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I am hoping for a season of showmances

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Wouldn't it be fun to see BB showmances competing against each other as couples? These are the ones I would like to see competing.  Did I miss any of your favorites?  Who do you think would win? I would bet my money on Brenchel.


a- Jessica and Eric from Season 8 

b- Chelsia and James from Season 9

c- Ollie and April from Season 10

d- Jeff and Jordan from Season 11

e- Rachel and Brendon from Season 12

f- Amanda and McCrae from Season 15

g- Clay and Shelli from Season 17

h- Austin and Liz from Season 17 


Here is a reminder of some of the BB showmances and flirtmances of previous seasons:


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I never again want to see Amanda or McCrea. Or anyone else from that season.


could not agree more - those two made me ill - as for who would win - it would be Brenchel -

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