT Julia asks who freezes the cookies? Liz tells her that they come like that. Austin tells Julia she has to take a bar of Irish Spring to jury for James. Austin goes to get the Irish Spring & says, it's his gift to her. She tells him to put it in her suit case then. Julia is playing with the ends of her hair in the KT. She says, no one in jury should be upset with her, because she didn't send any of them home. Liz says, if she's still with Austin at Christmas, fingers crossed, she's going to get him Irish Spring.


8:45 PM BBT Liz asks Julia to keep chopping the food in the pan, because she's tired. Julia asks Austin to do it, because he does it better, & she's getting tired. Austin tastes it & tells them it's tangy. Julia says, it's good. Liz adds ketchup to the pan. Austin turns the pan off, & says it's ready. Liz says, no, there's still about 10 minutes left of this process. Julia says, they are creating a masterpiece. Julia helps Liz. Julia burps & doesn't excuse herself.


8:48 PM BBT John says, he wants to play Pot Ball. Austin says, "Pot Ball & treats, that's all there is." The twins try to dump the rice in the pan. Austin does it for them. He says, that's way to much. Julia wants the Soy Sauce added. Liz says, there are too many cooks in the KT. Austin tells them that his dad wouldn't let them open the oven because it lets the heat out, & they could never turn on the AC either.


8:50 PM BBT Julia talks about a moment in the house when she threw roast beef at him, & it got on his microphone pack. She talks in Spanish. Austin tells John about it, & that he didn't even know it happened. Julia is stirring the rice now. Austin tells them to put more chili sauce in the pan, that you can never have enough. Austin tells them there are ants on the counter. Liz uses the same fork she used before to taste the food again. Austin uses the fork now. They are all eating out of the pan that others have to eat out of. Austin says, too much egg, & then he says it needs more egg. Austin & Liz won't stop messing around in the KT.


8:53 PM BBT Austin spreads his legs to get down to Liz' height. Liz says, if he was that short she would not like him. Liz says, dinner is ready. The twins get bowls. Austin says, you use a plate for this dinner. Liz says, you use a bowl for this dinner. Liz says, she wants all the broccoli. They begin to make their plates of food. Liz says, "My fried rice is everything." Austin gets something out of the refrigerator & says, he's going to double the protein content. He says, he added more tuna. They all sit down at the DT. Austin says, he might do more chili sauce also. Liz says, there's too much chili sauce already in it. Austin puts a full packet on his food. Julia acts like she's choking.

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8:56 PM BBT Julia tells them they should have added honey to the food. Liz says, that's her secret ingredient for everything. Julia says, she wants to open a restaurant called Honey for the Bear. She says, she wants all the meals to have honey in them. Austin says, someone will take that name now. Julia says, you heard it here first. Austin is shoveling his food in his mouth, & has his food more than half finished already. Julia is looking for the honey to add to her food.


8:58 PM BBT Steve is in the hallway upstairs. He asks if they are going to play Pot Ball? Austin says, when they are finished eating. Steve asks what they made for dinner? Liz tells him. Julia says, he may not like it because it's a little spicy. He says, he may try it. Liz tells Steve to make his lobster tail tonight. We see FOTH for a moment. Steve comes downstairs with his lobster tail. He reads the directions on the package.


9:01 PM BBT Vanessa & John are playing chess. Vanessa talks with an Irish accent while they are playing.


9:03 PM BBT Austin goofs around with Liz, & Liz is acting scared. Steve is trying to figure out how to make his lobster tail. He says, boiling looks the easiest, so he's going to do that. They talk about Pot Ball. Julia is finishing up eating her dinner. She talks in Spanish a little. She tells Austin that Liz will never be as good as them. Liz says, she won't.


9:06 PM BBT Austin talks about 7th Generation & so does Julia. Julia says, she likes crab cakes. The HG's sing the Jace & Austin song.


9:08 PM BBT BB tells them to please, "Stop singing." Steve says, you can only sing when it's America's Player tasks & Audrey's doing. Steve soaks his lobster tail in a bowl of water. Julia tells him he will eat at like 2 AM BBT. Steve says, something like that, & he'll be up. Julia says, that's true. Austin is washing dishes out in the KT sink.


9:10 PM BBT Steve gets things ready to make his crab cakes. Austin sings the Jace & Austin song again. Julia tells Steve what he needs to do to make his crab cakes. Julia tells him to put aluminum foil on the cookie sheet & then he doesn't have to rewash it. The stuff is stuck on there. Steve rinses the cookie sheet off, dries it, & is going to put the aluminum foil on the pan. He has to put the oil on the foil after it's on there. Liz tells him they ran out of aluminum foil.


9:12 PM BBT Julia says, Austin has told her how bad pasta is for her, so she wants to stay away from it. They talk about Shelli having to look fly for Clay. The HG's keep goofing around & singing. BB tells them to please, "Stop singing," again.


9:15 PM BBT Austin wants his treats already. He is hugging Liz, jumping up & down, & singing again. Liz says, she wants to make a cookie cake.


9:18 PM BBT Liz talks about how nasty the ants are & they are swarming again. Julia says, they are all just too lazy to request Raid. Austin says, if anyone takes a picture of themselves playing Pot Ball & puts it on Instagram, he will sign it & send it to them free of charge. He says, they will have to pay for shipping & handling.


9:20 PM BBT Austin says, he's going to thaw out the ice cream. Julia says, Pot Ball time. She wants to set it up, but doesn't know how. Liz says, she knows how to set it up. Julia says, they need to play individually.


9:21 PM BBT Julia keeps saying things in Spanish that we have no translation for. Austin hums the Jace & Austin song. Julia asks why they can't sing that one, because it's a made up song. Austin says, they probably don't want any singing right now because of POP TV. Julia & Austin explain everything they are doing right now to the POP TV viewers. (BBAD is on a commercial break while they are talking.)


9:22 PM BBT They have been shouting out Jace all night with his Twitter handle. They argue over how it's actually spelled. (It's spelled @NikolaPoe). Steve continues to get things going for his crab cakes. The twins are practicing Pot Ball. Austin says, Liz has never won a game of Pot Ball. Steve sneezes. Julia blesses him.

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9:24 PM BBT Steve puts Bandaids down to hold the Pot Ball pans & bowls in place. Austin is sitting at the glass table yawning. Julia asks Steve what his fortune is. Julia yells, "Who's ready for Pot Ball?" John says, "Pot Ball," a few times. Julia says, Johnny Mac loves them. John says, "Love Pot Ball." Julia & Austin do a commercial before they start playing. Julia says, the set-up is way too close.


9:31 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the KT looking for the fried rice. Austin tells her it's in the refrigerator. The HG's argue over if they should increase to 3 shots instead of 2 shots per round. They agree to leave it at 2 shots. Austin says, they should have 15 rounds. Steve says, that's a lot of rounds. Austin says, they can do 10 rounds. Steve says, just do it until they feel they are tired. Austin starts playing Pot Ball, & he scores on his second shot.


9:32 PM BBT Liz scores 20 points on her first shot. Vanessa earns no score. Julia doesn't score either. No score for Steve nor Johnny Mac either. They continue to play.


9:40 PM BBT The HG's are still playing Pot Ball. Liz & Julia have reversed their roles tonight. Julia hasn't made any shots & Liz has made two 20 point shots tonight. Cookies should be done soon, & Steve is cooking his crab cakes.


9:43 PM BBT The HG's have played 10 rounds of Pot Ball so far. Vanessa tries using overhand shots, instead of her normal underhand shots.


9:53 PM BBT Pot Ball continues in the BB house tonight.


9:54 PM BBT Vanessa starts yelling & screaming that her team can possibly win. Austin says, he's got in when they play the Glory Hole round. Julia smells the sea food cooking.

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9:59 PM BBT Steve gets called to the DR. He's the score keeper. They continue playing with Austin keeping score.


10:00 PM BBT Julia hears men in the wall laughing. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." (Like we don't know there are people in the walls...LOL!)


10:04 PM BBT Austin says, they are taking their last shots before going for the Glory Hole.


10:05 PM BBT Vanessa clears the pots & bowls from the Pot Ball set-up, leaving the Glory Hole. They are going with 6 shots each for the final round.


10:06 PM BBT Austin misses all 6 of his shots. Julia misses all 6 of her shots. Liz makes 2 of her shots. Steve comes out of the DR. Liz screams to him that she made 2 Glory Holes. John gets called to the DR. Steve makes one of his shots. Vanessa misses all 6 of her shots. Austin takes John's turn & misses all 6 shots. Steve & Liz won tonight! Liz says, "Well deserved."


10:11 PM BBT Liz says, Austin can never say she didn't win a game anymore. Austin says, It's no where near his over 600 point score. Liz & Austin goof around in the KT.


10:14 PM BBT Liz says, she thinks that Johnny Mac will be happy they won. Austin tells Liz he has to play the twins at chess one more time. Steve tells Liz he doesn't want the other crab cake. Liz asks if she can try it? Steve says, yes. She asks him if it's good? Steve says, much better than he expected it to be. Liz adds hot sauce to it, & chomps & smacks her lips while she eats it.


10:15 PM BBT Steve wants to go after Julia for her doing 7th Generation commercials tonight. Austin says, unless she does at least 20 Irish Spring commercials in the next hour it's on. Julia tries the crab cake now also, chomping & smacking her lips just as Liz did.


10:17 PM BBT Austin sings a little. Steve yawns. Julia keeps making up names to put at the end of Irish. Steve is bothering Julia by trying to get Julia, as they walk around the glass table. She is calling Liz to help her.


10:18 PM BBT Austin hugs Liz, Steve grabs Julia. Steve tells Austin he was supposed to help him. Austin leaves the KT. Steve takes his hoodies off & he coughs a few times. He starts to chase Julia around the house. Liz wants to go to sleep. Her & Austin lay in their bed. Julia runs onto their bed & goes behind Liz. Steve says, he has her right where he wants her, cowering.


10:20 PM BBT Steve starts to go through Julia's clothes. Julia gest up to get him out of her suitcase. Steve is sitting on top of Julia tickling her. Liz wants to get up to help her, & Austin won't let her go. She gets up to help Julia, & then lays back down. John comes out of the DR.

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10:22 PM BBT Julia finds a condom & asks who's it is? Austin says, it was found in grandma's bed. Everyone blames Austin for the condom. Austin says, they are for amateurs, he doesn't use them. He asks, "What would I do with those?" Vanessa says, "More than Steve." Everyone laughs. Julia makes noises & sings as she goes upstairs. Austin says, please stop singing.


10:25 PM BBT Austin & Liz are playing chess. Steve brings out Sour Patch Kids & Swedish Fish for the winners to choose. He says, the winners may not share with the losers. He sites down by them & says, that's the stake for tonight's game. John is laying down on the couch on the sky bridge.


10:27 PM BBT Vanessa goes over to watch the chess game & asks if the spectators get any of the candy? Steve says, the winners may share with whomever they want, except for the losers. Vanessa goes to listen to Steve's music in the HOHR. Liz calls her Knight a horse.


10:30 PM BBT Steve tells the chess players they are still playing for the candy, but he's putting it back in the HOHR for now. He goes to the HOHR. He comes out of the HOHR about 1 minute later, & goes downstairs.


10:32 PM BBT Steve goes back to the HOHR. Vanessa is laying in his bed with her brown beanie pulled down over her eyes, the covers on & listening to Steve's music. Steve has put his bathing suit on & is getting to take a shower in the HOHR WA.


10:36 PM BBT The chess game is still going on between Liz & Austin. Steve is still in the shower.


10:42 PM BBT Steve is finished with his shower. The twins tell Austin he's taking forever making his moves. Steve leaves the HOHR & goes by the chess board. He says, "The Twins are winning." he goes back in the HOHR.


10:44 PM BBT John asks where the sand timer is when the twins are taking their turn. Austin tells them they can't make a move if their life depended on it. Steve brings the candy boxes back out, & sets them on the glass table by the chess board. Julia starts singing "Under Pressure." Steve goes downstairs to the CBR.


10:46 PM BBT Steve goes in & out of the HNR. Liz puts Austin in checkmate. They jump up & down & get their candy. Austin wants to play them again with the timer. They start another chess game while Julia & Liz are both chomping on their candy. Austin puts them in check after only a couple moves.


10:49 PM BBT In the LR, John & Steve put more Bandaids on the homemade timer that Steve made. Steve takes it over the KT sink & nothing comes out of it. He takes the working homemade timer upstairs & places it on the glass table by the chess board. He goes in the HOHR. John is putting the extra Bandaids back in the first aid kit in the SR.


10:51 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa he didn't know much about the musical group Daf Punk until September 2013. Vanessa questions him about other music they sing. Steve says, she thinks he knows more than he does. Steve tells her she needs to win an HOH. Vanessa tells him he needs to start doing his own dishes without being strong-armed into it. She asks who won chess as Steve walks out of the HOHR.


10:54 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that the twins won. He says, he can't beat them because one of them makes a move & the other one changes it right away, putting their brains together. Austin shouts out to Jace.


10:56 PM BBT Steve sits down to watch the chess game. John asks him if he would ever get into a bar fight? Steve says, no. He asks why that would ever happen? John asks what he would do if someone was bothering Julia at the wrap party? He says, there would be no one at his level of competition, so they would be unsuccessful. He says, he's not that insecure.


10:59 PM BBT They start using the homemade timer for the chess game because the moves are taking too much time.

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11:00 PM BBT It’s Austin’s turn in his chess game with the twins.  Everyone is watching, and saying they see a move that Austin can’t see.  With everyone watching, Austin is feeling the pressure.  Vanessa starts helping the twins and Austin complains that they are already winning and Vanessa should not be helping them!


11:10 PM BBT Austin moves and says “check”, and then Liz starts to move when Julia says no! because it will endanger their queen.  Austin says he hates this double-head thing [playing against two people at once].


11:13 PM BBT Liz wins the game and rubs in it “2 to zero!”  Austin complains about Julia stopping all of Liz’s dumb moves.  Vanessa chides Austin for playing differently against them than when he plays Vanessa.  Austin is mad.  Vanessa says he’s so mad that he wanted to flip the table.  Liz says her new favorite thing is beating Austin at chess.  Austin and Steve sit down for a game of chess as Vanessa, John, and the twins go downstairs.


11:18 PM BBT Vanessa is doing ADLs in the WA while Julia takes a shower.  Liz comes out of the WC, washes her hands and leaves the WA.


11:21 PM BBT John is sitting in the WA flossing his teeth while Julia has her shower.  She forgot to bring shampoo, conditioner and face wash into the shower with her, and asks John to find Liz.  Liz comes in and gets her the products she is looking for.  Julia thanks her and Liz says “you’re welcome.”  Julia asks Liz if she will miss her.  Liz says yes and then says she has to practise her speech.  Liz leaves and Julia comments to John that the drain is getting clogged.


11:27 PM BBT Liz is watching the chess game between Austin and Steve.  Steve calls himself sneaky.  Liz suggests a move to Austin and he follows her advice.  Steve moves immediately and Austin says “oh.  That’s not fun.”  Liz says “retreat!”


11:31 PM Steve makes a move in his chess game with Austin, and then realizes it was a mistake.  He asks if he can take it back, and Austin agrees saying that he gets to take a move back too if he makes a move he regrets. 


11:37 PM BBT Liz is cautioning Austin that he is boxing his king in.  Austin takes Steve’s bishop and Steve moves again saying “check.”  Austin and Liz discuss move options.  In the WA, Julia is in the shower with her hair wrapped in a towel.  The water is no longer running, and she appears to be moisturizing. 


11:41 PM BBT Julia goes into the WC to change into her clothes.  On the sky bridge, Austin is calling Steve “bucko” and Steve is complaining that he doesn’t understand Austin calling him that.

11:42 PM BBT Steve sneezes twice and Liz says “bless you!” both times.  Liz and Austin discuss his next chess move.


11:45 PM BBT Austin sings “take these broken wings” and Liz says “Austin!”  Moments later, BB says “please stop singing.”  Austin comments that they didn’t like that song.  Liz is suggesting moves to Austin.  Steve waits patiently.


11:47 PM BBT Julia is done in the WA.  She heads to the OBR and puts clothing away.  Liz and Julia go into the Cabana Room and they practise their speeches.  Julia starts...”Welcome to the block Sissy”...Liz interrupts complaining that she doesn’t like “Sissy.” 


11:50 PM BBT Julia says she hates doing speeches.  She starts again, talking about how they have always done everything together, and now they are on the block together.  Liz starts to suggest that Julia talk about giving up her identity for Liz and then realizes Julia said that last week.  Julia continues, saying that it’s come to the point of the game where only one of them can advance.  Julia adds that she wants to say that Liz has played an amazing game so far, and she is so extremely proud of Liz.  She knows that Liz will fight for her.  Julia wants to end by thanking the HGs.  Liz says perfect and tells Julia to run through it again.


11:54 PM BBT Julia runs through it again and Liz says it needs something.  They talk about not letting on that they know which of the two of them is leaving.  Julia suggests using a phrase from their mom’s letter... “mad determination and you can make it to the top.”  Liz says no. 


11:56 PM BBT Liz rehearses her speech for Julia.  Liz starts out saying these are not the outfits she wanted to be on the block with her in.  Julia, I’m still in shock that we’ve made it this far in the game.  One of our first goals was to make it into the house together and now we’re in final six.  We’ve become so close and learned so much about each other.  She is much more of a crier, and they can’t fool 16 people...except maybe Jace.  She wants Julia to know that no man...sorry Austin...can come between them.  Liz feels blessed to love someone more than herself.  She talks about them fighting for each other and falters and ends with “Happy Voting”  Julia says she doesn’t like that ending, and Liz says she doesn’t want to say “vote for me.”  They work on the ending.  Julia suggests she leave out the part about fighting for each other and just end with Liz saying she loves Julia.  Liz wants to address the HGs.

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1:54AM  Steven in HoH pacing listening to music.  Other HGs seem asleep.  Steve says, "I want to do you proud.  I want to bring home the money, trust me I do."  Pace, pace, pace.  Mutter to himself although I can't hear what he said.He turns on water and feels it with his finger???  Starts dancing and jumping, but still pacing.

1:59  HG sleeping on cam 1/2.  Steve still pacing on 3/4.  He's listening to music, dancing and jumping at times.  He's walked over a mile in his pacing, at least!

2:01 A  Had to do it.  Its 16/17 steps from door to bathroom.  That's what Steve's doing repeatedly. Oh he stopped to fiddle maybe with music-box then jumps up and down. Cam 1/2 move to Aus in kit taking pills.  Hear Liz off camera yawning.  

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2:06 Cam 1/2 Aus walks back to Liz and gives her pills, she says thank you.  Aus crawls back under covers with Liz.  They are whispering some to each other, but you can't hear everything.  think so..my sister..I'm just...you...I just wanta to... I just want this game...you know...one minute you tell me....um...for sure...trusting relationship... condition..not talk to her today..the whole day shes been..shw thinks so much (Van?)..heres the thing...she..she wants to put Steve...I have to keep JMac...she has to be careful..because it comes back up...its between you, me and JMac.  Ya, Julia says there's nothing Van... BB says Liz, Aus please put on your microphone.  Well just talk to her in the morning. Wait and see.  He has to know if he wants H0H...(where's the mics???).

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2.15A Maybe you shouldn't say anything to her Aus to Liz.  (Still no mics).  Just be careful what you say.  Well...um.  Aus says, I'm itchy; I'm scared.  Kissy.  Aus to Liz ILY, but Liz desn't say it back.  Aus says Damn it.  Gets up walks back to WC.   He washes hands...no soap.  We see Steve briefly coming in to kit as Aus leaves to return to bed with Liz.  Aus says to Liz, ILY babe. We hear kisses.  She does not say anything back.  Aus says to Liz undercovers, Get over here! Mumbling.  L:Where's the boy?  A: He's coming down the stair.  Mumbles.  L:He's so nervous. Mumbling something about her sister.  (Still no mic BB!) A: Just go out there and do good.     

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2:20 Julia and Steve in Kit.  Julia says I literally just woke up.  Steve invites to H0H.  Steve walks up stairs and says, I will never watch another H0H comp again.  That's it.  We hear Julia talk about cereal off camera.  Steve tries to get Julia to eat cereal with him.  Aus to Julia: You just scared me to death.  Aus says Liz put him up to it.  Aus says to Liz or Julia: The goal like jury...  Steve back eating Mini Wheats in kit. on 3/4.  1/2 Liztin mumbling in bed.  BB says Liz Austin: Please Put on Your Microphone.  They make no movement to put on microphone.  Liz says finally, I love you.  Aus tell her she's his pumpkin head. Aus talks to camera about having the shot. Camera shifts over to other person sleeping in room (JMac maybe?).  Aus and Liz still talking without mics!!!! Aus: in another month it will just be another memory.  They talk about other seasons.  L: She's done the show 3 times.... A: They got all the good ones out.  A:talks about ideas for future shows. Says he'd might come back. Liz gets up and goes to WC, washes hands and uses soap.  Walks to kitchen says, OMG and looks for something in a cabinet.  She get something asks Steve about ants in something.  He's upstairs leaning over the railing and they talk about ants and how they are getting worse.  BB "Liz please put on your microphone" (3 times BB asks; how about a penalty vote BB!)  Steve says; Good night Liz.  Liz returns to Aus in bed. Kissy.  Cam 3/4 Steve in bed, covers over his head, talking to himself: I... showmance.....so this is...I know...I'm very sneaky. stu...the finals...you two.. there's more to it...something... quiet for a few minutes.  Not much going on on cam 1/2.  Maybe the showmance is asleep. 

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2:45A Cam 1/2 Aus says lights out. 3/4 Steve in H0H in bed mumbling...I can't hear what he is saying much.  He says loudly, I can't. This is such a f*ing catch 22. If it ...mumbles to self.  I can't hear what he's saying.  S: I don't want a showmance to return.  S: toys, toys toys.  S: Where Becky..Julia, Jackie.  Just..eviction and...its time.  He's still not asleep.      

2:53A Cam 3/4: Steve in H0H in bed, mumbling.  Cam1/2: Liztin in bed together; they appear to be sleeping.   

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