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Found 1 result

  1. Name: Ernesto Vitals: 39, widowed, no children Habitat of Origin: Oceanside, CA Occupation: Licensed contractor Skillset: Plumbing, heating, A/C, building, hunting, cooking Expressed In Emojis: Peace sign, worship hands, sparkling heart Most Likely To: Unintentionally overthrow Aaron as the food czar Natural Enemies: The government, regular cars, commercial airlines Behavioral Quirks: Unbridled optimism Ernesto’s Utopia: Dictator-free and bloomin' with potential love A licensed contractor since 2005, the former navy jet mechanic loves to push his limits by racing motorcycles and sky-diving. Raised in a strict Catholic home, Ernesto lost faith in God in his 20s and did a lot of partying, then turned his life around after hearing a Christian minister speak one day. Tragedy struck four years ago, when Ernesto's wife died of a sudden heart attack in his arms. But Ernie’s broken heart has begun to mend -- he's testing the waters of dating again....