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Wednesday, September 2 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates

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11:34 PM BBT Meg is wondering who talked to Vanessa about her speech.  She thought that James did, but he says he didn’t. Meg wonders who said something to her then.  James says it wasn’t us.  Meg says she thought he would have asked her.  James doesn’t remember bringing that up, but they did talk for 2 hours. 


11:37 PM BBT Austin and Steve agree to stale-mate their game.  They shake hands. Liz and Julia sit down to play while Austin, John and Steve head downstairs.


11:43 PM BBT Meg addresses the cameras again, telling us that James is the one packing and she is the one going home tomorrow.  James is getting ready “just in case.” 


11:45 PM BBT Austin and John are in the KT.  John says he wants gum drops but he already brushed his teeth.  He goes to look for his retainers.

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