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Found 1 result

  1. Does the Conspiracy Theory that Season 15 is set up for Amanda to win Big Brother hold any truth? After a Facebook post appeared under the fake name of Hailey Jones, stating houseguest Amanda Zuckerman is predetermined to win as a personal friend of producer Allison Grodner, forums (like ours here at Morty's TV Fan Forum) have been lit up with opinions. Jones claims to have been involved in the selection process for this season of Big Brother and also claims to have evidence to support his/her statements that will be released the day before the finale. As of this time - week 9 - the theory seems to be holding some weight. Zuckerman, who had won nothing this season, and her boy toy McCrae Olson (who won the first Head of Household competition but nothing since) have seemed to be in charge of every decision that is made in the house all the while rarely leaving their shared bed. They have not been at all shy about having an active sex life in the house, allowing the world to watch, and have bullied their way to the top of the list of probable winner. The world of live feed watchers has been astounded that these two who have won almost nothing, have never washed a dish, cleaned a bathroom, leave food and clothing laying everywhere, have attacked every other houseguest and made statements like "I'd like to slit her throat and pass her (Elissa) around to all the guys for them to rape her" and " "I will murder her (Elissa) in her sleep she better watch out for me." continue to be in charge. Zuckerman's style of game seems to be to make everyone too afraid to do anything but her bidding! While other houseguest racial and bigotted statements have cost them jobs and endorsements outside of the house, McCrae and Amanda (McManda) don't seem to be suffering the same fate. Is this indeed a case of production manipulation? Does the fact that Amanda has worked on CBS shows in the past play into her ability to play this game? Is she being fed information in her private Diary Room sessions to help her have an advantage? Do Production Assistants perhaps manipulate game play to get their favorites to the final few spots? How did Zuckerman have the intellegence to advise Aaryn that she was making racist statements and to cool it, when she later is doing the same thing and no one seems to be shocked? I admit when I heard Amanda would be playing this week in the veto competition I immediately felt she would win and all danger of her likely eviction would be history. I got that one right. Seems McManda is here to stay. On a positive note -- if Amanda was evicted poor McCrae would not know when to shower or brush his teeth so it is in the best interest of his health that she be there to remind him to use soap when he washes his buttocks! NOTE: The FCC position on the show Big Brother is that it is not a game show it is entertainment and therefore the outcome is at least partially predetermined. They are allowed to manipulate the game. The bottom line is this all equates to ratings for CBS. With everyone yelling FOUL PLAY it has created a frenzy of non live feed watchers to tune in and therefore boosting the ratings.