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Found 3 results

  1. Discuss! I feel like it'll be a yes. Personally, I'm leaning toward "Yes" given that the game would be a bit more intense. I'd love to see the mentees backstabbing their coaches (doubt it'll happen, but if you think about it, there might be a big mutiny)... "No" would mainly be that 2 coaches are already winners & it just ruins whole season up... Also, I have a feeling it might be rigged since the game needs more players, so a "No" would either end the game earlier than scheduled or something else must happen...
  2. There are a lot of social media options out there today, but there is nothing quite like Morty's for Good Old Fashion Big Brother Fun. If you are a newcomer, a lurker or just someone that does not post very often...come on out and don't be shy. There is lots to do at Morty's and being part of the board is another fun way to enjoy the 24/7 Big Brother experience. Introduce yourself and dive into the message board. Anyone is free to join in - It is what makes Morty's, Morty's. While we might not always agree...we do have fun and people here are generally pretty nice. Or, maybe there are some of you that leave Morty's each year only to return for the Summer BB excitement. Well, here's the chance to "check in", say hi and share your thoughts and hopes for the season. Everyone: Let us know how long you have been following the game, what you are looking forward to this Season, say hello to all our new and returning BB friends & family and just ramp up to what we all hope to be the best Season of BB ever!