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Found 1 result

  1. Name: Taylor Vitals: 23, single Habitat of Origin: Omaha, NE Occupation: Construction worker Skillset: Hunting, cooking, building, landscaping Zodiac Sign: Cancer Expressed In Emojis: Bulldozer, flexing muscle, hammer Most Likely To: Hook up with Hex, FOR SURE Natural Enemies: School, as well as the witch who transformed him (on paper) into a younger version of Josh Behavorial Quirks: Like Ryan Atwood on the 2003-2007 FOX soap The OC, Taylor Vaughn loves cagefighting. Maybe they can modify the chicken coop a little for training purposes? Taylor’s Utopia: A giant sandbox filled with Tonka trucks, and a couple of pretty girls to play trucks with According to him, Taylor’s the kind of guy who “gets sh*t done better than most.” But what happens when you’re one of five men in Utopia who all think this way about themselves? We’ll find out soon enough. Until then, just know that this “Little MacGyver” (someone hold Red back!) likes to “get in fights, but not to get in trouble.”